Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 24
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 24

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 24
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TWENTY-FOUR SUNDAY TIMES, CUMlifc'ULAi-su, .ciMMY, Fh'liRUAUY 18, 19 15 New Hiohs Hit ( ul) Pa< k Display 'Public Opinion Found Back : C3 ¥'.•< "..«... / A i' 1 > .. 1 I _. I ast e 1 i ek •'"•'In ^OuN.Y. Market: i f'rosi Din T'T , /'\i* i> 1 1 realure Ul Kallv In addition to Uit Cour$ ot Honor: [LaVale, in eliarge of Edward Nael,; [Cub master. VAX a feature of'the: Main Points Bio Three Pact; rYppi'ovecl SomcTwo Years Ago B*?s> Wenk Since June Is'Cumberland'District Boy &«ut rally^- ! »^ o » ( ' il ' on!1 l held last niyht in the Stay; Armory.i Punishment of Wnr Lead $iirr™der> aders - a - s .! he Public has shown toj«lon. world police force. Large majorities in another survey back In July. 1943, that they wanted iheir Congressmen to vote in favor of lUc Fulbrlght Resolution. This was designed to put Congress on record *s{ favoring formation tkinal organization manent peace and favoring U. S. participation in such an organiza- Ask Train Be Kepi On r »n ( ri< -Ollgl _ ress on record *s{ . . . of an Interns- 1 IviUWOlpn iUKI lo re per- j cs ( ])i st »ouli Brail ontinuance W. M. Sorviec Proof counsellor, Prof. Arthur W. Taylor. STAR OP- THE -WEEK; This week we want 'a dedicate our space to our teachers who are BO lenient with us. To nil the teachers treasurer, Ruth ha Beall High Sci-ool we want to treasurer,. .Annaisay "Long nay you live in happi- Mac Walker; reporters, Mary Mai 1 -1 ness and may your kindnesses be lha Jenkins, BernadcUe Winner; remembered." '.dviser, Mrs. Nora Oi'rell. iihd' TOMMY AND BUZZ. High Lights (Continued (com Page 16) M. Spearman; assistant secretary, Mary Williams; Rizer; f if) up » rai Pros Marked By CaahinK Of Profits; Turn-over : Shows Big Gain fr.r {i,.. New York, Feb. n '.r, stock mitrktl today stepped out of j The display included woodwork in the form of tie racics.' book tndsl and rustic Ornaments; nat«ue suiri- les, In icrapboolts and a stone col- ; ledlon; sprinklers made by palming: — The:bottles: clay: animals, and figures ers, W o rl <! Orgnni/a- tion Wanted my Most •'. 'surveys dealing with public attitudes toward Germans. The Crimea conference aiuiounce- Moreover. a majority : of. lliej. Washington, Feb. 17 I, 1 !') — Repre- American' people have backed proposals designed to ease the path to Its best, week itnce in soap; leather work and June with! btlus and iucli household objects as buyers turning to assorted rail and J cardboard wastepnper t»i "to Industrial specialties while c a shins; (door stops made ot catalogues, .j.; Ri profits In many recent cllmbere. ( Anolher'cvent. in the rally ww lr:-ni ' Because 'of. the successive .« " j lianc.fl' of new'seven-year average hlshs.j conducted by Edgar T. Duke, chair';:)! Nc expectations r>( a sizable technical'man, assisted by Arch M. Hutchin- an<i c correction aroused considerable cau-i-son, Marion Powers. Victor D. Elks, tion in boardrooms ; from the open-iHets«y, Thomas Lohr Richards and Mrs tnz on. Dealings were active aljPaul M. Fletcher, advancement to ali interval* although .slowdowns wereicummitwe .members. Awards were tions plentiful. Closing prices were well; presented to 24 Scouw inall ' rntx*d. . • j : Demonstrations In first aid. games, : thwv Transfers approximately 100000 ""««• tying and fire building were compared with 510,000 a weekiPf^rned by live troops in each j event. Burlesque first aid and fire after By GEORGE GALLUP Director. American Institute of Public ; Opinion Prince-ton, N. J.. Feb! IT— The widespread favorable reaction with mcnt declared. "It Is not our pur-',our.entrance into a co-operative in- to destroy the German txrople.jtermitional organization, but only, when Nazism and mllitar- j)sm have been extirpated will there sentotives (D-W.Va.) Jennings Randolph •and J. Glenn Beal) greetecin this In Dime fm oil ctl fie plf 3>i.' •r ho *ro bill t! final Mont (.<•« c P.O.'. ago. • A favoraUe 1044 revenue pllallon put K: C. Southern common a majority favored'the Hull proposal calling for formation of a bl-partisan committee to ait! iD-Md) disclosed today they had lodged, ivprotest with Western Maryland Railway officials against cur tailment of passenger and exprest service between Cumberland, Md in laying out our foreign policy. A> and Elklns, W. Va. ;.. majority also were shown In favor j The Representatives said that lhof< who bo hope for. a decent life for the Germans." This is In Une with American ..._, ... public sentiment The American of changing treaty ratification re-(large number of coal miners depend people have continually drawn R .quiremcnts so that treaties could beuipon the eliminated train tor trans- distinction between ''•• the -'German, ratified by a simple majority vote Iportation between their homes and people and the Nazi leaders., feeling jm both branches of Congress, : .:• > mines in the area whose output zacf. 'fniln« llhal thc lauer are •'primarily to i n short., tho American public has| c "'} 1 ' c! y lo I0 " ow jblame for the present European war.! snmvll iUcU i „ favor of anv'and all!' They also i— . . . . , , .anuwii .iu-w.ii >» . ..,„.. „, t ) lls n'nin^ known as No. i •'. 4, would be a hardship ;<i children and teachers win. MI • n inthnl ° pn.-it.-ui. r.uiupc«n »<"->sho\vn itself in favor ot any ana BUI • ••*] p , " °P" >IUI (The American people have favored; proposa j s w . hich w lll help to-inniii-i" 0 " Ol T^^mnir.ritv nf! hauh Punishment for : tliesc leaders [qln the future pe ace O f the : world,'! ancl ^ c thl AmeTican such as HUler ' Goer " m S' Goebbels ' and the majority have indicated r^oole had al- Hiinmler ' ^ (h their belief that U. S. participation|^ u people naa ai-j 4 _,4 uu n .1-- oir. TVir^^ thp . _ ., .«_;.. • _ . „«,. the lit ha , that the people had ready placed inein Amcr | can p Pople favor Etcps w hich stamp of approval) J1( stamp ^ out German militarism. _—TH .• «,omp pa^os „ ' i. _ i , jHimmler. And. like the Big Three, the tmd^preferred up 3 and resp«c- lively, Albany <fe Susquehanna Or. CJ«rr* O«nni High Al!?gany' bRslc ^ sue - s on School Band supplied music !*«W \f^ers agreed. —in some _.cn5csj ln lulnlerous surV evs. the predoml- uvo years ago r-] nanl ?l . oup has favored strict su- upon- tne sreaij ni>rvisinn RRd comro! ot Germany, great three.! during the evening. .and only recently an overwhelm- jinjjly yiarge majority . expressed I themselves in.'favor o! that part of ithe Vandenberg proposal calling for their belief that U. S. participation in world affairs is a necessary corollary to permanent world peace. Reparations In Kiml It is also interesting to note that a majority of the people in .this country approve in principle :usc it. and would seriously hampe: the transportation of food to thl c section. posaU. The latter Advanced H. Uncontlitional Surremii-r Adams; : neighborhood. '?*><?. American publie has for chaiste'oJ th'e'ra!!y,l slood nrml - v bchlr| Q thc.policy PJipennanem -disarmament _ ,.;Scout : Week will'-be ex-j uncondlllonal surrender, realurm«ij mHiiy and Japan "tended to February' : 22 in observance! 81 Ine Crimea, _ Conference. j This • attitude undoubtedly arises !of , International Scout Week.l J n sl ^l e >'- 5 . ds . l . in '_, bn ! jC ^ a . s .A",. ! V^ from the fact.'; that R majority in j t j on of the Bi? Three which declares,. .recognized it as "We just that peiisation for damage in kind to the greatest possible extent." ;' About half ft year ago, a majority among ihe public here approved the idea of sending three or four mil lion Germans to Russia to help re build Russian cities devastated bj of Ger- Germany -be obliged to make com- the Nazi way machine. "It's not surgery that kills—it's delayed surgery."—DR MAYO Hospitalization PAYS $10.00 PER DAY With Medical and Surgical Allowances ' THE PLAN PROVIDES THIS PROTECTION Also Includes These 30 lo SO Duys o f Conservative Coverage at Ail- juslecl Kate Ambulances .. ; .:........,S 2-1 Emergency Aid ..........5100 Emergency Benefits S 25 Accidental l>r:Uh .; ?30u Maternity ......5 60 Rational Hospitalization, Inc. 203 BETHESDA BANK BUILDING P. O. Box 5878 BETHESDA, MD. Phone Oliver 4163 For information, phone or mail this ad Name :(5) Address Phone du Pont, KermecoU and Northern Pacific. .Ixwers were U. S.' ^O.fa OT tncJml*Herc^^^^ Qhrysler. General Motor? \\esUns-j, Dlalrlc< p otornnc Council, will pronouncement of the uncondj- OermanVi u glV en the opportunity,; w_ ^,. p nl ,» . «-. Mn ^,, nn^l lh e morning service at South- tlona! surrender policy, the public ilt irmil - pd i ately begin to prepa re for r Presbyterian Church.: ! revealed Itself oven\helmingl> aROthcr w - ar a . s fiOon as this one is attend I • minster Steel. Bethlehem. Southern Railway.! ond I Great Northern, U. 3. Rubber. nuci< Douglas Aircraft./American Can and| Avinlinn Mcr< Ajnerlcan Telephpne. ***J!' 1 Ahead In the curb were Ratheon, . Pennroad. Solar .Aircraft and Louis-' Chan ^j^ Q M Turnover here was 340.000 Cuas »Uli' TV; Air C.OTilbal I n ln any kind of negotiated (peace. . • -. ..-''. i Moreover, a. majority. wanted no ;otiatcd peace with German Army Hitler were got over.- - •--••• Inlcrnulional Organization ; ; ; . To Insure Peace / The attitude of the American pub- aid ins hrlp Hon v „ ,« ,nA , 5 , ,VnT aviation air combat crewmen in ihe shares versus 2(58,100 last Saturday. U.^ accormnR w cllit . f PeUy of . Corporate boixls.moved In a com-I jj ccr Svaiter B. Warmee. attached paratively. narrow range and the| to jj,e local Navy ."recruiting station, market's undertone was steady. j -me program, open to young men j rid -.- ^ ^«^« JU^ l^rTre San^o^ has been for uncoiulitional a ur- ^ ^^ ^ ^^^^ Q , Rn international organization to main- render." Tliis is given further emphasis in a survey. Jan completed in which U. S. governments were steady. Transaction totaled S4.240.000 face value against J3.-570.000 the previous ;, Saturday. be k Ij'fnv i'.•'.(• Vk-t. pU- i out on:! 1 Tirt, rcb. n vn~ t Alls* Cr-rp As Can . :. .. Am Roll M»J A T I: T Am Tnv n ... Am W|« W*» between the ages of 17 and 26; con-' jr slsts of 14 months training; in radar, ordrmnce or mechanics, after which giirinery instruction and operational training is given. ! Seventeen-year-olds must prescntj their birth certificates at the timc[ of application. Chief Warmee said.j Applicants bcfxccn the ages of la! . iertlon of the public was i:\CO.VDI- SURRENDER tain peace and security. Nearly two years ago. in May. or'noi 1 H a^rovrd ol ™ <^e out, oi every four Am,,0 . r 1 -,= ... licans said they favored starting for- 'mation immediately of a world organization to maintain peace. ! Every time the Issue has come up. Jin Congress, surveys have shown the majority of the public favoring the 'course of action which they believed , would best insure peace, through an 'organization of .co-operating nations. ' , Large majorities backed the Ball The replies: APPROVE TIONAL PO1.ECY ................ "A n i. * APPROVE .,.; ........ i- UNDECIDED ............. 13 Punishment of Leader* The Bi? Three Conference 1 r mi pa: th< pu CBl kei, bar •oi tns bu: or pU ha an . ba: Vni brol uirf poll brd! Yoi I h inn. thn 1 arc* 000 tel, eve A»t» Corp . B & :O ,... EFt'ft S'.l .. CJltl ,t O . Chtyj -.Corp -c«: a k E . Coml Crnl Ccn.5 Eclii C">rn-Pr'Jd Curl-\Vrt 'tfuP- IB K . Kl Po« to Q'.a 'Kite Oci> rc«t]» Ofn MI Odjr T A: Orcj'd Cor Ini H*ry Inc Nlc* C Ini T ,t T Johris.'Mili JCenn'.Cop Lib-O-T OI Man? Wi F P L'l D l'I' Q ..........I ........... S % ll-S .43 103 s 26. «-ho.hnve hart their prc-in-j ^•iductlon physical examinations, arc '*i eligible to apply prior to receipt of'pressed the same spirit toward the ; Re.solution, which would have put 'j'noltcc of actual-call for Induction.• German people—as opposed to the;the Senate on record in favor of a i"-, 153'» HO't 3«», .lias S« 53'- S»tt Dist .............. 3B' N V Nnrl * W-, ... ..... ..,.32^ O»'tP.5-lll C5I ......... . 87' Pan Acn Air ---- ....i.. JM' Ptnn RIl .............. 35' TRll. pa . hn Tic -( M'.' K* Bv M Ft tc ne Bi "Ft M Pi J! ai Prix: * Q«mb Ptlfe.Oll R C A ....... n<rp sa ..,, 5S' »•:"•' 53 . ' 3S 1 Si'-i ]t -S H 11', Bo PHC sou RT- pr Bl»nrt Brandj SO NJ ; :r« co ..... . Union Curb .... Union p«c Unit Alre ....... UB RMb ---- . U8 Stl V ra Bro« ..... Wnt Un i A) ... W«t Cl A: MI5 VV'worth (nvi . 31"-', 60', M T , ....... SS', 120'i ....... 31 1 « 51'. Sl'a ; ...... ISVi . ...... I8?» ....... 131 V . ..... ,. 44', «3', • Pick up sharp metallic objects <<iich ta nail* and lialrpirw before using your vacuum clffaner ns they may cut the belt or puncture the bag. •wli •lip tr.i re- 1 w«- In oil T M L L B«sldes its use as n bevertige, canned grapefruit julc« makes . a good base for gelatin dishes, particularly for molded vee'etoble salarl. Kidneys Must Clean Out Acids Do yoa jmffftr from O<tttaff tip Nlghti, B».-tK:h«. KenrousDM*. Iff Fnina, Dtm- nru. B»o?l«n Ankles. Hhrnm»tlc Pulnj. Blndibtr We«kne«, P»«»(tM, or ftcl old »nd run-dOTB. int to non-ormnlc inn nen-STttfmli; Kldn*r »1>5 Blnrtinr Ironbles 1 U SO htra t» rood nnn: Th- rrrf flrst dn.w <rf Cyitrx (« phnlclJUi'l preirrlptUm) aiu- 44Iy ffoc< right to work hwplnjf th* Kian«y» flujh wit pxcrss ftcldf and ^**lt*» whir-tt mftT : fc»T»i c»u«d rour Irtrable. 60 t»ltr Cyjfri • * * 'ch for quick h*lp Md » r»pld lnern«« In pep, m^re amitl ««lln» and lor of linn*. Cfittx mini ) prtM »od dellrVit you mi! «tl»fT rumple (MT^- UU ..^ ..,-.,-- er TtnTtimpirVetnrn the manf T ! ISt. riar'tfilt owf: faV« to jirnr i MTO to frt r>aran««i Cytln. ini sb ho ini t- . '-"' - yrr f.h mt »P br br .mi Another Zenith Advance in Hearing Aid Style! Yo«'!l Actually B« Thrilled with This Including 1 Piece SUITE and BED 5PR/NG and/WAITRESS RIGHT ON THE FRONT BURNER Talk about cooking with gas . . . these clothes are right on top of a blue flame. They're really hot! .Suits that will be the envy of the "Rec" club crowd . . . sport coats and leisure jackets that combine or contrast with good looking stocks. If you want the right dish for Spring . . . you'll find it ot Schwarzenbach's. PREP SUITS When a fellow wants to look his best, he needs a really fine suit like one of these. Smart glen plaids, coverts, tweeds, herringbones. Sizes 33 lo 38 5 21.50ro $ 35. t«ttr»»t»btMixAmpHB»f hlrrdi wilh nvn> »n<l »orarn'» rfirk iuin «nd dr*-*t> . . . nil iifk cloth*! 1 - N«w Po.»»l C«rollt« AmplirWr « t IwtQrifil light cor<l ihicfc . . . hir- tnonrrti wlin lisht-<otof Tuitt. ifreiKi, jneiKn . , , til Ughl-colorcd clcxtwi. Voxr C*«>/ n/ pi<*w A*tplifrr-*t N» fr*r< Ctrt-tn M ) Z.nith Ht*r. MOOII A-l.A SfiBJirii Air- Conduction . , , . . . MODlt A-I-A Sufer-pcrwrt Air- . ... MOOft, W-A Bone-CooHoe- .. . rion . . . . . . . . .*50 Here's what you get... DRESSER -VANITY .GUEST- BED • NITE STAND • BENCH -CHAIR • COIL SPRING and FELT MATTRESS 219-°° A/I Nine Quality Pieces for On/y .. -*$ LEISURE JACKETS Leisure jackets in solid colors . . . leisure jackets with ptaid front and plain sleeves . . . leisure jackets just the opposite. Leisure jackets in checks and solid colors. Sizes 33 to 38. $ 8.95to J 19.50 SPORT COATS They're called sport coats, but you'll find it just about the hardest working garment in your wardrobe, 'cause they're worn everywhere. Ours are in Checks, Plaids, Plain colors in sizes 33 to 38. ? 16.50 and $ 18.50 SLACKS Good looking trousers to go with ony outfit. A fellow should hove several pair to ' match and contrast with .his uppers. We hove gabardines, fancy herringbones, stripes and diagonal weaves. Sizes M to 20. S 5.95to'8.95 PREP SHOP — SECOND FLOOR • • • ' • . fj th Com* J/f fff fr»+ nv Franklin L. Spear bf! -. M Pcnhlni ,^l, Phfltis TPii- Oplomclri«i ha or A Y E A R T O PA Y L.B€RN/T€IN /Quality since 1869

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