The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 8
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«—NAUGATUCK Js'KWS (CONN.), TUKSDAY, .TtJLY 1C. 10-10 Cotton Hollow Grange Plans Blueberry Social Saturday Night ffleaners To Spend Tomorrow At Shore; Vacationers Return To Jobs A novel program hu. : ; bi-cn plannud for members of Bnncort Vallny Grtingc M be held Friday evening, No regular .session of the Grun.K'ft I.H HChoclulod this week, but nifrnburH -i-e rnquiwitetl to mwit lit tho Grangft h»ll at (J o'clock from which plocu they will go blunbun-y- , Ing In 11 body. . j Following the picking the group i .will return to tho hull, whore blur- ! hurry nhortcnko will bn Nurvrd, A iioclu) pfrlod will bp hold during i whleh card* will be played. -Social Club The regular weekly meetings of the Cotton Hollow Social club will bi: ro.iumed Thursday with -Mrs. Harry V/innic as hOHtes.-i. Miss Doris Nceelham will be. • honore'.l hftvlnK recently observed her birth anniversary. Gl(-:inc-rs Membors of the C-Ocnnci-s wll xpend tomorrow at the shore, will those planning to attend requcstec to take the 9:30 o'clock New ISng land Trunwpoi tatlon Co, bu.s to morrow. Dinner will be served at Savin Rock 1 . Mr. and ''Mrs. liny Andi-r.-ti.-n of Bimeon Valli-y road, unti.-ftiilnod frlorul» from Nown.rlc, N. ./., over tho wtiok-nnd. GOVKBNMKNT SUKI'l.t'H DUNGAREES FOU MHN $1.49 KI-/.KH 2!) to -10 (Limited Quantity) NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TKI.. <ii:«J Vuciitloiiiirs IJ:ick Vacationers from Cotton Hollow MJIVO returned und resumed tht-h duties in thf various local plants, Political Fate Of Sen. Wheeler Will Be Decided TTflona. .Muntann. .Inly Hi—(UP) . ; . Democratic primary rk-ction In Mont'i.nn today will decide the iinimviiut<> political fati: ol Senator Burton Wliui'W. Whi-i'li-r. xi.-i'kln;; his fifth con- •ii-ctit 1 ve t-^:n in :hi i sciiati', in op|ii:i-,i-il by l.ii-l Kriclcson, a I'ormnr justice of the Stale Supreme 1 court. The contest revolves principally around Wheeler's voting record 'on International and labor Issues and j li."-j b;en enlivened by. the.lntervcn-i ticjn ol 1 President. Truman. Tno pi-R.iiclr.nt ha*' given Wheeler his i:np!ifd ondorsomunt. But Erickson has the backing- of certain C'tO unions rjr.d of Jamc.- Roosevijlt — son '/;' the Into prr.'i- dent. Young lloosevclt has assailed Wheeler for—as he puts it—"cast- Ing his lot with the isolationists." Seeking the Republican nomination for Senator arc State Senator ZII\CF ICoton and R. E. Sltncn, a rnilroAd worker from Billings. But the chief of L!IC Republican ticket in provided by a race :'or representative frc-,-^ the first district. The incumbent Mllie Mans- j field is opposed by M, S. of I Butto, Professor Robert L':ric of i Montana State university an Cor KanUin of J3oz'.-man, Final Session On Infant Care Planned July 18 To Make Voters Here July 24 Til'.- third of rivn npecial :';os:iions UH.' town cleric and bo:ir'.l of li'Ctmen lo make votni-H will be hold Wednesday al'icrnonn nrul evrnin;,', Ju'y W from f> to S o'clock it w/is announced today. The s;n'c:;al sessions to make ln- U'al voters will be hold once a monLli through Sopti-mbHi- in pre- Hualinn for Uin N-jv^iubcr elect- on:.:. Tv.-o rp.'fakn- siiBsion.i U'ill be :if-l'l bi.-fort 1 November. 'I'u b.'ccj;iii. a VOKM- a jnrson must )i> ~1 year.-i of age. a reKiditn!. of "..'oiini.-ctiotil for onn yoar ;nicl of Viui)V.-iUK.-|{ for uix months. Guidance in the emotional and physical c:-re of the infant will be given Thursday afternoon, July 18 at the final session of the class for expectant mothers, which has mat at the WhiUemorc homestead, 861 Church .street, for six consecuivc weeks. The final session will be coiuliictcdkby Miss Gczarian, R. N. State Department of Health supervisor? In the absence of Miss Sullivan, who Is on vacation, C'oopcratic-n between mother and I father in tb'e care and habit trulri- [ inli O'f the infant, tho importance of treating each child as an indivjdi and the necessity for seeking: a physician's advice, regularly Uiroug-hoiH the earlj stages of tho baby's development will be stressed at this meeting. There also will be a film on the care of tho new-born baby. Classes for expectant mothers have been sponsored hy the Naugatuck Ke<3 Cross as a part o f its Hpnlth Supervision Service, itiate Into Eagles At July 29 Session NaiiRat.uck Aci-ic of Kaplns made tentative plans 'last r.ig-ht fo;- the initiation of a class of SO candidates, President Norflliill Naugcs said today. Tlio class will bo numud Vellowstoiu; ;nv.l Tt.-Lon national parkj- ar.- known Iho win-Id ovur for j *\'n honor of J:\clt Callnhan. district hi-ir scenic l)f:auly and stninye far-' director, and will bo initiated July nil! ions. | <)i) ' Chemical Co. Introduces Method Of Protecting Seed • Corn and leguminous sce4fc stored .now for. plcnting next sp: inpr can be fully protected decay and damage ?:-o;n weevils, grain moths and other insects with a new (.hemical announce*', today by Nau- •j,'fitncl£ Chcmica! Division,"United States Rubber Company. One application of the chemical Immediately after harvesting the seed crop gives double protection, rubber company scientists state. Not only dues it destroy harmful insects and fungi while the seed is stored during the 1'all and winter, It greatly increases crop yields by checking soil fungi when the seed is planted In the spring, ^The treatment ' has proved particularly effective for hybrid seed corn which constitutes 95 per cent o!' (ho nation's corn crop. Good results have also been obtained treat- in f such seeds as peas, lima beans, alfalfa, clover and ?,-.«pc-deza. Extensive field testing at the • company's agricultural laboratories i ;.'.t Bethany, Conn., and various ••state experiment stations, has i shown that the chemical will kill j 00 to 100 per cent of the weevils j in test batches of seeds within 48 hours, The chemical is a combination of Spot-foil, widely used organic fungicide which has increased crop yields 25 to 35 per cent, and the i ronowned insecticide DDT. A light yellow powder, It adheres readily and uniformly to seed. Even though seeds are stored eight to ten months the treatment still given maximum protection, company scientists state. Health Dept. * Lists No Diseases In Naugatuck There were no roportable discanes listed for Naugatuck in the morbidity report of the State Department of Health for the week ending July 13. Although measles remained the most prevalent disease in the state, it continued the downward trend with 138 CUBCS reported dur- inp the week as compared with 211 cases for the previous week. Other diseases with fewer cases over the previous week were Germun measles, malaria, scarlet fever and chickcnpox. Germai meusles dropped from 15 to 13 cases; malaria from five to two; scarlet fever from 16 to four, and chickcn- pox from 71 to 34 cases. Diseases on the. upgrade although of relatively low Incidence were the pneu- monias, tuberculosis, whooping cough and poliomyelitis. There were four cases of poliomyelitis listed—one each in Hartford, New Britain, MilforU und New London. ISTABLISHED 1 ga J WHEN A MAN ACQUIRES THE ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES HABIT HE'S SOLVED HIS CLOTHES PROBLEM FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER. They're the ultimate in clothes— m fabrics as the firm foundation m masterful craftsmanship- as finishing touch to hsnd the Scientist Warns Against Dangers Of Atom Bomb picked, hand done, handsome clothes that live up to their g-ood looks— Rogers-Peet hand made clothes for men are as individual as your fingerprints and wonderful clothes to be seen in wherever you're parked $60 to $85. • o o its and in a Ci counts (By United Press) Today Is the first anniversary of the first explosion of the atom bomb. And one of the men who Helped develop the terrifying 1 weapon has warned the world anew of the dangers of his brainchild. The chairman of the Federation of American Scientists, W. A. Higinbotham, says the world is now engaged in an atomic arms race which can well load to the destruction of civilization. Hjfinbotham says nations are searching for uranium—the mineral source of atomic power—at a pace he describes as "surpassing f the g-old rush of '-19," He says this i race must be reversed, and that nations should strive to put atomic energy to work for the benefit of mankind. Higinbotham says the U. S. can use its advanced knowledge of atomic energy to become what lie calls—"the first world industry run J'or the benefit of all." ' t Right now, the Navy is preparing its underwater atom bomb test off Bikini atoll. „ Interest Growing In Fifth District •To Save a definite portion of your Income, and stick to it! More and more people are loarning Hie value of p] a n- Jiing Jor I'iiianci;)] seenrily. Build a r-so-v.. fund- protect your fah.Jy wijlj Jow-cost Savings Haul; Life Insurance, a combination thai will Jiclp'yon fact- Hie t'ntnre -\ confiaence. We wijl ])e)p yon work on( a plan. VAVirsGS BANK 1870 «V£HTV FIFTH ANNIVERSARY I94C ALL DEPOSITS ?UtLY .GUARANTEED ~. **ft*n+*rr r *+,. f ***+++, f+^^r^, ~~^*f-t f * f ***^ r ^ f ^^ r ^ f ^ ff ^ Congressional Race Great Oak Farm j SSSMOKE SHOP •' ' * '~ ~ 1VVII.J fe, Q.UALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO •'';$' CONTINUING SUCCESS Interest in the Fifth District Congressional seat now occupied by Representative Joseph E. Talbot s becoming stronger, with several avowed candidate already known or both the republican and demo ratic nominations. Principal interest in this are. hus far has been in the announce ment of Major James Pattcrso f Naugatuck. well-known aVhlet nd Marine Corps officer, who re ontly announced his plans to seel .he nomination on the republican icket. Lieut. Col. Roy E, Rice i Iso understood lo be" a Candidate Two democrats have announced lans to seek the nomination 01 hat ticket They are William Doylt f Winsted and Thomas Radzevich orrinjjton, secretary to Congress man-at-Largc Joseph Rytcr. Radzevich formerly served as ecretary to former Congressman; at-T^arffe Lucien Maciora, nnd wa, i in the Navy during the war. In all cases, however, republicai and democrat, candidates, will "look to Waterbury" for support, because of tlic large bloc of dele sates controlled by that city. The rumblings have started. The j camaijrn is about to get underway, • No date has been set for either I convention, however. ; Re. Taibot will not seek renom- i ination. He is a candidate for the reubHcan Kubernatorial nomination. DANCE Every Saturday Nig-ht 9 P. M. TO 1 A. M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT VVATEK STIIEET Music By The Fuinrtun " I. TWILIGHT TUIO j OXFORD ROAD TeL 5049 PERFECTLY PASTEUKIXED MILK und CREAM i| Delivery T«i All 1'urU uf Nuuinitiirk \ WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY } RKNOVATEI) STOKK'S J GRAND OPENING: | CORNEE CANTEEN { 392 No- Mjiin Stre<;t J "Horn" Tcllfrlc-o, Prop. City J Gus Klimas/.i'wski, Prop. J We h:tv<? your favoritx; DI-IVH- 5 paper, inncaxino or otlior E D D IE ' S Corner Spring «£ Diamond St». GKOCEUIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CKKAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4019 Edward Vlaskauckas, Prop. Highland Package Store 5 33 Highland Av ( >. _- Tel. 3f)8S * % Anthony Farrar, J'ro]). » FREE DELIVERY J All Tarts of NauRiituck * Try NEWS Want Ad»— They Bring Results. Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing ,106 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4O9e SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring- Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 AMERICA •^* /. ^ I \ it K > 3 SHOVELS FU1L OF COAL A CjAY/ WITH THE HONtVWEll u C'l i * ^ " *i vketrtc danttor O A.MT IS A CONTROL ACTUAL TESTS prove you can save up to 30% of your coal bill with a Honeywell Electric Janitor damper control. Tbink what this saving means during just on« heating soason. In addition, this control gives you 24-hour comfort during cold weather. Arrange now for installation by calling us. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. f 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 C! b

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