Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 24, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1909
Page 8
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# * •* Social fftews May Day Festival. (Continued from first pago) A pleasant surprise party was given Master Alfred 13 rook man by Naomi ' Frank, it being his twelfth birthday Wednesday evening. Games were | played and tempting refreshments j •wore served. Among those present w»re Mr. and Mrs, Frtink, Mr. and Mrs. Wrn. Church, Mr. and Mrs, Elan- cett, Mr. and Mrs. Scwartz, Mr. and j Mrs. Hrockman, Masters J. Church, C. Schwartz, A. Schwartz, Loon Ulan- tfett, H. Bogart, L. Frank, Alfred Urockman, the Misses Naomi Frank, Daisy Flutledge, Tulla Hlancett, Kit- phenm Ulancett, Ada Schwartz, Katie Frise. On Thursday evening the first wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Will Armel was made the occasion of a happy family reunion at their home on San Mernardino Road. A pleasant evening was enjoyed by all, old and young, and refreshments of coffee, sandwiches and cake were served. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Goo. Coolnian and children, Kdna Karl and Ralph, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Armel and daughter, Grace, Mr. and .Mrs. Walter Armel and son, Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Baker and children of Glendora, Mr, and Mrs. Ray Croune, iJav.ld Cror.180 and two children, Mr. and Mrs. II. CroiiHO and Miss Lela Venablo. Mr. and Mrs. ,/. S. Trlpp on Citrus avenue gave a chicken dinner last Friday to the carpenters and painters in appreciation of their good work and kindness during the building of their bungalow. At twelve o'clock the men were Invited Into the summer dining-rooming room where a long table was In waiting loaded with the most delicious eatables of all kinds. It, goes without, saying that all did ample justice to the goodies. The center of the table was a mass of the most beautiful roses that could be procured After dinner a picture of the crowd was taken, after which all adjourned to their respective work thanking Mrs. Trlpp profusely for her hospitality and voting her a splendid hostess as well as having obtained perfection In the culinary art. Mr. Wells Merwln, the popular manager of the Wells Fargo agency In our town, was twenty-nine years old on last Saturday evening. Being a mere man, with no hankerings for candy, flnory, zuid BO forth, the occasion did not seem of great Importance, BO he put on hla slippers and expected to enjoy the evening In the usual Darby and Joan style. Presently came guests many, stealing quietly or bursting in noisily until the house was well filled. The houso was a bower of lovely blooms. Refreshments, consisting of brick Ice cream and Nabisco wafers were nerved. The invited guests were Mr. and Mrs. Clifford of LOB Angeles, parents of Mrs. Mcrwin, Messrs. and Mines. II. L. Reynolds, Jim lioath, Frank Snod- grasw, Henry Clark, .1. M. Stanton, Goo, Hutchison, Ira Itockham, llomor Hundley, Geo. Coolman, tho MIssos N'ott!« Gilford, ICdnii Coltrln, Kdna Coolman, Messrs. Clinton Hutchison and Glon 1 tarnish. 100 yard flash open to everyone. Pair of $7 bicycle tires, donated by IF. I', Garrison. Throe-legged race, open to everyone. Swastika watch fobs for each man in winning team, donated by V. K. Wolfarth, the jeweler. Sank race, open to everyone. Firnt prize, $10 Panama hat, donated by Broadwell' a utore. High jump, open to everyone. Hox of General Arthur cigars, donated by Vendome pool room, Madlllo street. Besides these events, there will be others, such an the baseball game between Covlna high school and Downey high school. This will be one of the regular games In the Suburban League series. Many other prized not mentioned In the list are being donated and will be placed. A $7 signet ring with the winner's Initials will be presented to some high school contestant by T. L. Finch, the new jeweler of C'ovlna. A fine acetylene bicycle lamp is given by (J. W. DavlH. There are cash donations which are to be turned into suitable prizes. The high school band will piny. (',. K. Ohipp offers a tennis racquet, worth ?;', A prize of ?IO has been donated, to be used In securing something suitable for the grammar school rooms contenting In the Maypole dance. lOntrlos for all events will not close until Friday next. Get In on any race If you are eligible. Watch for the Argus on Friday morning with a full list of races and prizes. NAVEL PACK DELAYED. Reciprocity Day. Close of Revival at Christian Church. vim hint duyn of tho Martin aim HoK.miit intu'tliiKH wore full of (tntlam- liisin mill power. Lust Sunday WUH Hie rllnmx t)l' a great, rovival, Two hundred and Ill'ty POCHOIIH attended Snmla.v-Hcliool and contributed $1!8 to tin! work. rtlxiy-Heven new nuiiu'H luivt> lie- i n added to tho membership of tilt* rUiireh as u result of the campaiKii, tlii-lr i>uri>oHi> to bi'Kln tlm ChrlBtlun llfu al an oarly day. The roll now numberti ahout -101) me.mhcrH. At the Kivat fellowship mooting Sunday uftor- 1101)11 I lit) pledged UlOinHelveH to tithe their income for tlm Lord. Tlu< rlinrch In prepared as never before for earnest work anil consecration of life. The evangelistic tent meeting lie- pan al Kullerton U't'diiesday evening, (vith a large audience hi attendance. They have won the love and eontl- deuce of aho«t of friends in I'ovina, who will follow their work at other ))htce:i with groat inieresi. Knights of Pythias. The Knlghta of I'yllilus of Covina and vicinity aro taking atlvancetl steps toward having a large institute in Covina. The .second mooting will he held on Tuesday evening, April '.'7. at 7::!') p.m., at Iht: ortice of the Keo garage anil machine shop. All Knights of I'ythias are urgently requested to be I)l>'belit. !•'. M. Mclll'lill. Secretary pro teni. Mrs. Jones of Alhamhru and Mrs. Hie'.i'lb of l.os Angeles were gue.Us tliia v.eek at the home tit' the laltei's daughter. Mrs. li. N. Wells. But Prices Remain Firm and Fruit .la In Good Condition Considering Late Season.. Tho navel season In the Covlnn district has been an exceptional one in mahy ways. While the season is nearly a month late and packing houses are experiencing some dlfli- culty In handling the fruit, prices are remaining at u good figure and the ranchets look upon the year as a fairly prosperous one. . Fruit Is beginning to drop from the trees to some extent In this district, the result of the extended packing Reason, but there will be very little loss from this source, although a few ranchers are getting anxious at the long delay In packing. The packing season for navela will probably last a montn longer, whereas it closed on April 15 last year. Some of the pack- Ing houses are running day and night In an attempt to got the fruit to the brisk market, which demands all that Is obtainable at this time. Ranchmen have received considerably higher prices than obtained last Hoason, which was the banner year for tho valley. The total output of navels has Increased lf> per cent, over last year, owing to new acreage and Intensive culture. Fertilizer has.been UHod to the utmost extent In the last three years In this district, and tho result has boon far In excess of the expocliitlona. The Increase In the crop of Valon- elas for this season Is oittlmated at 'X\ per cent over that, of last year. Tho total shipments of tho Covina Fruit lOxchango for I'.tUT were (148 carloads of navels and Valeneias, while it Is estimated thore will he XT'* carloads for this year. Up to April Ifi tho exchange had shipped ATA carloads of navels for tho season of l!)()S-0!l, against -I-IH cars for I HOT-OS. The total shipment* to April If. this year for tho district of Covina, Including all Independent packing houHos, the California Citrus I'nlon and the Covina Fruit lOxchango, were !>S7 carloads of navels, averaging :>S4 boxes each, or a total of I170.00S boxes. The Valencia oranges are looking very well anil tho trees are generally well loaded with fruit. A large aero- age lias been planted to this variety in the past six months. (Continued from first pago) cored and followed by the dainty Beulah C'ook Gordon of Los Angeles, looking charming In princess gown of apricot satin,' sang "The Thros- tle" (\Vhltni, by roquent, and her flexible vofco was hoard to perfection !n the encoro, a Japanese dance; song. Th<: difficult accompaniments were playr-d sympathetically by M!B« Herron. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with tho dainty Shakespearean parody, "When the Ladles Speak at Last," written twjven years ago for the club by Mrs. J. J. Morgan, one of the founders of the flub, and wife of the former principal, (now principal-elect) of the high school. The parts taken were: Lady Macbeth, Mrs. Morgan; Portia, Mrs. Jennings; Ophelia, Mrs. I'rather; and Juliet, Mrs. Reed. The characters were excellently portrayed, and those well versed In Shakespearean classics could follow the clever chain of apt quotation arid witty parody. Thus ended the brightest day in the ten years' existence of the club. To belong to the Monday Afternoon Club IB the privilege of every woman of good character in the town. To add to its membership is the duty of its members. For the small dues the privileges are two hours' weekly HO- clal relaxation, and meeting with congenial friends, the mental development produced by the Study of literature, art, travel, current events, etc., cookery Classen with refreshments, and other domestic science subjects; social gatherings for members, their husbands and children. Tho next meeting, Monday, April 2f!, will be the club tea. Members will come prepared with suggestions for next year's program. All new mcmherfi joining now pay no dues for the rest of this year. Special sale for May Day all next week at Miss S. Reckard's Millinery Store, Look! Hats for ?,5c and up. Trimmed hats for ?l.r>0 and up. The popular Soul-Kiss hat for $1.r,0. Stiff hair ribbons for 25c yard. Veiling for 20 cents yard. Assorted flowers 25c bunch. Along with her Immense stock of summer millinery she Is now carrying a good assortment in ladles' fancy collars, the Olbuon stocks, Jaboz and a nice assortment In nich- ing; also wash ruchlng. PASO ROBLES HOT SPRINGS On the Coast Line. The equal of any in the world and set in the midst of such climatic conditions as constantly invite- to the open air. A delightful place fo 1 ' rest, recuperation, constitutional treatments and recreation. The new bath house, with its superb equipment, is unrivaled by anything in this country. Hy- dropathic treatments, mud baths, swimming hntlis, Turkish liallis. Particulars at SOUTHKRM PACIFIC OFFICES. KILL THE COUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery rno ^%nur*UA PRICK FOR CoifSi 18 nfittffft. AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDED. \A/ood EXCELLENT FOR SUMMER USE PER CORD Bert H. Hendricks PHONE 1147 5-20p , JACKSON Motor Cars Try it pastry. for \V Top NV. Notch C... Notice of Special Meeting. To the stockholders ot tin 1 ChurU'r Oak Citrus Association: I'k'iw taki! notice that a snoHul nuH-ttiiK of tlu> stockholders of th* 1 Charter Dak Citrus Association will bi« held on Monday, May I!, liion, at the packing house at Charter Oak at - p.m. for the purpose of c.msider- IIIK the matter of the contract now existing between tho (Jlemlora I'll- run Association and the Charter Oak Citrus Association. li; the Interest of our association a full personal attendance is earnestly reiiuesu-d. If unable to attend kindly appoint proxy. Hy order t/t' the hoard of directors. March I.'. I:M::I. H. II. MUldlcton. Secretary. Four Models From $950 to $2150 Made in Jackson, Michigan, by an Honest Concern. Seven Years of Excellence. Christopher's Cream Of Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No othtf cream is no satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so unii)er- s ally popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. G F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT E. P. HULL DEALER IN New and Second-Hand FURNITURE Queensware, Granite and Tinware Cash paid for Second-Hand Furnitere To Orange Growers, Land Buyers and tlomeseekers Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep. No Hill Too Steep." # * * * Orange growers who are selling cut their properties down south are invited to come and look our .fine counly over and the tip-top lands we have for sale suitable for all purposes. A ' number of old experienced orange growers have already re-invested here and a large acreage will be planted this spring. We offer our famous Strathmore, orange lands for only $100 up with 'terms . to suit. STRATHMORE is located between Lindsay and Porterville and all trains stop here. We are now selling large town lots for $150 and up you will have to hurry to get one. Postoflice and store already here. Opening- for blacksmith and livery stable now. You can of course write for further information but better still come at once. Lands bought now will be worth double next spring. Excursions leave Los Angeles daily at 11 p.m. and arrive at Strathmore at 11:30 a. m. Railroad fare refunded purchasers of lands. Our office is at the depot and our teams are at vonr service on arrival. StritlMK Realty (o. Strdttimore, Tuldre County Phone (farms) 137 **************** Howell & Howell ^' BREAD "' Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET *ill serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacoli. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 SULPHUR BY THE OUNCE OR TON W, W, NASH DRUGGIST C. H. Allen F. M. McHugh Ask the Boys for Prices McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ASSETS OVER $1,800,000.00 4 PER INTEREST -» PER INTEREST CENT PAID ON SAVINGS .< CFNT PAID ON SPECIAL wen I ACC OUNTS ** wcw ' CHECKING ACCOUNTS WRITE FOR INFORMATION It takes a good deal of . Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covina, Cal. J. N. WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle 01 any kind we in vite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. W will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides JAMES CORBETT The Morse-Shoer GLADSTONE AVENUF. CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put in a complete outfit of tools, and is now prepared to do all kindd of smithing work. Note the address—One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf Us $50,000 lo Loan I ON RANCHES AND CITY IMPROVED j S. R. EARNEST 4 CO. j i 831 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles, j Cal. | i Send written description or call. ' FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLE- MENTS. Best Goods — Lowest Prices • i Harness Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of the following gil.edgc companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid in full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, The first annual concert of the Christian Sunday-school orchestra wil! be given o n Friday evening, April 30, in the Christian Church. Admission flee. All are invited to attend.

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