Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 1, 1944 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, October 1, 1944
Page 17
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SEVENTEEN Huff Soldiers pn'e of; tbe I' Hamilton :'brothers".'pictured 'here -has'*made the supreme ^sacrifice,, for .Ms Lco'u"ritry.':H»"i, Is | p Cpl. 7 .'MelvIn-,-A. I'Hamilton, ;:-.left -above,: who ';.was -killed. mii^t-lie . French -.- fighting j front' August :rlO. • ;His brothers, are, 'Homer-•Hamilton, S, 2-c., Tight above,. : \»no;.has' : .takeri/:part in >aU the" invasion operations in "the ^Atlantic •; and '.Mediterranean .areas; and -to the side, Herman- Hamilton, ~~' cross channel:invasion, of France. They- : . are sons of-Mr. and : Mrs. James . A. Hamilton, 712 Ideper street. •-•-". fefce&Fl Vw^iGro** '£, vv.-V.-g L.'K''.' ', :'.-J;*j </:; .-_•-.: O-': : •'-;{*'-. ''C'.xii.'-fe'-i fJlirJ'Nfi i*\- "displayed "g uiiu,'liu,l;y . materially a ' . .Saff -,Sgt>Melvin H. Duckwbrfch.^of '-'L^nacbrilhg/ Is - shown'.- in' the ibove'- picture getting -'the DlstIngiilsh^:-Fly^g/'Cross r pinned -to ' : lils Jacket" at a. base -pi ,-th«vEIgntn j Air;Fprce ;iri: : , England. ; .The -citation accompa hying the vawar d rel ated ; that • 5 gtV Duckworth , v ah; aeri al , gu qner, "dislaed "re at courae-'ana-simVln/flhtln'Ott mw attacte.and has attacte,.and has materially aided in;tHe succeKfuVcbmpietipn of'ail ; lils'm!ssloris. The courage,' coolness -and; exceptional' skill ! . displayed ;by Sgt. Duckworth. reflect; the -.highest credit juppn .himself 'and -the armed forces of the Drifted. States." '..';'' : '-.,-'.- Westernporfs 'Bosley Brothers ..The-ry.ance-'i b'iro their sXare:' from • Artemas, Pa., sons ; of-Mr.- and/; Mrs.. Warren Vance. They £re, left above, Staff Sgt. Guy; Vance, back *ln~ Hawaii . af t'er campaign ing am. o" rig; : I h ; e Marshall .Is-.lands; Opl. -Ray.- Vance, a former Celanese workers, who'• is in • France with a quartermaster truck company. Brothers-Cousin l,.Sgt. Howard Rice,"left above, is; stationed at Lincoln, Neb.," where .he .Is attached : to'the air-corps. He .was; recently" home'.on furlough for -the] first:time since ; .he-enlisted January; 3,'1942.'.He was'with-a ground .crew force, in'.India for 27 months. His brother,- George E. Bice, S.,. 2-:c., is IA training . at Bainbridge for a rating as a gunner's mate. They are sons of'Mrs. Emma Hook, Mt.Sav- ' From Up the River . These. th : ree men' in- uniform are brothers-in- .la.w. They -are, left and . right above, Pvt.^Ken- netn B.. : -Michaelj.. a /recent .arrival • In • Eng; land/ th e; son \ot -Mr.-, and; Mrs ; Elmef.;:- ; Michael, •'o'TvMc Coble; and,-Cpl.. Tech. .Charles .MV . piyton.-rf.with » 'field hospital' unit In :;New : :Guinea, the §husband : of Mrs.sEdna Michael Day- itjjn,-of::McCoole,iand 'the-father, of j a.--' 7>months-o:d. daughter. -To , the f side, is .Pvt. - Kenneth L. -Keller, in [New. Guinea .with a.-transportation a outfit. • He is the - husband of Mrs Helen '•Michael '-Keller, of - Western" \Metlu-Neio- Guinea in' the: New. Guinea warizohe we Cook brothers from Hyndman, Pa., recently had: the good lucfc of meeting. They. are . sons of Mr. »nd.-Mn., Harvey Cook. Sgt. NIal F. Cook, on tr* ; left,.is credlted-wlth conking" the Jap plane that drop. ped a - bomb • that sent a piece of S ehrapnel 'flying into his leg. Bruce | CVCook; s. l/c., is with, the-Pacific ifltet. He is the husband of Mrs, ; Dprtharene Cook. Tzoo McCuskers .The Bosley.;men;in uniform, are sbns i of Mrs. Viola .Bosley, of Westernpp'rtl..They.'are, left ^to right, Pfc, Lester-Bosley, Camp Houston, Texas;' T 7 Sgt. : GroyerT. Bosley,-on duty at'an'undisclosed station; Carl Bosley,-S., 2-c., stationed -at. Pearl- Harbor; and; Pfc. William R. Bosley, at-the .French front. Sears Sailors Lucas Brothers The Mclntyre < brothers, above, ^ are . paratroop- :£ jers..Cpl. Thomas H i Mclntyre, left, ! f jis on duty in <±< j France.. Pfc. Eu- |" 1 Belie Mclntyre, r ! is serving on an ;. undisclosed*;front. They are |f ; sons of Thomas Mclntyre, Morgantown.' W. Va., a. former resident • of Cumberland. To the side is a cousin of the Mc- lntyre brothers. He is' Cpl. Andy Mclntyre, serving as an army cook In India. He has a brother at the French front, Harry Mclntyre. They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mc- lntyre, of Kitzmiller. B-in-L 9 s hi Blue a "Southpaw? ; from Paw Paw -WhitacreS'Nines :;-.):.' - '-.'''-•'••. • :. - *. ' - ' •-. ' - • ' . '. , ... ; . : . ' ' Pictured by !one of the bulletin : boards announcing ente'rtatnmeni ' ' ' programs at h'is Eighth -'Air .-Force • B-17 -Flying.- Fortress base 'is CpU William H. Gal]aday,:bf : '.paw Paw, W. 'Va., a member- of 'the -Army Special Service section. , He-helps to keep a steady'fldw of'rnelody and mirth" for combat fliers -and ground personnel sending the big bomber winging over Europe.' -A former employe of -the "XT. S. Leather Company in- Cumberland, • Cpl. Galladay U : Uie son of , Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Galladay, .of -Paw.Paw. His -bomber, group is the 'famed Third Bombardment Division, cited -by the 'President for Ita.hlstoric shuttle ittsck on Messerschmitt aircraft pin nU a Regensburg; G«rmany. Father., Sons and Nephews . The. two men_| In uniform above are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ross E. Wiltacre, Wiley Ford, >\V. Va. They are, left, Donald E. Whitacre, S., l-c.,with the Pacific fleet;-1 and T-5 Ross E. Whltacre, .Jr.,. with the .' : Infan-; ; try at the French front. To the side is Cpl.; John Nines, a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Whltacre. He is with the paratroops in-France, the husband~o{-Afrs-ETC=- lyn Nines. Three Aldrides Pfc. Howard and Pvt. Raymon\ Huff are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Henn Huff, 44 Lament street. Howard, os the left above, is a former employe of the Cclnnese cafeteria and is no? stationed in England with an nir borne troop outfit. His brother, i former B. & O. employt, U at Dal las, Texas. Cresaptoivners The. first picture above• is :Of Andrew J. Burrell, WT., 2-c.,. on duty -with the. Pacific fleet. The. next two are of his aons, Sgt. Amprey-F. Burrell,.said to be "on his -way," the husband'of Mrs. Josephine Burrell, Elkms, W. Va.; and Pvt. Marion R.; Burrell, in France. The other two soldiers are nephews of'Sailorman Burrell. They, are Cpl. Robert Lee-Burrell. of Kitzmlller, soldiering, in France, and Pvt. Robert Graver, also of Kitzmiller, with the air corps in -France.' Pvt. "craver's brother, Woodrow Craver. has been-reported missing In action. Sailorman Burrell 'is the husband of Mrs. Pearl Burrell, Rout-e 5. The Aldridge brothers hall j from' Mt. Savi age, -sons of (Robert Aldrdlge. j They . are left above, Pvt. Charles H. Aldridge, in England; Raj'morid Aldridge, S., 2-c, aboard a destroyer escort craft, the husband of Mrs. Irene. Aldrldge; and to the side, Clyde R. Aldridgc, at a nava! air station In Virginia. McKenzie Men ]\ff>f Jjj H1.VI Lit The Sears brothers are at sea, with Uncle: Sam's fleet. -They are sons of Mr."and Mrs; .John Sears; Keyser, W. Va. The'jack!tar on the left.In- the- picture • abbve : is : . Junior Sears. The other is Paul Sears. Tliey are nephews of-'Mr. and --Mrs. J. H. Houdersheldt, .Wiley Ford, W Va. •A Celanese worker -before he climbed into Uncle Sam's khaki uniform", 'Ffc'. Francis G..PhiIpot is stationed _in n.. military camp somewhere along the Atlantic Coast, When he entered-the'army 18 • months - ago; he. was sent to a' South Carolina camp .for-training. He. : ls;.the son of 'Mis. May Philpot-arid HT? husband of Mrs. Ada Philpot, of 'Shaft. -The -McCusker -brothers' are liom Mttle Orleans,' 'tiie -sons of Mr. and Charles : E.-McCusker. They leff »bpvi, Sgt. 'Charles -A, Mc- ker, now aiospltalited in Engi for wounds • sustained " In ance;'and Cpl.-Edward M. Mc- Dusker, In England with the combat engineers. Sgt. Charles campaigned-in North Africa and Sicily before he was transferred to England tor th« crow channel invasion. This Is Cpl. Junes Z. Whisker, a hcmbcr of thoU. S. Marine Corps. ~ He entered..the corps a ygar ngo and la now stationed at Newport,. Ark., air base where he la | in : charge ,of. a supply warehouse for the quartermaster corps. Cpl. \Vhii- ker Is tho husband of MM, Lucille Wlilaker, 1»7 nd the son of A former-teacher in the Allegauy county ' public ••' school system, Lt. Carroll Carney 'j is on duty in the South.:Pa'cif l.c ' war" zone. He has, been-.In; the . army-", several--, yearn. He'Is'the'. son "-of Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Carney, Mt.' Say- age, and the h'us- band of Mrs. Alice-Ayres Car- nej'^also of Mt. Savage/ — Pvt Frederick Bloom took part in the battle for Guam,In..the Pacific Cpl. Philip R., and Pfc. .Robert ; F. Lucas are the 18 and 19-year-old sons of-Mr.- arid Mrs. Philip R, Lucas, 6r., 817 Fayette street. -Gpl. Philip is-in New Guinea with a.port company. He- joined up. soon. after graduating- from Allegany high school in 19«. PJc. Robert is .with the Marine/Corps at Congaree Air Field,. S.. C. He entered the .service while in. his senior year at Allegany. . A graduate of 'Fort Hill .high school in 1941, Cpl. Harry A..While 'was working at the B. & O. Roundhouse when he entered '$jj%. the -army July j.J.26, "1943. He vent overseas last December and Is now in sJJE^I Prance with a 5©: unit of non- E o m b a t engineers. Cpl. White j *cc Is the son of Mr: arid Mrs. F. E. White, 29 Wempe Drive". Henry. Kenny Chucci and Charles .C. Reynolds are brothers-in-law from Keyser, W.-Va. -'Henry, 'left above, is a seaman first class .on duty with the Pacific fleet. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Chucci, and the husband of Mrs. Ethel Reynolds Chucci. Charles' is •with- the TJ.' S. Merchant Marine; the son of Mrs. W. R Gibbs. He Is' now stationed at Sheepsheaid Bay, N. Y. In Khaki and Blue . Sgi. .-John R. Naielrod Is with the."troops in France where he has Tieen awarded the; P u r p 1 e Heart and Infantry^ Combat medal. A former j^ Celanese worker, he .entered the army September 9, 1943, and was • trained at Camp Van Porn, 'Miss., and Camp Breckenridge, Kyi He is the son of-Mr .and Mrs Nazelrod, this city. Pvt. James R. 1 Wilson, left above, Ls in France with the engineers. He graduated from Fort Hill hlgli school in 1940. His brother, Max Wilson, S. 1-c., on the right, is with the Atlantic fleet and has seen battle action. They are sons of Mrs. Robert C. Aman,' 607 Hill Top Drive. Pvt. James Is the husband of Mrs. Jennnette L. Wilson, 441 Waverly Terrace. Crabtree Soldiers Walter local .baking company. Pvt. Bloom Is''the husband'of'Mrs. Bessie.'. Bloom, _ .... _ ; Bedford Valley, Pa., and the.son of'-Mrs; Florence Bloom, Route 3. U. Georre M. Creep has completed his round of combat missions as a bombardier over Europe; and has been, granted a 3-months 'rest period,. He is the holder.of the Distinguished Flying Cross •and the Air Medal- .with an Oak Leaf cluster. A graduate of Beall.-high school, Lt. Greco wiw.employed »s a pipefitter In tho Newport News, Va., drydocks when ho entered the urmed forces. He i". lha ,son of Mrs. Hose Greco,, of rroa'tburj. Stationed in the New Guinea war zone' Pvt.' Kenneth J. Harper was recently s'-'-yi" a ?.' a r d c d the 'ylfe A r m y 's Good fi^; Conduct medal, He -has been in the army nbout jS.iJ a year and. over- ;f ' seas for eight montlis. He was trained. at Camp Lee, Va., Camp Stoneman Camp Cal. Pvt. per is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wll- linm J. Harper, Route 1, Froetburg. .Cpl. Paul -M., and Pfc. Leo Crabr tree are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Crabtree, Williams road.. Cpl. Paul, on the left,' hns been down In New Guinea since. June. He Is the Husband of Mrs. Juanita Crabtrce, and the father of two children. Pfc. Leo Crabtree is soldiering "In France. He Is the husband of Mrs. Alberta Crabtree, and the father of three children. Four Eastern A venue Crosses The Nazelrod brothers f roin Bnid- dock road are stationed in England. They .are Sgt. Metropolitan, Jeft above, and-Pfc. Juley- F. Nazelroa, sons of >Mrs. Myrtle S. Nazelrod.. Until a short.time ago .they,had : not met In-over three years. Pfc. Juley "thumbed': his way" for sixty 'miles to meet his brother. For the return trip Sgt. Metropolitan supplied him with a bicycle. They are .brothers of Mrs. .Lodis May Burke,, whose- husband, Staff Sgt; George. "Red" Burke, is with the,troops In. France. Pvt. Albert-M. Sacco- entered, theiSgig ";i March, 1S43.- He was dis- '•-. | charged the following September as the result' of a fall from a j landtag net at i camp Butner, N. C. H« re-entered the army last June -and i*.' in training-at Fort Bragg,,N.c. .A- graduate of Beall high-school, Pvt. Sacco Is the Bon of .Mr. find Mrs. Patsy Sacco, 129 Bowery street, Frostburg. The McKenzie brothers are sons of Mr.. and Mrs. John W. McKenzie, of Long. ,Pfc. William T., on the left, is stationed -at Camp Livingston, L*., with a chemical warfare outfit. Hi* brother, Fvt. Milnor C. McKenzie, is In France with tlie llSth'Infantrj;of the 20th Division. He's an old Company G man, and the husband of Mrs. Mary E. Kenzie, Detroit, Mich. Both brothers are -former Celnncse plnnt em- ployes. The Cresaptown men In uniform in this group ore brothers -1 n - 1 a w. They are, left and right above, James D. Clayton, S. 1-c., with the Atlantic fleet, the husband of Mrs. Alice Clayton, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Clayton: and| Marshall While, S., 1-c., now hospitalized in the Pacific war zoixl for wounds sustained in the battlrl of Saipan Island, the son of Mr I and Mrs. H. O. White. To the is Cpl. Oren Wilson, In the South Pacific with the engineers, Uie band of Mrs. Betty Wilson. In the south Pacific war r.or.s Eart \V. Sandiburj-, S., 1-c., is member of the Navy's amphi- $>/%m%%3®!& bious forces v -S : v» serving R s a member of an L. C. I. craft. J3|:i;j He graduated ->*" 'from Fort Hill High School 1841, and formerly worked In the warp knitting department .at Celanese plant. Seaman Siindsburyl is the son of Mrs. Helen Sandsbury»| " its city. OVERSEAS EDITION NO. 37 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1944 NO. 2T . Fort Hill Defeats Tills picture of Pvt. Lcmolne Lil- !cr was taken on August 5 about' i 11 -i n rn s tliree" months \ AllCgaUy '-Li 1 O O after he had been . wounded In action-on the Italian front. Arrives in Italy 'Home Front News For Service Men I He is still recuperating' from his wounds. former employe of the Imperial Ice Cream Company, he been in Army since September 9, 1943, and overseas since February. Pvt. Liller is the husband of Mrs. Ruth Liller, Route 3, and the BOH of Mrs. SavUla and the late Charles Liller, of Elaine, W. Va. At the Deming, N. M.. army p.!r field James P. Nichols was recently graduated with ^^ sUver bom bar- dier wings and commissioned a second Heuten- l., v int. The exer- £* cise marked ™completion of an | ! 18-weeks» rigid course in high altitude precision bombing and Important phases of -navigation. I,t. Nichols Is the- son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols, Thorr.n." W. Va. Overseas for about two years, Pvt. Russell F. Spencer saw service In North Africa, Sicily and Italy before going Into the fighting on the French front. He was working In Baltimore when he jnlncdupln 1941. Pvt. Spencer Is the son ol Mr. and Mrs. O s a Spencer. Route 1, LnVftle. The Cross broth*rs above .are sons of Mrs. Mary, Shipley, 539 Eastern avenue. They are, left to rlghtj Pvt. Oscar Cross, !ri England; Anderson "Bouncer" Cross, S., 2-c., with the Paci/le fleet; • and -Elmer and Rutherford Cross, both In naval -training at Camp Peary, Vit. All four'are married, trie-husbands respectively of Elmn, Erma, Ada and Bemlce Cross. To the side Is their brother.ln-law, Pvt. Emory Mallow, who was-roccntly wounded in France, th« hunbnnci of Mrs. Wary Mallow, >l Whan CurtU Smith, F., 1-c., joined the navy he was a student Rt Allegany H1 jf h School. That was over » j'ear ngo. For some titM he has. been on sea duty. In. the Pacific war zone. He lithe, con'of Mr. and Mr». W; L. Smith, LaVale. Mr. Smith Li now working In -R BaUlmorc shipbuilding The football season is on in earnest in Cumberland area, although the Pen-Mar Baseball league Is still conducting Its. final playoff series for the winner to be determined in three out of flve" games. The Queen City Brewers have won LWO games, and this afternoon will play the third at Centerville. A vic- :ory for the Brewers today will end he series with Queen City becoming champions for 1944. A Center- vine victory today will carry the game over for at least one more ;ame and probably for two, going the limit. But it Is football that has the greater attention now. Never before lave the football fans of Cumberland been treated to a -dish such n.i was put before them last Friday evening when Allegany and Fort Hill high schools played tlielr first of two games for this senson. And. Fort Hill -sron in » rcnl battle, al- :hough neither team is up to lop. form. The Sentinels took the game, jy a score of 13 to B. In the past, these two teams have not met until Thanksgiving Day. jut, due to war conditions, the local :cams have a schedule closely knit that does not require much travel, and as a result each of the three local EChools will meet twice on the gridiron this season. The of ihese was the Sentinels and Campers, and they will come back for the finale on Turkey Day. In last Friday's game at Fort Hill won through the remarkable driving, sloshing pla.y of Donald Whiteman, who Is by far an outstanding star on his team. He made 128 out of 235 yardi made by his team, the other gains being divided nmonr four other players. Allegnny made much of Its saints in the third and fourth quarters, starting late to unleash an aerial a.ttnck that ff It had been opened earlier might have made a difference. Their real attack came In the Pfc. Harry Adam* Greene street has been changed from residcncr to business in the proposed zoning ordinance for Cum- | berlaud. Cumberland waste paper colieo-1 tlon last week brouglit In 41 tons. A local girl, Miss Elwi Knrlin, WR one of four. Red Crow workers who] were the first American women to] eater Germany In the present war. Contracts for completing tho Cumberland airport at Wiley Ford, [ W. Va.. were awarded yesterdny. Two persons were killed nnd clRh injured in traffic accidents during August In Allcgariy County. Chlrf Judge Walter c. Cappt-r of the Fourth Judicial Circuit will b* honored at a dinner October 7 tit. j the Cumberland Country Club. Riven by the Allegany Co-jiity Es:' Association. A program earmarking B ipart of the unencumbered Stair A member of the Air Corps ground 1 5urnlus ol $8,961,000 for past-wor construction will be pnvsented by forces. Pvf. Harry Adorns, son of Mrs.'C. T. Llndell, 613 Louislnna avenue. • has arrived in Italy after basic training at Miami Beach, Fla. and further training at Sioux Falls, S. D. He was . transferred to Greensboro, N. C. prior to going overseas. He attended Fort Hill High School. Pvt. Charles M. Allen, son of Mrs. Mabel Allan, 64B Columbia avenue, Is stationed Rt Sheppnrd Field, Tex. Cpl. Wood Simpfion, husband of Mrs. Nell Simpson, Bedford road, has been transferred from Camp Davis, N. C., to Camp Stewart. Ga. John Pnrsons, husband of Mrs. Virginia Miller Parsons, of Parsons, W. Va., Is stationed somewhere in the South Pacific war zone. Two brothers of Mm. Pnrsoiw, Warren and Paul Miller, are sluo located In the Pacific area. Pfc. Edward Byron Green, hus- fourth quarter when they reeled off band of Mrs. Virginia Green, and one first -.down after -.another • by. w>n of Mr. and Mrs. L. 8. Green, passing. John Cox .was surprisingly Piedmont, W. Va., has been trans- good in his heaves to place, andllerred from Camp Chaffee, Ark., the passing game lead up to the 'o Fort Sill, Okla. final plunges from the inch margin. Both-, teams : showed . much and they, givs promise of great things to come up for the Turkey pay menu, as Fort Hill depends on power;'while the lighter Campers, Appear to be heading townrd *. sky riding attack, and the meeting of the. two in the climactic battle should be pleasing to all. MooreflcM beat Farnons In a ouc- slded game. 19 to 7 at MwnetWd: Romney downed Charlee Town in Harold E. Rer.fro, 28, of 633 Patterson avenue. Is receiving hlfi Initial Naval indoctrination at the U. n. -Naval Training Center, Great 3j»kes, HI. Pfc. Donald F. Moon, Keyscr, W. Va. In Southern France August -17. Pvt. Clarence I. Mosbey, Broad- top,.Pa., In France since August 25. the Jailor's first appearance of the year, 27-6, and Key&er «war«sp*d the little Fort Ash by eleven, 28-6, Governor O'Conor to the legislature In January. Pollution of th« Potomac rivet- Is higher at the Rldgeley Cumberland bridge than in Ihe South End. according to Dr. George L. Hail, chief engineer, State Dcni.. of Health. Other sections of the country may have an "epidemic" of counterfeit, gasoline coupons but this area is relatively free of such coupons, nc- cording to Karl Hndcliffe, chief clerk of the local War Price and Rationing Board. The Cumberland Real Estate Board has approved the proposed zoning ordinance for Cumberland. Three youth* arc held In jail Jn connection with an alleged kidnap- ing, robbery and car theft in and around Cumberland. Two way radio. ~»-h n working range of seven miles, wa» nut In operation last week by the Cumberland police Dept. 360 certificates will b« awarded thU week to boy* and girls who havn served a year as school patrolmen in county. A . totoJ'-iOf. J 40530 No. a c«is of food were^wocewed ton Maryland counties during June, July und August under tne program of the Department of Education; The R«v. Michael A. Ryan, a native of this county, for 31 yearn pw lor of 8t. Paul's Catholic Church, BUicott City, marked his 50th ordi. nation anniversary last Sunday. T-Sgt. .Walter" florwath. 104 Laing avenyc, hi France. Pvt. Jurrien P. Mornn. V/«Jyrn» port, In Southern France. 4^

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