The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 6
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TACK «_ TtAVGATVCK NKWS <C6NN,), TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1948 Bubble Gum Rush Swamps Store Garite Staged When Roxbuiy t • ^» ( r „ -i ..- . Rockets Cancel Appearance s, 19-14 OPPOS '"O N Forty. Hits, Many For Extra Bases, Registered; Few Errors Charged . In a.n old-fashioned hoc' held nt P-Qcrention f.cld last light, the Millvllle A. A. of the Sunday Amateur LL-npue blastetl he Naugatuclt Grays of thn Pcm- raug Lcnfruo to the tune ot 10-1-1. Tht contest, a merry battle from tni't to finish, hud the olllf;ial corer in a claxe as no ICHS than 3 runs and 40 base hits crept into he box Kcore. Most of fhc. hits •ere of extra-base variety. The urprisln),' fcqtut'o VMM the fact int only a. few errors were com- •nitted. The MlllvllJe nine were scheduled o pln.y the Roxbury Rockets, but late cancellation pave both local .Vmv.t that iv Nton- Jti-f'iii.T In Dolroit hud n-fti.sud to boost tin 1 , price at ImWilo #um tntvrlril /list mid, .Ju.s;! lit their parents wrnv Htundinir in linn fdr white shlrti uml nylons, nn uriny of youngsters crashed In on Andy Siipuni, Andy will have Kimi for lliniu every Tui-.Mciay. (Inter- nutUiniil) a chance src" match, to stage their The frnme Vvent on even baste un- lll the sixth Inninfr when the Dce- i,'anit,os blew up and fell behind. The Millvllle club will cross ba.ts By The MAYOn OF MII NEXT VICTIM Jf there is any feminine, quality about Joe Louis, ' world's heavyweight champion, it could only, be his penchant foi> saying "no" when he really means "Maybe.". It was Louis who announced with a vehement negative that he -would not defend his 'title again this year. Tho scene was a (twenty' :uid noisy ono at. the tSadSum his knockout of Billy Conn. Joe mumbled something about golfing; and taking it easy, something ahout high taxes and tho. like and thnt was that for-the time being. Evidently, 1 Joe's decisions 1 are macic contingent upon the approval On The Air Today U'TI'MVK.M' 1 Alt Mill HriMH..- w.vm: Hi i...ii'-.. W.IX 'KHi"l »in H'ATI! • Al Vf-.t WI'll 'Hi l>i- v\"i'n.' fii,,> nu WKAF .Aiiicri, , WATIt • I'lii'Miul WAiir • I.IHT.I, c W./H Alli'ii I;, • WTIi' flu |, ily WA'I'lt Now i, ! Will; ,\,, w » 11:111 p ..... , .liiill ;< ..... ...i if, 'ritti'.: /,/,|irfa the Bethlehem entry in the Pom peraup- League, The acore: NniiK. Grays... ,32.a 221 1—14 19 3 Ayllvllle AiA. .2-11 312 5—10 21 3;s: H. Stauft'cr and Crelan, and Petrillis. Umpire: Dfiddona. nt Bethlehem Thursday nipht with of Mike who said that Joe would - •• : • ' ••' ~ fight again and' apparently Mlko knows more about it than Joe docs himself. .In picking Tami Maurlello as the next victim, Mike has affuljj cant Baseball Standings U'llUV.WAHl AH Klnils (if Tnicklni:—Asli(?n, JKtr. Honxivutl McNamara Trucking Cc. ,'11 \\iml Nitngiillick Ti'l. !!l)0! WATi: Alli'-lt U'.inii- U MAI' .'.V-rii 1 -Silpm-l- 7; 1.1 P. WAI'.i' JM;ylh». U.,i,f Will! Alinuvr Jliili U-A'CI: IlllJ-H"" Allvrr Detroit 2, Now York 0 W,'i;-hl;i/rtoii <f. St. Louis 2 Philadelphia 12,, Chicng'j 0 Only /ramra scheduled. II.> il.ii"' il.-. IIijMtllu: T;.|.-i u. III. it 1 . - InM'lf ,,f Suortrt .Tl: • Alffiliijlli'ii Anmu'ii ;.M.- i; ,i ii KtlHI II. in. ny 1 'rum-ilia FOR A CAIJ TEL. 5285 U.VV or NKJKT Independent Cab Co. 11)1) SniiKi Muln St. \viil:v-w,u!,- «-|';,M.'.WTII' M'.IXI WATIt v\ i 'l; .' Tli. i I- Tlie Standing W, i. Boston ............ . , 50 23 New York Detroit' Washington St. Louis . . Cleveland ret .7CO about for thp best of the contcndcr.s. Despite those who have second-! guessed to the contrary, Billy Conn j was certainly the outstanding chal- 1 long-cr the last timo out. 'Therefore, »'o can think of no one with it better claim of hovinjj- his head knocked off by Joe Louis in September, thiun Matfpello. Siire, Tiiial ims won 12'flglits lii| a row Including lirucc Woodcock,' Jieavj;vvnl«:J)t champion.- of the- Brlt-| ls!i li'mjiiro. BCCUUNG of thn iiiiuc'lty of (ho good lighters today (in Louis' clnss), Tiimi docs stand out above. the others, fam.i, boasts' of a jarring left 48 3 45 35 -11 38 3Q 45 36 45 32 47 2j W .563 .C19 .'105 .316 Philadelphia Today's Gmnes, Pltchrra St. Louis a/t Washington, (Night) — Zoldnlt (7-7) va Haeffncr (0-6i Chicago at Philadelphia— Popish (1-3) va Fowler (C-7) Cleveland at Boston — Follc;' (15-0) v/j Hughson (10-5) (Only games) ', -,,-g I hand, but he has the heart the sixes ot a IC-ounco' mitt, therefore we doubt 1C he will ever "drop" Louis. The. Bronx barkeep takes a pretty stiff .punch but because of a. bad right leg .he has been scon lolling on _thc, canvas more than once, . ,. But, Tumi gets up (which is didn't do) after NATION-AX USAGfE Yp.i(ord:i.v'« Jiosult.s St. r^ouis 10, Brooklyn •! Chicago 3, Now York 1 Boston 3, Pittsburgh 2 CincinruiLI fl, Phllii^plpWa 2 STIIATT-ON'S RKSTA I/RANT 18-20 P,irk Place <>|irn l):ill.v I'ntl! I ,\, M. * I>AII,V l.l.'Nr.JJKONS tt ,\Ni> 1 » .\ .\ j.TT.S « A J,A CAltTK MI'',Ni; Itnum. Kmitli Hur uiul Full Liquor License T.'io Standing wr.w; \\.:-/, V. ,!'/• WATII MIIMI l-Viimil • Mini l 'JLlK-'l X lii.'IS n. m, STAINLESS STEEL 3 PC. CAKVINd SETS $350 Others to $8.50 QCHNBERC 4nPCRIOIT. JBWlLBRS«J! .s-.ii.- iw::iw ii. vv,\r.'- mil.n I|"IIIIM- k\ KAI.'.WTI'- IMml.iTK W.\'. I; I !„!,,..! I iifd «i"!|,hi.l|.-(l.. \v.:;- iini' rn.ui-,,111 I I Mill n. U-IUM- \V.\r.i- IS',,rM • uli'-l Hl,i h.'ir , N.-W..I GET A JEEP rMMMWATK niOUVKHY LIBEETY MOTORS, Inc. -JI Uiti-rKon Avcnlli* Ot! l-iM-llllllKc r,,i,.,h .MUSIC DOBGE >AI.I',,S _ SKttVICIO Hotchkiss St. Garage -17 HOTCHKISS STKICKT Ti-l. fi727 ,T, L. MAXILAUSKAS, rroji. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C.ll.M.. lliiNM'H KIIII rilrcrt In llcii.'h CI.KANK.^T SI'OT l.V TIIK STATB Brnojilyn SI. X,ouiK Cliio.-.igo Clticlnnat; llcixtfin Neu' York ... Phib-iclrjlphl.-x W, L. , 49 31 48 33 .j.-j ;{.j .17 -10 30 42 2r> .J5 32 43 32 47 Pot. .61,1 .503 .588 .•131 .481 A2S Inter-Dept. League Ending Spring-Summer Season . hcin.i; splllivl i-nd jro.iu.-ruK.v tuirrics tho (iR'lit to. his opponent fn a stylo so suvajvn that he. sometimes upsets Iho flslit -cnmpletely." Now, of 'course, if Louie puts Tumi 'down, we cannot imagine Tami fretting up and proing. on from " Playoff To Be Scheduled After Tomorrow's Games The U. S. Rubber Interdepm-t- mch'i league is finishing off their spring- .and. summer schedule tonight and tonioi'row nipht. In this cveninifs games the Upot Room \yiil , combat the strong Tennis Mukinp;, ar.O the Lab team will play the Industrial office. Tomorrow nip:ht, lind the Gflytees, .playing' the Waterproof- there to carry the "day. Because, when Joo Louis dumps 'em, they don't come up again with 'any much'loft—;;- they come- u;i at'all. 1 r.oc:i! iHi.soliall fans who uttcn'dod , , , ,, tlw tivin,-l>ilJ uttivictloii at Jlccrca- 1 '' Oln<3 "'' p '" Ii</Ji Fiojd ,S:iivJ;i,v ivllnoss"!] a r ;ire plu.v" in "the eiijjitli innins; the St. .Fraiii-;:j-lianK'nrs e.onU-st nil! he tiilhud about fur a long time to ~ Today's Ciiiiiiou, I'ltr.hors T>ooltlyn at St. Louis (Night) Barney ,(2-1) or Htittcn 5-7) vs T'ollc-t (0-.)) Phjluclnlphia nt Cincinnati—Rowe (8-1) v a Uousser (C-C; or Blnckwell Now YorJc at Chicago—Volnolio (0-7) va Schmltx (K-0) J3oston at PiLisburg-h—Cooper (7-7) vs Strinccvlch (3-S). V KWfM CLASSICS The Spccia! SwIrnmluR cl 'C bcKlnner-N will continue with .the .iddnd r,en3i l.hh ..on.s- as ot Boya :;:CO to 2:30 Monday, VVodnosdiiy and Friday. The Oil-In Tuesday rnoi-nlric 10:00 10:SO 11:00 ur.d Jl:3r). MHO 2:30 foe be- -,'iiinoi-M, not in the inoniinR claaa md the riijjular elfins a.t 3:10. Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL AMTIMHI,.,! ft AiipriiiTcl fur VctrriuiH Tnilnlnc " p " wn "Tllr Vrrrf Way .ll nn* l!r«*r I'nj- ROLLER SKATING LAKE QUASSAPAUG PAVILION EVERY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 5 MONDAY, TUKSOAV, TIUMtSDAY, I<'KII)AY NIGHTS H TO [I I'. SI. Tht' Cnolrst tind 1'i'sl Skutlnr; Surf:\c<> In Connecticut BUSES LEAVE PARK NIGHTLY AT 11:30 P. M. C'ONNKf'TICirrS MOST I>ANC'KAIiI.l<: fllL'STC XJOMKS TO— LAKE QUASSAPAUG T0 «°«« ow *^ * Vf 11 A KV rorin.AK UKQUKST: FRANCIS HIS SAXO1M1ONK AND HIS KKCOK1MUIRAKING ORCHESTRA (f, _ fKOTLF, — IS Starring- MONROE SPIER AT N:()lt »'. M. A DM. (tux Inc) «(h- CUTH Called For anil Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4933 .. I.t happened like this—; In the top ot the eighth Eddie M;n-iano, first Saint';; batter rcachfid first via a walk. On the second pitch to GarS'onia: the Snint'.i oer.ter-flcldei- hit a "loopnr 11 to Rudy SzcV.iul, R.ingcr pitcher, Mariano .on llrat was "off with tho pitch ur.d in rounding second \VEIS headed for third but for some unknown reason he started back tp first base apparently thinking that Sv.cziul had caught tho S/.czlul threw wild past Gnleski, at fir^t, and 'Gnrjronla heiu'ed for th.e. kcystoiu; sack passing Muriuno on lu's way bach to flrsl;.. In th mrajiUmc Miiriano c.-niglit lilsbcnr Ings nnd started "back" aroimdih ha-ses In proper order. Garleski retrieved the ball an threw to se.cond the ball hit Marl «no on the shoulder ,an'd rolled int right-field. Pry.nkie Furs f loot-foot ed H,''er shortstop chased the ap pic, ;ind threw to Gai.-llnski, now covering second to "pe4," Gargonia in a cloud of dust. Mariano pulled up at third somewhat "exhausted ' Now they call him- Mariano." (Krtltor's Note: It seflm.-* that bolli umpires and rival managers were very'much unaware (hat both men were out on this play accord- Ing to Ilule 49; Section Hi,) Pnck-Stdrcs: -Gum 'Shoes vs. "the Mechanical". - and Jim Pcttit's Firo Brigade- -against the Tennis-Mill and Mold'.' Following tomorrow's games, a playoff, involving- the though full pl.ins for- this have' not been formu.'atod. It if expected that President ErmanrJ VsJois wi',1 nn- nounce the plans for the play-offs sh'orfiy u.fter the season ends. All ffnmcs will be pln.yed nt C p. m. a.t tho Recreation Field. Youngster Hooks Seventeen Inch Trout At Hop Brook EsiKene Wltkoski, un eighth g-rade stvident of Hop Brook school, yesterday caught one of tho lurRCst... trout seen in this area this season. The fish, ]7 inches lonff and weighing two pounds, six ounces, was hooked at Hop Urook, near the' country club. Eujjeiic, who lives at 127 Spring street, si»y.s he used a worn) as bait. The ALCAZAR Today r Wed. - Thurs. John Wayne in "In Old California" ' 'Also' The Teen Agers in ^Freddy Steps Out" Hondu Room Open Daily 'For ~ LUNCHEON And . DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — Saturday Evenings r After 0-P. M. gMie Wafcfees Shea Win Seventh A Naugaf.uck native, John Cal'.a- 1 han, watched Frank "Spec" Shea win his seventh game for Oakland against Seattle, by a 3-2 score last Tuesday. Spec won his own panic in the cig-hth inning, when, with .the score tied fit 2-2, he doubled down the | third base line to drive home the I deciding tally. M:-., brother of Deputy Sheriff Daniel Callaban, tallied with Spec during- the same and the two had dinner trjKothcr later. Mr. -told Spec his experiences playing banoh;.m in 3!5 years a RO with the Tiscrs of Rubber Avenue. Another borouRhite now on the west coast and reported pianninfr to see Spec in action is John Desmond Of Ati.ll.vilic ... —sv!i5 starlo.d the season at third b.iKc for tho tribe—^is battinpr ;j. lofty .349 for Indianapolis, 'the third highest average in the league. . First I3:iseman Johnny McCarthy! of Minneapolis is right behind him; with .?AG, while shortstop Sib! Sisti uf Indiaiifipolis is cJub!;inff .337 and leading in the lifts department with 315. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Wed. - Thurs. — Spoc.l;il Added Attraction!' _ MOTHER CABRINI CANONIZED a majestic ceremony : n Peter s Bani;^ a> Mother Francis In i* , f al ' rlnj bcco "«:s the first Dnltcd States citizen to become a '«vln(:. First films, 'of tlie solemn canonization by Pope Pius XII. ' Brig-gs-JStratton 4 Cycle, iy. H. P. GASOLINE ENGINE (Air Cooled) For operating washing machines form sprayers, cultivators, boats, deep freezer*, lighting pla.nt.t, wawn lawn mowerN, water pumps, etc $93-50 532 NOUTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel; 2683 Brasscos Seek To Extend Winning Streak Wednesday Amatejir League Holding Important Meeting Tonight President Frank Shea has called :i meeting; of the Am;i- tcur J-ciiR-ue for this evening in the ha.senient of St. Franel*' school. President Slicu has staled that tonlpht'K meeting will lie of extreme importance, and will concern the play in the lust Jialf of the league, will be discussed, I* the postponed panics for the first half. II<: asks thai c-'ich manager and all league officers ho present nt tonight's meeting Unit will begin at 8 o'clock sharp. Stack Up Against New York Black Yankees At Waterbury Stadium Mulligan Of fers Four Bouts at Stadium Thursday WM.crbury, Promoter George Mulligan hns lined un 3R round* of "'ixlng for his second outdoor box- Ing show of the 1946 season here it Municipal Stadium Thursday evning. Three 10-roundcrs and an eight complete the card with Whistling { Willie Rooch. :.ho two-fisted colored ! hoy from Wilmington. Del., onpcs- Inc Vinco Del! 'Orto, of New York, in the top 10. Savvde Jappa, South Africa heavyweight, tackles Ernie Griffin Tampa Kesri, in another 30 which should produce plenty of action foi tho fans, Bob Gorman, or New York, holder of the U. S. Navy middleweight championship, and Charley "KO" Chaney, of Baltimore are listed, in the other 30. Ler.oy Haines, New York City, and Pat Foley, New Haven, meet 'n the .eight round -offering which is a return match. The rivals put on ) -bailie last week at New Haven. Chaney hus been going big guns recently in Newark and faces another knockout artist in Gorman •vho has posted IE kayos in 16 starts since receiving his discharg-e from the Navy. Tickets for Thursday night's card "nay be secured in advance at MuJ- Span's Restaurant, Phoenix Avc., Watcrbu.ry. Tho Now York Black y.-mho'-n >ne of Uie biggeiji drawing cords in baseball today, will furnish the •monition for Mgr. Joe R.mio.ska's ErasscoB Wednesday night at the Municipal Stadium. tjpoi^ng a winning Mrcnk of •hrce games, the locals will be In .op shape for the content and Walt lathman. Yale University flinger vho .sot down the New York Police with seven hit.s Saturday is expected to be on tho hill w.'th Kny Decker and -Mike Ki.ssko in relief. Saturday's 7-5-doci.sion at the expense of the New Yorkers was played before the largest night same crowd of the year as more than 3,300 fans paid to see the attrac tion. The Brasscos broke a 5-5 tic with two runs in the eighth to clinch the issue after two hours and -II minutes of playing time had been consumed. With two out in the eighth, Billy Moore walked and stole second father .than pitch to the left handed Johnny DeVito, tho Cops passed the flyhawk to bring up A , Cue _ cinello but the strategy backfired as the shortstop lined a single to right for the first run and DcVito tallied the other marker while working a double steal with Cuccinello. The New Yorkers took n 3-1 lead after four innings but Eddie Shec- ban's home run with two'aboard in the fifth put the Brasscos ahead unui the eighth when the Police scored a pair to lie the ccunt. The game was marred by several arguments between the players and umpires and was the most closely contested tilt of the year. Ed Shec han, wan a homer and single And Billy Moore, with two singles, paced tiie Brasscos while Branch hit hard for the Police. NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY ? "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop, Wlnslow Court XcL 3391 > AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS! QUAKER STATE MOTOR OIL •' FARIMTIAN-nft TOPS Boston, July 16—(UP) — The Farmhands of ihe Boston Braves continue to set the .pace in the American .association. Al jftobcrpo of! GAS MODEL CHAMP Willimantjc, July :6— (UP)— \Vil- , liam Paulson of New Haven has j retained his title .as Connecticut i state gasoline model champion, CcjntcsUmls from four stales participated iVi the meet—which attracted more than a thousand spectators. Paulson kept the title when his model plar.c registered an average night time of two minutes, seventeen seconds. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS IM MAPLE STREET Now Available \ EMERSON RADIO Little Hof Brail" f!j 406 NORTH MAIN ST. » "Al" and Vcr.» Budrj.s, Props. * Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License JJANCfNG FRIDAV, SATURDAV, SUNDAY Open Daily Until 1 A. M. For $400 you can get n FURNACE nn<j OIL BURNER , SQ Months To Pay The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Lcadc™ In Homo Heating 34-30 SPRING ST. 4-6478 J J1H No. M:iin St. Union City; » TcL MOI SANDY BEACH LAKK QUASSAPAUG RICK flXLEY, Mgr. . Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. BoHting • Bnlhlng • Picnics 2nd BIC WEEK Charles COBURN Tom DRAKE Beverly TYLER Hume >CKONYN> • •;••" presents'. LITTLE FOXES — tad nrr- FBEDOIE STEPS Fr»ddle, STEWART :. July 16-20 Seats; 75c; .^il.OO, $1.00, .$2.00 tax Tol, LltchflolU 880 Darryl F. Zanuck presents IRENE DUNNE — REX HARRISON LINDA DARNELL ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM with LEE .L COBB - GALE SONDKRGAARI) - MIKHAIL HASUMNV I7ENNIS IIOEY - TITO RENALDO - RICHARD LYOX 2nd, HIT — SHE HAD A WAV WITH MEN STRANGE TRL4NGLE SIG-NE H/VSSO — PRESTON FOSTER . — ALSO LATJiST NEWS — nay—WITHOUT RESERVATIONS i>Ju» BAMWOO BLONOK

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