Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 22
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 19-iS Frost bur f( Mt. S< Oaklnnd f.oimcnning Hyndntnn Tri-Totcnx News From Towns In Cumberland Territory Bayard Davis Parsons Keyset Bedford Romney K ' nr> Frost burg Dimes Campaign Will Kml Friday w Kinible, Twila CarsKadan, Ei.Uween'. ami- Hetty U|xM-.omb, Bruce Ktle.j Ttu VunPcil. Mrs. Alfred Lease o i I Howard Burn;,, Junior Shrcveb and; 5ClHl(>l» i Nl'llle Kile lie. 1 ). Thursday evening, In. the Jun-; lor. Order Hall. , ' . .;••.'• • * A program will be presented by, |> ,Vf«l e Junior Order Band;'-- Refresh- KCV. MCl the : A social was tvcld ih'lru basement ot the Dawson church by the Sunday School BuU'lers last week., The class donated $10 of the proceeds menu will l« .served during the -so I ''«~*1111 I 'I r !*linilSi clal hour. , : : ')|U1UH I Ujnin ^ u commluoe i, v charge-of ar- includes Colin Bowers, Parsons. I . riu.t',""i»;. «'" ...... •"• ... C OSS uunami «*" "' ...- > ------ ••:... „,„ th< McLHM. chamnwi or the local orlve t - lhe Ctu . 3nd c tor Christ In hoiwr.i.AnnotB ' W Va., Feb. n U-'Misa Parsons: HlRh, Jnr.lnnd-, uv.rtie M«rcir of Dimi>M ()f j h{ . Eft nainfiaii/n. -iilil t«J;iy an eflort LS be-| y)ce ye) tn« miulis '^ f-ix'im: enough audl-t . tlonui uminbiuions lo bring the to- , •: (aI to W<iO. Mrs. MeLane at pres-.'<«>"«« • aiU I iiis WOO :«pri'ientlng donations I (rorn individuals, piowedf. Irom (i • Hn'ni'O i'joni-.oicrt by f'rtistburg Coun : j ' i:il. No7'l-W-. Knights ijt Columbus,' .: I. and. con'r;:r,;linns. Irom the local tho in the o l and Miws JBetiy Miller were voted. .ihe most 1 popular s?lrLs of the school in it con- itcst this week Dona W Hcbb and JjarncA . Michaels" were named '.he jiiioM popular boys. .. ... i John Milliard and Garvle Gllmoie voted ihe most handsome boys, U> Aceenl Iwrltrknrl AV^M' v k ! v'iiVle^nna"iiibit\ook first rilftcejor lid 11OOU » I-*-- »V,, hE girl with Wanda Cos"her In second place. In? oil otl 1 ill*. M<Larte has nude an appeal I to .all lodg«-A . and other org'aniru- < ttoiis^as well <« to individual* to ] mail their cash .donations to her ) this -week M that she can make her I final riiiiort by Friday. • In each of the. March, of Dimes L'ampnlnns. Prostburts. resi- rf dcnU have responded % f u II but th'iis yeiu- the ivspoiiw •'• •lower. As th<r driv>.- .s \unu.s into ltd filial week. Phllliixs and Frank Robin, Depiirlineiil lo Pri-'smil 'lAnnotu Simmons p and hind was wounded in the hands iiij I December while •> on an L. S. T. ] ! Craig-Carroll ...*-.» 1 -. Announcement Is .nade of the re- rpt r> ' 1 ,11 I |cent marriage of Mildred Rexroaa lO lie 11181 cU IC(I Carroll to Paul Beavers Craig, of , --••:. Erwin, W. Va. Mrs. Craig was for— 'merly superintendent of nurses of Commission of \ViiK'Hesler Uae juiia-chestcr Hospital. Hope, 1 rcshytory Will Offii-i- at(^ al CcrenioHY: Ark. ^ c He ' Stewart Church, Sr:;' Richard Uhl, Joseph Crowe and Frank Rlzer. . \VSCS Klccis . ;.,•!•!; "•:•.-. Mis. Stanley - Dorman was elected president of the Women's Socie- y of Christian Service of the Meth- udbL church al a recent meeting in the church recreation hall. >. 'MI Other officers were Mrs. James installation o: the new pastor, Rev.j Mis. J. vice president: Mrs. Retard-John. C. B. McLaughlin. will takejlained Uhl, recording secretary, Mrs. Ralph; place. 'The minister will he E.-Wilson, corresponding secretary: j stalled-as; pastor by the commission | marriage Mrs. Bernard O;'Coberly. Mrs. Harris M. Waters Keyser. W. Va., Feb. 17 — Al the movu'ing worship In the Presbyterian Mr. Craig is secretary-treasurer of Morrison, Grass and Company, with lotiices ai Erwin, where they will re, m tj V e of Tunnelton. mief Mention , Walsh .eently Auxiliary Gives Farewell Party Kitzmiller, Md., Feb. 17—The Woman's Auxiliary of the Presby- Deer terian church gave a surprise party Hart *rmy Air Forces, Miss Mary Aim Wilson, Charleston, W. Va.; Miss Ruth -Walker R. N. Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. Clark Walker. Mr. and Mrs. Jsmes Wheeler and sons, Fairmont, W. Va. Deer Park with an honor of Mrs. Cora Campbell who party, at her home Wednesday eve- ** w ** w . __ ., * . I • __ mi ___ _. m.m-nn* tl'tfiroi WrtCPTITfl IV In is going to Akron. Ohio. nine Those present were'Rosemary Uphold, Betty g secretary:;pastor by the commission marriage \vn.s .in e\en, 01 J »»"»*> 7.-treasurer:! appointed by Winchester Presbytery, at Clark-sbura The guests Deluded s, librarian:! The Rev. Glen O. Vount. D. D.. Mrs. Olive Wheeler. Mis. : Agnes ... " _ _ . , . ..,,._ _ i. _: . -./ ft tf, ii-»i« *_<vc Rp« trin-* H^aiOlJ. Ail i. Helen UmacbnlnK. hvb. 11—The com merclal department, under Miss De- pit Vio: Elks To Send .More Hooks Jo MiTchsiuls tvb. n--Joseph' P. jtiia. heiid t>i ihe war comiuli- tfc of Froithurij f-O<Ue No 170, B. P.O. EU:^. anfmnna''!. that (h« ser- oml shipment ol HV1 books ha«l htiei 11 uiadi. 1 ihl.^ ivwk to the American ilprohiitil Msirlin 1 Library A.-.socia- fclon. -Ne.w yoi'i-.. . The b<v>ks ar« dlilribu'.eil tr> mer- ohant shlp.<,. Li«iiiriom« service Coa>t' Oiiiirit nml Mnrhtnie tr;iinlni; 5ta! ioivs. 'Hie local "Elks was corainlttea hns (xtjniti accrptwl an asslSfiunLnt in nn aid to the war etfort and are ask- inir nil Ti-.skle'nts to. contribute to help meet iv'n uppvnl for one million book.s in a niit|6i)-wid» cam iKn which eruts March i. Hag; Tho iheme of lhe program Will be A combination of "brotherhood" nd "patriotiMn." Since it is Nation- 1 BrotherhOiXt Week ill bo'glii wttli the ie.ssage Irom the President. 'Hie program will continue with jsiemple were voted Miss P, H. S. i Others wining honors vnve June Roy and- John Hilliard, best boy athletes; Emily Dudley and Carolyn girl athlete; . __ ...nk. Robliison, Ixiy dancers, nr.d Zell;i and Lynn Orr. best M . . , -------- .... ...._. Mr.s. J., OrviUc Kefaiiver, missionary of Pctcrsburi;. W. Va.. chairman ol Instrucior; Mrs. William Lancaster Uhe commission, will preside and propound the constitutional ques- ~" ~ ....... and Mrs. Kirby. Jane Lambert, best Vance and bonih L. BircUall, and Miss HughP-s. will prcf«nl prognini. on Monday Central High School Aiier tlu. •-•°; dftllcc| . s «Ume and sins ing ol " st ?, r - s { L \ B "8-j. Befil dt cf.w\ bo^s led Banner" by the a.winbly, Mabel-. Browii will lend in priiver and of siiUDlies- Mrs. Roy Deflenbaugh, tions. The Rev. Charles W. Kcrnan. *'* -'i*|-'i'- ~ _ _ __.i! r. ^ . ___ri_u nr ir -. ...ill nl-\ Maier, Mrs. Beatrice Evelyn Aycrsman. ;. Mrs. ,Jl ^iipl'"*"^* * r » * *>• * VV 'J • «-"^ **•-*••-'" "a"ii children's work, «nd Mrs. Bernard O. Coberly. .student work. " ISrict Mention Mrs. Michael Funnon and Miss of Moorcfield. W. Va.. will preach the sermon. The Rev. R. L. Vining, of Piedmont. W Va., will charge the congregation. Ruling Elder Rob^ _____ ^ .................... ____ Kath1eeii"MciDprm'itt "will entertain ! ert B. Woodworth, of Burthe ladies' auxiliary of. .the Ancient iliugio.i. W. Va., a .son of the second Bill Durr; best Phyllis Ours .and _ Miller; mo.-,t courteous .boys and "girls, David Roberts, Bruce Carr, Colleen Dudley and Helen! StPinple; most dependable toys and' Order of Hiiwrnians, Sunday ever ins. in the Knights of Cpjumbus Hall. The monthly meeting of .the iui'xiliarly will LM- held. Wednc«lay ev'ehlnp at the home of Mrs; Mary Farmon. pastor of the church, will charge the pastor. ,'eek. th<-.P. ro « lwn t| lr i5 Wank Robinson. the reading of . n * stemple PrpklfU'nt . J . . . .* _ he presen.Uii.ion of s short entitled: ."The Army That play ,,, . T Elmer Phil- ' "' ' and Donna ens . Wear A Uniform." The tUne is pres-L ma?|; - ^^ lo succecd Mit; tha characters are the iuiure| pluUi and Frank Robinson; most busitiBiw . people of America: • it -» e l ulen t e< i seniors Oonna Jeanne place could >» anywhere In America. ^ aiid 2p]1;l Nicholas . An original poem will be given DI „ ,.,„>__ iri..v, ,,i Esther Loar. The Logsdon sisters will harmonize. Miss Daisy Clme, r. ... .- . .y_ .MIH^II ..»l,'J*Vt tULVl wo^l. v......."-^ -.-acting principal; will conc.h!de uie popular bovs and Marl Anna assembly with remarks and an-| Gi i mo - re the mo-st popular ?irl. Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Larry Placanica announce the engagement ot their daughter, Mrs. Theresa Wills; to Joseph Calvetta, -son of Philip Calvetta and the late Mrs. Calvetta. ot ' Cumberland. Mis. Wills, formerly of Keyser, is a student at the vogue Beauty School of Washington, D. C. Joseph Calvettn. a graduate of St. Mary's High School and Shenandoah College. Dayton, Va.,; is now " ' : ' :. j employed by the government. The Tri-Towns. Feb. 17 — Mrs. James]marriage will cake place in the ear- A. Lumley, Piedmont, has receivedhy spring at the Franciscan Monas- a box of souvenirs from her hus-Uery in Washington, D. C. band, James A. Lumley. inj Versonal and General W ,,, JU _._,. „..- ..-- .Germany; among them being ai Mrs. Claude Martin received a Milton Arnold linil Jack Gilmore the i medal taken from a captured Nazi cablegram yesterday from her son, Thompson. Mrs. Helen Thompson, Mrs. Gladys; Secse, Mrs. Mar and Mrs. Dects. Mrs. Maurice Sypolt and MJS. Vernon Sheets entertained nt a recent party honoring the birthdays of their sons, Vernon James Sheets, 8, nnd Ronald Maurice Sypolt. 6. A valentine motiff was carried out in refreshments and decorations. Present were Michael Hooton, Daniel Pausli, Sharon Fretwell. Those present were: MesdainesJHaines, Deiores John Bishop. Rov Sowers. Ember Rhodes. Buddy and Gene DeBerry, jonn Bisnop. . ^ ou T cn-encc Mai-y Jane Rhodes. Eugene and 0-Donnell, Haiti, Ball. Mary Sharp- Burrell ' Kimniell, John Rollman. less. Charles H. Jones, James Smith,)Richard Perando.. Wi ham Biov,n- M-I,<«P Earl Shank Steve Newhouse, Joseph ing. Jean H.'iewuign, tianiviui \vnose i MM oil. m. jj Evans MjTlle Welch Jean Elizabeth Hinebaugh, Benny and Miss Elva May and Dixie Paugh. Marietta Clary. Frank Margaret, Holland • Perando, Clarence Rhodes, J«ck Margaret Ho land - junkins, Michael Filslnger. Charles Ms }-en,o,ia) ancl General Moorc> . Mickey Browning, Norma Violet Mv a ,jd Mrs. Melvin Preston an- J(mc Brown i ng , Norma Uphold and nounce the birth of a son. William M K Rhod ' es . Edgar. The mother is the former j^,. ^ R -Hinebaugh entertained Miss Evelyn Paugh. .;. Uhe Homemakers Club at her home Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kilzmiller, Blaine, announce the birth of daughter. Ruth Marie. „.Tuesday evening. 1 Misses Deiores and Norma Uphold entertained the 4-H Club with a Oliver; mas', musical students. Zella NU-holn.s a:ul Carolyn Jane Lambert; must cheerful .student, '"'i Marie Saygers and: June Roy; ;ien- Par.wns Junior. Hiuh held popularity contest this week with Has Medal Worn Bv Naxi General Reginn. Sanders, Mary Margaret Whittam, Thomas Huffman. Philip Wotring, Brian Wotring. Thayer - "o • . 11,'lILtl H*l*H- ki 1.11^ »• ^-*- *-.».—• Mr. and Mrs. Gene Evans. Wash- Va)elUine pavt .y on Saturday, ington, D. C., announce the birth Mrg E c clatterbuck and chil- of a son, James Alfred, at the homs |d ren visited the former's mother, of Mr. ad Mrs. James Males, Kilz- B v Rafrci . tyi at Nlkep. Md. miller. The mother is the former \ '' •••- • Miss Jean Biers of Kitzmiller. MJ-S. Robert Rohrbaugh is a pat!T=s Huf'fmarT W ? »t at Memorial Hospital. Cumber- and. general. In an appeal for book-s to be If 1 1 at- the Klks home or mailed t him, Mo'miiiia. rjUoleti (roni a leUB i.x-eiverf from a purser oil bonrd Vlriory fthij); who wrote "Few poo- pie iulSy renllze how lonif «nd drawn out our M»re time is. ai sea. Wt c;int, CUT rlowti l» Ww corner for a da or a highball nor run we go to noiuiccmenLi. 1' il anci Farewell Dinner I I;L;?"IL»^, «,».. *^^..--— • . . Rev. O. E. Lumphere oE Fiosi-j Mr. and Mrs. James^ McFadclen burg, will conduct, the service al the Sunday mor'ninR worship, H a. m., at the First Presbyterian Church. movies ftfler wr>rk; "Wer^ends ure Uie same as any o'.hor ciay to iis. Our watches arun't the "hook" entertained with a turkey dinner at their home this week honoring Mrs. Margaret Gainer who entered The Ladies Missionary Society the WAC at Des Momes, la., this and the Young People's Choir will I week. Present were Mrs. John Jen- have charge of the Sunday eveningIkins. Mrs. Mary Lambert- Collins, Lieut. Leroy Green, of the Army Air Captain Lnmley has been ] over-! Forces informing her that he has seas since last September and was! landed overseas. Lieut. Green is recently promoted from first lieu-hhe pilot of a B-26 bombing plane. service. Pfc. William R. Williams, son of Mr. and Mr*. Robert Williams, Robbins .street, was given a party by frtonds of the Valley Forge Gener- in honor I Mrs. Alex Joe Parks, Jr.. and Mrs.| mancuvcrs _ lenaiit. He entered the service September 16, 1940. which the Durham National Guard at Fort Jackson. S. C. He was commissioned at Fort Benning, Ga.. in November, 1942 and was promoted to first lieutenant 11 months later while on Winona Dumire. mi pa: tht ncr pu: cai kel ha; a or tos tld but or »n pi a evt ha- hhf arv bal .broken nor do. we drop the "hook al H ospual. Phoenixvllle. uiwl take two clays otT. [ tun merely r n [j 2 birthday. Pfc. Wllliamsi penning out the actual in^d of liter- ...... at urc of any r.vpe. Your books have broken t.h« monotony of many an bour on<l converted it into a xtlmu- Idllnq inlnr«?stin? period of leisure. You are doing a wonderful Job and t hbpo the good word R«ts around no that more of our merchant ships way Jmve more and better books in tho futurs." ... • . The Kl>« Uiroushout the country ttra maiclr\ft BT> effort' to secure fiOO,- OOO hnoV:s and tha IOC-H! lodge has «et for Us g'onl »t least onn book fo every member. Purt-v For Husband Kr»r<:e 4-H Meetings Listed County Agent A. U Kldd today announced the following 4-H Club I meetings for the week: MONDAY— Parsons Junior High School at 3 4-11 Club Elects Josephine Myers -was elected president, of the Girls 4-H Club of Westernport Tlmrsday evening at the Sst. Robert Logsdon, U. S. Air Forces, has returned to Baltimore, after spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Logs- Hope Sheets, Christina Sheets, Gcorgie Sypolt, Diana Fearer, Karen Fearer, Letty C. Huffman, Bluebell Hulstine. Mrs. Mary Hefner, Mrs. Alma Fretwell, Maurice Sypolt-. and Mrs. A. Braithwood, Keyser. grandmother of tho honored guests. The Ladies Friencily Bible Class of Trinity MothodUt Church met Thursday evening and honored Mrs Dola Dever, Mrs. Grace Carrico Mrs. Rose Carrico. Mrs. Maude Moore, Mrs. Evelyn Lantz, Mrs Lucicrt Lantz, and Mrs. Margare ,eonzio on their birthdays. Thirty ve were present. Preston countlans who attended ic Kinerwood-Cwnberland Legion asketball game at Cumberland last •eck Include Mrs. Homer Brooks, Jrs. James Braitliwood. of Rowles- don. Mrs. Ruby Rumei- Suaggs, Mozclle street, underwent an operation at Potomac Valley Hospital today. William Rice, of Keyser, Charics Jones, of Wcsternport, and Mrs ,Cloda Whctzel, of Ml. Storm, arc [medical patients at Potomac Valley - . - - v . . . -I,.,,* Jril l^uita u utiiwi ii '&*i uv.*«"- "- veil remembered his birthday -last TUESDAY — Parsons Grade ear sis he was hungry, wet, cold »" ' - • .«,_.,.„.. nd ducking lead in the battle for Casino. ll« served in Africa, Sicily, Oran aii'd Italy as a froni-line medic of the 16Bth Infantry, "Red Bull" Division of the Fifth Army. Mr. and Mrs. -James Doyle and family. Afr. mid Mrs. Robert Doyle; Edward Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. George Mc.Murdo, all returned from Pittsburgh, where they attended the funeral of Mr. William McMurdo. Cpl. Billy Bond, veter.m of fer- eiHii service in the ETO, is home on furlough . with his mother. Mrs. home of Mrs. J. E. Meese, Front Hospital. street. Others named were NormaJ Miss Sharon Wlldeinann. dauglv Lee Pritts, .vice president: Audrey itcr of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilde Anna. Bond, Jack-son High street. .school at 3 o'clock and the Hollv Meadows club at 7:30. WEDNESDAY — Bretz Club at 2:30. and Ihe Parsons High, rural and town clubs at 2 o'clock for a joint meeting. Awarded Air Medal Mr. and Mrs. Hickmaii Kelly have received word that their son, Sgt. James B. Kelly, has been awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement'' In the Caribbean urea. Sgt. Kelly received the award in the presence of his squadron commander. Mnjor Ralph l*mm. and fellow soldiers. Michael, Myers. secretary; treasurer Martha Jeanjmunn, underwent an operation a and Audrey wit . fin. 'thi th< kei inf. «.< : ret we !n trr " In! Im ab bo '•-.hi i , IK *rr : th mi an ne! br mi ft. Feb. 11 — Mr*. Richard Jgurkey eiii.nrtnitKid recently with a party at the 'home <rf ChdrlB* Klos- tcnnan, &:khart, in honor of her husband, who Inft Tluirsday {04- ser- c.e in tha armed forces. Others au^ndlng were Mr. find Mre. CliiU-lP.s Kennard. Virginia. Lee Kennarrt, Mr. ancl Mrs. CtiarlM Burkey, and son. Ixlward, Mr. ancl M"'s- WHiiam Gordon. Catherine, Frances, Mnrioii.and Joseph Kla-i- terman. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wng- ner. Rose Murie and Theresa. Ann Bxirkey. Mr. and Mrs. Josftph Mc- Farltvnd, iind daughter, Judith Ann, TUr. ;uid Mrs. Erne.M. Bitlmeyer, Mrs. Paulina K!'>tpruian and daughter, Jufllth Ann. Murtha Wright, Mich aoi Fnzertb: 1 .!:"!-. Mrs. Riul (lnu'uhirr. Mary Walter . Gillum. Tlinm'as Tony Sb.K-in. N'ick Mury Ixx;sdi)n. Mrliie .and Mary Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Smith visited in Cumberland. Mrs. William Orr, Douglas Ave- mie, is a- patient in Memorial Hospital, Cumberland. Honored on Birthday Mr. and Mrs. George Winebren- tier. Midland, honored their dau- Kht«r, Mfiry Frances, with a party on her birthday this week. Guests were Georgians Winebrenner, Ilena Spiker, Mary J. Farrel. Loute Summers, Anna Jean Setb. Patricia Selb, Wilhelminti Soviiisky and Patricia Andrews. Dancing and singing fent.uied tha entertainment. Ervl D. Lewis, Red Crass Cam- Brief Mention The Duy the Germans surrender, tho Parsons Volunteer Fire Depari- nent will sponsor a "Victory" dance u the Parsons High School gymnasium. Enrl Corcoran, chief of the department announced today. Elliott "Fats" Ryan and his orchestra will donate their services. Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Sherman havo Michael, parliamentarian. : New projects for the year were se.'ected and achievement exhibit awards given by the State Fair Board were presented by Miss Margaret Lour, Cumberland, assistant home demonstration agent. Receiving awards were Audrej Michael. Virginia Pritts. Norma Lee Pritts and Dorothy Scaber. Fire Company Elects At the annual election of officers of Lhe Beryl Volunteer Fire Company la.sX week, Harvey Bever was named president. Edward Whisner, vice president; Austin Ward, treasurer; Walter Metcalf. financial secretary, and John Whisncr. chief. Mrs. Mary L. Mullen, returned rom Plymouth, Perm., where for the past two months she visited relatives. Mr and Mrs. Lewis Cesnick visited Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cesnick.] Mrs. Carol Pickard, Keyser, visit-] ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sowers. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and son, Skippy, Front Royal, Va., visited Mrs. Grace Smith. Miss Frances Barnhouse, Baltimore, visited friends here. Miss Inez Cardaro, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vaulkun. Cumberland, visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carado. Mrs. Alta McRobie and son, Allan visited Pvt. and Mrs. Frankie Strickler, Petersburg. sistant chief by Bever. Potomac Valley Hospital. The Executive Board of the Ret Cross will meet Monday evening a 7:30 in the Potomac Edison Office on Main street. Cpl. Truman Rawluigs has return cd to Salina, Kansas, after spend ing a furlough with his mother at their home in Burlington, W. Va. Cpl. and Mrs. Oliver Bouner, Jr., former Keyser residents, announce the birth of a daughter,. February 9, at, the Baltimore General Hospital. Cpl. Bonner is serving with « Marines in California. Mrs. P. R. Gillum is spending the week-end in Martinsburg and Washington. David Martin, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Martin, fell at his home and cut his face. He was taken to Potomac Valley Hos- jurg, Mrs. William Jackson, and Misses Betty and Virginia Robinon. and Katherine Stone, Kingwood. J. Roy Lipscomb, principal of Rowlesburg schools, announces another scrap paper collection by the schools during the latter part of February. Mrs. George Kaines, Cumberland, spent the weekend here visiting her parents, Mr. ancl Mrs. Carl Watring. •• A. C. Strother underwent a major operation in a Fairmont hospital Monday. Miss Rcba Downey, Barton, visilec her mother. Mrs. June OTJonnell. Those visiting W. D. Walker were Lieut, Robert, Lee Wilson of the MEAT CUTTER WANTED Apply FOOD MARKET 133 W. Piedmont St. Phone 24441 KEYSER, W. VA. The erection of a new garage to the truck and the purchasing Geslapo Told To Destroy Lists of Parly Members London. Feb. 17 VPl—Both the Paris and Moscow radios reported today that Heinrich Htmmler had ordered the Gestapo to destroy all lists of party members and pay rolls. The order—presumably issued to mask the Identity of party leaders after the fall of Germany— first was applied only to Eastern-front tow. s but now has been extended to cover the whole Reich, the broadcast said. Be Ready For Your New Spring Bonnet With a soft new Permanent and a flattering hair style. pita! where several stitches were taken in the wound. taken their small daughter. Linda Lee to a Baltimore, Md,, hospital for observation and treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harper of Moore announce the birth of a son. Tills is their fourteenth child. of new hose sre urged by the new! Pfc. John Scott Roby, Camp Gor- . paign Chairman, announces that a meeting of all red cross workers will be held Sunday. February 18. Red Cross Plcael- ts s .er Gunners Mate Garnett Perks. Jr.. •> is visiting his parents at Moore after president. March of Dimes Report Chnirmtin P. .1. O'Brien, chairman of the Westcrnport and Luke March of Dime Funds for the infantile that almost S300 olC returning from overseas. The Parsons English Club will meet in the Club rooms of the Com- The dance sponsored by the Wes-i platoon leader. ternport Service Center netted S142.J the Social Welfare Club of Western-' idon. Ga.. Is spending a furlough with relatives and friends here, Mrs. Leah Bowers has received word that her daughter, A-S Barbara Bowers, who is taking her boot training with the WAVES at Hunter College, N. Y., has been made a port donated 510, t,oui-«n LolistJnn Lnwrey ami sou. miinltv Building on Friday evening lainers in stores have not yet boen A special meeting for the thirty- Fumous Birthdays . nnd Mrs. l.nwreiice, Helen seven new members James P. Love Unit No! 92, American Legion Auxiliary, tins been called for Thursday, February 22, In the Odd Prosllnrrtt Jioldtrr ,,'•,. r 1 II , „ . Fellows Hall. Mas >»i«rvous l.ollnpsr, . rtlp _ Laclj P .s Bible Class of the Fwtb'ir;:, F"b. n- A letter yes- fmlav from :.lio War Department to .Nlr unrt Mr,<. Frnhk Cohdry, jave information rrsafding' thr-tr only sun, Pvt. Charles Con dry. ID, who 5s attached to the 18th infantry division. The Condry's were Informed their «ou Is a. pinion i at an Army hospital . lu E'.MOJW where he hna been con[}\\F.(l sinco December 9, with trench fsc.t and a nervous collapse, They had not h'''nrd irom llieire^bn since »?rly December whon he wrote from Germany. Pvt. Condo - w«.^ critdunifd from High in . February, 1044 nnd iclturti-d the tr.llnwini; Murch. First Presbyterian Church will hold sliver tea on February 32 in the Church Annex. Ah elnborats pro- nm Is bslng arranged. . -•':.', On Monday evening at 8 o'clock tho Jackson School Pnrent-Teacher rV^AOCiatirm will sponsor a tea at the school. A progrHm Including performances by puplU of the Sleek- man Dance School, and doll show, will bo given. Benefits received will be given to ihe Rod Cross War Fund Drive, Tho Lonaconihg HornemRkers Club will mrci Thursday at the home of Mrs. Ellsworth Gardner, Jackson Street. Robertson, son of Mr, and Personal ami fiirnrriil The Eckhart P T.A. will meet '"- nvn-iow nt T.'M |>. m. The .speaker will hi? Fov A. Curry who will rpeivk nn tho "PY'iptwl Expansion of Inna! Sgt. James Kec, Is visiting his parents here enroute to Florida. Seaman 1-c Calvin Bennett, Liltle Creek, Vs., is home on leave. Mrs. Lois .Gatrrole Pinncy is visiting her husband. Seaman 2-c Harry Piriney at Norman, Oklahoma. , . Petty Officer Felix Lark WllTon*. of the Senbees, who ts stationed in Rhode Island, is visiting at his home In Hambleton. Mr. nncl Mr*. Kepler Smith and son, Portsmouth. Va., are guests of relatives here. Mrs. Lrp Crass. Chattanooga. Tenn., Is visiting Mrs. timer Gatrel here. Word ha.s been received here that w* »» w^3 uv-". i* | .^ _ _ Wcsternport; Kotvlesoiirg oiniclecl Sailor Home On Leave collected. Brief Mention Rowlesburg, W. Va.. Feb. 17— The "Flying Patrol" of Boy Scout V Vailace R. Bever, Mo.M.M. 3-c, son troop No. 34 won the six week inter- of Mr an{ j Mrs 3. B. Bever, Row- patrol contest with 117 points, 200 i €s h urg , Ls home on a 30-day fur- more than its closest rival. lough. Michael, Mrs. Orville Dawson j and daughter, Joy; Mrs. Oliver; He = en 'ed in the Navy 28 months o{ w hlch were in the Pacific Wanted To Buy MODERN HOUSE Mrs. .Joseph Robertson, Barton, is » UtU.iPiit nt Johas Hopkins, Hospital, Baltimore. Smiley and Miss Esther Mtchnclj zone too i K pa ,. t - m several invasion visited Cpl. Aivin Michael, n patient, at the Newton D. Baker hospital.) Martin.sbunr. Cpl. Michael served j 18 months in the South Pacific. I The Biuce High School band will! sponsor a dance and floor show at 1 1 the school auditorium Thursday j 1 night. The music will be furnished! by "Tink" Atkins and his orchestra: VAUDA'S BEAUTY SALON E. Main St. Froslburjr Phone 34t-lV In Frostburg Write Box 694-B Care Times-News ROCK OF AGES .£1 Beautiful in cone and texture, foremast in memorial arc, every Rock of Ages monument is identified wich the minutely Rock of Ages trade-mark seal etched into the granite. Erected with an exclusive Rock of Ages Bonded Guarantee of its perfection. Whatever your family requirements, consultation is always welcomed. . : PALMER Pvt. Robert L. Carr Ls now stationed in Belgium. Mr. and Norman SUN. MOX. MAT. NIGHT PALACE THE THIN MAN GOES HOME' and the proceeds will be used to purchase uniforms for the newly organized bnnd. " ' . The student publication "The: With William rowcll, Myrna Ltiy SUNDAY MAT. NIGHT Harry Grecnlief. ! Mrs: Phyllis Byrnes left this week for Florida to visit, her husband, M-Sgt. James Byrnes. The L:\rlir-H Auxiliary of.the An• ot Illbft ulans will nire at. ihe homr of Miss Ann Powers. 13« : JtHp!<! s'rtTt tonlijht at 8 o'clock. The La»ll?s Social Club of. Frii- tornnl Orclrr ot Eiip.los, will mret Monday, 8 p. rn., in 'hs EiiglM club roonv;. Myron C. Lehr, Frast lU'rnue, un- dc-rwpiit- nn operation nt Memori;il H'-v--pltiil, cimilx-riiiiK.'. Friday. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Donah UP. WrxxJ .»lrrpt. Vrci'ivixl word thut thfir :.«fin, Jtimos P. Doiuihuc, hiw boeri promoted to petty officer 3-( In Italy, whr-re he Ls serving witl UIR Navy HS a radio operator.' Sca- tnari 'Donahue Is n Rrnduale of Siille Hiyh Srlux>l, Cumtiprland. Hcnjiimin R. ShovsfUter. Auburn AUt.. pducnim and lecturer, wll 5('c;ik on 'Tho Role Of the Nnrtl Amcnran Cnrilliiciu" Monday, R p ni. ;u Ftn^tbtii'K .Stftl.R Trarhrrs Col \PBC. Tins i* Ih<- .vfonrt In n scries lecture in a forum of the Instltul ol In'oriintiotinl Undcrstanrliiig I by Ih? FroM.buri? Rotnr Shallnwr | Eihnllmar, . Md . F«b. 17— Mrfi.: Doris Wheeler. Hagerstown U visit- 'l^, Mr, and Mrs. Bnx- inK hi'r ler /Kim We. ; Mrs. .,. Spikor returned from Ciub. si NOAV. .snrooi. PARTY . . M<! . Fob. 17 — A y«lent!r nearly three years. It will t ed monthly during the school term.j Charles Butler, husband of Mrs.; Delorls Htirshbarger Butler, 43 Jones | street, Piedmont, has been promoted! from corporal to sergeant in France, j: hie is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard • LYRIC "CRIME BY NIGHT" With Jane Wyman, Jerome Cowan, Faye Kmerson, Charles I^ A. J. 60 E. Main St. IRWIN & SON Phone 52-J FROSTBURG, Ml). visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Spikrr, ;ncter. W. Vn. and visiting at Cum- rrlnnd. ..'"=... Miss Irene Amtowrr. Winchester, a.; vkitcd Mr. nnd Mr.s. Olen Am-! oy, p er. . . . :•' • Tlwre will be a'social held at thej Shnllmai'i. school, Ttiesday' eveningi| nr the Ix'neflt of the Methodist hurc.h. Mrs. Virginia Mt. Savage Mt vSavage. Febl-17—Richard, Riz-lBntlrr. Piedmont. . . . .. ,. rr. county s-.ipervl.sor of high schools.| Thomas Miller, Paxton street, s| arid Aaron Bean, state councilor of;Piedmont, is ill. •••:..- .;,;• Maryland, will be guest speakers at! Mr. and Mrs, Albert Magrudrr, fifty-fifth anniversary party of the Jennings Run Council. Junior Firm Rock. Md., announce the birth j| of a son, yesterday al Potomac Val- Order nf United Amnrirnn Mechan-llcy Hospital, Keyscr. MIDLAND THEATRE Bums, KlUmtller:! MIDLAND, MO. party svas held Hullders by of the ths : Sunday :fJ;iWFon Mi ,nr> mi •'. bn : rn . - TTC 'i : .hn or Church Wcdnc-sdiiy night nt the home of Mr*. Arthur. Tichneli. Games v-nre pliiynrl «nd rrfresh- mentji s Pr<'ji-nl, w«ra RriU'rl, Dalr. John T(chn«H, Tva, Agndm. AUhcu ncid ia.s replaced Mlss'Cllfttlys Hamill aslj teacher and principal here, tht lat- tor having taught : 12 years In this | school wns plnccd In the KlUmlllenl F.lrmentary ."chool. The children j I gave R party in her honor on her J last day of teaching. - . ; Mrs. ninlne H^lmlch and daugh-; tcr.. CicorRiii. visitrd the former's j I husband n pntlcnt at Memorial hos- || pltnl, Cumberlanrl. Arthur Bureom, Ford Castillo and;! Haroiri Krnney, have;pa;»sMl their }| rxamlnatlon for the army. ' Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Ta.nkcr, hnd ,i family moved to the hom<i they pur-11 chasoc! »t' Kltzmlller formerly own- erl by Siitii DecnM. Mrs. Elzy Brndy, vtsltetl nt Oum-ij berlancl. , Sunday - Momlny and Tuesday "SINCE YOU WENT AWAY" With Colbert - Temple - Wooley and Cotlcn ONE Show each nijchl—8'.OQ F; M.—f)oor.% open at 7:30 P. M. hnw »lll b« fnmnlft'rt In Itmr (at p.lrnni In mike hn« ri,nnrrllon« f»il tt'Mt— M.IH Leo .Carroll. U. S. Navy vlaltctl j hi. 1 } grnndpsircnts Mr. nnrt Mrs. B. F. Wllklns.. ' - ' - -- •: .1. Mrs. John Burkey ami Mrs. Frank l| ,„.„ .,„, .„, Mlla.<iloc, .were the'; of their j C;irl LjinrnsU'r, NormB, Dorothy nnd s IB tor MM. Marie Clnrk, Cumbcrlnnd. i I^ts! Ml.«s Brtt.v l?lnkrr, : Stale Kond.jl Wrrlnrsriay - Thursday "THE IMPATIENT YEARS" Vllh .lean Arthur •— l.ce Bowman — Charles Cnburn. News and Comfriles '.':•. : Friday - Salunlny Double Fcolurf Ptcqiam "TAKE IT BIG" : Jack Hairy - Harriett Milliard " THEY R'Klklii. Mnry , . Mftry.'.iSil' 1 Drvvi'.'ou. 11cr- |wn.» thr of MUw. Betty SwiuiJi- ,| man ' Ciul-lji, 'Fran!* KJiner, Frfriiboro. LIVE IN FOX NKWS FEAR " SAN TOY THEATRE Lonaconing, Maryland Program for Week Beginning February 18th SUNDAY MD MOHDAY BARBARY COAST GENT" Wallace Berry, 8/nnie Sarnti. FIDELITY INSURED LOANS ARE HELPFUL 12 MONTH LOANS Amount You Repay 'IN THE MEANTIWE DARLING" Jeanne Crain, Frank Lallmore. V/fDNfSDAY "GAMBLER'S CHOICE" Chetter Morrii, Nancf KtHf. '• '. : THURSDAY AND FRIDAY : ; ' ;: -* DOUBLC FCATUKl ... :: : :: "A NIGHT OF ADVENTURE" Tom Conwny, Audrey Lon». . : "MADEMOISELLE FIFI" : , .'. Simon* Simon, Karl Kruger. .; '•' •'-:':- '•-. SATURDAY : '•'-'.'.:• "CHEROKEE STRIP" .'-••' : ' ' Florence Sice. .> ; . 107.00 321.00 428JW 535.00 Monthly Payment 8.95 J7.90_ 26.85 35.80 44.75 Cash You Receive 200.00 300.00 400.00 500.00 \\t take *. Rcmilne Interest In serving responsible people In neerl of a loan . . . Whatever your need may be, money can be borrowed here for that purpose. . . •••./.'. Unrler our INSURED LOAN FLAN your life U insured rfurlnr lhe time ot repayment for Ihc prntecHon of your family and co-maker. . ...-•.. ' ' : • FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK 'I "The Bank With (fit Town Clock" ; V •' •..:. .. Froitburg, Md, .;_••• ' '••'"• "•'•'• Member al Federal Deposil tmurance Corporal** : :

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