The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 5
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•K-' PEERLESS LAUNDRY nilcrnrH - Dry Cluimors ISO NO. MAIN' ST. 6HB4 HOME-MADE BAKERY Products ELITE Balfory NAUG. 25G7 1H CHURCH ST, JJONCAL MiiMonry of all klndH SOFalrolilldSt. Tel. fllf»2 May Wo Serve All Your Needs In Dry Goods KENNEDY DRY GOODS STORK 180 Church St. — Tel, 3491 Naucutuck Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Everyone" LUBRICATION - TIRES 110 N. Muln St. Tel. 48H3 EGGS I'l.OIlA'S POULTRY RANCH llNtlibllMhnd 1 [),'(() FI.OHA K. PINKIIAM I'lnes HrlclKo - Beacon Fitlln r'ullH J *4 , *^+*rf+*******f*+ff*^f^n*++++*f*' i Duren Roofing- Co. | Kooflns • Siding - In.iuliillon •1« JtAMONA AVENUE Wntnrliiiry — Tnl. 3-7IMS LEO'S WELDING Iron Work of All Dc.sisri.s "Wo Co Anywhcro" Tul. Watrrhury 4-4830 LEO BRITES SKKVICK STATION 1515 S. Muln tit. Wiitorbury BUY YOUR BLANKETS NOW $fi.OK - jil.'UIIS (5()o Down B0<: WccHy Given you u bhuikof, In S('|it«'iiit«ir BOSTON STORK Dry Goods 70 C HI/KG'11 ST. 'I'KL. BUM Til 11 or Clt'iinorn - Dycrti ¥tt'» Delivery D ' Lieberman 3fl GirUUOM ST. PER/ONALITIE/ » Lieberman Cleaning And Dyeing Establishment DIAL 3255 i >» Auto Body Work I>onn Hy C'AIH. nt Rubber Ave. Garage 1,'lfl Kulilwr Avc, Tol, '1H52 SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance 1,rij Complnto Auto Service Body Work and Night Hoad Service- luxe SOUTH MAIN STBBKT Wiitrrhury J'hono 5-1238 Night Culls - Thorn: :5-li70H D. Thurston's Sons { Ice Company \ OIL BURNERS I DUNNE BROTHERS Automotive Service 2-l-llmir Jiruul S 'I'lri'H — ItnrtrrlCH — A ...... Msnrli'M l.'lll SOUTH IVIAfX STJRKET \Vutnrliury — Tel. 4-9744 . TUEL OIL UUUIIKK AVKNUK )tf Vic's Smoke Shop C'fKiiri, C'ltfiirrttcH, .Vciv.ipjiiirrs (,'uiidy, !<'(• Crimtn, Soft l)rlnk» MitKif/Jltr-M, TO.VM • CMIIIHCII ST. NiiiiuiitlH'U EAT IN COWOIIT In Our Dining Room TEDDY'slDINER Smith Muln St. Tnl. -I8!)i HY-LITE Plating Co. Inilnilrhil rlntlnu—rriM-Hmi I'liillnu ItfM-nrnllvi' I'liitlni; Hlo HiiMiiT AVI-IIIII- N.M'II.VI'lTli. niN.NKt'TK't'T I 1 . II. t-n Ittll Buckingham Roller Rink OT'KN KVERY EVENING mid SUNDAY AFTERNOON S[HT|;I| Instruction Gianni's Mon., 1'rl.. Sun. Ill GUANO ST. WATKRBUHY lli Joe's Restaurant .KINK FOOD anil I.IQUOH Special Attciitllmi for Wt<(t<lhi£ Turtle* IM MAIN ST., SKYMOim 'I'd. UKU2 George J. Demers UOOK1NW OK AM. TVI'US Chlmn<\v« Olrnnrd, Rcpulrfd 117 CITY HIM. ST, TI-I. DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT 1115 BANK ST. WATERBURY FKKK PARKING Knti-rUilnmnnt N DANCING Thurs, - Fri. - Sat. +• Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday IJKST FOOD IN TOWN « StciikH • I.oh.stor Delicious Sandwiches V, E. GtTSTAFSON — I'ntent I.linchnotlrltc - Ice Creni" rlionn 1(10 Jluhher Avi\ Fred's Grocery M nnd LVfr.-J. C-f-CLlXJI* :i7 HIGH ST. Toi. -inns Tel, IV-I>052 KstubllHlied 18H5 ROCKWOOD SIGN CO. "Signs thiit Tnll(" I.. .». WKU'/JNOKK, Owner .'1C Cuiitrr Street KEAK Wiitorlinry, Conn. F Tyr RADIO SKRVTCK • •"•*•• 20 Years K.xperlcnco I'lcUup »nd Delivery 17C.O KAST MAIN ST. Ilnniltton Tlicntrr Hulldlnff Wiitorhury — Tol. 3-5-107 HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION GAS - Oil, - ItKPAlUINO n Ituhlwr AVP. Tol. 4l«7 LOG'S BAR and GRILL Mi BRIDGE STREET Tel. JS07 TIC I.. SI5VMOOB S!>2 Yorlc Offlco; 270 T,AFAYETTE ST. CAnal 6-7-108 BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SCKUW MACHINE PROnUCTS V. 0. Box DO' SEYMOUR. CONN. I). Lii-hcriiian store located at 2fi Cinircli street, wheiv smart tailoring: for ladies and gentlemen is n specially. The firm also luvs achieved the ultimate I n ole.niiing and dyeing. There Is always satisfaction when patronising I.iehcriiian's. Prompt pickup and delivery service is a feature, of the concern, which in conveniently situated in the downtown ;i;'.!!« of the borough's husincss district. Parson's Screw Co. Reconverted To Make Civilian Products Nofu-ly nine year ago, in November of 1037, the Parson's Screw Products Co., wns founded in Mlll- i-lllo hy two brothers. Wall or S.. ind IS most R. Parsons. First c-stcibllshud in a one-car enrage in Nuugatuck, the concern ioon moved into a. four-cur garage, •ncl by 1CM2 tho cvmpany cxpandocl and moved to its present factory -.He on Rubber avenue. Using modern fiulomntic screw machines and presses, the company is engaged in malting automatic screw products, inserts and bushings. During tho war years operation of the plant was devoted entirely lo war work, much of It for tho P:-att and Whitney factory in Mnrt- •.'orcl. Parts t'oi- airplanes, tanks, guns, submarines grenade gun- jlght.f, »nd specialties In co'.d bending products were among the products manufactured. Now the cornpnny has returned to noi-muloy and reconverted to manufacture parts for refrigerators,; {•atllo.i, ironoi-s, washing machines :i.utomolillos and other common, everyday nrticlcs. L'rnjis, aluminum, .stainless steel incl flno silver foi'm pai't of the matpricils uncd in tho products. The- plant occuplos 4,000 square feet of floor spacs and thci'u is umple .oom Cor expansion. Tho Parsons brothers ;iro Nanga- uc!c natives anct wore ort'-icatccl in ;ho borough schools, Krncst n.-- jnlvnd his training first with tho Wnterbury and Fan-oil Foundry a.nd Machine Co., and la.tcr with the E. J, .M.invillc Machine Co., both of Walci'bury. While in tho employ of thr; latter company ho ^"LH sent to Russia, where ho. set up niiir.Mnes lor two months. Walter, aCter graduation from i-local ychools. took further study at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N. Y., where hn graduated ns o,n filct-ti'icul inRinaor. Me cliM rosnurch work for thn LT. S. Metals Refining Co.. ol' "ui-toict, N. J., nnd was n switch board cle.siS'noi r °'' th '' Ti-umbull Kli;cti'ic Co., of Plainvilli', Hi-, then Look employment wilh tho Bristol Co., prior to entering hunincsa with Ills brother. Duren Roofing Co. Features Government Approved Insulation Am you considerir.j; n new roofing, siding, insulating or painting job? If you are, and now is the appropriate 'Lime, don't fail to contact the Duron Roofing Co., 48 Rnmona avenue, Watcrtiui'y. for information rcir.irdlnp your particular work. You need not, hestitate in inquiring about the company's qualification, for during its four year history, only tho best results have beer, produced, and many of tlrose results may be seen in Naugatuck, Pi-csidont of the concern Paul Duron, an Array votci-an. did a tremendous amount' of work in the borough prior to entering the service, and is now back In his civilian capacity of acommodating his old pations and new clients. With a crew of six men, of whom two arc veterans, no job is' too great. Only recently the firm completed renovation of the exterior of the former Kazcmckas Block, corner of North Main and City Hill streets, with insulated brick siding. Mr. Duror., who is married and the father of throe children, .formerly was in the mechanical business, owning his own company :mcl later being a salesman. Ko thoroughly enjoys his four year trade and is proud of the work being accomplished. • • One of the features of the company is its insulation work. Using a cotton blanket insulator, which Is :.i light weight 'type. Mr, Duren says it is the best he has used and has it in his own home. When vibration hits the Insulator it fluffs up instead of packing down like most insulation products, he stated, and is the only government approved insulator now on the market. Although Mr. E>uren says he d-ocs not make any claims on its benefits, it has proven scientifically j that 30 to <10 per cent in fuel is saved on tho average house that is insulated with the cotton blanket insulator, The .iverag'e house is from 10 to "•0 years old and will be kept warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Not much fuel is saved by insulating houses constructed in tho past 10 years, he said. Workmanship of the roofing company's experienced men is the best. One of -the painters is a man with 20 years qualifications. In 1931 this AND PATJU3.MZ6 'Atmosphere At Hornbecker's Is Intimate, Homelike Atmnsnhore accounts for a larRC percentage of satisfaction when "eating out" so if you arc in a part} •in»n : p'njininpr a banquet, shower or family dinner remember Horn- itGckcr's on Buck's Hill. Waterbury. In an intimate, homelike candle- lighted dining room complemented "'ith a field stone fireplace, cirapcr- ied windows and handpainted ap- pointinonts, you will be served one of Hornbecker's famous steaks, noted- for their size and tenderness. The sprawling old-fashioned home is more than 100 years old nnd has been operated as a dining spot for nearly two years by William Hornbcckcr and his wife. Accessible by bus it is located on expansive grounds. Four sweeping Elm trees shade the spacious lawns on; which lounge chairs have been placed for the convenience and oumiort of patrons. Always site, the Hornbecker's cater to a great cxten-t to family dinner guests, although numerous anniversary and other parties are frequently held there. Naugatuck residents are frequcn-t guests and highly praise the year ii-ound operation. Eleanor Schiavor.e of Waterbury as hostess greets guests on arrival, and three experienced waitresses give excellent service. Only quality foods are prepared by the kitchen staff of three. All types of dishcis are served and it is to one's advantage to arrange dinners at Horni becker's, where home-cooked food ( is at its best. I Mr, Hornbecker is qualified in the operation of res-taurants, having been the proprietor for several yeaiij of a large, well-organized restaurant in Meriden. man painted the former Kazemekas B.'ock. Usinfj only the most creditable products, (.lie Duren Roofing Co. stands high on the list of approved and capable firms, Kib.7, First congress or the Republic of Texas met in Columbia, in October of 1S3B. General Sam Houston was inaugurated there as president of Texas that year. DISCUSS YOUR JL'LANS NOW ESTIMATES SUBMITTED NEW CONSTRUCTION AND KKMOmilA'KG Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 103 Riibher Avo Tel. 38C5 Walter Boncal Has 10 Years Background In Masonry Work AUhoviprh this Is hardly the time ->f ynn.r when we think nC tho coz.y jvai-mlh of n. crachlinK firn on -the hearth. It rcJilly won't be too lone 'icforc such thouRhts will be ut- i • In our minds. And now is the time -to have thai -now flreplucc Installed or the old me repaired. Don't put It off un- il ".old wnather yets in. It would be wise -to call Walter Boncal, GO Fnirchlld street, who Is an experienced man in all kinds if masonry. With .10 years background. Mr. E-jncal is qualified to lo uny type brlclt, stone, plaster, cement or stucco worlc you may With a staff ol' three men, two who nrc veterans, and. all expert-need In the art of masonry, he will design and construct the most vxlern accessories, Recently he completed fireplaces on Lewis 'and Prospect streets, provinp that fireplaces still hold a "ascination to home owners. He has just received a carload of nresscd brick, which are far superior to the-common brick. Efficient in the construction of Chimneys, walls, walks and other features of mason work, Mr. 33an- cal Is a conscientious worker and strives to give the most prompt, adequate and satisfactory service. ' MECCA Where to go for Leading Musical Instruments Also GiinritntcRil Rrhullt IiLstrtimnnts .Sold For Appointment C.'ill 4-M22 Open Thiir.s. A Frl Until 8:30 MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Highway Restaurant Ifonie-Cooked Meals Boe.r nnd Liquors H4!) SOUTH MAIN ST. Wntcrliury Tel. ,S-!)!)80 Three Oaks Convalescent: Home Naugatuck Road Platt's Mills TEL. S354 D|flE m • I&>t3s&&+ >;^3/<*£.T • HANQUKTS • WKDTMNGS '« PRIVATE PARTIKS Wines — lien's — I-,iquors "^9Ji jtgx.d^ ^jsaMs. River view Inn -- Seymour fiSH DERBY J5D. — Ansonla, IHOa — Horny 3-lflft Washday Blues Soon Depart When Trading With Peerless Laundry There isn't any need for your having washday blues this summer— not with one -of the best equipped 1'aundries in the state being righ-t in the borough. With the warm, humid summer months upon us there is a great needs to change clothes frequently, and summer garments being washable for -the most part, that means there will be more and more laundry for the housewife. However, you shouldn't become discouraged, for the Peerless Laundry, 150 North Main street, provides one of the best laundry services in the area and maintains high standards in workmanship a? well as prompt and efficient pickups and deliveries. ...If you do not desire the latter service, the company does a large cash and carry business, making it possible for you to make all transactions at the plant. Some of the newest and most modern- equipment has been installed at the local laundry in an effort to guarantee only 'the exacting qualities desired in washing and pressing wearing apparel. You may have some summer drcssoB, slacks or other garments that must be dry cleaned instead of laundered, and to accommodate the public, George R. Burns, proprietor, has established an excellent dry cleaning and dyeing service, The Peerless Laundry is ideally located on one of the most traveled thoroughfares in the borough. Indicative of the large volume of bus inees carried on each week is the fact the company services all im por-tant areas surrounding the Naugatuck section. and Liquors Imported and Domestic D A 1 C if A J. 9 STORE 72 CHURCH ST. PHONIS 5124 THE It's Worth a Trip to V & J Market For Finest Foods 51 Spring St Union City Phono Naujfatuck 4070. INC. Telephone 2226 PRINTERS SINCE 1889 Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service and Parts Factory-Trained Mechanics T>7 N. Main St. Naugatuck LEYNARD'S Children's Clothes > 170 CHURCH ST. 5 Tel. 5990 Quality DYERS and JACK'S AUTO BODY 10(5 So. Main St. Tnl. 6158 Our Moriorn CIcaniiiRr Plant Assures You Better Cleaning 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck; FOR FAST SKRVICK ROLLER'S CLEANEKS Pickup and Delivery 127 X. MAIN St. UNION CITY Tel, Naujjatuck 5101 PHONE DERBY S489 ^ Walsh's Green Acres Catering- to Weddings, Banquets, Parties, Choice Foods and liquors Derby Avenue Seymour SAVE .... As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR nnd Travel Locker and Steamer Trunks, from SIl.W Dross Trunks—36 In $22.60 Wnrdrolxs Trunks—36 In. $32.8A plus tax. JOHN J. CONNOLE TO Grand St. Wtbr.v. Tel. 4-7S«S 1 HOME COOKED 'FOODS Bcor — Wine — Liquors Valley ^Grill 158 No. Main St.* 4959 Id | Clyne Glass Shop SERVICE STATIOX 109 So. Main St. Fh. JVaufi;, 4908 T:«blc $7.95 up Bed, Boudoir MOVING and TRUCKING Moving: to All Conn. Points Peter Moruska XACGATUCK. CONN. 2586 or 5112 Stoves Moved Kefrifroratorn Moved $3.05 up Gifts of Atl Description* Realistic Artificial Flower* Josephine Miwizo, Prop. 20 HARKISON AVE. Waterbury Tel,| 4-4348 AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Ex-G.I. MAURICE J. ,IOLt,V Amity Road, Bethany THK White Meat Market and GROCERY FRCITS — VEGETABLES ,Tohn Caspar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL Dancing Every Night Except Sunday SUNDAY DINNERS 12:(l(M>:m> NO 2<>9f. TAX IN OUR COCKTAIL LOUIS'GIC ' EXCEPT ON .SUNDAY Specializing- In Sea Food and Kansas City Steaks 23-25 Harrison Ave,, We Gater to Banquets, Wedding Parties, Etc. \clKltllrl. IM,,y,l, ft-(V/«l TRANSIT FARKS JflSING Olilcapo —(UP)—.Several cities have raised faros on public trans! lines recently 01- arc considering such action to offset inflated operating: costs and to finance postwar rehabilitation of transit equipment according to the American Municipal Assn. Fares have been r.iiscd already in C.'ilcuffo, San Francisco and Cleveland. Increases are being considered in Phila.delphia, New York, Detroit, Youngstown, Ohio, and elsewhere. Dutch Door Choice STEAK — CHOPS 7 BROAD STREET Inn SEA FOOD — SEYMOUR The V & H Trucking Company Excavating —7 Trucking- — Driveways — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand— Washed Crushed Grnvel Quarried Gmnlte Building Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. -- TEL. SEYMOUR 2531 YOU CAN TAKE CORRESPONDENCE COURSES UNDER THE GI BILL, GET DETAILS FROM YOUR NEAREST V.A. OFFICE. WM QUMTYt BtAVTY I ltH » j " • Glcnwood I Ofite.rmoor :md Red Cross Mattre.sscs I Kmerson and Sonorn Radio* I Kftlvlnator Refrigerators ( ABC Washers and Ironern i Bcndix and Ma.rtac Wftshern Afrents for All the Better Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE COMPANY 26 BANK ST. TEL. — Seymour — 307 Radiator* Flatbed. Oil - Greasing: . Tire Repnlr TATION «> BRIDGE ST. UNION" CITV' | 4928 .-.' SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 47<M72 South Muln Street Wntflrtmry, Conn. Tel. 4-4T24 BANQUKTS WEDDfNGS Phono S4S8 PARADISE INN \\m. Pottl>ccker, Prop. FINBST FOODS Choice Wine - Liquors Wakolce Terrace, Ansonla, Connj HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tnl. 4-8420 Wfb.v. j HOME COOKED FOOD Wo. Cater to Family Dinners [ Offico. Parties, Banquets, Showers, Etc. » **r*ff+^**t>**^ Prospect St. Garage At IVospect St. and I,ocu»t PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed nnd Automatic Screw Machine Products RUBIVKR AVE - NAUGATUCK VALLEY WELDING nnd Fabrication Works The Portable Welding Service • Tel. 5492 Darra-James Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Savings St. Waterbury Tel. 5-2241 RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. ' LEHJGH VAIXEV COAT— ATLANTIC FUEL, and RANGE Fertilizers — Poultry Eq»«lpment — Baby Chlck«- ' Field and Garden Seeds 5 Church St., Naugatuck Phone 3078; j *«*

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