The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 11, 1961 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1961
Page 7
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Ann Landers Teach The Guy To Use His Key Dear Ann Landers: I have a problem which I've never seen in your column. Furthermore I've never heard of anyone who has had this kind of trouble. My husband insists that I leave the door to our apartment open between 5:30 and 6:00 in the evening when he is expected home for dinner. He just hates to dig around for his key. 1 should tell you that he usually carries a brief case and some books so I concede it may be a bit of a nuisance. I've offered to unlock the door ANN it down!" What do you suggest? -BROWBEATEN Dear Brow: Of course it would be more convenient if the door were open so he could walk right in. It would be even more convenient if there were no door at all. But a grown man should have sense enough to realize that if he could walk in, so could any vagrant, thief or lunatic. Tell him to grow up. A major symptom of infantile behavior is the inability to defer to others. The inconvenience of using his key is a trifle compared with what he .stands to-lose by iasist- ing that you leave the door open. 1 Dear Ann Landers: My 10-year! old daughter was behaving badlv immediately if he will only knock, j n a department store yesterday. whistle or ring, but this isn't good She was running up and down the enough! He can't stand to wait ; a j sles> pulling dresses off the He wants the door to be open j hangers and opening stock draw- so he can walk right in. ers j. told her repeat edly to Yesterday he got so mad he , stop it. She'd say "O.K., Mom- yelled loud enough for the neigh j my," and two minutes later she'd bors to hear "If this door isn't!do something else, open tomorrow I'm going to kick ! W hen my back was turned she . j climbed on a table and stuck her , hand in a bird cage. This was ' the limit so I gave her a swat on the behind. She bawled for a ! minute then behaved perfectly. A close friend who was with me criticized me for spanking the child in public. She said on- HONOR COMMANDER - Mrs. Ward Ralston, commander of Ottawa Army Mothers Post No. 4, pins a. corsage on the state commander, Mrs. Ruth Carr, of Wellington, during her visit yesterday. Others pictured are Mrs. Leta Gathers, of Wellington, state adjutant, and Mrs. Leland Monroe, of Ottawa (far right), state first vice-commander. (Herald Photo bv Lois Smith) Auxiliary Plans Its Activities Says Mothers Not Helping Children Stay Fit, Trim By JOY MILLER NEW YORK (AP) - Bonnie Prudden has a bone to pick with mother K. The Warren C. Black Unit of j 8<>t home. Do you agree?-CRITI the American Legion Auxilary CIZED held a combined business and sewing meeting last night in Memorial auditorium. Dear Criticized: The most ef- feciive punishment is the kind handed out on the spot. Members sewed on carpet rags ] Time takes on strange dimen . to be sent to the rug rooms at Wadsworth Veterans' Hospital. Mrs. R. K. Walters is the new rehabilitation chairman in charge ; n of this phase of Veteran's aid. The unit voted to send $20 to Wadsworth Hospital for books. coupon Tbe music committee, Miss Gladys Anthony, Mrs. Marjorie Hooper and Mrs. Grace Duvall, reported that a piano tuner had checked the piano now in use and that it could be tuned and repaired to give good service. It was decided to have this done instead of purchasing a new one at the present time. Mrs. Howard Henderson, president, appointed a committee to formulate rules for handling the rental of hospital equipment. Committee members are Mrs. Joe Towner, community service chairman; Mrs. Walters, and Mrs. Ray Howell. A membership report showed 122 paid up members. Several members volunteered to work in the Bingo stand which the American Legion Post is sponsoring at the Hallowesta on Oct. 28. It was announced the annual Coffee Tour Caravan meeting will be held at 2 p.m., Oct. 23, in the North American Hotel dining room. Miss Anthony received the door prize. Hostesses were Miss Anthony, Mrs. J. J. Meyer and Mrs. Marjorie Hooper. ly low class people do this and; she thinks rnaybe they're not 1 should have waited until^jve j helping their families become as physically fit as they are themselves. "Mothers can go all the way down and touch their toes; boys of 14 can't." This is not to say all American housewives could try out tomorrow for the Olympics. It's just that they can be put into condition faster than the children, they tell: "No, you can't visit Johnny. He lives four blocks away and I don't have the car." "Adults 40, 50, 60 years old — they had paper routes as kids, played outdoors until suppertime —I can get back in shape in from sions to youngsters. An hour can seem like a week. Had you waited until you got home she might that she badly. My only criticism is that you didn't let her have it sooner. Dear Ann Landers: A friend j who works near my place of employment rides to and from work me almost every day. times he invites a friend or two to ride along. This has been going on for almost two years. Not once has he offered to buy gas or oil for the car. I wonder if he thinks a car runs on "Thank You." I am not a petty person, nor am I in bad financial shape, but I hate to be a sap. What are your feelings on this subject? -FREE TAXI Dear Free: People who accept favors should reciprocate in some manner. Perhaps your friend feels you would be insulted if he offered to fill the tank. An occasional gift would show appreciation. In any event, "Thanks for the ride" day after day is not enough. four to six weeks," says the lithe, brunette expert on physical fitness. "With teen-agers it takes two years. Why, high school girls in Rye, N.Y., had a worse failure rate in fitness tests than the little old ladies in a retirement home. "Do you realize that in 1955 our 6-year-olds had a 54 per cent failure, compared with 4 per cent in Europe? And today it's 82 per cent failure?" a real shocker, was taken to President Eisenhower and led to formation of the President's Council for Physical Fitness. Since our youth's state of vigor seems to be steadily deteriorating, Bonnie thinks President Kennedy should step in and spell out a program in precise detail: each 11-year-old boy must chin himself three times a day, and so forth. I "We can't leave interpretation It was in 1955 Bonnie set up of how to achieve fitness to the pilot studies on fitness. Her report Ladies Night Members of the Rotary Club entertained the Rotary Anns and other guests at dinner at Westminster Presbyterian Church last night. Eighty-two persons were present. Colored pictures which he had taken in Ottawa and vicinity and in other places were shown by Dr. J. E. Wallen. Included were many views of flowers and winter scenes. Roxanne Lennard gave a humorous monologue. Guests included Dr. and Mrs. John Gutschenritter and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dengel. RICHARDSON'S SHOES Legato Club Margaret Bowers entertained the Legato Music Club Tuesday evening at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Bowers. Club members and a guest, Carolyn Bowers, played solos. Mrs. R. L. Stevens, club sponsor, announced plans for the club year. At the close, Mrs. Bowers and Margaret served refreshments. Nine members and 12 guests were present. Pam Laury will entertain the club on Nov. 14. people who've brought us where we are," she insists. Where are we? Ninety-one per cent of our elementary schools, says Bonnie, don't have gym at all. Of the 9 per cent that do, physical exercises are done for 6>/2 minutes twice a week. "If youngsters are given an exciting program they'd like gym," she promises. "But it should be fitted to the American temperament that likes excitement, rhythm, change. Exercise should be changed every 15 seconds. Swedish gymnastics or German- type exercises that you do over and over again won't work with us." How did her interest in fitness start? "I was a discontented housewife who noticed how soft my two little girls were getting. I started exercise classes for them, and lost 15 pounds myself in the first two weeks." The classes soon embraced the neighborhood and blossomed into a fulltime career, with a fitness institute, lectures and books—the latest "How to Keep Slender and Fit After Thirty" is just published. Fall Special Desert Flower Hand & Body LOTION Regular $2.00 Size $1.00 plus tax PHARMACY Opp. Courthouse CH 2-3024 Carl Snyder, R.Pli. The Baby Has Been Named At Ransom Memorial Hospital: The daughter born Oct. 3, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Linneman, RFD 2, has been named Pamela Kay. She weighed 7 lb., 4 l /£ oz. The daughter born Oct. 4, to Mr. and Mrs. Bobbie Lue Schouten, 702 N. Poplar, has been named Leslie Ann. She weighed 8 lb., 1 oz. The daughter born Oct. 6, to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Willem- stein, 1101 S. Hickory, has been named Vicki Sue. She weighed 7 lb., 8 oz. The daughter born Oct. 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred William Bugner, 839 Estabrook, has been named Jean Ann. Her weight was 5 lb., 4 oz. The daughter born Oct. 7, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Paul Moore, 326 Walnut, has been named Barbara Ann. She weighed 8 lb., 2 oz. The son born Oct. 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Owen Eugene Atchison, 714 S. Poplar, has been named Clyde Gene. He weighed 5 lb., 13 oz. The daughter born Oct. 8, to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dean Stottlemire, Rantoul, has been named Janice Marie. She weighed 8 lb., 11 oz. Club Forecast Thur«d«J KIWANKJITEENS FAR and NEAR club, Mrs. Bennie Stlnuon SOROPTIMI8TB, Lofgreen building, luncheon V.F.W. AUXILIARY ELM DROVE, at clubhouse, all day PRINCETON W.S.C.S. WHITE SHItlNK PRESENTS . . . "The Shoe of fhe Week" The Famous PHAETON Pattern . . 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