Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 21
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 21
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SUNDAY TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD.. SUNDAY,' FEBRUARY IS, 19-15 TWENTY-ONE Camper Quint Again Headed n Sentinels, Seeking To Finish in .500 Column, Could Spoil AJlegany's : City Chances II LaSalle Retains Perfect Record Explorers Engage Two West Virginia Foes This Week—Four Conference Games Tuesday : Cumberland's Fort Hill High Sentinels and several other teams in the district are scheduled to ring down the curtain on the fourth straight wartime basketball season this week. '•..-.•:...,' The Sentinels, who have found the victory trail plenty rough this season, will have to win their last .--•_•• -.-^ Se&SQn Against Allegany YrTday the .500 be easy. If they column, to finish in and that won't Lou Bell, who rang the bell for 287 points for the Allegany High Campers In 1S40 to win the cltv scholastic basketball scoring title, is at present starring on the Camn Shelton <Va.r Armed Guard cour aggregation. :•: ...... A seaman second class, Bell ha played in every game for the Virginia Navy team this season and wil be in the iineup this afternoon when the Armed Guards play host to the strong Bainbridge Naval Training Station quint. • Balnbridge and Shelton have engaged in three games to date with the Commodores on the long end of the score in all three contests The first joust at Balnbridge was a walkaway, the Commodores winning by a 76-35 count, but the other two were real battles. In the game on the Camp Shelton court the Armed Guards held a 28-22 lead at halftime and came dangerously close to pulling an w- set, the final score being 53-49 The econd tussle at Balnbridge was also a thriller, the Commodores winning by an even smaller margin—49-47 Another former local high school In all probability, the Hilltoppera will hurdle Bruce's Bulldogs with points to spare Tu&sdav night at WesLernport but their finale is with the Allegany Campers, their arch rivals in the Western Maryland interscholasstic League, on Fridav night at Fort Hill. First Game Thriller Coach "Bobby" .Cavanaugh's Scarlet and White hoop artists had the Campers ou the rim tluough most of the game in the first meeting at Campobelio last month but lost 29-22 as the West Siders staged a garrison finish. . Two other WMI teams also write the end to another campaign' on Friday night. The Central High Tigers bow out on (lie Lonaconing floor with Bruce furnishing the- opposition and Barton's Braves wind •up hostilities with Beail and Frostburg on the Barton boards. Three West Virginia teams in the district are slated to bring their regular schedules to a close this week but -games still the state's sectional Franklin winds up with a brace ofj Hit.-; on Tuesday at Mathins and Feiersburg, Davis closes at Parana remain in tournaments -tar A-S Dan Coxe. saw the last meeting of the teams and dropped us a line to tell us it was a "humdinger. Coxe sparkled on the grid- lro " ior p enn Avenue High in 1936. • Bell, on maintenance duty at Camp Shelton, ha.-; been in the Navv since June, 1944. According to a communication we received yesterday, members of the Barton High basketball team prefer to be picked w lose in our bi-weekly prognostications. The Braves are apparently superstitious and under the impression we're trying to put the "Indian- sign on them. We picked them to win two games last week but thev finished on the short end both times and on several other occasions they failed us. However, we can assure them the "evil" choices were the fault of our crystal ball and were not deliberately intended to brin<* defeat into the Brave camp "Please get us back in your underdog section," the message from 3arton reads. "It seems that we iave made a liar out of C.B. (short for crystal bain several times in the past. We reversed it for the And against seemingly superhuman odds, they won It for the "Oipper;" • . Leahy, the real hero of the book, however. HRS rmn«> nf th» vibrant and colorful qualities of the "Clipper," He la a reserved snd very determined figure who never misses an opportunity to learn and better himself. More by force of will than through natural talent, Leahy made himself a regular tackle on the Notre Dame varsity. By studying the great Rockne at close range and by learning all the intricate details of football at countless coaching schools he buried himself in the game so thoroughly that he was ready lor the big call when it came. Calvary Keeps (Continued (torn Page 30) Brethren advanced by beating Cen•re Street 23-17, Summaries: Mountaineers Smear Bisons In 13th Game Off to 23-7 Lea<l in First Quarter, They Finish the Game With a 78-42 Score Margantown, W. Va. Feb. 17 West Virginia University, getting" off u> a :*3-7 ieiia in the. iirst quarter, trounced Bethany Coilege 78-42 in their 13th game of the'season tonight on the home floor. The Mountaineers, appearing in top form, maintained their lead throughout the game, the half-time score being 3j-i9. High scorer for University cagers was Bobby Carroll, forward, who made six goal shots and three foul shots netting a total of 15 points \VKST VIRGINIA .. Byrd. 1 Bucks Qualify as Hoop Champions rp "-° hl °. State is makine It perfcctlv dear he _ Bl|ck «' es uro out to r.<-'I>«»t as .Big Ten basketball chain- Four of 'its present startere were members of the 1U-U ur- • ,K d R r 1S T ??* D0!1 Q ™ W w«*-ai>-«»nf«eiice soleclloiu .last winter. Jack Dupger and Paul Huston received honorable memio,,. Dugger has had Ulr « years or le a g ue comSmKS' ataars average 6 feet 3* Inches in height; Risen who SWI1 d S 6-8 's, is the loop's tallest center. Revcniicrs Baltic South End Today N. C. Loses lo Navy J n g .Moves Up| W :& M Loses To Tie She ad; Slo>v Game To 2nd Round Terps 53-46 - ' '-:. : .v. - i 'I MrSpadcn, Jin ved During,.Maryland [> t ,l| g A way W i n t r r Tournament Conies Through Three Under Par Cnrr'- t ST. PAUL'S R. Ayers, ( .. M. Cox. 1 ... r. Lea&e. c .. K. V'lson, r D. Ulys. g .. E. Mason . Paw Paw entertains Berkolev Springs in the Mountaineer'' game. City Titfe Unsettled last LaSalle and Allegany cagers won't * £l-n ln ,^ elr to?s /or scverfll weeks* Still rolling along with an undefeated record, the Explorers are icheduled to appear as defending champions in the Eastern States Catholic Invitational tournament which won't get under way until March 22 at Newport, R. I. The matter of city championship •till remains to be settled, too LaSalle has the inside track on the title but must drop Allegnny at SS Peter and Paul on March 2 if the Campers get by Port Hill Friday Coach Art Slocum's Explorers who nave 18 straight victories to their credit, have two games carded this ^ week, both with West Virginia foes if On Tuesday, the North Enders plav * host to Romney's Pioneers and on Friday Piedmont invades the SS Peter & Paul gym for a return clash A. H. S. Seoks Title Allegany can put the WMI championship in the bag for the second straight season by winning a Tuesday clash from the Beall High Mountaineers at Frostburg The Campers are leading the loop with eight straight triumphs and are headed for another undefeated circuit season. Fort Hill Ls in second place with six victories and two reverses. •"..,.• A total of four games are listed lor the Potomac Valley conference on Tuesday with the feature attraction being the Ridgeley-Moorefield battle at the latter place The Yellow Jackets, with a schedule full of league foes, 'are making a desperate bid to dislodge Keyser from the top rung but may find Art Scal- Hs Blackhawks tough to bargain with. The schedule for the week fol- dropped to Elk Garden and Bruce when you gave us the nod. "It's fun to make a prevaricator out of C. B. when we're not picked to win but we dislike the reverse English we've been getting recently And, after all, if C. B.'s average sinks too low, you may have to go back to the bush league." After glancing over some of our mistakes last week, we're convinced the Braves have something there so hereafter we'll pick Barton to lose. Miss Elizabeth Wolford, who reminded us .several weeks ago that Tommy .Geatz. LnSalle High forward, did not break a scoring record when he scored 30 points against Ridgeley, is probably Allegany's No 1 basketball fan. Always a keen sports lover, she hasn't missed a Camper home game In 16 years. . . 3Uo Graham, former Northwesterr University football and basketball star, Ls now taking primary flight training at the Glenvlew (111.) Navy ^ir Station . . . Creighton Miller 1943 Notre Dame football ace wil )e added to the Yale staff as back- fleld coach. A member of the Notre Dame squad Ln 1941 and 1942, Miller received an honorable discharge from the Army in 1943 in time to play football with the Irish Totals :..... ..... RACE METHOUIST . Lattlmer. 1 n. Cage, f D. \Vimer. c L Stevenson. 5 K. LeFev, g tBhaney Total:, Score by periodi: T: PAUL'S : GRACE METHODIST ... Rereree—Alexander. ST. JOHN'S L. Sheetz, r J. Sciutres. I R. Cunningham, c J. Reed, s J. Mangus. g , F. Kreiger O. . 0 . a . o . 3 . o . o . 6 r. . 3 . 0 . 1 . 3 . 0 . 0 F.G. Til. 0-0 0 3-8 9 1-4 1 0-0 0-0 : 0-0 4-12 F.O. r 0-3 1-1 0-1 0-1 0-3 0-1 1-10 13 G. . 3 . 0 . 1 . 1 . 4 . 0 FIRST BAPTIST F. Heinze. f Q ..... 3 R. Mlnnlclu, f ........... "\ 0 R. Llvengood. c .......... i n. Clower, g ...... ' i B. Bi^e. K ..- ............ ;;; „ R. Shcally r.G. 0-0 1-3 C-2 0-0 o-o 1-1 3-S F.G. 0-3 0-0 ^-^ 2-3 0-0 0-0 0-0 Dial, g Rimo, £ Mjsdowa, I ., Rice. ( Lopez, c Auer. 6 . Walthall. j Stalcem. c Mlllrr, t ToUls ...;... BETHAXV Pmdsk. 1 . ... While, t Beytrsdorfer, c Klrkpatrlc'*. g , Brown, g . Clark. ( ...'.' Ashby Aldfrrmnn. e Plough, E Totals F 1 3 I I I 0 0 • 2 3 0 0 0 J>F Tl 1 0 13 0 !5 ..33 15 10 , • iiutl Ruti-;3Ii<l<lios T«k<> Over in I -,sl Gulf f 10rt . By SKIPPER PA THICK ncrup in Game That Has '• Six Minute of "• • - - ; - i7-i,v,- Midget Fans Stirred MIDGET LEAGUt Gain N'tctorv to . Harold <Jus) McS P»d«n. the od man. in professional golfs wlmci ;'-urnanient .vrios; caught \jp willi STANDINfi OK ri.l'US Hevenucrs. .....-;.,. South Fnd Markets Dlplonutc ' : I'lril.'j ''' Bi S Five •;... Froslbnrff ; .... Port 11111 PHC ,..!.. Allesany I'DC ;::;.! \\. 10 10 L. 3 4 I ' a a 12 i; 16 Annapolis, Md.. Knb. IT (,T>)—Tin' Navy basketball team, regaining the port open today in thr last six minutes, defeated ..53:1 j North Carolina Pre-Flight 4L>-3g to 'III i s ' ay m u 'e undefeated claw, with a ;, 3$ jiword of l] strniijhi wins. .100 ; The. Pre-Flight ntiack wa.-. spark-"3 :ed by Hob Mehl and Former Ohio U! ..Suite Star "Tippy u ye and the 10 it .. Scors at hall: W. v». 35. Bethany 19. Free throws missed: w. Va.— rows missed: carro11 3 ' . w. Va..— Byrd j j frs- To'.als ....... ; ............ ~Jj Score by periods: ST. JOHN'S FIRST BAPTIST Relerfe— Hannicnn'. DAVIS MEMORIAL -,. Blaclclyn. I -. -Mackrreth. t ..;..,, ~'<. Co-.i8lns. c .... C. Wilson, c '" J. Grady. f Totals ST. LUKE'S P. t . R. Duon. f J. Klmmell, c T. Oglebny. K E. Lnnd/elt. r Cowgill Lookabaugh Layman .... Wilkinson Voyer G. . 0 . 1 . i . 3 . 8 .10 G. . 1 . 1 . 4 , 2 . 1 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 6-13 II IS II F.O. Ptj. 0-0 0-0 1-1 1-1 0-1 F-G. Pt». 5-1 < !-< 3 0-0 3 0-0 4 a-o j o-o o 0-0 0 0-0 0 fl-0 0-0 Bethiny. Pnntmk 8. v.hit 1 B dorter «. Aldtrman 2. Klrkpntrkk 1 Relereei: Hank Marc and K*o Macleey. Carver Hi Teams Split Loop Till* Boys Trip Storer Collcc 20-14 But Girls Lose 11 to 4 On top all the way, the Carve igh basketball team registered 20-14 victor,- over the Storer Col lege quintet of Harpers Ferry W Va., Friday night on the Carve court. The triumph was the third in flv Tri-state Athletic Conference bat ties for the locals. Six teams ar represented in the loop — Hagcrs town. Frederick and Carver from Maryland, Martinsburg and Storer from West Virginia and Leesburg Jim Williams was th« big gun in the Carver attack with 10 points five fielders. Wilson and Gav c , each had five markers for the los- Storer gained an even break for OA.MKS T01IOKHOW Albany I'ne .vs. Bi«.K:-,e n p n i > frosihiiftr v«. Fort Mill PBC (2 ]i rr.. i Pintles vs. Uiplomnis i3 p. m.i Ri:veisuers vs. Soutli End ri p. m j The game oTgani^Ti,, the Midget'^" Basketball league is expected thi? v. f.1 uternoon through the scheduling oi Revenuers and South End Markets [game.was nip and tuck throughout I the -fust ;h'all, N nv y' leading 21-15 |at intermission. North Carolina took the lend in I McSpadon shot his second round in 35--H—C8. three strokes under nor for a 36-hole toUl of 130, the same figure claimed by Snead who got around In pur-71 today afie- R scnsailonal six-under 65'yrjiierday. : Byron Nelson or Tt-Utio, Ohio number seven in fl rfit round play and Claude Harmon, second to Snend yeMcrday. finished today's _ —,__ ^.^Mviinii iv^urv lilt Jcl»U 111 I,* •• • •••••••• i\,v« i\j\ui^ ^ the second half with a beautiful I eunl "R il « cp-runnnraup to (he two - ••>- • ---- """iiiui I regular Sunday afternoon playing shot by Ali'Jil. The Pre- ran the score to 30-25 then. tit Slow Passing dune From «X- Alury in IVIinnte.s Collsgt! Purlc, Mel., Fob. 17 The University oi Matyland bttsket- b«l) teahi marked the end of lU conijieUtion In th^ Soiuh'ern Conference tonight by defeating Wil- iiflin and Mary 53-, (J. Tile game, wtv a slow pnsslnn affair until the ckv.e, with Wllllnm nnd Miiry traihiig through the M;cond Imlf by a mire two potntr vmtll ihii laM five minutes of play, wJnin Marj'land pullrd ahead. Muryhinii Int.s won iwo tiumeii and lost 12 Uils .-ieiiion ,\nd hus but out nj)d Cnn ilnal grun. lead until the 1-4 ........ Score by periods: DAVIS MEMORIAI, .. ST. LUKE'3 3 Rettrees—Fl.nnlgi'n 'in'd Wharton. 18 16 that year. He rose to brilliant heights as a back, climaxing a great season by winning a place on the Associated Press' All-America team. Miller will become a student nt the Yale. Law School when the new semester begins Mel Ott, upon lows: (WMI), Fort Hill at Bruce <WMI) Central at Barton CWMI). Romney at LaSalle. Bedford at Hooversvillc Oakland at DavLs. Piedmont at Key- Rcr " f r * Tr/ ^' TTT '- •" Paw, Wardensvillc at at Petersburg Paw fPVC), Franklin at Mathias (PVC), Canon Bridge at Elk Garden. Ridgelev' .it Moorefield (PVC), Parsons at Bev- TIIURSDAY - Keyser at BeaU, Romney at Piedmont (PVC). tt£?H? Ay ~ A1] egany at Fort Hillj (WMI), Piedmont at LnSalle Bruc" ^ t ,£l ntrnl «VMI). Beall at. Barton his return from an overseas U.S.O. tour, was asked what player the GJ.'s were most interested in. "That would be Pete Gray (the one-ann- cd outfielder bought by the St. Louis Browns from Memphis)." Ott replied. Davis at Parsoas,. Berkelev Springs at Paw Paw, MoorefleM at <PVC), Wardeasville at Fort , Petersburg (PVC), Franklin at Mill " flthifl ' s nt Bridge 'PVC), Keyser at Ridgeley fPVC) rerndale at Bedford. . ; BASKETBALL SCORES Lt. Frank Leahy, former Notre Dame football coach, was recently home on a short leave from the Pacific and was happy to learn that the book, "Frank Leahy and the at Beall Fighting Irish" written by Arch Ward, sports editor of the Chicag Tribune, was in its third printini and still selling at a record pac for sports stories. The book is almost as much th, story of Notre Dame football as i ts the tale of a young and crafty coach yho is now on f the Navy. ... .- ; A long parade of super stars have marched through the capital of the college, gridiron world nnd Ward turns back the pages : of time recalling some of the Irish greats. Some of the most fascinating passages are the flashbacks to George Gipp, n tragic youth whose relativelj brief but meteoric career immortalized him atSoiuh Bend. Even in death Notre Dame's beloved "Dipper 1 was to win nt least one game for his alma mater. . : : .- . . Although it is an old story, It can bear repeating because ii symbolizes the tremendous hold Gipp had on the affections and i-acem of Notre Dame men. Th<? Irish team of 1028 was -to compile ihe worst record ol all tcnms under the wily Knute Rockne, yet It tripped a strong Army team 12 to 6 a.s a result of the simplest and most powerful ntUftmie Wlk "Rock" ever made. "Boys," he began, ."it will be eight years ago next month since I vi-Jtcd a young man who was ill in St Joseph's Hospital in South Bend' He was a pretty sick boy but. before I left, his room he called me over to his bed and said: . . • •• 'Some tlnif, "Rock" when the teams up against it. when thlng.i TBI.VITV 8. Llshly. j ..... *. Bla'ctr. r 3. Ln»er>', c . , -i. Diehl, j 3. Houscr, g ..,.] Vnnor 'nle N'e'ton G. Meier .."'.'.'..'. Total.! CHAI-I; IIAI-'TIST" O. Stirey, ( : J. McGregor', r ... R. Buriry. c • P. McGregor ..... H. Peterson. <r . HMUl ..... ..... C. Blirlty ... LeMrr ...:.., I. McGrpcor G. . 0 . 0 , I . 1 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 1 F.G. Pti. 0-3 . 2-3 3-i 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 the night when its girls team won bj an n-4 count, the locals being the second in four conference enRaee- menU for Carver. E. White scorVd three of the locals' four counters and Cooper had five for Storer The lineups: 5-11 T.C. I 2-5 c-o 0-0 o-o o-o o-o i-: o-n o-o o-o o-o o-o Tor.i]., . . ' Score by period*- TRINTTY .. " , , GRACE BAPTisT"!""" 7 H Referee—Wharton' 'arid' Sicelcr. FIKST METHODIST C "!. Shrout. f ... :. Holers, f '_ O. Crnfotree. g•']!""" ~). Shrout. g " inycirr ' Hlnkle ; !."!!'" Davis 4-11 It G. .. 0 F.C. rti. 0-2 o 0-3 < 0-0 D 0-1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 Tola].' I;.. C A L VA R V M K TH O I) I S'T" 0-5 e i.e. rt t . STOKER Dlnkins, f .. wiison. j ;;; Harper, c '. Bolden. f ".'.'.'.','.'.'. Reed. 5 uh \\ Tclnli ... C.\RVKR wnius. r . Bush, f \\] Edn-ards. r'.'!,'".'] E. Redman, jj .... H. nnnkK, Mth ','.'.'. B. Pniijjh. sub ...." Tolals , ;.. Scur(- hy periods- CAJIVER BOYS' GAME G. .. 1 .. 3 .. 1 .. 1 .. 0 .. 0 F.G. Pu. 0-4 l-S 0-0 3-6 0-2 0-0 4-18 14 F.G. Pi 1-3 3 1-2 0-0 0-1 0-2 0-0 0-0 Referee—He.-no!dshVlmer. 11 3 20 CARVER A. Diivit. f E. WhlCt. f .. .." L. Ollmcrc, c , E. Darlj. s ] B. Carter, g .... K. Buih, B .1. Gntr.v .<HD . w. p, se , *,, b .. B. . Comer, f Clpvcnper, n. Kesncr. Llndsnv L VanMeicr P. Fishpr D. Ilhode.i Jewell 1-5 0-3 0-0 0-2 0-0 0-0' 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 STORER COM.E«i: Cooper. 1 ..... ... Handy, i ...... WiJjou, c . ...... •• Willis. K . _ Cou-htrd. f . , Flush. B ..... ' ' ' * • ' Toials r.o. ris. O-I 0 1-3 3 1-2 . 1 0-0 0 0-0 0 0-0 0 0-0 0 o-n o 1-1 1-1 1-1 0-0 0-0 o-n o-n .- —-*..**«.. |.i**i»ii,^ it will be played as the finale of Hie program ai SS. Peter and Piuil school court, and is scheduled to get under way ai 4 o'clock. The Revenuers have lead the league all season and the Soutli End Markets have been in the runner- up position since early in period At this time the Markets quint is trailing by one game and a victory for the South Enders this afternoon would throw the two teams in a tie for the first .spot in the leacue standing. Twice before this season these two teams have met with the result be- ine that ;;,e peveuuers came thrc-ngh victorious. The first game was won by a score of 16 to 14. and m the second clash the result was 17-16. In this third meeting there are many who believe that the South Enders will take the game, as the Revenuers have dropped two of thei last four games. • • The Revenuers have lost two of' Uieir best players in recent weeks and the effect of this loss is being felt In meeting stiff opposition from other opponents, all of whom are gunning for the league leaders The other games today will find Allegany PBC and Big Five opening the afternoon program at l o'clock. Frost burg will clash with Fort Hill PBC at 2 o'clock and the Pirates will have their game at 3 o clock with Diplomats. Last Wednesday evening four of these teams met as they are scheduled for today. Roeder's Big Five beating Allegany PBC, 25-16 and he Pirates blasted the Diplomnts 31-17, resulting in a tie for third place between the latter two Today's game will determine which of he teams will occupv the third spot exclusively. The Pre-Flighters were coached Oakland Takes Garret t Title GranUville. Feb. 17—The visiting j Oakland High basketball toun cap- j ured the Garrett county champion- | hip here last nl K ht when it hand- d Grantfiville High cagers a 33-24 , etback to sweep the series. In the : rst meeting at Oakland, Grants- 1 Hie bowed 1!9 to 2i i The locals threatened to force a i layoff when they jumped away to ! 7-0 lead in the first, quarter "last I ight bus, Oakland whittled the l«ad I own little by llule and when the | oiirth fi amo got under way the vie- • or.s lmi\5ted a 26-20 . a'dvantage. | rnntsville was ahead 9-4 at the .larter and 13-12 at intermission. George Kahl and Norman Friend j ere the top bombers for the win-, ers with 12 and II points, respec- vely, while Patton wa.s Grantsviltc'.s with nine tallie.s. OAKIAM> Ten* sub waiters. ;t The r,. . i . o . 6 , 0 . 3 . 0 . 1 .M 0-1 0-1 0-2 :-4 0-0 0-0 0 13 c • S-H 33 i .0. rt,. (Btimcr. f 3 IP TT u!< pi'.tor. n! 4 luoicl. Nnn-.cortns iiibn-Biilke'rV o Colonels Beat Mn Score by periods:"'"" FIRST METHODIST CAI.VAHV METHODIST' Relerer—F)»nn«gBn. UNITED BRETHREN T, Hmiirnan. J. Stotier. r E. r'n-elnrid, B. Dlctt-n. K.. H, Sonin>erliainp, jr J. Llcht •K 1-10 39 21 25 C. . 0 . 4 .' 3 . 3 . 1 . 0 F.n. pi, 3-3 0-1 1-3 0-0 0-1 0-0 STREET .'runlcon, 1 E. Scrfrn. f .. ', D. Fi.:irr. c '- D-,nr'y,*g•;;;;; R. Prrcll TOlMll . ..; Scnrr. by iifrlortV: ..10 r,. .. o 3-8 31 F.r:. ru. 0-0 0-0 3-C 1-1 1-3 ; o-o Closn Scorh"g rS Gnn,ci BO PEE1 \ bent the in , tr n a basketball game played yesterday after afternoon nt SS Peter and "vp Paul TO FLY Kansas City, Feb. V fonibnll team . llilVC 17 is without (.-r— in- oine to . mS Plilycd a claselyl"" t>ie pinyer.s'; beri^h next fall J - - ™, 8 ^as top scorer for the Colonels and ' B. Bnipe paced the Majors the former «-lth 10 points and the latter with six. Summary: COLONELS J. Burke, f ... J. Crvnnrll)-. f 0 T. Connelly, c I Blrrnln(f^»rn. f .,.„. - ..Marie Mc- Miiiln—daughter of Alvin <Bo'i Mc- Mlllin. i ho Hoosiors 1 her.d coiich and ins "right hand" on the bench at 5-1J 17 CENTRE STRKKT lUfrrfr.i—nijhtip •RrsiiYTr.RUM Vfrnnll.' f .'.'.'.'.. Stfrnr. r .... V. nnvl.r n ;..,,.' I.Sfhlry. K ..'.'\ fnnl ,-. ;.'.'. ...]'.'.'.'_ Hutch'truon'-'!! '•'.'. Ambrose ..... . oiling II 1 15 e are wrong and breaks aro )>eaUno the boys—tell them to go In there and win one Just for the Clipper. I don't know where I'll be then Rock", but I'll know about It nnd DC happy.' Boys. Tin convinced Ihat this Is the Kame Qcorgr aipp would want us to win for him. Okay let's |go," .-•-. . - -/ Totnk PISCOPAI. . Bernard / • Porler. f T. Duvls. r . n. Carroi. it B. Johnson, «"• Thorn ..., n - amiih ;.. Porier ...... ''. .. ficorr hy r,. .. 5 .. 3 ..10 .. 0 .. 0 .. 1 .. 0 .. 0 .. 0 .. 0 .. 0 .. 0 ,. 0 ,. 0 .JO '' o. . 1 . 0 . 6 . 2 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 r.o. 0-0 I-I 3-5 0-1 0-0 0-1 0-1 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 23 J. F» , , Tumi* . . . , j MAJORS rT. lUiipr. 1 J. McMnllen, I J. B»rlum. c .. !i. R*upf. i .'.'. .. J .. 0 .. n .. 1 all or Indiana's :blg games (he past r.r;. n,. lour years, hns become an airwavs I'.l J|''0«Ws flying between Kansns Ciiy o-o o! , A11) "P»"que . (for Traivsco:)'- 0-2 aitiiipntai A- \Vfsloni Air. f -' 101 Wi-S s McAtiliinn. (augid -''Bo Pocp" e-io M!^' 'wji'ther whon she was born ni has 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 12 Shreverxirt, La-, il years moi-f? inirrcft in neccy cloud forma-i tlons than Ihr football variety now ! Alloona Wliips Rnlford- To Avenge Earlier Loss AHoona p.r. Fob. n-Bcdford High, which scored one of Ihe bie early- season surprise., ]n . defraf in? Altoona, was nu mnlch in tho re' .. : Th e f :;-r. ,,v»«•• o-i i-j !•< .0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 3-1 IH • lnst " Bht as talliej almost st will io the Bisons, 60-37. .u . ; 31 II "'a. 1 ; decided n.^ carlv nrst frame, when Conch Ray HoJIman'.i lads stormed through the ylsltor.i for a 22-fi lend and IncrciiFcd it to 3fl-14 nt the Intermission Coach Bruce Fisher's cohorU came back to o\i(.<;corc Ihe Lions, 12-10 m the third round and drop thp final cnnto by only one polni.-! but their only consolallon WM in l.av- jnrthe Hamc'.'! high fcorer In Bud Fl/ihcr, who accumulated 18 mark- There Is No Substitute FOR NATIONAL LOAN GO'S, Friendly Service AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES Household FurnUure NATIONAL Loan Company 201 S, CirorR* St. >t ll.irrljon Phone 2017 Cinniierlnnd f.r.Kltr nrillfnuoii, M|rr. COLLEGIATE SPORTS . Army ", Maryland j . Wisconsin 5, Perm SUi'r- 3 WlirsTMNi; AJ 27. Coast Ouirct Academy 5 t'cnii Bute 10. l.tlilgh 11 Nuvy 38. North Carollim 0 A:-.*»>' 51, Columbia 19 .S'avy- GO. Duke IS Mllir.rsota <5. lowi 38 rranklm <t MKrAhall R5. Tcmnlr i Purdue 5:. Il/it.o:.. K . v TKACK l"'»-a Sen HH«•k^ 51, Wisconsin 50 Drake 58Vi. Iowa <8V, ' 81 Ohio St»i<r 58 1/3. Notrr Dame Both had total; oif 137. Thoi<- were three others who scored 68's on their second round In- chiaing Millon DeMim-t, Houston, Tex.. Lo.s Kennedy. Pawlucket « 1 and amaieur Fred Hans, Jr New Orleans • ••• , Tea others completed the first two rounds within reach of th,? leaders Frank Strazy.n. Greenwich, Conn shot pur 71 for a 13B tola!- Sammy Byrd of Detroit, who wa« two-undcr M pur. snd Haas, each had 140 lolaL-i. j"^ ', The Pittsburgh Plr^Tare bat.-lB^h^-V tine .800 In the first-division league f Krlit ' r - « They've l^en In Un.> top (our in'jkS c the National League sinnriins.s m!»'"*fi. r 36 ol the post 45 years, iir-re name to play. Unit with Army at Wesi Poha nexl. \Vedn<--,dnv. Jack Plynn <>l Maryland lib total poini .score for UK- f> 192 tonight, nnd sinking 'J4 >olnls. Austou Wright sparked the William and Mnry squad by ncttlnK six field goals nnd four fn-e thrown for a total o! lo. . Wrist:', c . Hctrfl.l, g I, 1 . h 31 IV home In Cuba the Nnp Reyes. Oinnts Ii l"Masquilo." fans ToUls ... Hnl.'-ttnii 50. Frrt Ihnm off: Maryland J< \v T. Crtipl.pll Here they ore men bear at the original price get-away. Mostly tweeds and Coats for the tall short man. Sires 32 to 44. Sale. ..n Men's Full Length REVERSIBLE COATS These Coats Sold Regularly at SI3,50 and S 17,50 Not oil sizes but the sure to see Ihem. man who wants a good, oil weather coat should be s dial Noll n< prlrr . . . to SUftht werr mnrtr double tills Tnn'll <{linl in ltl:iok, navy, wine, Kra.T nn<J olivr- elrnh . . . with plenty of f«nrlr«i to choose from. Slies 1(1 to M. Hard-To-Get Items at Burton Men's Warm WOOL SOX 35? 559 Bus Driver's Slate Grey UNIFORM SHIRTS and $395 *-!th two flap porfccU in jilTfs -M to I6f!J. lenj-thi S2 to 34. Men's Ear Warmer WORK CAPS ${oo to $|95 Ilravy wool Irtj*, corcinroT, w«»h»l>V po(1on« or Irathrr. 129 Baltimore St, BURTON'S

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