The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4— NAUOATUCK NKWH (CONN.). TUESDAY, JULY 10,1948 LADY OF THE LAKES JBmlp Jleto* JPubllnhod Every Evonlng (Except Sunday) by THK NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NALJGATUCK, CONN, Telephone* 222H antf 8229— All Department^ Kntorod n» second claas matter (it tho post office In. Nuufriuuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advtincu I month 51.00 1 Yonr Member: Tho American Newspaper Publishers Tho N. K, Dully Nowspaper Pub, AsH'n Tho Conn. Newspaper "" ul "' *"•'" 'Publshers Ana'n TUESDAY, JULY 10, IMC Tribyte To Green A "Message to American Workers" hy President William (Jreeu of tlie American Federation of Labor, advocate's American teamwork between industry and labor as a menus ol! checking threatened inl'lalion." High tribute lias been paid Mr. fire-en liy Kep. Joseph K. Talhot of Xaugiituck, who took- to the floor of the House of Representatives to commend the lahor official as a "thoughtful, i'orsvard-look- ing leader," whose message should "go a long way toward calming a jittery American public that is keeping its Lingers crossed, not knowing what to expect in the way of price rises in the near future." Mr. (Ireeu's statement was printed in the July issue of "Labor's Monthly Survey," an Al-'l, piililication, ('ommeutiii|,' on (he lahor leader's plea for greater production, Mr. Talhol, svho has inany times in the pasl, slated publicly Ihnt production would prevent inflation, said that Green "has in effect expressed the hasic need of unity ami teamwork between labor and industry to make increased production—and the death of inflation— an accomplished fact." "Mr. (ircen's leadership and influence in I lie American economic: scene is rccognizr-d," said Kep. TalboL And if never before in its history, the I'nil.i.'d Stales needs leadership today; leadership to Ihsvarl the threat of chaos that will aeeompauy inflation. Youngest Nation '['lie world's newest indepedcnt nation, the Philippine h'epiiAlic, comes into being with an enormous budgetary deficit and a shortage of staple foodstuffs which threaten famine to the eighteen million inhabitants of seven thousand islands, The I'lvsidcnt, Manuel Ro.vas, accused by some as a collaborationist because of food co I lection work under .Japanese occupation, has been endorsed by (leneral MacArthur, on whose pre-war staff he served. The Kilipinos, dominated MOO years by the Spaniards and now free 4N years after Dewey sank' the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, face grave problems. Sugar mills destroyed by Japanese are producing only one-tenth ol' domestic requirements; tho rice harvest is small because work' animals were eaten by •Japanese; locusts have plagued the country. A serious l.lieral In national unity is the llukbala- haps movement in l,ir/,ou, where armed peasantry who organised In fight the Japanese are now at war against absentee land owners. American cooperation continues in the form of $,")!),000,000 worth of equipment to llu 1 army and congressional reconstruction grants of iffi'JO,000,001). () n || H , other hand, some native 1 criticism attaches to Rosas' guarantee of .American army, navy ami air bases in 1 he islands and free trade provisions of the Hell Act., which encourages investments of capital. The Philippine .Republic is the family of nations battered by a difficult history. Whatever the incidental controversies, the Filipinos as a whole know thi' United States has been their friend and .means to continue as through tin; troublesome ST.,U.S ippine adolescence. Do You Remember? Prom the Filea of the Naugatuck New« 20 Years Ago A. H. Dnyton was renamed president of the Naugatuck Savings Bunk. o—O—o Thomns Ashforcl of May street sailed from New York city to visit his mother In Cambridge, England. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mrs, A. W. Tyrcll of Forty-fort, Pennsylvania, visited her daughter, Mrs. D F Candec, of Riverside drive o—O—o Misses Catherine and Elizabeth Cawlcy of Oak street returned from'vacatloninR at Laurel Beach. Around The Clock TUMBLEWEED Have you ever seen tumblewecd Roll across tho prairie— Hoppity-sklp, by light breezes freed, Dancing and rolling as if in high glee? Just its my thoughts are fleeting Now serious, now gay— The weather—the U. N. meeting— Lowls—Truman—the Nation at bay— No coal--no food—no clothing at all- Apple blossoms, light frost— The oriole's guy call- To all these thoughts I am host. Thinking them gets mo nowhere, And I feel that I am just like Tuinblcwccd rolling, pushed by tho air And even my mind is on strike. M. C. G. Vacation Chronology Taken From News Files (Continued) WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 The borough auto test report ranked Sth in the state. 1 President James, newly elected to the Rotary club, announced the club committees for the current fiscal year. 60/Nl TO BE HARP TO Saw Mother Slain Twclvc-ycar-old Eleanor Cronln Is shown at City Hospital, Boston, Mass., wh«re she In recovering from throat and face bruiKCH. Tho girl was choked and boatcn when she came, to the aid of lv>r mother. Mrs. Helen Cronin, 40, -s'triinKlrd to death by an Ictrudnr In their Roxbury, Mass., residence. (International) WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by Tb/> Hearst Corporation) .James mond W. W. "Woodward, Jr., and I?ay- AYood ol! Beacon Falls enlisted in the I'. S. Army. Borough Board meeting cancelled because of lack of quorum. Union City traffic light placed in operation again. Frauds .Driscoll married Miss Esther Dallon. Frank- Miitcher was marnied to Miss "Barbara Sawyer of Bennington, Vt. Chester Usakiewicz of Beacon Falls pitched a one-hit baseball game for the St. Francis (JYO against St. Lucy's of Watcrbnry, The Highlanders were defeated ~r2 by Middlchury in a baseball game plafed at that place, (To Bo Continued) rolitl('.s Mnkfis Strjinpfo, Etc. The peculiar clonls involving Congressional war profiteering revive lin-.ilar shenanigans ~by legislators in the past. A.bout a century ago a ;:'oup of businessmen borrowed 3200,000, and incorporated tho .Central Pacific Railroad. Then they used the 200 Gs to bribe Congressmen to steal railroad franchises. Tho 20CGs eventually secured land grants for nine million acres and ..i. federal loan of $27,000,000! The swindlers became rich and powerful railroad owners without investing a penny of their own money! O O The Tweed Ring was the most •nrrupt gang that ever - afflicted New York, Boss Tweed filched millions via briberty and legalistic nocus-pocus—until he was finally put. behind bait:. But Tweed beat the rap many times. After one be found in reporter I-incoln Stc£- I'ens' tomes, His cxpoxays sent many grafters to the hoosegow' or into oblivion, He once turned out a three volume hist-jry of political flim-flamming in one city and then complained: 'I lacked enough space to pu-t all the incidents of nefarious 'political activities into those 'books." O O One machine in the East doesn't miss -A vote-getting trick. The boss sends toys to the children of voters. He uses-expensive chauffcurcd cars to bring the. \oters to the polls, And on Election Day he sends nurses to take care of tots while mothers vote. ' , . O- O • No one has ever estima-tcd how much money grafting officials have filched. But the sum reachs a'Strono- micaJ figures. One fact will give you a faint idea of th-c rooking that Grand Jury failed (,-j clip up enough (the public has taken- -and is still •taking. When -Tammany was riding high its take during -jne year was $7f;,QOO,000. O—-O best such IMiil- Sup'gested solution for (lie food shortago: have public men who reeonmiended their words. Of them indigestion. tlie course these might g'n Frank F. Oilyo, 14 Obristinsen street, •who served aboard the USS Pensacola as an electronic technician, wrote tlTTs graphic account of his experience in leaving the ship—to l)e used as an atom bomb taijget at .Bikini—and going aboard the USS Roekinghain. . . . "Right now wo are leaving the scone of the experiment aboard another ship," he wrote from the Rockingham. "It is both an amazing and beautiful sight to see the lagoon fall astern with ships making their way through the maze of target vessels. As UK; ships broke away, steaming from nil parts of tlie lagoon, and converged at the channel, one was reminded af a herd la'/ily making their way out of a corral. "As we fell into column and saw llie ships left behind lying idle and descried ,a strange sensation like parting friendship came up. There behind us lay some of the great ships of our Navy, with everyone tuming his back upon them." .... Frank later witnessed the. blast, but we haven't had Ids account of it yel. I'll. 1 expects to return home soon, Frank is a graduate of NHS and studied three years at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, X. Y. ' evidence to indict Tweed, an editorialist wrote that it reminded liim of the man who had been discovered dead and the jury were puzzled as to what caused his death. The jury finally issued this report: "It was ar. n.ct of Gori under very suspicious circumstances." O—O .Capitol Hill is now burdened with too many demagogues. But ' the current batch aren'-t giCted with j Huey Long's evil talent. Ho was i wily rat A reporter once saw i pape from a Huay Lor.jr address. Various instructions were penciled in the margins. Such as "pause here," and 'use anfjry fist gesture'," otc. ' . ' At thc'end of nne Ions paragraph, U-.o following wfiu scribbled in capital letters: 'Argument weak here. Yell like hell!" O O During the Tea.pot Dome probe i politico mixed up in the mess WRS asked: "Did you ever steal an :lcction'.-"' "Oh, no!" was the straight-faced rr.-tort ,"T paid for it." O —O Sam Insull erected his financial empire by bribing legislators via huge campaign contributions. He .iniiltl make and break poiiUcans with his checkbook, IiiKuli once onnstcd that a politico in Chicago offered to sc.M his entire orfl-anizfi- tion to him for a million dollars. O O The most revealing hi.story of po- li'.ical corruption in America can The. influence of corrupt political bosses on national affairs cannot be overestimated.. Many lawmakers arc merely errand bo.vts for local ward heelers. A reporter recently snapped: This is truly a mechanical age. Even public oilicials are frequently machine made. O O Harry M. DauRhorty was the Icady of Harding's Ohio gang. As Attorney General, he had it within his jurisdiction to dispense all sorts of favoi-s. He sold immunity from anti-trust prosecutions, pardons, (itc. But when the Teapot Dome j is a thorn in the side "(but there's scandal' broke- Daughcrty managed ; nothing they can do about i-t) to Big Idea was vo confuse voters by having similar names on the ballots. But 'the scheme was called off when it was spotlighted by the press. O O A pet hobby of solons is wasting taxpayers' coin. And no politicos have tossed away more money than the Rank-in Comm. In short, the opposite of practical is political. O O The Senate is reluctant to take action against Bilbo's alleged illegal election methods. But the history of Congress shows that there have been" spunky legislators who came out swinging against colleagues under fire. After the N. Y. Times exposed a land grab deal several -decades ago it resulted in the expulsion of four Congressmen. O -O . Percy Quin is another Mississippi rabble-rouser who burdened Congress in the 1920s. It was-Quin who first uttered the cynical icmark: There comes a time in the life of every Congressman when be must r.isc ABOVE principles." . O 'O . .Mark Twain used his pungent pen to attack the shady schemes of Tammany. The death of a. Tammany leader inspired.on« of Twain's famed quips: "I icfuscd to attend his funeral. But I.wrote a very. nlc« letter explaining that I anpioved of it:" ' • •" " •;'•' : o—o ; " OcorKc ^1. Roboson (Grant's Scc'y of the Navy) was taken into partnerehip with a firm selling inferior supplies to the Navy. In his S years as Scc'vof the Navy—Robeson banked $320,000. O O An Atlantic City political boss once ruled that town like a dictator. He ended up in a Federal prison after fleecing citizens of mill•ions. At one time he was so power- Industrial Golf Second Round Monday The Naupntuck YMCA Industrial Golf'League 'got under way, June 24th, headed by William Swanson. Fourteen teams have entered and will play their second match next Monday night a.t the American Go! Club. The teams arc No. 1—Chichow ski-Kechk'cs, of the US Rubbc footwear. No. 2—Mather-Owens, US Rubber Footwear. No. E—Goodwin Hcrrinpr,-Nau^atuck Chemical. No 4—Ekw'aH-Wojack, US Rubber 'Fcotwear. No. 5—Opper-Schiebcr Naugatuck Chemical. No. 6 —Tooth aker-Dcan, US Footwear. No. 7— Hurst-Quint, Naug-atuck Chemical No. S—Madipran-Neklutin of Synthetic Rubber Division. No. 9— Thomas-Pointer, Kaugutuck Chemi ca.1 Div. No. JO, McDcrmott-Garlin- •ski, Na.uf?a.tuck Glass Co. No. 11— Hacker-Follows, Synthetic Rubber Div. No. 12 — Thomlinson-Cinnamond Naujratuck Chemical Div No. IS—Wojack-Niziolck of Eastern Ma.!leab!e Iron Co. ' No. 1-1— Watson-Nauges, Ts'aupratuck Chemical D:V. Next week play—3 vs. 0; 4 vs. 14; Mondays 'G'vs. 7; S vs. 12; and 10 vs. 11. Tuesday night 2 vs. 13. Reece Says Gov. Baldwin Could Lead Ticket To Victory Bristol, July 16—(UP)—Republican National Chairman' B Carroll Recce ha. 0 : predicted that if Governor Baldwin 'ran for public office this fall, the GOP would sweep the cnUrc state ticket. Health Talks By Herman N. BundCHen, MTrT Here is the good news for ' BU n dodRcrs, those men, women n n ,i Children with white sensitive skin' for whom nn hour or so In the su m l mcr sun has always meant a pain ful burn. This year they con ec i their share of summer sports artf health-buildins doses of sunshine without turning lobster-red. It is Rood news, too, for others who, thouRh they may not burn so easily, still must spend Ions hours outside every dny in the.course of their work, Tbc little miracle-worker in this case is called rod veterinary petrolatum because it was once used ex. clusively to treat a condition in horses known as "collar gall." R c . cent tests <&iow that this simple well- known preparation, 'which may be purchased at any '. dm c store, will protect against the dan. ffcr of sunburn even during exposures of two hours or more. Added Advantages It has these added advantages, it docs not rub off easily, is not greasy and even with constant «« e it nas not been found irritating to the .«kin. • In testing this preparation, it Was put on the skin in a thin layer and the skin was then exposed to a flow of ultraviolet rays equal in strength to GO times the most i n . icruc sunlight. One minutes of,exposure was equal to two hours of midsummer sunshine, yet no burns Occurred oven after exposure of the skin for twenty minutes. On skin not covered with the ointment, exposure tc the ultraviok-t rays for ten seconds was sufficient to produce evidences of sunburn. This type of petrolatum with nothing added to it give ample protection from the most intense sunlight. Stimulating Body Sunshine seems to have some effect in stimulating aJl the activities of the body. In addition, when the ultraviolet rays of .this light »fa!l on the bare skin, vitamin D is formed from the substance in the -'kin known as crgostcro]. But healthful a.s it is, sunshine is pow- .erful, primal stuff, and too much of it can be as bad as too little. Those addicted to sunbathing should remember this. They should sJso learn :hc rules . Rence refused to comment on the possibility that 'the governor may run again-—despite his declared in !,ontion of retiring. He did fay however, that "Governor Baldwin's nblo administration and leadership have won for him n:.'ionnj stature. Unquestionably he would mako a good candidate. Among Hartford County leaders present the impression most for- ful and arrogant—he had himself i warded was that former Lieut. Gov- pholographcd with Al Caponc and sent the photo to newspapers! O O Congressmen who say that Bilbo destroy 1 the incriminating records. And despite the fact, that he filched m'illions, 'enough evidence couldn't be found to send him to jail. ' O O Some years ago a Philadelphia Mayor was indicted for failing to suppress gambling and vice. He w»s accused of bcJng on the payroll of undcrworlders. . .Despite the exposure the Mayor's regime continued to remain in power. The whole sordid affair caused one local editorialist to label Philly as the City of Brotherly Loot." All is fair in love, war and poli- •tics. Sen, George Nerds' political opponents ance persuaded a grocer named George Norris to enter the primary against the U. S, Senator. should read the Constitution of the United States, which they are supposed to know so we:i . . . Article 1, section 5 paragraph 2 reads: "Each house may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and with the concurrence of two- thirds of the membership—EXPEL A MEMBER.." One of tho best yarns about a politico was about a certain solon . . . There was a big-to-doodle in the papers about Borne costly gift h« accepted for his home . , . Alter re- nortcrs left, his little son (who heard their .sassy questions) plaintively said: "Pop, I don't see why there's so much fuse about that— everything we've got was GAVEN to us!" ernor Ja.'nes L. McConaughy was in the lead for the gubernatorial nomination, with Rep. Clare Eoothe Luce in line for the nomination for the U, S. Scnale/ George L. Benedict of Winstcd, former state central committcc- ma.n, is being boomed by party insiders for the Republican congressional nomination in tho Fifth District to succeed Rep Joseph- E. Talbot, i^^ i cEiSn * Wf4 of this popular pastime, a few minutes exposure to sunlight to be- Kir. with and then gradually increasing doses until an even tannins: of the skin results.. Never forget that while moderate exposure lo sunlight is beneficial over-exposure will not only produce buining, but may also be responsible for certain types of really dangerous skin growths. STUDENTS 1'I.A.VT 8,000 TREES Salem, Ore. —<UP>_ .More than :,000 Port Orford cedars have been planted., by Coos. Bay, Ore., high -Students' in "the Cipe Ara ff o Park, the Oregon Forestry nepnrtmcnt reported. More than 00 students participated in the eforostation project. DEER NOT \\A~RSn Salem, Ore. -(UP>_ Farmers shouldn't blame an entire hprri of deer for dnmngo the animals cause his crops, the Oregon Game Commission believes. The commission reported that most of tho trouble comes from a few individual animals that acquire a usto for cor- »nin cultivated- -crops and thus become habitual offenders. First rail line built in Montana was completed, in ifiso. REGISTER NOW >'AI.T.- TKItM HEdrNS SEPT. B HllNlnr-Hs Ailn.lnlsH-nllon, inpr, *fvrpt)irlnl. POST 2f Central Avc. JUNIOR COLLEGE Wntcrbury Where Train Was Derailed Injuring 25 Persons Uncle Sam is sometimes accused of softening Amoriean fiber by doing (oo much for the people, but he has never tried to give millions of Americans what they really want.: a place to park. The oxiermimiUon of eels iu the Great Lakes is called- for by bills introduced in Congress. There are some slippery ciis- tomors on land who might well be exter- miwited also. Mrs. Kathcrine RadclilTc, just buck From a trip through the New England states, telly us of a July 4 celebration at Wakel'icld, Mass., that more than made her sit up and take notice Ten boys who started a clubhouse ten years ago—• and subsequently went to war—arc the backbone there of an organization now consisting of 500 ex-servicemen. . . Currently they're sponsoring the construction of a huge community house. . . . Mrs. Radclit'fe sid athcir July 4- parade, followed by fireworks, was something to marvel about Incidentally, it's the West Side Communitv Club of- Wakefield. There arc so many new schemes now for "improving the lot of the farmer" that fanners arc getting sort o' scared. Railroad workers clear the tracks, five miles east pi Lewlstowii/Pa., where six cars of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broadway Limited ivero derailed, Injuring 25 pa.,sen B er.s and crewmen. The accident occurred when the aJI-Piillman train plowed Into heaps of cottl that had spilled over the railroad bed just a few seconds earlier, from derailed coal cars of a freight tralr, on another track. (International Soundphoto) A £resb coat of paint on tfa« wood-work *nd walls will make that room new agaioi And it you use the right paint, you can easily keep it cle*« •ad aew • looking with »o»p •ad water; We recommend Murphy Paints txtarior . I See Our Lnrjfe Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOtS FOR GARDEN ' and LAWN SHOVELS (lonff and short handles) GARDEX RAKES HOKS — SPADES PRUNING SHEARS GRASS SHEARS CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tol. 221 ft 24 SOUTH MAIN S (OniiOKllo NiingntlK-k Furniture Cn.) I'lintory Urp'mlr Srrvlrc on All Miiki of Uurilo SHw. Prompt s,rvlr<* n* KrnM>niit>lr I'rlrcx. T^itrMt I^uflimfnt for Ratlin Krnnlr Work. Acrnc.v for \Vfhllnchotit4o Kfirilft" lirul JCIortrlr Appliance,. Admiral KudioN nnd I'lmnDFrHnlm Slt»wnr(-Wiirurr nnd Snnnm Kndlnn I'hllrn Cur KiirllnH Sold, Innlnllrd IIIHl Scr\ lord VENETIAN BLINDS LEBON'S' BI.IKID CO. t7<t Nn. Mull! St. Ttl. X~T22I R&P METAL WORKS M SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Export Wcldlnc of All Type* Forcing, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Trlfuhonr W77 CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 . THE EYEGLASS SHOP CHJomlinson Jfeary BulldlnK Nauicatuck. Conn.

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