Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 24, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1909
Page 1
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F«uld«r ( Met. H. M. F. H.FABRICk HARDWARF: F- H. FABRICK-PLUMBING LEADING NEWSPAP Sg;Jg'*-tg^ r ' ^~-:f -^^ SAN GABRIEL^ftLLEY COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY* APRIL 24, 1909. Sfo. PROFESSIONAL CARDS DR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. OHnda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays DR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg. *** Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. &. JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS is ». J. D. RBED 8-10 a m O. D. JBNNINGS 10-12 m i 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m ^Office* in Reed blk., Phone 40. Reai- dence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo at. Phone JS48> Residence of Dr. Jennings on *iyReynold« addition, E. Badillo St. -Phone 299. sW^-'" COVINA, CAL. ajii?jj>i-'';. '• sy?:-MH'-' -^^^^ t ^ .^ : ; j. CLINE, llir; —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 ce: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. JSR. W. W. SCHIFFMAN ^rf§? ' . ' SSfei^ i Office Covina, Cal. Phone 184 )REWM. PENCE y!fP^ATTORNEY-AT-I«AW *n '>?'-• Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina. Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-33S Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. ##**##*****##***#* f WE CAN FIND YOU * A BUYER * * * * * $ # # For Orange Groves # Alfalfa Lands or * City Property List your property with us. * Covina faa'ty Co. J $*****#****##***** COVINA Shoe Reprint (o, FINE SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Oranje Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAI.I. ANU LIST VOUK IfkOVKIttV Office with A. M. P«nce, Reed Blk. COVINA, CAL. MAY-DAY FESTIVAL May-Pole Dance—Base- Ball. Splendid Prizes for Athletic Events. Not all the races, sports, or the prizes offered for the events to take place on May-Day in Covlna can be announced this week, as the on sports has not definitely placed all the list. But the Argus is in possession of the principal facts, a'nd a perusal of the following entries and prizes will give some idea as to what the day will hring forth. Not all the prizes offered by merchants are announced here. Some of the races are for the high and grammar schools, others are open for the whole town, others for' competing schools of the valley. The grammar school events and the high school class relay will be run off In the morning, a part of them taking place in the middle of Citrus avenue, starting at 10 o'clock. The Judges and other officials will be something as follows: Clerk of course, Ralph Crook; referee, Wallace Reed; judges, Dr. Reed, Prof. Collins, Hursey, Leebrick, Given, Douglas; starter, Douglas; announcer, H. L. Marshall. The Covtna Argus will appear with a full program of the day on Friday morning of next week, containing also the big_ anouncements o^ ^what the^ merchant's have to offer* In" a special line f,ron> thejr goods. £^tor^M* be running full blast all day. The Argua will print twelve pages instead of the usual eight-page issue, and will be placed in the hands of every family in the Upper San Gabriel valley. Two thousand copies will be issued. Watch for posters, circulars, flyers and general advertising during the week. Next Saturday, remember, is the May-Day festival. There will be an automobile parade. The May Queen will be chosen by the children and people of the valley, who will vote for ner at a penny a vote in the stores of W. W. Nash, C. P. Clapp, and the two confectionery stores on Citrus avenue. One cent buys a vote for your choice. You may vote as many times as you wish. The girl getting the most votes by Friday night at 5 o'clock will bo Queen of the May in the morning. Following is a partial list of the sports and prizes offered: Girls' long distance baseball throw, for high school girls. Entries—Edith Hull, Elsie Bell, Grace Butler. First prize, $10 diamond and opal ring, donated by M. Wright, Jeweler; second prize, sailor hat, white or black, latest style, donated by Miss Reckard, milliner. Grammar school girls' long distance throw. First prl/.e, trimmed hat, donated by Webb & Graham, milliners. Entries to be announced. Second prize to be announced. Fifty yard dash for grammar school. Entries—Louis nodges, Karl Cool man, George Daniels, Frank Wharton. Prize, Keen Kutter pocket knife, winner's choice from case, donated by Hurley's hardware store. Standing broad Jump for grammar school. First prize, pearl handle combination pocket knife, donated by Fabrick's hardware. Entries for all grammar school boys. Running jump. Contest between Joe Foe and George Daniels. Prize to be announced. Tennis tournament for high school. P'inals for high school contest. Ladies' singles and doubles. .Men's (tingles and doublet). Prizes will be announced. Class relay of 220 yards for high school. Thla big event will be run for a $2F> class cup trophy. 100 yard dash for high school. Entries—Hoy (Joodell, Ward Daniels, Fred Hoprier. Prize, pair of olive wood military brushes, donated by \V. W. Nash. FOR STOMACH'S .SAKE. Two Prominent Covlna Rancher* Have Eaten Nothing For Over Two Week*. David Overholtzer and Perry Bashore, two of Covina's well known ranchers, have been undergoing a period of fasting for the benefit of health. Mr. Overholtzer has already been nineteen days without a morsel of food, and Mr. Bashore fifteen days. Drs. Reed and Jennings are attending the cases, there are many strange features to be observe^ in the process of such a cure as this one. The fasting la not. advocated by the physicians, but is allowed to go to a certain point. Nothing but pure water hna passed the lips of either man since they began the fast. David Overholtzer says that all craving for food left him on the sixth day, and that he will continue the fast until the natural craving comes back again. Perry Bashore was up In the main part of the town on the thirteenth day of his fast, and loaded his wagon with sacks of grain at the mill, feeling, he said, as strong as usual. Mr. Overholtzer drove his large touring car to Pasadena and back again on the seventeenth day of his fast and is still working about his place a part t of each day. When Mr. Bashore started In he weighed 207 pounds, He now weighs close to 180 pounds and is losing steadily. He was troubled with stomach disorders and skin affection. Overholtzer weighed 146 pounds on the beginning of his fast. He has dropped to 125 pounds. On the seventeenth day -he weighed 128. Bashore swathe thifteeotb - 4 1t!$V& potinda. Dr. Reed and Dr. are both studying the cases. The physlsians note that the tongues of the patients are heavily coated and there is a great deal of muscular waste. Military Ball Tonight. Major C. F. Clapp of Covlna Canton, uniform rank of Oddfellows, announces that the military ball and dance of the local order will be a successful one. It Is to be held tonight In the Womaiis Club House, and Invitations have been extensively Issued. On Monday the Oddfellows of California observe their ninetieth anniversary at Long Beach, when there will be a monster parade In the afternoon, speeches by the mayor of Long Beach, and a military ball In the evening. The Rebekalia also have a prominent part in the event. Special rates have been secured for transportation, and badges, which are for sale at Clapp's drug store, will admit the wearer to any of the festivities of the day. . The New Jeweler. As announced in last. week's ArgiiM, Thomas L. Finch has opened a Jewelry store, occupying the north Hide of the confectionery store of Mr. Cum- nilngs. In l.he A.O.l'.W. block. Thin j young man has put In a large and I well selected stock of watches, rings, j chains In fact, a full and complete j line, and IH well prepared to furnish ! anybody with anything tliey may re- I quire In this line. j LADIES' CLUB ENTERTAINS Reciprocity Day Attracts Many Visitors to Our City. The event par excellence of the Monday Afternoon Club year IH "reciprocity day," a day set apart by each of the "Federated" clubs, when they constitute themselves hostess to members of other clubs In the federation. It is the community Idea carried to Its Bubiimest llmil.s. We have locally the club, and generally the federation of clubs, composed of individual women banded together for the uplift of mankind mentally and physically, Just, as the churches bind us into spiritual organizations. The invitation of the local club was accepted last Monday by over fifty members of other clubs. There were two sessions, In the moi'ning at 10:30, and In the afternoon at 2:30. The proceedings began with ,J,he address of welcome by the president, Miss Anna Herron, In which she light y reviewed the work of the year and cordially greeted the guests. This lady, by her calm executive ability, ao steadied the nerves of the various com' mlttees that the events of the day proceeded In punctual, orderly fashion, without a hitch and with Intensest enjoyment, , Cafeteria Supper at High School. The Cardinal stuff IH endeavoring to make tin 1 annual commencement number of the Hchool paper thlB year the largest and bent that has over been jnit out. On May I, an up-to- date cafeteria supper will be given | for tins benefit of the Cardinal, Come and enjoy your'«olvf;H. Muttfc while you eat. Supper from '» to 8 p.m. (Continued u> Ja«i |.-a Parlor* Redecorated. Curniulnga' fine confectionery atore, near the corner of Citrus avenue and Badillo Btref;t, ha» undergone many changeH ttiia week. The proprlntor haa made a very attractive nt.ore jthrough painting and refurnishing. ! i j ~~ ' | | To Rent—Fine ti-room bungalow, j jail modern convenience.-), center of • town; |1'". ! er inonth. ', J. H. Matthewa, Argua lildg. ' OTrl&uWTr fettffM ftSmlOT Glendora', El Monte, Irwlndale, Monrovia, Alhambrd and Pasadena. Members of the executive board of the Southern District of the State Federation of Women's Clubs, who spoke wore the president, Mrs. R. J. Waters of Los Angeles, who gave facts about tho Federation In relation to each club and to the nation at largo; Mrs. F.H. .Jones of Los Angeles, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Walter Peck of Compton, treasurer; A1rs. Arturo Bandinl of Pasadena, chairman of "History and Landmarks,," who spoke of the debt we owe the Indians and the means of paying the wauio. Mrs. Win. Daurhlto of Los Angeles, chairman of "Philanthropy," spoke principally of the distribution of cull oranges among the poor and of the maternity cottage In Los Angeles. Mrs. Waters Introduced Mrs. Pettigrew of Los Angeles, a fellow member on the board of managers of the Orphan's Homo, who spoke of the efforts being made to raise $7G,OUO for the now buildings at Cologrove. Our Miss Kinina Hawks of Han DliiiuH, chairman of "Household Keon- oinlcH," reminded her hearers that "no amount, of missionary /rial or civic enthusiasm will avail If wo fall to make our home the dearest and sweetest spot on Cod's earth." Promptly at noon luncheon was served In Hood's Hall by a committee composed of Mrs, ('. K. f!raw,ford, chairman; Mines. Ohaver, Wilson, I.eigliton, and a willing corps of hclp- ers. The toothsome viands wore consumed with enjoyment, and tho visitors were loud In admiration of the wealth of roses used to decorate the long table. In another dining room the "automobile eommhtcc" was feasted. Thowe gentlemen who Introduced the guests via auto to tho scenic beauties of Covlna were Dr. Heed, Messrs. Kerckhoff, A (wood, T. F. fJrls- wold, Duller, Klliott, Watts, Potter, liuiiglaH, " Sanders :tn<l Clapp. The afternoon session was devoted to a social program. The club house, ;i bower of graceful rose sprayis and verdure, echoed to the dulcet, notes which fell from the delicate fingers of MiaH Charlotte Horron. Miss Herron !« u pipe-organist and professional musician of noM; In the Mas'., ;i!i(« her HO|O, "Hif.'giiiund'B Love Hong" (Wagnen, wa« a marvel of execution and expression. It wan warmly en- (Continued to lavst page; L ET us do Baking. Look at this list. It represents articles that are GOOD TO EAT Top Notch Bread .. Cracked Wheat Bread Graham Bread Whole Wheat Bread Rye Bread I French Brcnd ' Steam Bread j Cream, Lemon and Cocoantit Pies Other Plea Layer Cakes Angel Food Lady-Finpera Macaroons Cookies, Doughnuts, Buns, Rolls. .3 loaves 25c 6 for 25c I5c lOc 2Sc 2Sc .per pound 3ac . per pound 50c .per dozen lOc Sai)e You Money '"ft ',~ • ~r"*J—r.K*" 1 -. s* i, ; "I ' "^ Jr • >• DIRECTORS ' ( OFFICERS 0. E. Andomon C. P. Gli\pi> J. It. KllloLt J. 0. IlouHtir W. H. Holllilny C. Monofoo A. P. Korckhoir Mnrco tt. Uollmnn W. H. HOLL1DAY, I'roMilent H. M. Houtior MAUCO II. HELLMAM, Vice PreM. J. K. ISLUOIT, Vlc'i I'ro*. W. M. QKIHWOLD, CiiHhler Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo . Covina VDalley Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTORS CJeo. E. AulorNon J. R. EIlloU Marco II. Ilollnmn W. II. llolll.luy II. M. Hiiuwr A. I'. KorckliolT OFFICKKH A. P. KKKCKIIOKI", I'ronMcnt II. M. IIOIIHKK, Vl«« 1'reHltlunt W. M. OHIHWOM), C'lmlilur Capital and Surplus $42, 000. 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