The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1977
Page 2
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VAGK 8—NAUOATUOK NBWS (COXX.). TUESDAY,; JULY 1C.-1JH6 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Pilot Makes Forced Landing- Oif. Denver • Street 'Drew Pearson Says: KKK Head. Must Pay U, S. $30'6,000 Back Taxes; KKK Officials Make Money At" Public Expense: Talmadge Promises Klan Free Rein At Kon- klave ' ' •••'.• Waiihlngton.--How the Ku Klux Klan operates as a financial racket for high-up kluxers Is revealed In a hitherto unpublished decision of the (;. H. tux court which recently handed down an opinion regarding the Klfin'n one-time Imperial wlsuird, Dr. Hlr;un W. Evans. Under this opinion, Dr Kvanw wan nlckod to tho tune of about $300,000 Ho will now have if; dig down In hl« Jouns nnd cou/h up that no small amount of back tuxes to the V. S. Treasury. • . . How u former dentl'it fi-jrn Dnl- iii, Toxa.'t, whose practice never .VHH anything to brag about could niiikd enough money to owe $300,000 In taxes In one phase of KKK activity few people hum- about. PedrllJn,),' Imtii Is nn nxtromoly lu- riutive racket, Thu dues collected I from suckers all over the U. S. A. hn« Hindu Nevural Klun millionaire*. •>v/evor, In thl«i Dr. Evuntt, ,n audition to clues previously col- luiilnd. wan working another Juicy sourer of income. Ho hud an nr- rniiKcrncnt with Georgia mate off! nlfttH, prirtlciilurly ex-Governor E, J). Rivers, v/hereby he sold asphalt frir rii-nt-clii roiid i-jn.ltruct|on. And as part •>! hi* deduc-'-lblo cxfi'» Or. Kvans claimed the c.-<>;it, r,t entertaining Georgia state officials. He tnld the riovernrnunt, ;-ii- ln:itunee, that he tmd spent $21,Eli; In 1037 for "promotional" ex- pcmii-u; and unothui' SlfCiliO In 11)38, These wnrii the years when Governor HIVKI-.M wn.'i In his prime. '['he U. S. Treasury, however, rlulmod that Dr. Kvans' only promotional expense was his friendship with hl>:h (Ji.-orglu officials (through the Ku Klux Klun) and I.hut thin Mid not entail any saleii expense, ffcivornor Rive™ w«;i a iii'.-inUi.'i' of the Klan. Kitinlly (Juriiurutlnu Dr. I2vun:i alsio claimed that It i-iail him *3,!)I8.UO to repair a dam on hiw coun-ti'y place, named Coc-h- ian Mill outsklii or Atliuita, and that Klneu thin country place WUH iim-il fur uiilui'tiilnln); state officials, thn cost of repairing .this duni ,-.tiouU| be deducted from his iTicomo (UK. The [/. 9, Treauury, however, ruled otherwise, Dr, fcvu.ii.-i also s:et up throo ctlf- fmi-lit dummy corporations which thu Truanury clulrm-d were ruero- ly to escape taxes. Hft Incorporated hl.x wife his three children, Ellen, Cecil, and Martha, and even his jK.'t-rctJiry, Mrs. Vines.. Tho, latter, IncklfcnUilly ,drr.-w two salaries, one from Dr, Kvans and the other from the Klan. This corporation paid $1,000 a month to the imperial wizard, plus nil his .expenses and a. now uuto- moblle. • One very ulgnlflccnt statement In the report of the tux court typifies tho manner in which thu Klan has Influenced politicians 'in many titales. Including Georgia, where the Klun [jlityed so close ta Its OUT. member. Governor Rivers, "Due to the Influence- of petitioner (Dr. Evans) with various stivtc and county otllcials," said the tax court, "and his ability In obtaining, contracts, the business grew rapidly," Thus the Formerly of t)i<? ; Nuvn] , Air. Coi;p*i K - -Uobert t(in, : ;2S, . . y street in Denver, Colorado! The pilot and his passenger, John 'Grulmm, 31, hot/i of Denver, ' ' ' ' ' Andrew Frccstrom Funeral services for Andrew Freestroqi, 79, of 1JJ3 Johnson street,' who died Sunday In St. Mary's hospital .following a .three week illness.,will, bn held'tomorrow | afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Euck; miller Funeral Home, 22 Park j placa, with the Rev. E. Einnr Kron, pastor of the Swedish . Lutheran church of Watd-bury, officiating:. ;fprc<:d I mi ding- in his small plune In ft. ; Burial wyi be In Grove cemetery Funerals Mr». IlOMu Smith The funeral of Mrs. Rose (Moore) | Smith, 29, wi'fe of Roy Smith, 405 j Rubber avenue, who died Saturday morning in St. Mary's h'oupital after a two week illness, was held this morning a( the Buckmiller AH American Vets r ii ' i To Complete Plans ursday ral Home, 22 Park pl'ace, to St., Franclw 1 church, where a requiem high Mais W.MS celebrated at 9 o'clock by thi- Rev. Albert Tayloiv Bearers were John qyce, Gustav Butkua, Peter Brooks. Vernon Stockeiv.G'coi'Be Been and John Kochnowski, Prayers at the ttve in' St. James' cemetery were read by Father Taylor. Commander Robert Lawlor of ic All American Veterans today special at the Friends may cal! (it' i.he 'funeral sorluus injury. Tlio craft missed power lines but' It's wings' Were' torn off l>y t'reu.s. (Intcriiationul 'Sound- home this afternoon and evening ' • ' "-nh'n^AV "'•'•' ' •''-•'.': '• .' '. . ' ' ' -. . ; . I f ro jy] 3 ' f,'-, fi nVlo^lf 'nnM 7 In Q photo) to C o'clock Lent, Phillips Released By Navy fo-ind, it was threatened, parts of his anatomy would be nailed to a tree the tree set on fire. The traitor would then be given a knife I,' and the choice o(' cutting his an- i utomy or burning to death. . ] Another muetlnpt of Klan No. 297, | RdM 1 " 2-c '• 'John Lent, 7 ' 72 New Atlanta-Exalted Cyclops Roper ' street an( , sc 3 . c Ear , ' reported on conversation with Gene • • • Tkllmadffc. He asked • Tolwadtfc for his advice or. the problem. TaimadKo did not answer, but picked up a paper and pencil and wrote: "Pistols." If he were governor, Tal- Phil "P s . square, were d,s- prophetM of blfroti-y I madpe said, the state militia would wealthy by pfddlinjr hate to PIERPONT'S IfKlMi-ri-il JIMVL U-r.v, Ainrrli-uii 1,111 Il.t.Vi; H'riil'iKT hi- gullible. War Trnlltenrs .How \Vuyn ,'mv York and dark horse Demo r.'i-atlc candidate for governor, Is nil wu.-jhi.'d up politically as n result ol' going to 'bat for the Krle Basin war pro/ltf.-era. Furthormorn, John- now llntls himself partly out of hlu Krlc Utislr: Job. Johnson caused dissension in thu ranks of wnr pro/ltcers jyhen he hired Henry Paynter us a public relations rnun n.nd paid him $2,500. Thin aroused tho Ire of Allen Gell- rr.nn and Joseph T, Weiss. the other two top executives of Erie tuid they have flrod Wayne never be culled out in case of race .Talmadge told ol' a long- trouble talk he had with Klansman Roy Johnson, manager of Bill j Han-in and his promise to support i campaign for mnyor of j him. Capital Cluiir Postmaster General Bob Hannegan Is lugging '20 cases of special bottled '.vulC'i' u'ith him on his /ylobe-jrirdllnir junket. Speaking of cases, Speaker Sam Rnybum's re cent party at the Carl ton Ho to consumed eight cases of -scotch seven of bourbon, and one each b ryf and gin... .Columnist Arthui Krock's son _wtis dropped from' the State Di;partrnent pay roll in an economy drive, but is now back in a new poit. . .Ambassador Beetle Smith sent hly wife from Moscow Joltnsor.. Mo IM still the personal to Copenhagen in an Army plane attorney for the Gurs.ton brothers, tu buy new draperies for the Am liov/L-ver. orlcari Embassy ...CtO Secretary Klnvi'rn Minutes Jirn Carey thumbed i'. ride from Jottings from minutes of tho Ku Klux Klan: Kla.vcrr. N'o. 2P7, At- Innta - K.xrjted Cyclops Sam Roper made plea for election ol Gone Tal- madgi-. li ( ; reported that Georgia Power, the Atlanta Transit Co., the big trucking linns nnd farm organ- Uiitlom; were supporting 'Talmudge. If Talmadge Is elected, the Exalted claimed, the Klan will have TAX JtECEIPTS Hartford,. July 1C— (U P)— State tax receipts 1'or the past flsca.1 year were three ur.d one-half million I dollars less than In the preceding year. State Tax Commissioner Wal- t'eVW, Walsh i'Cports ttm'the taxes totullcd $32,000,000. A million, and one-half of this goes to the Soldiers', charged from the nayal service i Sailors', and Marines' Fund. Sunday at the LT. S, Naval. Per-| sonne! Separation . Center,. Lido Beach, Long Island, N, Y. ' ' free rein in handling police Jobn, clots, nipp cnnnft, nnd Noj;ro pa.r- iide.'i I'lfin.s for revlvInK the East Point Kan rllsciissiod. An initiating team will from rfo. 297 to Ma- Berlin to Paris with Genera) Ludas Clay In Cl;iy';t private plajie Attorney Gen. Francis Bidcllc, nov/ one of the judges nt the Nuromberj,- wur crimes trials \vaii shocked at Supremo Court Justice Jnekson'u attack on his hlffh tribunal, colleagues. .Lawyers just returned from Nuremberg believe all the Naxi defendants except Hit ler's former MJnistci- of Finance, Hjalnuir Schacht, face the firlnfr squad .. Schacht's powerful IntcrncLtionuI financial friends are flffhtinjf to save him .. Herman Goerlnp greatly enjoys ouch day's Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 elnii at Nuremberg-. Goer- reels he's living on boi-i-owcd Jr/hn Snydor has appointed .•.•onlc lliill (o purtlclp-ite In crrc- mony. Hope expressed thnt East Point (uo-.vcl "have le'trned their lei-MOn nnd will keep mouths shut about tlK-lr nctivltiu.t" . Eoyc-fitt ol' Ati'mtu Journal and Atlanta CunstltiitUiii propoBBcl Judge Luke Arnold scheduled to speak on plans to Itoop Negroes from voting. Stolen from thu minutes of Klu.n No. I , AtluiUii* Grand Di'tigon Green denounced Atlanta ministers who h;ive oonclnmnod KKK, es I'unlnlly Dr. Louie D. Newton. Gceim waved copy of charter of southern regional council anrl rend numfl'i of Its Incorpoi-ators. Includ- ItlK lilshop Arthur J. Moore of Methodist Church In Atlanta, Dr, llou-ard Otltim of University of North Carolina and Dr. Rufus C.'I MM cut of Atlanta University Onind Di'iigon exhorted Klolcon roinrnittoes to tlg'.Hen prohe of new inrrr.ber.'i to prevent leak.-:. He also iidinonlshed Vlttur to do likewise Cur K'nwilier Kliib,, Considerable (,-ommlttoo plans to rent tho oquip- violent talk uliout the "traitor" who i ment to various soil conservation liriM h ( -(-n leliklng Klan minutes, If | districts*. Wlnthrop Aidi-ich, one of tho Intor- na'.ionul monetary lunci's bitterest enemies, to a Treasury Dopurt- merii advisory comniltteo on 1'irct- ton Woods mnW'i'H. Sidney HII!- m;in':j sudden p.-i..s::ing d e o |) I y moved CIO President Phil Murray who suffers from tho sume typo of ailment that killed tho PAC chief fCopyright, 19-lG, by The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) NKW Hartford, July Ifi—(U P!~The State Soil Conservation Advisory committee has received .$2(5,000 to purchase heavy equipment. The machinery will bo used in the .soil conservation program which is intended to increase thu amount or innd f.-ultable for crop raiding. The St. Cabrini Statue In Procession *^r"«vj '',. ^? C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS J'or All I! M.OWUUS TKl.KGUAl'IIKU MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO TtinUHKK AVBNUI! Telephone CJWG Only Ktutiic .In : Nn>v K.n K lund -of Frances Cahrlni, first' U. S . . '» «°" !m » P'ocowlon fro,,, the ho™ of M,s Francs' ll , M UHS., to the St. Francis Church where til,- wi»» onsthrlneil In ull-duy religious observance, (luternntjonal photo) Alabama'ranks second' in. the U. S, in production of coke. " First pr.e-marita: exu.mir.ation law went into effect in the state of Connecticut 'in 1936. Thereafter similar laws were enacted in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. from 3 o'clock. Mrs. Mary ,. for, -Mrs, Mary Meegan, 83, who died late Sunday morning- at her home, 85 Highland avenue, following a long illness, willbe' held tomorrow morning at 10 'o'clock .from her lare residence to St. Francis' church, where a solemn high Mass of requiem' will be celebrated: at 30:30 o'clock. Burial win. be in St. James' cemetery. Friends may .Call at the late residence until the time of the funeral. announced pla.ns for u meeting Thursday Might YMCA. for the completion of for the organization's first dunce. Tho meeting will be conducted a! 7:3p P-. "•)• Commander Lawlor urged all members to attend and rnu-ke returns for tickets. Thn donee is planned Friday night at Linden Park, with music by Greg Phalen nnd his orchestra. Funeral O'Koofp .services rfor Hugh AIR-FLITE I.ABGE WAGON $11.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO.'SODIMI MAW ST TEL. 6162 Conn. O'Keefe, 40, who died suddenly ot .a heart attack Sunday night at his home, 20C Scott street, will be held Thursday morning lit 8:3C o'clock from tho B^kmiller Funeral Home, j 22 Park place, BABY OUT IN THE AIR! • Metul Strollers . $7 <u, Fol.liiiB Metal Stroller i Sandboxes 1 Metul Swing on Slund . . church, where 'to ' St. Francis' a requiem hi'ijh SC.98 .. Mass will be celebrated at S o'clock. Interment will be in St. Ja.mes' cemetery. Friends may caJl at the funeral home tonight from '7 to 10 o'clock and tomorrow afternoon and evening from 2 to 10 o'clock. BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST. Watcrbury Dennis ,T, Gorman The funeral service for Dennis J. Gorman, 82. 'of 241 Cherry street, who died Saturday night nt his home, will be held tomorrow morning at 8:1!) o'clock from the C. H. Green Funeral Home, G2 Oak street, to St.. Francis' church, where a solemn hie;h Mass of requiem will be celebrated at 9 o'clock. Burial will, be in St. James' cemetery. Friends rtiay call ut the funeral ..,.-- ..ts are In 1 home this afternoon and 'evening charge of the Buckmiller Funeral I from 2 to 5 o'clock and 7 to 0 ' Home, 22. Park place. i o'clock ! THIS WEEK ONLY KVEUY BOY WANTS AN IRISH MAIL (REGULAR S19.08) 'SPECIAL BEACON KIDOIB CENTKK. 1> GRAND 8TRKBT Waterbury . ., For the year 1945, $35,000,000 in addition to wages was spent by General Electric in extra benefits for employees It isn t a new thing for General Electric to put more than money into pay envelopes for-its employees. "Job dividends"—these extras that G-E employees get in addition, to wages—have a sound business reason To be.successful, a company must be efficient. A man with -fewer .worries ean produce more efficiently, which makes further benefits possible. Profit-sharing plans, relief and loan plans began over 10-years ago at General Electric. Life insurance for em- ployees, cash for suggestions began over 20 years ago. Pension plans were started 33 years ago. And vacations with pay began 53 years ago. Every employee has a stake in the future of General Electric. For out of its success—and only out of success —can come further advances in living standards. That is the aim of General Electric, not aJonofor its employees, but for the public, who gain by new and better products, continuously improved. GENERAL

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