Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 19
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1915 NINETEEN I Gracie Fields Says Woman Over 40 Can Be Glamorous Disputes An Assertion By Clare Boothe Luce That There Is No Glamor After That Age' : , By BOB THOMAS . Hollywood, Feb. 17—So Clare Boothe Luce won't fight with Helen Gahagnn Douglas, eh? Maybe shei can battle with Oracle Fields. ! The Issue: The contention by the! representative from Connecticut] that she is no glamor girl since | women over 40 cannot be glamorous. I Stuff and nonsense, said Oracle while relaxing on the "Paris Underground" set. "Mrs. Luce Is fishing for a compliment and I am Just the gal to give it to her," she added. "Mrs. Luce has more glamor than most glamonis women because shp has Intelligence to go with It." » » • The English comedienne recently admitted to her 47th birthday in a GRACIE FIELDS Knows Her Glamor town where a woman's age Is as sec-!r Ar v 111T x] f> l^ 1 „ retly guarded as,, the plans for the!*- jUm P lellrl e ! PyJc Movie Drama next attack on Japan. There are many people who would contend. that she has glamor. i "Oh, I guess I will pass in thaj-p.. • dark," she commented modestly j-LMTtJClor "except when the camera catcheii sirlls bv »11 of my chins." I could count only one. The number of glamorus women over 40 is large, remarked Gracie. Her nominees—Katharine Cornell, Ilka Chase, Mrs. Harrison Williams, Lynn Fontainne, Gertrude Lawrence, the Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Bergner. "My own mother is 67 and she Is one of the most glamorous women I know," she added. "Queen Elizabeth is glamorous, though not in the Hollywood sense of the word. When she visited this country, she slimmed down six or seven pounds to meet American standards." Oracle thinks it is silly to be squeamish about one's age. -'clhnan Gets Re-Reading From Reporter's Book Out on the green of a golf course, within a stone's throw of Beverly Hills, they were reenacting one of the great human Interest dramas of World War II. : : Ernie Pyle had reported the touch- Ing story and it had gripped millions of readers. Aaid today William Wellman and the "Story of G. T: Joe." troupe were portraying the incident —the "GI's" farewell to their beloved leader. Capt. Henry T. Waskow of Belton, Texas. • • . In the picture Robert Mitchum portrays the role of Captain Walker. And Walker is the screen prototype struggling to be 10 years younger. Usually after the first 35 minutes you talk, to them, the struggle has tnded unsuccessfully." \ot Waskow. ]. Tl hill. "Too many women are constantly i- Tne cameras were focused-on a Over the hill came a small procession of mules, each bearing the body of a dead man lying across the saddle. Nor Is glamor acquired solely by! American soldiers leading the makeup. : " j mules walked them down the trail "I often wonder how the escort! 10 a cowshed. Here the dead were of a. so-called glamor girl feels! removed from the animals and laid when he sees her eyelashes start i on tnc ground in the shadow of slipping and her makeup drip. Nolj tile building.. that, makeup is unnecessary. Some ... A .', n0!!g Liie dea<! was Captain j women must use it to n greater ex- Cliauce for Boy Actor to Slarl In the Movies Filming of the screen version of Marjorie Kinnan Rnwllngs' Puklzer prize winning novel, "The Yearling," is to be resumed in the Spring, it, was announced last week at Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer studios in Hollywood. The picture will be made in Technicolor and many of the scenes will be filmed on location in Florida, locale of the story. •' • : . A search for a boy to play the role of Jody will be started at once. Gene Eckman, the youth originally selected to play the role, has now outgrown it. therefore ; a new Jody is being sought. The boy must be blonde and fair, with a natural feel- Ing and affection for animals. He shoilld be 10 or 12 years old, approximately five feet tall, and should weigh from 70 to BO pounds. Applicants for the role should apply to Billy Grady, M-G-M casting director, Culver City, Calif., and should be made by mail, and a photograph should be enclosed. Information may be obtained here from the Cumberland Sunday Times. Ella's Stellar, Acting Natural With A Feller Warner Off ice In Greece Reported Destroyed Jack L. Warner, executive producer has received cabled word from the company's headquarters in Egypt that all Warner Bros, offices in Greece have been destroyed and burned. All the films was saved, it was added. Destruction of Warner Bros.' uf- fices in Greece recalls the disaster of some montlis ago when the company's Teddington studio outside London was wrecked by a robot bomb. By ROSALIND SHAFFER AP Newsfcatures Writer Hollyivooti. Feb. 17—Ella RaiJies isn't .the usunl Hollywood actress. She's an outdoor type, and'stren- uous, though she looks fragile. ! She fakes boxing lessons with! Frankle Vann, studio athletic trainer for male stars. "Just so I won't ;et struck like Lana Turner In the < middle of a Hollywood night club: brawl," she says. • Not that you'd j be likely to find her in a nightclub, unless it was with her husband, Capt. Kenneth Trout, who likes to I show her off a bit when he's on leave. In New York, where most girls go to see and be seen, you'll find Ella rowing in Central Park. She Plays It Straight -.,. Promoted as a natural type of beauty by Howard Hawks and; Charles Boyer, Ella has uncurled hair, even features, ; lithe figure with real suntan on her clear, smooth skin. She packs a dynamic personality, prefers fliers (her husband Is a filer, holds a Presidential Citation, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.) She isn't the sort of girl who likes her husband to remember anniversaries and bring her presents. "Td rather he'd bring me some little thing spontaneously," says Ella. '' Ella says her vocabulary needs restraint when something annoys her. It dates back to when she was; with her father, a dynamic engineer, j working with his crews and exploding Into expletives In the typical Irish way when the men dldnt move fast enough. Vivacious Lady . Ella's Idea of lovemaking isn't holding a red, red rose in her teeth and running her fingers through a man's hair. She likes 10 wrestle 'em. : Once Capt. Trout thought he'd fool her by ducking into a room and locking the door. His little bride broke it down. be perfectly happy that way. The University of Washington, not too fur from her native Snoqu;0mle Falls, Is her alma mater. She got drama mitning there. "I like to act bocuuse I can hide my real self behind the rolr-s I j pliiy," sny$ . Ella. "I loved doing I thin impersonation of a hot Jive |rtil in 'Phantom! Lady'. Uwause |t jwai something different. Working i with John Wayne In 'Tall In the (Saddle' WHS Mieer'joy; I love horses, land John Wayne wns a real pleasure j W work wuh. .He didn't .'think my IsmifiRestions about scenes were I dumb." : I One Look Was Enough j Ella Raines' rise to stardom. I though not us widely publicized ui.s somi 1 , hits .boon senwLiiorml. Boy-i |cd and Hawks look at thej i photos oi her brought from New ! York by an : agent and signed by ' her. : .' : \KK Photographer Is : Told \Yhfre to Head hi James Wong Howe, one of Hollywood's outstanding cameramen, whq recently filmed "Countfr-Atiock" at Columbia, decided to have a picture taken- ot tile Chlmw IOMHU- rant he owris, so ho called a i-om- mcrclnl photographer. The photographer, an elderly fellow, set Ills camera up on the opposite 'side of the street, wuh uuto- mobiJes swtshlnjf past at n rate at .wcral per minute In cither direction. It was a pretty-, trying siluu- were reacting. So Jimmy went oub to him and suggeMi-d that he use a wide angle Ions from the near side of .the sliest to avoid tht trnfJic. "Listen, young icllow." said tho exAsprUiU'iJ plioU>t::-r,phi'V to Hollywood's? nee IcnMiirii. "you 1:11 in mid take rare o: ymu iXHxilei- . , , I'll lake rait- nj nil-,!" VICI. rilK-SlDKNT 1'l.AYS BKN'NV'S ArfOMl'ANiaiEN'l At Ihe.Niiliounl Pn'v- AK<o<!li)tl<in dinner . in Waxhlj>i;!t^) la.-.i w«Mc', the hlelillgW of tiif evening.-tva* when Vice Prcwctom Trimum pinved plun'o V ncooiniMiniinrui to Jack lion, and the camera mini's nervfts! Benny Mid his flridl i.Joiin Leslie and Rohrri Hullon to lie Co-Starred , Miclmel Doyle has beon signed by ' Warner Bros, to be dialogue director ! lor "Too Young to Kiiow," Joan LPZ- .Hc-Robort Hutton co-starrer, nov. before thr cameras. "Jack Gasc [been assigned as dialogue director for : Warner's "stolen Life," next Bette ! Davis starring film. Gage recently I completed, n similar assignment on !the studio's ''Hotel Berlin." I •— ; ___ ELLA RAINES She's Strenuous ItAOUL WALSH IN N. V. Raoul WaLsh, who directed Wani- cr Bros "Objective, Burma," Errol Flynn starrer currently. at the N. Not that she hitsn't her scniimen- y, strand Theatre, arrived In New ta.1 moments; she does. She likes] York from ths West Coast last week, to write verses,.but she even'gets!Walsh has just completed direction strenuous with them: she finds her- of "San Antonio," Warner's Tcchnl- self getting so sarcastic , that she color outdoor drama which stars ssaaaewKWHgggw:^^- ANDERSON'S "II 11 (i syJLjM ANNE BAXTER • WILLIAM EYTHE • MICHAEL O'SHEA 2O-, tent than others. Some, like lug rid Bergman, can do without it." Real glamor consists ns much of intelligence and personality as good looks, said Gracie. "Like Harry Lander once told me —'lassie, it's not wha 1 ye have on yur face, but wha' ve have insida It.' " How can a woman over 40 pre Walker. The men by the cowshed received this :iews in silence. Then they moved closer to the body of their comrade. One by one they said their farewell, some in silence other? with tense words, several, simply and directly; -I'm sorry." Dondaro. played by Wally CasRoll. stared intently into his 'captain's dead face. Then he gently reached serve glamor? Now listen, ladies. down and straightened the points of "First of all, you've got to keep confidence in yourself. Life begins at 40 and don't forget it. Second don't, ever look a mess. Look your best on every occasion, including while sleeping." There it is. Rep. Luce. Seven Movie Premieres Overseas During 1944 Four Warner Bros, productions were included among the seven American films which had world premieres near battle lines overseas last year, it has been reported by- Col. E. L. Munson Jr., Chief of the Army Pictorial Service. Tile Warner pictures wore "Rhapsody in Blue," "Saratoga Trunk," "Conflict'' and "Devotion," none of which has yet been released in this country. Other films which had service premieres were "Going My Way," "Marriage is a Private Affair" and "Casanova Brown." Rex Ingram Signed For "Thousand and One Night' Reg Ineram, noted negro actor who scored a personal triumph in Columbia's "Sahara" last year, has been signed for an Important role in that company's "A Thousand and One Nights." Ingram, who has starred in such Broadway successes as, "The Green Pastures" and "Cabin In The Sky," will portray the Giant- Who-Guards-The-Lnmp in the Technicolor extravaganza; . Alfred E. Green is directing with Cornel Wilde, Evelyn Keyes and Adele Jer- Sens cast in the leading romantic roles. . l he Captain's collar and readjiibted the tnttered uniform. This goodbye, more than all others, affects Pyle. portrayed by Burgess Meredith, who turns away. The incident, in every detail, follows Pyle's account. In directing the sequence Wellman is not tha "Wild Bill" that Hollywood knows. He explained what he wanted from the actors explicitly but quietly. Heal "GI's" appearing in the film respond to Wellman's handling. They understand him. He talks like one of their own top sergeants. And the "GI's" in this scene listentn to his even- word. Then they wen: up on the hill with the mult'3 and went through the action of leading the animals to the shed below. When it came time for actual shooting, Wellman called cvervbodv- involved to gather around. " . "I'm not going to try and tell each and everyone of you how you should react. I'm going 1 to read you Ann Harding in "Those Endearing Young Charms" Ann Harding will play the role of Laraine Day's mother in RKO Radio's "Those Endearing Young Charms," screen adaptation of Jerome Chodorov's play. Miss Day will co-star with Robert Young. Navy Mess Cook Helped Actress Give a Parly Jeff Donnell, who doesn't have a! maid, really didn't- need one for the| party she gave at her home recently; for a dozen servicemen. While the actress, who plays a featured role in Columbia's "The Power of Uie Whistler," wn.s busy in, her kitchen preparing food for her guests, one of the servicemen barged I in and offered to help. Almost before she could turn! around, it, seemed, he had the en-', lire dinner rendy. Arid no wonder. He was Dave Podgers, Seaman '2C. of Lockport, N. Y., and he is mess cook aboard a battleship. She enjoys solitude and can'Erro! Flvnn I'M FROM ARKANSAS" GRACE M. FISHER THEATRES SLIM SUMMERV1LLE — EL BRENDEL — IRIS ADRIAN — BRUCE BENNETT — MILO TWINS — THE PIED PIPERS GIRLS. SIMMY WAKELY—SUNSHINE something and that's all th« direction you should need." He read them Pyle's simple, moving words on the death of Capt. Waskow. ; The men then played the scene, and it was right in one lake. "Some critics somewhere may describe the sequence (is an example of good direction." Wellman muttered after it was over. "If so, the credit, goes to Pyle, not to me. I couldn't think of any better means to reach those men than to read them that column aloud. It tells you more about the war than anything else." Bolero and Frock • A Sdtutn^ke&t^e A LIBERTY* H,* *"*«*( BORIS KARLOFF LON CHANEY '^ « CARRAOINE" wm NAISH PETEX COE EtENH VUDUSO IWU AT*iLl 'i Bravo to (he bolero ensemble, Pat-i i-frn 4542: for Us dramatic contrast »'Kh a smart print, its talent for] shrinking hips and waist. Pattern 4542, sizes 12, 14, 16. 18, 20; 30, 32. 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44. Size 16, tlrcss, 2?i yards 39-Inch; bolero, I'i yards 39-Inch. • . This pattern, together with a needlework pattern for personal or household decoration, twenty cents. Send twenty cent.'? In coins for thrse patterns to Sunday Times, 42. ^Bltern Dept., P. O. Box 172, Station «• New York 11. N. Y. Print plnlnly *««. Rnri .style number, your name, "'itlrcjis, rxinc. : :Jiwt olT the press I It> new, dif- J'trent, thrilling—the Anno Adfttns •xx* of patterns for spring 1945. f rcc pattern for four nprons printed 'n book. send fifteen cents more 'or your order i:cv! ' ' : '••• :•--. : 1 ::i:.' PLUS COLOR CARTOON — NEWS — MUSICAL STARTS WEDNESDAY 2 ''SRNSATIO.VAI. J • f * i * " J WWK.J/RC.JI/H I HITS RETURNKD —^^^^—^^——^— Bv KF.QUEST THE GIRL OF THE MOMENT GINGER ROGERS WITH HER MAN OF THE HOUR JAMES STEWART IN THE PICTURE OF A LIFETIME "VIVACIOUS LADY" . A PARAMOUNT HIT! PLUS TTi« -year's grandest drama of lev* and action! DANGERS-FORTUNE" -. • >•!••• 11 in nn... _M, . . Ffrt MxMwny • Patricia Monson • Mbert Drtker WNrt »rit« • Hswh ScWArart Bkk turn M Wtr kmi riTTi.i: i:< VI:AK 01.11 ni:rrv nRr\vi:R, \vin> noes : A l.lTTI.i: HEART STFAI.I.VO Of IIKR O1V.V FEATURE TIME TODAY 2:20, 4:41, 7:02, 9:20 P. M. FEATURE TIME MONDAY 12:00, 2:21, 4:43, 7:04, 9:26 P. M MAY WE SUGGEST YOU SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING RA'LP'H BELLAMY fecMMON • RUTH WARR1CK i SCGH'lcXAY PLUS.., LATEST NEWS & "FILM VODVILLE" NOW SHOWING - LAST TWO DAYS Ic-vt i* y*ari torifc rt»»it 9^^, sW Hft' goU «l f^j Gdf «*if G(d<*r T*-»rrfl»*. COKKKMA OTIS SKINNER'S hearts were » td. 0 °r, M '"*" % v~"" 'O*'' ^r t»—• &*.. / T* 1 * ^ otl Ttm* F>i»y *ow forH.,. "'" r Tli«Y Stortnf S *l<Xl PLUS LITTLE LULU COLOR CARTOON STARTING TUESDAY REQUKST-RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF 2 BIG HITS OF PAST SEA- ISONS — YOU'LL NOT SEE TWO BETTER SHOWS AGAIN ON THE SAME PROGRAM. .HERE'S A THRILL NEW AND GAV... It'* a Dance-Filled Holiday /=• _*3 AT.j..with a footloote Dying Tiger on a 5-Day Leavel 7, -"^ JOAN MARYLAND -STARTING TUESDAY AT NOON AURGARET O'BRIEN JOSE ITURBI JIMMY DURANTE JUNE ALLYSON The Picture of a Million Hearf-Throbsl ', ' • win, MARSHA HUNT KERIERT • HARRY DAVENPORT • MARIE WILSON • LARRr AOIER - u'rVA ROBERT BENCHLEY MltlT ITAX - CUZABflK PMTE8SOK IUHMIEMTEMII • FREDDIE SLACK 'end hl» ORCHESTRA frodin+4 bf DXVID HFMPrTLAD • Dlrtcltd by fDWASO K, O*IFf ITH /~^__l 1 C «»_ «_ r >. ft| ^ . 'w... ' ' • HIT NO. 2 RIOTOUS FUN! ^ this IS not only Cary'b great esl picture, _bul one of Hie screen's best 1 - and wait till you ihfilf to twely Larame' TODAY AND TOMORROW GRACE M FISHER THEATRE A SHOW TO DELIGHT THE WHOLE FAMILY! 'HEART OF THE WEST' Another rhrillrng Hopolong Cossidy Adventure with ' WILLIAM BOYD - JIMMY ELLISON George Hay«i — Sidney Blackmcr ; Lynn Gabriel "ENTER ARSENE LUPIN" '.-•'-• • -.*•.- : . Ycor's Greatest Mystcr Thriller with ELLA RAINS - CHAS, KORVIN and J. CARROL NAISH PLUS M-G-M NEWS-COLOR CARTOON & NOVELTIES! GARY GRANT« PrtufufrJ tj r>ai*J Hrmfifmif DirfftrJ f,j II. C. Pclttr Vri.n. r-w bv M-HCM V-o(.'«> I *•)'•-«, SrMi *"* '.:..• .;•".. w«u «ww.Hwn COTO URAINE DAY STARTS FRIDAY WILLIAM PRINCE • JAMES DROWN -.DICK ERDMAN • Cf.ORGE. TOBUS • H£MfiY HULL • WAR*ttR ANDERSON • iw,^ w Raoul WALSKj

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