The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 5, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Tuesday, April 5, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community' j| THE WEATHER All Now England—Clear and cool again tonight. Wednesday mostly sunny with temperatures a little higher than today's. Eastporl to Block Island—Gentle to moderate northeasterly winds tonight and Wednesday. Vol. LXX, No. 166 ESTABLISHED 1885 TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1946" Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent! House Action On OPA Measure Is Expected Today John Breen Chairman Of "Welcome Home" Committee Administration Leaders Strive To Change Bill Jewish Vets In Capital For Palestine Protest September 2 Date Set For Local Event Ward'en Brophy Announces Appointment; Will Report Action To Board Spared Fate Of Their Parents Xmirly I,SIM) .Ji-wlsh wiir vrtonms from New York iirrlvu In VVa.Mlilngton to take part in tho parade and imi.MH 'inccting tn tin- ISrllisli pulley In I'ali'.Htliir. Moiv tliiin 3,1100 Jewish war veterans dime ill from ninny .stairs liy Intlti, plane, Im.s or cur. f)iilii),'utlo* ^ will confer with rrcsldent Triinian, Acting Secretary of Stiilt- lifiui Achi'Miiii mid Lord Jiivrrclwpcl, Britlxli Ambassador, ami iiMc that Grout Britain permit 11)0,1)1)0 illi|i|ii(M*<l Kiiropi-ttn iJi-WK tci i-nti-r rulcstini-. In the i:»riiviin were lieroen of both world wart), (Interim ilomil) Mengacci, 18 Others Named Delegates To Represent Montanari- Rado Post At State Convention July 2G fluiiirii'AtiiliM- Ailurn MrmrnfU'l will tiKul u dull-gallon <it 1H Mti'rnhi-rH of Mfintuniul-Knilo I 'out. Itiillun Am- iM'Icrtin War Veleriiii.s, to the stfitn f:mwi-ntl<m -filly 2H, 2V find 2H at the lloli'l (.Siii'tli-, 'Vi-w llnvi-n. I'lail.i fur the ciiriventlon wi'i'n ni!i(l» «t « iiti'i-tlriK lust nlirht. Minn Antulm-tti- '/uccari'lll will henil a ili-li'jriillori ui .'iix auxiliary (rii'iiihi-i-fi I" tin' convention. Commander .Verified wll ;I!MO attend the imtloiml rtinvi-nllon l/i Synicu.Miv N. V.. AUKilut ;IC) ' Lllcl Hrpti'mtirr I. nncl -. In company with Krum:l:i Criuldc,, S'nlviitori- He- Vilii. Joseph AmC'dlllu, Chariest Last-Minute News- New GOLF TOURNAMENT Britain, July .11) -ollVr the '2'2\ ie nd .fo.sepli Hpudoln, other pd;lt oltilM'TM. Claim Wer.v .'il'id rinilpleteil lust night fin' the poMt'.-i Ili'Mt annlinl tli-lil day to he held /it Minimi I'm-li Ai,i;tint. -I. I'VancIs Creddo und Uulph Morelll wurn mimed c.n- I'liiilriniin, to he asi.-ilsilml by Ju.ii-- phlne Timjrti'dt und I'l'i'.tlcUnt J5uo- 4'iuvlll df thu ituxlllfiry. One of the h|>fhtlglit:i " r ' hr Ili'ltl ilny will he ii *<>ril>i!ll JWIIIIP ln-trt ..... n the local post and l-'liirlo jmrtt of VVntei'fhui'y. l'.".xlu>:, racing, lioi'el and other .sports will he on the program. JOM.'ph Ti'liuio l/i In chill').' 1 ' "f the npurt.i |iroi;rnm, iiHHhtixl liy Wll- Iliirn lindo urul Kohcrt Hucclo. ivti'i 1 Mielr ha." f.-hiLrm- of pub- 1-111! club to i'irst place honors in iituitiiiL Xi'\v England public links championship. iorgin — \vlio hells a. lony hall — iocl a field of SS with a l\vo over par— 73-71 for LI total oi' 144. Throe others Cinislii'd second \vilh 14.M. They \vere Doin Soccoli of New IJiiliiin autl Wall Knpiec ami Hcl C'un:, -botli.-oi- Spr-ing'.field. SIX STEERS CAUGHT P.liniiiii'iclil, Cfiiin., July 1G — (UP) — Neophyte co\v- with loaded ril'ios — staying an. impromptu rodeo — captured six out oi' t'otn'tooi! oscapud hooi' cattle. The iianl-ridiiix pgsse — heating Ihroi'igli woods and fields— unladed up I'ive <>|' them alive. The sixth wa.s shot, afnd killed iil'lei- lie had lix'ed Lloyd Smith — a company em- ploye, Warden Leo J. Brophy today announced 'the appointment of John H. Breen, 1C Pairview avenue, as general chairman of the committee to arrange a "Welcome Home" program for Jfaugatuck veterans. Date of the 'Welcome Home" has boon set at September 2, with indications that the program, which will include a parade 'to be arranged by the Veterans Council, will be the biggest affair in Naugatuck since the Welcome Home accorded veterans of W'ji-ld War 1, July 4, 1019. Mr, Breen, a Naugatuck native, active in sports while attending Naugatuck High School, and still a keen sports enthusiast, 'has been engaged in business on Church' street for many years. He said today that plans for the program, and 'the naming of a com- ,-nittee would be announced in the immediate future. The committee IB expected to number-between 75 and 100. Because of vacations here, the past two weeks there has been Jittie action toward making plans for "UP)—A Worcester, MasS.,| thc ceremonies. It Is expected that ' ' ' once tho committee is named the Secy. Byrnes Makes Report Says German Must Not Militarism Be Given borough will bcome alive with interest in. plans for the program. Warden Brophy said he would report on the plans for the celebration tonight at the borough board rr.eoting. NEW AUTO PLANT , July Hi—(l-'l > )—Sonic 315,000 persons are lie employed soon to turn out 1,300 automo- radically new design. The l''i-ank and Marlholll, William I'ufrirsh- I'ltt.-hnrgh i.K\r>s U ! P) - Jxilln G'liusngi eXpOl'trd to liilns daily- prc'sUii-nt til' tin- Tucker ('orporatipn—Preston Tucker— that. In- will begin hiring as soon as the govej'iimcnl it-s an iia'enlory ul' llit.- plant lit; lias leased. TYPHOON REPORTED Tokyo, .July .Hi—(IT)—Tho northern tip of Luzon may t'i-i-1 a typhoon describrd as being- ol' severe intensity in lln- ni-.xl few days. The tropical cyclone has been, blowing st-vt'fiil hundred milt's east of Lir/.on i'or several days. APPEAL DENIED hundi July Hi—(UI J ) —Radio Belgrade says that the appeal of (li'iieral Mikhailovitch against his death son- U-IH-I- has bei'ii rel'used. Burgesses Mum On Plans For Session Tonight Members of the board of warden and burgesses pii'one to silence today regardinif-'-controvor- sial issues, which are expected to be aired tonitrht at. a speo.inJ session of the borough officials in tha town hiil! at 8 o'clock. Although it has br.c'n rumored altercations might result following presentation of several mutters, hoard members declined to comment on this possibility. Appointments, which usually cause dissension, may be made in the Arc department, board of charities' and board of assessors. The fire department appointment has been pending for naming Because they weren't hungry und didn't eat the »tmv Unit poisoned their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Canada of San Francisco, Calif., these bewildered survivors .of the outing tragedy arc still in good health. The crying children, Billy, 1 1-2, and John, 4, arc shown in a hospital crib. Doctors say the parents are not expected to live. (In-. tcrnatlonul) Hootin Holler Bug Derby Gains National Interest several months, and of members to the tlie two MANY SENTENCED Daclian, (iermnny, July Hi—(UP)—An American mil- has si-iileiH'od 4,'J N:ix,i storm troopers to ho tlit-ir part in the Malmedy massacre of: American 'prisoners during the Battle of the' Bulge toward the xh'i "vr^^raL^iVthH Hose or 11)44. And 'M others who wero found guilty have n-Kiilnr day (•OUI-HI-.S In CurncKln ; luvll seillt'liced to prison terms Ti'i'h'M Cdlli'Ki' <>t Unfcliuid'InK " lu ' Srlcnri', WDM tuji honOl'M 111 this KfiidiuitlnK el""-" 1 . •out inn 1 Attacks life imprisonment. ;'ing I'rom 10 years to FIRE IN BRIDG-EPORT j ) — Five persons have been injnreil and 8() escaped in a. Tire that raced through a i!iree-s(oi-y linildint;- in Bridgeport. The building, which housed (.he ('(immunity Advisory Service Center, was coin l.letely gutted. Damage is expected to amount to several thousand dollars. liy l)r. J. H. Wiirrrn An attack of angina poctorls— vl.ii' l|lu. puln under tho breast bono extending towards loft nhoulder— IM UHUfilly brought on by effort. Wlillo thu blood vessels may have lo-it some or tluilr cltiHtlclty. (ittnckw eun hi' prvvrntod by "sensible" living; that Is only llglit exerclso und xmull meals. The middlo aged and oklorly should "llw- tliolr nf;i.'." not try to llv« tho life of those who are younger. Feast Of Mount Carmel Opens With Many At Morning Mass A large Mflss this attendance at S o'clock morning featui-cd the opening of the local celebration of tho fenst of Our Lady of Mount Carnicl. M?.ss was celebrated at S o'clock at St. Francis' church, The program will be continued tonight at G:-ir> when a parade will form at Chrlstoforo Colombo hall and proceefl on High, Coon, Oak, Maple and Water streets to Rubber avonuo as far as Arch street, returning to tho Green. A band stand has been erected on tho Green. The 35-piece band under the direction of George take part In the parade then give u concert on tile, will and will the Green. • No fireworks will bo displayed this year, according to Chairman 'Charles Nardello. The parade will be more elaborate (Tian usual, however, with the appearance of a large delegation from Montanari-Rado Post and auxiliary, Italian American' War Veterans. —A full liquor lli'i'iim. lit .Icrr'K Krumur- ivllt. C'hurc-N Nlrrrl. liHJlri'j* u full ohulco of toolhiit Urinkn, »o enjoyubte iu tbo bo* wrutlitir BOUBOD.—Adv. —Hut wi-iiilii'r Ilinr U Mhrte time. At Hli-k'H Shon Stori', 14'J Ilnnk Htrrrt, U'kitiTbiio 1 . thfru urn hnndt-Hdn or KtyltfM lor ivcur lu I ho •uinmer •MIOD.—Adv. boards was tabled at the last adjourned meetlnjf of the borotitrh board, June 25. Another matter tabled at the last board session was the namlnp of a Park Commi.islon, which,; will recommend the use of $40,000 for recreational fncllitics in the borough. Warden Leo J. Brophy met opposition at the last meeting when he presented a slate of potential members. Althougrh members of the Planning Commission have not ns yet been contacted, Warden Brophy 1ms announced a meeting of that group to discuss the construction of a memorial auditorium will take place this week. . • • Bpcause nf the in.ability of the warden to contact Lionel LeClulr, bus franchise holder in the borough, it is expected the session of thp Naugatuck Bus Transportation committee with Mr. LeClair to discuss Mndings of the survey to provide better transportation facilities will be deferred. It. all started when looking i'or a fresh continuity, hit upon the idea for the "Hootin I-Io'.- ler Bug Derby", which Is currently, running in his strip. Purely and s'imply, the Derby is a bug race, all winged creatures barred. Comic strip fans countrywide who consider the little people in the funnies no less human than themselves liked the idea. A flurry of telegrams followed. They're still coming in, Some readers offered entrants ranging from Southern boll weevils to Jersey mosquitos. Others advised that they were holding bug races In their own homo communities. From Seattle Typienl of the telegrams is this one from n. reader of tho Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Rebelvets entering fastest strawberry weevil in world in Hootin Holler Bug Derby Telegrams Acclaim Comic Strip Idea; Finish Somewhat In Doubt; Snuffy Smith Backs .Blue Blazes .The.'post war spirit of tho 1920's. with its flag pole sitters and marathon dancers is again, manifesting itself today. Fred Lasswell, King Features Syndicate cartoonist who drows the comic strip, "Barney Google and Snuffy Smith has telegrams to prove it. • . Lasswo.ll, ~ T ~ ~~ Rep. Talbot Backs Legislation To Aid Small Businessmen Legislation to aid lesser contractors and businessmen, particularly those who sustained losses through no fault of their own on Army and Navy contracts, is being advanced in Congress by Rep. Joseph E. Talbot of NaugntucU. The bill authorizes relief in certain cases where contractors supplied material and services during the war at a loss. The subcommittee reported the bill favorably on motion of Rep. Talbot. This bill will affect any number stoo'^u'r jockey Aphis JonesVeports ;'of small contractors in Connecti- " w J i i.i! .-m*- " rr« ..»!-*.* .,(„*„,•) "VT^ I »i rr * V\ Q t him in A-l condition stop pleaio in-; cut, vosugalo charges Snuffy is using | it is Chance To Become Strong Secretary of State Byrnoe asks two SG'l questions in his report on the Paris meeting; of foreign ministers. "Is German miltarism," the cabinet official wants to know, "going | to be used as a pawn in a struggle between east and wost, "And," he continues, "ie German militarism again to be given the chance to divide and conqu»r," .Actually, they are ono question, and if you heard the secretary on the radio last night, you know that, for America at least, he gave a simple answer—no. These were his words: "To that question, there must be an unquivocal answer, for equivocation will increase unbearably the tensions and strains which men of good will everywhere are striving to relieve." That's diplomatic language for saying the question does exist. That it has not, in fact, been answered unequivocally. The mere raising of the question points up the suspicion. And who might be indulging in such a dangerous game of Jlre which could bring "on another world conflagration?' Can't Understand Kussla The inference which might be drawn from Secretary Byrnes' speech is, tha.;. if there is a guilty party, it's Rxtesia. He doesn't say so, of course. He merely says he cannot understand Russian opposition t-o our proposal for a 25-yanr treaty to keep Germany disarmed. While Britain, prime motivator of the post-world war one move, is now supporting our proposal. On the other side of the picture, those eame suspicions apparently exist in the minds of 'the Soviet eaders, Suspicions that the western allies, led by Britain and the United Slates, may be trying to •epeat their performance which 'ollowed World War 1. The big job now is to eliminate hose suspicions on both sides. 3yrnes feels ho can do it by plug- ing for his proposal, to keep G<*- nany disarmed for ^D years, 30 -to ,0 years if necessary. Republicans Set Dates For Party Conventions Dates for party activities preliminary to the state election, including the state convention to nominate a gubernatorial candidate, were announced today by the Republican State Central Committee. a battery on Blue Blazes." This was signed, Gil Soderberg, Maple Valley Tavern. Blue is Snuffy Smith's starter, a potato bug. Next day this one came in: "Aphis Jones seriously ill stop Talbot stated. Noting that, Thc stale nominatinff COnvclUiori aimed particularly at the contracts of Rodenbach Leads Local Delegation To GOP Parley Seven Naujratuclc resident." attended a meeting at Lake ' Com- nounoe, Bristol), yesterday;', sponsored by the .Hartford Women's Young Republican association; in honor of B_ Carroll Reese, chairman of the Republican national committee. Those from tho borough, were: Chnrles P. Rodenbach, chairman of the Naugatuck Republican town committee; Senator William A. Painter, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Erk, Howard Sagcndorf, Joseph RaytJnvich and Henry Zwick, President John E. Coutts of the New Haven County Young.G. O. P. headed a delegation from that group. Part of the day's program was broadcast ovor radio station WTIC in Hartford, ' . i grazed on sprayed strawberry ittle follows" with the $100,000 variety. The bill allows contractors who sustained losses through no fault of their own to prove their claims before the War or Navy Departments. If any such agency turns thorn down, they would be given plants stop race called off until he < permission to take their case to a gets out of hospital." Tho signature, court of claims. was Snoose Thompson^ Ma'ple Valley Tavern. Apparently Aphis Jones didn't make it for Art Neilsen, who offered no further cxpla nation wired this: "Maple Valley bettin' 20-1 on Antelope." Aphis or no, the Derby is or. .It will end of course when one of the bugs crosses the finish line. But, in Barney Google's immortal words, "It. may. take two seconts, twenty minutes, four days or a hundred years, who knows?" Follow the race in THE NEWS comics section. Rubbish Collection On West Side Rubbish will be collected on the west side of the borough beginning tomorrow, it has been announced by,. Superintendent of Streets "Harold M-urtha. ..•Because of the collection on both sides of the borontrh this week, the street oiling schedule has been interrupted, but is expected to be re- 1 Ships Carrying U. S. Troops Are Arriving Today (By United Press) Mo.ny a parent, wife, or sweetheart will be smiling today since four ships^with some 3.9D3 troops aboard are scheduled to arrive in New York. From Lc Havre come the Tufts Victory with 902 soldiers and the .Westerly Victory with 1213 troops aboard. The Norway Victory is scheduled to arrive from Southampton with some 520 troops. And the Shcepshead Bay Victory Is bringing hoaie' more than service personnel. 1200 BIG DAY FOR TONSILS Sherman, JTex. —^LTP)— An sumed next .week. un- I natural quiet pervaded the Thurs- i ton Hunter home here. The three —I,H oiiurkV Friendly Srrvic* fihi- I Hunter children.—^Tlmmic, 9; Gene, ruad»j for maximum enjoyment.—Adv. tonsils removed at the same time'. will be held September 3 and 30 at Bushncll Memorial Hall, Hartford. Other party dates: Aug. 20, Caucuses and primaries to elect delegates to state, county, congressional, senatorial and probate conventions, and to elect members of town committees. Aug. 2-1, Senatorial district conventions to name members of tho State Central Committee. Sept. 14, Congressional nominating conventions. Sept. 21,-County conventions to; nominate candidates for sheriff. Sept. 28, Senatorial district conventions, except those districts which comprise one town only. Oct. 10. Caucuses and primaries for selecting candidates for representatives, justices of the peace, end In senatorial and probate districts comprised of one town only, state senators and judges of probate. Aug. 27 was sot as the primary date for Stamford. Administration Leaders Hope To Send OPA Bill To Joint Conference (By United Tress) The House is holding an extraordinary two-hour session to talte up price control and other questions. And administration leaders have blue-printed a strategy which they hope will knock out some of the restrictive measures tacked on to tHe Senate OPA bill. The administration strategy is to move immediately to send the bill into a joint conference between representatives of the Senate and the House. The hope is that in the course of Kc conference House members will succeed in eliminating some of the Senate restrictions. On the other hand, some Republican House members may try to got more, instead of fewer, amendments, if the bill is sent to conference. These Republicans are said to feel that the Senate has put industry in an unfair position by eliminating price controls on farm products but leaving them in force for industrial output. As Representative Clarence Brown of Ohio puts it, "this is a dangerous lack of balance, nnd stens must hc*i'""i to remove the shackles on industry as well." Republican Split The Republicans arc said to be .split among themselves on proper strategy. Some may go along with the administrate-on move to send .he bill immediately into conference. Others are expected to try '.o utart debate on the measure. And still a third group reportedly wants to speed the Senate bill—as is—on through to immediate ndop- Jon. The House ^.Iso is scheduled to begin debate today on the question jf atomic energy. The Senate already has passed a hill which would give a live-man civilian commission full control of the mighty atom. But the House military affairs committee has prepared a plan of its own which also give a powerful voice to representatives of the armed forces. Sccrolnry-of-War Patterson is reported to have repented his belief th.-K the Senate me.-isuro providing for civilian control is acceptable. But a number of House members think he is juGt, as they put it, "be- ,ng a good soldier." and they will light to give greater authority to the military. Probably the highlight in tho Senate today will be the report of Senator Arthur Vniidonburg of Michigan on the recent biff four ,'urciK" ministers conference in Paris. The Extended Weather Forecast For New England Boston July 1C (UP)—Kxlcmlod Now England weather forecast: The temperature during the next four days will average close to tha seasonal normal. Rising tempera- turps Wednesday and Thursday will be followed by cooler Friday and Saturday. Some normals ore: Boston and New Haven, Connecticut—72 degrees; Providence, Rhode Island—' 74; NantuckefGS; Concord, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine— 89; Burlington Vermont—"I; Ea»t- )orl, Maine—01; Greenville and Presquc Isle Maine—66. Rainfall will average less than one-half inch occurring as showers ate Thursday and Friday. Deed Recorded In Borough Land Sale A warranty deed has been filed with Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John in the sale of two lots on Rubber Avenue by the borough of NaugaAuck to Theresa M.' Palmer. The lots were part of the property on Rubber avenue owned by the borough and sold to high bidders last month. —Mnny Itnmlr-cdH - of Nunirnliiclt cnr oivncr* j»lrriKly lm\-r viewed tlie new 1047 Slnilfbakor. on dlHttlnr nt th« N'nu- laiuck Battery Of Auto Service.—Adv. NEWS "CLASSIFIFED" ADS Get The Best Results Quickly EFFICIENT INEXPENSIVE DIAL 2228 Ask For Classified —I'or vnration fiiHhlonM* *liop> At Ru~ tthnrl'h, Niunnltuck'N Fntfilon On tor xvhfoli for many yr&rm ha* bf*a oat- fltUnr Ntturmtuck'i •marmt women.

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