Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 1, 1944 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 1, 1944
Page 11
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V MD, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, .ELEVEN' i (Continued 'from -Pagd tihia " LM ''. Pyles, - Delores ', -Starr • Jimmy Whita'cre, / Charlene arid • Jeaiv ' „ .he Eagles ^veht; to: Keyset '.Fvtr af tinrjoqri Jn the "second genie ; r ''' Ith'e season. • Mr. r ; Kesner , .,. ik which provided >way& -for? 50 Jents to -the :game.v ' The fitu- ft s of P.'A. ,H.- s. '.wish to ex- thelr appreciation: to ,Keyser for giving : to .'us haH of, the iceeds of-'the game.'.;':*/ :.:- - : r ith schoo! in full swing well you until next .;week'. THE 'HTLLTOPPERS . . . ':•'».' •,'.-•- - ' ' " ' . • J OLDTOWN'HIGH • "dedicate this week's high; 5 to Corporal Thurmau "Dick 1 ut. He v ;is a -graduate o'f Old. High ScSool, r class.'of M2 ; ,He been serving with" .tbfi Field jillery :in the European Tlieatre lop era tlons If or'- swrj e ti me. he flrst^'4-H meeting ..was hek fednesday' with Miss -Margaret jar presiding." The .following., offers were ..elected: President . ike' to 'attend' Bruee High, but Monday ;'. morning* J : walked inland there :ie'"'.Was standing 'in the hall, We're ;!ad;he-Js' back; with us. •. . •' .'; ail running around with Home 'Economic^ ptpsrtrnent.' ! She. has. her 'third : ye' srrilles'' on :our faces Monday morning, when, we heard that the thieves wjio-hadv.stolen the $700 from trie school "safe had been caught. We would be much happier if the tnoiiey would be found. •*'.-. : .Tuesday we had some bad' news. Esther Hardesty, senior, was taken to Memorial Hospital for an appendicitis operation. We hope Esther 1 will return to school soon. Ytmtli Has Gone To War! Cumbedaiid Busier Than Ever B ut Old Spirit Seems Lacking run into some of the old gang, but they're all Hke me; they're all away.' 1 .• .- . . '3oc lias ihe right'..answer. He's t>een away a long tlinp. He ran) no- make-up. And he knows sec at a glance llial although Cum-1 thai something Is: bcvlfina s^tnis bright and uay BiKtj "Tho. old lown's dend"— alive, there is something missing mjlwr Youth hns gone away to vail . the ; Red.- Cross Room. '. We .'cfttiv see the fruits ot : their' labor "and it.'s;yery pleasing to" the :'eyc. •':: Mrs.. JJell smith Is the last teach'eV tb arrive' for.-thc Math classes.- : She's replnclng'lMiss Emerald SUllmnn: '-Miss! Nelva' Jean Rafter : is ;: our .very .efncient; new- corner - to the science aepdrtmfht, : Miss Clara Spotts-ls-the one who sings, : plays the piano, and wears a palr> of sliver ..wings. She teaches English, land social studies. We've told you about Miss Hehdrickson. She's the senior class sponsor arid we all wonder how she holds so much j Shakespeare • iri that little blonde ^-,V-" : By Raymond, B. O'Rourke ; i •': ••Wartime Cumberland hums ; with activity, • '' ' and raHrbacV equipment} steei :: and beer; .bread and bricks; tires i and ; tubes—these : are just a fewiof the'products'turned out by the city's 17 manufacturing plants. In -Industry alone there ; are over 16.000 'people 1 contributing: to the life ..of-.the community. Everyone is brineuig home the bacon', including- high .school boys and. girls, mothers, fathers ; grandmas. And Cumberland's retail grocers' have everything from I have'a feeling there's Eomethrne nead .: Last, but not least; we'have funny, going on -In the Home _ EC, „ new : coach:: : Art Scalli. .You've Club. 'All 'the officers' were called for/a ^meeting Wednesday and we're wondering wliatfor,; : . . •: . . ..This week's.Who's..who: '-.-•'••.: ' The fr'esrimatv-boy' ; who went up on the 'stage,- wltlv : :'the -.'magician Monday and did one of the tricks ICUUB. Bradour7~"vr c e VrSidem foi'ft ^'mc- :,;'-;••; . ' , issle Walters; secretory, Juanlta The answer to last weeks Whos Euckley; treasurer, Arlerte Bowers, •he boys' officers are: President, fcenheth ':Blegle:..;vJce president, " " r;.,seCTe t»r y -and reasurer. fried the meeting. :,,:?. |The boys In agriculture went to J-ederidk Wednesday to judge farm fbducts. " '"_ -•••••- • •: [The. county nurse and dentist ive beenMiere extracting and';fill- tg the elementary children's teeth.; SJuiiiors and seniors haye'select- tlw games .they wish to play tiring- our physical education ( p'er- id. Everyone seems to like the ar- ingement very well. • [Our visitors this week .were: Miss FilliEon, Private Harvey Linn, and Jr. G. S. W~Slls. retired professor rom Western Maryland CoUcgc. Who wns Jimmy PIsher. 1NKSPOT, HIGH a new .'coach.: : Art Scalli. ^Y6u've heard of him before if you read,the sports.pege; The boys all thinlr he's a swell guy. ( :..-.. .' ..The. Seniors arent^wasting any time.1..' Alrea dy. •. we've, ordered .our riamo; cards and arihouncements. Arrangements have been' made to have the class pictures taken Monday and Tuesday. Look pretty, kids. While the seniors are..a pi«tty happy lot we're Just tv little lonely without James'Phillips and Francis' "Red 1 g We were • recentlyUlibnored by ai^argeiic. ,. .-.: -. • ylsyt' T .jfro'ih^.the£::statn. supervisor,}'••) The Juniors-seem 'to have their Jarncs^E.' SpttOTRSM This was hisischpol paper well under way. Mll- rm first*yistt : to/:GJff.S.Vthls year..,He dred Moss U editor. Good luck, kids, • .- madea'ibrlef ivislt'"to each class and watch that'minieogrnph ink, •1st studying the''type of work they I it's hard to get, you know. ' •i bacon. Those who prefer eating thejr bacon, and beans "out" crowd the 95 restaurants and lunchrooms of the city'at mealtime. Tlie problem of the.restaurateurs is not get- tlug customers. ,but'- food to feed them with, and help to serve them. ' Everywhere there are crowds. The 87 : miles : .bf streets In the city are seldom completely deserted, day or night. Throngs -line, the curbs at i on week-ends.. Airmen, slim, and rangjv seeming born' to a 'lite', of flight, tfllk over the missions 'of a month'- 1 ago—^over . BerlHii and :.the South i'Paclfic^-asi-they.''get their shoes shliied at some oho of ; many shoe shine shops,-; ; A naval oSSee'r; crisp and starchy, can be seen walk- Ing proudly, beside, a trim WAVE, who Is obviously,proud of her companion. .A . i'ueged paratrooper, with the 'swashbuckling humor, of ono ; who has known the utmost In thrills, grins broadly at the dainty ) assortment of 'undehhings. In the ; window of a ladles' shop. and .glance of neon beans to bananas to go,with thel signs tne wh j rl of soclnl ]lfer th( > exc.ltemetit. of sports events, the presence of men and women in uniform,- the activity of busy working people—all this and more blends in a sense of aUveness. But that sense seems somehow dull. There is something lacking. The spirit is not there. It takes a guy ill brown and brass describe that missing "some- He is a little, sunburned bus stops, waiting to push their J G j" uv who nas ^ t returne{1 inn v • into '*-•••"•»'***»»•*•'» ••••*—'*"*~-3«»- were' doing. We are aiways glad to! NOW a follow-up about that foot- receive Mr. Spitzsnas and sincerely hope,he comes back soori. • ; Sgt. 'Biehn of: the Cumberland recruiting statiori presented a movie Wednesday;consisting of two Signal Corps pictures. Immediately after . 41 L e : ™ V 'L "? *?" °™1 2?™ and Re 6 d,"the ball game. We played Fort Ashby on our field, Friday, September 22. We won, 34-0. We hope our boys play Just .as well against LaSalle Saturday night. Along with the blue stars for Jim will add a gold , years of age, took a tast for the Air star m memory or DIck S pe nce , the ' ' first member of our class to be killed • „ , , ,. . The enrollment for the year hasi ln action. Dick was a gunner In en officiall announced. The n. « ____ . -. ._-/-_ - , ._. _____ .1 NORMA, JESSIE, FREDA' ~ |been .officially announced. Tlie l number the elecentary HIGH To start toe week'of f with a bang. •e had a.' magician here at school (ondny afternoon. The tricks were ll pretty n'eafe' and after it was over ey were 'all explained to xis. Pail the proceeds went to the school Try This Soothing, Medicated , school is 327 and the high school has 212 pupils, mnking a total of 539. " "hello" and "goodby" at the railroad, stations and bus terminals at all hours. In the city. 45 beauty shops get a terrific rush from live ladies; 33 social and fraternal clubs iire patronized religiously by "the boys." There are still 19 dentists, despite the war, and they are all hard to get to. . Even the city's two hospitals are crowded. (Sometimes patients-must be satisfied \vlth beds in the lialls). Six theatres do R record business. And all the 780 rooms of Cumber- the Naval air corps r rt was aboard j land's 'six regfilar hotels are usually the aircraft carrier "Wasp" at the I occupied. time-of. his death, September 21.1 Thousands of school children add Dick enlisted in the Navy in the!to the bustling activity of the city. buses that are already| from Kol \ h A r r j cai W here he served __.,.for a year with the infantry 41110 He is standing in one o£ Cumberland's seven bowling alleys, houghtfully smoking a cigar, and ooking rather lost and alone. And packed. ."-Where is everyone going? coming from? Everywhere, it seems. People are kissing eaeh other summer of 1942. He was outstand-ion their way ' rOUllUJld Ul !£>•*£. X1(J WU& UUlAlalUl- j V/il n IT; U >*a,v The freshmen" have been givenjiiig i n . both personality and scholar-1 local schools. ,..- - diagnostic tests in reading and i ship. We deeply mourn liis death, (churches lend beauty to the Gum- to and from the 1^ Tlie spires of 42 arithmetic. These standard routine! tests register the abilities of each: ' MARIE AND TOMMIE pupil. Coaches Bill Grimm and TWICE RUSSIAN' .,,.,, 41 - ., ,•• Marguerite Chapman, who garct Stalnaker are getting their American born of English-Irish de-1 lounges, cafes and saloons and just [soccer and fieldball teams organ- spen( . nlivs a Russian girl in [plain "joints"—play theli- part ii jberland scene, and theli-parlshonem, (swell the swarm of humanity that 'move. 1 ; throughout the town. j s ' Taverns and tap rooms, bars mid lized. Our first game scheduled scellt ]a .. „ . . „ . .- ... . . , "Strange Affairs." The impression i the swift-moving life of the times if or October 6 when we will be host U he m&de must have been good, bc-i Twenty-five thousand automobiles IWllMM :to Accident. ! Our milkweed pod collection is (still growing rapidly. William Grimm took a group of thirty boys ta,KeV£er Ridge ; and the result of their collection,'was very satisfac- torj'; '. ' :: - .RITA AND RTTTK. . RlbGELET HIGH i :Maybe you haven't. noticed that, I jour highlights, haven't been in thejj 1 paper tiiis year.-but in case you have.ij we'll attribute it to the trouble our " Senior .Class-has had getting organ-[ ized.' ^With changing teachers »ndi all,-we've been a- bit upset; .but now ] WJ-TS settled with Miss Elsie Lou | Hendrlckson as our sponsor and English teseller; Every day lias been a. busy one In -. our little red school house over here. '•' Class officers, hive been elected, senior class colors and motto have been chosen. -Why, we've even won a ball game already but we'll get to that later. , There are so many new faces I abound here. It's really very confus- I ing. There's a whole bus load of i Ifftctl**— because Vicks Cough j new students from Wiley Ford. We jJDrops are ale dies ted with throat- ' i hope, they like It here and that they > plus other cough-easing E you a medicated ["throat twth" tliit-brings -welcome \ relief. Taste good! EJi'good! cause she has been cast again as a Russian in her most Important assignment to date—the feminine lead opposite Paul Muni in "Counterattack." It Is believed that Italy's leaning Tower of Pisa was actually design- led to lean. go off the road every month according to the O. P. A., but parking space downtown is harder to find than ever before. There are nearly 9.000 telephones In the city and they are always bus}'. Freshly laundered sailors speckle the crowds on Baltimore street al most any evening, but particularlj . ! W MTspnss i Md BUETOCOIDS metnbers Miss Georglanna Kelly, SO cial science, really has the right slant for taking away some of the dignity of the Seniors. She writes our names on the board in big bold Consolidate Your Debts With a PEOPLES BUDGET LOAN HE CANT GIVE SAMPLES Having a prescription filled isn't like buying a dress where you may feel a sample of the material ... or a new food where you may taste a sample. By it's very nature, prescribed medicine cannot be sampled nor "shopped" for.' You must accept it "as is" from the pharmacist and therefore, wisdom dictates that you have all prescriptions compounded in a pharmacy whose professional reputation guarantees' quality and accuracy. Five Conveniently Located Stores To Serve You Quickly Fords Drug Stores 54 N. Centre St. 236 Baltimore Ave. 9 East Mala St.. Frostburr. Md. 69 Baltimore St. 24 S. Le« St. R^^34WAK3Af£M*i*l'?4vfw* l M^ Formal Opening of the. new and modern I G B $ despite the chatter of the bowlers : heir occnslonnl bursts of laughter, and the crash-bang I of spilling duckpiiis, "The old town's dead," he ays to one who slops to chat with lim. j Dead?" comes the questioning j reply. "Why?" I "There's nobody around." iaysj his G. I. Joe. who is Pvt. Joe' Wilkins, home to visit his wife, Mrs. Mildred Wilkins. at their apartment, at 434 Cumberland street.) 'I've spent two whole days to' m ABRIELEEN DEAUTY OALQN formerly locotcd at 16 South Liberty Street 59 North Centre Street at Frederick Sunday October 8th. 3 P. M. SOUVENIRS FOR THE LADIES Frances S. Roeder Owner and Manager fes m Loans Based on a 12 Month Period You Borrow $100.00 200.00 300.00 400.00 500.00 Monthly Payment S8.85 17^70 26.50 35.35 44.20 $106.00 212,00 318.00 424.00 530.00 Come in 1 . . ..we are eager ro work witK you In any way we can ro safeguard.your interest and, that of our depositor*. 'Make The Peoples Bank Your Bank — Buy War Bonds Regularly — •1C IISAU ? m^STAtEY-S Cube Laundry S<arch !' The Amazing •^^K Laundry Starch, that eli/ninatft ' : . ; fufsiwk, eliminates tvestc and. makes ironing etlifr All For St A ^*^\ ***. 11 n \*2 up TODAY ULTRA OtOSS Aluminum CLEANER Extra Special, jar SPiS&SPAN For Cleaning .Paints 23c pkg. SIMON1Z FOK FLOORS SELF POLISHING quart 98c pint 59c •U. !. N«. \ Ptnna, Potatoes Simkist Oranjt* 45c do lrfrn DrllclotiK And Stark Solid Hudn Cabbar• 2'ibi. 9c Communit Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamps at McCRORY'S BOND BOOTH Drapery Special! —. • i i Basque Weave DRAPERY PRINT Beautiful floral patterns on pink, beige, blue and green background. 36 inches wide, ^^^^^ Regujarly,$1.59 yard. Reduced to .... yd. • «^ STRIPED DRAPERY MATERIAL Ideal for draperies, chairs and studio couches. Rust, green, brown and blue. 36 inches wide '.. . yd." Delicatessen Specials Spinach Loaf ........... lb. 31c Society Loaf ..... , ...... lb. 40c Campfire Uoftf ...... ^ . . . ib. 28c Spiced Horn ........... !b. 48c Scrr.pple .............. lb. lie ...:..., ....... lb. 28c Fresfi Cut-Up Chicken Legs and Breast ......... lb. 77c Wings ................ lb. 39c Gizzards and Hearts ..... \b.' 39c Bock and Necks ........ lb. 20c Livers ................ lb. 86e Buy Your Blankets Now for Winter Warmth Regent BLANKETS Rose, Blue, Green and Rust, 25% wool and 75% cotton. Size 72" x 84" Oakwood BLANKETS Size 72x84 - 50°o rayon - 2596 wool -,259o cotton. A fine blanket for extra ^/i-UJ warmth BED PILLOWS Feather filled. Striped heavy &"• ticking -*- SHEET BLANKETS Solid white, pink or blue. Size 70x80. S 1.19 It's Easy to Make Your Own Quilts . . . Why Not Organize An Old Fashioned Quilting Party Like Grandmother Did \n Her Pay? ARCADY PRINT MATERIAL Stripes and small prints — designs stamped on both sides. 39 inches wide — ideal for ^t^^t-' comforts *-* *^ yd. Mountain Mist Quilting Cotton Needle easy, Glazene^— 81" x 96". Uniform in thickness. Does not stretch thin. Makes a quilt that will wash easily, one seamless '^5 tfcd sheets , V£F' each McCrory's "Ming Toy" Quilting Cotton 72" x 90" Cotton Batting In roll 25* 'via •i

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