Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 18
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 18
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1> Ki I EIGHTEEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, ,MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1945 "BOINO NOTHING? That'* a food one: Anyway, you listen 1 ! been writing Alters, that's iure," 11.1.1,'STHATK.iNS BY .Pel Ll)i< Ma chi ' the;.. Coi bat !K)». F dra for anf. •aer F 'Got' fe;r ncxi itirv tan; Ct'O' C ni.-ij cot Witt ' . in si: by WH.S 10-1 ; <CH ' nio: .'•Y R ah est: Whi who wen A gripping *hort short story wherein a fighting! man tests Rule No. 1 in the game of love—tell her! "All the better, Ueutenaiul" They'd all chimed in, enthusiastic. "Don't you get the angle? Nothing meant mvch bhek In those days. No need to—low of time and feelings to waste. Now there's meaning in everything, even in reminiscing with a first flame because memories mean so much to a man In service didn't know, and perhaps It wasj best , . . . V ' ' ; Yet he had changed his telephone call at the lajit: minute. Why, he wondered? What good would It do? "It's gone throush. Lieutenant. Miss Penny Ogden is waiting." "Penny!" Easy,: Bill. easy.. It's only a phone call. It's only a radio Radio Today SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18 and wheel in the background symbolize agriculture and Industry. * • * ; Portugal. has issued four stamps I commemorating the 200th arinlvers- Ea«tern war Tin>4 P.M.—Subtract on« ary of tne birth of Felix de Avellar Hour tor CWT., 2 Hri. for MWT. : n ,' ntorn . famnllt; PortuEUCSC botanist Channel i« .program! ua tuttd auo la corrtctlant by nttviarkt made too late to ; Brotero, famous Portuguese botanist i born In 1744. Two of the stamps, n '.50 cemavos green and one escudo AUNT. .-:HET ,y ROBERT QUILLEN That's the line of conversation you'll glmu jfs only a—girl, "isn't this take. . We'll notify/Mrs. Haines| crflrV| p enn y 7 .fin. on the radio you're to call, of course." .They can't hear you, though, so ...' So Bill had shrugged; ami said all' j know, BUI I've been' listening right. What could It matwr i\ow.l tD lt But that "angle" they'd talked j .. You ha ,, e , p^nny? Why. that's feelings to''"* 11 ? '""ny-" Bill, was surprised. -'He -thought about that,; .Isn't It, Blll-they'sald you're on about that and Penny. your way back That means soon? Decided whom to call. Bill?". Wes "Forty-eight hours >nd l£«J.-.v , prodded. Time was .(letting. 1 .Forty-eight nours. Bill. How are "Yes I have." BUI said surpris-iyou? What have you been doing? OK- ••! want to talk to Penny! "Going to a movie or two. re— '•hlcago—at Park 5620", hearsing this thing. What vp you Dives' WM "off-balance (or only a | been doing, Penny?" split second. Quick recovery was! Nothing, Bill part of his stock in trade. "Got! "Nothing? 12:45— S^lopnV's Concert Orchestra—blu |c o {mbra where BrOtero once taught 1:00— Fifteen Minutes Newscast— nbc (_,, 1f) „ hrnwn and 175-e blue The Church of the Air Germoiia-cba [The 1U-C nro\\n auu i.ij> c «« John B. Kennedy and Comment—blu values feature a head and shoulders Stanley Dixon In Commentary—mba 1:15—Am*rlca United, A^F.L. — nbc George Hlcka Weekly Comment—blu Singing Canaries Program—mba-bas. 1:30—u. of Chicago Roundtable—nbo Ouest speaker lor 15 Minutes—cbs Sammy Kuye's Serenade; News—blu Duliicilve -Mysterrti. Dramatic—nbo 5.45—Ed Marrow's Commentary—CDS 2;OO—Those Wa Love, Drama.Ho—nbo • The Matinee Thtaicr, Drumutio—cbs Chaplain Jim, U.S.A., Dramas—blu Sky KIders Servicemen's Quiz—nibs 2:30—John Chis. Thomas i Song—nbo News-of-'World: Olin Uownes— cbs National Vespers via tho Radio—blu portrait of the scientist. • .. • . • • • Guatemala's postal recognition of its Oct 20, 1944. revolution has been increased from the -single three- centavos postage stamp previously reported here to include four airmails. The airmail values will be jj g if, ant j 15-centavos. ' i Printed In London, a five-stamp Jset marking the birth of Emperor am-moa i Mcnellk II of Abyssinia will soon ,-iw_,, u ,m., ...»>.^ Hill—nbc imake its appearance/according to N. Y. Philharmonic Symphony—cbs i philatelic sources. Having values 3:00—World's Parade, Thai's a good one! Kit dau?~ he'calledrto the an-jAnyway,- laughing a little, just kid: din S. "V 011 haven't been writing Ict- "Putting it through at once." |ters. that's for sure.'\ As the music swelled up and an I Bill. I have written. by Eth«l Darrymoro'a Miss Haul*—blu Nick Carter Detecllva Drama—mbs I've written 1 3 ';30—c5inclal"5our bV'tha Army—nbo j oicture a palace, the - ' *"-- "--'- v "" " a statue in Addis Ababa mausoleum and a group o Five stamps o Selassie set bear- Obelisk 3 Nov. 1943 exeunt m^mu7s^ptlhe studio:and written.. But they've moved; ^^^er^Su^^s ling overprints "Obelisk 3 Nov. 19« ft'nriipnce V e s crowled "That you around so much. There must' ; The Anure - ws sisters Prottram—blu , nn d changes of value also have been _"'.,,.' T-K.f.,, „„, ,V,P ,.011 in fhc'be lots of letters following you, Biil.i VNUU'S Name of. the Song Uulz—nibs . hjs coumry . auuienLt, vi c a »,* wi> **.«.. * «*«•••*<1 ^ - •- . r*-o ' wasn't It That's not the call in tho'be lots of letters following you, Bul.j script. Are you nuus. Lieutenant?" I've written! -. • • ~ "I guess I am." Bill saW simply. "Penny! It's all right, ^ou He thought, but why was he do- sound as U you're crying. '-•- ii2 It"wouldn't mean anything! Crying? Me, Bill? • - "Well. I didn't know.: And—But. o Penny, even if she was home to! •He -,1,1:, .!lll bewildered. They'd told him a. hundred timc.s how ibr.plc hi* rouane WM;'they'd rehearsed him in his lir.os: )t .was all Sfi.. B\H he \va.; still rhixod up »viia L. n -linn*: vt. v"». ";:•". ^ •«, 5:00—XBC Symphony Orcnestra—nbo Family Time & Patrice MunseV—cbs Mary Small in d Sunday Rovue—blu „.„.,._ Let's Face the Issue, a.^orum-mbs , collector; now has complet pj-csldent Roosevelt, the nation P( Wrl] and which she probably .wasn't • .,,!„ *,.—>,.,. -^ ., .collections: 5-4i—Bill Shlrer \n Commentary—«p* J issuing governments. In one 6:00—The Catholic P.anio Service—nbo . „. } { Excc i{tive received kmr™°?™™*™™^ Complete collection, of Vatican Quick aa a. Flash. Quiz Show—raba stamps issued since the beginning H^ r |V,c1 1 a a nTk ema ed C y°^^ of the Vatican, postal *rvl« and a Upton Close and His Comment-mbs similar collection of Guatema an 6:45—Dick Brown with His buntf—<ubs sta mps Pope PiUS XII sent the 7:00—Jack Benny Comedy Show—nbo 7j£" j( !^ ••- '-=•—* ThVoievetaml Orchestra i 1 °" r ~^V;j 1 chief of"state, presented the Guate- 7MS—N«ws_suinm».ry tor_lj>_MW._ nbo | ma)a stamps personally during a .C.—blu ! vlsit wllh Mr . Roosevelt. Quil Kids and Joe Kelly. ... a :00-Chas. McCarthy, E. Bergen— nbc A. Scott. - • \ "Care, to tell us what, U feeis like j> •*aiii 1 c !il our c^in.-; on the raolojto b« a national hero, Btll?" -;. : Penny "i-i« In it !>oni«wh«rt\ She Bill wet his lips and read. didn't' know it. but Mi«'d always j We*, all I can say is they seem jetve .VPiir been In it som'owherr She never!be sending me si long way round would.know now. 'Set me bari: where I belong.". ._--• "BILL, I HAVE written and written. But they've moved you arounil so much." "Tftnltht tol'l":** V/PT was -nauv-.u* im*. u.iu.i.- (HIM ^m/.i. .^.*..«-. Ins ovi'r"tJw"p!;u-arr!- 't^rmhlflcl «p-: "Well. V.>.s. Minvc»no mothe piiiii^ "Sonkhl. !!'.> the Air Corps!; f.iMipr, but ..." ' - VDiThcte. you mil- there, all of you! "There • must be a E rl, .tho •, i_ __'-.: n;. i.i n.., ,-«.-.!• f -;*r " i "Hi'iJ Piinirono who IOOK.S 3L v TViio=»- hearts ny in the f.w'Kpitv . . .' ;B;U. Someone. \vno _ Bill svas Mnrm? hard at his script...wings with starry ey«,' . as if bp lisd to memorize it Instead;. Bill picked up '.'LaiiRhter from n! iu.-.t'rraf! 1',. At that, hr wasn't the script and gnvc it in the micro- rr-,1-" ^P'.PC the worrl.v Ho wa.'.i phone,• :ind It .sounded the way It wmiderin- VrPf'j'im' shlflht h:ippon>-as typed: just so mtmy.. lifeless.. i« £ )i«-'-.nir- tn this nrfwntn buck!letters. This was all rehearsed, of « ^hK H ^'d^wlmt sheUo.rse, They'd -^ured out the call 1 H( ; wri n(!ercd howi for him. "No best ?irl, Lieut-cnant? on thir.V:ing . n bout: they'd aaked, a little ii'rf moxed liini .up to tv..-j and. firm mouth reco rd h th. Parlftcl He's on his -But she'., married now. She. wnv ba,'k now. after several week.MMrs. Halne,. It.wasnt a real flrst and a trom burns remembered, a It wasn't a Dates; maybe ore too" attractive and popular,! again. That I'll Sec You In My there was nothing between!Dreams number. That means the to keep her away from any-1 call's about over.' 1 - •••- - - r .. . inp.e else. How many times, he won- "Lle'utennnt -Holil<i:iv. we're on tho! He tried to read the lines as It he hfld h£ startecl to firid out If sir in thirty seconds" That was>ere saying them, sponianeously.L, a be there cou i dn ' t be at least a the'anno«nwr. :Because that was how he felt He d b g?nnl , 1B between them? -All sev, BiH7 Go: voiir script?" be. helping sell nonds, they d 'told I * r<;s he had lnoueVu , it in his That WM \Ve-s 'I^'man. the m. ic.jhlm; bringing people a "t | ' le4clo f' e T! heari1b nt hc never had said it.. He -Oh sure" Bin HoUirirvv what it all meant. But inl3 i wasn ' t fure she wanted to hear H; -Sure." , ' i^'Bsn't BllVsdUh: he'd been obscure! . ssn . t sur g he reaUy wa nted to Looking out over the blur of before the war—a bank clers—and) u So vou didn't know and she faces, the studio audlrnce-s'pottini? he still felt obscure Inside. . •- • that demon, that microphone—he; "Now, as usual on the Talk to rikln't know wherl-.-r he was sec or. Your Boy program. Lieutenant Hol- not HU hnnd ircheti for hi.-, plane"!Hdny is to be given a complimentary 'tlii'Dt'le-inore n- li"m^ up tlwr«; I phone call to anybody, anvwhere m Thfr ar,nt>iiurfi-s haiul . v.',i.i .iiR. : All we ask-Is to,hear nWcl'i'u rt-siop fcfl:i''h Silonte ' u> ; thls .slcl« of the ccinv(?rsation. Bill, frsmr" A ulii-drup." 'A. : ti'.:ive of |so nil o( us may share a little in the trumpet* "From Now York—ami thrill of n fighting man's words go- (r) itV nriiion'-Hiippy-MoB Hums int; out to those who wait and pray piT'enu Tnlk lo Vi.-nr"noy!" Tlioii.lfor him nt. home. H you'll just give V/r'i \va.s •shout-, us the. riaine nnd phnup number." I-hnvc*no mother or Alexander & Mediation Boat j:15—Dorolhy Thompsons 1: masic e:30—B. Bracken Comeily Show—nhc \tv Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series—cbs M M V •! V X _ ...I. r—- T.^ TJ^nnrn—V»lll Slop or Go with Joe B. Brown—blu abriel Meatier Comments— T-Tivo i-ia>C I felt ashamed 'o Cousin Amy last Sunday. She had a houseful o' company, and she tried to make her little boy show off by playin his fiddle for us. He wouldn't do it, so she got mad and threatened to lick him, and the poor youngster started to cry. Everybody was em- barassed and ashamed. Amy didn't seem to v it, but she was the one that did the /in' off for company, and it wasn't the ghow kind of showin' off she would o' been proud of he could of seen herself cloin' it, 9 ; 15 Holly ** uw-* -* -—-.- — -j - - . 9-30—Album of Fsunlliar ituslo-nbc JamtB Melton & Alec Tcmpleum—cbs Ccdrlc Foster's War Comment r mbs ed by Jaycees . Tells ot Broadway—mbs according to the Junior Association of Commerce. The list follows: \_O1UIJ1UU3 iJVJO w.-— -- ^ Tl . . 1iroo-Varloty and News (2 h^.'- News. Varloly. Dance t: h.l-cns- Music Derreclatlon: Ore. (3 h.l—robs thouKh, at \VTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAY Old Fashlontd Revival Hour. .World NCTS Round-Up [NBC;. Comraindo Mary (NBCi. NBC Slrin? Quirtcl INBC>. National Radio PulpH <NBCI. Words inrf Music .NBCI. C>>.u*ch Scrvtcf from ittt I minuet Episcopal Church. . Ami-rick United (NBC'. University ol Chicago ' Samuel February 25 R. CrawHs, 119 Henry Round Avc Mart« Hour. Th- Army Hour (NSC'. Mustc America. Loves B«t (NBC*. 5:00 Oen?r»l MoSori Symphony <NBCt. 6:00 Thr catholic Hour (NBC). street; Carl W. Creek, Little Orleans- Harold M. Dolan, 120 Lalng avenue: Edward S. Filler. 101 Williams road; Paul J. Jenkins, 111 Virginia avenue; Robert A. Lanham, Jr 16 N. Lee street; Calvin E Laude.r. 219 N. Lee street; Everett L. Platt, 407 Oldtown road;_ Robert, A Platter. Cresapto\vn; Jos'eph H Sables. 415 South street; Thurman \V Tw'igg G19 Henderson avenue' Charles F. Valentine, 322 Reservoi avenue; John J. Griffin. 1M street, Westernport; Charles W Merbaugh. R.F.D. No. 1, Frastburg Charles G. Tnylor. 75 Broadwas Frostburg: and Carl W. Poland, R F D No. 1, Westernport. February 26 Kenzie. RJJ3. No. 2, Frostburg; nd Claude J. Sharpless, Vindcx. February 27 Henry W. Campbell, E. Mam treet, Lonaconing; Elmer P. Higgs, 7 N. Chase street; Alfred L. Johnon 221 Glenn street; George M. VIeyers Ellerslie; Harry SelUer, 238 i - >^ tl L: -T l/r.i* ArCU! pvt. Richard Evans. Thomas, W. iVa.. In Belgium JanuaiT 14- i Cpl. Hani Phillips. Parsons, . W. I\'R., In Belsilum for the second time. j Pvt. Gilbert W. BlouKh. Rockwood. PH.. In the European TheiUrc Cpi chard Flich^rd F. Wiosritn:: J3 Or-:-o» Oppratio'iLs. 'Vr'er'.. in BclfjHlm Ucc'ember; p v t. Arleigh Smeltzer, Bedford Men and Women In Wai Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Blank, Route 5, , was Bowling Grcea, receive(i those '•'pvt. J.vmrs R. McCluV.ock, county, Pa., in Germany December *-oml Pa in Bplcuim Jinuary 7. , Sgt. Robert Luterl. Somerset. Pa., Cn 1 si'muel P" BiiTkci. Buffalo,t n France January 31. Mil's" Pa in Belgium December 17.1 Lt. Thomas E. Danner. 1036 Bcd- P.iit- Do'nnid wiinon. Bedford. Pn., Jord street, in Belgium January H. - * '^ ' .' .*•__; r\\ _ of- T? =lr.^> W Xfr>noolrl_ \Vc-sTerr,- Iri Kngl.'iicl January 21. O^rrar fi- fe. Rnlnii W, Monsold. Hyndmnn.jport. in Germany January 2 ^ for - . . Pi in' PV'Ieivim December 17. i the .second time.-' -- pfr . i *>•. . . , . Zelsnka. Somerset,! Staff :sgt. -Hiij-mond Garea. lor- .. • ~ •• — - Pn. in EtiRland Jnhuriry 12. im'or resiciont of Cumberland, In the <"ct John '? Will New Baltimore,'bat.tle'of Arnhern in Holland. Pa at'the we'jitfirn front in Europe j Bernard Donnelly, Cresaptown, In word that their son, Thomas E. Blank, servihs in the. Paciflr. has been promoted from seaman second to first clo-y;. Mrs. John Price. 219 Maple street, received word that her husband, Pvt John E. Price, arrived In Luxembourg. Hc is 'the father of two children. Pfc. William F. Radclilf. son of Mrs. Minnie Radcliff, 225 Maple street, ha* been awarded the Good Conduct medal; Pfc. Radcliff is serving with Company G. Third Infantry at Fort Benning. Ga. Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant I know, Bill. I know. Well luck—over there. . j "Thanks. I'll be okay." '. j Where's your enthusiasm about i going back, Bill? (Shaky laughter).! "Why— ". His voice broke off. Where was that enthusiasm? What He gazed out over all lifted faces. Good people, Jack Benny (NBC>: Band-i-aiion i.NBC*. Frrone Trio. Miir.hatun Meiry-Go-Round INBCl.- American Album o[ Familiar Music cNBCl. 10.00 The Hour ol Chartr. (NBCi. 10:30 Music Thru The Years. U-.OO Nei's (NBCi. 11-15 Story Behind the Headlines (NBCI The Picltic Story Nei-s.. 1:00 T:30 7:45 J:00 E.15 8:45 ton street, Lonaconing; Earl b. Combs. Long; Jack W. Easton, Jr., Long; Royce T. Fauber, 119 Harrison street; Harry W. George, 125 South Liberty street; Paul Hall, R. F. D. No. 1, Oldtown; Lyle V. Hershberger, Cresaptown; Elmer D. Porter, 107 Henrj- street: Harry K. Mechanic Ulirrjociuici, *-^" *•*"'•-•' — - , n«j street; Harold E. Wilson, 29 Browning street, and Smith, 119 Sylvan avenue: Eugene F. Clark, 401 Race street. February 2R John T. Allen, 329 Frederick street; Harry M. Blonder, 27 Windsor road; Harry L. Bowman, 316 Park street; Clarence R. Bvonclstock, 323 Arch street; Willard L. Clay, 710 Yale street; Vernon R. Cost. Long; Willard J. DeVore, Ellerslie; Donald M. Dlcken, P. O. Box 894: Charles Edward R. Winner, Long. March 2 Stephen W. Bagent, R. F. D. No. 1 Narrows Park; Raymond P. Dormio 83 West Loo street, Frostburg; Frederick H. Dressman, R. F. D. No. 1, LaVale; Willard R. Engle, R. F. D. No. 1. Mi. Savage road; George W. Harrison. 330 Avirett avenue; Lloyd F Kcsecker, Cresap Park; Emory Schell, 122 South Liberty street: A Eyre, 710 Frederick street; Frank uoyd H Stevens, 6 Ormand street, Wll-. Americans, his people. Saving, sacrificing, praying—they depended onj him, as on the others in the air and! the mud, In their tanks and gun turrets. Just because, all of a sud-1 den. he ached for something just n little more personal to fight for . . . "Penny! A plane to New York— whnt's it take? Six hours, seven?" . Something like that, Bill. "Seven from 48 leaves 41. If T was there nt LaGusrdla. waiting ; ." Bill, what . "I've been afraid to tell you, Morning Spotlight. Nea's. Reveille Round-Up (NBCi. World News Rounrt-Up iNBCi. Do YOU Remember? iNBCI. News. fl:00 Pun and Folly with Ed K»a: and . Polly (NBCi. 3:30 Mornlnp; Mtdintion.v 5:45 Daytime Clnssics (NBC'. 10:30 rlnder* Kerpcrj iNBC'. 11:0(1 Road ol Lile iNBCi: 11:15 Previews «nd Revlcu. 11:30 News', 12:M Words and Musk (NBCI. 13:30' News. 12:15 United States Navy Band (NBCi. 1:00 Sketcne.i In Melody I NBC'. 1'30 Echoes of the Tropics (N'BO. IMS I.Inrgnn Bea:ty IN'BCl. 3:00 The Oulrilns Usht 'NBCI. 3:15' Today's Children <NBC>. 3:30 Woman in White (NSC'. 3:15 Ma Perkins (NBCi. 3:30 News. 3:15 RlRhV to Happlr.rns IN'BC'. John C. Ankeney, LaVale; Paul D Brown, 35 Offult street; William E Conner, Corriganville; Charles A.| Cotter Jr., 628 Montgomery avenue; Paul D. DeVore, Ellerslie; Carl V. Ennis 419 Baltimore avenue; Lawrence J. Gates, 510 Greene street; Robert C. Gump, 41U N. Mechanic street; Robert L. Hackctt, 16 S. Lee strict; Irby R. Kite, Cresaptown; Charles P. Cones, 218 Columbia street; Richard E. Kirk, 885 Mt. Royal avenue; John W. McClure, .Jr. 328 Cumberland street; Paul W. JMackert, 706 Shriver avenue; Robert IH. Mann, - R.F.D. No. 3; John G Ulelerl, Cresaptown; John W. Mitchell 118 Winton place; James P Morris, R.FX). No. 1, Locust Grove; Eileen C. Pick, Hyndman; Rober B. Porter, Ellerslie; Eugene T; Scaletta, 215 Hay street; Robert C Smallwood, 408 Decatur street Charles E. Dellinger. 165 Churcl street. Westernport; Harry; T. Me F! Ferrie. 501 Magruder street* W'll-j Frostbul .g alld Ray c. Phillips, Ham A. Jordan, R. F. D. No. 5,(Htndman. Potomac Park; Oliver B. Kidweli. 16: South Lee street; Theodore R. Kifer, Oldtown; Karl B. Kolb, 807 Fayctte street; Charles W. Lowery, 510 City View terrace; James N. Long, 30 Boone street; Thomas J. McMahon, 28 North Centre street; James E. Martin, 516 DUley street; Perry J. vloreland. Rawiings; Robert L. Vtorris, 226 Glenn street; Aldo A. ^Tevy, 779 Fayette street: Carl A. Redinger, 713 Arundel street; Percy March 3 Arthur B. Campbell, 3H Washington street; John L. Conway, 200 Virginia avenue; Thomas W. Lloyd, Jr., 13 Browning street; Eugene K. Ocilvie, 642.Fairmont avenue; Eugene J. Stein, 213 Emily street: Donald L. White, 405 Beall street, and Samuel A. Bean, Jr., Lona- coninsr. Key-cr Woman Receive. 'errace; Armstrong Brownlee, Rawl-1 Husband's Purple Heart .ngs; Clarence Fazenbaker, 223 East[ . Main street. Frostburg; Earl E.' Opel, Star Route, Frostburg. and Howard E. Klght, 152 Center street, Frostburg. February 29 Joseph Agress, LaVale; Nevlyn L. Boyer. R. F. D. No. 5. Roberts place; Robert F. Mnckert, 706 Shiver avenue; Charles A. SchannlnB. "738 Greene street, and Melvln W. Mc- Kenzic, Mt. Savage. March I Edfson L. Alexander. 7 Washing- Lloyd Russell Michael. Mrs Anna C. Michael, of Keyser, W. Va., has received the Purple Heart medal awarded posthumously to her husband, Pvt. Kenneth R. Michael. ' ' •• The 29-year-old soldier, a truck driver with an infantry unit, was killed in action in Germany December 14 while serving with General Patton's Third Army. Fvt. Michael is the father of a son, linii-irv a |France, Jnmiary.20. Staff P-' Hon.dc! E; Gelxler. St.| Pfc. Roger Wolvenon . Bevcr Clairsvi'.u" P^ , reported killed !)>'{ Hampshire, W, Va., in Belgium De- | j,^"occatur street, has been Na'-U rtft'n- cap'.ure' at Mnlmcdy. 1 comber 31. lua'ed from the Chemical Warfare i ^ Bc'lrr'im. i Pvt - Sampson J. Slons. Narrows ScYtno} at Camp Lejeune, N. C. Cnl Orcrae Hnmmrrsmlth. 20DI park. In France February 4. p-ilrfftx '""reet, in Luxembourg,i Pfc. Leroy Kelly; Parsons, W. Va.. Jnnuiirv 30 •'" France January 23. for the p— ' Dour Thurman Sec; Pled- «rcnnd time. . mr.nt' \V VT ciieti February U In; Ss». Charles Norrlngton. Keyser, • hr -::i!lon ha^pltal nt Camp Wol-i\V. V^. , in the Philippine January *V" Mf\r-r,n:i H ShiifftT. Somerset.! Pvt. Theodore Lapina; Quecreek. Pa ovr-r Vrani'* 1 ' Av:i?iisl.7, I near Somerset, : Pa., In the Phlllp- A. Fi>her; Penny. Afraid In these times! Alone ' you I was afraid. Isn't that with tell now listening ] . ; crazv Illustrated here, the Florida stamp pictures the old senl of the state, the gates of St. Augustine and the 1 tcll| ca p ltol buildlnR at Tallahassee, about! ' . -. ... Bill! and Some 20 Bill my dearest. I've wondered and hoped, years af?o, a memorial honoring Christopher columbus was proposed for erection PL, !". Brlfihim January r | pines December 17. ' Pfr. Aivtn C. Pi-k Brock. Mf. l.akn Ralph R. Hartman, S.. 1-c, In the Pacific war zone. . . Pfc. Guy Turley, Petersburg. W. ne?e plant. an undisclosed wsr front.|Vn.. in France January-.23.. 1 Ffc. Anthony Vicic. ReeU Corner, iiv-ar Somerset, Pa, In Luxembourg Sprlrvcdrtle cembfr .10. • Pv:. Rfibrrt R l. : !n Bcltitum Jnnunry la... Pfo. Marion W, Sprlnfr. W. Jnnunry -i • ^ thls dlv , ,„ llnc of duty ln Home Front News Lcwts Yankrlcvttz was sentenced to nine months in jail and fined in in court Baltimore Court. Baltimore, Second Lt. Elmer J. Lewis, 22, son ; of Anthony C. Lewis, GranUsville.l h ™ic T m VC a d navigator a^ard /he | <Breathle«: yes, and tears-bri^ht, rn"ih7"bomTnican'Republic. The l?< ^.^r-^n" a B 17 Flvlne! mfl 8i<-al tears thrtt glistened as they! H(f)uhollse « yct to be erected, but •Flying Dutehman ^JU-l it nw \ wnlrled alo ,, B the wire!) Yes., tnc proposed design has been plc- 5 AAF in December.!darling, be at LaGuardia. We'llj lllr(xl on several stamps of Latin vn» TI...C ATvnninv/.H at the Cela- want every minute—every' second! American countries, he was rmplojcd at the oeia ,. FOrty . one nours . non ey. Forty-! Latest'of the countries which will one wonderful hours!" Bill repeated.| m cmoriall7.e the lighthouse on itsj . The music was swelling, and alli pos tal issues will be Nicarftgua, ache could hear was a quick sob of jcordln? to J. and H. Stolpw of New happiness before the wire went dead;York, who report that Nicaragua is and the applause and laughter be-[preparing airmail and regular post^ gan. If Bill had noticed, he wouldjnge scries dedicated to the "Faro a soft overtone to tbavcolon." The stamps will be bi- colored In three different designs and. 15,00 complete sets will be re- with of ra- regulations. Others charged unlawfully possessing tires , O r eW V v> In Ltixrmbourg ' t. Leonard K. WnrnirV., Mo-icow. on the \\"p.-=tr ;• Pvt. EUibprt SmMlwirfxl fir Vtinrv 1. . Cpl.' Mnrtln L. Lo wry, 105 Sprtng- (!;ile street, on the Western Front. Pfc. Kill* Harvey, Swanton, Jan- liarv 22. In Luxembourg. . Grantsvllle, Ocll K. y 10. in Fr.ince. Cnlvin C Etyw, ClrunLsvllic, Coo't:, 317 Routh 'Jftnuarv 25. In Liixembourg, In OPrmiiny Frfo MISSINf! Pv:., WilUnni Ft. r.nnlv., V,'lllianv=! .. S«t. D:iv:il R. WUlrUs, Midlothlnn, Ro;i>!, ir-iKir'r'cl !o imve .tiiffereclj In Frnisce since January-S. ;.. frr.ron fee; In Fr»ncp JanuBry II. ' Staff S«t. Chnrlw J. .iCathcnrt, Kc'.lir-i:. of Wrlght-siCiiiisnliriaLifiii Village, this county. !lir- Plillippltics' De—ovrr Gernwi.y since Janimry 14. ! Pfr. CharlP.s Wolfp, Moorcflcld, Staff Sci Grovrr.C'.evelnnrl Pun 1 ;- |\V. Va., on the South of France .T-5 Cro-..«ina rembrr Thninn?. • ^o W. Va.. in-front since January 17. Iff. ..Jr.. Qprmanv . C?pl. Cls!'cr.fn''H,. Risrir, Kfystr, I .bury. Pa., in W. Vn., at. the Western Front in-Janusry 25, r,p Pfc. George Walter Bner, Salis- Liixembourg since Pvt. Henry Bnker, Woodbxiry, Bcd- Scl. Jamr.i l.fihrnnn, Bcd-iford county, PH.. !n Germany since forrt. Pn.. in.Oerm»ny for the f-p.cond December 17. time. . : . . pfc.'Kelth Nurflmrikrr, New Paris, Pa.. In Francn. Pfr. Ralph Berglr. Bedford, Pa., tn I.uxrmboutvf, Jivn.tsry 15. Pfc..:'.H«rrv B Stnul). J" We. '..Josr-ph O. W.TV. New Paris, Pa on an uiKllir.lrwrd front. Set.: Luther Scrilchflel'.l. -Mnnns . ; Cholrp. Pn., on r>ii UncllsckifPtl frnnt ; j T-SKt. : . Bernnri! Brown. Meyers Cpl. Lcroy MPIISIT. Roirn-rsct. P;i.ijdiilr. Pa., by the Of Iti Friittcn Jiinunrv !•' , jVr. \vi)lliim .1. p>iii.n'tali'. Mcy- •'prsd.ilc, Pr».; I" Hii* Kunipcim TlK- airn o( Opernlliirvs. were fined after .pleading guilty. Two defendants elected to stand trial March 17. Allega.nv. Oflrrett nnd Washington counties are to get -58 western type deer in a move to inject new blood'Into the'local herds. . A network of 14 dams and reservoirs for the Potomac River and Its' tributftrifts Is proposed for affer the war, and has'received the approval of Army engineers. : Draft Board No. 4 has been ordered to furnish ISO men for Induction In Mnrch. Warmer weather has aided the gradual :thn.w of snow and ice and will lessen the chances of a spring flood here. Cumberland stores will remain open Saturdays until 9 p. m. despite the Brown-out regulations. La-Vale .streets will be marked Ing. "Forty-one hours" over and over again, the way Bill had said it. ' Call completed?". That was We*. leased. : Postal recognition of the Cnlum- bus Lighthouse by the Lnlin- "Yes" Bill called back, grinning.!American countries was recom- •And then aoiain, no. But wait.[mend in 10-40 by the governing Just wait!" And that wasn't in thejboard of the Pan American Union script either Copyrljihl. 1S«, Kins Fea(ure3 Syii(llc«t». Inc. John Jjohman, Bedford, Pa., In Italy since October 10.;, : Si?t; Kclward Kellcy." Kcyscr, W Vs , since .FRnunry 31, In Germany. CAVTl'KF.n Pfr. Clyde A. Orady, Piedmont W. Va, by.the Germans, : Sgt. Jack Ilnllmnn, Snxlon, Pa. by'the permnns. STAMPS IN THE NEWS AP FtATURK The Florida statehood centennial 'Since then three countries in addition to the Dominican Republic have Issued . such-, stamps.- Hon r diirn-s overprinted Us 1939 air post official stRMps in 1940 with the inscription "Correo Acrco Hnbilttndp 'para Servicio Publlco .Pro-Faro i Colon—1040"; Cuba: pictured tho proposed lighthouse on the 10-c iairmatl value of lw IOH Issue mark- ling the 450th anniversary of the ;discovery of America, and in 1942 Argentina Issued a single stamp plc- 'luring the lighthouse. Brazil has authorized such a stamp but has ^ Jig f l\)l IU» «JV*» I*- I Jw\ru \, t-n vv-t*ii •••• ,-.-.,, commemorative to be issued March not yet Issued It. S will be the ninth stamp issued by] The- Dominican P.epub Ic :s llght- the Post Office Department to mark house'. postal issues Include elgh wi^«^;v/™:i^ u c«n^om:l^£^ri« «• & ^rr«l M .urn* 1 -' " nie mtoioncrs ngrcelng to the proposal 1 states to the Union The first WM ofllcial swmps. f the Michigan centenary Issue of - .rr'i va i« 1 Among the recent stamp arrivals Friday. James Jenkins and son, Frostburg, have bought the W. Va., Northern Railway which Joins the B. and O. nt Tunnelton. The road tups con! mines between Tunnelton and Kingwood. -. •''•'• -.'.: : PUIHONKK. &SKI. Kehnrth M. Itoille. Keyser, of CtPrmnns since .September. LaSajleTqCo ; _ Piedmont ; 3S-16 and Keyser wnoth- ere<f Fort Ashby 46-26. victory over : s.n\-e Conch "Huck" Miors' pa.-'fors ihff Tri-Towns title- anrl permnhent possewilon ! of the Uons Club trophy. Vermont. Wyoming. Idaho. Kcntuc- the North DakoU-South Bruce i 1935, followed by -Arkansiw, !lln this country Is a flvc-centavoF blue and white stamp from Argentina Issued last ! December to mark ? jthnt nation's "Din jdcl Re.icrvlsta" or I Reservists 1 D a y j which : wa.1 ob- j served ' Dec. : 10. (Symbolical of the organization, the design young reservists wearing military KV nn.i me -^.». -» - capvio Indicate tlwlr dual roles of Dakotn-MonUna-Wiushlngtoti Iwues. civilian* nnd servicemen. A plow The Yank of the Week U. S. Air Corps Cpl. Lyle T. Howdyshell' THIS WEEK /S "LYLE HOWDYSHELL WEEK" Buy War Bond* in Hi* Honor * I.yle unlisted In October 1940. jr«du>ted »« »n tir- pltne mft-.hsnlo »nd TU i^ljntd lo duty it Nichols rirld In M«nlU I"" weelci bffnre Pf»rl Hirbor. He hm teen held prisoner or Che J»P> ilnce May o( 10<J In prlTitlon, hunger mnd misery (or thrte long «e»ra KU rtelfvery now looXj hopelul ml »n e«rly (UK 'our p«rt should be the unselfish, unrestrained »nrt (jenerous purchase of VV'nr Bnnrls end pray that ih»ll never happen In th* world sjaln. : . of February 18th a been by the Peoplfs Bank n "Lyle Howdyshell Week" lor the here at home to buy War Bonds In your honor 10 sp«d your return. BUY MORE WAR BONDS AND HOLD THOSE YOU NOW OWN anil Mrs. Charltt K. Cpt. Hnvatthflt fi "><• ""' "I

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