The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 4, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
Page 8
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That_THE POSTALENblNG LIBRARY OF NEW YORK CITY will immediately send me their latest monthly .MASTER LIST consisting of nearly 300 of the most popular books and^best sellers to enable me to select from 1J to 20 of my'first choices.'" 2. That you will immediately start my membership by sending through the mails, the first 2 books of my selections. J. Regardless of the retail priccs'of such books, whether $2.JO or more, it is agreed that the membership will be only' S1.2J monthly. 4. It is further a s rccd that I may-discontinue my membership at any time by simply notifyinp, THE POSTALENDING. LIBRARY CLUB, Inc., one week in advance, and my obligations and membership stops. Name (Mr. Mrs.'Miss) ; ' ,' . ''.'. Addrcss '• ' 'Date.. City. State., rs ...By William Sharp IH IND/ANA, 20O-Lb. . THEN SHE MLLED'THEM / IN LOS - . MIUMPOKEW AIR. WATSON t INNEU/ENSMND- - f ' JW£ 7QW&V M9S M0SDE4TH Vacations End, Plants Resume Normal Schedules Production w<is resumed today at the LI, S. Rubber Co., and Peter Paul, Inc., returning' to normalcy nil industrial plants in'the borough after one and two weolt vacation periods. Thousands of rubber workers vn- pqrted on regular shifts this morning after -two wook shutdown of .the concern. Several hundred were at ou't-ol'-town resorts, although many remained in thn borough due to uncertainty in obtaining accommodations in vacation sections. Travel wa.s hoiivy through the borough yesterday as vacationers returned to their homes, Bus and train officials reported capacity j load:; on all runs. Gives Crash Views Two Glendale Manor Houses Soid T\vo houses uncl lots in Giemlak' Manor housinft project have beer, .-•old by the W, J. Megin, Inc., to Leonuril H. Jamas, and Prank J and Francis ./. Hi'och, Jr., re.spec lively, according to warranty deed Sled with Town C'lorlt Raymond J St. John. • • A pai-ctl of land on the Naujra tuck-Ne\v Huvcii been sbk to thu Na.uK-.-it tick Water Co. by Robert C. Fov/lcr, another w runty deed show;;. Held In High Bail I1TABLI JHED 1 ggj WHEN A MAN ACQUIRES THE ROGERS-PEET CLOTHES HABIT HE'S SOLVED HIS CLOTHES PROBLEM FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER. They're the ultimate in clothes— in fabrics as the firm foundation in masterful craftsmanship as the finishing touch to hand picked, hand done, handsome clothes that live up to their good looks— Rogers-Peet hand made clothes for men are as individual as your fingerprints and wonderful clothes to be seen in wherever you're parked $60 to .$85. To Save a definite portion of \^m Income ;ii)d • stick 1.o it! Mem-, and more people ;m> loaniiiiy iho. value of planning for financial security. Hnild ;( ivscnv fund— ]irolod. your i'ninJy with low-c-osl Savings Hank Lift| Insurance, n comljinalioi) thai \vill Jidji yon face (ho future v.'ith confiucnco. Yfe'-\vi)l ]ie!p VOD \\-<>rk oui a 7>);m. I'resident of the Air Lines Pilots Association (AKL), IXivid L. ISehnclio, Chicago, III., suites that many Constellation pilots have com;>!:iln<>(I "of :i definite fire ha/.ard in the induction system of Ui<> pmyer plant.-.." Hi> made the stuteiiK-nt after tlie government ordered all Constellations L'.'Ound- ed until further notice. (International) Great Oak Farm OX1--OKD KOAD Tel. 50-19 PERFECTLY PASTEUKIZBI) MILK and CREAM Delivery 'A, All r»rr« tif .Vi<n.-llliirk $GUS SMOKE SHOP * -KI3 North Main St. Union City J Gils Klim:i,s/.<'wski, 1'rop. , J \Vc Jiavc your fuv<ir/(<? m>ws- J paper, (i);i>>-ji7ii)(> or other periodical. } IVATCH FOK Of It NKWLY } KENOVATED STOKK'S » GRAND OPENING! II CORNER CANTEEN 3!I2 No- Main Strwt ••Diini" T.'ikrlfd, 1'rnn. DAMACKD BY FHUO S)co\vJit'yun. Maine, Juy 1C—(UP) 7~)-thou.s,iml dolliir :hx' has cauxud .serious dania^L 1 10 ilie Koti-i: Dame Do J^oiirdes ehui-ch in Skowhogan. The Jlro started bc- ncat-h the sacristy in ilic Catholic uhnrch and spread rapidly throiiRlj Hie building—dost rowing the i-c- lipious vestments. 1)KA1> AT «JS Boston, July 1!5 (Ur')--Thc chief of the Host on prolective depar-t- ne;it is dead unexpectedly of heart liseaso at his Jamaica Plain homo. William F. Bowers was G3 years old. 'Ic leaves his wife and four'children. EDDIE'S Corner Spring « Diamond Sts. GHOCEHIKS - VKGETABI.KS FRUITS - ICK CRK.VM SODA FOUNTAIN SRUVICE Fn.-i; Delivery Tel. 4UI9 Kdtvard Vi;isI;;iuck:ls, I'rop. j Hig-hland Package Store { 03 JliRhNind Av<\ — Ti^l. '.KffifS Anthony Fnrrar, I'l-o] J-'REE DEJJVKRY All Parts of NaiiRatuc through the hars at County Jail, CliicHgo, is William MeireiiN, 17, after he had hei.'n (n- (llcted by the grand jury on 2!) clmrjjcs—24 burglaries, 4 assaults with intent to kill, und one as- Knult with intent to kill and roh. He was held in $200,000 hail. According to State's Attorney W. Tuony, lleirens' fingerprints correspond to prints found' in the apartment of slain Frances Brown, un ev-Wave. (International) MENACED 13Y FIRE West Lebanon, Maine, July 15 UP)~-Pif.toen cottages on the sal- non Fa!sl river have been men- : cod |.iy a woods /ire that swept . 00 acres. Firemen from four de- i nrtments had to !l;;1a the names I for several hours before controlintf ' them. The /ire stiirted fi-om .sum-its I Itmdlinjr after a saw mjjj burned I ,-jwn. i Try 'NEON'S Want Adu They BrJnc K«iKti)t«. A visual 'image fades from tho rt.tirm of the human eye in about ono-fortfeth of a second. Man Had Brick In His Stomach For 10 Years Onu man recently sUtocl that for 10 yours he fell Hlte he had a brick in hia stomach. This feelinpc was due to the lump of undigested food he always had inside of him. He was -weak, woi-n out, headachy, swollen with pj3 and terribly constipated. Recently he started taking,ERB-HELP and says tlio feeling' like a brick in his stomach disappeared the second day. Bowels are regular now, pas and headaches are gone and he feels like u new man, ERB-HELP contains 12 Great •Herbs; Ihey cleanse bowels, clear gas from, stomach, act on slufrsish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't so on suffering! Got ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores here in Naugatuck. Too Late To Classify W'ANTBD'— MAN TO WORK I\ OFFICE EIGHTS. APPLY INDEPENDENT CAB CO., 103 SO MAIN ST. DIAL .1285. SAVE 10% CASH & CARRY If You Bring- Your Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA •-- - '.- 3 sMpyus FUU OF COAM C&Y/ DANCE Every Saturday Night 9 P. M. TO I A. M. ' at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT - WATER STRKKT Music By The Famous G. I. TWILIGHT TKIO WIT;H THE HONEYWELL DAMrjR CONTSl ACTUAL TESTS prove'you con save up to 30% of your coal bill with a Honeywell Electric Janitor damper control. Think what this saving means during just one heating season. In addition, this control gives you 24-hour comfort during cold weather. Arrange now lor installation by calling us. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236 v e i: \ 1< c ii s! li

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