Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 17, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1909
Page 6
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;v COVINA FURNITURE CO. SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE or FLOOR (OYERIIKiS W. Q. CUSTER,'Manager ~ BYRO"N'~HOr "SPRINGS Within easy fcach of San Francisco. Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joaquin Valley. Information at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRW1NDALE. Unrglnrs, who «e«m f,o bo actim!.- ed rnoro by curiosity than by a <lo- alre to steal, have been vory aclive in this neighborhood Tor f.ho past, ton days. Last, week while Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Lunn were spending afr-w flays In Troplco their reaMenro on West Cypress avenue was entered. Access was gainful through a parlor window, the ttc.rac.n bolng rut and the lock broken. After searching the house the thieves took a lunch In the pantry and then spent th« night in the guest chamber. Resides a few articles of rnnn's clothing, nothing of value was missing. Karly Saturday night, while the 1 family were absent, the home of Raymond Sloan was broken Into. After making an iinHiiccfHHful attempt to pry open a window In the front, of t.he house, the burglars enter- ad the panl.ry window. While ran. Backing the house the burglars were frightened away by the barking of a neighbor's dog. Friday evening a window cftreon was cut and an attempt, made to raise a. window at the residence of Charles Finch of West I'uonte street . The Himlllarlty of these burglaries leads to i.lie belief that they were committed by UK; Kfime parties. In all eases tracks show that th" Intruders were small iiifn or boys. Miss iOmtna Call of (Jnmd Rapids, Mich., and Mrs. I)c>vendorf of Los Angeles, were guests of Mr. arid Mrs. O. N. Lunn recently. Word was received here Monday night that C. Labatt was seriously lil at the home of his daughter, Mrs. II. R. Green, of Corona. Mr. Labatt started for Yuina last week, hoping that, the change of climate would benefit his health, but was taken with a severe attack of asthma while on the way and was obliged to stop at Corona. Hit? condition was so alarming that his son, Rort 'Labatt, his step-daughter. Mrs, Berner, and his granddaughter, Mrs. C. H. Allon, of Covlna. hastened to Corona Monday night by automobile. Mr. Labatt Is convalescing from a serious operation and In his weakened condition it Is hard for him to rally from this asthmatlo attack. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Worloy had as their guests Sunday Miss Ethel Collins and W. Schaffnr of Covlna. The owners of early cabbage crops aro rejoicing over the high price which IH now being offered. Last week Mr, Yiirnoll Hold a shipment to a I/OH Angeles coninilHHion firm for $15.on per ton. This Is a pleasing contrast to bus price of $4.00 per ton which wan paid last year. Mr. YarnoH, W. S. Rawyer, (ieorgo King, Will Griffiths, 10. Machidn and the ilonry Komal Company, are among tlioao who have In large acreages of cab- bane this year. William Watcrhouse and family moved last woolt to tholr bountiful new residence that, they have purchased on Ford (Mace, Pasadena. Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse will divide their time this Hummer between their I'asadena home und their ranch here. Miss Mao Coffman, who last, week was reported much better, has mif- fered it relapwt of la grippe and other complications and IH again confined, in lied. 10. 10. Karris and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Morrow of Los Angeles on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Stillborn had as tholr guests last week the former's bro- the. and two sons of (ilendalo. The pumping plant of the La I'ueiite Cooperative Water Company has been thoroughly repaired and will begin furnishing water for tut 1 Htirroundliig property holders next •week, Mrs. Norman Anderson und daughter, Mary, visited tin 1 former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. To/or, of Los Angeles last week. Mr. and Mrs. Uantel Helchard wen- I'liiertained by Mr. and Mrs. John Hkeggs of I.os Angeles ia. dinner und at the theater one evening lust \v. el,. Mrs. Carl Hruington ol I .os Angeles \i:;ite.l her parents, Mr. ami Mi-->. Charles Suavely OUT Sunday. .!. S Alexaii'ler und family visile. 1 , iiia liioth.-r at her hon.e in !•'.! .\K ui< Sunday. The liiv.t of llu- wi K Mr.-,. !•'. I . lievciulor;' and Miss Ada l>e\endorl returned I'rum ilie ncrt iu-rn jnrt of the stale where they have been ' isil int; for several \\eeUs. Rev. L. A. Clark is in Riverside this week attending special services that ar*.- IjeU'K held by the M"thodist Church. Mr. and Mrs. ff. Jf. Haroldnott had as their guests last F'riday .Mrs. Krat. zer and Mrs. Sheehan of Los Angeles. Miss Ada Deveridorf had as her guest this week Miss Pauline (JarU- man of San Diego. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Ingrln of Long Beach were guests Sunday of Mrs. L'nger of Lark Kllen avenue. Mrs. Amelia Buddington and MlBS Roselle Muddlngton of Los Angeles are spending a few day« at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Reichard. Aloha and Ramond Washburn of South Pasadena, who spent the I0as- t.e.r vacation with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 10. R. Coffman, returned home the first of the week. A regular meeting of the Miscellany Club was held at the home of Mrs. W. W. of lionlfa avenue Tiifwday afternoon. One of the most interesting papers of the year entitled, "Colors Found In Xature," was read by Miss Ada Devendorf. After a social hour the club adjourned to hold Its ticxt meeting April 27 at the home of Mrs. Daniel Reichard. M|HH Marlon Ainldon of Lindsay is making a short visit at the home of h'-r unc!'-, L. II. Root. Mr. Allie Vincent lias returned from [.OH Angeles where he has boo/) under the* doctor's care. Ills health Is somewhat Improved. L. U. Martin and his mother-in- law, Mrs. Thompson of LOH Angeles, are each building small cottages on the property which they have lately purchased on San Bernardino. flora Opera House with a dance In honor of the girls; John Matheson, Bert Beardsley, Charlie Wright, Lloyd ' Coffin and Ira Mandevillc. Another recent social event that was greatly enjoyed by the high school students was the banquet given by the Sophomore girls In honor of the Sophomore boys and the members of the track team. The feast was spread in the laboratory which was decorated for the occasion. PUENTE. Thomas Robblns received a carload of lumber this week and has begun the construction of a five room residence on his ranch on the Covina- Puente road. Kaster was observed with special services by the congregation of St. Joseph's Church and by the members of the union Sunday-school, who con. ducted their services in the Frater. rial Brotherhood hall. Miss Marie .lerke of San Francisco Is visiting her cousin, Mrs. H. deluxe, AZUSA The fact that the track team from Citrus Union High School took highest honors at the Intercsholastlc field meet hold lawt Saturday at the Univer- alty of Southern California has Hil<jd the team with pride. The contesting toatriH wore divided into tv/o classes according to the size of their respective schools. Contestants from- the polytechnic schools and largest high schools of Southern California were entered In section A. The teams con. toBllnB In the same flection with Citrus high school wore from the Santa Pzailn, I'ci'iH, Oxnanl, Orange, Glen <lnk", 101 Monto, Comptmi and Bonlta :ili:!i schools. Tho victory of the AxnHa li'iiin ciinu 1 ;IH n surprise to f.ho (iU:f.T schools, hut. tho strength of l,'i<; (."sun and their untiring training h;i.s lung been appreciated here. The score made hy thorn was H5 points, (.Mondali! coming second with a score of 25 points. On l-Vlilay nl^ht of last, week the Senior class of the high school gave Ihnlr annual play which was a groat succ(.'HS in c-vory way. Tim play was entitled "t'nclo Ilnlw" and those Included In the cast were: Miss Kdn.a Horsey, Miss Mlnle Kamosner, Miss MandevUle, Andrew Stewart, Itsirtly Thomson and Arlolgh !.(>'• Music WIIH furnished hy the hlnh school or. chcstrii. Twenty cars of oranges are helitK shipped each week hy tho A/.usii Citrus Association and night shifts have hcen worked every other night for the past week. (ieorge I 1 !. Glover, .Justice of the I'eace, WIIH in Monrovia Monday try- Ing the case of A. K. Cronenwetl, proprietor of the La Vista Grand Hotel, who Is charged with the Illicit sale of liquor. The day was taken up in securing a jury as only ten Jurors were secured out of a venire of llfty-four. The case was adjourned until Saturday. On Monday the new electric motor which Is being tried hy the Santa 1'V Company passed through on its way to Lou Angeles. It. will be put Into service the tlrst of the week anil will make daily trips between Los AIIKI' les and Sail Heriumlino, passing through A/.usa going west at 1- .1. in. ami at .'i |>. M. when east bound Thin motor will draw a regular pas st-iiL',"! 1 couch and is expected to in ike j much better time than the svyulav.; steam engines. The children and neighbors of Mi.v Henry, who ivsulcs with her so:: at the corner of Sdiihum aiul Sr.Mi streets. were much alanueii o\er her disappearance last Miiiul;.'.y ;.!'i.'r mum. Alter an all night search t-lic \\a.s found near th Co\ ina Association packing house, ha.;;:;' e\l>leni!y wan dered through the liehls all night. Tonight the I'oliowing high schnoi Seinord will entertain at the lilen- BALDWIN PARK Mr. and Mrs. Mershon had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. .1. Alexander and Miss Pauline Alexander of Watts. Ray Dodson has accepted a position at Riverside. faster services were conducted by the Rev. McOoe of the Axusa Methodist Church at the school house Sunday afternoon. Special music was furnished by the scholars under the leadership of Mrs. A. B. Carroll. The primary class sang "Kaster Bells" to an accompaniment of small bells. "The Palms,, by J. Fouer, was sung by the young peo. pie's class. Rev. McGec compared in a most interesting way the Jewish Pass-over and the Christian Easter. Easter flowers were used. In decorating. ^ ""Miss Ltly Cribble of "Los Angeles visited her sister, Mrs. A. E. Carroll, this past week. Miss Essie Power Is ill with an attack of quinsy. On last Saturday evening the Boosters' Club gave a delightful entertainment for the benefit of the civic improvement which it has undertaken. The following program was thoroughly Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. 14245 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OP CALIFORNIA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. In th<- matter of the estate ot Almira Lyon, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of E. P. Warner for the probate of the will of Alinira Lyon, deceased, ar.d for the issuance of letters testamentary thereon to E. P. Warner, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 31st day of March, 1909, at the court room, department 2 cf the Superior Court of Uos Angeles County, California. Dated March 6, 1909. C. G. KEYES, County Clerk. By W. L,. Warren, Deputy. A. M, PENCE, Attorney for petitioner. enjoyed and brought much praise to the members of the club: Piano solo, Mrs. Mevshon; reading, Lewis Travis; duet, Mr. Ames nnd Mr. Mcrahon; and piano solo, Mrs. 101 well. Mrs. Travis Mrs. Ames, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Rix and Mrs. Caroll served a dalntyoafeteria lunch. At the business meeting of the club it wasdecided that the proper location for the new Pacific Electric depot was on the corner of Maine street near the Baldwin Park store. Stops were also taken to have prop- ori.y owners clear their road sides of weodt and rubbish. The young men of Haldwln Park will give a min- atrol show under the auspices of the club on the evening of Saturday. April L'T. Tlio Baldwin Park Women's Club hold a humorous meeting Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Ami Carroll. Quotations from Marietta llolley proved a source of groat muuse-ment. ttefreshiuoiita added to the pleasure of tho afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. William Stevenson had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Carner of Hollywood and tholr son, K. K. Stevenson, of Pasadena. Mrs. Diet rick was the hostess nt a delightful party last week when about thirty-five of her friends were invited to the pretty Malda Ranch to help her celebrate her birthday. Dr. and Mrs. Dietrlck are a chtiriuing host and hostess and tho evening was one lung to bo remembered by their guests. Mr. and Mrs. .1. D. Shuitis of Alhambra recently visited friends here. NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF ORANGE AVENUE AND AN ALLEY IN COVINA VILLA TRACT, COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby given that a petition, signed by J. B. Coulston and fifteen other.-t, praying for the vacation and abandonment of Orange avenue and an alley in Covina Road District, County of Los Angeles. State of California, has been filed with the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, and that said petition will be heard by said board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, April 6, 1909, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said day. The street and alley sought to be vacated are described as follows: Orange Avenue running from the south line of Badillo street south to the north line of Dexter street, said Dexter street having been vacated by order of the Board of Supervisors' April 17th, 1908. The alley running from the east line of Baranca street east to the east line of Lots 4 and 6 in Block "A" and from the easterly line of said Orange avenue to the easterly line of Lots 4 and 6 in Block "B," being the westerly line of Grand View Avenue aad from the easterly line of Grand View Avenue east to the easterly line of Lots 6 and 7 in Block ''C" of a re-subdivision o> the Covina Villa Tract as per map recorded in Map Book 11, page 182, Records of Los Angeles County. By order of the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, made March 15, 1909. C. G. KEYES, County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. By A. M. McPherron, Deputy Clerk. (LHE'S EGG MAKER SUCCESSFUL tstr SENU FO1 * FREU POULTRY RAISERS L'SO Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Care—SOc Postpaid HENRY ALBERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANGELES Patrick: H. Tetlley Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. A fl ent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 3249 Postoffice Address, Coviua Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FolSOm, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAI,. See P. E. DOUGHTY for Biiick and Maxwell Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Pbone 2188 H E A L D'S 614 South Grand A»enu«, Lot Ancelei, California. The greatest business training institution in tho south. Open during the entire year. Write for particulars. J. W. LACKEY, Manager. LUMBER—Let us figure your bill und sec who ia lowest. J. M. ARMSTRONG, M«r. Pico Heights Lumber Co. Los Angeles. 4-1 Op BEN F. THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yaro* West Cypress Avenue Telephone 4037 WALNUT CENTER Mrs. K. M. l/.anl anil little daughter of I.os Angeles are spending two weeks on iheir ranch here. (!. F, Stevens ami three sons spent Sunday in hong Heach. Several of the roads in htis section* are being graded. Mr. I'ogan and family of Kl Monte will move into their new cottage next weel... Kev. .Nicholas of I'asatlena conduct-j eil Kaster services at Mountain View school house Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. McNeil of Irwiudale ha'.e mtr.ed unto the F. S. Stiiusoll ranch. Mr. McNeil lias aecepted the pot-it ion oi foreman. PLAN YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A CHOICE OF FOUR FREE TRIPS IS OFFERED YOU DURING ALASKA- YUKON-EXPOSITION SEATTLE YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS IX THE EAST WHO WANT TO VISIT THE PACIFIC COAST WE CAX ARRANGE IT. This is your Opportunity California Raisin Day—April 30—Eat California Raisins. For complete information a SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB Room 1<», Flood Bid. San Francisco

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