Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 1, 1944 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 1, 1944
Page 10
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TEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1944 i'C. •' h : * ;• £ -". o ; A - 9 ' 1 - li o; •*< .ri fl ft B Je ti di at ' Of High Lights of High School ALLEGANY HIGH Hello everybody, hope you're feeling Up topi Welcome to Alco's November 17. Payne or -Miss Dillon immediately. The tentative date has been set for newsy column. . Monday found all loyal students -of Allegany bubbling over with pep. '..As you all know, this pep was from -the lact that Allegany won the Inl- Tuesday was a rather uneventful day in Beall witn the exception, of a fire trill-In the afternoon. The executive board 'of the Student Porum held Its-first Tegular meet- tlal game of the season by defeating!Ing Tuesday in Miss Spitznas' room. Somerset, 27-0. i Pour of the -pfficers arranged to go Helen Louise Smith was. re-elect- 1 to Cumberland to attend a meeting ed president of the Senior Girl's of the Allegany. County Co-ordluat- .. Choral Club. Other officers are: j ing Council. The newly-elected ..- vice-president, Lois Sttne; aecre-j homeroom representatives were all J- tary, Jackie Loar, and treasurer, (present and were reminded of their Ada Remains. Doris Jean Barnard (duties by was appointed press agent for the | Harper. the president, Charles club. Wednesday Beall played host to Boston I. Sherwood, Industrial art The Clare Tree.Major Theatre. Al" teucher, was elected advisor of the • Boys' Hl-Y. He succeeds John Wol. ford, who entered college at New , Castle, Pa. .'• Blair Lottlg. Shirley Wilkinson, vorable reports on this-pgoaucticm of ~ KamrynSchade, Dorothy Elder, "Peter Pan." Wednesdny, the Poster' Hennan Myers, Ruth Ann Richartls.iciub held a meeting in-Room 105 through the eighth grade was the only class which attended from our school, -we had many youVig guests from other schools; There were fa- the meeting five new members were given the pledge. Elenor McKenzle, Mary Rose Porter,' Ronald Kelser, Be^ty Mae Shook,.and James Witt. A-special business meeting followed Wednesday when Ellen Orndora, captain, and David Lewis and Harold : Winstanley, were chosen as representatives on the Atlegany County Junior Safety Council. . We welcomed to our school the past week the former students who are. now serving.. In the Armed Forces — Staff -Sergeant Albert Shank, Army; Bennett Lincoln, Navy, and Theodore (ChicV Stoufier, Army. Any parent or teacher Is welcome to the meeting of the County Council of the Parent-Teacher Association Monday In the office of the Board .of Education, Washington street, Cumberland. Alice Jean Bergman, Evelyn Lashley, Leonard Ferronc, Jackie Loar, • and Kenny Bishop were named new with Miss Cook, advisor, in charge. The band held Its second weekly rehearsal Wednesday also. members to the Astronomy Club. - Thursday morning we hnd our In the Alcohi Mirror which was •-.distributed Thursday, Miss Mary .^Murray, advisor, announced the ^ positions for the coming year. They first homeroom period. During this period the Junior and Senior boys were In the auditorium where Tech. Sgt. Clarence Biehii exhibited a •;, nre: Theoda Kompanek, hews edi- film on aviation. He urged the boys - tor, who will be assisted by Helen'to take this opportunity to become Louise Smith; Winifred McCloskey.iaviation cadets. Following the film, feature editor; Ursula Buck!, make- a large number of our boys took up,editor; and Doris Jean Barnard, the mental test that Sgt. Biehn had • Highlights editor- Uo offer. Speaking of aviation cadets, Eleanor Walngold, Jeanne Slzer,| 0 ur Service Club held Its weekly , Ruth Labor, Jeaneen Hartley, \VU'•'; ma Lee Steele, Jo Ann Robinson, meeting on Thursday evening. Prom what we have gathered the Club, •••=• Patty Anderson, and Margaret Rus- W Hh Mr. Day in charge, is really i/sell will appear with the band ingoing a splendid job of morale the capacity of flag swingers. - i building. Good luck to the Service Second Lieutenant Jack SharrettJciub. Thursday, First Class Petty Allegany alumnus, -gave a shortjofflcer Henry Blair, formerly-boys' talk on some of his army expert-1 coach at Seal!, visited us, proudly ences at u pep assembly Fvlday -.'.' morning for the students. Other • talks were given by Ralph R. Web- ~f ster. principal, and Coach Walter • Bowers. School songs and cheers were led by the cheerleaders. The Allegany band, composed of sixty members was led by Lt. Sharrett, former drum major. Allegonians certainly were on: ness, hand Friday night to support the! Blue and White In their first intra-i introducing the new Mrs. Blair, who was formerly a WAVE In the Navy. Petty Officer Blair "cuts a fine figure" In his uniform and brass buttons. On Friday there, was a meeting of the Chime staff in Room 217. We welcome back our advisor. Miss McLuckic, following her recent ill- TOMMY and BUZZ giving Day. But now my interests lie else- clty grid contest. Everyone is now, CRESAPTOWN JUNIOR HIGH anticipating the next clash of thej This is C. J. H. S. veportsng 250 Sentinels and Campers on Thanks- students, four teachers, and nine „.„.„„ rn,. Safety Patrol attended tho Clare Tree Major.production at Fort Hill of "Peter Pan" which was highly appreciated and enjoyed. • The monthly- Baby Clinic was held Tuesday with Miss Margare Morrissey. 'County Health Nurse and Dr. Frnntz in charge. Buy a Stamp or Bond, folks! En- where and I am looking forward to the Music and Arts concert tomorrow night. It Is being sponsored to provide musical instruments for our wounded soldiers. Will look .for. you there. "ALLE". CATHOLIC GIRLS CENTRAL The Seniors 'have delved stlil Applications,. for the organizatlpn bers. Attending. membership to were called for early in tHe and the, successful candidates will be notified soon. ' .' . • Ths students have been conslder- ng dubs which they wish. to join, and sometime in the 'coming week the activity period for club meetings will be started. .The lower .classmen ire being made acquainted with the activities offered,- through their history classes, and anyone can consult his handbook for Information. Loot forward to the third, for on that day the first Issue of the Sentinel will be published.' Vivian Strleby and Robert Heaverier will be the girl and boy of the month, arid members of the staff who have been asked about the new features just smile and say "wait and see." It's ft little difficult to write when I've got all my fingers crossed for tho game, so 'til next week I'll be erland, secretary; Betty Thomas, riasurer l^and, Frances Ann McDonnell, publicity agent. Class colors ire lue and white, and the motto Is— "Hitch your wagon U> 'a 'sUr." " A / eominitteV was ' selected from the senior class; .to' make .Arrangements for a skating party. Shine up hose skates and we'll'let you know when this is 'coming .off 1 ." seeing you. JO. BARTON HIGTI If we . can concenU'ftte - long . Perhaps the -students are' tiring of he noise that is heard at the chool each' day. .We mean, other han the regular confusion! But he results of that noise is.going to be, of air things,-a .well. Not a wishing well, but, ; a : real," honest- o-goodness well' that will produce water—we hope 1 , ; The library has "been moved to :he first floor. Here's tioping to see ill you "bookworms" crawling hrough, the well-stacked bookcases. When you'hear the whistle blow- ng—stop,' look, and- listen! You'll then be the unsuspecting victim of our "masterful" patrol.boys. No kidding, these boys are doing a splendid task and deserve a considerable The Or&aaptuwn Association will meet Tuesday for ,hls month only. The following meetings will be held on Monday as usual. The room doors will be iperf at 7:30 p. m. to visit the teachers and classrooms. The home room mothers are requested to be In their respective rooms. Don't forget the 'social hour" which follows the business meeting at 8 o'clock, during which reports on the summer meet- ng at College Park will be given Dy Miss Ester Carter and Miss Ruth Hanson, and . there will be a short ;alk from our County Nurse. _-J1ie 8-1 section _presented the pro- enough.'we'll try to complete.iHeSe so - called "tall - lights". Although some kid did relate to us the other day that our mental adaptability was little short of a marvel. He was kidding—wasn't he? . . . Tuesday, quite /a few students attended the play "Peter Pan" thai was presented at Bruce High. Nol and, not bad; The Junior and Senior commercials have set the date for "Parents Night" as Wednesday, October 4. A short program .'is. being presentee and refreshments are being served So the the parents of any com- gram "Quiz Kids" for the Assembly Friday. A tapdance was given by Patsy Martz. Su^an Hamilton. Delores Ferrone, Arlerie Norrls, Mar- cllie Mulllns and Mary Rose Porter sang a song. Dolores Ferrone played a "Marimba,", followed by boys' group singing. * Our school has done very good on our .milkweed gathering. Our quota was 25. We now. have 45 bags collected and expecting more, so take a little walk, kids, and bring back some milkweed. DEANTE. • * "-« FORT HILL HIGH "Fort Hill High School, .go .to "Humming loyalty songs town and reviewing cheers.between classes, the student body looked forward with anticipation to the game Frl-] day with their friendly -rival. Alle-! gany..The conclusion" was generally reached that the game would be a good one no matter who . the victors, and the number of spectators was greater than for any other game of the season. ... The senior class president, Darl Jewell, appointed several committees, including a general committee for the choosing of class-colors and Last week, Rev. Stanley Jewel; substituted lor Mrs. Cooper during herlabsence. We all really enjoyec having him, but were glad. to. see Mrs. Cooper back, Monday morning Some milkweed has been collected but v?e still haven't reached our quota. Most of this has been;brough in by. the elementary students—bu let's remember that cooperation i better than individual effort! This floss from the seed pod is urgently needed for life jackets and aviator suits. "Wednesday, the Seniors held class meeting, and officers "• were elected as follows: Margaret L. Rus sell, president; Katherine McDonald, vice president;' Helen H. Suth amoaint_Qf_ered4k—And-*emember- 'Mamma don' 'low no law-breaking round henh! Cpl. Dora McCohnell, WAC, was a recent visitor at our school. Last week's "Who's Who" was Waxlne Broadwater. Today we have a girl and a song. The girl Is q cute kid from the Senior'class whose song is—"No love, no nothing 'til my Jake-le comes home"!!! SNEEZY AND DOPE September. 21, gave the Army Air Corps Reserve test to five . boys. Glenwood Emmart and Kene Welch we're the two ?boys who passed i : The eighth, , grade gave $16 -to the ; Athletic Department for the. purpose of buying first' aid equipment. ; ". • . / The seventh grade science- class took a. hike to view nature under the supervision of Mrs.- Laura Marks. ,,.,'..'„ ;;.- : . . <••. .... ,. , .- VDavid ' Harum," starring Will Rogers, 'was $he title "of the 'first show : presented by ' Mr, Muller. this year.-"-.'-. 1 ...-.'- - ''•-•• • '.. • -.'.'. • ''..'. • ".On Sept; : "26 Miss Howard me't with; the School 4-H Club and the following off jeers Vwei-e elected: president. Bill / Brelsford; vice -president, Jeanette Kirnble; " secretary, Dixie Lee Eckhard; treasurer, Jack Brinkrhan; reporter, Mary Lee .Anderson; song .leader, • Margaret " ' ' ' Pownall . was .elected treasurer of the classroom Teachers Association. A Atryout-.- for.:' cheer, leaders was . • Our faculty attended Teacher's meeting at Keyser, 1 at which' Miss Penlnnah" Goldsworthy was selected secretary for Mineral County Teachefs Association, Miss Helen L SUoseph ASPIRIN IOOTA1UTSJ# WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT I0< FORT ASHBY .HIGH While we didn't even score. in the football game with Rldgeley High on last Friday, pur Fort Ashby—Eagles— did"thelr~best~ifrtn~elr first game in the school's history. Neither side had any. casual ties and the Rldgeley High students were fine hosts. We understand that the largest crowd ever gathered: there at a> football game was on hand. There will grow up between the two high schools in the Frankfort bis-j trict a friendly rivalry and some day; .Rldgeley, : the Eagles will soar and. score higher than you. Are you readin' this? On Sept. 20, Mr. Rouzer assembled the school for a bleacher chat. Miss Howard, County 4-H Club Agent, appealed to the group for School 4-H Club members. L Sgt. Calvin Koven, of the United States Air : Corpc on . Thursday courage your children to buy theirlmotto, and'a group to aid In the stamps »t school. We have a very selection and ordering of name cards. Another senior class meeting will be held sometime next week. BUY WAR BONDS decorative stamp booth, of Red, more deeply Into the mystenous|^ n j| :<i an( j slue. depths of Chemistry, while the. Tuesday the regular meeting of! The first Girls' Hl-Y meeting was Juniors "Oh my, who ever in-1 the Safety Patrol was held. At}held on Wednesday, all old mem- vented Geometry anyway." Tnej , , Sophomores »re busily bisecting their biological specimens and the Freshmen. .Well, they seem to be Interested In every subject from first year Latin to algebra. Thursday .night our annual skating party was held at Crystal Park. Thanks to Brother Gregory and Caspar Becker, our business manager, and to Miss Mary Irene Long, th« chairman. I would also like to thank our numerous patrons and friends who have helped >us to make our skating party such a, success. The list of patrons will' be published at a later date. Thursday morning, Miss Catherine ArthinghelUs was elected president of the Senior class, and Miss Isabel Becker was elected president of the Notre Dame unit of the Catholic Students Mission Crusade. Nomi- ne** were also selected for the offices of vice president and publicity secretary of the C. S. M. C. They ' «re Miss Mary Irene Long and Miss Mary Hoban. '' * Our giris -have really worked to provide good service and refreshments to our Wednesday night patrons. Misses Dolores Sotorokas, Isabel Becker and Catherine Art- inghellls are In charge and they deserve a word of thanks at this time. Do you like to dance or play games—such as ping pong, darts, checkers, cards? If so, you will have every opportunity to have a really marvelous time at our weekly Saturday night social. All ot these means of entertainment are available for your enjoyment at our Social Center. The Social Center reopened last night under the supervision of the Junior class with Mlffl C.itherlrfe Kelly In charge. The girl of the week—Miss Elaine Ce.«na. "Cess" came to Girls Central in her Freshman year from Saint Patrick's school, Mount Sav- nge. An honor student and a swel! sport, she has reached the peak of popularity at Central. When Elaine graduates In June, her loyal spirit nnd cheery smlie will be missed by students and faculty alike. Well, I guess that's just about all for this time, so "au revoir mes amir," <I feel proud of that French ending, but just in case you didn't cnlch Its meaning, I'll say so long lill next week). MARYLEE. (Because of space limitations no lists of patrons will be published, at !«ost for the duration.—Editor). , • t • BEALL HIGH (Frostburt) On Monday each homeroom elected student representatives to the Student Forum, After school the Olee Club held a meeting with Miss Yatcs In charge. It was announced on Monday that those Interested in our annual minstrel should sec Mr.- CAGE SCHOOL of Beauty Culture Is Now Accepting ENROLLMENTS •i For Fall Classes, DAY or NIGHT 15 S. Centre St. Phone 571-J Mother's Friend helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, an BX()ul*lt«Ijr pre- p*rcd emollient, U tmefut In all cundl- ^ JCTJ > m , tloru whore A bUnil, mild modyne m»» iug« medium In skin luhrlcntlon U tie- Blred, One condition In which women for jnor« thmn 70 year* have lined U Is an application for miMaRtnif tho body dur- Ini pregnancy ... It Helps keep the skin «o« and pliable . . . ihu* avoiding un- nfcessarr dljcqmfort due to drjmeas and ttghtne*!.{re»he« and tones the •kin. An Ideal tnoainga application for th» numb, tingling or burning ien««- tlon» nr ths stir. ... for tne tired back mu«te» or crsmp-llke pains In Mrt legs. Quickly absorbed. DellghUut to use. Mother's Friend , ni.r,.... Ju,i ,,fc .ny dru»«l,t for Mniher't rr(«nd— lh« «kla.tubrie«nt..Trjr J Jt toa)«fct. held Sept; 28 in the gymriaslunv * The following 'people';.'were.: choseuo3 (Continued*on Pitt ii,.CoI. j)'^ P AULS No more anniversarys for awhile ..-.-. : But I tell :ybu. whaf'wehave;got VvV Plenty of beautiful flowers , "for ..'all .occasions.',,l. : sometfrhes think:.Fait is the finest.seasbp:for. flowers. They have a stiff look dbopt : them, : as if "they were all. just cut.from the gardens or greenhouses. ' ..•..!'.'•-... 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