Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 17
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E SUNDAY TIMES.' CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, -in] XSl' Jem u Sgt. Howard E. Douslas is with the tWth 'Blue Devil" DivLsion ai thai lalian from. He entered the Army aver two years ago. Prior to thai time he had been employed as an Inspector at the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company plant. A graduate of Penu Avenue High School in 1936 Sgt. Douglas in his youth carried the Times for nine years, He'is the son ol Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R Douglas, 217 Springdale street ••Three Overseas , Former neighbors on Hith street i , ^ , — in Lonacomns, Pfc Thomas Devlin !• " worker before B oi!ig ' left in the picture aboveand set'' Anny lR£t May ' Pvt - R ° h : William Hutcheson recent'ly ran i,,j!o. R "!5. ron :J c(t ab ? VCi 's: stationed ! to one another overseas Pfc Devlin iis a member of the infaiilrv band >of the 82nd Airborne Division Set Hutcheson Ls in France. Pvt Devlin; k the son of Mr.- and Mrs: Terrenee ' Devlin. Sgi. Hutcheson is the son ! Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Hutcheson. i .. ., with the army air forces.- His brotlier, Sgt. Raymond Cameron, right, has been on quar- - duty \\ or 11VO - Mr - «"d ^ »« - VCHI - C ' Aleutian William Cam- Cll'Idl'Cn Of Nfr nnH M i-i- T t T< ' ~~ •'•n^.iiiiin.-i . LUC; J^u«iu ^^^.^.'";^«S^sS",s,;r^,,;;;: -'"-' Nurse Clara Di . nea; lino, on duty in Washington. D. C.. the husband in New Guinea; and SRI. Tuny Di G Chri.sliv..!.-- from ihe Navy r genr-i Jiprial Kiiti'iiei Partki i OM:. a-r., R been f 1 ! n :b,i(tir : i 191. p on leave tint tut 4. I he -- Jones Cameron. O/f e /$ Missi?t,g Four Franchi "Brothers The Shadwel! brothers are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Bhadwell, 123 Humbird street. They arc. left and right above. Sgt. James E. Shadweli, w h o .has been award -ed , the Puiple for sustain- T/ien- Daddy's a Seabee •• . .i.1- . -....!:- Mn.';r>n. : w ;1 ? Ihc id of Mrs Josephine Hnr-!^ rM "H'Otlni; ...•! :ho brntli^rv iii OMT ,,, ,. .. . . two yours. They M v soti> or Mr. an.; • ; ——^— -... ,. M"- C. K l!:.\<:-nb»nsl:, 4-51 -gi I.-Oi Cloud .sti'po!. Krvser, W. Yn rmp!o\eci in tr.i- < ncln-,-tms rirpsrl- !ment at the rim . S o P l«,,t. Mwin mile.-, w j iiixr-iib:iii|iii is H vetrrnn of Joii: tod lo (yeans, naval sr;vicc nnd rlan.v Ui hpl! irnicr tJ)r Mr:r-.',,. m . " The four men in ,,,,if Hav street " James B. Thomas, left Me- ii !• - ••*<•..-. "\'*s.-*?-si;si*ii-!*v? | £ P 11 - 1 ' of Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. sons of Mrs. Pauline Franchi, j Crn - v ' of Corriganville. to the side. Pvt. Jesse H. Shad well, [street- Ferdinand i7r 0 r,,,u- o , """ "" ••"""" an old Company G man now at the *, d woch d~n *5. nchl - S " ~ C " °" duty aL Oceanslde. Cal.. whose wife Astern front with the U5th In- I ** 7° Cl " dlen »>«.on.Kelly Boulevard; and Cpl Armanda Franchi Jantry Regiment. Sgt. James L, the|" Uh !he alr cor P s " Maxwell Field. Ala. Before going into the «ervice husband of Mrs. Eileen h-'orris ! Donlenic wft * mana R er of a'fruit, section in a ChirLn rt , > Shadwell. 115 Virginia avenue. |Hi» brothers worked at the Celanew pTant department store. lor e antc fleet lor , h( "' Whose Wife resides on Walnut ; lasl llllle monihs. ilcury J. Ambrose — - — " ' ' ------ Herbaughs Ml. Savage Fathers Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Herbaugh. Ridgeley, W. Va.. hav'e three sons in uniform. Pfc. Harold E. Her-f..^. baugh. lef tj: f. above, has been I * a prisoner of the Germans since! June B when he fell captive dur-l Ing the invasion operations against the Normandy coast. Pfc. Charles R. Herbnugh right above, is in New- Guinea He is the husband of Mrs. Lois ' Liller Herbaugh. and the father of a 14-' months-old son. To the side Ls Jack I J. Herbaugh. S.. 2-c.. on duty in! Tacoma, Wash. He ha? been in'the' Navy since last Coney Cousins - ----.•.*%.•. *» £-*«nJuai.c OJ Allcgany high school In 1933, and a former Celanese employe, he is the husband of Mrs, Margaret Thomas DeHaven, of Corriganville. '"-. 1-e.. entered the Navy eleven months ago. Before that "he was. i> machinist's! helper at the BJ •fc O. Roundhouse. He is the husband of Mrs Flora Edith Ambrose. 408 Pennsylvania avenue, rind the father of a S-year-oln Barbara.. His mother i Mrs. Rosaline Maconnuahpr. reside-:' * in Berkeley Springs w Va Mel. In England TH --- — — « ______ Wayne Soult, MoMM. 3-c., ha.s been down South Pacific WBV for 'l' months. At },u home In KiUmUler he has two children Cnrmella snri ''» , , The Rhodes h.-o(hpr.« Pvt Mflvin Mnrtln K. r.. 1 c. are sons Ol Miirun E; Rhoriej.. Si.'. Kevfr-t ' 1 .' Mrlli "' lrl1 Hl>nt - '* ' °" hl -V^.v.- He. i.« tJic> Foiir llyndman. Phillips ~~ A former rni|il<>ir in the K pBi-lmf-ni. n! ; I v vt. Harry I). J"l*^» __________ . The Hielt brothers recently met ,tn England where Pvt. C)aude~HieU, A veteran of 18 months service '"'" """ llr - '= oospitajizeo lor wounds among the Aleutian Islands T rnl ! tccelvert m action for the second Chester \. AVil- " ' •: time. His brother WP.«S!PV f. uron Isnti was recently I home on leave. | He is back in the I Aleutians aRain, jor on his way I At his northern outpost Cpl. Wilson was a "Tokyo Rose" radio fan. because the pro- urn included snappy Amori- cnn music. Cpl. Wilson's wife and daughter live at ;10 Elm street. His father. Marshall G. Wilson, resides on Williams ! road. I left above, is hospitalized for wounds •received in action for the second time. His brother, Wesley c. Hiett, right, arrived overseas about four months ago and is now at the Belgium front. They are sons of Mr. •ind Mrs. Lawton Hiett, Paw Paw W Va. Met. In India lhr husband c.i Mr..,. Dorothy ii fx' tiuiiirlti HP . li'.lh'rr Beach, Fla. husband of Atlantic flp v>. and r-Spt. James U. Phillips, bblh on duty at Miami'™"* - »'W Hie lHUHBHig John is the husband of Mrs. Ol B a Phillips, and James Is th. ' '"'^and of Mrs Thelnin TMbison 4 Mrs. Alice Phillips. Robert Lee Phillip., SC., V-c is with the ' Alumonl Term PP. The couple >.„, ft. Cpl. Keith W. Phillip*, is n(. the- W.siern Front. i^*'" """P"" 1 ™. l^fjuita nnri RKt- The soldiers 'k They are, in th .. A .seaman first :lass ia the Coast Guard. I.loyri r:. GrifTilh has been , in uniform since j October. 1942. He jwa.s .trained at M a n h ii t i a n .Beach. L. I.. Brooklyn. N. y., !Atlantic City, N. .— n- !J. r Norfolk. VR is ot lamihes in-Ml. Snvaee.jand New Or- (Euink'riaiti OVERSEAS EDITION ©tmra 5UNDAV. FEBRUARY IB, 19-15 Honic Front News In Capsule | Pals before the 1 Raymond B. Hal! StaH Sen Ell. war. staff Spt ief; above, and J. . Two 14-year-old IK>VS injured in the gns explasion that wrecked Vnl- ley street bridpp last aatur'day nfter- t. " ;. ^ ,.,st nv ni. njl OH.-.f !in India.- Spt. Hall, a former radio I instructor at Sioiix Falls, s D.. Is , i the: son of Mr. and Mrs. HarryR jHa.l. 310 south street. Sgt. Emerick.' drill ii-.stnictor at Greensboro K Hospital. They. HIT Eiicrne lames. Columbia street, and Robert Milburn. Chrstriul.' street. A former star in football Overseas since last June, the two !V A!legan - v aoldieio above recently met in Enq-' Coffe - r - --land for the first time since the ^ in training at o R5 L, t ! 1ey « vcre intlllcteri ' February:the Bninbririse 9 1944. Pvt. Charles'E. Moses Is Naval Center ««> the husband of Mrs. Esther Mo.e-! ,^ ? Railroad sirect. Lonaconlng. and ihc| en cd - short! J' father of two sons. His father i vbefore ^'s 18th Charles H.Moses, 446 Goethe street ibirthciav. - His Cumberland. Pvt. Marvin K.iparent*' M r and Irna'a Y^C jp t\^f, _«^. _*• ^» .' •!••»•.•••Hi, »»1* . rt I 11] Army for three years, inillitnry police • in (he Miii- 'dle E.IS •sailed for ovcr- [seas service two J years aco. A I former Celahrsc ! plant cniploye. | Pvt,- Keatinj; is Ml-.c husband of _; ! the Inle Mre. • 'Susan BUhicIds '•> Keating, of Mt. Savage Strawdcrman. left , i « * f S " ™ been Army since last jMarch. In his pre-militarydays |he worked as a j brnkeman on the :B. ft o. nail- |roari. Pfc. Duvnll {is the son of Mr. jsiid Mrs. Walter i D u v a 1 1, U h 1 i highway William E. Mcagher was riveted „.......„.,.,„ ^ President of Local 1874, T. W. U. ot C., bc_fore shipping for India. U UK?! to surcoeri Richard BoyriPii. of Mr., and Mrs. Elmer J. Emer-j II Wils revealed : that .Staff Sgt Donald Geisler. 22, of Bedford county. Pa., was among the captured American soldiers massacred by thp Nazis near Malmedy in December. Sunday and Monday were t IIP firsl moderate days since thp unbroken, spell of winter weather Iwcani December II. i ,' Tlie first robias were reportpd' jhcre last week. ; Over 100 veterans of the present' war. members of Fort Cumberland- Post, No. 13. American Leclon wfrp amonq those a meeting Tiir. day GI T5ill of Ri^htj^ „ tides• this month.was thai of n" Rjliad be*.!/ 6 !"" 1 ! Wrirltl *Jfl nt ra«T,.VA_ *-. _; j . -, n . -• ' *•' >w 2] months NO. 47 Marine ILaSallr To Co To Toiiniamrnt Wirh tiieir fnnnh stralshl j<hanij)ion.'.lii|], ti-.r i Explorers In?.: «•«• Invitation to . piny i r , Die Hrntp.s Cnfholir uivfiannnnl toiirn:i- inent n| Npwpnit, R i.. Mnn-h r" -3 mid 2V 'Gii<: RpjK-arnntrr -n-. .-. .,. in ns many Mir Kf-w Fn .. . Hie Explnrpi.r. under tho dire. - tion or ."nili- -Keecan. lAirrl'- nw'py th<;. tonr:ic.\- tn;p with R bril!l;ini Pihlbition of M-i-npjiy biiskptball mid jltie prci'pctinc .w-.,r they 'third-place hnno;., foi rh e loraj« in rvp.-.r. I B .«r ies- Paul .W Ruehl was one of ihr to hit ,he iWch win, l,r u S «'hrn thrvmovrt ii^oVu,- " plhnrtj n 44-2.H vrtij;v.:k on Ih'n strniiv rOvser Gfiltie.ri Torn.-HI n Tupfdnv nlclit <m the SS Purr \- P,uil floor ^' t ' " . ^Phtfpinti .«!:aichl Irinm'ph. . Wnghl, 38. of Bowline Orceri. ' hump hr Pacific win- zoiir- a votpran hfl K".\^>i\ bin thr Tol.- son . : ;i(iolf!is \v1:r llf , tnairh /Of: IP lorn Is ft'l<;r n hvrly n.,*i ^ii ilr trr AIlpRany Ktj Imr Murk <\\r W.vtpi'n' •Four DiUbaldos Scattered All Over the Globe ----r,---t- in-a vacant five major rncnpeniput.* anti a-cnr--' -war jonm Hopkins Hr^-ia presidPnlbf unit cilnlio" ribbon '" ""^ unmore. where he was un^-Now at Parrl. island, S, c for're-" 1 ! I ' onRr treatmpnt; i [asslornmrm Cpl. ""'-i-" i-".i- : -- .41-21 her resident of McCoole. Before ,lnto the armed forces, Sgl rnw- dprman made his home in Wpstcrn- . A Garmt county member, of thc. Marj'lnnd House of I>lr(fntes. O. n member nf the Srabces out in the \ " ' ' ' <> Fikr, dlpd Monday at Miners' 1 Hrxs-! pilal, ProstbnrB, following n recpnt' heart Httnck. j •• .- " fi-nnk Pr-llnws ofi .... Maine was the main speaker at Ih.'nii „ Mncoln Day dinner In CJupm Clly Hotel. , All. four Allppaiiy county rlraft I hoards are smdlns larRp pontlnRpnts [to the Baltimore Induction center I this month. Cumberland.; taxi-cab Rtrtkr was ; ended \Vedncsday. - ; : ; Allrgany Hiph'School has recplvpd ;a distinguishedji^rvire citation from :the Music War Council of America; wr!lrr ,'<li'ifiPm in Hie bac ]n«!. W(Y-k -• 'H shaded Trtitrnl h> roiiinc nnd flnibhpr! Brtirr hri-p. Tlir Camp.ers \\n\f. pteht. Irrtcup w(m i"ci cnn clncl'i the mitht by.tiiiipinK BPnil'st FrosUiurc . .Fon Hill, m second-,plane ' tv-'> '' r '-;(riiir:('.s lirhjnd ',IIP JKU-i":'f.||p r '<: ^•••\ i:t"-[close j t ;. : s <,',,s,,i,- ihk w.^k wiip,, ':! iPnlrrt.un.e Allevniij tin Uir Hf!i- !f>ilcMopj,.r S - tiiR i-oiiil T-Tidnv nlthl. -Tltr .SPIIIIIK-I.'. won'i I.K : nine to v ,.{ ( . vril •« sum «\ tlin XVMI <:l:_drin il All"- nf 'nshns iti •lips here mmkrd UK nt Ash Wrcinrsdny. ' Hpart. Wrr-k'ty-tins tncUu-JKflMv ujns Tnp,,i ;i , w ,,„.,. „., Mnrylflno. A tni; dnv venter-IMIOH \linu<>.<t- V . • ^ss -ws' r^K M j?l£«"rlr:i^,!S piWlor.r-1 Trinity; meet Ih- !cpr<,nri t. m r nn 7 .-—.-in church lo ar-'at as. PPIPJ A.- pnul Ihe.wwIiUc pa.Mo,alr of Km-, Kr,-..,- ^ ,,.U1 out. In [,n n » in 'h^ Pdioinrir \'a|jpy i (Hifpipnrr rsi-p nianupl R. r, rhurr.h, n»liimnjp. -" ^ irB ' nl V D| Uhaldo w „„„, Niirsc Corp., on duty at Ahjar, Persia; Tony A, DiUbaldo, SF 2-c a former notAbln of the prize ficht. i-thls Mction, now serving iw n e Pacific wnr zone: SRt. Emll DiUbnl- no, with (he troops- R t the western /rorif. |n Kitrope., who holds a .Silver St*r decorndon for gallantry in ar- he .--c . 27 ni Kpyspr " lll|! - strrB!! ° '" I . / a t Moorefleld ha* n \.-m- ' Cimilxilhnd (hentrpf hnvp ni?rcfd Gener- in some n! the top ' 'week, :U<.Snl|«> floEBP not .to roll . ticket.- to • . * c)l<x<1 hpl1 "" nn ' 1 51-34, Fritl POM UU) firiic-p l.aRBrrl Hnrturi ,HI.^« Mt, O re- Held whipppri Malhlrif 37-20, Pled- (oppp't Blllrr 00 ™

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