Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 23, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1943
Page 2
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HOM StA*, ttOM, e Star S*» *f Mcpf. U»; Pw*|.i«7. wirty qrtwnoon br i^. — » «(t t. PahrrtBr and Atex. H. Washburn) t*M Sfaf bu«dirw. 212-2)4 South Walrux , . street. Hope Ark. AUK. M/wJ Pr«la«nt tUfcN, Idltor arid Publlthcr "" 1 Entered ett s«cond class matter at the ,,PortMffe« at Hope, Arkansas, under the Aet of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Moons Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterorise Ass'n. S*k*tltpti«B Rat* (Always Payable in Attvanc*): By erry carrier, per week 15c; Hemtwtead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; else- whore $6.50. Member of Th* Associated Press: Th« Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the irt« for republication of all news dis: Catches credited to rt or not otherwise credited In ?his paper and also the local news published herein. M«tto4Ml Advertising Repmentativo— Arkans**. Mtttot, Inc.; Memphis. Tenn., Sterick Building; Chicago. 400 North Michigan Avettue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St.. Hold Everything II RELEASE Guadalcanal Diary <•:» .fcBS Book-of-the-Month THIOASKIS I. •. MAItlTON ""•George sends his notes anaill"- SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "Blasting the Japs out of their caves was a man-sized job." W EDNESDAY, AUGUST 12, Cont.-After in» from the pursuing submarine, we sailed into the calm waters of Tulagi harbor, down the narrow passage of water walled by greenery, and came to a small dock. We located Brii;. Gen. William 11. Rupertus, and he summarized die fighting on Tulagi, Gnvutu and Tanam- bogo. Jap dugouts-dungeons, the general called them— had been found in great 'numbers on Tulagi and Gavutu. Exterminating them had been a tough job, particularly on Tulagi, \vhere only yesterday the last ot them had been finished off. "You've never seen such caves and dungeons," said the general. "There would be 30 or 40 Japs in them. And they absolutely refused to come out." The general was enthusiastic about the bravery of the Marines in the fighting here. "I don't know how to express it," he said, and it was plain to see that he was having difficulty [rutting his admiration into words. "I think the United States should be proud . . ." Me stopped and tried again. "I mean that when it comes to bravery there isn't anybody in the world that can beat us!" Col. A-lerritt Edson, of Chester, Vt., told us that the whole Nip defense of Tulagi seemed to be built around "Sg». Goss was a one-man demolition squad . . ." the small groups in dugouts. There was radio apparatus in nearly every one of these holes. "We pulled out 35 dead Japs from one dugout," the colonel said. "In another we took out 30. Some of these people had been dead for days. But the others were still in there shooting. In one cave there were three Japs cornered. They had one pistol. They fired it until they had three shots left. Then one Jap shot the two others and killed himself." The colonel told us about the Marines' one-man demolition squad-Sgt. Angus Goss. When Goss tried throwing hand grenades into a Jap cave, they were promptly "The sergeant went in, firing full till." tossed hack by the Japs inside. So the sergeant tried holding the grenades for three seconds before hurling them. But even'then, the Japs caught the missiles ami threw them back. The patient sergeant then got TNT and thrust it into the cave. The Jnps tossed that hack too, and when it exploded it drove splinters into Goi,s' leg. He got a bit angry then, and went into the dim-lit cave firing full tilt. Four Japs fell under his first withering blast. Eight other dcau Japs were sprawled tmmmi them. (Continued tomorrow) 1 Inc. Distributed by King Features Syndicate In co-operation with tlic Book-of-thc-Month Club, Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople $ Dr.wmw copyrlKbL 1943. l.y KU, B fen tan. Sfo.U«t«. Int. Text copyright. IMS. bv Random Hou.e By J.R.Williams OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS </ WELL, ITS BEEM SMOOTH Y( VJHS, THAT'S TUB 7\ v % '/ C.MI ,0/i iilrrij -?t>.u;& CVH cr^, ^xl MfX^OC'S PA.TUHRL f I '•;• THIS V THE OUP > [ JUST LIKE THE BLUE PRINTS i/OLt5 GEOGRAPHY INS MA30R'S FATHER. HE.'S SEEM VJITH 3A*E EXILED SCHOOL--1 LEAdtOED -V AKiD OVER HERE. / COVER UP A '^. AMO THKV BIG PELICAN LOT O' LOARtO, I EVERYTHIMG ?- TJOM'T THEY? <DIDN'T MEED IM -/ \€> RONWEL,-- KJOW THIS OUR. ARMV, S THEY HAD A } SCHOOL TSEHIrJD THEM TH' BRITISH ) QUARTET HEEE I A GEOGRAPHY, AM" FIRST ARMY \B— /THAT USED TO \EVERYTHIMG I. LET'S S-EE ~ /PRACTICE WHILE ) DIDW'T MEED IM A HOLDIN' UP A ) SHOP BEHlNit> A BLUE PCIMT .llsj \ BLUEPRlMT/ f PROMT O'THEM i~"^T I"-.- J < '.'h .'. , «Mrfi4 Vf Zfe ^!~A /srYS-CS --/U -/'/\ V*^ - w^^ CPU. 1943 «fNlA sitvicfc'lNC. T. U. ttO. U. S. >*T. Ol HAT/? OTHER UOOPLB? COPO. 1M3 BY NEA SEBVICg. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. P«T. OFF. \ interrupt the problems of Ihe Jiinsons with a few sordid family matters?" I think he's lost confidence in his range finder'." By Fred Harmon End of the Line By Roy Crane Back in the Fight WiMh Tubbi But T>WNPE.R.'S FOOT R.OLLS OS» A ROUND ROCK. *M~D CW-J HORSE. CRASH THE. STE.E.P CAPTAIN EASY TAKIH6OVER .XONTSOLS. PLANE SEEMS ' OKAY. WE'LL ATTEMPT TO RE6AIN OUR POSITION) IN ' ' THE FORMATION ACROSS RED RTDE.R..BEATS THE IrtDIArt OUTI..&.V55 TO THE APPROACHING BOMBARDIER WHU TAKE OVER THE TOP TURRET IMMEPIATELY. HEf?E THEV COPB. 1848 BY NEA' SEBVICe. INC. T. M/REC. U. S P«T. OFF Thimble Theater The One That Got Away! Donald puck By Walt Disney Born With 'Em! OMTWOUTHIWK MWFRENP. UJOUl-P TU» WORTH (WOULD BE MUCH IMOER.THE CIRCL'W- CHI€,HL,THI5 S<5ERIOUSK JMondie Barefoot Boy! By Chic Young PUTTING OM BOTH SOC^S ''^- i WAS RIGHT/ I MAP TV/O SOCKS OK), ), BUT THEV WERE Boots and Her Buddies Alley Oop He Likes His Vittles By V. T. Hamlin WHAT WERE YOU TRVING ) TO DO, MURPER ^" '--THAT ANIMAL? / AW, > WHAT ON EARTH r/ GEE , DOC, 19 THE MATTEC ) i I WAS WITH VOU? WELL, COME ON IM THE HOUSE AND HAVE DlNKIES... -—~ ~~>. NO, WE'RE -;• AN NO N. NOT HAVINO FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.CAM'T VOU REALIZE THERE'S A WAR ON? YOU'RE GOIN6 TO ^ -v BE STVLISH / ^ N WITH $TEVV.' \-4 5KUCK9 N \ •^cofw IMI BY i.r* srwviti. in«:- i— ^ -^. ,*MTtf n , ^ r.JM. Htc. u 1 1 CM on -'. _,.,.,.. .; j'* Pi"— ^-.^ By Edgar Martin COOVD. WtoCS! TOO A? XOU •*?"/• *?+? 3* '"^f ? ji*r %--\ T P*. 1MJ BY fiUutaviCI, INC. fTM. RtE U. ». VAT. Freckles and His Friend? Slightly Odorous By Merrill Blosser Noeooy we JLO Buy THK j KATweR THAN GIVE ]we CAMT VE6ErABl.es, SO HE LET / THEM TO THE CHILDREN'S J HOLD HIM TMEM ROT HERE / _X, HOSPITAL/ ^-r-'^^i^S' i?LJ| r\C t<& BOOKED POR HOARDING UWDE-. GLARED GASOLINE/ ..iR.SCUTTt-B.WE PQNT.N IT A PRACTISE TO CAUL PRISON" 1 |=RS NAMES .--'SOI VMQtfT CALU YOU A ^KUNK/ DiDNT HAVE" I COULDN'T EVEN s»wa«si«iK«aiaaiia6KS«a8i«6fiii^sias»sb»^^ ^^^£^KA^^> W^T^ ?Vri . _

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