The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 23, 1998 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1998
Page 21
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY. MAY 23, 1998 C$ Y CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Holiday is a fading day of remembrance Soldier's question: 'If we cannot correct ourselves, how can we lead others from their chaos?' A nother Memorial Day is upon us, and it's apparent that it's one American holiday that's being slowly forgotten. Flying flags are few and so are the parades that were once blocks long, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find volunteers to fill the ranks of honor guards that perform military services at the funerals of veterans. Many old-timers do their best to carry on the traditions of the past. But, to the disinterested young- $ters of today's generation, the events of 50 years ago are as ancient as Valley Forge was to us. ; To mark this fading day of remembrance I'm going to use a couple of quotes. The first one was written by author Paul Fussell who sent it to me to use in the Powder River Journal. The second quote is the final <l paragraph from the epilogue of my book "Thunder in the Apennines," which was published nearly 20 years ago. At that time the veterans of the Second World War were well into advanced middle age, now they ROY LIVENGOOD For Tlie Salina Journal are old and some are very old. "149 Words on Memorial Day" by Paul Fussell. "Decades ago, when Memorial Day was Decoration Day, people by the millions went out to decorate with flowers the graves of those killed in war. Doubtless a prayer was said, and tears were dropped. Now Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, is more likely to stir awareness of the Indy 500 than melancholy thoughts about the war dead. But even if some national elegiac observances seem out-of-date, Memorial Day is still a moment to remember the victims of war. I don't mean dead soldiers and sailors and airmen. They are out of it now, and they don't need our sympathy. I mean the survivors, whose lives have been devastated by those appalling telegrams announcing they'll never see again some kid who once faced a magical future. On Memorial Day, if you run into any such survivors, give them a pat on the shoulder and a squeeze of the hand." Here's my quote: "So the years have passed, tumbling like dominoes down the long, dark corridors of time, and the memories that were once so bright have faded and grown dim. The uniform blouse with the Fir Tree patch and soiled Purple Heart ribbon and corroding Combat Infantryman's Badge, is tucked away in some forgotten trunk or moth-balled closet. The confiscated pistols that were freshly oiled and stuck into the mess-kit compartments of our packs lie rusting in some attic, along with all the other captured souvenirs, and the sinewy young shoulders that carried mortar plates, water-, cooled machine gun barrels, BARs and jerri- cans of water are stiff and sagging now and the young blonde beauty who received all those painfully scrawled V-mail letters is a grandmother, and the war, at times, seems but an aged dream. Yet when the sky darkens and the autumn rains return and the dead leaves fall, one hears the thunder of the guns and, once again, an endless line of a generation of men march through the hills and gullies and over the sleet-covered peaks of a range of mountains that will last into eternity. And we remember that at one time in our lives there was something ever so much bigger and more important than ourselves, that we did our duty and we did it well, so that our children and our grandchildren and all the generations to follow can simply say, 'Thanks. Thanks for what you did'." Pvt. Morgan J. Quinn served with the 88th Infantry Division in World War II and was killed in action near Carpane, Italy on April 30, 1945, three days before the Italian Campaign came to an end. On his body was found a diary. His last entry read: "Please God, silence the scheming and the stupid in our Government and let the honest and strong lead us to right. Otherwise we fight in vain. If we cannot correct ourselves, how can we lead others from their chaos?" T EDITORIAL NOTEBOOK Call waiting Now, if we can do the same with faxes THE NEW YORK TIMES Editorial A wise person, on learning that a Galaxy IV satellite had mysteriously pointed itself toward the rest of the universe instead of aiming its communications widgets at the Earth where they belong, would have spent Wednesday at the ball park. Sorry, boss, were you looking for me? I was out doing some field research and never heard a beep or felt a quiver. Thus the 45 million people normally tethered to a beeper might safely arrange a day when you could get in touch with them, but they could not get in touch with you. It would have been like a snow day from outer space. In a manner that sounds like some omen in the first scene of a . summer movie — maybe "Deep Impact" or "Armageddon," to name only two — the Galaxy IV satellite operated by PanAmSat suddenly went wonky on Tuesday evening, about six or seven* years ahead of its planned date of' obsolescence. Pager executives immediately declared a major emergency and promised to find alternative beeper satellites within a week. Emergency services like hospitals and airports and police departments found their way around the little attachments by using backup radios and other equipment. By late Wednesday, most businesses had adapted to beeper freedom by asking staff members to check in by other methods. The telephone was one. • . •• Meanwhile pocketbooks and back pockets have gone silent;--' no buzzers at the next table at lunch, no interruptions at the opera. , * : ,' Even the drug trade undoubtedly slowed to a dash. Now, if only the same beneficent virus could attack fax machines. KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY SUMMER SESSION 1998 COURSE SCHEDULE LISTING KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY REGISTRATION MAY 29 8 am -12 pm and 1-5 pm Enroll Now For Summer And Fall Classes Summer classes begin June 1. Summer '98 Undergraduate Tuition: $160 per credit hour Please call for graduate course tuition information. Attention, May '98 Saline County High School Graduates! You are STILL ELIGIBLE to receive the Pre-Freshman Tuition Discount for Summer '98 Classes!! This entitles you to courses at LESS THAN HALF-PRICE.. .just $70 per credit hour for 1-6 hours!!! Students age 60 and over are always eligible for a Senior Citizen Discount. Tuition is only $70 per credit hour up to 6 hours. For More Information Contact KWU 785-827-5541 or 1-800-874-1154 Course Number & Title Sec Hrs BIOL 220 Human Anat. and Physiology A 5.00 BIOL 226 General Microbiology A 4.00 Course Number & Title Sec Hrs ACCT203 Financial Accounting A 3.00 ACCT204 Managerial Accounting A 3.00 BUSA322 Human Resource Management A 3.00 BUSA360 Business Communication A 3.00 BUSA445 Strategic Management A 3.00 BUSA 485 Spec. Topics: Current Issues A 3.00 Course Number & Title Sec Hrs ACCT 585 Special Topics: Current Issues A 3.00 BUSA 585 Special Topics: Current Issues A 3.00 BUSA 650 Master's Project/Research A 3.00 ECON 585 Special Topics: Current Issues A 3.00 Course Number & Title Sec Hrs CHEM 290 /«lra lo Organic & Biochem. A 4.00 Fall 1998 Information Are You...-: < ^ .' ' ' / > Considering attending KWU in the Fall? > Wondering abouttne cpsts? .* > Afraid you can't AFFORD it? REAP ON... 98% of full-time students at Kansas Wesleyan University receive financial assistance. A variety of scholarships, awards, grants, and student loans are available. Part-tune students (enrolled jn l-l 1 s credit hours) are also eligible for financial assistance! Financial aid awards are based on financial need as well as academic achievement. Don't forget to apply for financial assistance for tije Fall '98 semester! Call the Financial Assistance Office at (785) 827-5541 ext, 1130 fqr information. ' • ' •'. Biology Time Days Room 9:OOAM-12:OOPM -MTWRF- "SH205 8:00-IO:30AM -MT-R— SH 229/309 Business Administration and Accounting Time Days Room 1:00- 3:OOPM -MTWRF- SH218 I:00-3:OOPM • -MTWRF- SH218 8:00-10:OOAM -MTWRF- SHI 13 By Arrangement U By Arrangement U By Arrangement U Graduate Business (MBA) Courses: Time By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement Time 6:00- 8-.30PM Includes Lab. 'Pre-req: A or B in HS Chemistry or a College Chemistry Course Days ij U.— jj U Chemistry Days -MT-R- Course Number & Title Sec Hrs COMP119 Inim to Computers & S.oft\vare A 3.00 Course Number & Title §ec Hrs EDUC 203 Field Experience in Early Childhood Education A 1.0-3.0 EDUC 245 Child & Adolescent Literature A 3.00 EDUC 250 Education & Psychology of the Exceptional Individual A 3.00 EDUC 315 Educational Psychology A 3.00' SPED 220 Field Experience in Services for Students w/Special Needs A 1.00 SPED 349 Communication Development & Communication Disorders A . 3.00 SPED 359 Methods for Facilitating Infant Development A 2.00 SPED 360 Career, Transitional, and Voc Programs for Adoles/Handicap A 2.00 SPED 380 Topics in Special Ed: Supp.Child/Fam.Coping w/Violence A 1.00 Topic B: TBA B 1.00 Computer Studies Time Days 5:30-8:OOPM -MT-R-Education Time By Arrangement IO;OOAM-I2:OOPM 3:00- 5:OOPM 1:00- 3:OOPM By Arrangement I:00-4:30PM 8:30AM-12:OOPM 8:OOAM - 3:30PM 9:OOAM-4:30PM TBA Days -MTWRF- -MTWRF- -MTWRF- U ------ ij ______ u ...... U- ----U ------ Room Room SH418 Room SH21I Room PH 375 PH390 PH 390 ACCK ACCK ACCK Office Bethany College Apply to KITS (316)864-0725 & speak w/ Lorene Ooering (316) 283-2500; Must also enroll in Topic C (below) Topic C: Follow-up to Topic B C AIT. w/Lorene Goering (316) 283-2500 SPED 461 Practicum w./Inf,Todlrs, & Fam. A SPED 462 Practicum in Intervention with Preschool Aged Children A SPED 463 Practicum with Adolescents with Handicaps A SPED 465 Student Teh Chid/Youth with Mental Rtdation at Ed Level A SPED 466 Student Teh Chid/Youth with Mentl Rtdation at Train Lev A SPED 467 Student Teh Child/Youth with Spec Learning Disabilities A SPED 469 Student Teaching Chid/Youth with Behavior Disorders A SPED 490 Student Teaching: Children With Special Needs A SPED 495 Student Teaching: Adolsecents With Special Needs A SPED 497 Practicum w/Adols w/Spec Needs A SPED 498 Senior Seminar A Course Number & Title Sec EDUC 601 Wrkng Successfully w/ADDStudn A EDUC 604 Curriculum Adaptation in the Content Areas A Appropriate for Elem & Sec Teachers EDUC 605 Introduction to Multi-Sensory Synthetic Phonics A EDUC 606 The Changing Face of Education A Course pending approval Course Number & Title Sec ED 676 Methods for Facilitating Dev. in Infants and Toddlers A ED 678 Top. in Spec Education: Supp Chldr/Fam Coping w/Violenc A Held in Wallerstedt Library, Lindquist Hall 1.00 2.0-7.0 2.0-7.0 4.0-6.0 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0 6.0-8.0 4.0-6.0 7.00 HE 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 His 2.00 1.00 TBA By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement By Arrangement 5:30-8:30PM U U U U- ----- U- ----- U ------ (J ______ U- — •M ....... Re-Licensure Graduate Education Courses; Time Days **8:OOAM-4:OOPM'*(Mt.Time) -MTWR-- Instructor Opilz Andrews Instructor Kclley Kelley Roth Roth Roth Ahlvers/Steimcl Instructor Ahlvers/Steimel Ahlvcrs/Stcimel Ahlvers/Steimel Ahlvers/Steimcl Instructor Hanna Instructor Marshall, D Instructor ACCK Staff Barrett-Jones Drake Drake ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Stall ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff Instructor 8:OOAM - 4:OOPM 8:OOAM - 4:OOPM 8:OOAM-12:OOPM 8:OOAM-4:OOPM 8:OOAM-4:OOPM -MTWRF- -MTWRF- -MTWRF- --TWRF- -MTWR-- Room Goodland HS, NW KSITV Network Anderson, W TBA Anderson, W TBA Anderson, W TBA HugolonHS&SWKSITVNlwksiia Staff ACCK Graduate Education Courses; KWU campus Time 8:30AM - I2:OOPM 9:OOAM - 4:30PM Davs U -MTW- Room ACCK Bethany College Topic B: TBA Topic C: Follow-Up to Topic B Course Number & Title ENGL 120 Intro English Composition ENGL 121 Intermed English Composition ENGL 125 Introduction to Literature Course Number & Title B C Sss. A A A HPER 114 Concepts ofWellness & Fitness HPER 115G Lifetime Sports/Rec. Activities Aerobics: Wellness Center Course Number & Title HIST 105 World Civilization I HIST 106 World Civ II Course Number & Title HUMA 105 Introduction to the Arts NSCM 102 Environmental Awareness SSCI301 Statistical Analysis Course Number & Title SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish U Course Number & Title MATH 116 Intermediate Algebra MATH 120 College Algebra Course Number & Title NURS 440 Clinical Elective Focused Clinical Synthesis Course Number & Title PSYC 105 Foundations of Addiction PSYC 325 Abnormal Psychology Course Number & Title REPH 258 Jesus and His Teachings REPH 111 Introduction lo Ethics REPH 525 Issues in Health Care Ethics Course Number & Title SEE A A S££ A A A Sec A A SEC A A Sec Sec A A SEE A A A SEE A SCTH130 Principles of Speech KEY: Italicized print indicates evening courses. 1.00 1.00 His 3.00 3.00 3.00 Hrs. 1.00 0.50 HIS 3.00 3.00 Hrs 3.00 3.00 3.00 Hrs 4.00 4.00 His 3.00 3.00 Hrs 5.00 Hrs 3.00 3.00 HE 3.00 3.00 1.00 His 3.00 TBA U TBA U English Time Days Room IO:OOAM-12:OOPM -MTWRF- PH340 8:00-10:OOAM -MTWRF- PH 325 10:OOAM-12:OOPM -MTWRF- PH 325 Health. Physical Education, and Recreation Time Davs Room 5:30-8:30PM . -MTWRF- PE5 7:40- 8.-30PM PE -MTWR-- History Time Davs Room 10:OOAM-I2:OOPM -MTWRF- SHI 13 10:OOAM - 12:OOPM -MTWRF- SHI 13 Interdivisional and Divisional Courses Staff Instructor ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff ACCK Staff Instructor Staff Roesner Rocsner Instructor Brewer Pickens Instructor Spencer Holland Time 1:00-3:OOPM 8:00-10:OOAM 8:00 - 9:OOAM Time 1:00- 3:30PM 1:00- 3:30PM Time 12:30- 2:45PM 5:30- 7.-45PM Time By Arrangement Davs -MTWRF- -MTWRF- -MTWRF- Languages Days -MTWRF- -MTWRF- Mathematicsr Days --T-R--T-R-- Nursing Days U Psychology Time Davs 1:00-3:OOPM -MTWRF- IO:OOAM-12:OOPM -MTWRF- Religion and Philosophy Time Davs 10:OOAM-12:OOPM -MTWRF- 5:30 - 8-.OOPM -MT-R- Room SH229 SH227 SH2I1 Room SH225 SH225 Room SH227 SH 205 Room Room SHI 13 SH227 Room PH4IO SH22S Inslmclor MacNamee, B Instructor Kissell Snell Gillcspic Instructor Bube Comhs-Ui\ Notes Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Notes 1st 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Week Session 1st 4 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Notes Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Notes Full 8 Week Session Notes 1st 4 Week Session Nolcs Appl. deadline 1st Fri. in May I si 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Weeks Session Appl. deadline 1st Fri. in May June 4-5,8-12, and 15-17 June 4-5,8-12, and 15-17 Dates TBA June I - 3; Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Based on availability of sites Jrntl,IS,i29;pildlripdiiuTBA Notes July 27 • 30 July 20-24 July 13-17 July 20-24 May 26,27,28, and 29 JuneS, 9,10, and II Notes June 4-5,8-12, and 15-17 June 1-3; Same appl.criteria as SPED 380 Same criteria as SPED 380 C Noles 1st 4 Week Session 1st 4 Week Session 1st 4 Week Session Noles 1st Week Only hi 4 Week Session: class limil 20 Noles 1 si 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Week Session Nines 1st 4 Week Session 1 si 4 Week Session Full 8 Week Session Noles IM 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Week Session Noles Full 8 Week Session full 8 Week Session Noles Full 8 Week Session Nolcs 1st 4 Week Session I st 4 Week Session Noles I si 4 Week Session 2nd 4 Week Session One hour of graduate credit available by enrolling in health care seminar at Salina Regional Health Center Jul) 27-31. Call ext. 1376 for information. Speech. Communications, and Theatre Time Davs Room Instructor Nines 10:00-II:OOAM -MTWRF- SH225 Marshall, E Full 8 Week Session

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