Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 16
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 16
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SIXTEEN SUNDAY 'TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY is, 1945 High Lights of High School "Tht Body" Shows How To Put On The Panting >P i Klfiar.or Bradford, co-organization Al.l-EGHANY 1HOII in recognition of lU"b«t s ur.din»! I «•*»'««: Kathryn RicUurn* music ^rss?h^ r«e J« * ^L^hJuW'rt vr.Ve r'a- Ior < be ahm '? ! win be'iri-sejnwWr. f^, I-. ,f,t vS c CO-UM-I A *. dividing the. school j-Piirlnio thre* llotl h, '.I'.e MllilC OOUl.U! *•-•• nnrt«. y.'nltict/4lnu a-itli l*«v ,hrw> parUr c'otncldlnK with the three year, fall. '«* ~ Ml* Do^hy WHlLson, director 'j ~£m-.ti eS atranln* of th« rniwc'Ors»n!Mtio.w. *nd °th- • H , tenaoivlhu wceke nr<, 1 better .r rr.ernbfrs;or the faculty wlin .aid- • ib e lmta „ t td, Sg;., Juek Platt, nov; in rriarKe J A[ of the Artny's 'Special Service Ol- vi.-.loiii-...arirf MrV:Lci> Winter. have .. itniLwcl .for . die acUvitles of Hl«h School music or- Tin' senior mrmtx-r.i of '.he Fur 1 .. Hiil Players pre.««nt«-d "Thi? Mon-. play tournament, at !h« senior| hl»h AV!«mbly on Tuesday. Beuy; May. who .was .voted the best, act-; rf.-. It: tile coriU'M, rsiui Uie Scrip-; KORT I1ILL HIGH As uiual ill this time of year, when spring ts just around the cor- '- ner aid is already being felt] occasionally', the students on Uie hill double Vfmo renewed efforts of scholastic ^activity. .Trig students' switch' to. solid geometry: Spanish students.learn words for spring and warm weather. Planning for spring activities bunder way. Stop , around room 113 any day after school, and if you are allowed to peek, look in Hnd sn« the cast of "Arizona 11 busily preparing for jlheir presentation date. :V • Although' there Is no official .information available, Vivian Strieby lorwaul 10 th«:i«por which i* pub- ls!secn 'I 1 ' 1 * 11 * tonsulun K with her | journalls-n c °u". and .we believe plans are -•er Mrs {begun for the annual May Day a|1 'j" ^g! assembly of which she is queen. 'Caps and gowns lor graduation have been decided upon: cream for the girls, gray for the boys. And there ! are many other surprises, of which KOMNKV HIGH The Wnn'p'abqmn en me out .Friday. 3. The H.H.S. >itidenis look monthly. b> >\.SS U lilt' Mph H; to all. Aren't you suidsnts and inns ln- Uirf- The ciiM -included- .D.irl .,^' in basketball games? Come j Wf , have ' no i nl£ u n g ^ ye t. .I,:*--!! Dorothy C'ewnii. William i|ft '"* *«'"« more often and help! M embers of Fort Hill have been Jt"V,-:i William Grddstjoroniih. anf!.')'" rheeruiR section as it has grown|u,- ori( j er | nR whether Alleganians who fiusn ("r .iwfi..r'ij... The pl.iy -AH.S fin--; 71 ' 1 '.'' w ' ea< tllLS ytnlr - . s [viewed Uie winning senior play of si-ii'ffl !n .1 iruly professional masi-j On Tuesday morning you couWithe annual one-act piay tourna- iif-r in.! letiect's.' ciftlliiUiiy tifxm itsihckir ths students talking about thejment given • in- their assembly on ilndcni director, Jan"! lUrniuiri.'RiciBtiU-'y. and Fort Hill basketball,Tuesday enjoyed the drama as much t\:;<! .'Acuity adviser. ..Mi"!* Oirardine'stama Monday illicit. :as they.-The play, v hlch was chosen Prlt<:li,»rd. AilfKiinians appreciated| o ,,' Wednesday evening the Pion-jfor its capable cast, good direction the prrkluctlrjn and wish lo express !p ci .- played the Keyset OoUlun Tor-hind general interest, was well liked their gratitude to the For. Hill| nat j ws ao <he Romney flior. This I In. Fort Hill, and we hope our v.tttier.lK for their! i'xc'nan3P;| s on f of the "largest crowits t/> RI-I friends across the way liked it too program. - [tend a game here-this .season. . |The cast and staff, have spoken C«n-r-a High .School vns hwt.u.) r , orgol tn m e-r.tion last weeic that hi 8^>'. of the hospitality extended .,_ .-..,_.... .... ^......... ..:..._.( •>> . - - to them, at Allegany. Port Hill is lotiklrig foru-ard to playing host to Allegany. at an assembly program 'hi- Al>ro . on Tuesday ni-<nt;t help*'d out wiih the Bv t!ff,:-atln« Cp'niral -Vl-lta. another j Blood" Rank, as several'of the stu- "' arcrc-difpil to '.he Camp-;^,,,^ snd tenchers gave a pint of . .•' . tl^oir blnixi -to the American Red The Oirb.' Trl-Hi-Y suoni'o'reO o Cm!i^. Those 'dor.dting were: Lucille the lecrrriitlon v.ctoi'. er flvr. .•.a!f of t:;<- f' Ou'iri'h i>n Ktr'.'ft, Mcthnd-jand Mr. Luy. - ' ;February | R O mn«>-s Hardee. Robert WaUoh, Mr.v Bright J^- leading basketball! in April. The audience 'which listened to Park speak on New (China.and Use Mew Pacific oh Fri[d;iy nlyht, enjoyed the talk, which IJ, ft.i one of their projects to rai£OJ sc . orer u captain Dick Harmteon '.vlth 19'J points. A senior, he is 18. The nppeuvance of Mirror on Wednesday the Alcohlivcpighs 1^2 ' ' the!u ' ' 1CS ' e gave many new points of view on the subject of Postwar China. We urge more student. 1 , to attend these IMS AlJcuew! staff «s solected by first two years and center last year Harold C. Witkard, n<iv!.-:c;r; thrmisli [ lm( i this. In football he was chosen rr-mpetittve !ivo«t.<;.-. Shirley %yil.son.|two years in succession as. left end ^^ » mcinbV-r of HIP Alcolii Mirror stafiPjon the all s!ar team of the Poto— and publicity .director, of O. K. S..|, n a C Valley Conference. He went to ^[lectures, which should prove valu- " able assets to education. the coveted position of t'.r AirilnR her will be Ruth Ann Rii-ii.irii.s. associate editor; Zetta SHKOT. business manager; Lucille faculty editor; Gclilh Doo- state triick meet last yeur to run in the half mile. He won honorable mention as B center on the Potomac Volley Conference bosket- ball team last, spring. He began play- litt.V <-la.w editor; 1 Jay B«neman.|j n g basketball In the sixth grade. »t.hle;IC editor: Barbara Biunk,| ACE. Swim suit sensation of th« s«a«on is Clairt McCardell'i | "panung" or "beach cloul," a garmsnl reduced to th« ulli- malt simplicity. Pin-up sensation of the season is movie star Marie MacDonald, tagged by Hollywood "The Body." Here the two meet in an e'ducational sequence on how it's done. need or want publicity for any of . our special attractions., whether it's a dance, circus, or play. ''••• •Thursday'we had a very good assembly which wns in charge of the 1 Home Economics department. I'm sure you don't need to be afraid • Anyone will "Fence You In", Norma June. And we do think Bill Farady . and George Waters would malcf the : "sweetest girls." • : ' • : Fridey, the Boys Glee Club met In .163 for rel earsal. Second period '•. was wnltte'd. : The Chime Staff met in Room 217. Miss Blllle Shannon . has succeeded Norma June Gellner as business manager. The next issue of the Chime Is nearly due we hear. We have no particulars on the Beall-Certral game which was , plnycd Friday night.- Recently the Secretarial Club of Beall High" School (sponsored by Mrs. Nora Orrell) has been used as a nucleus for the organization, of a chapter in the Future Business Leaders of America for the purpose of broadening its field of service. More than a million boys and girls are studying some phase of office work In U. S. high schools. A national organization of business students would do much to focus local and national attention on the work of these schools in the enormous task of preparing young people to assume places of leadership in the business world. The major project adopted by the local club is "The Post War Work PUe," sponsored by Rotary International. The following constitute the executive committee: President, Maxine Ravenscroft; first vice president, Margaret Jones; second vice president, Betty Malloy; secretary, Anna (Continued on Page 24. Col. 7) f Well, here's the old yet exciting story. Allegnny plays Fort Hi!) in | the second .basketball game of the season this week. Our'rivals across the way have gained the upper hand this year in sports, but then the year isn't over yet.. There's still i roll, the above girls have proved [Valentine's party on Feb. 14. The 7 First step, demonstrated by ' Miss WocDonoW, is to fasr- en "panung" arouncf waist. ) Suit is then drown be •• Iwcen legs and (asl ened around the rxck. 3. Marie snog* in waist- fine of suit by lying strings securefy al back. All dressed in one min- ufe flat.' Greof for girls in a hurry, says "The Body." baseball to come! And the boys on I themselves capable students and of the team promise a good fight In the coming Who knows, we might even win. : That's about all the news from exemplary conduct. These girls certainly deserve the prai=c and admiration : bf all Centralitcs, for it is a known fact, that keeping the Hilltop this week. The usual things | honor roll regulations is not an easy still go—buy war stamps, volunteer your sen-ices, and study for victory! scudy, study. JO GIRLS CENTRAL HIGH After an absence of severai weeks, once again take up my pen to narrate the news oi Central High. In view of the recent mid-term Job. MARYLEE. CRESAPTOWN JUNIOR HIGH Last Friday in assembly, Rev. Wayne Shellenbcrger. of the Calvary Tabernacle, brought Dr. John McNeill. minister of the National Tabernacle. Washington, D. C. He told a very interesting story about examinations, the honor roll and I the "straight pin." Even-one on- jscholastic standings for the term (joyed immensely the chime effect Qualify In FLOWERS Gorgeous Flowers at All Times at Arthur B o p p a Greenhoute. Jhnve been announced. A general iverage of A for the first semester vras merited by the following: Seniors—Tsabelle Becker and Maxine Leonard; Juniors—Rosemarie Stakem; Sophomores — Joan Carroll. The following girls have an average of B: Seniors—Catherine Arthlng- hellls, Jeann« Hursh, Mary Irene Long, and Mary Lee Weber; Juniors — Ann Hughes, Cathertn« Kelly, Ann McMahon, and Mary Jo Eah- rlg; Sophomores—Erma Jean Chambers, Patricia Christ, Helen Rergott, and Margaret Meyers. Recipients of a B average were as follows: Juniors —Kathleen Dougherty find Rosemary Leo; Sophomores—Wanda Froser, Dorothy Prendergast, and Willelmina Seib; Freshmen, Rosemary Savage, Mary Margaret Kilduff, lolleen Burns and Eva Mae Hammer, The ~.'ork of the Junior-Sopho- nore English Class, participants of Funeral Flowers ARTHUR BOPPS GREENHOUSE !tt2l Brdfnrtl St. Phone 2202 'rom the piano solo he played. He also played the English concertina Wednesday a movie on Abraham LAricom was presented by Mr. Mueller, starring Walter Huston. We were sorry to see Mrs. Gordon Warnick. leave from substituting for Mrs. ' Arbogast but welcome Mrs Herbert Heineman in her place. Coma one! Come all) March 9th trie Cresfiptown Junior High School will present, tihe "Star Spangled Minstrel." It Is mostly about Cresaptown and I'm sure you will enjoy the jokes. We welcomed to our school last Friday "Freddie" and Hansel Warner. Freddie is a private in the 0. S. Army and Hansel is a teacher at Mercer School in Charleston. W. Va. He gave a very Interesting talk to the students. Tuesday Hilda Holt, Robert Witt and Robert Smouse took the pledge i recent poetry contest, has been [to become Safety Patrol members usual Valentine games were played. Our thanks to the committees that helped. The Parent-Teacher Association if the Hydnman High School held a meeting on Feb. 13 at 7:45 p. m. in the auditorium. Devotions were by Rev. G. B. Winters. A play was presented by a group of parents. A solo by Mrs. Kenneth Thomas. Mrs. Sateson gave a patriotic reading. Come on, parents, lets get Interested n our school and pupils. Since spring IS coming, We are glad. The school room will be humming And our attention will wander. Well, so long for this time and we will be back next week with more GERALDINE. * « * OI-DTOWN' HIGH This week we dedicate the high- displayed in the Assembly Room. Following this exhibition of approximately 35 beautiful poetry scrapbooks, the following winners were announced: Junjors—Miss Mary Jo Rahrlg; Sophomores—Miss GeraUi- ine McGowan. Tuesday afternoon, despite the existing weather conditions, journeyed across town to St. Mary's Auditorium for a most enjoyable afternoon. The occasion, the third C. S. M. C. meeting of the school year, was attended by members of Girls' Central, LaSalle. Ursuline Academy, and Saint Mary's. The date has been set, the time I announced, and the Seniors are | anslous and walling. I am speak- j ing .of the forthcoming event so i eagerly awaited, by every Senior — the day on which graduation plc- 1 Mires are taken. If you should see :\ senior strolling to school on Mon- iday or Tuesday morning, her usually Friday, February 23 we will cb- erve a special day of Brotherhoot Week in our school: Talks will be jiven by Rabbi Samuel Sobel o B'er Chayim Temple. Cumberland Father Alvin, and Rev. Louis P. Chastain. of Cresaptown. The assembly will be in charge of 8-2. . We are sorry to say we losi, the game at Beall High School, Tuesday night. The score was 25-2G. We welcome Vera Densock n.s the new assistant Scout leader of Troop 11. We-also welcome Corrine Densock into the troop. Mr. Cooper visited our school Wedpesdny with John E. Mahoney, assistant district representative of War Food Administration, Baltl- lights to Private John "Cutty" Lewis who Ls stationed in France. He Is a former graduate of O.H.S. "Cutty" las been fortunate enough to receive two furloughs. The best of uck. to you. "Cutty," and we hope you soon get home. The seniors won the banner again this month. It looks as if they are going to keep it in their possession tor the remainder of the year. The F.F.A. boys -re sponsoring a roller skating party which is to be held at Crystal Park, February 21. We had our "Truth and Consequence" program Friday, and whatj a success! Everyone took their con-1 sequence good-naturedly, we all | had a very nice time. Hartley Reek- ley won first prize for his Hula j Dance. • j The juniors and seniors have re- j mnleded old furniture, embroidered i scarfs, and made some very attrac- j tlve articles out of old boxc.s in home economics class. They had an ex- ilbit of their handiwork Friday, and we think they were very attractive. Our visitors this week were Ar- ;hus G. Ramey. Una Duckworth, Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Mueller, Adelle Mueller, Mrs. House, and Genevieve Smith. souri, gave an Interesting lecture to high schqpl students Wednesday afternoon. This lecture was the Crst of a series of four to be presented to us by the "Institute of International Understanding" sponsored by the local Rotary Club. We are grateful to this organization for the privilege of becoming better Informed on world aftairs. As we predicted, our boys' basketball team was overwhelmingly victorious in the game with Friendsville last Friday night, with a score of 69-38. But the Friendsvllle lassies turned back the local girls 2311. The air was full of suspense all week about the coming game with land. : This may decide the championship of Garrett county. The Seniors have ordered their announcements and name cards tn order to be ready for those fatefu days in June. As the months slow- y drag on they are becoming more and more restless. But don't ge discouraged, Seniors, there are only iiiree more months left. : RITA and RUTH. as elected to serve as vice presi- ent for the remainder of the year, ucceeding Ltndy. Clise, who became ctlng president since the mid-year raduation .of . Charles Harper, ortner president. At. 3:10 the Girls Glee Club met in 163. Monday evening the Girls Hi-Y teld a bowling party. A good time! as had by all who attended. • j Tuesday night Bonll was host tO| Fort Hill's basketball team. Again ve lost. Too—Too bad! The Poster Club met in 105 after chool on Wednesday. This Active lub does some very attractive work, ind is most helpful whenever we HIGH Here we are from Beall Higl School where the sun shines at a! times (well, almost). On Monday the Student Forum met in Room 103. George Water Furlough Fascination The coifs of the day . . . lonjtr, casual, all easy-fa-coml>— and »o very lovely for day or night. .We'vt new versions for every type—come for yours today! Virginia Larry 135 S. Liberty St. ' Phone 2615 Advance Spring Coiffvrts || \Ve hire ideal lalori for lh« cominf «•»- f^f i.,n. Hllrltj-ltl with new lip »nd M«l th»t t;y ; fcecent Ihe 3m»rlMl h»t. H&lrdot w^. U your Individual Ijr*. >^| PHONE 45J9 ••'•- ... '• |i|| TWILA'S 1 BEAUTY SU.OH |j S. CENTRE ST. ' . ' . .'||| more. DEANIE. FLIN'TSTON'E HIGH O.H.S. TRIO. • • * * GRANTSVII.LE HIGH The Sophomore class, directed ay Miss Kathryn Speicher, presented the "Lincoln Day Assembly" Monday afternoon. Jean Kclster gave an acrobatic danc«. and the rest of the program was in commemoration M C«*t AfUMttt t MOTtC It» OX. Marshall Mann, a member of the| of thjs famoU5 man . or -45. left last week tor indue- No . Yon|r park of Kirksville, Mis- , . _ .......... „. ._ ..... _- ------ — ------curled and shining locks hid- jtioh into the Air Force at New Cum-! ' ' ' ~ ' *" ----- ' ' "' ----- ' ! CLAPP'S QUALITY BABY FOODSI iden by curlers and bnndnnas. or if lyoii should chnnce to observe an bh- so-dlgniiied Senior, dancing before the Senior cloak-room mirror while borland, Pa. After receiving his unJ-l" sent to Mississippi, where he will ( receive hts basic training. ; The Senior Class sold hot-dogs; practising a dazzling Pcpsodent • smile, don't be alarmed. For at 2:30'Thursday. The proceeds will be used! I. in the afternoon they will make for graduation exercises. STRAINED FRUITS or VEGETABLES 3 .4-bx. cons 20c INSTANT OATMEAL or CEREAL 2 pkgs. 25c CHOPPED FRUITS or VEGETABLES 3 a or. cans 25c ROYAL PUDDING ,„„.„„. ... PILLSBURY PANCAKE FLOUR GRANDMA'S MOLASSES 20 pi-IT. 37c pint , 6e lie 2le their merry way down to Goldflne's for the momrntoMs occa.sion. And while we are speaking of graduation pictur.RR let as take a moment to thank .Sr. Merici of St. Mary's for the generous loan of the caps and to be used for the pictures! KING'S SYRUP 5 I 37C SWIFFS PREM 32c 12-ot. can BAKER'S DELUXE COCOA 8 c °: n 19c Solid Heads CABBAGE 2 n>, lie YELLOW Cooking Onions Ihs. 2Sc F'nnry nr APPLES 4 ib,. 25c L'.;,S. No. I 1'ennn. Pofalott 1J perk JjC We were previously informed th:U it would be Impossible for us to get our pictures- nt an early dste because our own caps and gowns do not arrive until the latter part of May, but due to Sister's kindness we are nowlo receive- our pictures several months earlier. : This '.week witnessed the complc- lon of .the work required to pn> Ince wash cloths for the Red Crosr n be \i.s«1 'by rnpn In. sflrvicc. Tl\ls work', a project .of the American Junlnr Red Cross, was participated n by tho followlnct glrk: Seniors— ] Isnbelle Becker. Klalnc Cessna. Nfax- ine Leonard, \f.TrgV!erlte McGeady .ind Hilda McNfillcn: Sophomore. 1 !— Mildred Creogan. Mary Carrpboll, Doroihy Blnke, Wanda fYabor, Norma Jean IjOradltch, Helen Hersott, and Ansjela Ruppcrt. Pfc. George L. McKcnzle, a former j member of the '45 graduating class.j who left school In his freshman year, is now in the Marines and Ls stationed In the South Pacific. :- '• : .' . ; .... AVIS.'More school news should be given; —Editor;) Hello Everyone! How did the little "Cupid" treat everyone on Feb.. 14? Well, it loolts as though thr "Groundhog" didn't see his shadow after all. We hope the nice weather continues. A surprise birthday party wns held Tuesday evening in honor of Rny pren Phljlppi. one of our juniors, at his home. Games were played and refreshments were served. The Freshmen Civics class l.s having nn essay contest. There Ss n choice of four topics. They are biis- cd on world topics, such as; "Our Relationship with the Philippine Islands". cioses on March 1, and will be judged. Prizes will be awarded' to winning contestants. At .1-he.ftid of the first month of The "Non Pueii" Cliib held Head Into Spring With a Smart Hairdo vur fxptrt hrautlrUn* rive joa A permanent — » new hair itylf . and yon'Tft all i^l for *prlnr- H> fire Murhinr, M«chlnlm and Cold Ray Cold Wivr. Clastic Beauty Shop HI Btdfnrd SC. — Phnnf ,W«3 Mr«. Mjrlln Slr«ll<jn. TrnprlcUr the 194li school year, the Senior j Class ranks first on tho January Honor Roll. The Juniors and the j Freshmen 1th four nnd three re-1 specUvely, arc next, while the Sopho-j more* nre last. Tlie names ol thfti honor students follow: : Seniors— j Catherine ArthlnshcllU, Isnbellc i Jennno Hursh. Maxlne; Mary Irene Tx>n(f, and! Marylee Wobcr; Juniors—Kathleen j DouRhert.y. Rosemary Leo, Mary Jo Rnhrlj?. and Rosemarle StaXem; Sophomnres—.loan Cnrroll and ^^^^^-l rraret \feyors; Freshmen— \fnry' MarKnrft, KilrtufT, Colleen Burns, arid Eva Mne Hammer. ,- ;•' Tn .krfptnif ' with the stnndnrds to Knln access to the honor Do you havt • «al "y«"" *« flivorful vegttablei... juicy, Ju«cipu» fruin? And do you wint dmn «1 * r j' t y pdca, 100? Thtn go "»-hirvatin' " to- dir if your fritndljr A&P Super— *h«f you'll Knd • fall fwtiri! of At Snot of f»rm», grovw «r Cabbage JUICY FLORIDA Oranges ICEBERG Lettuce ' NEW : - . ARRIVAL Size ISO's Doz. 51o Hds, 48's 5c 43c 23c: 2 ™ 19c doz. NEW Potatoes WELLA KOLESTRAL ; : for dry brfttle hair A concentrated cream conditioner for rjry, brittle hair, or weakened hair. A perfect lubricant and softener that fearei your hair lovelier, more lustrous, better able to take and hold a wavi ... 30 Mlnut*i to Lovelier Hair ';: Moire Xour Appoinlmtnt Now VANITY BEAUTY SHOP 15 Smith Outre Street 2nd. Flrvor Phori S71-J dexo SHORTENING TEXAS Carrots 12's PENNA. STAYSIAN Apples TEXAS Grapefruit Size Ibs. bchs. Ibs. for 35c 17c 29c 29c Nectar Tea 34c Bokar Coffee EN'CORE Spaghttti Jar I3c Scratch Fetd 100 ,$3.2! ANN FAGF. Macaroni •***. FltHF.RT'S OlM Flour WHITE HOCSf Milk 25 ,> $1,01 SpryftCriseo i. ' •" '' • . .'WHEAT : ' ,., 9c MHMIingt 2 > fc 5le 3 S; 25e I „ 2Sf 3 Si 88t 100 ,,,,$2.62 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE FAMILY BREAD SUNNYBROOK Selected Eggs Dm. 49'

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