The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 4, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
Page 6
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TAGK ft— NAtrOATUCK NEWS (PONX), MONDAY, JOT,!' 1C,-JM8 Legion Team Victorious In Opener Against Ansonia Healy Hurls Five-Hitter, Hits Well For Local Nine JAMAICAN tfLASH By Jack dords San Angelo, Usakiewicz, J. Healy, Curtin Also Excel For Victors Do yrm know « problem drinktr? For who have struggled unsuccessfully with the- "disoiiHo" of alcotioli.-.m, the March of Time Mm "1'roblem Drinkers" offers now hope. Those scenes from the film flhov/ thu wiriou.i .itop.n in nn alcoholic's downfall and his re- haliilitntiori. I'Voi-n "moderate" drinkinf; lie slips into uncontrolled excess until finally, nil restraint re moved, he loses his sense of re- npon.^ihility. Kvr-n iirrcul [or di'tinUonness fiiils to move him until nn orKJiiiiv.iition known as Alcoholics Anonymous learns of his plight nml holds a friendly conference with him. First step, once he has ronli/.ed his liolplorancs.x, is to nssurc* him of .-lympatliutic and undcr- *tnmlin£ did in fighthff his battle, Ilia health is built up, and he is told of tho deletcriou.'t effects of alcohol as determined in laboratory experiments at tho V/tlo School of Alcohol .Studies, A. A. members sec him through thu criwin of his unwonted abstinence, and finally he too can testify tn a successful brittle against alcoholism. Thus with new courafto iio lukiM up hi.< duties a different and more understanding man. Koxbury Rockets Meet Millville A.A. The R'ixlMii-y r,f thn lnvml<! finckct TYiinfM-jt'.!!^ r*cn/fU(! \v NailgaUlok Innlt-.lit to!! will) Hit; Mlllvillr A. A. of (hi- iN'au- C'ltlK'k Atnntniir h'.-njuc nt It"eriiH- tlon Flrlil. Thl-i contdHt will ,sfnrt at 'i p. rn. .'iliarfp. Muniii;rr Hurry Sl;i|iffi>r. of the Mtllvlllf nlnr', will rtt'ixt HU/'ly ,if>irt (."hurley Finland or I r nnk ShlllnkM.i fin Hie rnoiind a;;(i|nst tin- Inv.idrr.i v/llh Hun Anjri'lo (ir C'n.'lfin (/''hind , 111" (ilutl-. Thn lofifils \'. ill hr our If) ' ii n K-7 fli'fr.-u of /i In rtoxtiiiry, tinvr-riil vvfckn V/hon Art Cumnilr\)r::, Eifirk^t.s' rniiiiagcn' sttdc home In tlu- ncvnlh Innlni;. i Tho Mlllvllli- cluli will travel to f-!i!fhlrhrni "n 'rh'liM/lny rvcnini: to mi'i'l thi^ ti'iini or that pliuri' In HU- olhcr I'xhllililr.n fonii-yt. N«-xt. Sunday llic iVrillvlllc i-i-fw win ntt'-mi't leagtif. nciion agr>, to hrnt the ?RiiKii'i cont Mt. Mifhai'l' cMt n t U"i'rriiii n Ki-nrul Tel.m Nfilloniil I'aik In lo ontpfl In flu- "I [ciit-t or Wyiuulr.K' VnntlonUiml." STRA'n'ON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Oprn Dlllly Cnlll | .\. ,-\j. • MAII.V l,r\f]|Mf)NS • .\.\f> DINNlT^S • A I.A C'AKTK .MM.NT IlilliA- Itmiiii, J''ii».| :inil HiKith SrrvU'i- Full Liquor License Industrial League Action Tonight Two Important Tndustrlul ffnitcsts 1 schotluie'-.l for Oil" <'Vcnliu." 'it thi 1 local Recreation fli'l'l when thi> Niiugiituck ChomlcsU cotiipttny frici'M off on the North 'll'irttnml -ij.'iiinMt tho U. S. Rubber Kwlrks and thn I£ustorn M»llciibtc Iron comhntM the strong- F^rlstol Cfirnp.''ny tciirn, llrriwnln Karulitin'.H rubber team will be l':iv(irnl to take the measure of the- r.'hcrtilcnl boys, while tho mh"v rnntert si.-i.-ins fairly evenly iiiiilt.-hvcl. r/ri-K F'hiilnn will pitch for Bristol cfimpuny. nncl with such rclifibln nvn ni^ \VnranowlcK, Garland and (-jis.'ilily on his team expects to fh»lk up another vlrtory. Joe Ber- nn may pitch for hiw EMI squ.'ul, luit lui:! not stated definitely If he will or not. fin me time-.' both games, G p. m. C1OI..K TOUKNKY N"%v 7-:rle/iln, July 1,1 -(UP)-- ^'l^.'•ty playors aro pntnred In the Ni-v/ Knjrlaml I'ubllc Golf assocla- IKKI rluimpl<in:ihlp which will be run <ifl" Miirulny. Included unionf' the entrant'! is di'lViidlng champion Joe Goldshln- "ky -if New I-ravRti. The New Haven .Mi.mlcip'tl Cfoll'iiHxoclntlon will atli'ui[>; to r"laln Its team title. Tin- imiriify. the first since l p c;irl H.-irhor, will consist of 3G Jmloi (if niofbil [)Iuy. The Naugatuck Legion team j-tarted off their season with a bang Saturday when Eddie Nolde's jhargcs slammed otit a 17-bit, 12-0 victory over the weaker Legion team from Anconla. Vln Hcaley starred for the locals, pitching five hit ball and getting two extra-base hits, one which brought him all around the base paths for a home run. Sharing honoi^i with pitcher Healy were his brother, Joe, and Jack Curtin Chet Uaakiewlcz, and catcher Sa iVngolo. San Angelo deserves spc clal mention due to his spcctacula lng, garnering- four hits for fiv trips to the plate, and proving to a attendant, that he was still one 0 1C best-in the valley. Ll.ulejohn pitched for the An sonla and went the distance, whil Conklewlcx caught. Following the game, co-managors ubby Cowan and Eddie Noldo an nounced that they will engage the trong Seymour team in a homo ml home series that will start Thursday evening in Seymour leymour will have the always tlan- erous Tommy "Red" Casagrande 'Itching for them. Score by inning: Naugatuck -1000030 5—12 17 ; nsonia 0000000 0— 0 S ! Batteries: Healy, San Angelo -.ittiejohn, Concowicn, . Umpire-— istcrclli. Naugatuck Amateur League Standings AV. 5L. Pet. Rnngors 6 0 1.000 Highlanders S 1 St. Fntncls 8 2 St. Michael's 3 4 MlllvJIlc A, A 0 7 Baseball Standings AMKKICAN M5A.GUE Yesterday's Boston H. Cleveland 10 (1st) Boston 6, Cleveland 4 (2nd) "•M-i-n" S. New York 1 (1st) Detroit 6, Now York 3 (2nd) \viiHiiliiKton !5, St. .Louis 3 (1st) Washington 5, St. Louis 2 (2nd) Philadelphia 5, Chicago 4 (1st) Chicago 4, Philadelphia 3 (2nd) Tito Standing W. L Boston 09 23 New York • . . 48 34 Detroit 44-35 Washington .... S-t, Louis Cleveland Chicago -• Philadelphia Pet .720 .585 .557 -10 SS .513 30 44 .450 3(i -IT; .444 32 46 ..110 24-54 ,30S Calendar By Thomas Flf/patrlck Hei-e it is Monday morning, or at least that's what, someone told us sis 1 we came in . this morning. Now that's a lie because while you're suffering- reading this, we're down at Madison lolling in the sun, on- our annual vacation. (If it's raining today, plenso disregard that last statement.) Thia week the calendar is fairly crowded with all sorts of events, excluding Snuffy Smith's IJUK race, In which we c.'in with assurety pick the winner. (We read the funnies two weeks in advance Saturday.) Tho Industrial and Interdcpart- ment leagues open up their softbu.ll seasons again; the American Legion Junior Easobai] team is conducting home and home scries with the Seymour junior team; the Amateur League Is playing; as per usual on Sunday,' and golfing- every day continues up at the A. B. A. We heard of a good golfing trio the other day, who made a tour of the A. B. A. course. This group of stalwarts,- warts anyhow, consisted of Jack Darby,-Johnny Davidson •\ncl Muscles Ashmpre, who, their first time out on the course hit .74, 8 and 80 respectively. After having- uch success on the first hole they itnrtccl or. the second 'one. Muscles ad the worst luck, lining into the rook when he teed ofi'-.on the first lole, lining into the swamp on the fth and losing a ball in the u'oods in tho eighth. When only several members of he Merry Morticians-showed up for "riday's game against the Yanks, he members present 'ji-gnnized ick-up team, which they named NEWS Bloomer Boys., The 'B Amateur League Meets Tomorrow Then; will be ,1 special m of the managers nmj olllccr.-i of the N.iugaluck Amateur B ;) s o b a 11 fjuo tomorrow evening at the St. Francis ."Chool on Church street. This meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p. ;rj. .-ib;irp. Arrnngemci-jt:; will be made at this affair for playing several postponed «;JJTJOM as twilight contests in order to sUirl Uio second half race on Sunday July 2#tb as scheduled. A definite v-oio will also bo taken al tomorrow's confab regarding games t-chodulod :it Beacon Falls. It lin» been rummpred by the league thai efforts will' he made to play all games at Recreation field in the future. league Secretary Albert R. Brewer recently completed the "clipibil- ity list" for the second half race. Each manager will receive a copy at Tuesday's meeting. There will bo .TO additions to this .list, whatsoever! It was a.lso learned by THE NEWS today that the "league" will insist that Articles VI, VII, IX,.and X of the 3846 Constitution and By Laws will be enforced to the letter in the future. ^£J Rangers, Highlanders Win Amateur League Contests STAINLESS STEEL 3 PC, CARVING SETS $350 Others to SS.OO All Kinds of Trucking — t;, itcniovcd • McNamara Trucking- Cc, Tel. ;i!)02 Toilny's GIIHICS, I'ltchi-rs' Detroit tit Now York (Night) — Mutchlnson (4-G) vs. Chandler (13•1). Chicago at Philadelphia (Night) —Hfimner (1-3) vs. MnrchildOn (-1-R). : St. -Loula at Wnshlngl-in (Night) — Shirley- (5-S) vs'. Wolff (4-8) or Haefncr (G-B), (Only gnrncir scheduled).- NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "IlUSS" WKAVINO, JTup. \l'liiNld\v Cliinrt TPl.'3.'IO-» AUTO 1'AKTS SJ'OtlT.S GOODS tJUAiCKil STATM MOTOR Oil. SAI.I'.S — SKKVICK Hotchkiss St. Garage •17 HOTCHKISP S'rttlSKT Tel. .1727 .T. r,. MAZM.,\IWKAS. T'rop. NATIONAL EKAGUE. St. Ynstonlny's Kfsiilts ouls 5, Brooklyn 3 (1st) 1 K-t, Louis 2, Brooklyn 1 (2nd) Cincinnati 3, Philadelphia 0 (1st) Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati 2 (2nd) Koston -l, Pittsburgh 1 (1st.) Pittsburgh 5, Boston 2 (2nd) Chicago 7, Now York 4, Tho Standing W. L. Brooklyn /in 30 St. Louis 47 33 Chicago !• iston .... Cln'clnnjitl . New York .. Philadelphia Pittsburgh , . '12 3-1 . 38 <12 . .'if! <M . 35 -1-1 .32 42 .32 40 Pet .620 .CSS ,5!53 .•175 .474 .143 .432 .410 GET A JEEP IMMICWATK nKLIVKICY Vdcir WII,I.V.4.(>\ KIlLAMi llrllli-r LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 'M IhtrrNi'M .\vi.niir ITT l-:\i'lmniif rl-in., MnHTlniry SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG r.It.AI,. IIU-..I-.. HUM nlriTi In Fl Ti i.'i.KiAM-iji'r si'ii'i 1 IN •niin.s'i'.v'rn Toilny's Games, I'itcbors Brooklyn at St. Lnuln (Night) — M.'itten (, r )-7) vs. Brcchoen (0-9). New York at Chicago— Koslo (107) vg. Wysu (9-7). Boston at Pittsburgh (Night— Nlggellng ((M) vs. Helntuclmnn Philadelphia sifincoau C-l) Malloy (1-2). at Cincinnati — vs. Hctki (2-2) or SKATING LAKK QUASSAPAUG PAVILION EVERY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 5 MO.M»AV. '!•(, IISIIAY. THUUWD.AY, I.'I{II>AV NIGHTS « TO II I 1 . M. Thr C'liolrst mid licst Skiitlmr Surfaco In Connecticut BUSES LEAVE PARK NIGHTLY AT 11:30 P, M. NOW OPEN! ROTARY RESTAURANT NORTH MADISON, CONN. ('Junction of KouU-s Ti) und.SO) . DINNERS a-nd TASTY SANDWICHES HOME-MADE PIES and CAKES ICE CREAM — FOUNTAIN SERVICE' —EDWARD GRANT, Prop. One-fifth of nil Utah is said to be underlain with coal. Little Hof Brau 100 NOKTH MAIN ST. "Al" nnd Vorn Budrl«, Props. Daily Luncheons, Dinners;; and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License DANCING FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY 1C oys in -their /Irst contest were sue- rssfuV, and r.ow have a record of one win and no losses. Since this 'a probably the only game they'll play this season, they'll probably be the only aggregation in the area to r-nd the season with a 1.000 percentage. • • In the reccni game that the Grays Xjs'.:; it was not entirety Hieir fault, au they were without the services of live, of their p.'aycrs, who play roguiarly. In order to field a team, tho boys even had to call on Joker"-Keating, who did i good .-job filling in nt second. Joe is normally the Grays coach. Wp hat to nay it/but our friend Hank O'Dormcll was wrong recently' when he s«id that Spec Shea had won seven. At the time of Hank's statmcnt, the local's record was G-2, ns was verified by a re- communication-received from Shea, Sine that time he haw been shcdulod to- pitch again but the rear his las-t outing, which •ihould've occurred over the week nd is not known. Taken ? Ted Ciarc'Jo stated' Saturday, that In the future at Amateur cramps, only players, who arc playing -that day, will be admitted Sundays to the ball park. By the way, what's the score on the Planning Board meeting that IS GU " week tins 1 Memorial Auditorium. Local Veterans groups had been assured •by l-.wn officials, that they would receive adequate advance McDermottmen T i g h t e n j Hold On Lead With Victory Over St. Francis' Millvillc A. A. ab . supposedly K oing to be held this -to discuss the proposed Voter notice Th- Lh ° l ' olrJi " R ' ° f KUch «- meeting.' This "adequate notice" skiercd by many to be at lout "ono at?nn but - a PP a '-°"tIy 'he consideration was wrong, and it is not known, just how much time constitute "adequate notice" docs somebody know? But now, throug-h ' lack of operation between our mind his typewriter, we must nish •today, and gjvn you time to rest was con- does Or co- and for poor readers up for another Salmon national forcat in hi 0 . 1,700.000 acres. day. Idaho By Ar. BREWER Milt. Weissrrjan's Highlander and Bab McDcrmott's Ranger: strengthen their lead in the NU.U gatuck Amateur League ycstcrdaj afternoon fit Recreation Jle!d before a fair sized crowd, beating thcit arch rivals of the circuit. The Highlanders moved into second place as they nosed out the Millvillo nine 0-4. The league loading..Ranger club squeezed out a 3-2 victory over the strong St. Francis outfit. Both games wore somewhat similar as the winning clubs won in the initial frame, find both held off late rallies in tho top half of the ninth as their, opponents made ;i strong bid to win. The second fray althoug-h somewhat "drab" was by "ar tho more interesting. A strong southward gale was a big. factor in giving the Highlanders three ma.rksrs in tho first in their affair against the Millville crew as four base hits "fell" at the 'cot of the outfielders. Millvillo came back st.rong In late innings.but the big fl;'.st inning-was too much to overcome. An error and Lou Norby's double in the fifth put the t'»jnc on ice for the Highlanders. In the feature attraction It. was the speedy Frankic Furs, Ranger shortstop, that won the contest fot the Union City club. His fleot-foot- eclncas gave Rudy Szczlul a good lead .to work on 113 the Rangers played brilliant ball afield to keep the Sainls from scoring until the ninth". The winning run for the rangers came in-.thair half of the eighth on j K. Stauffcr 3b | Nc.'iry a.s H. Stauffcr lb San Angelo c Uszakiowicz p McCann, 2b - - . Crealan If Mariano cf . .. Roland rf Joneti ft h po 2 1 1 Totals J. Norby 35 Highlanders ab 3b .... Armonulis cf ., Oldakowski 35 L. Lorby rf . . J. White c - -.. Swirski ]h . . . , Fogm-'.y If . . . . ormlcy 2b . . Okcns p .... 4 92-1 9 r h po .1 0101 2020 2225 0 G •1 33 0 0 0 Brooklyn Juniors Trounce Cubs, 7-0 Saturday evening at Recreation Field the strong Brooklyn Y.MCA of Watcrbury Juniors 'whitewashed' tho Millvillc Cubs, of the Naugatuck Junior League. 7-0 when -they drove two local pitchers to the showers in early innings, Mickey Broadi'irk. nee pitcher for tho Cubs, finished the contest for tho ocalK and prevented future soring by the Brcoklynitcy. The visitors who were somcwhn.i older than the locnl.s had the contest entirely their own way with Vargo striking out nine batters and only allowing: -tux? hits. The score by innings: Grays Pin 17-2 Score On Roxbury Pounding two pitchers for 17 hits, the KuDgatuck Grays yesterday pir-.ncd a :T-2 defeat on Roxbury, in a Pompcr.iug Valley League g.ime nt Rnxbury. Eleven of Xuug;;tuck'.< runs were scored in ;he llnal two innings, n.1- ibni;~h the game was safely in ice hffcru that time. G-cnc Mnssa had four hits in four trips to the plate find .Jack Frain registered with a, triple and a homor in throe tricn. ruixhuj-y collcctc<l only five hits off Score by innings: Grays . i rtoxlr.iry 1 2 0 l 2 S 3—17 0000013—2 Brooklyn Millvillo Batteries: Vargo ;ind Eocttger (2) Anderson. Umpire—Walko; 3 2 1 1 0 0 0—7 3 0 000000 0-0 2 3 James: H. St.itiffcr. Broadrick (3) and GICHEIEID Opening 1 Night LITTLE FOXES Scats: 73c, SJ.Ofl, $1.50, SJ.OO plus Wx CURTAIN S:40 Kesorvations To), Litcli. 880 Wyoming spends 32 poi- conl more for education pej- pupi! than the United States average. Johnny Galeski's single, a stolen, and'an error by Dunn. The i score: St. Francis ,.' . ab r h po a IdmondM, 3b Marircllo, rf ss .... Mariano, c cf . Credo, lb .... Ashmoro, 2b 2b Open Daily Until 1 A. M. < f+f+f*-+~+f^rr» ******** •!»«.*". PLAY „ POOL On First Class: Tables R&M ALLEYS 3^5 MAPLE STREET Pis-la rclli, Gunnond, If 3 Curra-ri,i p 3 : Totala 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 12 0 0 1 7 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 Totals 33 5 11 27 12 Vtillvillo 01010010 1—4 Highlanders .. 30002000 x—5 Errors—Ncary, White, Swirski. 7ormlcy, Owens (2); Pwuns batted n—Swirski, L. Norby, Oldakowski, VIcCann. Creglan, K. Stauffcr, Two 3ase hits—L. Norby, Swirski; Three base hits—Manisrw, J, Norby, Fogarty, Swirski, San Angela, Usza- tlewicz; Stolen bases—K. Stauffcr; "acrifices—Is'onc; Double plays—K. tauffcr to McCa.nn to H. Sl.auffer, .eft on bases-—Millvillc 8; High- ar.dcrs 5; Bases on balls—off Nszu iicwicz 1: Owens 1; Strike-outs— •y UfizAkicwIcz; Winning pitcher —Owens; Losing Pitcher—Usza- SALEM PLAYHOUSE Tues. - Wed. - Thurs. SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPACG DICK FI.VLEY, Mgr. Open JO A. >r. (o 10 P. M. Boating 9 Bathing 9 PicnlcS ALCAZAR z; Umpires— La D;i.c!don.-t; Scorer-— Time— 2:26. Chance and Mambrinno; Publisher And Sons Gladly Eat Crow 31 2 COOLER... GLEANER We're talking about .summer clothes tliat nro'regularly dry cleaned by, JVcrlosK,' of course! : ' ; ':• QUALITY DRY CLEANING You get neuter n-ppcamncc, longer wont when you call lor Feorleifs quality dry cleaning. Phone for j>lck-up ami delivery wervlce. ee ss Ii AU Bf DR Y- 150 NORTH MAIN ST. GEORGE R. BURNS. : ft-M^i PHONE 5814 Furs, ss .... .,.". '4 Allen, c ' 3 McDermott, 2b ..... '"> Szczlnl. .p- . 3 Shilinkn,un •...'.'.'.'.'." 4 Galoskl lb .-... " " 4 We.'lace, 3b ...... 3 Garlinski, " cf .. " j Ashe, rf '.'.'.', i Manginc .-f '.' 2 Bartlesvinic, Ok!,i.— CUP)— More than -100 fellow townsmen and visitors, inc'udinK U. S. Son. Elmer Thomas (D), Okln.., and Gov. Rob. ert S. Kcrr of Oklahoma-, saw a Bnrtlcsvillc publisher and his two sons cat Jrow—literally—recently. Publisher Nod Welty and his aons Budfre and Don, who work on munity dinner while the others 0 j the newspaper, were served dark, 0 : very dark, crov.' ,it a com- 0 | munched luscious chicken. 0 i The Weltys were, paying- off a 5 \ wapcr in an-. editoj'ial-.-to eat-ctow if work 1 ever started 'on the. long delayed — about 13 years—-HulaJi, Okla., flood control projoct on the Cancy River • near hero. Federal engineers recently moved in and work-has been started. ' ' ! 1 13 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 r.i fet. Totals .. -~ . Francio 07 o c- ~- ,_ *-' o O £( 17 00000000 2—' anpe.^ 20000001 x— 3 Errors-Edmonds, Dunn morc,^ McDermott, Galcskl. Wa- ace; Run., batted in— Szcziel Wall lace, Marlrclte. Dunn; Two'- hits— Edmonds, Szeziul- Pires-Hadcnfolt and In Salt .., required 40 years to •omii It .-was Btai-tnd in ' 18B3 and tlian >- 0d l "* S °' S at a cost of Tues. - Wed. - Thufs. John Wayne in "In Old California" Also The Teen Agers 1 in "Freddy Steps Out" Today:' "TIIK GLASS ALmi" and "THK.GAV CAVALIKIi" also New March of Time "Problem Drinkers" Loews Pail NOW Thlirty-flvc percent of Canada's | sume one-fourth of all the cotton Used in thii; .cou.ntry.. . i ... STRHnO d BIO WEEK Charl»3 COBURN Tom DRAKE : Beverly TYLER HumeCRONYN THE VERRS 1 —Snd Ilti— -•:•• • FREDDIE STEPS OUT : Freddie, STEWART , June PREISSCR XM cj6«r OKATOUT Ben n " Q"«n» Mdrowra Frances LANGFORD Ralph EDWARDS WCMNews ;X .Official Pictures from BIKINI 1 ^l^Il^iL,^ ATOM BOMBvsWARJHIPI I -j

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