Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 17, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Kntcrorl n.t the I'ostnfJic': C<>vinn, ('al., as KCCOIK!-C!;I-S mnUcr. PUPPET CROWN. ' Principal of Covina High Rc'?oo3 Hayr a Ts Bk>' r>n Civilization. Published every SaUml.iy by the Co^us Publishing Company, Inc. .1. L. MATTHKWS .......... KDITOK SHIRLEY BKOH ......... M A.VAOKRS SUHSCHII'TIONS: One Year in ad/« ; itic»» Six Months Three Months Copies ADVI'.KTISKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L/iners Sc per line each insertion. Le^al notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, SO cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, April 17. 1909. MAY DAY FESTIVAL. Covina Making Great Preparations To Celebrate the Advent of Summer. What will Covina do next? Well, we were ju»t going to tell you. Being a live town, It is necessary to lie "ribbing" up something all the time. This is the first announcement. Merely the explanation of plans. And we've got the right idea as usual. On Saturday, May 1st, Covina will put on festive clothes. Remember the old May-Day festivals "back yonder?" Covina is to havo a May-Day festival. All t!i« children who like a good time, the whole grammar school if possible, will gather around a May-polo (don't you know what a May-polo is?) and have a May-pole dance right up in the center of the tov/n on Citrus avenue. Pretty -vhitc and pink drosaos, pretty white and pink and yellow and orange streamers on the May-polo and all kinds of games and exercises right in the open air where the crowds of people may HOC. Then we are to havo some running races, bicycle races, sack races, potato races, Human raceo, brass band and horsc'-fihoo pitching in the main street too. All thia will bo a part of the big May-Day festival, when the merchants of Covina will koop wide open house all day, selling things at good bargains. It will bo an all-day affair. People will como from miles around and the town will bo crowded all day.. Wurner-Whlt- sel Company, Broadwoll's store, the People's store, Ouster's furniture establishment, tho two drug stores, Home's grocery," and in fact every .business .house in, town. w,lU Ivnvo .something to soil at a bargain, Friday, tho day before, tho Argua will appear ono day ahead of schedule with a special edition for tho festival, filled full of articles about tho allair, program of tho day and pages of ad- vertiscmoritB of tho different merchants. Already tho boosters arc out and we're going to havo a big day of it. Watch for tho full announcement in next week's Argus, and romombor tho dato. It is easy to remember tho dato, for it is May-Day, beautiful May, tho queen of tho carnival springtime. Good prizes are to bo ottered to tho children in tho May-polo exorcises, and in nil the sports, So now you soo thoro is something to look forward to and talk about. GENERAL MEETING. Tho nioinboi'H of llio Covina Chris- tlan Ciilluro and Athlello club arc notified that a v«ry liniiortant moL'tlni: is to IK; hold at tho oluli mums on Tuesday nl^il. It IH vitally o.sHontlal that ovory nuMiibor shall bo iironoiit, an Homo now doparluroH aro to bo discussed and a plim of rimipitlnti I'oi' Iho raising of Cumin and liu'roaslnt; 1110111- boi-Hhlp mappeil out. The board of directors wishes to mar! entertainments and exhibitions. Kvery member be present at iblH inoeliiin- A NEW DEPARTURE IN ADVERTISING. In aiiollirf minimi appears I lie ailv>>r- tisenn ill nl' I lie Soiiml Legal .\dviri' I oinpaiiy of San I'Vanriini, ollVring b'Hul nd\ ii'i- I'.v mail I'm lil'ly I'i'iils, Advertising lias reirnnly made uiar\'el- t'lis in'iii're^s in I Sii 1 na-.t tvsnilv \iars. I o . . . M mulreiis of iiiilliiui-i ul' ilolla.'.^ liaxt'- berii siiriit in pcpu la i i/.inn pi art irally l'\ i-r\ I Ilill^ I'liini lleniies In I lll'eshillg inacliines. Kvriy ill Iliat llf-h is heir to is promised safe an.I speid\ nire ill tin- advertising rolniniis. l!\ mail vmi may lalie a rolli-ye roiirsi' at \nnr Kit- I'heil table. Hut Mils :nl\ ei I I-.1 ny of Ir^.-il a.|\ ire sei n:-. to b,- I i.r lali ••{ ib- \ i in pin' nt and V. I: \ init .' M .111 ple i-aniint all.'i •! 1 h. i I'^n'a ' I !av\\fis. |-'..| \aim,i^ n-a-oi il,an . v. ho \\ nil Id li'--i I a I .• ' ' al ! .I in-v u ii :i \> !H,in I 'i,- -. ,. > •. ii'-ij-ia i ii' i-,l. M .-• n \ i i '< i- m , b l,:,.i. I -,- i i.n -.1 I : I i :;; - : I.!, -. : i • •• i " i . a - I)i<-p. I'i in I I 'ruf. -!in-ir J i < • '' r i in i . ii.'. in. tli i-ijiii! 'it' III" f'tvi vvlio liny r"'-' ;itlv SOJ'lliril I'-itliili ](' Xf'l.'iyii, t!if .'MI! in 111 I i' 1 ifpnlil \i' ing tli'' pri'-'Mi't tiiicr-', "o !li;it "lift' from f-f (lioMsi^f jj'T of Itcitijj thrown M i •',*•;! '_" IK '.v •-<![< ;i l'ni")i (•(.( Hi i;i"l (illC'l- IS. ' r;n i •• jn<- 1 is «!i i'l ! " 't willi |ioi : !; no III.'IM or '. Msi^f or from into lin •lit fioiri ;i !«rii.' Jo •' S'l!l(r,.t r'r-n' of Iliiv ! " I.' 1 fill- i : !;i"i! |iri"- .VIIMJUI i-* fh<' "l;m- un'c vi> on f ni!M[K'i|-ii|i r'|],'irj_'f.s of r. •,!)«! rinify ,'iyjiirint. tlif government.. The prison of '';irdon;i, n tuilittiry fortress nisir the fit.y of (,'orinto, is H;iid to }>n it more terrible pl«en of infflreer.'it ion thnri finv prison rif th" worM '« history, ,'in<l liore linvr; been fonfirierl from time to tiinn, prisoners of every nationality of the civili/ed world, auflVring nt the hnn<]fl of nn upflc.nipnloiis monarch who fenrH for the stability of his insignificant republic. The country is now in a dangerous state of unrest. Prof, Morgan, in an interview with the Argus representative recently, snid that steps should be taken by the United .States to protect citizens from the insufferable conditions existing thorn. While within the country, transacting business for an American cone.ern, Prof, Morgan was shadowed constantly by the president's detectives. No white man enn w;ilk abroad, day or night, without lining followed to fiscor- tii in his business, and it is dangerous to show iriterfst in anything whatsoever Unit, pcrtnins to the government. The president and his family control the lifst reHoim-es ,'ind products of Mica- rngiin, such :is tolxtrco, sugar arid food- stuffy these fouc(!HnioiiH br;irig usurped for personal gain. Property is con- stiuiMy being con/iHciiled ami added to tlii! viiHt possessions already claimed by the prcHiili'iil. The coiinl.ry knows nothing of sanitary laws ami in r-oii.-terjueril- ly ridden over by fever arid plague. SOUNDING THE ALARM. Adverse Legislation Is Contemplated Against California Scalo-Infectod Fruit. Hint" IforliiMtltiiral (/'oinmisHioncr Jeffrey in sending out. a sharp warning to I lie orange growers of California, re- giirding I lie. shipment of infected or- iingvn and leinoiiH out of the strife. The trade? with other stiitoH and f-ountries is in danger of cnrf.ailiiH-nt on account. of shipnicnl oil a few e.onHigii;nent,s of fruit infected willi Hc.nla info tho K.'isj. (Uirl NorMr, 'lie'says!' A 'letter'of n threatening nature has hern received from the Hi ate horticultural c.oinmis- r of TexiiH, in which it, in stated oranges covered with scale have been receiver! and confiscated or fumigated, and that Texan is on the point of legislating forcibly against: the ad- iniHsion of California citniH fniit.s ex- c.i'pling under the most rigi;| inspeelion. Montana and Washington have already taken steps to protect themselves against Hiich infection, and the feeling seems to be becoming univcr.Mal Hint clean fruit, in the only fruit that will be accepted. State < 'ommissinner Jeffrey'n letter reaches the Argus with the statement thai < 'alil'ornia fruit !H mil Hhipped out in an infected condition to any greatly alarming extent, but the matter has come to the attention of Manager H. A. Wood ford of the Ciilifornia l-'ruit Kxchange, and he urges Hie individual rancher to exercise all care possible lo fumigate thoronghlv and thus prevent the growth of feeling against scaly fruit. The fuel thai black, red and purple scale, infect ing cit rus fruits, is not communicable to deciduous fruits, such as non-citrus growing dis- weight with Hut oflicials are raised in tricts, has no of neighboring states, who state that they will legislate against "fruit carry- in),' scale" witli no stipulation as to what kind of scale. In the case of Texas the feeling is a dangerous one tor ('all t'oniia, as Texas already is experimenting successfully with 10,000 acres of cilnrs fruits in the southern part, and is one of the states consuming tlie largest amount of California fruits i p-T capita in the 1'nioii. The thrcat- j filed lioycoll is eMi'iiding to Canada i and llm north I'ounliies, a Im'alit'v j \\liirh draws very heavily upon Call• fornia for I'l nils. U'hi'ii a .'arloail of 'citrus I'ruiM undergoes the process of I fumigat inn in the market of an easiern stall 1 , il deteriorati-s o\ . r ntir half' in is.-ilii"^ piii'e. The i-'iinniniiii-at ions be- 1 inu >-i'iH out |iut il si|iiari-ly up to t he ' inn.-t prntecl ' !: • • I M : 11' k e! I H:' 11 nils In i-i'iit i i pi : HIGH SCHOOL ITEMS. \\'< I!. va'. - -:ii Ion. Is OV<T and wo n\" (••it liriK'flown to work. !•':!.'' \;:Y. 2d. Wf flr-bat'.'d 'vi'i, '•••• Ifis-h. '[\}<'.r<- i:; a :-:'y : ii'< <•)<• thai "P,:id !u':l< rif'V";- i n>' DI :-yi!)i ri 'iliti;; f o tb.'i' '-.'!'•'' '"•(:','•':. '.«':'}. li'. l\\<: HO:!"'''OI.I'I HK-II lii::iii!4 ihiK. I liojjf th(' i 1 :h'' '-lid or' o'tr tain of bad liutlj. Tlr -'''•bale i:-) now anol'-nt hjK'ory, HO v will not go Into d'riall over if. Tlio 'jiif'itlon wa-i. "H''.soivffd. Th.nt tiio I'n- rr-H! i ir-t'-d ftiiiril:rrailon of the Japaii'-K'.- into Hi': I'nl'f:'! Stasis C,oriHtltu>':-:-. a .M'rnaff to Oi'r Country,' Covl;!fi.'s 'k-bfj !.";•:), Ki'itf] C.''ofjrlfiij find I.ii'dia Kobfrtt:. ujih'dd ihf negative, and Kfiith flarvr anr! Hklllman AKhnr ai'-| firmed for Kl . ?,Ionto. Tho dobaUnfr . l»:agtif, of which El Monffi !3*"a""mfin?- ber, ban only one jtidgo to a debate, but t.hrro for thought and now- jiOKitlon of tho papers. Judsc Wilbur of Los Angeles, the judgo nf fho evening, awarded tho debato to Covina upon delivery, but the; markings of tho judges on the thought and composition of tho papers outbalanced his decision and the debate was awarded to Kl Monte upon that score. In delivery our speakers excelled El Monte at every point. Fred Chemberlen, Co- vlna's second speaker, secured 69 out of a possible 60 points on the superiority of his delivery. Chemberlen will be one of our best debaters next year. Luella Roberts, our first speaker, did excellent work and was very superior to El Monte's second speaker, Edith Carver in delivery. It was only on the excellence of tbelr written papers that El Monte secured the debate. If this had been an oratorical contest Covina would have won by a big score. The final decisions were: El Monte, 184'^; Covina, 171 points. Tho question for our debate with Hollywood High for the championHhip of Southern California In debating Is this: "Resolved, That the Present Distribution of Power Between State and Fedo Government Calls for Readjustment In fho Direction of Further Centrallxal Ion of power. Tho debate will occur May 2S, nnd Covina':-! debaters will bo. Waller Aachenbrenner and Mary JCIledgo, who will uphold the affirmative. The place of this debate will be announced later. This will be the biggest, and rnoKl Important debate of the year. Saturday afternoon, April 3d, the School baseball learn met Inglewood on tho home grounds, and wiped up the dust with them to the tune of G to .'5. The first, league game of the season will be played on the High School grounds, BonKa vs. Covina High School's first team. The game will be full of "bass." A new plan regarding the length of. school hours during the hot weather trow.. mrtV ell]' fho 'end oflhe" "sch'dol year, Is to be voted upon by the students soon. The plan is that school shall open at S a. m. Instead of f), as at present, and close at 1:50 p. m., in place of ;!:L5, as at present. This will avoid tho heat, of tho day, as the student H suffer more from the heat In tho afternoon than during the morn- Ing and noon hours. The assembly room of tho present, building b' .omes Ue an oven about 2 m. and (loos not become cool again until (! p. m. or after. The tennis club is tr.lining daily for the tournament, of tin 1 tennis division of the suburban league, which will bo held some time in the near future. A preliminary tryout will be held here and the winner!) sent to the tournament to represent Covina. We- have- good material and ought, to capture some prizes. The date and place of the tournament will be announced later. ARTHUR IUXIIY. BUSINESS FORESIGHT. .1. Fit/dcruld, proprietor of the \'i ndome and the Vemlome Stables, is putting his stable into a good state of equipment, adding some; new each week to his stock, so his outfit is as good as can be foil lid in the Upper Han (iabriol Valley. Mr. Fit/(ierald has purchased two new single buggies this Wee!, of the Twoiney \ 1'iller Company, ami in all has expended about $!!()() tills mouth with this implement linn alone. He has also purchased several sets of harness from the Cnvina Harness i; Saddlery Company, and has increased his driving stock to iwculv head. NINETIETH ANNIVERSARY. The Argils is only one of hundreds (if papers;; 'd in booriting the ninetieth aunhoi'Sitry of ihe liulfpend- clil Oi'dci- ur Oddl'i'UoWH, In be held ill I.on;-; lli'.u'h durilit; llie i-niire day and evening ul' April "i!. Oililfelluws and Hrli"'r.ahs \\iil be tlii-ro ill lliousands. S|-,i'i'ial rates for t ranspoi tal ion havt- In I'M a:TUII-! il I'ur. Tlu 1 inay,ir ul' Mi ai'li and i>i!u'i' di;.:ililari<'ri \vi!lppi-aU in il:i HiMi'iiiim. a inoliMlir paradi- ' i !.i - pl.ii'i 1 in t lie all fi'iiuiM! il •> ball ill ! he i-\ i IlillJ.. I-,- b.iiids and iiuiHir ad i ill C !•'. Clan; i iia,- : - ; i .• -a!.-.. \\ in. h aduiil i.i' tin' i' Hir; ini;s 1.1' till- t! ;. •.[.: • v.;!i l;,,!.l „ ,:::!,, CLOSING DAYS OF REVIVAL. Sunday Will be List Day of Martin end Hoggatt Meetings at ths Christian Church. Hundny will mark tho elono of th" revival at t.ho Christian Chureh. The campaign for souls has boon a groat rtuoeoHH, and the last, day will be erowdod full of good tilings for the multitudes that will attend, On Monday evening the evangelists, Martin and Hoggatt, will givo a second iltorary and muaiea! recital, which will afford tho public the last opportunity to enjoy their splendid talent a? entertainers. The results of the meeting have boon far-reaching, and multitudes have been aroused to a sense of their responsibility to dod. Dr. Martin has preached a sane gospel, and has exalted Christ as the only savior of sinful men. He has given freely valuable advice to the sick, he has helped many to break the chains of hurtful habits, he has made multitudes of homes happier because of his practical and wholesome Christian teaching, and he has won many new members for the church of Christ. The whole community has felt the uplift of the revival. There will be three services Sunday. Beginning at 9:45 there will be a rally of the Sunday-school, with an aim of 250 present and $25 contribution. At 11 Dr. Martin's subject will be "Consecration." At 3 a great meet- Ing will be held for the new converts and all members of the Christian Church. At 6:30, Christian Endeavor. At. 7:30, the closing service of the revival; subject of sermon, "Apostasy." All are cordially invited to attend. 13. P. Hull will soon have a fine line of Queensware. Come early to tho Christian Church Monday evening in order to secure a good soat for the entertainment. ""What is the use of sleeping on the floor when you can get a bed so cheap at E. P. Hull's. If yon have money in small amounts, in 8100 and up to invest at eicht per cent per annum see J. H. Matthews. Armstrong's Covina Nurseries have procured 21300 Valencia aud navel orange trees, first class stock. Anyone wishing to buy same should call 125 for further information. Now is the time to plant chrysanthemums. The Covina Florp.l- Nurseries have a fine assortmeut of over 100 of the beat ^varietie.^.'' Give your order "early 'to'be sure and get what you •want, ' Itp City Business in Brief. There was a full attendance of trustees at the regular semi.monthly meeting of the city board on Tuesday evening. The monthly bills for salary and road work were ordered paid. Tho vacancy in the office of City Recorder was filled by the appointment of Mr. S. Douglas. Py resolution the books for the year were ordered closed and turned over to the auditor for examination. The clerk was instructed to secure for the city a membership in the civic body known as the "Association of Incorporated Cities of California," having headquarters in San Francisco. The members of this association meet annually to discuss matters of interest, to towns of all classes and city trustees aro entitled to a seat and a voice in its deliberations. A publication published monthly dealing with municipal affairs la also published by the association. Schedule For Electric Cars. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a. m. 7:05 8:10 <J:30 10:50 .12:10 p m. 1.30 2:40 3:35 4:45 5:3.i 6:45 ":00 11 ;30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m. 6:55 8:30 <J:SO 11:10 12:30 p. m. 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:55 8:00 10:00 TIIOKOlKillliRKU mm Indian Qine S!83i^ r &3&l&^^ It is Valuable to Merchants and business men to know their financial interests are carefully looked after. The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COVINA gives its most faithful attention to every depositor, and supplies a service unexcelled for efficiency. Checking accounts cordially invited. Wff ttat iemtf rj fi£».eoyiNA Capital $50,000 Surplus $40,000 Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every descripcion Washing Machines end Mause Furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery YOSEMITE VALEY Open All Year Why Not See Yosemite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. NilwDokee Mowing M\m and NOW ON SALE We can conscientiously state that the Milwaukee mower and farm machinery is best fitted for hay and alfalfa mowing in this section. .... Cutter bars 4|/ 2 feet, 5 feet and 6 feet. .Come and inspect. WAGONS, BUGGIES AND FARM IMPLEMENTS TWOflEY & DILLER OPPOSITE HOTEL VENDOME. ORCHARDISTS! FOR RED SPIDER Trios $Ul no 'i^'-> -5.x50 per Setting r. I.. SMITH Azusu ! d States National Hank \C.:\\ up IMu.iK- 177. Charier Oak. have your orchards treated with our specially prepared dry sulphur hpray. Xi:\V MKTHOL)—NK\V I'ROCKSS STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Ph'jn>j ]<>>>, Coviaa.

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