Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 11, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1954
Page 8
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HO ft SfAI, H0M, ARKANSAS tJiU««!oy, February 11, 1*54 ly Chick Young 02ARK IKE IF&* YOU I WONJT TELL A SOUL ^ ay # -? <-.:?•• mm ^• } Si^ V Tn I WONT' l 1 ( TELL VOL)-IT < \ WONT BE ([ ANY FUN ^—^ %& W • tOItU 'mjjijljm •^ \VT PLEA9ETELLME- I PROMISE I'LL' SPREAD IT ALL OVER TOWN J <-THA1 jBETT V< ;?•// >X^> ffli&Makers' Answer to Previous Puizte 1 Drench -^. l jion the L. ^ i sheltered side f SWindttWslo STeUrs -«*w« to. Jortie musical '. ' instruments M M N MVotWitffe fluid require ^—- 25 River In x ... . 44 Boil v^**? 1 ' [R Carded fabrics 7 Town in old 'Soviet Union 4G succinct •>. IffWflke* f ,.& gpain *»•' 26 Preposition 48 Hurl ^inistakof 3#/ 8 JEster of oJejc 27 Peruse . 49.Eight (comb, \ge3 <w 9 cid 29 Challenge . form) fuddle 9 Arrow -, 30 Wolfhound 50;Solar disk • PKefe^lbJe projection 31 Church fast 52Scope | " 10 Ellipsoidal season 53 Shakespearean' . _ . . - 11 Facility 34 Versions king ' >A Constructor 19 Cover 40 Freebooter 54 Vend i "• A;piano has alSn'ooze 4.1 Worm . 57 Electrified ' v , (Hddent. M7 SorrowJul evotee dancer U 3b r tian 5ure " "Ms??* 1 50 58 Iff 53 By Djck Turner ^ *" t -' • 'i' ' 'j »•'"' >9, Ing. tlrtio? hftve •! told you, Freddie? Youlll make my-JQl?, calling (Jurlng working hours!" By Ga!bro ; th 1SSF*. • uk* ,.„.• told w to, prepay A mf»l Herf \\ ig-^olive and parsley ? §m pMff»5", __„_, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willfomi IPIil 'IIP NO, JUST SHAVlW SOAf- SMEABfep OVER A RAM/ WHEW SHE GETS A BAKIU' SPELL i HAVE TO HELP WASH A LOT OF DlETY •DISHES SO 1 .JUST WAWT TO SHOW VOU TH-YOWL ^HE PUTS UP WHEM 1 GET JUST-ONE BAKlW .SPELL.' AREN'T YOU USINJo A LOT MORE DISHES TO BAKE A CAKE THAW SHE DOES, OK IS THAT THE BEILLIAMT PART OF THE PLOT? WHV MOTHERS 6EJ GRAY J.R.WILLIAW OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hopple 1 SIT IN THE COAT-CHAIR/ \V6 REALLYJ COMFV/-"*-SEVERAL CAPITALISTS UV \T, BUJ VJlTH AT THOUSAND DOLLARS I'D LAUMcm fHAR-RlMPH/: .ACT ' rAT COUI^T V ' iFAIRS/,- ^.SOOD /^ XPAV.< O ,, Nt* bit At, Int. T, M. P.r U- S- P»t. 0(1. FLJNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* D ''We ? re gpingp t9 pliay a, little gaime with the drgm Junior's jgrandmotiier gaye him for hf? birthday!" ? HENRY By Carl Anderson * IS •i'-. .* CAUI— I-// If Ray <3ott» HOW BOUT THAT?,.. NEX'.WEEK US HOT SHOTS PLAY TH' . "FEE-ROCIOUS FIVE* WHOAINtNEVUH > BEEN BEATEN OR SCORED ON ,AN', ::' f > ^C^>.:?j. UH-- HER6S WHY, -NOBOOOYt GVUN'1 SCORED ON'EA WITH A FOUL SHOT.,. SO HOW FEE-ROGIOUS IS A TEAM , WHUT DONT . COMMIT NO FOULS ? •PLENNY F5E-ROCIOUS, BUBBUH... i V* A , » Fcirutei Svndirtit, — 2 - /^ l/InTf AN' [REFEREE IS H HAPP THEIR WATUH M* <rt?3^1 x , "•—> . dS/-^ H—NOW AHM WORRIED.' FREE THROW HITS THE RIM OP THE BASKET, THE DEFENSE SHOULD HAVE A MAN ' DESIGNATED TO BLOCK THE SHOOTER FROM THE PRGE- THROW LANEf VIC FLINT ., WHAT A : JERNT/ P PONT EVENi LOCKUPPA} ANIMALS' • 6v Michael O'Malley and Ralph Lane ROUNPINS A CORNER, UOUIE COMES UPON THE OFFICE IN WHICH JO-ANN EPHRAIM FINP5 HER6ELF IN GRAVE PANGEfC. \>I'V \ '\ N-N-NICE ill M MR. COURAGE, TAKM HAuF THESE MEN ANI7 WORK.THE NOftTW ENP 0« ^H^ V 6TAP1U/A... SHOOT IF YOU HAVS TQ-- t ... SUT GET THAT CAT/ Ei?, COLONEL! /s^l pf . 1954 b> NEA S«r»lc», Inc. t M. Reg. U. S. P.i'l. 0».j WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner T DW WALLV uiWCKLE-PRORS L'lLV OFF AT THE PRkKES, WHO AftE TO COACH HER. 5T£>'VOIJ MOUIE- • STRUCK KIP5 THIUH OMLV OF TH' 6UAW0R., Y01JK (JAfAB IM L16HT&. FAVOMIWG FM05,.,, BUT FEW THINK MUCH ABOUT TH' WORK I OF REALiy LEARMIM6 TO ACTl ...OF WAUTIUG TO (SKIP AW AUWEKlCB WITH ^ FIWE PIECE OF WORK'..;IM' A. MINOR.ROLE! VOU WAMTA B& STARS, WOT ACTORS! WHY ARE YOU &0. DETER MIMEP TO DlSCOURf\GE WE ? . WU SEEMi LIKE A MICE KIP. I'P LIKE \ TO SPM?E VOU WASTEP YEAKS...W.WBE \ HEAR.TBREAK...IF VOU'RE NOT ONE OF TH 1 } GIFTEP FEW 1 . |P VOU M?E, NOTHING I 5NY/ rWILL DISCOURSE YOU ! • -^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin GOSH! SO OKit , BUGS BUNNY HEY, ELMEC, W^ I'D BE LEMMESEE yVDELISHTBD " VEI? ^m 70 LET vou . COKNET.' j F\ INSPECT IT.' t^-{V-, r--^ l—^ ^^ r IT'S THE NEWEST MOPEL.GUAWANTEED TO /*AKE BELL-LIKE NOTES... "YEAH... '.. . AN' IT AIN'T BAD AS A FUNNEL NEITHER J I dUST I?AN OUTA *J ~ .SASI 2-11 Ar By V. T. Hamfin SORRYj BUB, I eor TIRED OF BACK INp WUR \ WAITING! " ::.YOURTiME OF.EXECUTION .-UNTIL NIC NOON -T 1 T gull 2-11 y MEA S«fffe«, Vne. T. hf. R tfe' CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer By Russ Winferborham WHATPO I po WIT'C PL//M/BO$?|j CAN.VOUPM^T Dl£ CIZATE TO EARTH/5Q$^? J^^PLANETEeg; f :«. «r THIE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs THELMA/THE JTH CARL CHANIty THE AUTHQffN CALL C£W? 4J, PI=>OUI?FlAY,l$CpMlf4$ jHAVEeeEN HERETOSEEApyNCHQP I'D SAY MISS LIZ HOPKINS (ASA/WRETHWAgigy/U. ACQUAINTANCE OF CHANIN'S,., MARTHA, PQI^H, IT^yWPS rpfJETTV LIKE A HOAX/ -g^ WITHOUT WORRYING A6CVT A/ PHONE CALL FOK A T/> £1 THROUGH THE RMN TOWARD THE OLD BARN PUWHOUSE IS THE FOKMEK CELgBKiTV, CARL CHANW... > ^ •< a!. "' ' { ' J V'A.I * » «i ,'^ f.'Vfi

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