The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 4, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4—NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), MONDAY. JULY 1C, 1916 FOUNDATION Fubllnhcd Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M, KENNICK, President and Puollshor Telephone* 2228 nnd 2220—All Department* Kntcrod ao nocond cluHH matter nt tho pout office In NnuKatuok, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 month Jl.OO 1 Yonr $. 1 .2.00 Member: The Amorlcon Nuwspupor Publishers) AKB'H Tho N. K. Dully Nnwapapor Pub. Ass'n The Conn. Nowspapor Publshora ASS'D MO.VII.AV, JULY IB, JD-MI Do You Remember? Prom the Files of the Naugatuck New« 20 Years Ago Frank Ford, Joseph Monahon und William Ford were vacationing at Lake Zoar. o—O—o Paul and Eurl Buckmlller of Pleasant View street vacationed n.t Fur Kockaway Bench, New York, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Ernest Even, Jeremiah Shea and William Lawlor vacationed at Camp Holcomb, in Niantic. o—O—o Misses Mary, Myrtle and Elizabeth Loary of Lewis street visited Prospect Beach. Dollars In Canada of C'anadian currency at value equal to f.'nited States curiency will linve the effect of simplifying financial dealings between the two countries, once Ihe first iidjnstrnents are made. ('uruidii sees immediate.' advantage to her in eliminating the e.vchan.iff rale of ton per ci.'nt. By raising the value of her currency, she has, in effect, cut Ifie cost of buying American products—she immediately nicks the exchange off tlie prices to her of jjoods manufactured in this country. Also she cuts Ihe advantage of American lourisls who have (Hocked north during the war years and garnered whatever they could of products less scarce in ('nautili lhan in Die United States, This may well lessen the demand for Cnnad'ian ^oorls, and thus lessen the inflationary pressure on their prices. J'Yom the point of view of the individual American accustomed lo .ifoinif to Canada fairly nl'len fur business or pleasure, tho siandardi'/.ation of money valens will bi' a ^Tcnl convenience. Mis dollai wilt be worth exactly a dollai ever side of the border lit: it. Historic Hall Around The Clock THE RIVER OF TIME River, forever flowing, Oh, river, never still: You bear us ever onward, Onward against our will. For often we would linger, By the sunny banks of preen ; Where the waters play and ripple, And rounded pebbles pleam. But onward, ever onward, Tlie watchword seems to be; On, past tho peaceful meadows, On, to the mighty !iea. Hwift-flowinp; river, Bearing us all along; Heedless of our wishes, Singing your endless sonpr, You are part or a law supremo, There may no tarrying be; But broader Is the vista — On, toward the peaceful sea. FLORA E, WALKER on which- i/llooses to Vacationers are back in town and back to work today, after an absence of two weeks. Bet not many of you read the papers while you were away. With that in mind we've gone through files of THE NEWS for the past two weeks and culled some of the outstanding- local developments. Here goes: Four Violent Deaths In Conn. Over Week-End WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 19-16, by TOT Hearst Corporation) re to he iii.n's. An impres- <| mall will .n'ivo to the hnildiniv d ('ommand- f ndepemlenee I (all in Philadelphia is A'oin^- to have its hack yard cleaned up, The three blocks from this liiiildin^, hirthplaee of the nation, (-0 the Delaware Kiver Brid.u'e district, are to he cleared of crowded small luiili sive stretch of tre(.!-lin an appropriate vista where Washington was er-in-chief, where Ihe Declaration of Fn- dupendence was charted, where this conn- try was ^iven its name, and where the Constitutional Convention sat. America, ^ rowing out of its adole> relict 1 , is he^'inn'mi;' to appreciate its hi> torie hnildin^'s, This enhancin^'ol' Ind( pendetiee Hall's seltinn' will if ratify ai Americans, It will add immeasnrali[j' no only to the heauty of the building hut If this part of the City of Brotherly Love, Hitler's Two Mistakes Fuehrer \VHS not \vsu H'-H." So .1. 'I'aylor, llcrnuuiii (locrinw told ffun ||K> \viir coiTrspomlrnf. \\-|IOSL i'S, "Men am! I'osvor, " IKIVP ;inst. appoii'cd, (ioi'riii"; rclVri'i'd not only 1o l.lit' well-known lilundi'i' ol' altackiu,^ Knssin, hut lo a second and less t'liriiiliiir mistake. 1'lils was (filing (lie Japiuicso in Novetnlirr, 1041, Ilial K'nssia was practically beaten and it would nol lie acces- sary for (hem (o allack (lie Russians. Instead they could •;•{> ahead with their Pearl I larlior plans, Had ,IH[IMII allackcd h'nssia when slit 1 had all she could do (o hold at Stalingrad, thaf cily must have I'alleii and Uus- sia with it. Mad the .Japanese let Pearl Harbor alone, would we have 1 come, into tho uvir to save the u'urld from the Xaxis and the Japanese / A rcmiai.seinir old .yviilleinnii recently 7'ec«lled that halt'a century a.Lj'o he almost mii his. h'#s off lo see his First, automobile, which he had .ylimpsed a i'ew s(roots away, Xowadays it sometimes pays to run that hard to avoi 'I'he Xew York eity tele|)hone eom- pany, celi'liralin^' its .")()( \\ anniversary, recalls (hat at first the instrument was unpopular. At certain limes it still is. Some people have such yood memories that they actually remember when it was not necessary to make reservations at hotels. "Home Builders Opposed to Super NIIA " HHVS n report. Now what would a man from Mars make of that? Suppose this generation were to stop trying to make money and concentrate on ng' a superior civilization? MONDAY, JULY 1, The officers of tho Mont-anari-Ratio Post and auxiliary were installed in core monies Sunday, June ?,(), with Adam Men,u'acci being installed as commaiulei .Joseph I'j. Krans, AValtor Pawlowic-/ and .Josepl.i Santore enlisted, into the Xavy. Sergeant Andrew .Russell discharge!: from army. Donald (iiiiinoutl married Marie Agostini of "\\"aterbnry. John Thomas Davc.y married Jose* phine Ida Oiiecinello of "\\"atcrhnry. St. Cecelia's TAB society held- their regular mooting. Thomas P. Heilly and William Barnum Loverid^e were inducted into the United States army, Naug.yuck (irays defeat Wood bury 8-5. in Sunday game. Millvillo Cubs defeat Bethlehem, 13-fi, Spec Shea suffers second loss in Pacific Coast l-it'ag'ne. Seaman Leonard Mitchell of'Beacon Kails station at Kwajalein din-ing atom bomb tost. TUESDAY, JULY 2 V-J Day Welcome Homo programs phinued I'm- Sept. '2. Local merchants pledge to hold the line on their current prices, only raising them when necessity requires. Mahlon Sears, president of the Pond Mill Community club, signed papers giving' his oi'ganixation a l.wo-yoar lease on he Pond Hill school, with option to buy. YM(,'A orgaiii/.es teams to push drive n campaign (o raise $5,000. Police Chief John Ciormlcy opens campaign against speedsters fn Borough. West Side Community club diseus.scs )lans'c,onccrning proposed incorporation. Stanley Dibble named new scoutmaster f Hoy Scout Troop 7. .Kobert Bums married Miss Jeanne Gli is well. William L. MeNamara was released by lie United States Xavy. ' Harry Arendliolx of .Beacon Valley suffered burns while helping to fight recent Staten Island Ferry fire. New -walk light to be installed on Main street. (To Ee C9ntinued) Los Angeles, July lf>—Thomas Palmier!, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Palmicri of 87 Coon street, N'augatuck, has been admitted to the American Schools of Aircraft Instruments and Watchmaking here for a year's training under the G. I. BilJ of Rights Palmier!, 22, a graduate of Naugatnck high school, has a good conduct modal, victory medal, European, North African and Middle Eastern theater campaign ribbons. MAN AROL'T TOWN Acriir-din^' to tlicfr ;irl J^ctty Price will bi.-c.omc ;'. DiM;wnir; about Oct. 1st....-Ely ^ulhortson's little sirl,. Joyce, will "Harry a Navu.l olTlCQi 1 nc-xt month. . i'he McClu'rc' Syndicate- has been purchased l)y James Ler.uhan (Y.' 25), 11 wealthy Wilkos-Barrc oi'. oi-n.-itcr Taft squandered SI30,000 of !iis own coin to fi^ht Stu-ssen's mar. 'the winner) in Minnesota. . . Wm. C, Osborn, provident 01' tho Mctro- Jolitan Museum oi 1 Art, is nilinK at ^t. IjUl'.e'ri .. . Washington broker 'Jooi'KO G.'iri-ct!. may xur:<:coil David .~r,-i.y ;t.s U,'S. "Ambassador" (they .ro uppinir the post from Minister) o Eire ..Wasn't that Fritz Manill i i Hody'K ox-husband .-tinI formerly :>;ilod to Argentina) we Klimpsiod .n the midtown sector?. .. .Scotch s now Ijrjin^ distributer! at one- v.'olfth the 1030 ration . .\Vc hc-ir r . LaGuardia will p.-ii-t fromj JNRRA next month, if ho pots the White House nod to run for Sen itor....30 days hath September \pril, Jur.n and November. • But .IAY has twice ys many It's ;i 7 II) himctffc for .* of the Luce staff the T. chums, Show yirs.l snalchinff is sn rnmpant in'cinema cathedrals that they may screen a I iriiiler tu help combat it. . .,'lri.nicc Gimbc; ,-itxJ' editor, (of the Police Gazette) N .K. Periow have set the date for Sept. Marie McDonald ot tho films has shifted her molting action from Las Voffas to T-,O!J Angeles . . Note for H'\yood cynics: Fay Bainto!-, former st;i:re .star, and Reginald Vonn.blo arc celebrating 25 years of matrimony. . .Tho Book of ihu ilonUi for October will l;r> "Misti-oMK Mashnms Repose" M. White (Putman) . The "Maid in the O/.arks," due tonight at the Bolasco, will "go the limit" so it will lift critics' eyebrows and then will be'laundered nftcr tho notices . . .It's a l;»d for tho Paul Ramscys; lie's the Chicago editor . . J. Heiohman Kays ovnrythinfr is Kfiinz up: fiver, Die Phillies arc out of the cellar! cd gaj; (in the foreign bars in ShonKhai) KOCS this way: "The Russians will probably obtain the atomic bomb in tho Shanghai black market". .. .The Tom Ewolls (Judy Abbott) arc editing- a familiar theme. .. .Tom Baker and Lois Andrews arc ditto. Los Anprcles, they say, is being- flooded with phony ten ,-<pots. (By United Prr*fO Four persons met violent, deaths in Connecticut over the week-end At Deep Rvcr, clcvcn-year.s-old Anthony GrcRhi of Ellington wan drowned in the Connecticut river. } The boy lost his balance as he swung around a tanchion on a /yacht. At Ncwtown," twenty-yca.r-ojil , David A. Plainer of Bridgeport | drowned in Lake Zonr. The youth from dived ,1 and fulled to ! reappear. At Bridgeport, nine-year-ojd Ron aid Krentzmcn Was killed by F, stone which a playmate -threw al his stomach. The youngster doubled up and fell lo the ground unconscious. He was pionounccd dead a few minutes 1,-iter. And at H-imden, Mrs. Angelina Delia. Vccchia died 'after plunging sixty feet from a. ledge in the Pine Rock quarry. You Can Get An EMERSON Non-Corn's Crack Made The Colonel See Red Bowton-- (UP)— Brig. Gen. Clarence H. Kelis, director of the Boston Port authority, who recently retired from the Army after corn- ins; up the "hard way," recalls a rnther embarrassing incident thai happened while ho • was serving under a very "touprh" colonel. The general says that while .it Mid-Western fort, everything went wrons one day, including the llinc'. Finally one of the wo'iry non-coms remarked outside of the barracks. What .1 day. All wo need to have happen now is for some •Icfnncr to elope wilh the colonel's 3 WAY PORTABLE May on AC-DC-or n,-,t(/>i- v ^lays An.vwhRtt, - NO Oiilsl'di Connections, 7 Tillies, Isldc The colonel was standing behind lira, heard Die ci-aclt, and ordered he ontiJ-e company restricted to luartcrs for a. week. First graduate •as Joseph Swift. of West Point HOPE SHARES -PRO'ftt who wear- M. FiiiJtenburff (Jinx's mother) will follow In he.r. claujflitor's footsteps and become :i Conovcr model:... .11. Conover, nnd Candy •Jones were also merged In Canada hy nn Indian Irlhc, lyith all the usual Injun xvhoopoe. .'. .IrvlriR: Berlin has - songs on the Hit Parade at once!. .. .Do.rls Dnkc shoves off The 1 yenr sentence ffivcn I-UN convicted of tax evasion, etc.) is aid to hiivn depressed the entire pjiartniont of rcvrniit: iiK'nnfs... . •y arn reported "" anil uc that the shoi'.t term lussons lir: iii<!Riitivf.- of men lo #0 aftor m;illor fry....One said if Lustijf nt only -1 years, a jjii.v wliii cliotited >r $1(1,000 wrohly filiould pol only weok in the clink,,. .The <;ol'm Isn hours Hint Cnitini.. J.. > T tm:m chief of the tux collectors) will rc- j'n to inhnril; Robrxrt Mnnnuciin's «t and that.. Gi-orc'C. Sclionno! •inn (now unntunt man lictwRon n White nnd. Treasury) 111 fret Nmiun's job. . . .1'iuil Ki'll'y, ".hi- iid man, thinks Henry Lusti^'s Martini," .shot to. us nil. will. J)o: 'I-OnRcliamps no rfne!" N'o man evr-r h/id so many people (including straiiR-ers), i-oi>tin!j. for him to recover us Howard I-.'jjho-s ....From tho Pri»sl«Icnt of the country down to the man In tho st.rcot.., ."I-Tn's done so much for progress!" (.hey n^reo. . . .One of his chums tells us that Hughe* dined with chump Malcolm Campbell not Ions RRO . They started smbbinp aljout Cnmphell's rat-.inj: fonts, and Hughes, whose, hrcuknock. nntics are well known, jj:ispo<l: "Well, you j couldn't jrol. me in ;v racinir can for I anythiiisr. It's too damn dangerous:"! for Honolulu shortly, accomp.-uiied hy a booffio-woofi-ic tie:ir,her. Sin- will spurn the offer of a fashion m.-iR 1 post in Pnrc<^. ...A famcil photo mag- i.s dropping ai) p. c. of by T - | its roster, as is ;i hip N. Y. ;iycm show ' paper! Miko Jacob's life yarn has been hotifrht by S. tcs.-ser ivith K. G. Robinson playing tho role. . . .Gnhle bought cm East -18th Street mansion In tile Turtle Bay sector. .. .It's a hoy for tlve. Kuflrene.. Qulntanos (Dorothy Palmer Hlncs. novelist). At Lennx Kill....A mohstcr, who' tells Iho underworld the Mayor I "crossed him," threatens to erase j him when ho ^jots out.- »*c*A** - 'cSt you HOPE DENTUHE CharRc, Buy, at our siort, 3 $1.00 si'n- M tli ipcc/.-il price of 75>c each. Alicr vou l).iv bouRht lhr« pjckapcs o( ihc SI.00 M>t the D_ro/it sharing panels on packq^c> if Inc. <addr«i; on packacc) who wil scTid you a rcKuIar SI.00 size without clurpc Inn is a real s.-u-mj;—four pncVincc* fop ili< prict of three. HOPE DEMI'UKE I'OV* u a«l,im«J by ihouundt. It it «> p| ca>L "'-••B'i-fH."??!' 1 .*!'' f 1 ' ^?5. r . >P">^<-J pcopl, BOUGHT SOLD Kent a Trailer and i) 0 fi ):ll •Tob Yourself: ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TRl.Kl'HONK NnucHlnrk 306K <l\ir In l.'nlim nlly Iliirdu-nro Illdt e. is orcssngy sot powder sprin on plate holds false teeth much tighter Aj »ng comfon for ocrvous people. OLSON DRUG STORE Mussolini's daughter, Edda, who has h?cn ".-'.mnestied" by Italy has applied fnr o.nti-y into Arpcntina because there's no .spot in Italy where "she would bo welcome. But the pnstport hasn't been okayed yet .Bo.'gian monarchists arc per. turbocl. over- the Ifi year old Crown Prince of Belgium, who would pre- Tcr cntci-inj.,' ajnonaatery to nssum- inj,' tho throne, if the King- (as ex- pectori) abtlicntos ..The most quot- . .The 38th Precinct (Harlem's toughest) has .several cops who arc college prads with degrees ..I/orrt Inverchapcl^ (Clnrkc Kcrr to you Britishers), ''Britain's Ambassador to tho U. S., broiifrht alonfi- his personal "piper," who plays bagpipes i at Washington shindigs ...Lady-' Sforray Kayo, a ^member of Bi-itisl royalty, is Now York's- ncwesi model... General ,T. D. Patch's boy J. D, Jr.) of the Carrier Yorktown wil-1 mcrgp with Patricia Corbci-t of the Fancy Set....Mrs. D. J. McDonald, wife of the CIO biRgic, won an uncontcstcd abrogation. She's a Clevelander... The Navy Dep't letter hero the other edition was written at the direction of the Secretary of the Navy. GOVERNMK.VT SURPLUS DUNGAREES FOR MKX $1.49 Sizes 20 to 10 (Limited Quantity) NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6130 SAND-BANUM STANDARD Tho entirely different bailor ^ailo cliiuiniint.. • S:i!i(I-R:innni S(;uxl;)rd: 8;ivcs J0-5(1'/; in fuel, M;<kex costly mw.liunlcal boiler olean'n^ iinneci'ssar.v. I'mscrvc.s life of boiler :ni(l tiilxjs, Prevents shut-downs. Insures higher holler capacity. Prevents tiilir f:i!lurrs. afcpuHrds aguiitM corrosion without internal paiVitinc:. »ts down holier room labor, pfjiiiros no complicated fcpdlnp equipment. . r >S2 NORTH M.yrx ST. Union Cf(y - Tel, 26«3 Picket Landlord In Rent Raise Inflallonotcs: A photo miiR- issue) re.ports that tipping- In »w York places has "soared"—and is fiou- /it its KTe.itest Peak, ntc.... For the information of thnt editor, tipping has tlivetl t« an all-time low —lowest in It years, according < fl the ui-m.v of hntcheclt dolls who report nn Increiusinc number of "stiffs" (people who don't tip nt nil) Nlffht spot,-* \vlll I« a.slicd to! raise the pay of chorines soon Newsdealers have'been told to tip off patrons that manj- other u-ill tilt their fees .too Several liotcl bars nnd restaurants have qm'rttl.v i«lvnnc<!(l their minimum^. As Tommy Lyman snys: So far ns the public's concerned, it's from OVA to OPAV. IMPERIAL WHISKEY $3.39 J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WrNES. BKKKS 936 N. Main St. Tel. 4070 Free Delivery An.vw.Hore In Borough REGISTER NOW I'AI.I. TI-:UM IIKCIXS SKIT. 9 24 Central Ave. COT.LKGE Watorlwry +*+*f*******m**^+>*+-++*+* VrtVK VACATION J LUGGflGE h fiiiliri'llm. Iti-rnvoml. Hrpnlrcd FISHERS M> S. MAIN ST. ,-,.!«;I pone • Barbara Tslln. granddotfcr of C Oliver Isclin, and Francis P. Sears, Jr., of Harvard, have bong-lit that ring, ...Mp] Gordon (textile millionaire) will middle-aisle with Scarsdalc's Marilyn Silvorstone, now. on her way to Buckingham Palace to dine with, their Majs! Her father is .top ms.n at 20th Century- Fox Int'l (London). .. .Joc'McWil- liams. Hitler's' admirer, has been quietly courting: the daughter of a Chicago Palestinian!!!...At Elmlra, N, Y., recently ex-champ Benny Leonard was featured ,i.t a sports benefit, with B'na'i B'rith ? ponsor- mg- the event. The money will gft to a fund for the restoration of St Joseph's Catholic Hospital, which was damaged by n. flood. (Mississippi papers kindly copy)... .Overheard in Reuben's: "Oh for the Rood old days when there were two cars in every garage instead of two I families". .From the way he fights your pocketbobk it appears that Senator Taft (like Herbert Hoover) won't be satisfied until' they name a depression after him. n' th nieknt H« f/ picket his offices. C :lCt ' 0 " ° f ;l Ph "'« dc 'phia landlord u-ho raised rents "' th " B " *»"•"* -"d • member, of C IO „„?„„» e owns' 1,600 apartment units.. (International) A fresb coat ot paint oo tfa« vood-worfc »nd walla will make that room new again* And if you use the riRht paint, you can easilv keep it clean »od new • looking with soap and water, We recommend Murphy Paints I*f»Ho» • Sco Our tnrg-o Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS alNo All Kinds of FertUizers TOOJGS FOB GARDEN " nnd t,AWN • SHOVKLS (long nnd nhort handler) •" GARDEN RAKES • HOES _ SPADES c PRUNING SHEARS • GRASS SHEARS CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 221!) 21 SOUTH MAIN STRKKT (O|i[>nHtlp \niiKiiliick Kdrnllnrc Oo.t l <N arl.nry Itcimir Srrvlrc on .MI >lrtlifl« or lv:i(M(r .^fls. rrnniiit Ncrvlro n( KrilMinnllli' Triri's, l.lilot luiillPniPnt fur Itlldli. l(i>iuilr Wofk. AirtMH'.\- for \\'rsllnchotn.r Ttmllni* anil ICIfrlrlo AtMilliiiirrh Ailriilnil Kiiflloi. mill I'hnii.ik-rnnliK N»r\^•Jl^l-\^'ll^nf^ jlml Snnnril It.-lrtlO" rhllrn Cur Ittiillm, N.ilcl, Inxlnllnl II Jill .Sfr^lr-Cll BLINDS Three Itny USBON'S TB.VKTIAK R&P METAL WORKS an SO. MAIN STREKT (Row) Expert Welding of All Type* Foi-cinK, Sheet Mefcil and Ornamental Steel Work Trli-lillnnc GS" CANS, Inc. About 1,300,000 women belong .to AFL unions and about 1,500,OCO are members of .CIO,-unions. j Maple St. Tel. 3507 THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nenry Bulldlnr NaUK»tnck. Conn.

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