Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 17, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1909
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Faulder, Mr*. H* M» F. H.FABRICK-HARDWARE P H. FABRICK PLUMBING ..... ;i.i;- :•.-. - *•' ' 3 LEADING NEWSPAPER GABR1EL\4LLEY VOL 3T CQVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1909. INO.:2O PROFESSIONAL CARDS DR. STEVENS OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block f)r. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays £)R. J. C. GOODELL OSTECVPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg. Hours 9 to 4. Photles:' Res. 250. Office 175. 8t JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. RKED G. D. JKNN1NG3 • 8-10am 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7"-!*p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Baclillo at. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299V COVINA, CAL. P; J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Offi'ce hoyrs: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank' Blk., - Covina, Cal. ^chool orchestra rendered several selec e plajr were a>'-follows: Pdblic PHone 1039 Reed Block' Covina,- Cal'. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Tejephbne, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. * * * * * * # * * * I # * f **############### WE"CAN FIND YOU I # # * * * #• * * *• # * * * * * •* * * * * **««*«*#**»*«**«* ABDYER ?6r Orange Groves^ Alfalfa Lands or City Property Listyourproperty vrith us. Covfna Realty Co. COVINA Sloe Repai'M (o. • j FINE SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue Trimmer] bats for girls from 93 to 15. Mra. JenuiuKB, Azusa, Mr. arid .Vfr-;. Claude Newroml) of Seattle, Washington, are visiting their sister, Mrs. \. W. Suodgras.s. MEN ONLY— Hear Jones and Burch Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at Presbyterian Church Whatever your purchase you get a chance on a |2"j Klgin gold watch from W. A. Layman & Son, Citrus Ave. It Party taking wheel from in front Covina Harness & Sadlery Co. may avoid trouble by returning same immediately. TO BE REPEATED TONIGHT. "Charley's Aunt" Such a Big Hit That It Will Be Staged Again. The Junior class met with such a success in the presentation of the play ."Charley's Aunt," in the Woraans Club House last evening, that they Immediately decided to reproduce it this (Saturday) evening, at the same place. Admission will be 25 cents, no seats reserved. "Charley's Aunt" proved to lie a very interesting lady. One doosn 't run across people with quaint characteristics such as this visitor from often. Charley's aunt would, in soino respects, be a valuable addition to any community, although it would not do to say just why. This character, as played by Albine Power as the leading role, pleased the crowded house immensely, and incidentally, it might be said that the average house by Albino Power as the leading role in the play given by the junior class of the high school, pleased the crowded house immensely, and incidentally it might be said that the average citizen is astounded at tho versatility and ability displayed by the young men and women of our high school in these clays of advanced work. Tho big audience applauded liberally, and the affair will go down in the history of tho school as one of the triumphs. The juniors who belong to the high Union Revival Services. The union revival services now in progress at the Presbyterian Church are measuring up fully to the expectations of the participating churches. A remarkable feature of the meetings is the very large proporation of men in attendance, and 1 the favor express, ed by them with Evangelist Jones' sermons. The reason of. this appeal is clearly to be found in the straightforward manliness, and keen insight into human nature. He Is In no sense a bigot, but aims to show the practical utility of Christian faith in every day life. "I do not ask you to join my church," said the evangelist, "but to accept my Christ that you may know his power in the life that now is." Mr. Burch, the singer, with his fine baritone voice, has been constantly growing in favor with the people both as a leader and in his gospel solos. The simplest gospel hyrnns as sung by Mr.- Burch seem alive with meaning and the "Holy City" as sung by him last Sunday evening showed the touch of a master. The special item of interest in the near future -will be the men's meeting on Sunday afternoon next. Prom the press comments from other towns this will be a meeting which no man can afford to miss. The services .will continue throughout next week.closing in all probability one week from Sunday. GRATEFUL SUBSCRIBER. Judge Silont Gathers Bevy of Telephone Girls at His Hospitable Board. Judge Charles Silent of Gleiidor;i rind the Siorrii Madrp mountains, IIMS boon voted a good telephone subscriber, lie received the unanimous recommendation of the ''number, please—line is busy—hello girls" of the f'ovinn Home Telephone Company Wednesday, when he invited them all to his splendid show place in the. foothills and entertained them royally during tho day and evening. Silent Park, in its springtime gladness is a veritable gloria in exeelsis of flowering shrubs and flowers, and the judge's beautiful residence is surrounde blooms. a marvelous collection of invitation to the girls gins, Grant Chaplnan, Robert Philleo, Irve'n Reynolds, Hoyt Leisure, Leslie Shipway, Sarah Crook, Gladys Seat, Albine Power and Dell Harnish. ANOTHER FINE RESIDENCE. P. C. Wolfe Will Erect Costly Home on East Badillo Street—Foun. dationa Already Laid. The contract has been awarded to J. T. Zeiler of Los Angeles for the erection of a splendid, ten-room residence for F. C. Wolfe on East Badiilo street. The cement foundation work is already in progress and work on the building will commence as soon as tho foundations are ready. -The cost of Iho building is to be over $0,000, which is one of the most costly residences in that section of the city. Mr. Wolfe is one of the well-known members of the; Hun Drug Company of Los Angeles, and will make Covina his country home. The architecture of the residence is to be California!! in tone, u blending of good ideas that hiirmoiii/.e well in this country. The foundations call for a house 50 feet, by fill feet. It is situated just cast of tho fine home of .J. C. Walters. The .'ontnict for furnishing the lumber has been let to the local firm of Kerehlion"-(.'iiy.ner Company. EEVAIL. nic school of Pasadena, was jitolcl this week to Samuel Trueblood. Mr. Trueblood pays $11,000 for tho property, which is situated at the corner of Lark Ellen and Pue.nto streets. The ranch is in fine condition. M. T. Bunker has bought tho L, D. Sisson place of five acres on Puente street. This ranch is all out to bearing oranges. Mr. Bunker paid $8,600. The ranch of twenty-six acres belonging to A. K. Benjamin, situated near Baldwin Park in the Walnut Center district, has been sold to a Mr. iliggins of Hiintington Park, who will take, possession and work the ranch immediately. This ranch is all planted to alfalfa, and has been known as OIK- of the finest ranches in that district. A WATCH MAKER. T, L, Finch Graduates from Full Course and Will Open Business Here. That the young men of Covlna are coming to the front In huHliiHsti circles is exemplified this week by :hc announcement that Mr. T. L. KiiiHi, Bon of T. E. Finch, for ten years prominent residents of this town, is arranging to open a jewelerV establishment. Mr. Finch has Just completed a full course in the California Watchrr.akliig School at Merced, of which Edward X. Radke in supervising irisirucior. The new shop will occupy half of the front of Cuniminjts' confectionary store on Citrus avenue, the second door north of the Pacific Electric car line. Mr. Finch Informed the Argus this week that he intends to i;pare no expense FIRST ASSISTANT RESIGNS. Mre. fieo. Hhirdivant, who for over four years and a half has been an assistant in the Covina postollicc, resigned her position this w< fk to go to Beaumont,' California, where her husband is engaged in business. This young woman will be greatly missed by the patrons of tlio odice, who found her at all times courteous ami accurate. H!i" leaves the Covina pimtoflice with a record /'or faithful, cflirii'iit service that cannot be excelled.. Justice of the Peace Resigns. W. P. Marshall resigned the offices of Justice of tne Peace and City lie(•order this week. The oflice of Recorder bus been filled by the City Trustees by the appointment of Mr. H. Douglas, a prominent real esutte man of this cky. Mr. MaruhaH'H resignation as Justice of the Peace takes effect May I. Mr. Austin Warner, a veteran of tlio Civil war, and for many years si resl. dent of thJ|fc.|ty, will probably be appointed by the Board of Supervisors to the office. from this lover of naturo was promptly accepted, and seven were his guests at a noon dinner, over which Miss Wai- kins of the judge's household presided. Another relay of seven accepted his hospitality in the afternoon and evening, when the table was again spread with the finest the country alVords. Judge Silent says that he owed the girls something more than the boxes of candy he has been in the habit of sending to the telephone o (linns, as the ladies of tlio wire have boon very kind and obliging to him at nil times. -Those who were guests wore: Miss Amelia Me. Von, Miss Josephine Stuinpf, Mrs, Mabel Jackson, Miss Josephine Wilson, Miss Haftio Nyo, Miss Buolah Nilos, Miss Bertha Baker, Mis» May Bchwurke, Misses Lela and Lcola Irwin, Miss race Anncl, Mi«8 Anna Young, Miss Baseball Tomorrow. On the home grounds tomorrow, the Covlnit baseball team will play the Hlversiderti. The battery for Covina In fitting up his establishment. A full i will be Fairly and l.oughecd, pitch. line of high grade jewelry, watches, j era, and Kendall, catcher. Covina ban rings, clock u and other gooda pi.-itain-j met Hlveraidrj twice before, winning lug to the business will be placed in | one game and losing one. stock. He will also make a specialty! of repairing and engraving. Tin- young man was t-dufatc-d here in im: public: .school*, and li-ft the high athool in his junior year to i-'ike up thU <>\ tudy. The establiiih/m.-nt will b>; MONDAY AFTERNOON OLUB. The club is deeply indebted to Miss Emma HawkcH, chairman of tho domestic science department, for tho very Interesting programs she him provided upon the days devoted to her subjects. Lust Monday afternoon I Jr. Emma J. Lucas of Los Angeles gave a bright, and instructive address on "Personal Hygiene." With the complexion of a baby, and tlio ingratiating smile of a winsome, child she was a living testimonial to her doctrines, and when she snid Hhe preferred hot, biscuits buttered (o shredded wheat, wo all promptly made; up our minds to try if they would produce liko ri.'HtillH. Al'ler the address ninny fjiii;stions wen; asked and answered cheerfully. The report of the financial secretary wan read, showing $50 paid off on the mortgage besides interest, mid taxes during tint last quarter. Next Monday will be Reciprocity Uay. Then; will be two Hussions, at I0:,'li) a. m. and 5S:MO p, in. OelegateH will be present from nine different Hubs and ulso the officers of the ]JiH- trict I'Vduration. A committee of yy\\. flciMcn will cnterlJiin the visitors with auto rides and they and the Hub members will enjoy a luncheon in Hi hall at 1101,11. Members urn rccjiiexted |o line theii gnent cards for the Mission, but not foi the liiiichi-on. On Monday, April iillth, the <-lub tea will be held. Members are rcijiicstci to bring suggestions for next year's program. Mr. and Bernardino taincd at Mm. J. M. Smith of Han avenue hospitably (inter inner Tuesday noon, the guests being Rev. and Mrs. P. (!. Htev- (HIM and little NOII lire wider and th< Revs. Jones and I'urch, nvangHists. In the afternoon the party enjoyed an auto ride to Hill-lit 'u ''ark. Mrs. Henry of o/er tilt years iif Irmii her home in afternoon and was for business Wf.-dne.-j lay. April A sfcf-ond Literary and Muslcsil R" Htal will t.-e giv^n by \>r. Martin and Prof. Hotfgau, at. the Chriritinn Church, Monday evening, f-io i:ut fail Hi Lear tht-ni. A/.IIHU, tin old btdy "g |f , wamleieil away on Monday ind ;i.t 7:.'!') o/i TncK'liiy morning by It. .1. Polhird near the .Southern Pacific, railroad in an orfinge grove belonging to Mr. (iuinmell, Cypn-os avenue, f'ovina. The old linly, who hat) been itick for the laht. Unee yr:i{* appeared to !,<• a lit lie w<-ak mi/idcd, wan given into the c;jn- of h< r -,ofi, who hud been Bc-urtiiu" for all n i r.'.'it MEN O.M.y Hear Sunday at 2 : '.',<> Chin ch. ./on<-ri at. Pr nd L ET us do your Baking. Look at this list. It represents articles that are GOOD TO EAT Top Notch Brciul 3 loaves* 2Sc Cracked Wheat Bread Graham Dread Whole Wheat Bread , ,-,*,Rye Bread | 6 for 2nc French Brcnd J Steam Bread ) Cream, Lemon and Cocoanut Pies 15c Otlier Pies.. t K)c Layer Cakes 2Sc Anjrel Food 2Sc Lady-Flnpem per pound 35c Macaroons per pound SOc Cookica, Doughnuts, Buns, Rolls per dozen lOc We SaDe You Money DIRECTORS G. G. Andonon C. P. Cliipp J. K. Elliott W. H. llolllclay Marco If. Hollrnari H. M. Ilounur J. O. Ifou.siir 0. Monufco OFFICERS Vf. U. HOLLIDAY, Pr«»lrtont MARCO H. HH!U,MAM, Vlco I'roa, J. H. ELLIOTT. Vlc« Pru«. W. M. GUIHWOLD. CiiHhlor A. P. Kurckho/t Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina Vitality Savings Bank Covina, Cal. IJIKKCTOKS OFF1CICKH Coo. 13. AmlorHon W. II. Holllilny A. P. KKIlCKHOW, I'mnldont J. H. Elliott II. M. HoiiMcr II. M. HOIJHKH, Vlco 1'ranldmit MB«:O H. llollman A. I'. Korckhoff W. M. GKIHWOM). CuHliler Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo The Safe and Reliable The "niftiest" line In Covina Is what everybody tells un. Every hat a distinct creation after the latest New York and Parisian oe- uigns. A shape, a shade, a style for every need. If you haven't purchased yorir spring hat yet, you cannot afford to overlook what we have to offer you. WESB GR&MAM

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