The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 4, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
Page 3
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On The Air Today u 'iSifr m. Oth«>r Htiillonii — NfWH 11:1 II n. in. WHIIV — |!«Mfhiill ll:lr. n. in, W'ltllV - N'lyn Tim.'. uri-ti. WAI" 1 - -I" My I'l'liili'H irnr -rri.r. H. n«nk'jp U'Oll---' in 'h" ('"ivlury \VATP. — H[>"i trt; SiTi'imtlt) tt'KAl-'- .MiTvlMI'l.) U'J/.— Ktli'-l .mil Alb'Tt li;MI> |i. in. WWiV -K. chrimy l-'.rk WAI"'- Lurry rnrr \vjy.~AII-n I' \Vl'H'-.Htrl<Mly MliurlH WA'I'li '-•*•''' "'"•' /nlyrJU'lo WlHC--V:in I't'vrnliT Ill-IB |i, in, WtUlV-VVAIIi:— NI-W.I Till N'.iw WKAI'-Wnc •• l.mvHI Th'iliuiH \V(»K -Hhin IifiTiiiix \\'J/--l!r"«[ Hi-nil \VATK- I •!••.< -iu r» «»(! ITntlt 7:111) p. m. (VIlHV-WAIir-- 1'iiltl f Miiylim WKAI-'-WTH' -Huinii-r null \v.iv. -iii'iHiiiiH- iMiui.n Wnl;-U'A'n(--.Vmi-n 7:1.1 I'. MI. WMJiV- Ilniik.i unit IVi-i^lu WAIt' '---Hkyliii'' Itii'if WNAK-U'TK' N.-WB W.I/,--KHn-r UiiVlii WATIi -Ailvi,|ilnri'i< In lUiyttllil Will!- Anxlv.-r .Mil n 7 :'-.'•"< [i. 111, U'ATH-'N'-W" 7:M1I |i. in. W Mil V-U' A Hi ' — I lull lluwk WKAI 1 '- <'litlnt* AH'-nt \VJ'/, -Loft" UiinKi-r WOK — Ifi'nry J. 'I'a.vl'ir \VTIf- -Auk M' 1 Aintthi'r WATJ! — J'Jion* Vuilr Annwwr 7;-ir. |i. in. WKAK--II. V. Kiilt'Miliorn w'c uc fimMc <•! Mr».i -in WTtc Minil'-iil AiiiirtU'-r \VATI: w.iiu Tim" Kill" p. m, WHHV-tt Altr..~Ki,r"vi-r Kriii-'H \vl-!.\l''.WTIi' liriimiitlKiulnii Will "Hiill'I'iK I'riiiiinwiiiil UAT/:.UV;< I.tim unft ,\l>n"c H:ir. t i. m. IV.ITR-VV.IH Kit Siilltvun Set To Wed Ex-GI H:30 i). in. \VIIHV-\V A !!(.'•— ('firm. I'luitriicrnnlll. 1' nf (!n.-i;nry Hood U'.Vl It.U'j;:—l.'ut Mim U'ATIl —VwlL-i- i,f' Hi- ' Army \VlmV-\VAIIO— .\Vivs H;iMi p. 111, WII'lV-WAIIi.. 1 — Mil Ion llurlii \VKAK—T.-I,.,.!, U /,,, i, mlr won—Cinbn.-i I ['.utter \v,[ —i pnui i,, crlmo WATIi —i.'urum or ihu Air !>:,10 n. in, wriltV.WAIIC—h-trh,,,,„,! H how wrni .tjuy i,,,i,,u, iri | u w.vni.wjH—l'ii ul Whlimjinn WATK-W.IZ—Hurry' Wln'mrr 111:1111 n, m. W Mil V-WAI 1C— -S.-r i r.ullil Will-W.lH—Srry. or Stun.' Hymen WATU—Tummy Uornoy HIM.' n. in. WATIt-WJK— Kunluxy. o r ,-h lliiaii p. ,„, WIII:V-WAHI:—ToniishL r, n ln-iriiiH-i \vKAf.wni;_.o r . ,i. q. \VATI;-W.1S(—To III- AiuiouncuU III:-!.' n. 111, U'"/c-- (J.-iM'k-.-. Mftrry <;rch. WATI:—I-'nrUnsy In .Muliiily llMlll n. 111, AI.C. HliilliiriB—N.nvH 11:11) n. rn. WIIHV—Julin Hilly, .N«w« I 1:15 n. in. WATIi-WJX ••til-m-y'oreh'. '' \Vlill-WKAF-\Vnc--Ncwi, lllHIl n. in. V.'nf: . \Vvuth, -r; N'oblc {'j:-i:li, WKAK—ltriiiii|\i-ynnn urch. Womeh^s Activities—Personal and Social NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), MOMMY, 'yvt.1l 18. 1M«—PAGE First cotf railroad in the V. S. IIH to tho top of Mount Washington In New Hamp.shh-c. About 1,700 spccica of plants are fmirul In the Arctic, French horn Countess Nicollc de iiitfo, who w!JI imirry ox-GI Koliort M. Chirk, West Chester, I'll), in a few wnelcH, demonstrates her ciiliiuir.v skill at the homo of her aunt in Pittsburgh, I'a. The Cotinre.HN met her future liushand at her chateau a your UKO. She had hidden from the Nuxi.s for five years. (International) C, W. Anderson Honored At Dinner Party A . surprise dinner party • was given in .honor of Clayton 'W. Anderson by officers of' Allert'on chapter, R. A. M,, FFriday evening at Tom Manzies in Woodbury. , •'. High Priest William Leighton was among the guest speakers and chairman of the event was George O. Ellis. Others attending- were: William L. Baker, Arthur Bennett, Guatavc Borg, Franklin Brooks, Conrad Eula, Irving Cutting, F. Alton Clavk, Eugene H. Ellis, Howard Kamcrzel, William Krodel, Knuto Knudson, Ernest Lor.cnsen, Fred Montrose and Louis G-. Packer. . Mr. Anderson, who'will be married July 27 to Miss Ruth Roichen- bach of Woodbury, was presented a purse. Theresa : Wilcox To Wed July 27 Announcement is made, of the coming 'mai-rlag-e ' of Miss Theresa. Marie Wilcox, daughter of Mrs. Teresa Wilcox, 43 Ward street^ and Francis Tu. Moses, son of Mr. and Local Couple On. Fishing Trip Mr. Fern and Mrs street Roy arc on Wood in- o i two wcoki fishing trip to Lake Damariscottc Me. Vacationing- In JftfHIt-13 JLS, J.rAuaUB, OV*J \J>- A»A» . Cbiiu. i ftjf « Mrs. C. L. Moses of Bussey, Iowa, ] Massachusetts which will take place Saturday) Mr., and Mrs. Paul O'Brien and morning, July 27 ' in St. Francis church at 9 o'clock. Miss Wilcox • is a graduate of Xaugatuck High school and Mr. Moses graduated from Iowa State Son Born To Local Couple Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klukis of Meadow street, a.nnounce the birth of a son, Peter George, at the Wa- j tcrbury hospital, July 9. ON YOUR 7<u "TELEPHONE HOUR," WTIC-WEAF TITO GUIZAR NOI.OIST IV I In rdrlot What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events for today, tomorrow and every day . Siillnr's IHirii'fi fnini "Tin- Itcil J'oppy" Gllrro I,)' Ki'vn friiin "MniKin" Miis.'icnrt Bi8i Cnprlrclo l'Np[. K iiiilr> HlmsUy-Kor.SLiUoff B| Mi'illi-y "f Mrxlritfi li'ulk SoiiKH f ^ Ctriuiitilii Lara A WEDDINO CAKES And OUicr Siii-flul liulUnu A Spi'cllllfv CITY BAKERY I!. I 1 . STOl'l'ANI, l'ro|i. Miipln StlTrt Tclriiliiiiip ;«ITK Peter Paul, Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES AND CHEV/ING GUMS • J WHITE FISH MARKET' jl .JOSKI'll CAHKAI,, 1'rop, } | I * Smith Mjiln St. • } ; selection of .salt and } ; fresh \vivtcr fish ut lowest } ' ill-Ices. 3 OKSSPOfir, CI.KANKU HAK.V 1C MI) I'AINT SIIINOI.K STAIN J'lT.TSIJUItCII GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAFLU STREKT (Acro»» from City Bakery) f'"r<;/i DflHvtiry TolupJiouo (1044 t Steady, interesting work making- our famous Kcds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available . FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Avc. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. TONIGHT Cold Stnt- Post. S)iuclal McctlnK, Mrjnlnilui'i-iRixcIO Po.s-i and Auxiliary. Sylvia JCoclgc, snymour, Reception, Members oC Isaugauick Cot- umhia Rcboknh LoJRe, 35, IOOF, Invilecl to attend. Rubbish Collection, E;ist Side. Dirccturs' Meeting, Hotiiry Citib, July 10, MoctlnK of VFW Victory Ball Comrnittec. July /(i Our Lady of Mount Carmcl Culo- brutlon. Special Mcctinf:, Board or Wardon und Burgesses, .Tilly 17 Kubblsh Collection, West Side, KoUiry Mcctinf,', YAICA. .ful.v J« Marine Corjis League Meeting. Jiil.v 1i) Dance, T^lndcn Park. All American Vetyruns. July SGth i VFW Auxiliary Care! Party. July ^>7 St. Hcdwlg's Ba/aar. July 28 Wnsitc Paper Collection, American Lngloii. St. Hcfhvig'a J?.a/,arir, Au;," n, VFW^ l^'amily Clam- hake nncl Outing. S&hllclgcn's. IS'u. m, to G p. m. Capt. Chittend'en Returned Home Capt. Margaret Chittendcn of the VVAC, duu£hler of Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. Harold E. Chft- tonden of Paii'Vicv/ avenue, has returned home after spending about one and a half years in "Germany, France and Switzerland. Capt. Chiucndon is a graduate of Welles- Iry coliego and entered the service In February, 1943. She received her basic training; at Daytona Beach, j Flu., and was commissioned a sc& ond lieutenant in August, 1944. Visiting In New England States Miss Marjorie Deur of the bo'r ough accompanied by her llnncc, Edward Mauro and Miss Millicent Lahey, both of Waterbuii', arn apcnding- two weeks in New Hampshire and Vermont. Physical Therapist Expected On Visit Miss Helen Whittemorc Adams, daughter of Austin L. Adams of Middlebury, is expected home fcr a ]0 day vacation from her duties as physical therapist at the Middlesex County Polio hospital, New Brunswick, N, J. On Cape Cod Vacation Mr. .and Mrs, Leo Dowling rind family of North Hoadley street, left Saturday for a two week vacation on Cape Cod. family of Quinn street, arc spending a two weeks' vacation in Boston, Mass. ,and Cnpe Cod. Announce Birth Of Daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Vaitkus of Wuterbury, announce the birth of a 1 daughter, Susan Eloise, at the Wa- Icrbury hospital, July S. Mrs. Vaitkus is the former, Miss Helen Zukauskas of Naugatuck. Visitors In Buffalo, N. Y. The Rev. and Mrs. H. S. Brustat of New Haven road have returned from a two weeks motor trip to Buffalo, N. Y., where they visited Mrs. Brustat's mother and sisters. Church Notes ST. FRANCIS 1 Events for the coming week were announced yesterday by Rev. Paul F. Kea.tinfi:, pastor, as follows: At 7:30 o'clock this morning- a requiem high Mass was celebrated for Concctta and Grace Scqucnzia. Tomorrow at 8 a. m. a solemn high Mass will be celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Mount Cnrme). At 9 a. m. a requiem high funeral Mass will be celebrated for Mrs. Rose Smith. Devotions will be conducted at 7:45 p. m. Wednesday at 9 a, m, a requiem high funeral Mass will be celebrated 'for Dennis 3. Gorman, At 8 a. m. a. hiffh Mass will be celebrated in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The CYO baseball team will play the Immaculate Conception team from Watei-bury Tuesday at 6:30 p. m. The St. Francis Vets team will practice Wednesday at 6:30 p. m. Father English, a member of the Maryknoll Order, will be guest preacher at all Masses next Sunday. Gold Star Post Plans Outing; Meeting Tonight Commander Martin L.UCM • tod*y announced n. meeting 'of Gold Star Post, Catholic War Veterans/ tonight at 7:30 o'clock at St Hcd- wig's church pavilion. Plans will be completed for an outinjj next Sunday at the American Brass Asnoclntlon Golf club. The ST. MARY'S following events for the Ci-ystnl polo, near Fort Stockton, Toxns. clute.H back 2CO years. Jt has u flow of 33 million gallons T d;iy and a constant temperature of about 71 doffrces. Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL - Ai-i-n-lllli'il ,V Aniirnri'il fur Vi'liTtiris 'J'rulnlnir llriuvn Illilir. VVllliTlMiry "Tin- 1'rrr.v Wny Mi-nns Ili-ltcr 1'il.v" Marine League Convention Planned In New Haven Although the date and place of the annual state convention of the Marine Corps League have been changed, delegates will be named at a meeting this week at American Legion Home, Cedar street. The meeting is set for Thursday at & o'clock. State Commandant Thomas F Wai! of Clinton announced ycstci day that the convention would b hcicl at the Hotel Garde, New HE ven, August 30 and 11 intcud of a Bristol July 27 and 28, He said the changes were neces, sary because Bristol did not hav facilities to accommodate the larg number of Marine League member who were planning to attend. At Girls' €amp For Two Weeks Miss Barbara Painter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Painter of Quinn street, and Miss Darlcne Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nelson of Quinn street, arc spending tv/o weeks at the Waterbury Girls' club camp, in Middlebury, Returned From Martha's Vineyard Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. have returned from a three week visit at Martha's Vineyard, Mass, and are now spending several days at the home of Mr. Good's parents coming week at St. Mary's Church Mr. and Mrs. John Good of Garden City, L. I., N. Y. were announced by Rev. Thomas Griffin, pastor. A month's mind Mass will be cele- j bratcd Tuesday in honor of Mrs. | Katherinc Woods... Good j Wednesday at 8 a. m. a Mass will be said in honor of James A. Griffin. There will be a meeting Tuesday at S p. m. of the committee in charge of arrangements for the annual church carnival to be held Two Local Markets Lose Sugar Rights Tow local markets were amonjr 22 Connecticut firms temporarily suspended by the OPA last week from soiling sugar, aa penalty for handling- counterfeit shgar. ration stamps. Affected by the order are Ftank Rodriques, 77 South Main street, suspension for the duration of sugar raioning, effective July 9; and August Valeme, Ideal Market, 2 South Main street, eiyht months, effective July 8. Gessicks Home . From Canada Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gessick and family, IS Prospect street, have returned from n trip to Canada. Mr. Gessick resumed his duti_es today at the Naugatuck Fire department. Localites Home >''? From Vacation Mrs. Robert Weaving of Homo- DIED SUDIJENI.Y' r , tcad avenue, and Mrs. Joseph Sul- Stratton Ma.ine, July U_(UP;—j ; ivan of .Miiiviilc avenue, have rc- A retired deputy education commis-, turned from a vacation at Nki Bionor of Montana is dead of heart F alls N Y and Canada. ailment. -John Helena July 26-August 1 in the church hall. The Continental congress in 1775 officially authorized establishment of the marine corps. SPECIAL! BABY WALKERS S598 BEACON KtDDlE CENTER 78 GRAND STREET Watcrtmry For $400 you can get ft FURNACE and OIL BURNER 36 Month* To The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Leader* In Home Heating S4-S6 SPRING ST. 4-W» VACATION IS OVER!! We're again ready to offer you our usual quality work in the photographic field. Thibodeau Studio I Ncary Bldff. Church St. Overtime Parking Charge Dismissed Judge Charles Summa dismiss cd an overtime parking charge against Wil.'iam Heche, 22, of 21 Peach street, this morning in •icrbury City court. About 10 per cent of Quebec's total area is- wator. FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. 100 South Main St. b We are holding -our price line— So if your roof needs repairing have it done now before winter comes. SE SUEE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WE WILL ESTSMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or " Supply Materials Needed For a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co. \ EVERSHARP PENS S 5.00 UP PEN and PENCIL SETS 88.75 m Your Local Pen Dealer FOR FOKTftAXTS OF DISTINCTION Phone 472fi LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 3Vo. Main St. Naiiffattick T11K CARD and GIFT SHOP SWEENEY'S ;ART and STATIONERY ! STORE \\ Ncnry Building Church St.;' Cars Culled For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving!! poysT's SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 with his son-in-law in nearby Tim miles long and 23 miles at i-'s point CONNECTICUT'S BEST SELLER ROOFING ROCK WOOL INSULATION COMBINATION STORM SASH Valley Home Improvement Co. COB. MAIN AND COLUMBIA'STKEETS, ANSONIA PHONF, DERBY 1719 OUT OF TOWN" REVERSE' CHARGES! OVER A MILLION COPIES ISSUED Is One of Them Yours? One Dollar opens an account in any one of these V ' • Mutual Savings Banks NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK 251 CHURCH STREET Naugatuck, Conn. . TEL. 2279 mimtcp in riiit ir w WINS* MNXS- DCWIT summy FUND or tflmcriejrr. m».-. MUTUAL SAVINGS BANKS ~«..M

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