Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 10, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1909
Page 8
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CHARTER OAK. Miss Ifprmio ttwirlc spent Humlay with friends in I.os Any^'los. A purty of yoiun; ladies of our neigh- liorhoorl enjoyed ;in oufing in Pudding Mono Canyon on Thursday. Mr«. (Ire nnd Mrs. f'amoron of Toronto, Canada, were gnc.sts of Mr. If. ''. M.-ICP flip parly part of Mi" wpek. Miss Ruth Fleming of fjOH Anglic* \i!iH been spending the pfiMt, wcp)< with )ier cousin, M ixs Myrtle lte;ifiin. Mrs. Foofe is visiting in I/ong Mefieli siti'l V.'lien she roturnH home will bring her daughter Olga, who has been spending her vfiention there. Miss Hens Oiven nnd Mif« Hurl if Lincoln are enjoying a work's vacation lit. home from the normal (ichool in Los Angeles. At Die school election bint "Friday Mr. H. A. Hfowell was ri' elected for a term of three years and Mr. II. N. "Wells for two ye»rn to complete the. term made vacant by the resignation of !Mr. Dolts. Miss Mary KIN worth lias lieen visiting the Stowell home for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. (I. Arthur Hire of Alhambra, and Mr. lierf, f{ice of TurtierH Falls were guests of Mr. and Mr". S. A. Stowell for Hie. week's end. Church Notes At the Methodist Church Kastor Sunday will bo observed with an appropriate service at II a.m. The program for which IH printed else.- whorr;. The .Sunday-school and Kp- worth Ix>aguo will be hold at the reg- f ular hours. Other services of the day will be held In union with the JJaptlst and Presbyterian Churches uridor the I leadership of Evangelist Jnne». There will he a union Easter Hun- rlse prayer-meeting held In the M. K. Church at 7 o'clock Sunday morning tinder the united young people's societies, Services at tho Haptlst Church at 11 the pastor. Subject, Waster —I IB moaning and LeHBonsFor Us." Hlble-Hchool 9:4f>. Junior ;',. p, rn Union young people's sunrise prayer- mooting at the M. M. Church. S. W. Oago, pastor. Death to Spiders. The"~ Argus calls Bpncfal attention this week to the advertisement which appears in this Issue from the Stowell Fumigating Company. Mr. Stowell is justly recognlxed as the bent authority on fumigation In Callfornrn. For- months past he has been giving much thought to the preparation of a dry sulphur spray that would eradicate the red spider pest. Ills efforts have now been crowned with success and ranchers who have spider In their orchards should see him at. once. LOCAL ITEMS. Oscar Miller of East I'ljento street 1ms purchased a fine auto car. f)r. .f. I). Rood lias purchasod a Mitchell touring car. Ho expects this summer, with Ills boys, to go to Covina teachers who attended the .Seattle overland. Kunday-Holiool County Convention ui "Whlltior on Wednesday and Thursday wore Mmes. .fonnlugs, Wallace and Clarke and Miss Dovlo. Afrs, Mary O/.mun West, widow of the well- known Los Angcios hanker, Androw !'. West, spent Sunday with hor forrnor scholmates of South Uond, Ind., days, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. "Warner. Thomas }j. Finch, son of Mr. and -Mrs. T. 10. Finch, has Just completed si thorough course in watchmaking and engraving at tho Merced Watch. ,making School. Ho returned homo this week anil Bometimo In the near future expects to, go Into business Mra. W. H. Tlrondwoll and Miss Helen Broadwoll entertained a number of ' young ladles on Thursday evening at supper In honor of tholr Kuost, Miss- Rogina Hacon of Troplco. Tho evening was pleasantly spent with gamos, music and readings. Others p runout, wore tho Misses Pottor, Cupron, Clifford, A.rthur, VanAuK- en, C.rahnm. (Jrllllths, Dldlcr of 1'u «"i'.f;>, and Hhorwnod. Mrs. Anna Drohor Diidderar, past grand matron of Lite order of t.lio Eastern Star for tho Ktato of Call- 1'oruia, was hostess today at an Easter luiichoou at. tho Jonathan Club, Los .AiiKoleK. whon she ontortaiuod Mrs. Ella F. Wasliburn of Raoluo, Wisconsin, iiiimt. worthy grand matron of the general grand chapter Among others included as guests of honor woro: .Mrs. Ahhlo Krohs, San Francisco,past fir.-tnd matron of the Htalo of Culifor. nla, .McsdamcH Mitchell. Smith, Moad Kclchciihach, llarl, Conic and Krlhli of LOH Angeles; Mrs. Cwlu (if Whit- tior, and Mr. C. .1. Wood of Snu Frati- riscu. Tho decorations wore a profusion of Master lilies and the place curds were hand-painted with tho same flower in prominence. A Step in Advance. The thriving grocery Hrm of Warner, Whitsol Ai Co. have contracted this week with tho Covina Homo Telephone Company to Install in tholr uow building a private exchange, having a capacity of ten local lines, with three trunk liui-s to central oxehaugo. In the front of the storo they will main- lain one line exclusively for the use of tho public. This sluloiuout filone, without comiiHMit. from iis, Is Millicii'iil to show tile euterprlrto of i (his tiriu. I JACKSON Motor Cars Four Models From $850 to $2,000 Made In Jackson, Michigan, by an Honest Concern. Seven Years of Excellence. Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep, No Hill Too Steep." JAMES CORBETT The Morse-Shocr GLADSTONE AVENUE CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put In a complete outfit of tools, and is. now prepared to do all kinds of smithing work. Note the address—One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf V^M »» ,\iJ ",\yfj ,iua •*• a -<u&i *« ,t Howell & Movvell BREAD . Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH RVKRY DAY AT "THE OPSONIC TEST." Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of tine following gil.edge companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE ........ SPRINGFIELD FIHE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. LONDON ASURANCE FIRE INSURANCE. All paid in full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. ORCHARD1STS! FOR RED SPIDER huve your orchards treated wiih our specially prepared dry Milphur spray. NK\Y MKTHOU NKNV 1'ROCKSS STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Call up Phone 177, Charier Oak. Phone l'.''>, Covina. What It Shewed th» M«n Who • Great Deal. Ills frlf>nd« kn«w llmt he would rather m!ss half an hour of a play than cut nhort his aflnr illnncr f^lgar, ami thp.v wnro fiMtonlwhod whoii he on- that he find fjult B H tho troubin?" hp wna tc.qf," h<- rcpllotl plooinlly. "\Vli;it In HIP world Is that?" "f'vp b»cn run down of Into and fe«l- Hit: pr'-lt.v blue. AM thorp Us ronsmnp- fiou In iiiy fnitilly. I consulted ft spp- clrilNt lie }I .iirl ( didn't hnvp the dls- cnsf yet. but h<- would toll me whut /ny '•lian.'es v.vre of ^pttl!ig It. W« ;iro con.-iKsujiy lu-piithlng tnhcrculoflls ct-niM. lie M.\;i|!il!ifil.. l>ui hoMlthy blood !, H the- |io\vcr l« destroy then. Ho he '•ioi; n drop of my blood nnd luocii- ''ted It v.'i'h ii eert'iln nurnher of • ••• 11. In h-'lf nn hour he examined • '•.••I'.i r HIP !iil''rospnpp nnd found that ••!;,• h-!If us ninny >?ortnH hud heen .'ll'il ;IM K!II nld hnvp been the case. '''irKfil. he-iithy blood Is snld to have MI < |i--nnle tf.'rtt of mo, BO my test wan i'ly "'). ll!' ndvl.spd me to build up • :y sfre'i.'.-ih !'.v <(:Hitf:iry living—lots of •'rcfli filr dny nnd nlKht, plenty of '•|pf!p. u-'iolo.forrip food nnd moderation in vv.rk mid [ileriKurc." "\Vhero does .smoking rome In?" "He wild Hint tobnwo had an ex- liii'»rd!ii:iry efi'ivt In decreasing the power of the blood to destroy germs. Come men who nmoko a great deal hnvo riu op'ionle tewt of zero—that is, their blocd hns no pfTcct whatever on •-reriiiH. I am fond of my cigar, hut when n specialist levels nn opsonlc fest is|| cocked and f"*' 111 "'' at your hejid nnd Siiy.t, 'Tobacro or your life,' u'hat nro you jjoing to do hut throw up your hands?" -New York Tribune. DESOLATIOM ISLAND. Annual Meeting. Please take notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of Warner, Whitsel A Company will beheld at the office of the corporation In the City of Covina, County of Los Angelen, State of California, on Wednesday, April 21st, 1909, a. 7:30 p, m. for the electing- of directors and for the purpose of transacting such ether business as may propertly come before the meeting. E. P. WANNER, Sec. March 15,1909. Kerguelen Land 13 a Region of Per* petual Storms. Of nil places on earth outside the HIT lie mid until re tic regions Kerguolon Land, In the Tndlnn ocean, IH the most Isolated and Inhospitable. Indeed, it Is generally known to mariners not by Its official title, but as Desolation island. Most nations have owned It hy turns, but It has been sooner or later abandoned by them all as worthless, and this although it covers an area variously estimated at frotri 1,500 to 2,000 square miles. At present France Is In nominal possession of It, she having annexed It In IHftt. The soil is utterly barren. Practically the whole of the Interior is covered with snow Holds of unknown depth, whence glaciers flow down to the sea, Where there are no snow fields there arc morasses and hidden, treacherous mudholes. The climate is probably the worst In the world. Terrific tempests follow one another practically without ceasing end are accompnntatl by torrents of Ice ;old rain, hall, sleet and snow. The Challenger expedition spent a month there, during which time there were only three line days. And this was in December-January, when it Is midsummer in those latitudes. Us discoverer, M. Kcrgup.len Trema- rnc, although at first ho professed to bo enraptured with It, llvod to confess that It was unlit for human habitation. "Not even lOslclmos," he exclaimed, "could ox 1st there."—IVarson'rt. Too Cheap. The class nt kirk had been reading tho story of Joseph and his brethren, nnd It ot\:m> to tho turn of the visiting minister to examine tho boys. Tho replies to all of his questions had boon quick, intelligent and correct, such as: "What great crime did these sons of Jacob commit?" "They sold their brother Joseph." "Quito correct. And for how mudi?" "Twenty pieces of silver." "And what added to tho cruelty :uid wickedness of these bad brothers?" A pause. "What made their treachery even' more* detestable- and heinous?" Then a bright little fellow stretched out an ongor baud. "Well, my num?" "Please, sir, they sell him cheap." owor Very Nearly Trouble. "Horace, you don't love me as you UHVO to." "Not nltogothor, my dour. When wo wore llrst married I loved you for your beauty. Now I love you for your real worth, your many excellencies of inltui and hour! ami for your"— "So, Horace Illggsworthy! You think I've K->I entirely over my good looks, do you? Lot mo toll you, sir" "And for your unfailing sweetness of disposition, my dear." I'licortain whether to go ahead inul scold him just the same cr to ludtilg-t* In a good cry. nho compromised by dolii'4 neither and fell to dtmibig his socks with renewed energy. Christopher's Cream Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is so satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so universally popular. "No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. C, E CLAPP SOLE AGENT Home Bakery Stevens Brothers, Proprietors Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Biscuits, Doughnuts ASSORTED CONFECTIONERY ' Daily deliveries in Covina and vicinity in our new wagon. CITRUS AVE., COVINA E. P. HULL DEALER IN New and Second-Hand FURNITURE Queensware, Granite and Tinware Cash paid for Second-Hand Furnitere * -*- -*- -# To Orange drawers, Land Buyers and Hueseekers . A Conundrum. Little Klvira -- Matmuu. you ain't • girl, are you? Mumma— Certainly not, my divir. I'm a woman. Little Flora — Hut you were a little girl, weren't you? Mamma Oh, yes, years ago. Llttla Flora- Well, where Is the little girl uow that you usej to be? — Chk-ugo Nov. s. Steam. "Can you tell me what s I hi? ox.'imlnei "Why. wun». ^•^r," replied fontiilenlly. ••Steam wather thot's ^oin;" Kvi'l'j luni's. m Is?" Patrick Is— \vuv «"r It's oruzy Kid ttt« * * * * * •# * * * * * * * * # # * *-•*• *• * •* * * -i; *;* # * * * * Orange growers who. are selling cut their properties down south are invited to come ;uid look our fine county over and the tip-top lands we have for sale suitable for all purposes. A number of old experienced oraiif-e growers have already iv-invested here and a hirgo acreage will be planted this spring. We oll'er our famous Strathmore orange lands for only Slot) up witli'terms to suit. STRATHMORE is located between Lindsay and Por- tervi'.le and all trains stop here. We are now selling large tosvu lots for flSO and up you will have to hurry to get one. Postot'tice and .store already here. Opening for blacksmith and livery stable now. You can i.f course write for further information but better still come at once. Lauds bought now will be worth double next spring. Excursions leave Los An- gfli'A daily at 11 p.m. and arrive at Struthmore at 11:30 a. m. Kailruad fare refunded purchasers of lands. Our oflice is at the depot and oar teams are at your service mi arrival. Strathmore Realty (o. Strdtiunore. Tuldre (ouoty Phone i farms) 1 j~ **Ht* ****** #+#<** ******************** * # * * DIAMOi * # * # # # * * # $ * RINGS, RINGS, k«. See our new line. We have ever? kind of stone mounted in solid gold. Headquarters for WEDDING RINGS. Covina Jewelry Company M. WRIGHT, Manager. 'IT * * * * All watches repaired by us are guaranteed to give * SATISFACTION * Next to C. W. Tucker's Studio Citrus Avenue J # ********************* THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its g-overment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 SULPHUR BY THE OUNCE OR TON W, W. NASH DRUGGIST C. H. Allen F. M. McHugh Ask the Boys for Prices McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 . Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. * -* * * * :! * * * *! I 1 i! *; *; * * * * : *' * * : # ' * FOR SALE Five room house and barn, lot 5Cxl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue and electric road. S1800. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full bearing- Washington navels. S85U. Four room modern house, two porches, r bath, cellar, electric lights, larg-e lot 60x175. K.I Colleg-e St. $2500. Five room house and large lot 60x175, in center town. $3500. Large lots, 60x175, full bearing- navels. $625. Large corner lot *>5.xl75, solid to full bearing navels, close to Electric road. $1500. Business lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55x80, hauling way on either side. Thf finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to electric road. Price $t>000. (lood terms can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing

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