Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 13
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 13
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Local Social •- Tri Stale Member Associated 1'ress Theatres Financial Sports SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1915 Second Section—I'a^e 13 WINDING \Jp the MAIN jTwo City Menj Four Recently Installed Top Officers of Local 1874 I And Keyserites (New Casualties i Tliat spectacular blast last, Saturday on the Valley street bridge ivas anything but funny, we tnott'. out just to prove that the average American can .see the lighter side; even in the midst of Disaster, one spectator remarked: "Now all we need is a flood. This bridge was always the last escape gap from the We-st Side when the creek overflowed on to Baltimore and Market street, and now there won't be any way-fit all." .: And a North End beer oarW owner, watching the flaming nut from the broken mains, commented: "1 had to close my place two days In order to conserve fuel, and there's enough gas being wasted to heat M for a couple of years." . As we've reminded our renders from time to time, unsigned communications are always filed in the wnstebasket- in this prlntcry — no matter to whom addressed or how worthwhile the sentiments express- to. ; ....-• Anonymous icUcvs are usually vicious, and it's a good idea to v e- frain from answering them, but we Dp feel grateful to an unknown idmirer for the pretty Valentine received early in the week. Apparently written by a woman, the missive expressed thanks to The Times for publishing such up-to-date papers and for keeping her "So-o-o enter- jBoth'Local Soldiers Are Wounded; One Serlion Yank Missing, Olliei Wounded . : ' jained" during the last year, wekkum! Ya : Two soldiers horn Cumberland have been wounded in action and two Keyser, W. Va., Yanks, one missing and the other a prisoner, arc also casualties, according to Teachers Back'Attorneys Plan Wage'.IncreascjTo Take Action Plan For Area On Slate Bills Vssoi-iation To S n p p o r I Mar , County Scale ns Coin- morrow To pleineiil lo I Mr.'l,- To- I) i si- ti «•» Juvenile Court And Slate Law Oilier Measures 1 Pictured sliorlly aflcr \hcy ivei-e installed as tcailers of Local 187-1, They are: John K. Nc:«|, recording secretary; William K. Meeting yesLerdny HI Alle«an> ACIUHI i.'ii M:VI-.-I,| pi High School, thp.-Altegttiiy Counh .'"''«. ,"•' <»•' Mhniand GiT.ciiil :.\.- rAisiiinallon upi>ru\ latest 'announcements by the War! Texlllte Workers Union of America, are the four (o^, officers for 1915 •' l' r «'f«""= "««•"•«'«««•»' '^». vice prerfdeni; and John G. Thomas.! county salary schedule fen m,chcr A ; » ul ^ ....,„„. J • * Sf-rretai V-lrr;i*ilir*>r r* n rf hli^mntt: iiiu tltt^pr M«vi pUnv uiinffmli: lM,-1i., r-,1 ' f f -n,« n ii\n i., *-j <nn .,«.... i - ; _.t including i\ blil .u> nbt<!i:.h ihr JuveniU: Cuiais i\\ uu- sucst 1 . Department. They arc: ; .V- .WOUNDED I'vt. nonaid M. North Outre street, in Belgium, January 13. C'pl. .Martin L. f.owcry, 105 . Snringdaic street, on Western Front. : .:• MISSING .. : .: Sgl. Kdwurtl Kcllcy, Keyscr, W. ~Va., jn Germany .since Jannary 31. PRISONER S-Sgt. Kenneth M. Holtle, Keyser, W. Va., of German government since September. Pvt. Bopgs, 20. entered the Army January 12, 1844, and was first stationed at Fort Belvoir. Va., with the Army engineers. From there he was transferred to Greenville. Pa., and when seni to England, he joined the paratroopers, receiving his boots and wings on October 5. 1944. Subsequently Pvt. Boggs was transferred to France, thence to Bel- giiun. where he was wounded. He is now in a hospital in France. ;..-. Father Two Children The local paratrooper is the husband of Mrs. Helen <Monahan> :of the largest TWt'A local in the United Slates. secretary-treasurer and business manager. Me;iRlicr succeeds Richard! from $1,300 to $i',400 alter 15 ycar=jrtl the K. noydcn as president. . • experience. ' |.VK:M.UOJI Wi 4 , • Foi-iim Programs "Kick-Off" Dinner March 12 ;Brolherhood Week 1 lit ;i .-pct-ial :i;< i-tiiit; ;;uiy c»mit> Hn; A.-9.1& » tn. ioiiioijdii Scheduled Her .Dr. Lewis To Speak Tues ! day and Dr. Showallcr i Scheduleil Thursdav The bill will be backed iii a complement lo the slate-wide im-iuin r to s'landavds for teaclu-rs. in the libru:y HI !lu- Coin! StnlOi AUnnvry Mortun C. Will Launch Red Cross Drive ••• ^"" One of the best known expressions «.round the theatres—at leasi In the pood old days of vaudeville—was "I had 'em rolling in the aisles." Another phrase, to denote lhe fact that the act went over with a banj, 1Eon ° r Mr. and Mrs. James Boggs. Dr. Showalter, Two forum programs are scheduled for Cumberland this week with Dr. William Mather Lewis, president of Lafayette College, scheduled for Tuesday and Dr. Benjamin Sho- w,ik«r scheduled for Thursday. Both Executive Commillee of Campaign Which is lo Raise 891.500 in Con my, Will Hold Meeting 'Today— Advance Gifts Members Show Way eiv Habhi and I'rie: To Talk Then nl Cresup- lown Si'hool ri TI „ • and Tlmrs- president of the .Male (association. ; . j Keixty suid the county w.-hccuilr us approved by the teachers ipa\e> the matter of additional eompfii'ia- Illegally - . - inn o lna>t[ , r . x dp ! day over WTBO. and an afternoon : Bo ard o! Educatiun cbtjnty's. ,-uiniia! Red i which has a quota of J33 000 held' 1 ' 1 ' 0 ?™" 1 Frloa y .»«• Crcsnptown ,i Junior- High School are the only so far announced p. in. "kick-off" dinner.^r"cemi-ai!cOTinJttee'''ttonselver"contrlbuted f °r observance of Brotherhood Week. Cross;, campaisn will, be launched ; its first session Friday- 'nleht at'^ lui01 ' H ' Bh S(:hoc March. 12 with the customary 6:3o:Ccntral Y M C A Member* of the ' locul arrangements .< "-- for observanc of Br C'nunlr The Ciesaplo'wn.'program; si-hod- . . rurrmi -- w the b.i. «i:1 H i, 0 .Hctum on n fi-nm-.-t u, .v^ppots ;l»f!n,i to, incrca,liu ihi- .-.ahu .ii proposed schedule H* ™Hpr*< mTu i-ilh .-i,rr«,,. <*„„,-„, f~.l !M IV. IHII I,. N pared with current figures follows j Riven ihr It: Clilll'H I Ililld mid lo:m talks will be made at Allegany High,; „ c- nner at Centra committee themselves contrib School ji.M.C.A. The onve to., raise $91. 500 '$3.000, an average of S150 each . Dr Lewis will'spcak on the Com- sets under way on that day instead: Tin- committee rc|x>ned .a num- " If - 1(1 lor ' P- '» , wiJi;briric l.oeeiherl . . ' .***.« v.«^ w>i> —. \Tu ffll ^ OC r\fni<im ic*l i> .,.-.., ^..., ^. i_. r i . * .-':-• • V , .1 Af^ili.-,^J^» ,»,).„ J ,- 1 , t ., ,1,^ n^.i T ___ i_ mtinity Forum program of the Junior Association of Commerce. In a recent statement he declared "ifj we are going to win the peace, our h 5, as previously announc-1 her of large donations, including a " Methodist- minister, the Rev. , _ cl, and will continue through March| 51,000 . gift from the ' Cumberland p - Chaslaln; a Jewish rabbi. Samuel J 9, unless the goal Li "reached before Steel Company. The first coniribu-' Solj(!l . nnci " Catholic priest, the Rev. I that time. . 'tion S^5, was from Lt James D<?-' Fall V^ Alvln. O F.M. Cup. All .thrc< schools and colleges must revise • The twent - v members of the;execu T Witt Slofiii. son of former'chief i wil1 be llP!lr d '" behalf of "Tenm- i.- 11.oca ji.2i 1.036 1.2. I OSl i .m I.'JIB 1.216 VII. l><-rrr-f v.[i. I1.30D Si.=00 "SI,300 l.'iOO 1.50(1 1,300 1.400 I.SOU MOO i.m and revamp their educational -Stan- I m^,"'." 1 ?" 1 ' 0 "', ^ cnnipai ^ ™" ' Jud §e and '.Mrs. D. Lindley Sloan.: w ' 1 '^ '.» f j «;«<-e us in War" and hi . rinrH^ «r,rf .nmi^nric <• : meet at J p. m. today in cnmpalun now serving in the European Thca-!- su l 3 l im of tleorye Washington'; 110 .! headquarters. Room, 328 'post office ! ter of Operations. jstionu declaration—"To bigotry nt Ui. "'"'"•" ; " '-' —• Williamj Other meetings of the advance!sanction." jjjj- Judge William i Other meetings of the advance! suncuon -" • \n the drive, pre- ; gifts committee will be held Fcbni-J In proclaiming i.he week'of Fobru- Y«! jary 23, March .1! and 9, in i p,'m.,:ary 18-25 as Brotherhood Week I"- dards nnd methods." He maimain.s we are "hog-tied by " and that courses should I ^ be shortened. Training' for citizen-f^g^',^ 1-J5D 1 SSO 1.3 SO 1.550 1.40'J l.«W I <00 1.6W1 Tlie r.vo mRS-'iMiali". .( JIV M'Cr-iVV' SHH) „ Did!-.!. 1 .'O ill Cuinbriljnn.1 . Trial. Al.-'i;!.-- Otnii; arr )>;lid M (H'H) n yi-iii U ut'ch-i'.'. an p.'in ',hf cii\. i wo i.flju \l~ecb i.sno.ilo! 1 M'rviiit! In I'n'ilcf f'fnin. 'J') ' "- •-•- i.soo .1 mxi ultcnuiS', i;i Ptthci- i.:<iurt. .••••i\ir.i- ist m*\ SiitHl n yen r I.T-iO 1,!'50 l.TSO l.S.MJ I B50 -' OM 1.900 : ice 1.500 1.700 •.'««) 2.:C(i J.SM I.7PC -100 ? Ififl I.flofl I.7PO I (.(» 1.700 1 91KII i.S'.in : oi"! i.stw -:av~ ioo : loc loo li IllOnUl lit .1 timr-. j,n l!i:il Is on owy six mi)nih>- o! :hc >c;u. oana ot Mrs. Helen i.\lonahan> ship will be one ol the most urgent. T,,^ U ,..,. • -u i j Boggs._ 244 North Centre street, and postwar needs, he claims. h 7±, ,L?.^ * l1 L^;;.1^ n .^ d to was ''I brought down the house." Since the advent of the galloping tintypes' i sometimes known as the cinema^ neither of the complimentary comments Ls heard, very much, however. On tile other hand, a. Congress- Si man from Maine who spoke at the iOP Lincoln Day dinner here can boast that- he literally laid one guest n the aLsle. A Lonaconing citizen, i.-tening to the. speech, suddenly :'oimd himself on the floor after his chair collapsed. "Lefty'- husky hurler of big league '.me, picked up the discomfited din- Route 1, Olritown. He is the father and lecturer of Alabama of two children, a son and daugli- nic Institute, Auburn. wr. Before joining the Army he pear on th? Cumbt-u<,i»i ixuu-.i^ , was employed by (.he Baltimore and)Club's international understanding'! em in the office of William' President Roosevelt writes: 'J^ ^_"_^ "J"he United Stales'is the crettieMJ . of freo men nnd women that '" addition to the world hns ever s.een. Thus IK the! f «jf>vies : lislcd fll>ove. te.i'chcj-,-. ie- >» Hslui:;oir civ.iit.-., Ohio Railroad. Pvt. Boggs attended Oldtown High school. Cpl. I/owery is reported back on duty after recovering from a shrapnel wound in his back. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Martha Lowery, 105 Springdale street, he is a member of the famous Fourth Armored Division which fought its way to the relief of Bastogne. when that city was under siege. A former Celanese employe, he has been in the service thre* years and overseas a year pift-s committee,! p. m. at Room 328, P.O. buitriinc. r: amid cheers and jeers of the- „„i \ "I ,/ Ci'iicy contingent, who had more! - "- •-' \n at the banquet than the we'l- ! Uown banel^moiikeys. j Keyser _ Sc , vinp ^ th Lhe infantl . y . . . ', lhe has been overseas since October, highly commendable when a 1944. program, talking on "The Role of| the North American Continent World Affairs." Dr. Showalter maintains thatj Canada and the United States have I more than material contributions to' _^ • Slni unj . : . r for as to decide- that our deter-' c ' <1|vc n $30 ° . v "i'ly bonus. Both thr Iminatioiv shall be in. pence, as ini llrw . '-' O1 '"ly a'-id state schedules' war — teamwork. I am happy, there-j c ' im ' llate llle '-6nu.v ' 050 ! 350 an ' C ° ! - ivl - l(> )>il |v 'l-< 1 tliill ril:',!!i- »CHlr paprr.s tic hlori In .ill cqiutv ;mr1 '- currrnl colhrr VBM')-. Thi.- s\>'tpin IN in cllr'-t i's.* i)o:'(;'/-ri Until';- 11-," piryrr.i ;ioriiF> mny iiip pajxv« make to the worfd as each nation Ls:p, M ,f n .. n ,., M .,., ... i^ f r young and has all the vigor and vi-l J_! ICt /. U K ' °/ * tallty of youth. Admission to the! " edncsdav INiiiht. Is Free "~ i«l T-T1I1 R/-kiirT r ° re ' to welcome the twelfth anni- Heisey said that teacliers with tin i;>lul thnl u ' ln ° V(< thfiu-for In.-, iv* n I l AJ.I11. ,L>UIH.1» versnry of Brotherhood Week. rvbn!-{ to 14 years experience will be jU5Cl uhlle a " altol '" <v - v J'-W!nrti by O. C: I IT : ary 18 ' 25 ' 19-45,'under the auspices classified under the new count \ JLhc other party in " Olclllll^ OclLCS U IJ .of the National Conference of Chris- '.schedule in lhe year to which thp'v i wlsjlln 9 [r > t" c »» 1 ' i I inns and Jews. I. hope that come together this week to the acnon, finri year to which thev i W ' UV1 "" 8 lo " lc ail answer, rnimot that our peo-'belong. Those .with more than !4!° 1Cl11 «\ * h< -' Court HOUM- Thursday lecture is free. Seek GiHs Here to Public Confined Near Kiwslrln Hottle. husband of Mrs Ei- c:'y official takes a persona! Interest complaints from taxpayers, but . . 11 ? Lv;lolier Hunter B. Helfrich;iceii Hottle. 568 South Water street : ?\ twic<! ~ or mavl >e three iKeyser, WHS reported missing Scp- ..lies— before he probes in person (ember 5 while serving with the 80th future squawks from Cumber- •« A few days ago, when a warm sun ?JHsrted melting the thick crust of -•'titrty ice from the streets, a North id woman telephoned the City Hall complain that trucks and cars. pueeding through the slush, were |t:-.rowinc the muck . against her Division of the Third Army. His wife has received no official prisoner notification but did receive n letter and card from Sgt. Hottle. who tvrote he was stationed in a prison camp near Kuestrin. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Boggs, 321 Pennsylvania avenue, have been notified by the War Department that wise and smearing the windows, their .son. Sgt, Carl F. Boggs, 20. |3 i;e lady 'we'll call her Aunt Min-1 previously reported missing since ~=ir, because that's what her nieces February 3. is now with his unit. He >Md nephews do 1 * demanded that i;n:cthing be done—and quick. has been in service 19 months and overseas 14 months. He served in So the commissioner, whose sar-! A '''"!ca. Italy and France. His wife, splendor is well known. hop-|M rs - Ruth iDolau) Boggs, resides in will b* sho'fcii free to the public al For Civilian A'rniyl lhe K - of c - home ' 34 N - Mechanic *• street, next \\ r eoiie.sdav, Feb. 21, at r ,. ^— 8 p. m. Clerks aiul Typj-ils Havci "The Stoiy of the Vatican," a Opportunity In NVork ill f|'H-lengih feature film, will occupy rr< . i roil »> •> l — /\ c- i ^ '-^•uu ly^vnic. i:iu> wteft. ui 1 Otal ol ol. l.J/J l.,"JU bold, renew and strengthei. their--deter- |rninp.tlon to serve'the lv!gii principles 'of liberty through spir.tual unity." "Shoots" the War in Firsl SoniKsIr tlier Plans Aiinoiuirod A lenteu motion picture program J Students of Fort Hill High School Wnsliingtoii An appeal to clerks, stenograph:- ers. and typists ui Cumberland and vicinity to fill vital war jobs in the Headquarters of the Army Service Forces Washington. D. C.. WR.S made by Capt. H. R. Wilson who is here recruiting civilian personnel for the War Department. The Army Service Forces have the mammoth task of transporting fighting men to the battle fronts of the world and keeping plied. Civilian personnel headquarter of the ASF Ing to carry out that impo assignment. the top spot on the program. Produced by the March of Time, il is the first complete motion picture story e\-er filmed inside the Vatican, and presents intimate scenes Pope Piux X terest are splendors of the Basilica of St. Peter's the Murals of Jrfichaelangclo in the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Library, and the crypts beneath the Cathedral where the Popes are buried. a total of £11.331.50 worth! of war bonds and stamps in the! first semester with January sales' amounting to S4.337.25. ; The Maryland War Finance Com-; mittee . has sent the school four j pancls^three for jeeps mid our for a liaison plane. Duplicate panels are -D- -• ----- , .1 • n i t">-"iv- tii{iit-Jt- .,, . i years experience will be paid at the! " !l11 lllc rnte of » years, and then step up} year by year. Tho president said this plan is according to the old! Tlu ' * 01 '!' 1 ** » vail « w e ln " n c!l - s «- ', !u«i. papcr.- schedule teachers. and Is understood bvjy cl ," li? Co '"l b With His Camcra'^Purple llr-sarl t. Harry Ilillo.-k Holpc<l Week Opc'llS .Make Official War Film "Allack" to. nb.Jii.'ih tJit.' Jt>- niHi-isoi! ti\: all ihi'.-r of lhe Kouiih .luriii'ial c.:|i - cuit. win) i-iiiili-nil ihiit itu'i «:•!• kepi HiliV «i-[-ii|n"d :^id \voitKi i"- [o'vei-lmidi'iii-i' i: .siuptii'c c.i.'f. 1 ; wnr (tian.-!ci :cd m ihm: 'li'.r \V;\.'-i;i:-,/'ton Con:it> B;n A>.-iv«vi;iiir,n i-..,.-. : .j-.i .askeri that liic i;mnt; b'r r.\i.-U:;i'f! from any .-.tati'-uulc miMMirr. A former Cumberland resident :n. placed iivsioc ,our jeeps sent into'Lt. Harry Hillock, is shooting the* of i the figntuiE zones and out- is placed! war with a camera in the Pacific •vll. Many points of m-i'.r..side an liaison plane. A jeep costs|theatre as a combat- photographer shown, including the SI.165 while the plane cosu aixjutjwUli the Army Signal Corps. He lAuxilijiry of Local Cltaptcr<: ! To Have Tap Day HCMT j Tursilnv . Slarlctl I r\ CmintT The Juvenile Court had Its mi-ep- llrin In AllrMi'ii.i t-D'.mtv. II wnj, i:itrri, $3,000. j helped to mhke the official war Bond and stamp sales during the .film. "Attack." and has recorded last school year amounted to only SH.OOO showing a huge increase for this year. During 1942-43 about many of the heroic exploits of jungle warfare and amphibious landings on film. SI2.000 worth were sold. Finns are in the Cape Gloucester, landing. Cumberland residents; will have nn opportunity to participntp in (he observance of "Purple Heart Week" here by buying ings from members of the auxiliary of Mountain Chapter, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Tuesday on downtown streets. ICouri iiidqes hair .•unjjn-i-toii thni n Ifull-timo probnlinn ofTicc: 1 he nflir,f>'. j for better admiiii.ilraMor.. howcvr:. The bil! Includes » provision thsl ;-. probritiim oflicrr b^- appoltilrd. T ina.tor facto: In the f>pliosins : ,!i id l!~i« bill is the n[>pnicnt irnnsfi-! nf authority lo the \Vrlfarp |}uiu<!< in the codniles, ii:nicr 'i-p'rtnin pio- Grorgc M. I.eib. Maryland de-1 visions o[ the "meaMire, 'iin: P-:ci in his car and went there lo Invest Igate. Just as he alighted in pom. of her house a Ivige truck C^nie along nnd splashed black mud :d water all over his natty light His comment, is not qur.i j. Miillenng motorists and peeved Pedestrians found nothhig sweet vt5"C'.n yesterday's snowfall, which :j>f'-ade traveling torluous awheel or ;.4:.-x>;. ns streets and sidewalks were ...Jjjhppcry ant! slnsliy before nightfall. But ^old-timers hereabouts ca!le<-: a "sugar snow.'' and explained •at In Garrett county, where the •••fe" ;> ' C s " ear cr °P is R major indus- jy:. such snows are supposed to ~""ke ihe sap sweeter. It will soon time, to tap the trees up tn thc S*oiiinalns, they said, and the -sugar 4f£nips m Virginia arc already in •'-^•r^nuinn Keyser. W. Va. Sgt. Boggs is a cousin of Pvt. Donald M. Boggs, included in today's casualty list. Airmen From Area Get Commend a tiou Just to prove "we ain't so city™ after all" a frightened deer, 110 -..gnno; scared by dogs running in the "aroy hills, came scampering into e- city last Sunday. The doe dash- down from Shriver's Hill and IJfndijed through tratfic until it • I'^hed through the window of a •W'dforri street, beauty parlor, and ^en flee! back to the woodland. One Cumberland copper noted as hunter remarked: "Believe it or but that doe probably hep.rti .the state plans to bring some Jjuck^ from Canada and put 'em on irige pame refuge, and get : "prettied up' iii Two airmen from this area, one a local man, members of the famed llth Heavy bombardment Group of the Seventh Army Air Force, baied oi, the Marianas islands, have been commended by Maj. Gen. Robert W. be furnished those qualify for. these essential jobs. Beginning salaries offered for these 1 positions vary from a minimum $14S a month to S16-! a month-for those with at least one year's experience as a clerk, stenographer, or typist. Housing is guaranteed, by the War Department. A new arrival 1s met at Union Station in Washington and after being sworn into her job is taken to select her.own living quarters under the yuidnnce of an Army Service Forces counselor. New employe are trained by the u . ,, _ ., , _.. ^ ul ...v... a«r o^uii.-,,^ n.jj HU b .. M ,iL». .^^,.5 of the landing craft' 84 ." 11 illrit ll ! - s P^nnctl 'o ma: ii-s I signor Fulton J. Slieen, noted SB i e j5 of bonds and stamps. SaJes arc : c-6mlng in and the troops wading I °, b * ict ' VRm ' ( ' ""tionwirie if Hi Rev. Mon- student Council are sponsoring all 1 graphic records pictures made in the school lobby each morn-inshore in the face of enemy fire. , • tlona! convention next ake thc;hr.w lone Mirii a rh>J<i ruuiri hi- rnm- iiR-imiifrd prim ;,> ti-nchl:ir the I>RC of year au-.ia ypnis with all the pood -shots he had taken i of .the landing were ruined bv the! son. James R. Browning is chairman of the committee in charge of arrangements, and De LisK Positions are open wiih the .Socin!) ' water. ,- , . ^ ..-._, _ ----- ----- ,-.^ vf^t . » ..*Lii lilt .VJVJ^. Ill' 1 Chnney. local camera enthusiast. [Security Board of 'ices in Baltiinbrej . . . cw cmpovc Brc trnne D v t e . . an Douglass. Jr.. commander of 1lie! War Department in subiccts' wil1 the projection of the and those intercMcrl can appjv Sf*VOI1 Ml T nr rriC»lr r-iovr "Ti-> *li« no i^i . ..___ _ _ •* !fiti-*if- • ! . i. _ » r ™ ^^ ,- , _ r . * Seventh, for their part "in the campaigns which have taken a large section of the Pacific from the enemy's hands." They are Sgl. Otto M. Bucklcv. son nf Mrs. Libby V. Buckley ; RFD full pav ' •°- 4 - Cuniberland and Sgt. Wade i thtu will help them to attain thr| highest efficiency possible. To those' employes who need more speed in;L O( . ; ,| Airman Wins shorthand and typing, refresher courses are offered while receiving I the U. S. Employment Service office. Union street, stiirting Monday ! when Board U. Hillock is a gracUia'.e ot' Alle-j ssiiy high school. He Is the. son" of Mr. and Mrs. Stanlry Hillock, lormcr residenLt of CumlKrrland •I'fc. Hui-jrrpr .Mfntoria! S p .. .; . e, P.,,,1 v ! hold H public m.-r "' '- 1 ' ' >IIM s FrtdRr MI the f:iv — •••' -- • - 'A memorlsl service for Pfc. rroiuntion ill Texas j Arcuri announces that he will in-! Joseph Arcviri. Social Scciiriiy lliuil movi "E .to Pnsndenn, Cal., in| representative.- will be here I I!m - Two olllc ' r w'lis are in thc| ... ... larmcd forces. Lt. Stnnlrv .1 Hiltrwk i Main S. BurBfr. VMll'ri in IOTHER LOCAL-NEWS PAGES 5 AND 10 F. Poflep.bnrger, Flintstone. son of| Mrs. Valeria F. Poffenbargcr. . Based where Its B-24 Liberators bomb, strafe and harass the enemy at points within 600 miles of the Japanese mainland, the llth group has participated in almost every major move of the great offensive that has rolled the Japanese back more than 3.000 miles lo their own front yard, including the Gilberts, the Marshalls, the Carolines and Marianas, bringing such targets as Truk, Tarawa and Guam within its bombsights. Sgt. Buckley entered the Army in March. 1942, nnd has been overseas since April. 1942. His brother. Lemuel, is a sergeant with an infantrv unit. ' . " SRI. PofTenbarpcr Joined the service in March, 1942, and ha,< been (In (he Pacific since May. 1943. He I was graduated from Parsons, w. Va • High School in 192S. Set. Waricj Applicants qualify through Civil of the Stage Coach! «m]>erlaiid Is Important Stop r Chicago to N. Y. Express lf oldiime pony express riders "Iage coach drivers who used to mall, freight nnd passengers Hie mountains to Cumberland .M < ry alld morc S R°' W0l!ld P r ob- t?L I'l. 0 ' T.'Bht if they came face thc lro " "-hat de- similar, cargo here today. Or. y Kot by the shock of seeing punmg monsters that climb the piimnins.on roads of steel, they M no doubt stare with ur.bcliev- c\e.s at the variety and Quantity ""ed In one load, WDrc on hn)ltj ^ the size of NO. 32. castbound tlle express train that «ty Statton tends .beyonri Die Baltinioie .street crossing two blocks away, a.s n shifting engine seems senselessly and endlessly to steam bach and forth pulling baggage cars—-blocking the crossings nt Harrison, Union and Baltimore streets with each trip. But while pedestrians and motorists are "cussing out" the shifter, It is really performing a useful, logical task, "lining up" express cars for Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and Ncw York—cars that have been left here through the day by trala-i that fall short of destinations: The cars arc 'arranged In the most efficient order in tlie Cumberland yards so that "32"—a through tram to these points—can drop them off with rt minimum cf delay as cnch city Is reached, :es. Li. Stanley J. flight 'instrue 101 ney Paul M. The Allr^'fii'v C'nniHy ("o-ordin;ii- !nc Council of sonnl jiccnrio.v «,ill ni'-i'l mi; ill 7;10 i) m. H;ia. f,.ir dlJ-tii-- slnn of the Juvrjuif Court mciiMiri'. Sen, n<il)ei't n Kunble and i:-.<niVi- ty.mrmbcrs <;! Hi" Hon.'v nf Diir- =ervice cxaminatioas. Only sons who are not using their Jiigh-jir est skills in. essential industry will i first _ 1 __ _...,._,. illl; .,,.be accepted. ( i Texas. Army Air Field, He is an i mini salary Is S1.S60 and suitable Capt. Wilson said last. .nlclit Uiat jlnslrucio:- in aerinl t;v:niiei->- ttl thcjlivin? quarters will be obtained hv applicanU can secure full informn-! of fleers' training school. •'-- ^----> '•— ••-- •••'• tion any day this week from 9 a.S : :— : ~ m. to 5 p. m. at the USES office;,. board for tho?o takinij positions. m. to 5 p. m. at the USES office;,.Af • rrtr -»r « Union street, and from 5 to n p. m.U* IJ)S J HC i\ I])S nt the Fort Cumberland Hotel, Said Wilson yesterday. "To live in Washington during this marital period gives the advnntn'gc.s of seeing the Stale. War. and Nnvy Departments in full war activities. A visit to Congress, the Supreme Court; the White Jlqiise. nnri Cherry f Marine VVho Shot Jap Who Shot Pat Tiernev Visits Citv! I V* iiin<'i> At l-'cirl Hill Aiiiiodfi'-cr! In Cumberiaiid Mr. Hillock was highway airport engineer for the rlty. He is now associatrri with the Clarke-Aero Hydraulics, inc., in Bonafieid Burger, Winners in ilir cla« Riverside drive. New York. Immpctitmn nf ihf -,<.prnkir.e coiHr.-;! b'-i Hic " lirjri Fort Fn- F>;\--ir ; rnn To Serve Alioai-d I'SS Frost hur » nrt s< r , [m;r, Mi.w Cii riK. Men-hnni pictures, but concrete experiences."; Seek Co-opera lion ,' Of Bowling Alleys ?f.'l. William. K. Dennis Columbus, Ohio. S r r s • Mother in n School ftiirl Policr Waul Youncslors TToinc i n?0 on Ouadalcanal. were the jof a Columbus (Ohio) U. S! Marine making his first visit to Cumberland A volley of biillci.s Avhich enabled - an ""^i- 1 ^ J«pnncse soldier to "join nncesiors" two-and-a-half years Early in ICvr.nings Bowling alley owners are being lor the week-end. Sanriy-hBlred Sst. William E.I asked to confer with Police depart-1 Dennis, on leave from 'New River, | menl officials and Arthvir G. Ra-.N. C.. is visiting the home of Mrs!! mey, supervisor of pupil personnel j Nora M. Ticrney, 218 Park street.- for the Allcgnny .County Board of j because it was lie who nipped the Education, tomorrow nnd Tuesday i Nip who nipped her .'-on, Cpl. Pat-; to work out plans whereby children [rick J. Ticrney. in the enrlv nnd of school age will not be in tlinibloody days of the fighlinE in the establishments riurinp school hours;Pacific. and will go home early at night. ArranRomenls for the conferences, 1 until Tferuev Companions from ..)amisry 1B-TJ. 1 evacuated, tlic , . were made ' yesterday by Commis-jtwn marines were, advanrlnp sioner James Orr nnd Mr. Ramey. Rouln "i. this, city, announce thp^jm- Prltrlmrd's birth of a niitlu sr.Bcall. Norma Coin I-ucillV cVc Allrtiiny Hospluil. Tlie mother Ls,nmmiiJ Mnson.- Kvchn fiumin the former Mis* Uuirn SJmffci. iriinMiiir .Stniloi 1-r»:wc-Il E ' Mr. anri Mrs. \yilHnm'O. Murr»y',!'nn.i M'-'Mlilnii 'I'wirs froii'' |20I Fifth .-.lrf-<-i. aiinonnKe.iliV? blrlh!K»lli»prii CMmiwe'i <-i».--.«.- M< Manner; Sheldon Wil- i'lL?,.™',,^'*!",' 1 " 5 ' nlorilln 5 : "• Mc ' i M»>. 1/>>«.-. Kohter..Br!t\ Ix>:i H I.IriUMif Mohior. Chliiir. I3)rli| Rf:<-nnv)ii Pf,:;;ine ..Wftlkei, ai:<: from '•l!>oi;, of nFb''No. 3/Cumberland I nicriBl • HMpit " 1 : .rccrivc<l an asslBiiment several dim , A »'?». ,w»s born . • . .. • m Mpnirn-lnt TJrte ago io 5ervc aboard the USS Frnst- bttrg. n vlrlorj- ship named after Cumberland's tiMghbonnz city, which was christened last month in Baltimore. . ,. . ; Until recently .WilHson was a patient at I lie Marine hotpltnl in Baltimore. He V.-KR injurod on one of hb ^'rip,-; in Rio de Janeiro aiid Hown jbnck to the United Stairs. Willison • will serve RS an assistant clnctrl- 'clan nboArct-his new ship. In Memorlnl Hospital to Mr aiul Mrs. Chr.strr H. Wnlton, RCIUF 5, Potomac Park. Mr. fliici Mrs. Ijwrcncr Wiilintus. ^31 Virginia a'veniie, an'n'otin'co birth of » son yestordny inor a; AllrKany T?ospltal. Tim . faihr'rlMarris'"s"i\iid "fi if Coneerl ,\or 'I'o He Held Tuesda Ncllii- \Vil)ison's Veiiliri 1 , Robri I.' Piyr- snd O Hrntlrick: Fivn licioinonnl r-oi Rnt.«. will b" sclrcLcrl Mop.riav >;Miss WiJIiasn's is a mrjnbpr of thp city fnr<y 'finals March 3ft. 5 »;IJI tx- Hi .'t followini; bv ir-.r | "Hie siict'ed concert .srhcrlnled : fov ;TuC?ri»y nlKht nt. Firsl Probytcriah iChiir'ch lin.s been iKislponrd until time next month because ofi Fishing Conies Before Work', Declares Former Hotel Owner "Unclr .loc 1 Miller, 113. nrc'ii'lur,-'If work nitrrfeip.s with jlnrMicili.s developed by one of the!'-' 1 a fi-'liermnn of !vocali.-ls. Donald Easier. oue-ltme Im'itl hotrl riwiK-r. CiOll'i WOI 'f, . Win .stnnriliig. Tlie] tiirrl working, but vnn oon i fi .' nnt be jtw;tirrrt fiMiins."' Thru \\t miri.-. a.« , ground when the incident oc- ! Ramcy recently worke<l out a plan [ eurredi :. whereby theaters will hot sell As ,Sgt. Dennis i recalls; "There to children during school hours. jwcrc, Jsps lying all '-around «is and Other steps to war on juvenile delinquency and to improve school attendance are being considered by authorities. • . MINSTREL TUYOUTS Further tryouts for thc SS. Peter and Paul minstrels will be conducted Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. at the church hull on Ftxyetto street. All we crawled ovrr 'onwion we thought \YO.S dead We hadn't movedi mcmbci ' s ° r H»e very : far when I heard n sharp t:ic Giiadalcaiidl Spl. W, r. Drnnis Sgl. Doimis recently returned lo lhe stales .after 30 ' innntiu 'overseas , rorresnonrilng witti Rnd prr.'-fnt wmtlier may .—. : •__. rlElr, fnr fishint;, but "Uncle .Ioe"inn nfirrllioiicht ,. ,., v . I'ny- 1 - hltlr at.lrnf.ton to the Irj- hl»*t.s : ;{iid." o I nkr A<'l\ V l«-~t^ nf (me of Cuinly-iland's wojj-l wi.i-i OutiiiK hi." arlr.s \v. Clnrk.'r-Vostbi'irs, iiiKh. 101 ' 1 - RS hr 'it.s be.'-lrie the wriim,Millet rti<l ' At Ji-BSt J rxiiy iwentifv «.-. tnthl James G. Jonej,, Ixinaconing. will leave here tomorrow nt. 5:15 si. m. from Wwhlngtoiy wlierc they will sharp crack which T idcntiflnd as coming from n Jap rifle In the renr. Spinning around. I saw the fellow we Imagined dead aiming at Pat. He got Put In the lep but it was costly." ••••-"• • .-: . The soldier dlcln't hnvc Ticni'-y frimity since take comprehension physical nnd mtiiitnl tcsl.s its r-Aobat nlr crewmcli I -wllh the U. S. Nftvy.-- event. Atlrr leaving: Gimrt(ilc«nal, saw action nt Tiling j. Cnpr Olou ccstcr, New Guinea and Pelcliu. It. was nt the latter place, Incidentally, where,; he ; received his only wound, I FOUR. YOUTHS HKI.I) Four Bow'triftn's :Addition ranging In from 12 boys years .,.,,,, ... - .! aspiring to a pan. In the/show, will to feign U-ing (lend very Innp 101. mm Shortly before ;:32'makes If. np-• be K lvpn ,111 opportunity ';to presrnl jDrnnii nmcklv pui him do\\n to: valc«a>, peBrnnco, expre-w men atnrt pulling j (heir "bit" whether it '' Ix- .song, |Mny- : wilh four nund .shots fromilHi r'ii (Continued on Ptie 23, Col. S) '(dance, specially or comedy .Me It. :. : Ihic- rlllc, nrc'scn nc f-icle. fi re -l are. being held In :the clly Jail for •.TlWftrlnR.Mondny motnliif; tn'-Jtive- healrola In a Hnlllmorc Rvenur ; ilir Hnmsw ick }iotel. nt thc r.u'npr (Avcrn nearly every rvcnins nn swaps fl-iliing tales with thn Bullmiorf wrm and the y Tnvrment. which wa». nwivd >>y "Whcn you can't fish, vou wlk his fntlier. Hr ihirr \\\r aboul It," Myx the ne-ycRr-old vrt-|liof.lrjlry from 'his pnrrnl.-:. Burl fir.m era 11 of fishing -sorties Into Arkflii-jihrn on he ,i.<,uplly hlird Mn.riiodv SHS, Indiana, vviwl Virguila, Prim- !tr> oprraU' H \\M\r. lir ar-nt fb.lili.t: sj-lvanla—nnd practlcnlly nil of the Tlie hotrl »i»s Mild Jn WX3 UIKP in lishmf; grounds of Mnrylnnd; Aiid 1937. nt Ihr spr of 53 MJ talk about It he does. He e.speclRlly lo go over hi* fishing dnye took his first rriil Jnl>—with |ln d'f street (irpnrtmpr.t 'His liutst job along Licking Creek, Pa,, near Jinn- wns nt the Krlly-SprSiiBlleld plur.t,- cock. Mel., where he hfl.s inntufnliied'He v.nji wl(|] the Krlly tintil in-< nilp. Court: They were plrkrd'up oi::« tlshlrn; cnmn for 4i \fn\-.-: | .. M«v. wlirji n icrl'iction in , ihr : o( llvrlr pnrri:tA ili;il . lit I:A.'C unyonc. nsks nhal Vinri nt'heco.Miiliitrd hi.\ ir-irns*-. Miey. stny.rd out lat« nt nights RDrijuoik. "Um IP Joe" has done diirniRJ "l\o harl a |o- nf'inn ui my.ijir, would not obey orders . jhls life, hr. fcivysj quite concliaitvcly.i -•{Ccr,tssssicd on fixe 13. Col. ;) SN t W f

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