Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 10, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1909
Page 7
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Vawlng t'llnioti services tin- of Evangelist Rob- . ert LI Mbnes of Jamestown, N. Y., and Mr. Carl E. Burch of Boston, began last Sunday morning. The spacious auditorium of the Presbyterian was filled both morning and evening evening with people eager to hear tho message in word and song. It Is safe to say that Mr. Jones is unlike any evangelist who has ever visited Covina. He has expressed himself as rather averse to the old time methods of carrying on a revival and the morbid and claptrap methods sometimes employed by the traveling evangelist are eliminated. He doe*, not scare or scold people into making a decision for "the better life, and embnrrasing tests are never made. Church members are not permitted to do personal work during the time of service. "If people are not sufficiently anxious about the salvation of their neighbors and friends," said Mr. Jones, "to speak to them outside of a public meeting, . we wil not consent to have them made targets of when they atend these services." Mr. Jones has certainly commended > himself, to the men of the community by his common-sense, practical and fearless utterances. The music is a feature of the meetings and a large chorus choir occupy elevated seats on the platform. Places have been provided for about seventy persons. B. O. Kxcell's charming and cheerful hymn book is used, and the people sing with a will the new hymns. Mr. Burch has proved himself a proficient leader and all lovers of music should not fail to atend these services. Each even, ing Mr. Burch sings several solos; and he has already sung his way into the hearts of many of the people of Covina. He possesses a rich baritone voice especially adapted to religious music, and sings the old gospel hymns with distinction. The pastors will preach in their several churches Sunday morning and the Sunday-schools wil convene as usual. At 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon 'Evangelist Jones wil conduct a service Answer Prayer?" will be the subject Answer Prayer?" wil be the subject of his address, and. it promises to be a meeting of special interest. There will be another service in the evening and every night next week with the exception of Saturday. The rapid growth in the attendance, and the marked interest developed would indicate that those desiring to be accommodated with seats had better make it a point to come early, the entire seating capacity of the largest building in town being already taxed to its utmost. Monday Afternoon Club. Last Monday afternoon's was one of the most enjoyable meetings of the season of the Monday Afternon Club and the pleasant weather brought out a good attendance to hear Mrs. E. V. Rice of Azusa speak of her trip abroad. Mrs. Rice, with her husband, has lately returned from Europe, after spending six months of invaluable experience. Her talk was Informal and chatty, bringing everything vividly before her hearers, as she spoke of Italy, France, England and other countries. A vote of thanks was given to Mrs. Rice after her address. At the meeting next Monday the ladles will have the privilege of hearing an address by Dr. Emma J. Lucas of Los Angeles oiv "Personal Hygiene." Monday, April 19th, will be reciprocity day. Sells Same Place Every Year. The Geo. E. Covert Company has eold this week the ten-acre ranch located on the southwest corner of Dou. ble avenue and Baranca street, owned by Mr. Millard. It is a full- bearing grove, one.half Valencias and is improved with a new five-room cottage. Price paid, $11,000 cash, which does not include the croi». The purchaser is Jack Blair, a wealthy miner of San Bernardino. Covert has sold this grove just three times in three years, at a greatly increased price each time. Big Crowd Went to Chino and Saw the Beet-Pullers Beat the Covinaians. Covina, 3: Chino, 4. The heavy-hitting Covina baseball team slipped out of town last Sunday morning before any right-thinking citizen had arisen. They just fert the necessity of escaping the big glad-hand of thehome fans for once, and of annexing a bush goat when no one was looking. Well, their get-away was noticed and about fifty rooters went along, but that was alright, for after nine snappy innings the Covina boys led 3 to 1. Two men were out and it looked as though the best goat in the world could never get over such a fence; but the umpires were not counted in, and by their grace, stupidity or something else that we won't mention, the inning was prolonged to' accommodate a double and triple, with one man ahead. That just about did the business. The b r rft-twistcrs took kindly to Ping's delivery, but up to the flfth inning the five hits they' drew served only to add spice to the/ contest, for everyone played snappy*' errorless baseball. In the fifth frame- Montague dropped one and A fussed ball let the man home, scoring the only run until that fatal ninth. In the seventh the Chino's started witii a hit, but a classy double piny tro.n Stewart to Libby, stopped the excitement. In the eighth Tracy connected for an error, but Ping made Shepard take three good shoves at the wind, retiring the side. Tracy did some good twirling for his side. Hits were well bunched at times, but he managed to pullt hrough with little damage. The fourth inning looked like a slaughter however, when a pitcher can allow four ripping singles, and come out of it with only one run to the bad, he is doing well. Tho wobbles did not attack him until the eighth, when a pretty combination of hits and sacrifices netted two tallies. Ping was safe on an error, stole second, and Fat Stewart struck out. Montague got his hit at this point and romped down to the middle bag. Bab Fairly hit to left, scor. ing Ping, and Shirley sacrificed Montague home. Bab was caught at tho plate. Winslow's three bagger in the nlntn was the feature of the day. When Carson came through for a single, and Beck hit a screamer for two bags, it was really inpollte of Winslow at this moment to line one out for three bases but that is just what he did. The first two men up flew to left and short. Goode, after two strikes, knocked, the ball to Ping but was giv. en first, when he claimed to be hit by the pitcher. When Goode was at second he was caught napping off the bag, but was not seen by the umpire. Then the swatfest. Curtain, Hughes and Shirley did some excellent work. The former's three-bagger was a feature. Bab Fairly was another that made two singles. The score: COVINA AB R H SB PO Hughes, ss...... 4 0 2 0 2 Libby, lb 4 0 SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. HIGH QRAOS* Money by buying thli reliable, honest, high grade sew» ing machine. STRONGESTGUARANTEE. National Sewing Machine Co. Belvldere, III. A Bargain 5 Acres Valencias between 3> and 4 years old Azusa water Price $4,500 $2000 down. Halancc, terms to suit. In Al condition. Near car line. Sec us for other snaps. BEAUMONT AGAIN EXPANDS IN SCOPE IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, sec me before j-ou let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. & oilman ; Office, opp. Pacific Kloctric depot A Horrible Mold-Up. "About ten years n^o my brother was "held up" in his work, health and hap pintfss by what was belived to be hope less Consumption," writes W. R. Lips comb, of Washington, N. C. "Me tool all kinds of remedies and trcatmcn from several doctors, but found noliclj till he used l)r. King's New Discovery and was wholly cured by six bottles He is a well man to-day." It's quick ti relieve and the surest cure for weak or sore lungs, Hemorrhages, Coughs am Colds, Bronchitis, La Grippe, Astlunr and all BroncMal affections. 50c am $1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by C. V. Cliipp. Phone 51. A E P. Fairly, p fi Stewart, 2b 4 Montagne, cf... 3 B. Fairly, rf 4 Shirley, 3b 3 Aguayo, If 3 Kendall, c 3 0 I I I 2 2 0 0 0 13 C. H. Kistler THOROUGHBRED Cornish Indian Game Trios $10 00 Eggs $3.50 per Setting C. L. SMITH Tel. 3 Azusa United States National Bank Cal and See Us If you need anything in the HARNESS line and we will give the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Covina Harness Sc Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 Jahnssn &. INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kind: Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave A. J. ROOKS General EBlaoIcsmftning All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Rldgers, Orange Racks u.nd Box Presses horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ7 Shop West Badillo St, Ccvina If you have money in small amounts, in 9100 and up to in vent at oiehfc per cent per' annum woo J. II. Matthews. Totals. 9 4 27 1 1 2 CHINO AB R H SB PO A Beck, 2b Winslow, lb Tracy, p '. Cissna, ss Shepard, Hb.... Anderson, If.... Palmer, cf Goode, rf Carson, c 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 I 1 I 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 I) Totfils ,', 410 2 27 1 1 Sl'.MMARY Three base hits — Hughes, WlriHlow. Two baae hita— Beck. Sacrifice hits — Stewart, Shirley, Beck. Klrat base on errors — Covina 2, Chino 2. Bases on ballB— Off Fairly 1, Tracy 2. Struck out— By. Fairly '.',, Tracy 6 Double plays --Stewart to Libby. Passed balls—Carson 1, Kendall 1. Hit by pitched ball — IIughfeH, Aguayo, Winslow, Goode. Elocutionary and Song Recital. An audience that crowded the Christian Church to the doors assembled last Monday night to hear Dr. Martin and Mr. Hoejgatt in an entertainment of tin- highest literary and artistic merit. It was an evenintr of recreation after a month of hard work in the revival, and ail who attended pronounced it an of-casicin of rare f'njoyruo.ut and tho most, successful of its kind ever held in t.hib city. Both men wer."> especially happy in their bolv;ctio<ia and skillful ]._>y f,. r fmlhei' in tlieir rendition. Baseball Tomorrow. Tomorrow the local team will lineup against the Paraffin Paint Company's team of Los AngeloK. Battery for Covina. Fairly and Kendall. For Paraffin Paint Company, HaiK'it and ina sirici it:s hiiu- firru'im-ii 'JOOO Valencia fjin) jiavf-1 C ran KG tree*, firM clans stuck. Any fine, wishing to HHIHH shi-uM i-all The Excellent Service renders to depositors and clients by the First Hank is attain.«d by the prompt, faithful performance of every duty. The checking- accounts of firms, corporations and individuals are cordially solicited. TWO MAGNIFICENT NEW SUBDIVISIONS PLACED ON THE MARKET IN 5 ACRE TRACTS. APPLE VALLEY AND THE FAMOUS MELLEN FRUIT RANCH GO ON SALE AT GROUND FLOOR PRICES. AT THE SAME TIME LAND COMPANY OPENS PERMANENT NEW OFFICES AND LECTURE HALL AT 616 S. BROADWAY. To moot Ilio roinilroiiKMits of stpuro ;uul provldo fncilitios for tho handling of oxtpnulvp- nnd recently nc quired tracts of ncnnniont lnnd, tlio Beaumont Land & Wat PI- (Company on Monday moved Into and began tranmictliiK luminous In UH now ground Moor ofllros, (ill! South Broadway. Los AiiKoloH. Several HIOIIH. and dollars* have boon spout to In. stall flxturcH and docoruto I ho room, unique foatnros of which Include haiuLbnllt desks for the corps of ten agents, a ino/.y.anino balcony covering SOO Bquare fret and a complHc lecture hall, wherein Ihroo dally Htsrooptlron l<"'luiv:i mi l!oa.uinonl will lie delivered by :\ir. .lohn M. ItcnvlH at I0:;ii), ^::;ii and S p.m. The ofllrpg in d leei.ure hall wil occupy UOxlOU Iret, maliliiK I he oni.a!,. linlimcril. OH(> of Hie inoHt. eonipleto and conimmllouH in il>(> city. Coneurrent wllh the now move, the company annonneoH the purehaHC of two large Iraclw of hind, Applo Valley, coinprlHlng lilii) acron adjoining the Highland Home Uanch, and nlHo the I'amotiH Thomas Mellen ranch of 4f>S IK.TOH. The, of Apple' Valley Is a distinct business trlnmph for wealthy owners had held It for years, the land hoi UK of the highest quality. The grantors of the Mellen deal were TliouuiH and Helen Mellen, who have occupied tlio property continually for 1M years. KYultH from Mellon's ranch took drat prlxo at the Chicago World's h'alr and the orchard IB especially famotiB for upplea, pears and pruned of which there are about 1000 full bearing trees 0 - to 20 years old. • Valuable wator rights, Including extensive riparian lands In Wallace canyon, also passed to tho company in, tha* Molten deal, thorehy atigniontlng the supply of wtttor for Irrigating tho newly acquired lands In Apple Valley. The BiibdlvlHlon of Applo Valley Into five acre tracts IB already complete and this, with the Mellen ranch which will also he offered In small slxod plotH, were placed on tho market Monday morning. Water In stool pipes for domestic and Irrigating purposes will be conveyed to each holding and streets will bo opened and graded. Tho value of the new tracts at open- Ing prices Is over $115,000 arid this when figured In connection with the sales to date of I'M!),000 make tho nonunion!, proposition mount In volume to approximately $;.r>o,000. Figured on a hasi-.t of salon of $48,000 In February and March, tho nmnagonioiit exports to pans Iho luilf million mark In loss than flvo months, HO in ordor to moot future demand, plans ;\ro already nndor \viiy for other largo subdivisions. Tho new tracts are level land lying In the foothills of (ho rian Bernardino RIIDRO, from 1',-« to II miles north of Bo.-uimont fmvnsllo. Koil Is said by oxports to ho especially adapted for applos, peaches, pours and oho.r- rloH. Tho latter fruit thriven on ad. Joining ranches to hlo highest, dogroo, tho aero output reaching in some cases $-100. Pear (roes on Mellon'* orchard, flvo years old, nro reported to havo shown an orpial return, whilo from an applo orchard nearby over $700 was realized. Tho olovation of tho now properties ranges from us no to lilOO foot abovo soa lo.vo.1, which Is Ideal not only for deciduous fruit culturo, but hoalth t\n lUollon's location, which has boon known for yoars as a rofngo for an. (.lunatics and sufforors from bronchial troubles, Iti but slxtoon miles from RodlandH, thereby placing I ho-pro. ducts wil bin OM.M.V roach of tho markets. Tlio ori.niiiiil MHlin orchard and r.bouI ::,' acren i,r rM|;hinlod land ad- ji'ii'i:!!; (in MIO v.i-'Ht, nmklniv about. •is nciv.s all (.old, goon on tlio markot. .it (lie eyl.ieuiHy low prlco of JKfiOO.- This Includes (ho ranch homo, burn, corral, fruit sloniK' 1 , and apparatus for drying tin- Trulls. This is a ram and exceptional chance to buy at dm rlj;ht prlco ono of the, most famous producing fruit furniH In Southern California. Ubornl terms of purchase will bn made and as the crop Is just coming on, now IK (ho t.lmo to buy. Directly adjoining the planted Mol- lln orchard on tho. south, we havo surveyed a, flno tract, of Irrlfvalod bench hind Into moderate ni'/od ranches. This In iljrht on the banlM of KdKar Crock, soil identical with Mel- Ion's, and still wo are opening thin ueroago at tho vnry low figures of JjilfiO mi aero with, wator, Ilium giving ono of tho groatoHt ground floor opportunities since Beuumont was launched. SolectloiiH at tliono prl«on imiBt bo mado boforo JWn.y Ififh, whon prices will bo advanced $2.50 and *(T an aero or still higher. Wo urge you to cull and Inspect or wrlto for tho mapB of thonow trnctH and iTidlco oiirly and udvantagoouim Htiloctloilfl. IntOlllgOIlt IdOKH Of tlio now IivmlB can bent bo hud through attending tho locturoH, fit which coin- ploto do,HcrIpl.loi)H will bo furnished. Also ploiiHO accept thin an a cordial Invitation to Inspect our now o«tab- llHlimont, Youi'H very truly, BEAUMONT LAND AND WATER COMPANY. Now location of ofllcos nnd lecture hull, (ill! Houth Broadway. Cut out and mall today Hiiro: IJIOAUMONT LAND AND WATUR COMJ'ANV, OWNIOU. Ollleo and Lecture Mall, Old South Mroadway, Los Angeles, Clal, I want to know more about Hoaumont and Its Irrigated apple lands. Bend me maps, literature and Information. If satisfactory i*;ay to go to Hoaumont on one of your Sunday or Thursday excursions, (ilvc me railroad rales from this point. Name. .. Address The Argus Turns Out First-Class Job Printing Capital $50,000 Surplus £40,000 $15,OOO LOAN in sums of i-VXMX> up «.n ciriir iir. (jrovr'l real;it<: at 7 j<cr i,.-nt for to-) yi-ar.-> pri vik-^i: to pay i : ,lii>.ii4) at any intrri:-,t j* ; iyin f ; d;jtc or .ili titne without houun. I I,N y tru.->t drcd , and mort^afM-o. At HO Kust i'ucutc St. i.-xc'-pt Mondays and Thu:rM!;j y->. J'i;ou<- I'M. OSCAR .-'.ilLI.KK. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, Wr i ;irry ;i lull line of Builders' hardware Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers Sec our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges ol <:vi.:r y <lev.;ri,'Hiou Wnshinjj AVuJiines end Mi-use I'urnishiiiys Painters' £i!|>{)li( s Wire Molting mid Pottery

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