The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 23, 1998 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1998
Page 17
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THE SALINA JOURNAL \f' • Almanac SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1998 B7 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19). Someone from the past has a bone to pick with you. You make a discovery that influences your future. Two people you introduce could fall in love. You and a Taurus might find your views and lifestyles mutually harmonious. • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You have a not- sb-secret admirer. A party or gathering could be the scene of mystery, with humorous overtones. You experience an ending that is also a beginning. A dream makes you lucky in love. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Others trust your opinion. Celebrate your friends. Schedule time for a major rejuvenation even if you think you are being frivolous. Unappealing engagements are canceled. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Support is needed in areas of your life that are currently being ignored. Love can finally take hold when you reorganize your priorities. Put off phone calls and appointments to spend time on a responsibility. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). An ability rarely used comes to the fore. Simplify one situation, 'and the positive results will spread throughout all departments of your life. An associate could have a tempting offer for you. • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May 23). For the first few months after your birthday, your desire to redecorate could be strong. It's better, to wait until November or December, when there will be more money available. Love affairs can be .started in summer with a Scorpio or Sagittarius, love could blossom into marriage in January or February. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Sustain your efforts on a project that is near completion. You'll ,be glad you did. It's great to throw out the old 'and make room for the new, but think carefully first about what -- or whom -- you might miss later. • • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). A last-minute change of plans could throw you and someone special together. Charity could lead to employment. Travel has romantic benefits - look your best, even if you are going alone. • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). The success of a company or group depends on putting personal poncerns aside for the time being. A financial risk is not worth the worry. Play detective. Mutual agreements work best if compromises are equal. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Strike a happy medium between emotionalism and .detachment. You could be the one who saves a conference from degenerating into a brawl or 'stagnating in silence. A personal preference becomes a popular fad. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You could discover a desire you didn't know you had. Forgive and forget is the best policy with someone you see on a day-to-day basis. An impromptu meeting of the minds could accomplish more than a formal discussion. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Don't trust a messenger - carry the message yourself. A 'Scorpio might be suspicious of what you do when he or she is not around. An answer comes in a surprising way. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Keep some details of a business arrangement a secret. Friends are optimistic; spend more time with them, and it rubs off on you. Share your knowledge — you could even be paid top dollar. * Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent Dickinson Theaters Children $3.75; Seniors M.OOi •Prlroelime Adults S3.75; Other Times $5.75 Sunset 2, Sunset Plaza All seats $1.50 Matinees; $1.75 Evenings Salina Art Center Regular Admission $5.50, ($4.50 SAC Members); •Prlmetlme $4.00, ($3.50 SAC Members) The Horse Whisperer PG13» rating *** (•1:00-*4:30)-8:00 Central • 2 hours 40 min. Bulworth R« rating ***'/, (•1:50-'4:35)-7:20-9:40 Central • 1 hour 52 min. Godzilla PG13 • rating *% (*12:45-*3:30)-6:15-9:00 Central • 2 hours 12 min. ' Deep Impact PG13« rating **'/. : ('1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:50 ] Central • 1 hour 55 min. Primary Colors R • rating **** ('1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:50 Central • 2 hours 23 min. City of Angels ' PG13-rating*** ! (*1:40-'4:25)-7:10-9:40 i Central • 2 hours Titanic PG13* rating**** ('2:00)-7:15 Central • 3 hours 17 min. Godzilla PG13 • rating *'/2 (M:30-4:15)-7:00-9:45 Central • 2 hours 12 min. Quest for Camelot G« rating ** ('1:45-*4:35)-7:15 Mid-State • 1 hour 26 min. Black Dog PG13« rating ** 9:15 Mid-State • 1 hour 29 min. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas R • rating * (•1:30-"4:15)-7:00-9:30 Mid-State • 2 hours 8 min. The Wedding Singer PG13 • rating* ('1:45-'4:30)-7:15-9:40 Sunset • 1 hour 36 min. Man in the Iron Mask PG13-rating **'/2 (*1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:50 Sunset • 2 hours 7 min. Ma Vie En Rose 0 • rating *** 2:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 Art Center • 1 hour 28 min. Salina today WEATHER Kansas today PEOPLE 84 HIGH 61 LOW Today, partly cloudy with a 30 percent chanfce of thunderstorms. High of 84. Southwest wind 10tp15mph. Tonight, partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms. Low of 61. 8:42 p.m. Today's Sunset 6:11 a.m. Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast \\x\\ ^^^ N \\\\\ • • .:. .:. .:. \ \ \ S \ *r\ \\\ N > > > ^ • • * ^ • • ,;.• ^* — Showers T-storms Rain Flumes Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy No, she's not..., family says NEW YORK — Macaulay Culkin and girlfriend, Rachel Miner, are getting married, but not because she's pregnant. New York Post columnist Cindy Adams reported Friday that Miner looks like she's gained weight and suggested she might be expecting. Not so, said Miner's publicist, Bob Fennel. Miner's family issued a statement Friday sa#- ing that "for people to suggest that they are CULKIN • WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. Low 60 to 65 and high in the mid 80s. • SUNDAY: Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms. High 80 to 85. Low near 60. • MONDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms. High in the lower 80s. •TUESDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance bf thunderstorms. Low in the lower 60s and high in the mid 80s. Salina yesterday • Source: Salina Journal Weather Station TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 86 79 97/1925 LOW 67 55 35/1931 • High and low to 9 p.m. PRECIPITATION Friday (to 9 p.m.) 0.00 Thursday (24 hours) 0.00 May to date 1.39 Average May 4.25 Year to date 8.48 Average year through May 10.78 Average year 29.68 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol 50s 50s 70s COLD WARM STATIONARY ~~ €> 1998 AccuWeather, Inc. Pressure vA* HIGH LOW SHOWERS PAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Beloit Belleville Chanute Concordia Dodge City Etnporia Garden City Goodland Hutchinson Lawrence Manhattan Pittsburg Russell Topeka Wichita HI 80 75 86 76 82 87 N/A 77 91 88 84 87 82 86 86 LO 64 61 72 63 58 71 N/A 52 61 67 67 76 65 67 67 PREC t t t t Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 59 89 73 67 92 70 81 85 74 78 88 70 95 91 • 62 LO 41 68 52 -•; 52 73 46 64 58 57 54 , 67 59 68 64 51 OTLK Cldy Cldy Clr Cldy Cldy Cldy Rain Clr Clr Clr Cldy Rain . Clr ., Clr - Clr marrying because Rachel is pregnant is unfair." "Macaulay and Rachel would like to have children someday, but both agree that now is not the time," the statement said. '•'•: Miner is a 17-year-old actress who plays Anne Frank's older sister Margot in the current Broadway production of "The-Diary of Anne Frank." She and the 17-year- old former "Home Alone" star haven't announced a date for their wedding. Rivera's tell-all does good NEW YORK — Geraldo Rivera was panned for his tell-all autobiography, but it's made an important contribution to one young woman's life. '' Brenda Natal received paid tuition to Long Island University in Brooklyn thanks to Rivera's Miravilla Foundation, which was funded with the $350,000 advance he received for "Exposing Myself." The book detailed his drug use and sexual conquests. "I took a lot of heat for the book, but it ended good," he told Friday's New York Times. Rivera was in the audience Thursday as Natal got her degree in nursing. "Most kids, when they get out of college you say, 'Welcome to real life.' These kids have been in real life their whole lives, and they did college, too," Rivera said. "These kids have come through fire." • Rivera set up Miravilla after he spoke at a Harlem junior high school in 1989. . Broadway rejects gay Christ NEW YORK — A new Terrence McNally play that features a homosexual Christ- like figure isn't coming to Broadway after all. : The Manhattan Theater Club said it has dropped plans to stage the award-winning playwright's "Corpus Christi" this fall. The play features a Christlike figure named Joshua and has references to him having sex with his disciples. From Wire Service Reports RIVERA up doing some T ADVICE Couple reveal secrets of long-lasting relationship Dear Ann Landers: You asked how those of the World War II era make our marriages last for more than 50 years. In our case, we were survivors of the Depression. We did without luxuries, appreciated the necessities, took care of what we had and made do. It was a time when children were an asset, not a liability. They worked to help support themselves, and in many cases, they contributed to the family income. I met my wife in July 1941, in our senior year of high school. Money was tight, so our dates consisted of evenings playing board games, dancing to the radio, sitting on the porch and going to an occasional movie. We enjoyed each other's company. ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. In April 1942,1 joined the Navy, and absence made our love stronger. While I was in the hospital in 1943, we married. We were two 20-year-old grown-up kids all alone in a strange place. During the next two years, we learned to communicate without arguing, share our lives, respect each other, engage in activities of mutual interest, depend on each other, live within our budget and attend church. We became a real honest-to-goodness couple. We made a vow to make our marriage work, never go to sleep angry and always kiss good night. Following my stint in the Navy, we spent four years attending college. It took the next two years to get established. Now, 55 years later, we are financially secure and still a team, adhering to rules we made when we married. We did not do anything unusual. We just worked at making a good relationship better. — Two Lucky Seniors in Colorado TV TONIGHT Dear Colorado: Call it luck if you want to, but marriage is just like anything else that is challenging — the harder you work, the luckier you get. Thanks for a heart-warmer. Dear Ann Landers: If this clipping is true, then our country is in more trouble than anyone could ever imagine. It was sent to me by a friend in Bozeman, Mont. Your readers might enjoy it. Here it is: "Sometimes, you can be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong place and still come out all right. "A motorcyclist in Pittsburgh was fleeing police after running a stop sign. A roadblock was set up, and he smashed into it. Of course, he sued and won $60,000 based on his contention that the police had set up the roadblock incorrectly. "The city appealed the verdict, and a second trial was held. This time, the motorcyclist won a $1.5 million judgment." — G.S. in Seattle Dear Seattle Reader: Thanks for your contribution - more evidence that it never is wise to second-guess what a jury will do, regardless of the irrefutable evidence. Dear Ann Landers: Are you intcresj- ed in another letter concerning unusual names? Many years ago, when I was a student at John Marshall High School ih Richmond, Va., our English teacher spoke about a local family named Kelly that had several sons but no daughters. Of course, they wanted a daughter. When at last a girl was born, they named her At- lasta Pearl Kelly. It made an amusing stq- ry, but I really didn't believe it until I became secretary to the principal of our high school and had access to the student records. I looked it up, and there she was. Also, in Memphis, Tenn., there is an attorney named James Will Surprise. ;I know this is true because 1 used to work for him. — K.C. in Cary, N.C. ' Dear K.C.: Mr. Surprise is still there. 5/23/98 El PBS, Bunker Hill-Hays Q NBC, Wichita QFOX, Wlchlta-Salina El CBS, Topeka El Access 6, Salina Q FOX, Kansas City 111 PBS, Wichita-Hutchinson El ABC, Kansas City ED ABC, Wichita E CBS, Wichita IB NBC, Kansas City fQ Encore I0WTBS fQcinemax ODstarz! ED HBO ntt Discovery Q3 CNN SDf/x Mil Amer. Movie Classics S3 USA §D Nickelodeon 7:00 Virtues 4205 7:30 Guy Lombardo 8:00 8:30 Lawrence Welk Show 85965 Movie * * "Camp Nowhere" (1994) (CC) 23236 Cops 83588 Cops 28976 Medicine Woman 16859 ChlldCareProv.84518120 Cops 10656 Cops 67052 Lawrence Welk Show 29385 America's Most Wanted 85507 Early Edition 25507 9:00 9:30 Austin City Limits 651 01 Profiler 61 01 News 39830 Mad 38762 Walker, Texas Ranger 23453 Community Access Presents 47781 America's Most Wanted 29965 Movie ***»' News 65471 A Walk in the Sun" (1946) 49149 Movie *» "Jury Duty" (1995) Pauly Shore. (CC) 86930 Movie +» "Jury Duty" (1995) Pauly Shore. (CC) 83656 Medicine Woman 92255 Early Edition 78675 Movie ** "Camp Nowhere" (1994) (CC) 685878 Movie "Raising Arizona" (1987) 9139205 Saturday Night 69507 Saturday Night 63743 Walker, Texas Ranger 98439 Profiler 247472 10:00 Music 16410 News 43439 10:30 526410 SNL 26584 Mad TV 68830 News 8386507 X-Files Seeing-Eyes 33588 News 50410 Mad TV Austin City Limits 28656 News 98061 68 News 8978965 News 8963033 News 2144491 Movie **« "Caddyshack" (1980), Bill Murray 26093753 Major League Baseball: Cubs at Braves 96696217 Movie **» "Mission: Impossible" (1996) (CC) 849014 "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" (1997) 2028675 Movie Cont'd Hope Floats Wild Discovery 265878 World 798656 Business Mission: impossible 547201 4 Movie Cont'd Roseanne Pensacola Texas Ranger SNL 4610236 5021435 Movie *+ "Mortal Kombat" (1995) Robin Shou. 10110168 Movie *s "Double Team" (1997) 501217 433878 Movie * * * "Michael" (1996) John Travolta. 8886410 Movie ** "Addicted to Love" (1997) Meg Ryan. 612762 Vietnam POWs 274526 Larry King Weekend 889472 Justice Files 254762 World 173323 Capital 821615 "Presumed Innocent" 2240410 New Detectives 264149 Sports Tonight (CC) 802323 Major League Baseball Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Seattle Mariners. (Live) 6294656 Movie "Breaking Away" (1979) 6442439 Movie ***» "Witness" (1985) Harrison Ford. 218120 Rugrats AIIThat 524205 Kenan & Kel Allen Strange Steve McQueen: King 37601 01 "The Getaway" 56577965 Movie "Dirty Little Secret" (1998) Tracey Gold. (CC) 817255 Wonder Years Wonder Years Happy Days Happy Days Slum/ 33 The Nashville Network S3 Comedy Central IB Odyssey BD ESPN E0ESPN2 SB The Family Channel CD TNT EH Cartoon Network SB SCI Fl EQ Animal Planet [0 Lifetime GO) CNBC HI Encore Plus S3 The Learning Channel B3 Fox Sports Network S3 Arts & Entertainment EH Black Entertainment TV EHUnivlslon 03 Disney [BE! Entertainment BO Showtime 7:00 Road Rules Opry 493410 7:30 Road Rules Opry 131 168 Robin Williams 9376089 Family Showcase 4528781 8:00 8:30 Summer Preview (R) 232675 Statler Bros. 575588 Kaufman: Hollywood 3071 697 Swan's Place 4504101 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Final Game 1 Auto Racing Indy Lights. 7834830 9:00 Celebrity 9:30 Cartoon Sushi WeddlngAlbum 588052 South 61 501 68 10:00 10:30 Loveline 255526 - ; Opry 397453 Premium Blend 551 1588 Galther-Hour 4524965 - Teams TBA 950656 Baseball Crossroads Opry97953"1 Jeff Foxworthy So. Stage Sportscenter (CC) 639439 '• Auto Racing Thunder. (Live) 6275439 Movie **« "The Karate Kid, Part Two" (1986) Ralph Macchio. 926439 Movie *** "Midway" (1976) Charlton Heston. 919168 Adventures Jonny Quest Movie "Phoenix" (1996) Cont'd Lassie 18323 Lassie 49781 Batman Freakazoid! NHL 8087149 Movie "American Flyers" (1985) (CC) 632588 Movie **» "Midway" (1976) Charlton Heston. 561385 Acme Hour 2621 156 Movie **s "Eve of Destruction" (1990) 8332859 Emergency Vets 16439 WlldSet 60762 Pet Shop Science Theater 3000 5878743 Lassie 14656 Lassie 23304 Movie "Major Crime" (1997) Michael Moriarty, David Cubitt. Authorities attempt to bring a sex offender to justice. 357014 Ushuaia 3333472 Movie "Cry for Help" Cont'd Survivors 584236 Best of Rivera Live 3342120 Tim Russert Movie "Fraternity Row" (1977) 2084101 Prom 560656 Major League Soccer: Rapids at Fire 535120 Biography This Week 250946 Planet Groove Top 20 556588 Investigative Reports 269694 Hit List 55721 7 Best-Hardball Charles Grodin 3332743 Movie "Into Thin Air" (1985) 32723101 Martin Luther King, Jr. 5731 20 Survivors (R) 583507 Boxing Fight Night at the Great Western Forum. (R) 929410 Movie *** "Ladyhawke" (1985). Rutger Hauer 262781 Comicview Comicview Sabado Gigante Internacional 175656 Ray J and Brandy 924965 Talk Soup 11 5255 Jonny Lang in Concert 900385 Growing Pains Growing Pains Movie * *» "Sott Deceit" (1994) Patrick Bergin. 195491 Movie * * * » "Lethal Weapon 2" (1 989) (CC) 22541 0 227898912 Noticiero Uni. Paid 593520 Bienvenidos Walt Disney Presents 923236 Stern 613472 Movie *s "Barb Wire" (1996) 5497052 Stern 622120 Red Shoe CHANNELS NOT LISTED: ID Prevue, fQWeather Channel, d Education Access, S) Government Access, 6B Headline News, g)CSPAN, E3Home Shopping Network, SJQVC, IB Country Music Television, B3VH-1, QgFit TV!, QJCSPAN2, GS Court TV, El MSNBC, SJHome & Garden, 03 Knowledge TV, OB TCI FYI, HI Fox News, GQThe Food Network, E America's Jewelry Store, ED -E Request, Q2 Play boy/Action

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