The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 4, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE 2—NAtTGATPCK NEWS (CONN,), MONDAY, JUtY IS. 1948 DREW PEARSON p^ ON °lhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: War Dept. Lax In Not Checking- Cong-. A. J. May ; Kentucky Solon, Linked With Relief Scandals; Names Of Dead Discovered On Charity Rolls Wu»hlnj;ton—If till the hliitory of thnt fabulous character Andrew JaeltHon Mity of Kentucky and hl.'i family were compiled In one volume, It would make a novel inoro unbbllRvnblo than fiction. Tho only uthnr unbiOluvuliln thin),' !x thnt grown men. In the War Oflpurtmcnt with the rn.iponHlblllly of millions of lives on their ahoui- (lerM nhould not hitv« neon lhrout;h the ConfjrcMsman from Knntucky lontf ftKO. If thoy had road pant references to Mny in the Washington Mnrry-Go-Hound or kept thd imiiril clipping,' morgue operated by any nfflclont new>i;»ipf>r, thoy would not today bo no red-faced when called a Congressman In exactly the same way he did on behalf 1 of the Erie Bauin war picfitocrs. Padded Rolle; ItolU What happened was that, back In 193-J, Harry Hopkins and his CWA staff; found that in May's home town of Frestonburg and the 'surrounding county, 312 per cent of the people wore on relief, —In other words, more people than were In tho country. May's industrious machine, led by his henchman. Walt Stum bo. had oven tho Moad Conimlttnu, Hut they did not even bother to >niiul-t Fl-.I files 'jr tho court rno- • rdfi of th« Jlifltlcc Depnctmont, 3n;itca<l, Secretary of War fuller- Mm humbly wunt up to (Jon«i"Hii- rnttri Muy'H odlcn whon sumnionod, du>; up hundruds of'names of people later Identified as burled in thu cemetery. May's brother-in-law, J. D. Mayo, a grocer, was in on the racket. So was his cousin, Curtis W. May, who ran the Kreuper Baker and Grocery Company. Both went 'to jail. Mrs. Mayo, wife of May's) brother-in-law, was in the County Relief Committee, while n niece also was employed there. This was how the racket operated. Thu County Relief Committee ive .a relief certificate to an alleged needy person, who then Talbot Concludes Weekly Broadcast; Urges Decontrols ' Washington, D, C.—Representative Joseph E. Tnlbot has asked for gradual decontrols.on prices-as. the middle wound between the extreme contentions of a "strong" OPA and no OPA at all. Congressman Talbot made the Circuit Court of Appeals. I-fnd h(; hothoi't'cl to uo n little check- IriK tin the Chairman of thu Military Affairs Committee with whom h« had 'to do HO much bu.slnotia. ton, OuMmit mumnerH or Hiiti-Cnb- Iruit rnombcrN do nfjt call on Ojn- xrimxniiin; It'll thu othf:r way around, HnnHdn why the War Dn- purtm»nl chltifn Krovulmf bnforn May will hi) told later. Court ICworcl I'-fforii Hi'(:n;tnry I'littur.Hnn f'n- tiirutl Uio War Di!|mrtni'jnt, Ho did r'nttiu-KOn'H riltlo, -the pros- i,,, would have found a revealing -nt i;n»l«i*«cr«lftry of War. TJrljr, I record In the Cth Circuit Court r>i>n. Kenneth Ftoyull, In WimhlnK- of Appeals. Tho record would have shown that Mity'K brothor-ln-law nnd cousin. w«ru f)(;nt to jail for relief frauds back In the old. Civil Works Administration days, and that May's political machine burned clown' thu dounty courthouse in May's homo town in order to destroy the relief recordu and prevent thi) conviction. Patterson also would havu discovered that 1-1 of May's friends nnd political sup- a vnry uMn ho \in tho 2nd took the certificate entitling him to S-10 worth of groceries. The grocer gave him pm-hupo S!J in gi'o- erles and certified that he hud received S-10, Tlior, the certificate j president of the APL. was sent to OWA haudcjuarU-rs In Congressman Talbot's Louisvllli! at a net profit of $35, Statement in his final "Report to the. People" broadcast, a weekly radio series that has been heard on three Connecticut stations dur Inp the four months. Talbot concluded that the present situation 'Uo definitely the fault of a philosophy that held that wago control and pi-ice control could' be divorced from each other arid that prices could be hold down' while waffes went up." Talbot called that philosophy "purely a pipe tfrcam." Ir. another speech he paid '. tribute on thu floor of the House of Representatives to William Green, Held In Forgery HAMILTON WATCHES ... if you'vo boon wwitluK for a Hamilton U may bo hero. Too y'r o moro Louii- tlflll th»i» over rtutl MI Hun MI only Humll ton cixu m u k o then), PIERPONT'S tt*K]«trri*tl Ji'irclrrn, Ain fil'm .HorlMy inn HANK .H'i'iu:i':'r porters w»nt to jfiil for 1 relief fruuclfl nnd that May appeared IIM thnlr attorney, . ' A Cori^reiistrmn Is not supposed to takii n cnm: against the Federal r.ovuriirmint. Ho Is paid ta'y tho rvdoi-al Government and 'Is supposed to bo the sorvnnt (it the i'Vdni'ftl Government. Therefore, it j In a pi.-nUentlury offense to • profit from handling a casci against 'the Firderfil Oovornmont. Perhaps, the ebullient Andrew Jackyon May got around this on tho technicality that he did not profit. Anyway, he uppuarocl In uourt .ilmmtlcs.ily and hruxiinly to dufend -jne of the womt relict frauds in U. S. history. Furthermore, If thu Mead Committee would cllfr into the files of thu fujit Olllce Dupuitment, they would flue! that Muy exerted all surts of iirt'SHiiro tn havu thu euso dropped. He used his Influoncu as DI'KD ftOKMA.V, Dennis ,»., of stn.-ftt, Cherry July :3, 19'1B. Funerals Andrew C, AmlrrMm t''imi>nil nurvlKiiH fur Andrew C. •rtmlm-.'iofi, ri-tlrcd jHnltor of HIM .Snlnm nc-hool, %vlll kio hold thin 11!'- tornoon lit 2 o'clock nt the Alclnr. won Kiinnrnl Homo, I'O: Mciulowi utri'i't, with thi- «.i'V. K. Klnm Kn-n, ();i»(or uf tlu: Swi-dhili I.iith •TIIM church, Wuctirbiiry, olllulatlriir IJiirlnl will h u In t.:r(iv«i <-rmctcry Ij«iii'ul'!i will hn Jlnnry Aukvmi-m 'Hoburt Aiulnrscin Arthur I'liiu'.-'on Curl Siilrnonstin, Aimer Svonson line 1 . Kvrrt HvciiHun. M|M,I I'lthcl Sulrnon- i.uti will provkla n,->voiul music, l''un>.<riil Wednesday morning at S:15 o'clock from C. 'H. Green t'uncriil Ilomfj, 02 Oak street, to •St. Ki'aric'lH 1 chui'cl]. FiurinJ In St. Jjurii'S 1 ccnii'tcry, Frlund.i may cull ut thi' funitrul homo today from 2 to Ti p. m, nnd '! to n p. m,. (mil Tii">;duy from 2 to 5 p, m. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 DIKlt MKI-XiAN, Mrs. Mury of Hfl InriU avcnuu, Naugatuck, July 14, I'Md. li'uneml Wednesday moi'n- Ing at 10 o'clock from late residence to St. Francis' church at iO.'.'W. Burial In Kt. Jamus' cemetery. l-'rkTKl.i mny cull ut the Into i usklunco nfter 7 o'clock tonl;;ht until timo of tho funeral. Andrew F., of 15H Johnson strirot, Nuuiratiick, in U'atci'ljui-y, July M, 1SMG. Funeral VVcflnujuhiy «ftornoon at 2 o'clock tit Huclunillur Fimurnl .Home, 2U Pnrk plant'. Burial In Grove comuU'i-y. Ffiuncls may cull ut tho funonil hoini?. which was usually split between grocer and the person on relief. The situation was so scandalous that the. Government discovered 22 sacks of mall, sent to Louisville con-tainlng unbundled relief orders. In other words, they had merely been filled out and certified by grocers— including May's cousin and brother-in-law without even bothering to put the certificates in the hands of alleged relief recipients. Since some of the alleged relief recipients were in the cemetery,.; this -would have been difficult, Oth- i ers wore mountain families who i could not read and write and had to depend c>n the County Relief Committee to fill in .thiv certificates. After the FBI got into the case, the local relief crowd burned down the county courthouse to destroy the evidence, not reallxlny that sufficient- records remained In Louisville to convict them. In tho end, the Government hncl to resort to a mall fraud case, since the bogus relief certificates were sent through the malls, Twenty-sevun May henchmen and relatives worn id- dieted, with 3D finally gain),' to jail, including the head of May's machine, Judge Stumbo. Note—Reason Secretary of War Pnttcrson and Undersecretary Kenneth IJoyall wore so obsequious to Mny was thnt he was scratching their back while they were scriitch- ing hit). Late in the war, Patterson moved heuvcn and earth to pass a compulsory labor bill conscripting all labor. May introduced thia Coi- him and pushed it through the [•Iou::c. It was killed in the Senate. Royal also has fa.vorocl more mili- tory 'control of the titom and May has carried the T7all for him on this. Hu introduced the Mny Bill giving' major 'atom control lo the military and, more recently, has remarks worn mu.dc in connection with Green's recent "I'lessago to American Workers" which Talbot' characterized as advocatin/j "American teamwork between industry and labor as a means of checking: threatened inflation." Rotary To Hear Sales^Engineer At Next Meeting , Thomas J. Rii.sseli,' sales engineer for the Kloctric and Manufaoiurinp" Co;, Brldge- »ort, will be ,r;uost 'speaker '''ait' the WudneclRay meeting 1 of the Nau'g'a- tuclt Rotary. Tile meeting: .will be held at 32:1.0 p. in, at the TMCA dining room. President James Klaaane will preside. Conn! Will Have •-' Rent Control Law, Governor Says Hartford, July J3—(UP)—Con- necticut will have a rent control law tay Auugat 1st—according to Governor Baldwin. If Congress hasn't enacted one by then, ;c. special session of the legislature will have done so—the governor said. Baldwin explained that hii'd prefer a. federal law because the cost of its 'adminls.frn.tion would . not have to be borne by the state, House Speaker E. Lea Marsh, Jr., however, Urfjea thu stale lo adopt a runt control bill regarding of what action Congress takes. Said he: "Now Is the time to nlied the shackles of federal rule." Former Army intelligence officer, Harry Kaiiffmun, 81, of Boston, MUSH,, Ls shown after his ar- rcst in rhlliulclphia on charges of forgery. Ife was iield in $25,000 bull in connection with tlie reconversion into American currency of $37,000 in bluck market funds he Is alleged to luive brought into the U. S. from Germany. Federal customs agrent« seized at u Boston warehouse 51 ca.ves reported sent by Kuuffman from Germany. (International) Dean H. Berry Out Of Navy Dean H. Berry, ship's serviceman, barber, 103 Walnut street, was honorably discharged from the/ Navy at Lido Beach yosU'rduy. gleefully aequlcscfttl in the sabotage of the Senuu-'s Civilian Control Bill by the House Military Affairs Committee, SWEEPING COMPOUND With Antiseptic Deodorant! * rxt •" "'""•• S:ivlneH Dunk 8(1 SAVINGS ST. 7JIAL 5-0347 Citizens Group Condemns The New Price Control Bill New Haven, July' 10 (UP)—A resolution condemning the pro- post-d new price control bill has been passed by the Connecticut independent cRizer.B' committee or the Arts, Sienees and Professions. The committee claimed that wholesalp food prices are now at the highest level since 1920, It added that failure >to pass a strong- price control measure will leu.d to what it termed "catastrophic inflation." GI Students Sign Up As Seagoing Cowboys Cokimbusj- i Ohio — More than 30 ex-GI's who are now students at Ohio State University hero have s-ijfnc'd up foe trips ovui-seus this summer, The veterans 1 are among applicants to . serve as "seagoing 'cowboys" to care for. livestock sent through the Brethren Relief Center, New Windsor, Md., to famine- stricken European countries, The "cowboys" will serve on ships leaving- from Eastern ports i the early summer for Greece, A bania, Yugoslavia, Poland 'an Czechoslovakia, They will receiv a .salary of $150, Shore leaVes will be when they reach their destinations nnd then thoy will have a leisurely return trip, since the livestock is onu-way traffic. No (insurance' Is given on . the length of the trips, so students uro told to prepare to be gone from fiver to nine week a nnd to arrange thuli- school schcducs accordingly. Former Residents Operate Restaurant In North Madison Mr. and M>. fidwanl -Grant, torm- ei- Naiij-atuck residents have opened the Koiary Restaurant in North Madison, where routes 7<l and 80 converge at thu traffic cii-clc In th«t town. Mrs. Grant is llio former Mi«s Kuthi'rin.! Kelly and is a shilor of John Kolly or Prospect who Is woll known heivj. Mr. Crynt wns associated in the resl.iuranl business in , Naugotuck ,-rome years ^go with the I late Timothy Duly. ' The formei- local residents have ' u modern and up-tu-dale | that features sandwiches and din- ] tiers, with a full a la carte menu. First rro« scht-jl in America was fistabhshnd at Dcdhum, Massachusetts In 164-1. Truck Drivers In Hartford —. I Hnrtford July ].•> iIJP—Kr>- work on several " is under way .ccepted per cent hourly waif*. .airjwetive to April «Oi Their original demand twnniy-rivo per cent. KEEP BABY IN THE AIR) [• Mrtal Strollers with Canopy Sundlioxcs , , [• Mobil Swing on Stand .$12.98 • .$7,98 granted RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 2574 15 Church St. — Kst. 1925 — HAVING TROUBL WITH VOUR CESSPOOL Starco CESSPOOL CLEANER U/Y BOTHER - FUSS or *" SHUTDOWN RELIEVES CLOS<5ED OR SLUG6ISH CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS! -. DRAINS ELIMINATES ODORS 5-10-25-50-100 Pound Con»«iner« SOLD BY Naugatuck Lumber Co. 29 Bridge St. • Tel. SJ-1!) AIR-FUTE EXTRA J.ARGJ5 AM^STEET. WAGON — nisc wrinniK ~ $11.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugrutuck, Conn. BENSON'S is« SOUTH MAIN ST. Waterbiiry TOTE GRIUr-S The Complete Outdoor Fireplaces AM, TVPES OF KAD1O REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHCttCH ST. Telepliouo 4088 Ironing- Boards Step Stools Clothes Baskets Clothes Reels Por Inside and Outside NAUGATUCK HARDWARE STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE fir, Spring S»,, Union C!(y Tel. Naug. 0111 — Wilt. 4-95UG FJEMX XAUnBIjr,0, TilKf. Full MIL* «r Hfri ,,ri<l ROB'T H. CLARK Co. Tool Holders . Adjustable Cutters it roots 2 2 SAVINGS ST. TEt.5-2?<V> SMITH. Mrs, Hosa (Mimrn) of -KM Uubbi'r nvonue,, In Wnturlmry. July 13, j£). 1( ; i,- unc .|. al Tuesday morning at «:30 o'clock from UueUnilllirr Funeral Homo, 22 Park place to St. Francis' ofiiirch at D o'clock. Bu.-lnl in St. Junics' c;'niotnry. Frlonds may call at the funeral hr.-mo this af ternrjon and evoning from 2 to I 1 o'clwk. Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 DJKD O'KKEFR,. J-fujfh. of. 20IJ. Srot Ntl'i'i.'t. NailCTtuck. July M, J£).|C [••iiin;nil Thursdny mominjy n H:30 o'clock .fr-om i'.uckrnillei- Fu "'•nil Momc. 22 Park place to St Francl.V church at 0 o'clock Uiiriul In St. James' cemetery J'Vli'mlfl may cnll at thn funeral in. ;in<i Wednesday from 2 to 10 m. and Wednesday from to to JO f). in. 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Your New Dodge will be a rich reward for waiting. With Double Protection now — while you're waiting—you gain in every way. HQTCHKISS ST. GARAGE, 47 Hotchkiss St. Naugatuck, Conn.

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