Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 10, 1949 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1949
Page 4
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14 Oct. 8, _ 1949 Mason City Globe-Gazette, Mason CHy, I«. Midwest Livestock Trend Good Butchers — 140-150 Ibs 150-.160 160-170 170-180 180-200 (SATURDAY Albert Lea, Minn. Steady Ibs .................... S12.00 Ibs ................... $13.00 Ibs. , ................. Ibs 180-130 Ibs ................... $15.75 190-200 Ibs .................... $10.75 200-220 Ibs .................... $17.50 220-240 Ibs ................... $17.50 240-270 Ibs .................... $17.25 270-300 Ibs .................... $17.00 300-330 Ibs ................... $16.75 330-360 Ibs .................... $16.00 Good Packing Sows — 270-300 Ibs ................... $16.75 300-330 Ibs ................... S1S.75 330-360 Ibs ................... $16.00 360-400 Ibs. ... ................ $15.00 400-450 Ibs .................... $14.00 450-500 Ibs. .., ............... . $13.00 500-S50 Ibs .................... $12.00 S PRICES) Austin, Minn. 25c lower $ 9.15 $11.15 $12.15 $14.00 $15.50 $16.23 $17.50 $17.50 $17.00 SIC.50 $16.00 $15.50 $16.50 $16.00 $15.50 $14.75 $14.00 $13.00 $12.00 Waterloo Steady $13.00 $14.50 $16.25 $17.50 $17.50 $17.25 $16.75 $16.50 $15.75 $16.75 $16.50 $16.00 $15.50 $14.75 $14.00 $13.25 Cedar Rapids Steady $15.25 $16.25 $17.50 $17.50 $17.25 $16.75 $16.25 $15.75 $16.75 $16.50 $16.00 $15.50 yj~.'r. $14.00 $13.00 Hogs to 5 Month Low Chicago, (JP) —Hogs were quoted nominally at from $17.50 to $18.50 Saturday, ending a week which saw prices drop to a 5 month low. The sharpest decline came in midweek, after which the market regained some stability when receipts were curtailed. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 300. total '4,000 (estimated) week ago: Butchers jpver 190 Ibs., around $1.5001.75 lower, (lighter weights $l(fB1.50 lower; sows 51.25SJ1.75 lower; week's tap was $20 paid on Monday with closing top at $18.50; tulk good and choice butchers 220 Ibs., and over closed at $18.25018.50; 190-220 Ibs. at $17.75©18.25; 170-190 Ibs. at $17.25© 18; sows under 400 Jbs. brought S16.50«8 17.50, few $17.75; 425-500 Ib. sows at $15.50f}16.50, small numbers heavier sows downward to $14.50. Salable cattle 500 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago: 2-day price trend developed in slaughter steers, average-good and better 50c to $1.25 higher, low-good and below steady to $1 lower; heifers showed similar price trend; cows 50c to $1 lower; bulls steady to $1 higher; calves and vealers $1©2 lower; stockers land feeders fully 50c higher; top $35.50, inew high £or the year, paid for 4 loads choice to prime 1105-1291 Ib. fed steers, modest supply average-choice to prime steers and yearlings $34.50<R>34.85, bulk choice grades $32<5>34.25, choice to prime 1521 Ib. weights $33, bulk good to low- choice steers $27.50^)31.75, medium to low-good grades $19Vf(}27, loadlots common grassers down to $17; load high-choice 1075 Ib. steers and hellers mixed $34, package high-choice heifers $32.50. choice heifers in loadlots stopped at $31.50, most good and choice fed heifers $26®30.50; beef cows closed at $18 down, most common and medium beef cows late $13.50f2 15.75, with canners and cutters $11®13.75; medium and good sausage bulls $17.50® 19.50; medium to choice vealers $23@28; bulk good and choice feeding 1 steers and yearlings $?,1.50@24.25, few loads yearlings $24.50@25. Salable sheep 100 (estimated); total not given; compared week ago: Slaughter lambs and yearlings 75c@$l lower; big packers sluggish but eastern shipper demand fairly broad at decline; extreme top Colorado wooled lambs $24.65; choice shorn fed western and natives $24; good to choice yearlings $19.50; choice handy slaughter ewes $10 to shippers; following sharp decline early. Most native and fed western shorn lambs sold at $22@23, with choice 88 Ib. wooled Colorados late at 524 to shippers; bulk yearlings $16.50@19; slaughter ewes active all week at $8.25® 9.50, with shippers buying choice handy- weights at $9.75 and $10 and countrymen anxious £or aged breeding ewes'at $S(jg 12.25, with yearling ewes at $17@20. LIVESTOCK FORECAST Chicago, (fP) —Unofficial estimated livestock receipts for Monday: Hogs 15,000; cattle 13,000; sheep 3,000. Grain Market in Late Rally Chicago, (fP) —Wheat and corn sold off on the board of trade Saturday, although largest declines were reduced in a rally which started shortly before the close. The July wheat contract showed the most weakness throughout the session, falling more than 2 cents before making a slight recovery. The rest of the market was lower with the leading cereals during early dealings. Late in the session, however, a fair sized demand developed in soybeans Prices shot up quickly, going above the previous close. Some buying came from previous short sellers. Rye also developed late strength. Trading was quite active for a Saturday. Wheat closed i-J lower, December $2.11J-i, corn was | , lower, December $1.18, oats were unchanged to J lower, December 67i, rye was *-| higher, December $1.48J, soybeans were 1£ to 3 cents higher, November $2.34 i-3, and active lard deliverie were 2 cents lower to 3 cents L hundred pounds higher, November $10.60. SATURDAY GRAIN CLOSE Chicago, (K"i — WHEAT— High Dec $2.12% Mar 2.13'/ 8 May 2.08 July 1.91. CORN— Dec 1.18'/ 4 Mar 1.21'-, May 1.22V* July 1.22 OATS— Dec 673,4 Mar May 63V» July 57 1.53 Low $2.11% 2.11% 2.06% 1.17V. 1.20 3 -4 1.21^8 1.2P/8 .67% Dec flar flay ulv LARD— Dct ..... .... Vov ......... 10.60 Dec ......... 10.55 'an. ... ..... War ......... Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY—For Saturday Steady. JGood light lights 160-170 $12.25 Good light lights 170-180 $14.25 Good light lights 180-200 $15.25 Good med. weights 200-220 $17.50 Good med. weights 220-240 $17.50 Good med. weights 240-270 $17.25 Good med. weights 27(5-300 $17.00 Good med. weights ......... 300-330 $16.75 Good med. weights 330-380 $16.25 Good sows 270-300 $16.75 Good sows 300-330 $16.75 Good sows 330-360 $16.25 Good SOWS 360-400 $15.50 Good sows 400-450 $14.75 Good sows 450-500 $14.00 No hogs received after 5 p. m Jacob iE. Decker Sc Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Saturday [Choice steers and heifers ... (25.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers .' $24.00-25.06 Good steers and heifers .... $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers .. $21.00-23.00 (Fair steers and heifers .... J15.50-17.00 (Plain steers and heifers .... $14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-16.50 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cow* $13.00-14.00 Fair cows $13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-17.50 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 DBoIogna bulls $16.00-19.00 Canners and cutters $10.00-13.00 > CALVES MASON CITY—For Saturday Good to ch. veal, 160-220 Ibs. $24.00-25.00 &VIedium $19.00-20.00 Common $14.00-15.00 Cull» $13.00 GENUINE SPRING .LAMBS Good to choice $21.50 EWES Good to choices lights $7.00-8.00 Medium 15.00-6.00 Produce (Quotations by E. G. Morse) At 10 a. m. Saturday teggs, No. 1 50c Eggs, No. 2 ............;... 40c [Eggs, pullet .. . w 25c Heavy hens >. ... 18c 'Leghorn hens 16c Springs, !:eavy breeds, 5 Ibs. .. 22c Springs, heavy breeds, 4 Ibs. . 20c Springs, Leghorns 18c Old cocks, heavy breeds ....... 12c Leghorn cocks »....'. lOc Eggs, at retail -.- 49-55c Butter, Corn Country 68-70c Butter, Iowa State Brand. 70-71c Driver Bound Over Garner — Clarence M. Baumgartner was bound over to th grand jury recently by Justice R J. Ffitsch on a charge of operat ing a motor vehicle while in an intoxicated condition. Bond wa set at $500 which the defendan furnished. 5ec ......... bay ........ uly ........ OYBEANS— 2.34% 2.33% 2.33 2.30'/ 4 2 2KV, 1.47 '/< 1.52 1.48% 2.30 % 2.30 'A 2.30V* 2.27 '.4 10.57 10.52 Close $'/» 2.12^4-13 2.07% 2.91 1.18 2.21 >'a 1.22 1.21 »,i .67 »i .66 .63 .57 1.48'A 1.53 2.34 \'t- 2.33 '/z- 2.32%2.29%- 2.25 3 '-- 11.25 10.GO 10.55 10.55 10.65 Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Saturday Oats, No. 2 57c Corn, No. 2 yellow, 10 days. $1.00 orn, Dec. 15 94c Soybeans, 10 day $2.10 CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Saturday Market) Chicago, (/Pj—Wheat: No. 4 mixed $2.03. Corn: No. 2 yellow $1.31 Va; old No. 1 rellow $1.35; No. 2 $l.33'/2@1.35; No. 4, il.26; No. 5 $1.23; sample grade $1.17. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 70@70'A; No. 1 white 68; No. 3 heavy white 68; No. 3 medium heavy white 68; sample grade medium heavy white 63. Soybeans, track country station Indiana No. 1 yellow $2.20'/i; track Chicago No. 1 yellow $2.30'/«@31 (Indiana); track Chicago No. 1 yellow $2.32 (Illinois). Barley, malting, $1.20<S62 nominal; feed 90 cents to $1.22 nominal. Ceoffi Notices 11 Help Wtd., Mole 20 GROSS, Mrs. Barbara, of 211 First S. W., died at a local hospital Saturday morn- Ing, following an Illness. Funeral arrangements art incomplete. The Colonial funeral home in charge. JULSON, Sam J., 60, of 518 4th N. E., died at a local hospital at 7 p. m. Friday, following a long illness. Funeral services will be held at the chapel of the McAulcy and Son funeral home Monday at 2:30 p. m.. with C. E. Oilman officiating. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The McCauley and Son funeral home in charge. Card of Thanks WE WISH to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our friends and neighbors for the beautiful floral offerings and acts of kindness shown us during the sickness and death o£ our dear mother. Mr. and Mrs. Jul J. Julson Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Baumgaitner WANTED Creamery Field Man FOR WORTH COUNTY DAIRY PRODUCTS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION Contact Clarence Slotlum, Jolcc, Iowa, or Duane Tracy, Northwood, la., by Oct. 13 WANTED — Several carpenters. Steady work for good craftsmen. Union scale. Apply Don Picken, Supt., Associated Bldrs. 711 16th N. E. Funeral Director Globe-Gazette Photo PUPILS VISIT BAKERY—Each child went home with a loaf of bread following this visit to Holsum bakery with their teacher, Mrs. Feme L. Young, of the 3rd grade at Roosevelt elementary school. The tour through the bakery was the climax to a study unit, "The Farmer and His Wheat." Mothers assisting with the trip were Mmes. Gaylord Buffington, Peter Frahm, Virgil Butler, Kenneth Hutzel and Loren Grout. COLONIAL. Funeral Home. Formerly Meyer's. "The Home of Thoughtful Service." Ambulance service. Ph. 1505. MAJOR FUNERAL Home. Phone 511. "Major Service Meets Your Need." Ambulance. McAULEY Si SON Funeral Home. A distinguished, dignified funeral service. Ambulance. 8 South Adams. Call 651. PATTERSON-J AMES Funeral Home. Known for service. Ambulance oxygen equipped. 322 N Washington. Ph. 1140. Personals MAN help-drive Los Angeles Oct. 17. Ph. 1B9R2, Mrs. Montague, Clear Lake. New York Stocks Am Can 974. Am Tel & Tel 143i. Armour & Co 6j. Bendix Aviat 31J. Beth Steel 294. Boeing Airplane 21. Montgom Ward 52£. N Y Central RR lOg. Radio Corp 12 \. Sears Roebuck 42 i. Sinclair Oil 24J. Stand Oil Ind 43. Stand Oil N J 71j). Texas Co 6H. U S Steel 24J. ' Chrysler Corp 53J. Columbia Gas llf. Gen Elec 37i. Gen Motors 65^. Illinois Central 29.V. Int Harvester 26£. Int Tel & Tel 9. vVeen at Lyour eJLib Lawler Man Fined for Drunk Driving New Hampton—DeVere Kacher of Lawler Friday paid a $300 fine when he pleaded guilty in district court before Judge W. H. Antes of West Union, to a charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. Lightning Bolt Hits Tree and Starts Fire Sheffield—During a rain and electrical storm here, lightning struck a tall evergreen tree standing apart from other evergreens, splitting it into many small pieces and starting a fire at the bottom of the tree. J. C. Johnson put the fire out with water. Offer Home Talent Ackley—The American Legion will present a home talent show, "Laff It Off," Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8:15 p. m. The proceeds will be used for remodeling the American Legion hall. For Housewif< Stock Market Prices Mixed New York, (/P) — Demand for low-priced shares helped to prop Saturday's stock market. Profit taking sales bit into some recently popular issues and on the whole market showed a thorough, mixture of gains and losses. Most changes were fractional. Auotmobile stocks in particular, a couple of which advanced to new 1949 highs Friday, were singled out for profit taking operations but they behaved well. A fair amount of business was done for a Saturday. Turnover was at the rate of around 600,000 shares for the 2-hour session. No Thank You Birmingham, Mich., (U.P.)—Beth- el Kelley gathered plants for his wife's rock garden, from a nearby woods. She didn't appreciate it. Two out of every 3 plants were poison ivy. Janitor Cashes In Seattle, (U.R) — A candy manufacturer who died without relatives left all the income from his property, $107,500 worth, to the veteran janitor of the building he owned. When Egypt's Stepped Pyramid was unearthed by archaeologists, they found the tile lining of the pharoah's burial chambers still in good condition 6,000 years after installation. put out Monthly. There is NIGHT AUCTION Tuesday, Oct. 11 — 8 P. M. AT ST. ANSGAR, IOWA For Tuesday nteht's sale—200 yearling: steers and heifers; 75 White Face and Shorthorn heifer calves; 60 White Face and Shorthorn heifers, wt. 600 Ibs.; 50 feeding cows; our usual run of local stockers and feeders, butcher stock, veal calves, etc. Contact us if you have HAY or LIVESTOCK to sell. ST. ANSGAR SALES BARN Axel Ben W. Mouw, Auctioneer — Phone 170 Hansen, Manager, Phone 304 Office Phone 113 Two kitchen-wise apron s— pretty and practical, so easy to make from a minimum of material! No. 2010 has the sturdy halter styling. No. 3086 highlights shell shape pockets. (Two separate patterns.) No. 3086 is cut in one size, 1 yd. 36-in. No. 2910 is cut in sizes small, medium, large. Medium, 1 yd. 35- in. . Send 25c for Each Pattern with Name, Address and Style Number. State size desired/ Address Pattern Department, Globe-Gazette, 121 W. 19th St., New York 11, N. Y. Just out! The Fall-Winter Fash- Ion Book presenting fashions they are wearing now ,and new styles to come. Over 150 practical, easy- to-sew, up-to-the-minute pattern designs for all ages. Remember, it's smart to sew your own and save money. Order your copy now, October reads: By LYDIA MARGARET BARRETTE, Mason •"Once there was a barn.' It was a big red barn and it stood on a hill for all who passed to see . . ." "Long long ago when this old world was young . . ." "Once upon a time there was a man who had a meadow . . ." "Is anyone hungry? asked Mrs. Perkins . . ." "Now you must know that a Town Mouse once upon a time went on a visit to his cousin in the country . . ." "At one time the fox and the stork were on visiting terms . . ." "Once upon a time 2 princes started off in search of adventure ..." First Story Hour Oct. 8 These sentences are the beginnings of stories that happened "once upon a time" and the children of Mason City are looking forward to such sentences as magic openings to fairy seas. The first library story hour of the season will be Oct. 8 at 2 p. m. The new library lady, Miss Clara Hafner, is to tell the stories and the 3rd grade boys and girls with Miss Arlene Glade from Lincoln school beamed when they heard the announcement. The story hours will be held regularly now on Saturdays at 2 p. m. The reference room is to be open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 beginning Oct. 10. Then it will seem that the work for the winter has really begun. "Morning Faces" At the Iowa state library meeting there was considerable discussion about new books and everyone seemed to agree that John Mason Brown's new book "Morning Faces" about children and parents, was very good. Most of the chapters have appeared in "The Saturday Review of Literature" but if you haven't read them there, you'll certainly want to now and you'll be especially delighted with the 3rd chapter on "Disney and the Dane." No one at the meeting happened to mention that delightful experience for the father who took his 9-year- old son to see Maurice Evans in the "G. I. Hamlet." He ventured to do it with some natural misgivings, of course, which melted away when the boy applauded, and applauded and applauded. . "Gee, it was swell! I liked it better than Oklahoma!" Then a pause. "I like it a little better than Donald Duck." Fosdick's new book, "The Man from Nazareth," was also praised at the meeting. This biography of Jesus as his contemporaries saw him, was cataloged this week at the library. Add 4 Copies of Yoscloff "The River Journey" by Robert Nathan is also ready this week if you haven't already read it in a magazine. It was praised in Des Moines as was Yoseloff's new novel, "Girl in the Spike- Heeled Shoes," 4 copies of which were, cataloged this week. "Chin the Spike-Heeled Shoes" and "Edge of Doom" by Brady are novels that portray the author' idea of the attitude of the Catholic church toward sinners. "Th Edge of Doom" was not regarded entirely favorable in Des Moines at the library convention. I might be interesting for some book reviewer to make a comparison between the Brady bool and the Yoscloff book on thei handling of the question of sin b> the church. Two other novels very wel recommended at the state hbrarj meeting were "Golden Warrior' by Muntz and "Hunters Horn' by Arnow. Both have been cir culating well here for some weeks Afraid of Poetry People are afraid of poetry Neither the Book Editor, Mr Haas, nor any of the librarian on the book panel mentioned a volume of poetry. Perhaps ther isn't as much poetry as there usec to be. Probably there isn't. Bu there is a new anthology that read from cover to cover as soon as I had my hands on it. It i calle'd "Bridled with Rainbows. 1 The poems were selected by San and John Brewton. They are no just thrown together. They mak a pattern of earth and sky am many other things — even ga loshes. There are 16 books of essay this week, many of them indexe in Essay Index. The choicest nev volume js "Twelve Seasons" b Krutch and the first sentence fo raru a YOUR hubby won't roam if you claan rugs and upholstery with Fina Foam. Damon's. JLost, Found •LOST OR STRAYED—Black and white male terrier with bobtail. Liberal reward leading to his return. Ph. 3103-R. FOUND—Child's raincoat. Owner may have by paying for ad. 722 15th N. E LOST—Pr. men's glasses in tan case Phone 1414-J. Reward. price just 20 cents. LOST—Black billfold containing valuable papers. Marie lone Oliver, 2235 19th S. W. Reward. LOST—Tuesday, lady's Shcaffer fountain pen. dark red with gold rim. Reward Ph. 1178. LOST—Female 4338-J. Boston Terrier. Phone iVANTED—Single man by day or month. Clarence Gaiser, Ph. 61F05, Rockford. Help Wtd., Female 21 FREE CHRISTMAS CARD SAMPLES! Stunning Name-Imprinted folders sell on sight at 50 for $1. up. Show to friends. VJake big money fast! Also 21-Card $1 'eature Assortment, Humorous, Plastic Cards, Gift Wraps, other quick-sellers. Assortments on approval. Grogan Co., Dept. 118, Wilmette, 111. ServicesOf fared 27 WE'RE NO1 THE ONLY Service Shop in town out we try our level best to turn out GOOD WORK FAIRLV PRICED Stop in and see us H & H MOTORS 1 Sales PACKARD Service 12-7th St. S. E. TRANSFER LINE Office at 823 Fourth St. S. W. for experienced and economical local and long distance moving. HE1MENDINGER CALL 1070 WOMEN to sew our readi-cut "Rap-A- Round." Spare time—Easy profitable justness. Hollywood Mfg. Co., Hollywood 46, Calif. WANTED—Girl or woman for general housework, 3 children. Call 2953. WANTED—Housekeeper in motherless home. Write A-8, c/o Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Waitress. Apply Park Inn Hotel. Instruction 28 COMPLETE your high school at horn* in spare time. No classes. All texti furnished. Diploma. Write American Schools, Box 205. Sioux Falls. S. Dak. Rooms for Rent 32 FOR RENT—Pleasant, close in rm., studio couch, auto, heat; refined girl. Write R-8, c/o Globe-Gazette. WANTED—Waitress; good pay, 8 hr. day, 6 day week. Apply in person. Union Cigar Store. 1343 N. Federal. Wanted—Part Time Alteration Lady Apply at once. Mier Wolf & Sons Situation Wanted 22 FOR RENT—2 double sleeping rooms. Ph. 3226-W. FOR RENT—Modern room, close in. Call 3635. FOR RENT—Sleeping room, employed man, close in. 423 E. State. FOR RENT—Sleeping room. Gentleman preferred. 120 W. State. FOR RENT—Sleeping room for 1 gentlemen. 24 15th St. S. E. or 3 FOR RENT—Furn. room for Crescent Place. Ph. 3209-J. girl. 45 FOR RENT—2 desirable sleeping rms., 1 double, 1 single, men only. 812 N. Wash. REFINED young lady wishes part time hswk.. exchg. for bo'ard and rm. Congenial home. Write A-6, Globe-Gazette. Help Wtd., Mole, Female 23 WANTED—Cook and waitress Sat. nights. Shady Beach. Ph. 613, Clear Lake after 1 p. m. ' FOR RENT—Sleeping rm., gent. pref. 813 North Delaware. FOR RENT—Sleeping room. 801 N. Fed. WANT TO EXCHANGE—Sleeping' room to an employed lady for companion. Call 3229-W Sat. or Sun. CLARA HAFNER —"Story Lady" >etween the end of summer and the beginning of winter." Among the 7 volumes of biography catalogued this week .here are 2 with rather special local interest. David Loth, who used to live in Forest City, has written a life of Chief Justice Marshall and Hartzell Spence, whose father was minister of the VIethodist church here, has written of his life in Virginia. For Business Reserve "Advertising Copy" by Hotchkiss will go on the business reserve. Ever since the library be*an putting the newer business oooks in the general reading room they have been more widely read and used. "Everybody's Money to Loon 8 $20 to $300 Loans ASK MRS. SIMON 25 years friendly service. Room 321—Third Floor—First Natl. Bldg. Phone 41Z Security Loan Co. LOANS, Federal Discount, 19 Vi North Federal. Telephone 516. Up to 20 months to repay. CASH LOANS—$20 to 3300. Household Finance Corporation, 117 V 3 N. Federal Phone 541. Home Workshop Encyclopedia" contains 576 pages, 1,877 illustrations, and 886 ideas, by Popular Science a new book on corn, one on salt, one on oil, and one on rubber. Two books for the Parent Teachers room are "A Baby Is Born," by Levine, and "Voluntary Parenthood" by Rock. David Loth is a joint author on this book addition to being the author the biography of Marshall. Mrs. Lyell Moore has arranged a reserve -in the Parents Teachers room for the work of the various parent organizations. Labor in America" by Dulles and "Modern Problems" by Lodge enrich the sociology section. Quick Service LOANS UNITED FINANCIAL, SERVICE Over Ford Hapkins Drug Store Phone 57 SEE the United Home Bank & Trust Co. for real estate mortgage loans. LOANS—$25 to $300. State Finance Co.. 201 Weir Bldg. Phone 1038. Seeds, Feeds 17 FOR SALE—New corn, 1st pi. W. County Farm, north side of road. Business Opportunities 18 CAFE FOR SALE Mason City. Over $45,000 year volume. Owner must sell. Ideal location. Low rent. Good terms to right party. PHILLIPS-GRAY CO. I Hi South Federal Busniess Exchange Phone 2128 Worth County Jurors Drawn Northwood — Names of jurors for the October term of district court in Worth county were announced by clerk of court'Ole O. Bakken this week. The grand jury will meet at 10 a.m., Oct. 18. • The petit jury will meet Oct. 25 at 10 a. m. Members of petit jury are: Northwood—Ruth Carey, Martin Scverson, Clarence Langerud, Janice Gordon, Harvey Kuhlmarf and Bennie Harmon. Kensett—Otto Orpen, Reuben Tostenson, C. A. Carlson, Melvin Burtness, Emma Skram, Pete Kalgarden and Henry Hartman. Manly—Anna Meyer, Bernard Smith, Dorothy Pinta and Guy Cooper. Emmons, Minn.—Melvin Oyer. Joice — Norman Larson and Raymond Erickson. Graf ton—George Nilcher. St. Ansgar—J. A. Brazel, and Edna Wagner. Hanlontown '— Mavis Hall, Henry Wellner and Edward Bratrud. Lake Mills—George Queshing, Moris Levorson and Carl Hol- Exclusive Franchise Outstanding opportunity for energetic man to own profitable business—COFFEE BAR—vends a 5c cup or hot delicious coffee in 5 seconds. Call for complete information, Minneapolis—Lincoln 0628 or write BOX NO. H-6, CARE GLOBE-GAZETTE FOR SALE CAFE In town near Mason City. Volume $3oO a week. A-l equipment. Ideal for man and wife. Must sell at once. S3.600. Terms Phone 812, 2917 or write Kelly Chapman Gr Co. 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Must be well acquainted with re spnnslble people in community. Give ful particulars first letter as to HRC, Icngt of r<>sfdrnce, present occupation an time available. Address Box No, M-7 c/o Globc-Gazcte. LOCAL opening, enci'setlc man. Scl manufacturers designed farm shoes di rcct to farmers. Good commission. High earnings. Extensive repeats. Give all de tails first letter, phone number. Writ Box B-3, c/o Globe Gazette. CONSTRUCTION WORK — Large con . struction jobs starting Alaska, overseas U. S. For details write A-07, Box 1749 Knoxvllle, Tcnn. Wanted at Once 50 CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Call at 3 North Monroe 9 to 11 A. M. 1 to 3 P. M. or PHONE 4982-J McILVAIN CONSTRUCTION CO WANTED—Caretaker for school proper tics; handy, reliable man. Steady Job good salary. Write K-7, Globe-Gazette Salesmen 25 A SALES POSITION or a man who can put forth some real Ifort every day in the week. Already eveloped territory open Mason City and icinity with guaranteed income. Knowl- dge of Specialty selling helpful. This is real opportunity for a man who is not job hunter, over 25, preferably married, vith clean character, good personality and ommon sense. Must have car. WRITE T-fi, GLOBE-GAZETTE FOR RENT—Sleeping rm., innersp. mattress, hot water heat. Ph. 1772-W. Arts, tor Rent 33 FOR RENT—2 apts. Ph. 870-R-l. Tourist Park Grocery, Clear Lake. SALESMAN Tor Mason City, Osage, Charles City, Hampton, Garner. Forest City territory. Profitable, full time I'ear around proposition. Top na- 'ional products. Finest training and co-operation. Must have car. Iowa State Employment 19-25 Third N. E. Mason City and Charles City FOR RENT—Furn. apt. suitable fop teachers or business women. 4 private bedrooms, bath and living room. Writo F-8. Globe-Gazette. FOR RENT—Furn. apt. at 1225 No. Pros. FOR RENT—2 rm. unfurn. apt., working people. 943 3th N. E. Ph. 5032-W. FOR RENT—3 rm. furn. apt., adults. Ph. 807-W, Clear Lake. FOR RENT—2 rm. partially furnished apt., work couple, no children or pets. Ph. 5434-M. FOR RENT—Apt. furnished, one or 3 business girls. 6 South Monroe. Houses for Rent 34 FOR RENT—Small house. W. L. Shaw. Ph. 5938-W. EARNINGS UNLIMITED FOR MEN 30 TO 70 Age no. handicap for those having desire to permanent, depression-proof future. MOW—you and your family can enjoy more of the better things of Life. Old es- :ablished, high-rated company has many salesmen earning $7,500 and more annually. Immediate representation needed in :his area. Interesting work, liberal bonus paid quarterly, high commissions paid immediately, drawing account and constant sales help. Car essential. Reply confidential. Write at once for complete information to O. E. Congdon, Jr., Division Manager, 6920 Thirty-fifth Ave., Kenosha, Wisconsin. Services Offered 27 WILL DO washings and ironings at my home. Ph. 4699-J. SEWERS CLEANED without digging up the lawn. A. R. Huey. Ph. 455, Clear Lake. ' ROOMS papered. Inside painting done. Ph. 28G9-W. Mr. Hyde. FOR RENT—Mod. Sunday only. house. Ph. 2465-W, Houses for Sale 35 TREE trimming and removal. Call 682. OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service ZENOR'S WALLPAPER hanging Phone 3441-W. is our business. ASHES and rubbish nauled: basements cleaned. Call 3125-R. WIN DOW GLASS Get ready for cold weather now. See CooVs for glass replacements. WINDOW GLASS PLATE GLASS Cook Paint & Varnish 118 S. Federal Phone 1017 4 BEDROOM HOME EAST SIDE $12,600 Lovely home, oak floors and trim, gas heat, large enclosed front porch, paving, on bus line, large lot, apple trees, doubl* garage. BY APPOINTMENT IVAN A, BARNES, Realtor 315 Brick &. Tile Tel. 1300 FOR SALE—5 rm. older home, very close in. The lot is small but we don't know where you could find more for your money, S6.300. J. B. Youngblood and Son, Realtors. 207Vi No. Fed. FOR SALE—New mod. 5 R. all yr. cottage with cellar and garage $3,500. Sea it in Clear Lake Methodist Camp. O. J. Felter, Fayette, Iowa. Yours By Christmas WE HAVE 2 Very Fine Homes Which you can buy at a special price during construction. 721 - 17th St. N. E. 3 bedrooms, forced air gas heat, picture window, deluxe home. 711-17th St. N. E. 2 bedrooms, full concrete basement, furnace, special economy model. $1500 down payment, under $50 per mo. A G. I. can reduce down payment. Associated Builders Incorporated 309 1st National Bank Bldg. WE have cash buyers for residential real estate. Oleson Co. Ph. 211. OEGEN hardwood floor service. Laying, sanding. Ph. 1672. MIRRORS resllvered. Guaranteed. Mactc- ets, 417 2nd St. N W. Ph. 782. SEWING machine repairing and rebuilding—all makes, parts' and supplies. Moson City Appliance store. 211 S. Federal. Phone 1103. CURTAINS 5933-W. laundered, 50c pair. Call EXP. BKKPR.. cashier. Would like part time work. Ph. 4820. THE ONLY AUTHORIZED MAYTAG Sales and Service In Mason City and Cerro Gordo County Factor* trained mechanics. Genuine Maytag parts. A guarantee that means something. HOME APPLIANCE CO. Phone 162 201-203 South Federal Maion City, Iowa WILL do nil types or sewing. Children's specialty. Phono 3125-LW. WANTED—Light carpenter work, hour or contract. Ph. 33S5-W. J. C, Rasmusacn. FOR REAL estate consult C. R. Brown, realtor. Sellinfi homes is our specialty. FOR SALE—2 bedrm. bung, close in, Comp. roof. Coal heat. Dbl. Gar. $6300. W. L. Patton, 100 E. State St. FOR SALE—New 1949 25 ft. Roger trailer coach. $200 discount for quick sale. Come—no phone. Greyhound Service, Clarion, Iowa. • FOR SALE — 8 room house in Northwood, Modern, good location. Write H-8, Globe-Gazette. WE have cash out of town buyers tor a Oleson Co., Ph. or 3 bedroom homes. 3568-W or 211. HOUSE TRAILERS Are you dreaming of the day when, you can own your own home? Do you know that you can buy a completely furnished modern trailer home for one-third the cost of the average permanen* home. If you have considered buying a trailer, buy where HONESTY Is the Golden Rule. We'll treat you right! New and used trailers at all times. Furniture and car* accepted on down payment. MILLER'S WEST HAVEN GROCERY Phone 4381 2235 Nineteenth St. S. W. on Route 104 NEW 2 BEDROOM OR STORY AND HALF WITH FULL BSMT. Heavily insulated. Built on your lot or ours. Completely cuippecl; rcndy to mova In. Best construction; not prefabricated or precut. Decorated and finished to suit. Many style* to choose from. Order now «t our reduced fall prices. Ready In M days. Call S622-W dny or evening. Stoddard Construction Co. ,

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