Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 10
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TEN' SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1915 - Pop's Tille Is I On Line Monday /" f " I King of Feutlirrs .Meets I Phi I Trrniitova at .Mtuli- t! /- I son rji|tiari v (/unlrn.-i Hy JACK JI.A.VU \ . NEW YORK. Kc-'o. 17 .,*'. -Willie IIr.« for tii<;: third time XWo.iv at Madison;SfjU«re Garden in LI-.C Ilrst . ch'imploriship rnutcii of . 18-ii with ; Use 126-pdimd'king liom Hiutmrd. ; Conn, a 3 lo ' 1 fiivorUc lo turn ^nc'r. the challenge of. Phil Tcrr'a- * nova, former N A B : '. Promoior Mifce Jiicubft e.xp<:cU. lo I'-, maw ; 11,000 f;ii\j Ann a JtiD.OOO sale l':' ... for. what Pi-p's la*t api^ar- '. . ance lieforc le-onionns '-lie armed .service, AHlicuiyh hi- holds a mcdi- i Ciil discharge fiom the Navy, '.ht.• champ wfLi're-cxiuninird ni:<l accept- ' cri for servic-i- recently. Pi'p, recognised by New York.: Connecticut ami Pennsylvania n.<! feather ruler, is ijiv^n the unofficial' nod over Sal flnrtolo, the NU.A.j ton. 1 ! over the boy who khockfci ihej 1 cinu-n off Terriirvfjya's licud. : • Only'si' defeat.'by Kimnuy Anitmti H\euriii«s (Mother's ilAKDINALS AKE NO PAKI OF CM AMPS AGAINST WALTERS Cincinnati. Firb. H—Sincc first tackiinij Wallers as ii Red, Alia- 1'J, 1938, : the Cardinal* have won 617 National League panics a^alnit 355'; rever.Mfji, for a percentage of ,(i35. Against Walters', the Rod Birds have Iwyged 12 and dropped 20,; for .315. Walters hu.H been .culled upon 35 tlme.-> 10 'it op St. Louis, and /has been around at the finish on 27 occasions. In 292 innings, he lias ({ranted 92 runs, or less than three per game. Ha has 'won many of ' gntnes with his own bat. ' Medals Show He's \Ann-y Loses First IWAINBIUDGE DROPS . ci . 'fi. • oo^ ! 2ND STKAIGHT CAME evert Slioll 1 tine in 28 Games' „ „ • — ~ „, ,„ .„ !•» i Real I'ROSTIiURC in,\,\KK Or WAY SHOOT i \ liile match conducted last I rhuisda, evening on the Indoor i range at Frostburg, resulted in the A it-cent r'e'c'iplem • or the Army's,Frostburg. team winning .over La- sT<nz« SUr. 1 inedit! for bravery In'Va'e and Fort Hill clubs, in : i. .icnojj r.i jhe Vv'e-sim'i from, in Eur-1 Western Maryland Rifle and Pistol W Staff S-ii. Ciwik-s'• E. Kelly ; League conducted meeting. Tho vic- i.s mi "aii ofd Army man. 1 He lms|tor!ous ' team scored 838 points In uniform'ti'ii years ;. vAnli' Al'r<<"nn f> tests bui wi'.h T^rr.ihoVa . . ,, . a*; he tnrouBh, i il<'c«iraiifitj for.- gallantry -in action jiSiilvii ftlid Vic Ci.",r.:i n; : Bobby C.i!(MWjn'.:. K\III. i« Hronx fi'athfi'r-weiiiiu, r« );.' the Army boea-.i-:!- of a iixnig, vvoriii -• teoultins fronrlwinc .slrucfc j n . (tive of Cob)cliy , by a hlt-and-nin driver whi-n hoi nls own VL'hicie. Hiaif Siit..KellyV father,'.'Charles Kelly, Potomac. Parfc. is n veu'ran His ino'.hcr, a on the Rhine *•** elitht years;.old, Usumped out. a ( . nllf i', ( ;,_ s ,. l{1 Sfil Kp , iv V )Old t J?-W,' f r"ii T' CK Evasion iw Mp - \hpT G«,d Con /C-»beyj . : te«ta in i,ls-!,.si OMtmg a ni1 , d|l , ;ind . nwnen>us awiuds mi'ntli aijo. asi iipscl in ri?|xjrts .tliat Pep's !.it- f.s; DniiU iiKaiii:;' Ruipit Walton nncl \VhwUiMK Willie Rao<:h. bn'.ii of »)ii>ni h« out'poinUxl :in 10 round<. Tv^re not \titi impre.-sh'c. . UP h:iN never l^fore mei .Tertiinova. Pep wi>n his rruwn- trt/m Chnlkyiveiir Wi-ighi Nov. 20. 1012 in New York' river, is H war bride of the previous s ihrre Conduct for against. La Vale's 736 and 1"8 by Fort Hill club. : Thc ahont was conducted ovei 1 the'. 50 foot distance. •H.-Morgan, of FroAiburK. was high individual ..scorer with 177 points, H. Brode yriis nmner-up with 176. and P. Ctihiilnglium,-with 171 was third, both of the Frosiburg team. A. Morgan took fourth honors for individual scoring ami leading La- Philadelphia, Feb. 17 Dallmar led a determined revolt here tonight to give University of Pennsylvania a 61-52. victory over Army basketball aces before 11,000 fans. •:.. \ Penn jumped into a fast offensive i at the start, of the second half and j scored 10 points while Army was Gump Bradford. Va., Feb. 17 (,TV— iCamp Bradford turned on the power -Howard tonight, and behind the accurate shooting of Bob Kinney, former Rice University star who scored 19 points, defeated a quintet from Bninbrldge iMd.) Naval Training Center, 57--J7. The Bradford sqund took the lead at the outset, beat back a Baln- bridgc threat which had pulled the visitors to within one point of the locals at halftlme. and plle<i up a comfortable margin in the second half. TOUK ON WRONG SIDE Jim Abbariabba Tobln entered the No-Hit Hall of in his |campaigning,'-but he sagged a bit Kinney Brad/ozd. center, with iitsf!" ''is battle to be a winning pitcher score tonight ran his string of points lo 623 in 20 games. High in the lifetime major league seconds. Closing 1942 the ace of the Boston scorer for the game, however, was!Braves had 60 National League wins Frascclla, formerly of Vlllanova,I against GO defeats. Closing 19-13 he who tallied 20 points. . (had 74 against 74. But his '44 It was the second defeat in as score stood 18 for him and 19 for many nights for the Bainbridge the enemy, so he's toddling towards team, which lost last night to the the tee in 1945 with 92 victories Norfolk Naval Air Station. I against 93 setbacks. only five to gain a, lead from;" which it was never headed. It was;] the first defeat for Army in 28 j games. . ' /;... - . [ The same was the first of a Ccm- . vemion Hall doubleheader. ] Fnllmar. who captained the Stun-.I ford 1042 NCAA champions, was if all over the court and teamed with Phillips Harmon to batter down the Cadets''attempts to score. Harmon, a Quaker guard, collected \ 17 points while Forward'. Donald; ! Cn.sey roRistcred 16 for high-point 'honors for the victors. |. John Vance. West Point guard. land Forward Dale Hall scored 16; jand 14 points for the losers.. ' j tournament scheduled for March I i7-IO at a meeting of principals and i coaches. . . ..'.:.. : .-• -I Teams included in the tourna- Sgt. Herman M. Holler Is an i'X-|ment will be Charles Town.,Hedges-• .shot, ivith uny kind'of Ismalij ville. Muriinsburg. ShepherdstownJ Hnrpers- Ferry. Berkeley Springs.' Paw Paw, Mnthias and Wardens- • villc. •• i bore weapon. To prove .it he. hsis a collection of fifty-one medals won in marksmanship contests. He is shown wearing some cf them hi the picture above. ; Sgt., Heller's Interest hi .shooting JUUIV U'Uct I 3t~VJl lilt~ "*lll ILitUlllii Lj«l-. .' . • . .... Vale team. .C. -Simpson, leadihgS«'a.s derived from his father, J, I.. marlc-man for Fort Hill was fifth In individual firing score. The Kuinmarv: H: : f.[i)[Si>n K. Brode ;, F.. CunninK C, : Bfr-iua [i \vi rit ,\l, ri'S H'CKV 12 Mori Copjjer aiul n few. other _.„ iin'uc-rs .rati' :"i'3"J : -as ihcir luckyj' s A -- (ic " c :mb»'T. ' With At I.X3pez. Pilts-l 'roiul j:i;.li Pifijtr-.s' eatchfng an-, jfs "12.'.'jf. n'obtson A! wore i!. on hus. uniform lust] Some tlinught' It 'was Just.I Riiieriufii he -livc.s in. 1210 Tweluh'i ^ and d<-feni-!<-d St ai;; Banolo and ,\ve. clown in Tampa'but it Miriicd-: E Wili-iu. Terra novii took-.the N.B.A.joiit lt> be'iAl's. 12th major, leat-ue- 1 Jrw.-<-l«; from Cn:iaria'4 Jackie Ca|-jj,ciir catching 100 games, tyint; him 5 lurn b'.i! !-.i>t them to Barlolo lAsliwith Gabby Hartn'eU for tlio all-| ye<>r. llmif National Lenauc record. i -Morp KII K. Eihiiit-rt H. F.virllnr B. Smlsh .'. '95 9.1 31 S.I 7fi 61 S3 Heller, 15 Man- itreet, who has 93 51 B: iS 35 59 7n ,S9 54 5« .13 been, a devot<?e of marksmanship, all his life. Shooting became a business with Sgt. Heller in the early i920's when he served an enlistment {.fj'in the U. S. Marine Corps. He re- •mjsumed It again two years ago when ii'ih'e : re-entered the Marines and is ^Mhow an instructor in charge of UK- B3aj.small bore range ul Quanlico. Va.~. HT! in civilian life! Sgt. Heller was a J^ I blacksmith at the B. .t O. Bolt and ]Forge Shop. He is {he husband ut 163 jMrs. Edith Heller. 716 Elm streer. isnlnnd the father of two children. ' M7 PAINT Best Paint Sold For the heat in paints iln*ys conic In Tropics Hardware. ; .736, It's that extra "iomething" that make* men great. That extra "something" that make« u« famou« U our car»ful, •anitary system. Satisfaction Always! • Oomp Wash • Thrifty Woih • Victory Wash • Finished Wa«h • Rough Dry Wash i OR r nn.i.— C. Simpson ..,; ; R7 F. Sfcmp*on fis . ft. Mycrv Sr. ,.., 5! .'.'. Whitr 9J isbtir^ Gets W. Vn. Tournuincut; IVr Atio Carry FLATLUX Tlie sensational oil base paper paint. lt'1 * hatle. Braulirnl cnlors. is^i Charles Town, W. Va.. Feb. 17 1,7 }"j.—Tiie Marlinsburg high school n'a I3 3 jclia';en today as the .place for the : , :— :• 1945 sectional high school basketball ToUls - .738 • •— ,, ._ _ ._ ._ 5* PEOPLES HARDWARE Cor. 5, George at Union ^. , , ; 7fi 40 J. .ProUdlool 74 J2 H.' Lynch ..-. a? 35 S. Wiiio'n si |j 116 ins 112 73 XURITA VTILI. FIGHT WILLIAMS APRIL 9 Philadelphia. Feb. 17 r.-Pi — Ike WilliBins. Trenion. N. J.. and Juan Xurita of Los Atspeles signed contracts- today td meet, here April 9 for Ztiriin's NBA lightwc-i^ht title. Chairmnii Leon Ralti.s of thu? Pennsylvania Athletic Commission .'aid Abe Green. NBA president, notified him the fight would be a title bout although Pennsylvania does not beloni? to the NBA. The 15-rmnid bout will b« fought under NBA rules. Rains said. Connie McCarthy, Williams' man- BRer, nnd George Parnassus. Znrita's manager, each posted J2.SOO forfeit bond. Wlll/ams defeated Willie Joyc« of Lfls Angeles and Maxie Berger of Xfontreal in hln last two bouts. Zurita has captured six straight via the knockout route since he accidentally shot himself in the hand last May. The boxers agreed that the -winner would defend his title within six months. Gorloy Mulched To Fight Bom-hard IVIar. 1 j New York. Feb. 17 M 1 !—Arturo i Gorioy. South American heavj-weight who twice fought Joe Louis, has been signed to meet Laurfent Bouchard of "Montreal. In a 10-round |bout at Norfolk. Va.. March 1. his i M:ilinger Al Wetll announced today. ' Godoy recently arrived in the i United States fnr n series of bouts. assistant managers VALUES Chilly, drafty, unh**lthf rooms atre noS longet tb« «yi«—ooc nacwsiiry in these days of Barrett Rock Wool Insulation, Rock Wool, installed in walls and ceilings, stops the passage of heat to the outside—stop* cold from penetrating. The minions of dead air celis in Rock Wool are'responsible. Barrett Rock Wool Insulation saves fuel too—often as much as 50% to 40^c! It doesn't take but a few.years to pay for insulating your home at that rate. A>k for a fro* insp»<Hon and •stimat*. YEARS TO PAY ROCK WOOL Wm. Hiser Supply Co. 5 Pioneer Place : Phone 2570 famous "CANNON" KITCHEM TOWELS o r in o n day. .. ~ FOR A GLEAMING each I * JL9.9 COLOR-BRIGHT KITCHEN • Counter JO— -2nd Fioor 1,000 Bo.cs .. KLEENEX & SITROUX FACIAL TISSUES bo> 10 Counirr 36—Second Floor CURTAIN MATERIAL 38 !ncl> wide cushion riot 29' yard Counter 41 — Second Floor New LACES Sprightly new patttrm *f COLUMBUS &h*back OIL CLOTH colors. on novelty. White and ' Frwhon up aurl briRlucn up your kitchen! :I.('3 easy and ine.xfMMi- «ivn'-when you use Bienlmck Oil- r.ln'h. Dozen'-.of attractive new patterns In nil colors!: All highest finality with thn long-wcnriiiR fontpfl 4 p at<?r-rppcllcnt bock. 46 inch wide Oilcloths, yard 54 inch wide Oilcloth, yard Counter J8-^-Sccond Floor .K - _ - : SECONO FLOOR K]0\URPHY CQ Cumberland's Grand Big Store P, S, MKT, OPEN TO 6 P,M, DAILY, SAT, TC 9 P.M. VAN DUTCH RKAIJV rRF.rARF.M COCOA SWIFT'S PREM 12 ° n 33^ Super Suds I.aruc box Octagon Laundry SOAP A-l Solution Vot's Phila. Scrapple ; I9c Tubeti Dinners. - ; 2 (l ,^<25c Mrs. Filbert's Oleo I 2^:.47c Sauer Kraut FRESH CHURNED CREAMERY BUTTER l.nnf hnrn •,. • r llfom* >T* Ch«ese ,,, 39c Kraut lOc Lgc. Head Lettuce Tor U. S. No. 1 Potatoes 5 « t peck < A \/e AT Odd Pieces of Furniture Greatly Reduced at CITY l-3Pc. 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