The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on July 2, 1968 · Page 20
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 20

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1968
Page 20
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TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 2, 1968 's Television Programs Channel Chuckles For High School Youths Short Radio-TV Course Slated at Morehead WAVE-TV 3 WHAS-TV 11 WLKY-TV 32 4:40 Howdy, Nelihbora 7:05 Summtr Samastar 7:35 CBS Morntna Nawt l:MCapt. K'iroo (color) T-Bar-V Ranch (color) :5 Today on Farm 7- Today (color) 1:00 Linus Lionhaarttd 1:30 Rompor Room (color) Morning Show (color) Mifca Dout lat Show " (color) THE COTJRIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. Today "T-i jl " ; : i 1 . . L I ; 1 . 4 , 4 ' ! i ' ' ? , -1 i; Vvi "-x .L. 1 i 'xl 111 'y ... .JHi L - nil On Teacher Mrs. Lovely Billups and Class "Of Black America" on CBS U at 10 p.m. 7:00 NBC-3: Today, color Critic Judith Crist reviews new plays and films and Mel Morse, president of the Humane Society of the United States, discusses his book, "Ordeal of the Animals." 9:00 ABC-32: The Mike Douglas Show, color Guests are George Hamilton, Jimmy Boyd, Boots Randolph and author Jean Baer. 1:00 NBC-3: The Pat Boone Show, color Patrice Munsel, Sebastian Cabot, comic Adam Keefe, and the rock group, the H. P. Lovecraft, appear. 3:30 ABC-32: The Merv Griffin Show, color Azie Mortimer, Xavier Cugat and Charo, and comic Norm Crosby are guests. 7:30 CBS-11: Daktari, color An expert on Africa drives an ailing baby elephant into the wilds hoping it will lead him to a legendary elephant graveyard. 8:00 NBC-3: Showcase '68, color Neil Diamond, singer-composer of rock music, hosts the show from the New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. 8:30 CBS-11: Showtime, color Frank Fontaine hosts the Four Freshmen, British singer Kathy Kirby, French gypsy guitarist Manitas De Plata and Spanish juggler Picasso. 8:30 NET-15: Japanese Medicine: The Silent Invader Japan's development of two devices to detect lung cancer and how they work is told through the case of one patient. 8:30 ABC-32: It Takes a Thief, color Alexander Mundy poses as a government official to prevent young Prince Mardak from being influenced against the U. S. by his uncle, Prince Phon Sing. 10:00 CBS-11: Of Black America, color In "Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed," Bill Cosby guid"S viewers through a history of attitudes toward the ' Negro in America. The program highlights little-known Negro contributions and uses parts of famous movies to illustrate the changing Hollywood stereotype of black men and women. 10:00 Channel 32: This is Louisville Downs A look at the activity on and around the Louisville race track. :5SNtw (color) " A Snap Judgment (color) Candid Camara (rarun) Mika Doualas Show I I Judqmtntj 10:25 New " "(color) I U Concentration (color) Beverly Hillbillies Dick Cavett Show , 'I " (color-rerun) " (color) n Personality (color) Andy-Mayberry (rarun) Dick Cavett how " (color) Hollywood squares Dick Van Dyke (rerun) " Jcolor) A Jeopardy (color) Love of Life (color) Bewitched (rerun) 1 " 12:2$ CBS News " I Eye Guest (color) Search Tomorrow (color Treasure Isle (color) Guidlna Light (color) IPal Boone (color) Focus: 1 P.M. (color) Dream House (color) " As the World Turns Weddlna Party (color) " (color) 2 Days of Our Lives Love Is a Many Newlywed Game (color) " (color) Solendored Thing (color) " ... The Doctors (color) House Party (color-rerun) The Baby Game (color) 2:55 Child's Doctor 3 Another World (color) To Tell the Truth (color) General Hospital (color) " 3:25 CBS News Vou Don't Say (color) The Edge of Night Merv Griffin Show " (color) " (color) 4 Channel 3 Movies The Secret storm Merv Griffin Shew " " (colon .uioi " Pooeye Cartoons 5 Channel 3 Moviaa Truth or Consequence Metro News (color) " (color) Sports; Busln.; Weather The Fllntstones Focus: News (color) ABC News (color) " (color-rerun) " " 6 Weather; News Focus Film Futlval News; Sports (color) Weather Sports " NBCNews (color) CBSNews (color) 7 Branded (rerun) Good Mornini World Film Festival " " (color) " I Dream of Jeannle Djktiri (color-rerun) Garrison's Gorillas Mcolor) " " (color-rerun) 8 Showcase 'it Daktari (color-rerun) Garrison's Gorillas "(color) " " (coloi -rerun) At The Movies (color) showtime (color) It Takes a Thief Captain Newman, M.D. " (color-rerun) 9 At The Movies (color) Showtime color) It Takes a Thief " " " (color-rerun) " 30 Minutes N.Y.P.D. (color-rerun) " Jcolor) . in Al The Movies (color) Of Black America This is Lou. Downs 1 I "a "n (color) "n (color) M li I 41 News (color) Focus Metro News (color) 1 I Weather; Sports " Weather; Sports I I Tonight show (color) The Late Show Joey Bishop (color) Sign Off A.M. - Sign Off 1 A.M. TUESDAY ON CHANNEL 15 (A-Adult Y A Young Adult Ch-Children) 8:00 What's New (Ch) 8:30 Spectrum (A-YA) 9:00 The French Chef (A-YA) rerun 9:30 India! My Indial TODAY'S MOVIES ON TV 4:00 Channel 3: Rhonda Fleming and Macdonald Carey in "Odongo," 1956 Trapper and attractive veterinarian search for native boy in Africa after boy is blamed for letting animals loose. . . and if there is one among you with a reason why these two should not be joined together, let him speak now or forever hold his peace." Regents Are Named For Stale College In North Kentucky FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) A six-member board of regents for Northern Kentucky State College, authorized by the 1968 General Assembly, was appointed yesterday by Gov. Louie B. Nunn. Named to the board, which will be headed by superintendent of public instruction Wendell Butler, were: John R. S. Brooking, Park Hills, for a term ending April 1, 1972; Charles O. Landrum, Park Hills, until 1970; Elmer Haas, Fort Thomas, until 1971; Joseph Kohler, Bellevue, until 1969; Joseph Kohler, Bellevue, until 1969; Charles Wiley, Walton, until 1972; and Kenneth Lucas, Florence, until 1971. All the appointees' terms end in April of their respective years. By JAMES DOUSSARD Courier-Journal Staff Writer A 12-day introductory program in radio and television for high school students will be held at Morehead State University next month. The short course, one cf three divisions under the title of "High School Communications Institute," is open to high school students from Kentucky and neighboring states. By providing an introduction "to the realistic aspects of broadcasting," it is intended to develop a superior type of student "who may eventually be employed in the industry." An $85 fee covers housing, meals, insurance and printed materials. University officials are encouraging commercial broadcasters to sponsor potential students. In addition to radio and television, the institute has a forensics division and a drama division. Applications are being accepted at the office of Jack E. Wilson, Division of Communications, Box 912, at Morehead. Deadline for applying is July 15. The institute will begin Aug. 6. Additional details are available through Wilson's office. Antenna Solution ISear Difficulties regarding heights of proposed antennas are being resolved, and plans for two new TV stations in Louisville seem to be getting back on track after long delays. Plans for WEZI, Channel 21, and WDRE, Channel 41, have been delayed since last year when proposals to increase heights of their antennas ran afoul of federal aviation regulations. Consolidated Broadcasting Co., a firm formed by five Chillicothe, Mo., businessmen, holds a construction permit for Channel 41. South Central Broadcasting Co., group owners of an Evansville, Ind., AM-FM radio station and of both FM and tele vision stations at Knoxville, Tenn., holds such a permit for Channel 21. Spokesmen for both groups last week affirmed they intend to pursue plans to put the stations on the air, but they declined to give details. How fast either or both can or will move is idle speculation. But sufficient legal and technical hurdles remain that it is hardly feasible for either to get on the air this year. Comic $ Campaign to Resume The seemingly enlightened guess that TV comedian Pat Paulsen would drop his "presidential campaign" on the premise that such things no longer are funny goes by the wayside. A communique from Paulsen's "headquarters" in Beverly Hills allows that he will "resume active campaigning July 4 with the first of a series of hardhitting political speeches at Disneyland." Here is the dour-faced comic's explanation: "After the assassination of Sen. Kennedy, I thought we would drop my campaign entirely. But we have concluded that truth cloaked in satire is an indispensable commentary on our national political scene. "We came to this conclusion after weighing a day's output from Nixon, Rockefeller, Humphrey.. McCarthy and Wallace headquarters. It came to 8 lbs., 4 ox. and that's a healthy enough baby to cope with a sly poke or two." If Paulsen can make his political material seem funny again, maybe he deserves to be president. 6:00 Channel 32: John "Castle on the Hudson," den's trust and gets to Garfield and Ann Sheridan in 1940 Cocky racketeer gains war-visit crippled sweetheart. and David Frost are 11:30 NBC-3: Tonight, color Buddy Hackett, Margaret Hamilton, Johnny Carson's guests. 11:30 ABC-32: The Joey Bishop Show, color The Mills Brothers, comedian-musician Pete Barbutti and singer Robin Wilson join Joey. 8:30 NBC-3: Gregory' Peck. Angie Dickinson and Tony Curtis in "Captain Newman, M.D.," 1963, color Head of neuropsychiatry at Army Air Base receives new young orderly untrained in medical arts but skilled in psychiatry. 11:30 Channel 11: Margaret Leighton and in "A Novel Affair," 1957 Authoress novel, using characters in her household; to bring novel to life. Ralph Richardson writes sex-ridden chauffeur decides Service Stations Seek Law Against 'Giveaways' Radio Pueblo Talks Deadlocked WASHINGTON (AP) State Department officials said yesterday that "there is no breakthrough" yet in the negotiations for return of the USS Pueblo and its 82 surviving crewmen. The most recent meeting with North Korean negotiators at Panmunjom took place Thursday and lasted about 14 hours, they said. rbmvEWAYYI I 368-9070 i 1 1 j KENTUCKY PAVING CO., Inc. MILLER'S CAFETERIA 2nd Between Walnut & Liberty FREE & EASY PARKING NEW HOURS 1 0:30 A.M. TO 7:30 P.M. Our Best Care Costs no more FUR COLD STORAGE REPAIRING : RESTYLING . CLEANING GLAZING Off Smim R Nw Available . GUARD iOAIHST THIFT For FREE Pickup 585-5562 582-1711 til YUOOFBIKY Heyburn Bldg., Street Floor ' Driveways Our Specialty WTMT 620 k a.m. -9: 15 P.m. Newt at :10 Spokesmen for the Clark-Floyd County unit of the Indiana Petroleum Retail Association yesterday asked the Clark County Board of Commissioners to pass an ordinance outlawing "giveaway" games of chance at gasoline stations. The association representatives appeared before the Jeffersonville City Council last night with a similar request. The county board took the matter under study. The city council advised the service station operators to ask the attorney for their state association to prepare an ordinance for presentation. The council also wanted the attorney's legal opinion on whether the city had authority to enact such an ordinance. Association members voted last month Changed Garbage Date Garbage will be collected tomorrow instead of Thursday in Shively south of Crums Lane due to the July 4th holiday, the Shively City Council announced last night. to ask local governmental units to enact laws banning such games, and are circu lating petitions among their customers to get rid of the games. Orval Stoner, president of the Clark-Floyd unit, recently called the games "a sickness," and said the association wanted to get out. He said such games, in many cases, pose an economic hardship on dealers, who often are forced to participate against their will. He said the cost to the dealers seldom justifies the investment, but that the major oil companies, which sponsor the games, push the dealers into participating. Stoner, who operates a gasoline station in Jeffersonville, complained also of the "small traction of patrons who become winners." A group of Louisville petroleum retailers recently asked Louisville's Board of Aldermen to enact an ordinance to ban games. The games are being promoted mainly by the major oil companies. 2 Wounded GIs, Mayor Help Open Gift Drive WSM 650 NBC Naws MHaur Nashyilla f:45 p.m. Bravei-Gianti WLW 700 NBC Nawa on HaurTM ; Cincinnati WAKY 790 Najaan,! WHAS 840 cVsrl WFIA 900 ,:,t rM WAVE 970 nbc Ntws .n iTSi WKLO 1080 ..'h WINN 1240 N,"""K 1:30 p.m. Reds-Astros 4:!S p.m. Miles Park raca WREY T290 4,5 '-".rS New Albany WLOU 1350 "-"r-S WXVW 1450 ABC News on Hour MBS News at :30 7:55 P.m. Whita Sox-Orioles WHEL 1570 mcnSS WFPL-FM 89.3 ;,V WFPK-FM 91.9 WHAS-FM 97.5 N.w, t'?:Xj WKLO-FM 99.7 "n'm WMPI-FM 100.9 i,:iVm-: Scottsbur9 WLRS-FM 102.3 f WSTM-FM 103.1 mETE WSAC-FM 105.5 i Fcrt Knox . WKRX-FM 106.9 AjgjjT 1 Fancy i Si FRUIT BASKETS The perfect gift for any occasion. f CALL 583-3971 mi Dttivtr ELI KARAM PRODUCE 711 5. 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Gary Farnham and Spec. 5 Glenn Hampton, both recuperating at Ireland Army Hospital, Ft. Knox, received keys to the city, men's jewelry and lighters, . and goodwill citations in the office of Mayor Kenneth A. Schmied as the mayor proclaimed "Christmas in July" in support of the campaign. The campaign's goal is to send Christmas stockings and cloth ditty bags full of gifts to every serviceman in Vietnam, said Mrs. George Sanders, volunteer chairman. Presents collected in Louisville will go to 500 GIs at the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon and to 2,000 men in the field, she said. Must Be Packed in December Mrs. Sanders said the gifts must be collected during the next eight weeks to get them packed in September and sent to Vietnam in time for Christmas. Collection boxes are being placed in churches and at stores in the Louisville area, she said. Small items that can be carried in a field pack are most often requested by servicemen, Mrs. Sanders said. Moisture is a problem in the tropics, so plastic bags and self-sealing envelopes are in high demand, she added. Some of the most popular items are ) S XWa. t ' . ".4 1 J V. Circuit Judges Raise Top Pay For Deputies Staff Photo TWO WOUNDED soldiers, Sgt. Gary Farnham, left, and Spec. 5 Glenn Hampton chat with Mayor Schmied in his office in connection with the "Operation Shop Early" campaign yesterday. pen-sized flashlights and batteries, cigarette lighters and flints, toilet articles, 3-inch voice tapes, small vacuum-packed tins of candies or nuts, pocket games and playing cards, she said. Jefferson County's Circuit Court judges yesterday raised maximum salaries permitted for deputy sheriffs and some employes of the county clerk's office and approved a $46,000 increase in the budget for operating the jail. These annual salary ceilings for deputy snerms were approved: Five deputies up to $9,600; five up to $9,000; 10 up to $8,400; 40 up to $7,800; 75 up to $6,600 and 50 up to $5,400. The old limitations were three up to $8,400; 10 up to $7,500; 30 up to $6,300; 40 up to $5,100 and 102 up to $4,800. For the clerk's office, the judges approved a new maximum of $9,000 a year for the chief deputy clerk, increased from S8.400, and a annual rise of $600 to $7,800 for two deputies. " ' The judges approved a $15,000 increase for jail upkeep, from $185,000 to $200,-000. General jail office expenses were increased from $60,000 to $70,000 and travel expenses from $39,000 to $60,000. The judges also recommended that Fiscal Court increase from $3,600 to $4,800 the annual salary of the court assistant who helps collect divorce judg- j ments. typewriter and adding machine SALE SPRING CLEARANCE Nw portable! up t 40 rductln. Hundred of trad-tnt and Reconditioned machines at from 30 to 407 under normal prices. 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