The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 1, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1977
Page 6
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r,—NAUC.ATi.rcK NIWS (CONN.;, SATURDAY, JULY 13, IMP Opening Contest In League Tomorrow Undecided Stauffer Disputes Shea's Right Of Re-Scheduling PRODUCER By Jack Sorefc Says Millville Will Play First Game As Stated In Original Schedule J5.V THOMAS I'Tr/rATKJCK Thi'iT I." iiomo qui-Ntlon In Pi'e.'i- Idont Frank Shcii'ii mind today nn In \vhn IH point? to play tlif Kurrtf In ttjrnnrrfiw'fi .Sunday doubleheader In the Amateur League. T'l'i-Mlrlfinl Shea, having the Inter- flits of the local funs primarily at heart, decider! at a recent trwallnx to f>lay the more Important Kumii, hetween the Ht. f'YanelN and Ilan;,'- M'M as the first contest, leaving the MIIIville-Hh;hlanclei fr.'iy to complete the afternoon 1 '! activities. The plan wa.M readily uprepli-d hy the 1 [l(,'h!ander.s and the t'.'/o fearri't who were supposed to, ot'l^r- Inally play the .'ir-eoncl content, hut (ipponitlon WHH reached when .Mlll- vllle Mun.-iKM- Ait StaulTer objected to the plan and Mtated that his learn, jilnee It W.IM their rlirht, on (he HChediile, ti, play first, would df> NO. The dispute left Maruu.'er .Shea In a hit of a rjuandfy. and now he don.", not Itrmw who 'vlli open tomorrow's .'irrheduled tlnutilu- hendei. The Millville team, although it hiui entei-ed MPW mnriajreniunl, dne.-i not ni'i-rri to t.e [iroHi-snini; a.'i well ati it should. They have been «ti-cn«t)iencil of late hy Uie iidrll- tloii of Miwr-ral hlifh Mflmol vtai-s. I which should make a di'T-renoe h. I (heir ahltlly, hut appai eritly i|oe.-i i nut. > frnprnvi'ment, I-: no:lei'adl Ih'iiicli, a.s was piover! hy reeeri efl'iiMM, u-lii'n I hey ;;ave tl.i- I Can;; SAND-IJANUM Uhie Seal Emulsion Removes scale from interior surfaces of heads and jack cts of all types of farm and industrial g-as and Diesel engines. W/IAT HM;K SKA i. KMCI.SIO.N Srt.N'D-l'.ANCM CAN DO TOR VOf.'li COOI.r.N'r; SVSTKM;— Krnuivri old Nenl... sediment, rust, «•)<•. friini (ilpi'H nnd water juekctx. Hei'iilnr usi' pi'i'veuti fi.miiitluii of now teuli', nisi, »•(<.. frrvi'iili rn\i-h'iiK i>t cvllnrji-r ;;ntuN „•„,,. ( ^« IM JVriullH proper elrenliiMnii nf U'lile I'iKl iiililiiliilns crricirnf In-ill trims ers a go In a recent contest, and when they put a pcan; In the .strong Highlanders Thursday evening, holding them In until the eighth liuilrur. Then the Highlander talcni exploded to the tune of six runs anil the Millville sriuud chalked up another defeat upon their long .string of defeats. In several recent games, although the talent seems to be there, It Is apparently misplaced, with Infield- era gracing the outfield Brass; had Infleldern who might Tnaku better ou'.lflolders playing on the paths and .some very good talent grar.'hig the Millville bench, This ob.serviulon has heen made by several local athletes, who, after seeing the Millville squad perform, agiee that the improvement Is I there hut arc doubtful that the ' effort.-) which the Millville club Is dbplaylng In handling their improved lot of players will help them any more than in curly .soa- son, when the majority of them wet e Inexperienced. fn tomorrow'?) double-header, which will .start at 1:30 p. m., the Millville club will play the Highlanders, and the long awaited con. test between the St. Francis njicl Hangers will complete the twin- bill. Which teams will start first is up to President Shea, nml an we'll huvo to wait and see. But for the moment, we'll give air to an ok! adage which nay.s that it's • ill light for a mail to run his own group ai long as he doesn't allow lil.-t own group to run him. What say, .Spec. 1 '.' Bloomer Boys Defeat Yanks I')" 1 NKVVS Hlnomer Bovs made their deliut last night, whnn, in ii uf a garni' which the Merry Mnrtician.s uvtc supposed to play n.'alri-t Mil- Yanks, they engaged his strong local combine, nnd beat hi-lii, 7-r>, in a hectic 7-innlng con'.-.(.. The Morticians, although thej lid try ui cull the game off yustcr lay afternoon, forfeited the 'affair is tin' Yank captain was not In "niu'd, and therefore the gam< Milrl not have been considered can Brasscos Play N.Y. Cops Tonight, Municipal Stadium Gathman To Hurl; Cucci- nellos Will Play Thi; Evening- fiX' NOJSTJJ M.M.V ST. Union <;it,v - 'J'i'l. ^|W;i Fifil'ivli.v, pitched for the Rloom '•r l:ny:i. while Juninr Ar|uavii '•alight. Co-captains I'Jd Schrul ant I'.IIKM Wiviving hit wil for the B Hi'VH and also Chigliorn, Dunn and f.'-aiy in this, their first game of the si-'LMon. l-'nt the losers Tangredi, Swe-uey, Quinn ami "Howling Ball" Serin' by Innings: Hlfinmrr Boys 201031 0—7 Vaults . 0 0 0 n 2 ;[ 2-i5 nattcries: I-'ifiinvlcx and Aqua- vl:<: John.son. fioppf, S\veenny and Tangii'iii; Umpire: Harvey. YANKS SKI.I, ni'tlMKS ^Vi-w Vork, .Inly J.'i .(UP)— The ,N'i'\v York Yankee;;] announce the ••air nf rc-K-rV!- InflekliM- Oscai ' fifinii'-.i ic, Philadelphia for -the waiver [nice of $7rOO. This Is fJrl.'tii'ji eighth si.'ason in the f Localites, And Brass City Men Make Record Catch Joseph Kerzner, Union Cil.y business man and sportsman, John Mul- osky, also well known here, and Thomas Chase and Frank Do Sapio of Wnterbury have returned from a fishing trip, with a record catch of largo fish. Included in the catch were 10 bass. I,? weak fish, -10 pickerel nnd four white percli, with all of the fish being very large, according to all reports, Some of .the bass are said to have weighed 7 pounds, with the white perch averaging three quarters of a pound each. Mr. Kerxner refused to divulge the spot whore the fishing party vn/yyofl it;; unusual success other han to remark that it was not too 'ar from -Vnugatuck, and that he inpnt] ;o have further .success in anding Ms piscatorial inhabitants K'fore the season was over. Basebali Standings AMERICAN LHAGt'IS i Yesterday's Results ! Boston •!, Detroit 2. Philadelphia 7, St. Louis 0. | Washington-Chicago, ruin. Only games -scheduled. The Sfcimlint* W. L .Boston ,% 23 New York 48 .'31 Detroit 42 3-1 Washington ..... .... 3737 St. Louis Cleveland .. Chicago ,.",. Hiiiladelphia •I 2 35 43 30 .14 23 52 ret .70D ,(508 .553 .500 ,45 NOW OPEN! ROTARY RESTAURANT NORTH MADISON, CONN. (•liltlcllnii nf Hiilllrs 7'l iiud XII) DINNERS and TASTY SANDWICHES HOME-MADE PIES and CAKES ICE CREAM — FOUNTAIN SERVICE —EDWARD GRANT, Prop. NOW Frances LANGFORD Ralph EDWARDS STATIC SOFTBALL TOURNKY Over three hundred Softball iims h;ivo oiHorod lc.-n(,'iic compoli- ion lei the Connecticut Snrtlnill Associiition ,'ind fi.rp eligible, bocfuiso ihey have tnkon part in Inn^ucs of four tennis or more, to play tot' stutc Championships, which tu-t! to be hold in AtiA', ac- norrlliiK to Alhlo Roolh of New Haven, Prudent of the Assot;l;itio'n. Thr. drudline for Icfifjuc entries p.-iKMCfi July TO, and no morn lea- «no.s of lo,-ini« .-ice eligible for C. A, S. A. comjieUtion this your. More I han one-half of the •><) counties in Utah have some kind l metal mining iiuluslrics. SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today's flames, Pitchers Chicago at Washington (2) — Waynes (2-fi), Papish (0-3) vs, New- sonio (5-7) and Leonard (7-2). St. Louis nt Philadelphia- -Muncrief (2-1) vs. Florcs (1-1). Cleveland at IVcw York — Key- nnlds (?,-1-"i) vs. Kevcns (8-C), Detroit at Boston — Trout (S-6) vs. HiirriK (11-1), NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Results St. Louis 2, New York J (1st). St. Louis r>, New York 4 (2d). Chici.igo 13, Brooklyn 2. Boston I, Cincinnati 0, Pittsburgh -I, Philadelphia 3. T!io Standing W. r. Brooklyn 43 ->s St., Louis Chicago Cincinnati ,.; New York's Police Department i;; famous Tor its Irish members, and Manhattan's crack baseball team which meets the Brasscos tonipfht at Municipal Stadium ut 8:42 a.lao boasts it.-j hard-hiUitiK Celts. There's a Quin in center field Cone N) and Quinn in right field >,t.wo N's); a Coyle plays shortstop; Kcanc catches and Carroll pitches, and there's a Hart, Hurley, Scxlon, Regan, Sullivan and O'Hannon mcns the other members of the iqiuid. The Cops bring their 20-man squad here on their New England trip, which includes a Ramo at SprinK.'lcld Sunday afternoon. Last Sunday the bluccoats trimmed the Queens Alliance team in a double header, 9-3 and 8-7, and earlier in the season routed th West Haven Sailors. The Bvasscos will Held a powei 'ul club of their own toniRht wit the Cuccinello brothers, Tony a hird, and Al at shortstop; White ^iurck second base and Whitcj Kunkiewicz at first base. Tony, \vh was runnerup to the Yankees George Stirmvciss last season in the American League baltinp; raci. hasn't liit his stride here to date but iilcc Catcher Jimmy Shcehan hp'.'l break out with a carload o liitK any m'ffhc now. Shoohan zo three for four, including two dou bins last Wednesday night, and waj= robbed of fourth. The same hard-hit!ing- outneld o: Johnny JDoVito, Billy 'Moore ant Eddie "Red" Shcehan is also avail able, and the fans will have an op portunity to see Walt Gathman. re. cent Yale pitcher, for the soconc time, Oafhman his rlchut last Saturday nifrht by defeating' the Montgomery Red Sox, -1-3. He was diKoharjrud from the Marines Wed ncsday ami will continue his studio •it Ya!e. Brewer Issues Warning To Club That Failed To Return Contracts league Secretary Albert II. Briswcr announced thl.s morn- Irtf; Unit only one club hu.s failed to M'lid in their signed plityura contracts to liim. lie said Unit this club h:is until inidnlglit tonight to get tJx; contructs to lilm hutorr. the leiiffuc will be forcnd to tiike drastic measures against that team. He also wtatod Unit leuj;u« officials have made gala. :ir- rangcnicnts to handle, a banner crowd at tomorrow's ffam<?.s. Highlanders vs. Millville. St. Francis vs. Rangers. 1ST ABU ISH ED 1 88 J FUJYAMA SOFT STRAW HATS FOR MEN WHO APPRECIATE HEAD EASE AS DOBBS KNOWS THE SUBJECT. Dobbs leadership in the world of ' men's hats was never more apparent than in these generously brimmed air cooled crowns that never let a breeze escape and keep your dome at an even temperature. Other shapes including boaters and a goodly showing: of Panamas $5.00 to $15. KKI'RIKVK FROM DUTY Oklahoma City. Okiahnma ,7n]v 13— r UP)-.Football Ace Bob F C n ; - •»oi-e of Ok/,-i.l-.">m,i. A nnd M w sliffhl reprieve before .he .irmeri forces. The Oklahoma itatc draft hoard has rec- immoncJod n DO-day dcfermen- -the twice-All America ph/sUin Industrial League Resuming Action The Naugntuc!< Industrial Soft- bal League will rcwumc their playing schedule on July 15th. The league has not played for the past two weeks because of plant vacation shirt downs. On Monday night Russell Weaving will umpire the game on the South Field between the Naugatuck Chemical Company and the U. S. Rubber Keds team, On the North diamond -»,ink Kennedy wil; umpire .the game between the Eastern Malleable Iron and Bristol Company. The balance of the last hair games will be played in accordance with the schedule UK drawn up during the early part of the season. The games which were sched- .ilcd for June 2-Hh and June 27th will be played at .the. end of the season if the playing time per- Fresh milk mny be kept for months by freezing it with extreme •apidity at 20 degrees below zern Fuhrenl-.eiU, When thawed, it is a.^, appetizing as in its original condi- ion. Nitroglycerine has an explosive | orc'e 13 times greater than Umt of. ommcrcial gunpowder. i flTCHFIELD . / New York . Philadelphia I'ltLsliui L-h , Sunday - Monday Today's Games, I'liclinrs r.rnuklyn at Chicago—Highc (8-2) vs. Passcau (7-4). N«w York at St. Louis—Budniok H-2) or Kennedy (4-4) vs. Wilks (4-0). Philadelphia at Pittshurch — Schanx (2-2) vs. Gables (0-3). Boston at Cincinnati (2)- -Lee 6-0) und Johnson (0-4) vs. Gum- •inrtM-l) and Vanclor Moor (!5-r>). Final Night SKYLARK Seats: 75c, .fl.OO, S1.30, S2.00 plus tax CURTAIN 8:40 Reservations Tel. I,itch. S8(! Next Week: 1JTTL1S FOXKS ALCAZAR Sunday - Monday Paul Kelly in "The Glass Alibi" Also Gilbert Roland in "The^Gay Cavalier" Today: "MVK WIRES" and "TJ1K ULONDE COMKT" To Save a definilc portion of your Income, .-iiul stick to it! -\foro and more people arc learning- (.lie v.-ijnc of plon- Jiiiii;- for financial socnrity. JJuild a i-esorve fniKi— protect yunr faintly \vi1h low-cost Savings l-)ank Life IiLsimimre. a combination iliat \vill lie]]) you fac-e llio future witli confiaenoe. We will help you \\-ork oni a jilan. 18.70 «VENrV FIFm/ANNIVERSARY 194C All 0j$QCi3$lguliy cUARAtSTEro -* ASEBALL Mtinicipiil Waterliury Saturday Niffht' NKW YORK POMCK 'RASSCOS WATERBURY Theater Closed for Alterations Starting July ^U HP—^"^miiPi^i r "^m PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS 1.W MAPLB STHKKT iilso New March of Time "Problem Drinkers" STRnno 2nd BIG WEEK Cftar/es COBURN Tom DRAKE Beverly TYLER __. Hume CRONYN THE CREEH VEflRS _ — Snd HIT- FREDDIE STEPS OUT Freddl* STEWART June PfiE/SSEff • Today "ttENEGAJHSS" _ '•"• «<!*r men or nn qutni Did, eu«n« .MERITO RUM $2.79 CciliDfi- 1'rico .?.).n2 J. K. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BKKUS Sflfl N. Main St. Tel. *!) Free Delivery An.^v.^cre In Borouirh {WHITE FISH MARKET^ * JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop. ^ 8 South Sfain St. * Clioiccst selection iM suit ano J fresh water ' prices. at lowest > WKDDINC OUT SPICCJAL BLKCTKIC PJCKCOI.ATOBS with clirome tray, sugar and creamer, COO QT complete tbj£t£.ijt) M. WOLFF S3 GRAXD ST., WTKWg I Great Oak Farm OXFORD nOAJJ Tel. 5M!) PEKFKCTLY rASTEUKIZJSI) MJJ.K and CR.K/VM llrllvrry Tn All I'llrlK of N'nilk-utiirk STRISIK'S 10 Center St. \Vaterlniry, Conn. HEAVY CAST ALUMINUM sans to> EDDIE'S Corner Snrinff & Diamond St*. GROCEKIKS - VEC5KTABI..KS FRUITS - ICJO C^UCASr SODA FOUNTAI.V SKRVICK Freo Dflhvry Tel. -101!) Kdwnrd ViiiKkauclcis, Prop. » Highland PackEig-e Store J f):j Jliffhland Ave. — Tel. :W83 Anthony F:trr:ir, Prop. KRBE DKMVKRY AH Parts of WflUQflTUCK- KUN MINI; OMni-Ki'-Ann'rlrHn HlvST.M'H.VNT M4 HAST MAIN STIUCKT CIKIH' MKIN Anil (llli..r Chlnriip ' . iliill.v U ,i. m. In 1 n. in. ,s»tiirilii,v In a n. ni. If INI «M UNO* ANN* « THI KING „_ OfJMM "• ' STWNM IIUWI1C. MOM Naws oTthe Day , Official Pictures from BIKINI ATOM BOMB vs WARSHIP I SATURDAY and SUNDAYNI^TS ~ M LAKE QUASSAPAUG BALLROOM CLIFF SLATER AND HIS SENSATIONAL NEW 13 PIECE ORCHESTRA "MUSIC AS YOU LIKE IT" ADMISSION 60c (including tax) Bus Service to the Lake 26 PC. Service for 6 LIFT TIME STAINLESS STEEL fi KNIVES B FORKS 6 TEAS 0 SOUP 1 BUTTER 1 SUGAR S9.95 Complete With Chest JVATCII FOK OUR NEWLY RENOVATED STORK'S GKAND OPENING: CORNER CANTEEN 392 No. Main Street "l>om" Tcllrrlru, [Von. GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Your WILIA'.S-OVKKI.ANI) Hmlrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 IIurrlMon Arrnnu Ofr KxcliiinKi' I'liiris tViitvrhnrj- ' IGUS SMOKE SHOP! ! 4fl2 North Main St.. Union City i Gus Kllmttszcwuki, Prop. ; We have your favorite ncws- ! paper, mHjrnzlne or other periodical. ; Try. N KAYS Want Adu.- They Brine: Resulto. DODGE SAT.lSS — SKKVICK Hotchkiss St. Garage •17 HOTCHKISS STREKT TrI. .'5727 •T. I. MA7.JLAUSKAS, Vrop. Little Hof Brau j 40(5 NORTH MAIN ST. » "Al" nnd Vera Budrls, I'rops. * JJiiil.v Lnnclirons, JDInnors and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License DANCING FRIDAY. SATURDAV, SUNDAY Ope/i Daily Until 1 A. M. DANCE Every Saturday Night a r. M. TO i A. M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATER STREET Music By Tho Fan) mm «. I. TWILIGHT TRIO SAVE CASH & CARRY If You Bring 1 Your * Own Laundry CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICA /. i / > nit i LESS COST — MORE COMFORT HEAT AUTOMATICALLY with FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKER and RICE COAL It Feeds Coal nnd Removes tlio Aslics Constant Heat — No Cold .Spots CALL US FOR A SURVJEY The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5236

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