Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 10, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1909
Page 2
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T RV THE * COVINA FURNITURE CO. FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE or FLOOR MINGS SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE W. Q. CUSTER,-Manager BYRON Within easy r Wonderful curati mud and mineral" Reached from Los San Joaquin Valley. SOUTHERN PACIFIC LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALE. The ladies of the Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church held their regular monthly meeting on Friday afternoon of last week at t.he home of Mrs. William Waterhotiso, about thirty members being present. The installation of officers for the coming church year was conducted by Mrs. .!. A. Knnis, retiring president. In a lew touching ;ind earnest words Mrs. KnniH showed the importance of each office and the obligations of those entering upon its duties. Tin! officers Installed were: Mrs. U'lllia m Watorhouse, president; Mrs. P. (/. Stevens, first vieo.presi- dent; Mrs. .1 A. KnriiH, second vice.. president; Mrs. Frank Ohaver, secretary; Mrs. Merton (Jrlswold, Treasurer; Mrs. Charles Simmons, secretary of literature, ({ratifying reports of the past year's work were made by Mrs Ohaver, secretary, and Mrs. Jennings, treasurer, Mrs. .(emilngs and Mrs. Watorhoiiso, delegates to t.he recent annual meeting of the Homo and Foreign Missionary .Society of the Los Angeles Presbytery, reported many encouraging and interenl Ing features of missionary work that had ben presented at that conference. Africa was the field Kindled during the aft'-moon. At the close of the mooting the hostei-ui served Ice cream and wafers, which wen- greatly enjoyed. Mrs, Turner of Itiallo visited her sister, Mrs. L. M. Swallow, this week. Mrs. Carmen Oak of Irwindale avenue is visiting in Orange. f'. Labal.t has gone to Yiima, Am,., in the hopes thai, t.he desert climate will benefit bis health. Mr. and Mrs. Kd Kissinner and two children of Riverside spent last Saturday visiting Mr. and Mrs. 10. 10. Loeeh. Mrs. Dodshell of Portland, Oregon, and her Bister, Mrs. Aiken, of Santa Ana, visited last week at the home of G. W. Krum. On Saturday tho ladles, accompanied by Miss Melon Talma^M antV. Mr. Will Fralser, who (Wore also guenta of Mr. Krum, ppent tho day at Catalhia Island. ( .Miss Muo Coffrrmn has boon suffering from ah attack of pneumonia, but is rapidly recovering. Or. Rood and wife of 151 Monte apont Sunday at tho homo of W. S. Sawyer. Rev. and Mrs. George Chamberlon entertained Prof. Cox and Mr. Buck of Lorduburg on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wash burn and daughters of South Pasadena Hpont tho wook at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. 10. II. Coffman. Miss Edna Modio of Los Angeles visited Mrs. Daniel llolchard for several days this wook. Mrs. Aimer Miller entertained Miss Shirley 1 Unman, a former classmate from Pomona College, over tho week end. Mr. and Mrs. A. (J. (iant of Orange avenue had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Kollonborgor of Charter Oak and Mr. anil Mrs. 10. Wallace of Co»'lnn. Tho following party and their children spent a happy day last Sunday picnicking In Font Canyon: Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Maxsou and Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dancer of Walnut Confer. Mr. and Mrs. Kelt//, and children of Pasadona spent the wook end with tho IdUor's sister, Mrs. Clara Ayei'H. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coffman entertained their aunt and cousin, Mrs. Bert Coffman and Mrs. Marshall Coffman of Los Angeles on Monday and Tuesday. Mins Clark of Lark lOllou avenue returned Tuesday from a short visit with friends in Los Angeled. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mead entertained their niece. Miss White, of Long Beach over the week end. Mrs. Frank Worley and Mrs. .(. M. Crane wero guests of Mrs. .lohn Boalo of Los Angeles the tlrsl of thin week. Mr. Perccll has accepted tht; position of foreman for K. R. Coffman and with Ins family has nnr. ••(! into Mr. Collinan's small cottage. I.ait Sunday Mr. and Nil's. Daniel Kejchard entertained Mr. and Mrs. Clareiii e Ferguson, Mr. and Miss Bradbury ol Los Angeles, Mrs. Kinma Ciinlield and Mi^s Million Cantield of Allianihra and Id-h liun! of ! I oily v> i,od. • ilcii Harris, the. infan'. < bild o! M r uii'l Mrs. I'.'. K. Han is. ha.s be-'i: m:d •) the diii-lor'.s rail- Ibis wci-k Tin 1 liu.l<' iii;e has hci'ii sulieriiiK. I'roin an ull.i'k ol .s'onmcji Double. Mr. fJeorge Rebham has recently purchased a handsome Ford automobile, which Is the envy of all his friends. Mrs. ./. W. Heath visited In Com p. ton this week. C. F. Wade, L. Travis and Mr. Far. well were the coin mitten appointed by t.he stockholders of the Segura Water Company t.o purchase machinery to be used ;il t.he company's new well. A ninety horsepower gasolene engine will be Installed in the near future. Mr. Bert, Scott and family, who have been living on the 1.0. R. Coffman place, have moved to the Reynold's cottage on the Kan Bernardino road. Mrs. TaImage and daughter, Miss Helen, who have been spending several months at the home of <!. W. Krum, returned to their home in Seattle, Wash., this week. Mrs. Swallow and her sister, Mrs. Turner, of Rialto, visited Mrs. James Legg of Compton this week. Mrs. fi. J. Reynolds has been en- Joying a visit from her uncle, .Robert Banks, of Riverside?. Mr. Banks returned to his home on Monday. Loran Morrow and Fred Anderson, accompanied by (Jeorge Daniels and Ben PronflsK of Covlna, enjoyed a trip to Mount Wilson last. Saturday. The young men returned Sunday night. ./. Kendigof Los Angeles spent, Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Woodworth. Yesterday Airs. lOlmer Thomason entertained Mrs. Mary Clark, Mrs. Anna Welch of Illinois and Mrs. W. II. Wagner of Los Angeles. Mrs. Kooley and daughter, who have been visiting for several months at the home of Mrs. 10. 10. Leech, left Thursday for their home in Boulder, Colo. Frlondn entertained by Mr. and Mrs, B. Miller this week wero Mr. B. Hacket of (llondize, Montana, and George Drew of Los Angeles. Mrs. Angel of Los Angelea street received a visit Sunday from several of hor children and grandchildren. Her guests were Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, C. D. Rogers, Miss Jefl«ie Star, all of Los Angeles, and Miss J/oretta Star of Riverside. The many friends of William Stevenson will be glad to hear that he Is much improved and Is steadijy gain- Ing strength. During his illness his son from Illinois has visited him and also Mrs. Stevenson's uncle from Los Angeles. I'UENTE. W. R. Rowland has returned from a pleasure trip to Cuba. W. S. N'ordholt, a prominent real estate dealer of Los Angeles, and a party of friends were In Puente the first of the week looking at real estate. Mr. and Mrs. Ocorgo 10. Cross had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Mcf'herson and children of Santa. Monica. The Ptionto lodge of Fraternal Brotherhood initiated four candidates Wednesday evening. After the ceremony refreshments wero served and a social hour enjoyed. In the near future Joseph Ferrero will have his pumping plant wired for electricity, which will take the place of his present gasoline engine. ROWLAND. Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. 14245 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. In the matter of the estate of Al- rnira Lycn, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of E. P. Warner for the probate' of the will of Almira Lyon, deceased, and for the issuance of letters testamentary thereon to E. P. Warner, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 31st clay of March, 1909, at the court room, department 2 -A the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California. Dated M»rch 6. 1909. C. G. KEYES. County Clerk. By W. L. Warren, Deputy. A. M. PENCE, Attorney for petitioner. WALNUT; CENTER, A blacksmith shop has been opened on Sbuth Orange avenue by Fred Forney of LOB.Angelea. The opening of this shop fi!|s a long fell, want in this neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Forney have moved into the house for- formerly occupied by Harry Peachy and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Harper returned the first of the week from spending a few days with Mrs. Harper's mother at Long Beach. Miss Minnie Hllckcnstaff of Lords- from Mr. Forbie Howen of Nebraska this week. S. I). Johnson, foreman for Fred ,/. Stlmson for the past few months, has moved, with his family, to 1'omona. Taylor Robertson, who has been In a Los Angeles hospital for several weeks past, has returned to his home much bonollttod by the operation ho underwent while there. Mrs. S. C. Hrowator la "enjoying a visit from her Bister, Mrs. Mary I'luinb, who arrived from her home In Kansas on Thursday. Mrs. S. Wlsu ontortnluod Mrs. Arthur Wilson and children of Los Angeles ovur the wool; end. Mr. K'/.ra Mllburn left Tuesday for Vallejo. Mrs. Hunt and children returned Tuesday from visiting relatives in llurbank. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. N'ewlou have gone to Arrosv Head Springs for a short stay. II. Fastouan began drilling a woll the llrtit of the week. West Arroyo Drive, which has been closed for the past t'ow weeks, Ims been reopened. Preliminary steps are being taken by land holders to ext"inl tills street went beyond the Southern Pacific railroad. BALDWIN PARK A meeting of the Baldwin Park Woman's Club wa» held at the homo of Mrs. Afciie:. Rix on the afternoon of Friday, April '_'. A paper entitled. 'The Royerofters ami Klhevl Huh bard" ua.s read l>y Mrs. Klwell. An interesting description of a •. ish iu the Kust was c.iven by Mrs. Power Mi>. t'anolj furnished an itiM i iii-i i\ •• pa per (in i tirrelH e . ellls. A I'! i•;• ,1 ills en:-,-ini dainty I'eliv.-hireni s v, ere S'-rwd by the hostess. Tile r.-'M ir.eelint', ttill be held April !' : ;ii at the home ol Mrs. Henry S. hHlM.u ol M.'lllie .M leel A. Kelt/, of Downey has purchased six acres of land from L. McCraig and intends sotting it to oranges at once. I Mr. Kelt/ will also build a six room j cottage on the property. | W. R. Rowland Is planting a hun- ! dred acres to improved walnuts. I Mrs. F. F. Fleming visited relatives I in Downey last week. In a few days Mr. L. McCraig starts for Mexico to Investigate mining property. Dave Rowland will plant six acres of Valencia oranges next week. Mrs. Kim.bler, sister of the late Mrs. Eva Padon, Is here from St. •Louis, !Mo., visiting the family of George Paden. One hundred and fifty Japanese have arrived here this week to en. gage in the berry picking business. Many of the Japs are accompanied by their families and the stork has called frequently of late, leaving quaint little Japanese babies at sev. oral of the camps. Mrs. L. McCiaig visited in Los Angeles last week. NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF ORANGE AVENUE AND AN ALLEY IN COVINA VILLA TRACT, COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby given that a petition, signed by J. B. Coulston and fifteen others, praying- for the vacation and abandonment of Orange avenue and an alley in Covina Road District, County of Los Ang-eles. State of California, has been filed with the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, California, and that said petition will be heard by said board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los i\ngeles, California, on Tuesday, April 6, 1909, at 10 o'clock a. in. of said day. The street and alley sought to be vacated are described as follows: Orange Avenue running 1 from the south line of Badillo street ",outh to the north line of Dexter street, said Dexter street having been vacated by order of the Board of Supervisors April 17th, 1908. The alley running from the east line of Baranca street east to the east line of Lots 4 and 6 in Block "A" and from the easterly line of said Orange avenue to the easterly line of Lots 4 and ft in Block "B," being the westerly line of Grand View Avenue and from the easterly line of Grand View Avenue east to the easterly line of Lots 6 arid 7 in Block ''C" of a re-subdivision of the Covina Villa Tract as per map recorded in Map Book 11, page 182, Records of Los Anpeles County, By order of the Board of Supervisors of L,os Ang-eles County, California, ^iade 3$arch 15, 1909. C. G. KEYES, County Cleric and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, By A. M. McPhei-ron, Deputy Clerk. AZUSA Ail open meeting of the Woman's (Mub was held Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. W. P. Taylor. About, sixty five of the club members and their guests wens present. A program of tinusua[ interest added to the pleasure of the guests. The committee having the evening in charge was: Mrs. W. P. Taylor, chairman; Mrs. Arthur Brown, Mrs. .1. W. Calve rt, Mrs. J. K. Hill, Mrs. George. Knight and Mrs. R. F. Thaxter. Mrs. J. J. Ayers is entertaining the Pastor's Aid Society of ihe Presbyterian Church this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. lOdrington of Colorado, who have been visiting at the liouiu of R. II. Kdrlugton, have rented the house on San Bernardino road owned by Bon F. Thorpe. Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Briggs left Tuesday tor Camp Rincon, where they will spend the summer. I LUMBER—Let us Qgure your bill and nee who is lowest. J. M. ARMSTRONG, M«r. Pico Heights Lumber Co. Los Angeles. 4-10p SI lilCI'SSFUl *"'**"" l»»i>»> hOK t-Kbti POULTRY RAISERS USE Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Cure—SOc Postpaid .HE'S liUU MAKEK HENRY ALBBRS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. U)S ANOULHii Patrick H. Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CE/WEINT Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 3249 Postoffice Address, Covina Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. Folsom, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. - i See P. E. DOUGHTY for Buick and Maxwell Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Phone 2188 H E A L D'S 614 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California. The greatest business training institution in the south. Open during the entire yenr. Write for particulars. J. W. LACKEY. Manager. BEN E THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. Reinforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yarr 1 West Cvpress Avenue Telephone 4037 GLENDORA. Miss Irene LaFetra spent this week as the guest of Mrs. Reynolds Elinor of Los Angeles. The lUendora Woman's Club hold | its regular mooting Tuesday. After the business mooting Miss Elizabeth Whiteomb gave a very interesting aeeount of her travels through Hoi- I [and. On Wednesday afternoon Misses Clara and Irene La Fctra, attended ! the reception given by Miss Marie ! Crow of Oiu'ontu Park in honor of ! Mrs. Timmons, daughter of ox-Vice! President Fairbanks. BJMVC Eire Laddies. j often I'lVcivi- -cvi-iv ljiii'n>. putting' out i lires, tlK 1 11 n.-e liiu'l-. i 'ii'> A i iiie.i S»il vo J .1 ml forget tli'in. It s.i.'ii drives out ! o.iiii. For lMirn.->, S ,i nil 1 ^ i'u i.>'' > 11 > '-'.'' i" Of A 1VI YOUR VACATION .1^1—4/ml i NOW at our expense A CHOICE OP FOUR FREE TRIPS IS OFFERED YOU DURING ALASKA- ^tiA 1 I Lt YUKON-EXPOSITION YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID 11" YOU IIAVK FRIENDS IX THE EAST WHO WANT TO VISIT THE PACIFIC COAST WE CAN ARRANGE IT. This is your Opportunity California Raisin l>;iv- April 30—Kat California Raisins. •,, Woiuuls, *.'ut.-> i I :.• iv.itcst iiniiWly vut\-.-> SKin Liiipiioiis. i)hi Sor-.-s. U,,ils, I'K-i-i^. Fel.-i.-; | )( .-st Pih- <\ iHii'i' niiuli. Kelii't IM^nt. --""C at For complete information ai SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB Rviotn l'i, Flood Bid. San Francisco

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