Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 8
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 8
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EIGHT SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 194» Homes Of Leaders Ideal For Defenses Hitler, Goerlnp ami voti Ribbentrop Might. Avert Doom for Consider- nhl^ Time • i! cur.r.ecw *itli a first class ordl-; nsry rcati •J.liicfi uske> '.he traveler.' .-, ;a Ban Rtichenhali. celebrated; Hat a nun Spa, five mile* more iouttv :o i he beautiful itiir.mcr and winter rcr-ori ct BerchlMjacfn, some 15 miii'Ji of auidine, .I'isine thorough- US* '"'-..- ' . ' : Hitler Ha* Special Airport . Rfreht*?i!ader>, besides enjoying .;-x,d railwtii" ;ind. automobile cone-ion*,, has a special airport lor EiiOer. rUthouRh' he also frequently UricU 'on the Rxisenhelrr. field i Berchltsgadtn He.s along the west-! lent- ihore of a mountain stream jKnown as Di'. 1 Ache. Crossing it in an — :• ipuf'tcrly direction one faces Ihe By LOUIS P, IXJCiiNER jUntrrAalitxrrg 'lower -Salt . Moun- Feb. 17—If Hitler, Oneruianairi) . \nd von Ribbenurb'i should de.cide* Triere. nbou; 24 miles tram ihc ^ retreat-to uselr'inoviistaln iniiF iisi;-^"' 1 river, H'.iier inheriied .a typi- he Gtrman-Austrisn border ih*vl' •'» Bavunar; t.-.haieau from.Mis litte; n'ght be nhle'-W aver', their c!o«n • fr:«nd,' th(r N'iizi rxK-t Dietrich KcU-l 'o: a ten«'id«rahle'Unit , lii'r), -»-iio participated m ih« iH-fateci: me, M.WW-™ld dcpeivl ^"^^^^^^^^ EcKsrt : -.h«r petwiiai . guarcb , r*m»irJi.< ho J ,. hfr<1 . ' hari u . ei , ft .pjdo^ oyai and Billing to flglu. .-ummer hotel ^.n »n enormous l>.ew three Nazi . blswizs h « v -:ve.rar.da comraandinsr a 'plendid mminer homtx IMS tlian 50 '«"«•': vj«'\v of. (!v moHiitains. Item each oilier, . As Hi'.U'r'i popiilarisv rc>--c :n Iil3); Go*:;r.if's huntir.s! kxi-s? is»r N'lui devotees ofun Jar matr.- houi.\; Rtssrnhei'm. Bavaria, . -;n-UIP veranda lr>okin$ ric-At-, in the.! Hl'itr has hid'eouw'.both >-t OrM-r-'ritrpi-.iun of tHsicrV l .i?. uir.ll; ?»lzixrz near Berchtwzartfn and Iitsal'y..trie..fuehrer would n-'p out on' itcp ti-.f KehlsK-'m mountain rlos.> -o• =.:-.« porch'and wave HitVr 'ii'.i'.fs in; tLt Avt.''^rian bprdtr.. "r-.i.-ir dir«-ciiorf. Vor. Rlbbcnti'op hli.5 cr.iifisraicr.1 .After Hitler became fhtur^-lior the: fiorr. wenjtivr. Austrian Jcivi a s.-.-nB Ix-csm^-.a private tir.e. Only! bn rliarmins'-.-Uifec Puch-i.i Local Yank Recent "Visitor" Over Tokyo • C JAY 133 iti Ai.!.<tr>a. &b»:i'j! 15 irsUf.t mi'^uip Ssb.burff ' : Hlmmier IlaV Havaria linmf j Hitler'.". Ci«.staivj Chief Hein'rlchj Hirp.mir-!. likevlw. has a summpr; home in the Bavarian Alp* on ; ati- : oihe.r f>i Hs.jnrhan'.ih? lafers—eit.'n»r Chiemsfe or Tcq^rnsce. : H«, irxi, ran; f«Ai!y' cnmtnilnicat* 'Vilh the nrhcr 1 three. wiin a .''Deciiil pass rc>n!d or,p drlv«' or ivilj: \a OliMTsnizijorti; The hotst' •*iK ct;i>.vr>:'-.od into a'lxliiarv nfiices.! 'he Krkh'ari house wi« Ereatiy.ex- !>.'ihdt'<l. bit; .'ijarasw v.-rc erected;; cruii' SS guards studded-the way up! \'i Hitler's citadel and fairly oozed. f.rpminsJy irom nowhfre, when one ci'i'fi'ffcS ihe sacred precincts. Knerhfr's Home Ilichly Deroral«l The Fuehrer.- whom Dr. Ja'eph pic- Townsendites Here Told Of Legislation Two local Townsend groups have received word that plans to Introduce the 19-15 Townseud Plan Bill n Congress were laid by the Townsend legislation bureau in Washing- ion recently. The information was contained in a communication received by I. C. Brant, president of Town-send Club No. 3 and Miss Mary Ethel Rose, secretary of the Maryland Sixth District Council. Ttv tlonal measure, which calls for na- insurance to all citizens 60 years of age and older financed by a three- per cent gross income lax Is expected to be presented within the next ten days. House Votes Sympathy member of the' Oarrett County Board of Commissioners. Lerner Stores Co. Adopts Employe Retirement Plan- Lerner Stores Corporation, \yhichj operates 181 stores, one of which is] n this city, announces the adoption \ of an Employe Retirement Plan for ! employes over 35 years of age, with twelve months or more service and earning over•:: $3.000 per annum, which, when approved by the Treasury Department and the stockholders, will be put into effect retroactive to February 1, 1944. '•',• The plan, provides 'participants with retirement benefits at age 6a for men and 60 for women which, when augmented with Social Security, benefits, will give them j>ub- _, „ . -.-.-, .• stantial payments their later To Delegate's rami!y years. : ; ' .:. .. The .entire cost will be borne, by The ' House uf Delegates na.s.thc corporation.: and no employe 'iadopted a resolution c.xtendina sym-'will be required to contribute in any [pathy to the family of Delesate;way. H is estimated thru the cost of Otho Speclman Fike,~67. of Avilton.I providing for past service under the Garrett county, who died February!plan is $735,000. which \yill be fund- 12 at Miners' Hospital. Prostburs. ; ed over a ten-year period, and the He was first elected m 1930 and [cost for .current service, based upon, served tmtil 193-1, then was again-present salaries, will be. approxi- elected in 1942. Fike was a former I nv te!y S108.000 pei year. Contribute To Our Comforting Service T*« rtndti c«I irl of iine StrvJc* w« (or triintd (till. ih> rjfliminjMp «nd ftw )h» txperienced personal ilt»nd- tnct th») c«re( for iho nunnber- Uis jmall, but important. d»i«ili that bring per<«ction (o • funeral and comfort »o th« bereaved. ,\l Ica-'t'-'oue of '.he"air" is'a ss; lapestries. sculp- .-he lifce.'His Eiiest rooms Cumborlanri soKiier Cumberland ftlei :o rus pare;-;!;-, :vir.! " .'Tokyo Rose' in a propaganc:; and Mrs. William Bancz. 213 Aviret: broadcast boasted jhat we Yank sir- men'were already prisoners of the!| Japs," ' ••' • • ' ' T-Sct. Charles' Bantz. brother n! Tokyo'.' He- Is. Se; \villiam O. Bamz, -^ su ' nner ! ( n ;. the fright blister of '' ' : I'n.' ihV piciure above at B-29, Sgt. Baniz ': and hi.= fei- " . cx;r-rne left : in tr.e Srnni row of the! low. crewmen "a;e bised in ihe Mar!-|sgt. Bajra. was killed over North crew hf a'iB-20 3uperfo:treM«. Plar.cianas Islands. The day before their; Africa clurins the early period of thn and crew, were over Tokyo 'Jnnuarvi mission over the Japanese capital.! war while in service with the Army 29, according. to a !e'.:?r from thpihe wrote:- Ferrylnrj Command. aU'audV Bin t-ven more forml-iPass 'and .tl'nif wns the, problt-m .-u' erecting a! H'.e Russian f r^leasirii; troops for:t«een Brenner and the Nari hide- and British-American; outs. . ,. . : • .-' - . ! Tli« country homes of/'aU four are;Go-?hbn'ts' propfriganda always heavily frjr-lfled. In iiddiM.-r. thcy.u.rr-s ax tlie most, modest of men enjoy" Lh* un'itnial adyar.tace of|.wi;:i i-esard to personal :sstoi, son having mountainous country all j tilled him mountain retreat with atouud'the'm. The hisliftst penks 1n;CDs'ly pa Gflrmanv sre in th<- Bavarian Alpvs, jlcres a:id Hardly has one left Munich, in a:'had p.v<i'uL«ite iippointiiiente. RCTithf-astprh- dirpciion trffore ihc! an's mudc-.s: windows wete removed! Leahou!=e atop'kelilstpin. The moun .^.^...-. . - , Tni> . .-,. .,„.,,..„,.,,, fnllr t ; mp<: n . r rail'xavsandnHto'rosri'beui'ntori^^i'id one'gigantic.-pane Installed forl t! »in 'so - precipitously that u Only, the nanovv neck of, Austria, Iceoocits can Ua\ el [our ume.s UK- unri Voou the eve^ riches; the HIOTT-: :t:c expanded Uvtn«'room; thus Blv-UbaJt for she elevvor i"<id-> ihe -extending., between Germany EndjSpn-d ol the wind b> xiuh7ing a sec- r. ; . P! vd rnoimtBlii!: in the distance j uic a splendid View of • Wnlnnar.n! m'^mtaln hurl to "be ioiutr.ue.tod: Italy to the .Swias border-lies be-jond airflow coming irom dead ahead, especially Bnvaria's famous Vratr-^aiiri o:hcr whi'e-fapped peaks. ! uet!we«ii 800 arid 300 f«.'et ;straight'v.ji' m.^zui peak. . • Now thixc Obersalzberg had be-l al i;-,.e rost of:a number o! worker.; : I never veiled iile country rf"-l--rnme a busy beehive—during tl'esiiv'pf. denres of Goer'.n?; Hirhmler-and voiv summer it was . virtually ari ersat?.| o ' ,, h-on'e rloois i"arded clo^e- Rihbentrop, and honco car.r.ot;CRpi'.»i~-Hit!er suddenly ' ' v -- ! LOANS Insured Loans of the FOR A In W. I, N. L Abuni ,iy bv.armed men. c!o>e Oir tntranc ; on the east. .«outh ana west. tooSc' over Iri 1933. I; exi end? : qiie aerie. • • .: . from Munirh to the Ausirian, border; Tr-is nipant construction oi a road JtLRt outsirfe Sni?biirj. ThU stretch -ii 1» almost 80 ml1<"s l"nc At Salrb'.n^ U th? thick iorest from Ober- lzhorg ro Kehlstein. with a 6.0000. P. A. Odd lot Release RATION-FREE February 19th to March 3rd on the porch during the day !ed to reports ."that . the ho'.ise. built in typical Bavarian poasant style, re-; volyrd on a tiirr.iabls so BS always 10 meol the sun. • . '. j Terrain Gives Advantage If Hitfsr nnri his snieSUtes should deride so entrench themselves - In upper Bavaria thsy hnve-R. great ad- vantaef in the tern\ih. : The moun- taih.t behind them become : ey-:r higher ns the Bavarian' -Alp, 1 ; merfse inio the Tyrolean and these in turn into the Dolomites anri thf Swis. 1 ; Aip.^. Abundant, mountain lakes af- . ford many hidwut-s. Only, n few I • rnil^s south of Berchtesgaden is. Bavaria'. 1 ; most famous like, thf? Koeniefpe. The mountains around it : ! ri-e 10 6.500 ffct. It ha^ : numerous; little bends i and baj'S. thu.s -mnklnc' detection of hldlne persou.s difficult. Tnoiieh pbsersalzberg to the uninitiated seems like n dead-end alley, there is a rear escape in the, (iirectlon of Austrian Sal7.burc.' which lj only sbout 15 miles from! HfUfr's chateau. Salzburg hns cavos wherein many people could lose themselves. . ' ; The whole upper Bavarian region in which Nazidom's four, top men. have home.* Li heavily protected bv 'Ink .ns wpll as by artillery, '-Elite i^Lards who constantly surround them' are 'remarried as the most re-; liabl* .Nazis and could ftpht >-ithj :heir backjs to the wull afforded by- the mountain.":. " • ' ' This fact, perhaps, explaliv; why' the Hitlerite? continued ' the Italian campaizn FO bitterly instend'ofj' wirhdrawlnc behind the • Brenner Fowers • Weddings . • Birthdays • Anniversaries for a/I occasions Sympathy Shut-ins ; Births : \ To Beffer Express Your Sympathy Order FUNERAL FLOWERS from Just Phone 2582 75 Baltimore Street We Deliver F.H.A. G l ••• Guaranty Loans F.H.A.G.I. 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