The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 1, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
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Friday, April 1, 1977
Page 4
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<i— XATOATUCK NTDWS (CONN.), SATURDAY, is, THE FIFTH FREEDOM. JPubllHhod Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THIC NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUCATUCK, CONN, KUDOLPH M. HENNICK, President and 1-uDllnher Teluphoutm 2228 iind 2221)—All Ubpurtmcntw Matured as nuoond clntm mutter at thu pout office In Nttupatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance t month $1.00 1 Year J12.00 Thu American Newspaper Publishers Asa'n Tho N. E. Dally Newspaper Pub. Ass'n Tho Conn. Nowapapor Publshora AS»'D HATUKIMY, JULY is, lu-iii Do You Remember? From the Files of tire Naugatuck Nowi 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barrutt wero honored at the observance of their silver wedding anniversary, o—O—o Mr. and Mrs. S, H. Becker of Meadow street., visited Albany, New York. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Bnrtholomow McCarten sold his home on Johnson street to Martin Strangaitis. o—O—o Mra. W. F. Freeman of Meudow ntreot returned from vacationing in. Woodbury. Rubbish Collection Next Week Tin- local sti'ffl di'parlint'iit will rcn- di.'f ain4ln.'r of its fino ami much appre- ciaU'd surviec.s next wt'uk. Aimoimcomi'iit Jius been made; i>y Struct. .Siipcrinti'iidiMil llai'old Aim-tint that lioroujjli trucks will innkc niM>i.sli collifclion.s Monday mi the east side, and Wednesday on Lin; wtisl sidi-. Tliix will he a ^ixnl opportunity I'oi- roxidi-til.-: lo ^cj rid of any nibbisli which may have accumulated in yards, cellars and allies since I he (as( ccillrclion was made. If |.||(..y will see ID il (hat tile Waslu 'natter is placeil in containers and placed al the curl) in front of tln-ir homes, Supcrinleddenl .Mui'llia's men will do (heir usual complete and salisl'ac-tory job of n.-niovini; 1 il. Around The Clock J'Vderal ol' John Statesmen As Authors I'Vw American public men are literary fitfiiivH, One such was the late William ('. I'riiri', [ nited States seimtoc from Maryland in Hie 'JD's, ;iml bel'oiv tbaL a l.'ulilx- er pri'/e winner Tor | ( js life of H I'Yanklin. (''ormer Senalor |-!r'iine| ('lark' of Missouri, now on I bench, wrote an acceplnble I tjnincy Adams. Senator Mlbert J. Thomas "f I'tali is the author of an authoritative work on Chinese polilical philosophv. That about, exhausts the list of senatorial aid hors in t he hist L'O years. () f I he presidents, Wuodmw \\'i|son ami Tlieodore lioosevcll were accomplished hisloi-ians. llerberl Hoover was joint editor, with his wilV, of a medi- .alin work on me(jillnr,yy, The onlv books by recent [iresidenis arc c'ol- speeches and reminiscences. In.1;' and il is differenl, Authors are "I'I ( 'H elecicd lii the House of Commons. Had U'insloji Churchill ne\'er had a public career, lie wmild still be remi-mbi/reil for lii.s life uf lirilfdn's ,L;Tea|e.s|- n'<.| (lie I'like of .Marlhornii-b, mid his l ( "'. v "f Ihe Kaslern I'mul in the first world war, And two IDih century liners- (iladslone, who served I'oni REVELATION There la a universe within n drop of dew, And yut wu ncvur give it thought, L'ntil the Htm upon it shines, When lo! a rniraulc is wrought. i. And there i.i In UK; heart of man, Great wealth beyond compare, Undreamed of 'til God's light of love, Hcvuiils the treasure there. F. B. Walker Bob Mariano is deluding- (ho borough with postcards from Lake. Waramant;'. Ami tho post olTicu crew ready had their haiK'ls full yu.sU-rtlay when .'Dot Mean sent yi'uetin^s from Gloucester, .Mass, Mrs. Joseph Durette, Candee Road, calls our attention to an error in the July 6 column William C. Thomas is the lucky fellow who married Shirley Dwy. Thanks Mrs. Durette. and Deri pnl.e as 11 I'erhap had lo wi wrilin.u 1 . , who scr\ islal ors ol' American k too hard lmes i'il ihivc—won lomi'i', public lo fiiii men )|,-JV( leisure I'di Good Safety Record ('ininecl icnl: ic fatalit'n.'s, nine .Iuly The fact that, days free of trat'f I lo !>, may be taken a.s an indication that many mure drivers are becoming s.-d'otv and are eooperal in(tc in Hie el torts i.o make (.lid safety a success. d record is all the more re- \vlicn il is considered that if ''mii'lli of J nlv lioli- conscious stale-svid campaign The Lvi markable was made d ii ri a,-;- Di (l/l V week-end. Mechanized Farming- Surely and sloaflily |he machine is (akin,Lf over I he 1'arm. A vastly improved coilon picker ami weeder al'l'nir, a mechanical siii^ai 1 heel harvester, a vacuum cleaner Cor barn and hen house debris, entvinc-propelled devices Tor di^in,"- ami I it; pdlafties, dehydralion and bal- in.u 1 of hay—alt such innovalions and •many others appear on the 1'arm scene, translating if I'rom tlu> lahorions and tin' 1 picturesque lo Hie olTicient and slream- lined work plan). The promise is sliorlonod work days, less buck-breaking (Tni'd^-cry—in short, more attractiveness in the business of i'amun.n-. Mechani/.t'd n^riiMiIlurc moans lu-iivy initial investment before profits cnn. coino, and inovita'hly so mo social and economic ii[isc(s nccompany tlio InnisU tion from hantl (o mac'liiiu- methods. But the long look shows that, "•asolinc and oil e.ti#ines and clvctricity have 1 come to the farm lo stay, and to hriiitf honot'its both to i'uiTuors and Ihu nation. IMr. and M'rs. Kddic 'Boyc-o celebrato 15 years of woildcd happiness Monday Cuii.Lrratnlalion> 1 . S'oiiie local sloj'cs are advertising 1 dehydrated potatoes for sale Paging all ux-sorviecmen \Vhal: could lie a jiicer sight than tlio four .M.atj'as dauy'liler.s wa.lkiny dowi: Church st root/ From Montreal, a postcard signed Nancy and Tom Lag-onick, Nancy being the former Nancy Longo. .... "Havinga wonderful time," say the honejrrnoon- ers "This place is ideal for vacation." .... Henry White is home oh furlough He spent Saturday with his mother in Hartford. Two weeks ayo, saw J\Fn»' and Fran Feeley drive down Church stro'et; just saw them drivi; back .Too Healy is having his recognition mark, his inolo, remo\-('d. Xow we.'JI really have difficulties Ml mi; 1 who's who CIrtrciico If.aipfli says (hero arc no •worries, a.s there's a dil'fereiicc in tho sixo of their heads, Yin's is lii^c'i'. No kidding 1 , that's mi anatomical fact Local vacation- ists moving- back into (own. Kasy to loll: there's less air to breathe these days Jack (iarlaml jnsf, walked out of Andy'.- (-'ainpns. (iarlaml Senior, that is U.'iinie Marchlewski and his Mother stroll down tho .boulevard. Loimie was recently discharged 'Tony Malonc, Jr., rumored back in town; so's Artie •Smith Kntli '1'Yiiu i.s standing- in iVonl. of (he "Campus" now. Wisli't she'd leave, so we. could finish typing- tills thing-. . , . Typewriter doesn't\vork anyhow: ribbons out of ink find we're too laxy to replace, it: darn these humid days, John Stien, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Stien of Millville avenue, has received his discharge from the U. S. Navy after completing over two years of service. .... Seaman Stien, who attended Naugatuck High school, enlisted in June of his Senior year, in 1944. He was then assigned to the Gunnery school at Gulfport, Mississippi, following which he attended Signalman's school in Pana- ma He was shipped overseas in November, 1944, serving in the Pacific and Caribbean. He served in Guam, Leyte, the Carolina and Marshall Islands. He received his discharge after returning from overseas recently. Of Church Undulant Fever— An Easily-Prevented Infection An. Easily- , Prevented Infection Talks On African Missions ^!TS^±SX At Hillside Congregational Miss Dorothy G. Ford To j Give Second Of Series! Wednesday Night At 11 o'clock, on Sunday, July •H, the Service To Divine Worship '.vill be hc'ld at thu Hillside Con- grgational church. The minister, Rev. P, W. Peterson, will preach an the subject, "The Mercy ot f3od," based on -the text for the <.Iuy, Luke 0:36-12. Holy Communion will be celebrated and the citrhL hand of fellowship extended to two now members. On Wednesday evening nt 8 o'clock the mid-week service will be held. Miss Dorothy G. Ford, mis- 3ionary to the Belgian Congo, Africa, will K'VO the second of a scries of talks on Covenant Missions in Africa and all over tho world. St. Michaels (Episcopal) Rev. Winfrod U. Tlio Nnugatuk Meihodist church, Meadow street, Rev, T. Bradley I-ongstaff, pastor. Service or Divine Worship, Sermon by Rev. Longstaff. 10:00 a m. This summer schedule for services at 10:00 a. m. will continue through I-abor Day Sunday in September. AN EASILY PREVENTED By HERMAN BUNDESEN, M. » WHAT a pity that anybody should contract undulant fever, not only because this stubborn infection is dllUcult to treat, but also because it is so easily preventable H all dairy products consumed in United States were pasteurized, we would almost never hear a case of undulant fever. Prevention is as easy as tha/t in most, cases, and yet thousands of people come down with this long- drawn - out, weakening disease every year simply because they keep on drinking raw milk. Undulant fever is caused by a germ belonging to what is known as 'the brucella group. As a general rule, the symptoms of the disorder develop about two weeks after the infection i.s acquired. There are marked weakness, sweating, chills and generalized aching, Often there may be some running oC 'the nose and coughing:. Fever- is present in practically all cases. According to Dr. Charles G. Baker of Lexington, Kentucky, the .symptoms of undulant fever vary lo a great extend. For example, in one type of case, weakness and irritability may persist for weeks even though the fever disappears within one to six days after the disorder starts. This type may often Ijc confused with influenza. In another type ihe patiunl has a norm- il temperature in the morning with fever in the afternoon varying from 101 to 10-1 degrees. Af- .er a period of six to sixteen weeks the fever disappears. In etill another group of cases, he disorder starts gradxially wi-th ia:ns in the muscles and in the neck, and with headache and fever n the aftornc-jn. The fever grad- ally becomes higher and finally my reach 204 degrees, whcrc- pon the patient develops severe eaknes.s, irritability. slecplcss- C-BS, sweating, constipation and s.s of weight. Then, within a day or so, the emperature returns to normal and he symptoms clear up to a great extent. However, after a few days, the fever recurs and the othe: symp'.oms come back again. Accurate Diagnosis The most, accurate way of diagnosing undulant fever is by finding the germs in the blood. Another method of diagnosis is the use of a skin test which is made by injecting into the skin a ki'led culture of brucella germ. Redness will occur where the injection is sional Instances when injected In to a vain. However, the dlseiiso is a most difficult one to cure. This disuose is not spread directly from man to man. It must bo acquired from handling infected animnlH or from outing their products. In this lies the .socr-a of its prevention. Even though a case might crop up now and Uion among those who must. \ro>k directly with animals, the groat ma- jorjty of cases thai doctom nrc now called on to treat would nov- 'ji- occur at all :f people goneraily insistd insisted on pasteurization dairy products. of all (Copyright, : 9 .j G , King Features Syndicate, IncJ Additional Classified Ads Employment Help Wanted—Female HIGH TYJ'JC Wom:ui ovT-r 3d lo be trained for special Wfjrk.Vlex- ible hours. Write Box E, care or Naug.ituck News. WOMAN for general lions<-work. 2 to 8 p. m. Telephone ;{C2a niurn- IK], WANTHn—K or light Ix, work and lo help care for child. Tel. 0597. For Sale Houses For FOH SAI.K—Mix- room, 1 f-unilv house in A-l condition. Could be easily convened j;>; 0 o <•.,,„ ily. A. .Sli«.j.l,..y. i,.|o,.i,,,n~ ' The services lor Sunday, July \ Mlh, fourth Sunday after Trinitj and the week following nrc: Sunday: 7:30 a, m. Holy Com munion, 31:00 a. m. Morning pray or and sermon. Offertory: "O, Hov Amiable Am Thy Dwellings"—J West. Ushers: George Gould, Ar thur Granger, Hans Griesbach, Jr. Wallace Noble. Tuesday: C:-15 p.m. Altos and so. pr.'inos. Friday: 7:00 p. in. Boy's choir; 7:15 p. m. Girl's choir, 7:UO p. m Entire choir. St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) Kev. Thomas M. Griffin Immanuel Lutheran Church Kev. Harold Lucas, Pastor 10:-1£ a. m. Worship sm vice. Missrs Christine Onllncci, 50 Cnlvov , 'Bolli! Ciisbiiuoro, Bufi'alo, N. Y., ;iiul Lciiu Mon.sante, .Riverside drive, are spending two wooks i\t Cape Cod A ml Miss Amelia Gallucci of 750 Culver street is taking a summer course in B'os- ion Our sincere thanks to the -welcome stranger who telephoned ns the other day with a. hot tip about the truck crush on May street We were right on deadline, thus failed to "Inquire as to his identity Thanks, friend. The Masses at St. Mary's church are celebrated at 7:30, 9:30 and 11 a, m. St. Francis' (Roman Catholic) Bcv. Paul F. Keating, i j :istor Masses will be celebrated in St. Francis' cfiurch Sunday n;orning at 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 o'clock. St. Hedwig's (Polish Roman Catholic) Kev. S. IT. Nulcwajk The Massed at St. Hodwlg's church will be celebrated at 0:30, S, 9:30 and 11 a, m. The regular weekly vesper service will be at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. Congregational Kev. Edward K. Jlunco K worship will be held at 11 o'clock. The .-ninistor, Rev. Edward H. H.inee, will preach on "The GrcHtest Rule of the Old Testament." Children's subject will he, "The Girl Whose Picture W;js On Tho Penny." Music: Introductory voluntary, "Andantino," Franc!;: "A Memory," Demurest; anthem, "O How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling," Vetter-; offertory, "Look Down O Lord," Uyi-de; concUidin^r volun- "Alia Marci.i in D," I-Lick- ctl.. Adult choir rohoarsa ovcr.iny, 7:30 o'clock. Bethany Christ Church Kev. Winfred The service for Sunday, July Mlh, fourth Sunday after Trinity, is as follows: 11:00 a. m. sermon. Morning prayer and BEACON FALLS . United Church Rev. Harry K. Thomas, Pastor The Sunday school session will be held at 9:30 a. m. Morning hour of worship service will be conducted at 10:-!5 o'clock, tho sermon. In the evening the Christian En- given if the person has had undu- j lant fever. However, a positive [ test docu noc mean that active in- l fection is present. The treatment of undulant fever consists of. rest in bed, the giving of fluids, and measures to relieve fever and pain. The sulfona- midc drugs have been helpful in some cases. Blood taken from a person who has recovered from the disease may be helpful in occa- HAVING TROUBL WITH YOUR CESSPOOL USE Starco CLEANE or BOTHER — SHUTDOWN RELIEVES CLOGGED OR SLUGGISH CESSPOOLS SEPTIC TANKS - DRAINS ELIMINATES ODORS 5.10-25.50-100 Pound Conielnert SO ID S Y Naug-atuck Lumber Co. 20 Bridge St. Tol. 2210 deavor society will church at 7 o'clock. meet at the St. Michael's (Kom:m Cntholio) Kev. Jcromi; Cook, 1'astor Tho Musses for the parishioners of St. Michael's church will be celebrated nt S o'clock, 9:15 o'clock ind 11 o'clock on Sunday morn- Tuesday St. Anthony's (liomnn Catholic) Prospect, Conn. Masses will be celebrated at St. Anthony's church in Prospect Sunday morning at D and 11 o'clock. Holy Saviour (I'olish Cuthollc) Jtev. Louis Knczorownlci Salem Lutheran . ( Synod) William K. Friiiicllmrs;, I'.'vstor Fourth Sunday after Trinity. The Mote and the Benin (Luke C::36-12). Ushers: Elmer Sanfoi-d, John Ivar Johnson. Sunday, July M : 10:00 a.m. English service. Soloist: Mrs. Arthur Parson, BETHANY Bethany Mission Mass will be celobrnted in Stnte Police academy Sunday morning nt 10 o'clock, Miilville Cubs Play Tonight Coach Al Brewer's Millville Cubs of the Naugatuck Junior Baseball league will cross bats with -the fast stepping Brooklyn Orioles, of \Va- tcrbury, this evening at Recreation Field. This contest is scheduled for 5:30 p. m. and will follow the Legion contest. Thot Orioles, one of -the leading teams in this area, are undefeated. They will be out lo add the locals to their list of victims. E-obby Mariano, of Central avenue fame, or Lofty "The Whiz" Boc-tl- ger will start on the mound for the locals with Schuster receiving. All members of the Millville, nine are urged to report at. Recreation field a>t C p. m. PROMPT WATCH 5 and JEWELRY t REPAIRING \ , % * William Schpero » JEWKLKR the Immanuel Lutheran Jtov. Harold Lucas Masses celebrated at 8 a. m. and 0:30 a, m. St, Paul's Evangelical Lutheran 12 Curtis Street, Bov. O. H. Bertram, Pastor Sunday school, 9:30. Divine Worship, 10:30. Text: Matthew 8, 3. Theme: "The Touch of Jrsus." Children and adults are invited o attend Sunday school. The-story or Sunday morning is found in the ~ook of Ruth, chapter 1-4. Tho Lutheran Hour, 12:30. WICC nd WHTD.; 4, WATR; 3:30, WINS. Church. Council, meeting, Tues- ay, 7 v p. m. Adult iectur.e. Course, Tuesday, S p. m. . Y. P.. S. and I/. L. L. . . and outing-, Thursday, G:30 p.''m.- First Church of Christ Scientist WATEIIBUHY Sundny service, lOMf) a. m. (Afternoon service omitted during July am] August.) Sunday school JO:-I5 a. m. Wednesday evening meeting, S o'clock. "Sacrament" will bo the subject of tho LcsKtjn-Serrnon for Sunday, July 1010, The G-.ilclnn Text is from I Corinthians 10.-1C. "The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? Tho bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?" Assemblies Of God Full Gospel Tabernacle 101. Vrospnct Street, Union City Kov, Ray Unsderfer, minister. Sunday school with classes for al) ajros, 0:-15 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a. m. Kvaiii;clistic service, 7:30 a, m. Mid-week service: Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. »WIT,I. STUDY SHORTAGE Washington, July 13—(UP)—Con- sress will study the 'stock feed shortage in Massachusetts. The Houso has passed a resolution asking Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson for any information he has on the shortage. This is at 'east a beginning in efforts to nid stricken poultrymen in the Bay State. Col. Lindauer Dies In Honshu, Japan Local men who served with the 102nd Inf. when it wns foderali?.ed for active duty learned today with regret -of the death in Houston of Col. Bernard J. Lindauer of Wallingford. He was commanding officer of the Third Bn., 102nd Inf. in the early days of tho war, Co). Lindauer, who was seriously injured in a plane crash in China, May 1, died July 4 as he was returning to the United States. He was bolinvcd to have recovered from .the accident, in which ho lost his left foot. Details of his death were not revealed by the War Department. SKI: rs niu vein; VACATKIN LUGGRGE { rmlircllHt I FISHERS J 111 S. MAIN ST, CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 22),n 2-1 SOUTH MAIX STKF.KT (OlHinslli. Ninicnlii'-li FiiMiKiin' <'«,.) rnrlnry Krniilr Scrvlw <m All Slnk of Uiulin Sct^. J'nimnt >.T\ i t' 1 '- :it lto;IMiii:ilil|. I'rlci'x. T.;il|.>if. Ixlll hull,'Ii; fur liinlli) Ili'iuilr Work. Ak-riic.v fur \\ .•stlm:linM,,,. Radius Ailinlnil K.nellun nnil I'hciniiicmiilis hn-wiirl-Wurni.r iiml Siiniinl IC:i«lln>, I'llilcn Cnr Knilios Snhl, IltNtalti'il arid S,-rvlr.><) CASK DROPPED Torrington, July 13—(UP)—Cases againist four TorrinR-ton men who were charg-cd with selling still-born calves to a meat market have been dropped. Deputy Domestic Animal Commissioner P, Forbes Bushnell testified that the meat was not unfit for human consumption. VENETIAN BLINDS In Block. Tlirre BLIND CO. -70 No. Mnln lit. TCJ. s-rzsi VutrrlMir.\ MAY RND STRIKE Hartford, July 33— CUP)— The strike of dump truck and cement- mixer drivers may be Settled tomorrow. The union announces that the following: "Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence .toward God." (I John 3:21). Correlative passages from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, include -the following <p. 31:1-1-17): "It is the living Christ, the prac- , tical Truth, which makes Jesus Wisconsin produces about GS per I 'the resurrection and the' life' to all Selections from the Bible include a meeting will be held to vote on You ^are. in.vked Paul's,' to attund. St. cent of, the nation's cheese. 1 who follow him in deed." a company offer of 20 per cent wage increase. Tho drivers had biicn seeking a 25 per cent increase. INVITATION ACCEPTED Rio DC Janeiro, July 13—(UP) — General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower has accepted President Eurico Caspar Dutra's invitation to visit Brazil and will arrive : About $500 million life insurance in the near future, it is ofllcially i is written annually for children un- DEPOSITS FROZEN Lima. Peru, July IS—(UP)—All gold and foreign exchange deposits in Peruvian banks have been frozen by the government. NEW CHAFKL PLANNED Storrs, Conn., July 33—(UP) — Defective wiring is said to have caused the fire which destroyed the Roman- Catholic chape! at the University of Connecticut. Tho chancellory for the Hartford diocese meanwhile announces that a new chapel will be built. Because of conditions in the construction field, however, it could not bo stated when the work will start. R&P METAL WORKS .09 SO. MAIN STREET (R«ar) Expert Welding of All Typed Forging, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Worh TrJrpbnnr 03*7 announced. I der 1C years of age. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building Nnueatuck. Conn. J

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