Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 11, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1954
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, February 11, 1954 'G Board jects Young Chairman (#> ftejeittti&fi bf MARKETS Sf, 'LOUfS LIVESTOCK JMT.TONAL STOCKYARDS, j"|food heifers and mixed yearlings ... ^.t. 1(3 ()6 19.00 small lot choice year- Hogs 6,501; active, 15-23 high ifttfati ef ttrt ** % . . „ uTJ "" 'JtiUKo iJ.UV », CUHVC) tit-tnj lllff,H' Young as a a.rector «nd^ : bul . ,^' s t r , v , ; sows steady to of the New Railroad threatened U6H off a wide open bal- of Hie Vast rail,syl- Offe- fail- Individual . stock _^ !<ic^f th6 'to f f"§sfeiit jdfreM6!-s fcfteY Its action stafemeft frditt his Pajm *"at,, jhorrtfe' hts defclar<*a: is whetKdr <Jie •^v, , ,-, - a *" e '^ Oi «g e mcd^-.toJxintinUq to submit ,. _i "Morgan iran-nWflcMhip boal-d iih. Countless conflicting interests th.er tWey ftrc 'fo erijoy whet honest btJsinesi' under our syst^tn must have it •hbiflefs ai-d the public are to -""-'•* )nst?Sd tit be damned, instead of be dahined.' ! IS art ortfitifship board j strong:, bfroltp 183-^3 0 lb 26.35-73 sboul 1&5 hea 1 clioice N6. 1 #6.83-00: 240-270 i(> 25.po-20.25; 270- i310 lb 24,(KWW,S3; loG-'VO lb 22528.2 sow's 400 ll> flmvrt 2.7-2373 heavier 1 so<vs w'. 73-22.75; boars 15.50-20 00. Cattle 2,000, ciives. 500; trading slow; bidding pelirraily lower <m steers and heifers; few early sales steady an commercial ahd with a slronR ownership in its chair. The Nr-w Vork ' Central owners, I am pure, on May 28 Will give th<- rigi't oncwer/' The railroad's annual meeting, at which, all shares can be voted in fln election for fi new. Board Of Dii'eeloi-P, is scheduled for May 20 ih All-any, N.Y. Yoitr'-} had ; vtydested that both hfe•• 1'iftd his associate, Allan P. Kh-byV'be named to the board. FOR THE BEST PIX WATCH CHANNEL SIX >, ! ABC j *—•'-" - - '-•''"•' DTN ling s=tcfr 23.-00 :cows slow; about .steady; utility ,-jnd commercial ;cows 11.00-12.50 oanner and cut lor,cows 0.150-11.00 shelly canner 9.00 r,r less; b-'lls 50 lower; utility and commercial 12.50-14.50; cute bull.- K. ,50-12.60 heavy fat buJi 11.00-12.00 vealers steady; prim 29.00; pt.dd nnd choice 21.00-27.00 culls and utility vealers and calve 0.00-11.00. Sheep 300 lambs opened stron lo 2 f i hlyhfi'; 251 head choice t prime 107 lb wools-kins 11.75, nev high since kite August; other earl.' sales eficice to prime 22.00-SO; ,loac moslly hoice t?0 It- 21.50; part o run still. unr;olcl- aged sheep stead} slaughter-' uwej ,'5.00 dbwn; agei bucks 4.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO W —Live poultry bare ly strati/,on. hens; weak on young Etock; receipts 2G coops; f.o.b paying • pricf?5 iinchynged; heavj lions 27-30; light .hens 18-20; fryerr and broilers 22-23 old rooster. 17-19 ducklings i'0-31 Bulloi stoady; receipts 944,656 03 scoce AA fi=i; 02 A 65 00 B G.' 89 C U2.5 car* !)0 B 63.5; 89 C 62.75. Eggs easy; .receipts 10,125 whole.'inle buyint/ prices unchangec to V, lower U.S. large 46-b8.5; U.S. mediums 42 U.S. standard? 44.5; current roceipts 43; checks and dirlies 41.5. it.S- FREE L * : «^, -«i i Delivery Compare Price Pound You Since 1896 NEW YOR/< STOCKS NEW YORK .WV-Heayy demand for New York Central at sharply increased prices today featured a DIAL 7-4431 NOES 29 ( 10 lb. Sack Potatoes ( Compare (Price Sack G0od Rourtd Not Shoulder Round ^Compare Price Pound MOORE BfcOS. — ALL MEAT Mix Sausage Lbs. GOOD FRESH BUFFALO 2 LB. BOX WILSON CHEESE Pound Half Gallon Delicious 4 Rolls Soft *% «t TISSUE 33 C generally higher slock market. The touting surgo in Centra! Came as the management 'of the railfoac! and Hobert. ft. Young qtiared off for a proxy fight to the finish over control of the valuable property. The stock opened on a block of 30,000 shares up 1% at 23 nnd quickly worked i-r its price to 23 1 /2- The fi'Tt two hc.urs of trading pro- jduced :\ volume estimated at 75,000 shares. Other railroads were in demand at up to a point, and good plus sighs were seen in merchandising issues, chemicals, electronics, motion pictures, and building matt-rials. NE.W YORK COTTON NEW YORK t/P—Colon futures wer ^steady tod'iy on trade and commission hin«r: buying. The lightering spot cotton markets and the continued Increase in loan stocks held by the government prompted buying of futures. Demand for new crop months in part was attributed It foreign sources. Demos Claim Personal Cut Likely WASklNCTON A Democratic advocate of a general personal approved by the Republican-controlled Kuuso Ways and Menns Conimitleo— but several GOP member* pooh-poohed Hie idea. 1 Ren. Roggs (P.La), already voted (V.-wn once Hy his Republican colleagues on the committee when he pnrposoc! increasing personal exemptions by $100, said several of them have indicated they are ready to change their minds. He raid they might write the increase, or at least onn r.f $50, at the last minute into a poiiera) tax revision bill now being drafted. But two Republican commiteo members in sepajatt interviews 1,300 Jobless on Arkansas Relief Rolls LITTLE ROCK Ml — Relief tolls in r.oHreiist Arkansas' sprawling agricultural a' - ca rose to more thah 1,300 today a? jobless farm wort-(MM conti'iucrl to apply for food for their families. Another 355 needy families ap- plieM at State Wolf arc' Department offices, in Lepanto and Marked Tree yesterday. About 1,000 asked Tuesday to share in free surplus j foodstuffs when the offices were opened in the tv.« Poinsetl County towns About half of the needy people registering at Lepanto yesterday reportedly camf from adjoining Mis.niss.'ppi County, which has made jso official request for state aid. Welf ai e Department officials said about five j;r;r cent of those seeking help have been turned down because they have enough resourses upon which to live at least for the time being. A. J. Moss, head of the Welfare Department, said yesterday that first foodstuffs ftr the unemployed people ;,hould arrive in Poinsett county next week. The needy will receive shortening cheese, dry milk and butter from the federal Product-.on and Marketing Administration's f ,torp of surplus foods. Whiteman varieties. Crime Fighters; 0:30 Deems Taylor concert. Insured Promptness The word "tip" originated from the first letters of the phrase, "lq* insure promptness," which ap-" peared on coin boxes placed in early English barberships. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (A; — Selected programs tonight: NBC — 7:30 Father Knows Best 8:35 Eddie Cantor records: 9:35 Jane Pickens. CBS —6:30 Cho-aliers: 7:30 Junior Miss; 9:35 Vice Pres. Nixon Lincoln Day talk ABC — ii:30 Starr of Space; 8 give you that! monthly look? Why let fell-tan fMsery, "nerves" she* In your <yet? Docs yoar mirror show nn older-look Intr, J woHi-out, nervous fnce tlnrine your "bad > days?" Why ]et men see that you are rom montlily crnmpsV Try a little Cnrdui euch clny as ihousanclti of women do. Let It help build strength and resistance so you have loss and Jess misery each month. Some eo ilitfiueh periods without feeling: nny tliscomfortB nt all. Also helps relax jittery nerves— sleep Letter. Look, fee], net more normal all month. Ask fftr Cardui. (Say: CARDUI MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF LIFE YVCIO 13VM iWULtVJ WV, AWl 1^.1(^11 O^JVti^^Ot . , , . ' i j ' ' -*. wi M Switching from nearby March toi tnrew , cold . water on the idea and several others . wlio would not be quoted by name agreed it had lit'lle chance-. A §100 incroosr in the exemption for a taxpayer ;,nd each of his dependents would reduce federal revenues by almost 2\' 2 billion dollars annually. Neverthjp'pjis, Bog^gs later months was fairly active. Lai(^ lifternocl- prices were 1 to 4,1 cents a bale higher than th prev-ous close March 34.35, Ma> 34.40 ard July 34.21. GRA>N AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO IIP, — New cro pwhea deliveries fovged ahead in ; mixod grain mi'rket on the Boarc of Trade today. Demand for thp. wheat contracts representing the 1954 crop was aased on continued dry weather in Lhc Southwest, plus a forecast for 'ailing te.pcratures. The grail does not have a protective snov\ cover in many sections. Soybeans also were ahead mos of the day, particularly the old crop months. Japan brought 670, 100 bushels of cash soybeans oyer night. Feed grains lagged, parti cularly corn. Wheat closed iy 8 -2 HGHER March $2 15-2.16, corn ] /i- low er March £l.f.3%-1.53. oats un changed o t ' HIGHER, March 78>/a rye V 2 to 1 cent lower, March $1.22 I /2i soybeans unchanged to 2'/ 4 higher, March $3.22-3.23. Cash -wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 yellow L58-581/. No.-3'l.53 J / 2 -57y a i . S-3.531A; sample grade 1.50'/ 2 ' 52"/ 4 . Oats No. 1 heavy white 82 83. Soybeans none. Biirley nomiral:. malting 1.20-62; feed 93-1.18. Field S6ed per lOOlb nom i . n al: white clover 10.00-10.3 red top 57.00 58.00; alsike 16.50. 17.50; timothy 12.50-13.50 red clover 27.00-28:00. Wholey May Join Dr. Cdldwell's Staff FAYETTEVTLLK (UP) — Storm Whnley, fovmer mana^r'oiE Radio Station KUOA, Siloam Sprihgs, may become an assistant to Dr. .Tohr Tyler Caldwell, president of the Un versity of Ark".ri.vfi&. Dr. Caldvrel! raid today that he had discussed ton "possibility" with Whaley'but "nothing definite was settled." Whaley currently is administrative aide to U. S. Rep. J. W. Trimble, Berryville, ir Washington, D.C The job for which Whaley was approved was created at the lasi meeting of the university's board of trustees by .splitting the double job of .too Cov.'nRton, university pro- \'ost Cov.ington was slated to be dean of the new law school. Wheley w&s reported in Washington as declining to discuss the matter. He .said any statement would have to. come from Dr. Cladwell. Phoenix, Ariz., estimates that about half the sales taxes assessed there are paid by noriresidenis. 'SPECIAL .SALE Tussy Cleansing Creams and Lotions FOR DRY SKIN Emulsified Cleansing Cream Reg. $2.00 now *1.25 Pry Skin Freshener Reg. $1,75 S1 xinow J FOR NORMAL SKIN Pink Cleansing Cream Reg. $2,00 «i oc nowU-49 fRESh TUP* f^ Tomatoes/ VAK« "CAP A Lettuce 7 / ,>• .-'^i - u ^ *»^IFf CRESCENT DRUG STORE forecast an income,.^' junction in addition to a ,wr• + ,_-> lf i. dollar slash fll-^^thkes. Ho predlcjf,, ' W g c committee's tax revisions, San-r altogether , would call.:*, R C y n( ai about six ' cuts of . He added, in an interview, there was no doubt l,he House w.ould pass such a bill if it gets a chance. Boggs sponsored a motion :w.eeks ago to write a $100 increase in personal exemptions into the revision bill. Th» motion was beaten on a straight party vote, 15. Republicans against 10 Democrats.. Rep. Kean (R-NJ), sponsor of the 1948 move whinch raised eve- emptions for each taxpayer ( and eacli dependent from $500 to the present $600 said such a program would be '"irresponsible." Hep. Utt (R-Cahf) another committee member, said he "couldn't conceive of the committee approving such a hu^o i eduction." About a third of the population of France lives in houses without riming water. I • T'S a record-breaker in more ways than one—this spectacular CENTURY. It's a record-breaker in power-to-weight ratio—with the greatest power-per-pound figure in all Buick history. It's a record-breaker in horsepower-per- dollar — brings you more power than you get in any other car in America at the price. 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