Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 8, 1976 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 8, 1976
Page 10
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Ford's Florida Effort Comes Alive; Trying to 'Goldwaterize' Reagan MIAMI — (NEA) — President Ford recently published a statement of his not very interesting personal financial affairs; that done, he set off for a campaign tour of central and southern Florida. The sequence was not accidental. Ronald Reagan, Mr. Ford's opponent for the Republican nomination, has a bigger, more zealous body of support in Florida than he does in most states, and its presidential primary election on March 9 comes very e"arly in the game. Mr. Ford does not want an early setback in a big state like this. Clad as it was in all the appropriate statesmanlike, presidential and Republic trappings, Ford's trip was a sortie against Reagan. The finances of candidates are a matter of particular interest at the moment in Florida, where the Democratic governor, Reubin Askew, is campaigning for a state constitutional amendment to require full financial disclosure from candidates for office — even state judges. Reagan has a lot more money than Mr. Ford, his financial affairs are more complex and his disclosure of them has so far been distinctly less complete. When the general elections come in November, the Republicans of Florida will not have much say in deciding for which party the state casts its electoral votes; the voters registered as Democrats outnumber those registered as Republicans by two and a half to one. The registered Democrats can, however, be persuaded to vote for a Republican for president, as they largely did for Richard Nixon and General Eisenhower — : but not for Barry Goldwater. This requires the Republican candidate to be somebody whom they think acceptable, a matter over which they, the Democrats, have no control; there the registered Republicans do the choosing, on March 9. An attempt to alter the state law to enable Democrats to change their voter registration for the purpose of the Republican primary election, reverting to their traditional party for the choice of state and local candidates in September, was made but failed. So Ford and Reagan are left competing for the mantle of Republican authenticity. Reagan's response to this particular challenge is much the same in Florida as in the country at large — to' represent Washington, the federal government, as politically soft and unprincipled but bureaucratic and spendthrift. Oddly enough these have been the main themes of Ford's political life, but now he is the man in charge in Washington. For some of the doings of Washington Ford can, and regularly does, decline responsibility, transferring it to the Democratic Congress. Other actions of the federal government he has to defend to some extent, since they are, after all, his own. For the purpose of appealing to the relatively narrow Republican electorate, with a view to winning the nomination, he feels he has to deny Reagan any monopoly of the designation of "conservative." For the purpose of getting elected he will 'need to look rather different, but that has to wait until after the Republican convention in August. The truth is that not much difference of political philosophy exists between Ford and Reagan, but their Times Herald, Carroll, la. Monday, March 8, 1976 10 situations are different. Mr. Ford, as president, has to make momentous decisions every day. Reagan has shed even the responsibilities of governor of California. He can speak up for ideas, or, to be more precise, for a mood. In addition Reagan is a charmer and a showman, while Mr. Ford is a plodder who, to be fair, has never pretended to be anything but a plodder. 1 Quickly as they were seized upon by political journalists on the lookout fora difference, President Ford's attacks on Reagan on his Florida tour were .not strikingly direct. He managed to suggest to-the elderly retired people who abound in St. Petersburg that their pensions'and their health care benefits would be safer in his hands than in those of some unnamed person who wanted to dismantle the federal budget wholesale. He told the city fathers and party leaders in Fort Myers of the additional funds that the revenue-sharing system would be bringing them, whereas others might bring them ' 'higher local taxes, or reduced service, or both." When he mentioned foreign policy he dwelt on a strong national defense, but, he said at Fort Lauderdale, it was better to keep your powder dry than to "come out with your finger on the trigger" of nuclear war. Sq an attempt ,was perceptible to "Goldwaterize" Reagan, as somebody on Ford's campaign staff put it, but it was kept within mannerly limits.' Regularly taking his right-wing positions so far as rhetoric was concerned, while as regularly proposing no very uncomfortable change in the present course, Mr. Ford declared that his record conformed to "the moderate Republican philosophy that is necessary to win." Not precisely calling Reagan an extremist, he suggested as much: "Anything to the extreme right of that philosophy," he said, referring in an indistinct phrase to his own indistinct position, "cannot win a national election." Before his visit to Florida Mr. Ford was believed to be lagging behind Reagan, perhaps as badly as 45-55 per cent, in Republican voter preferences. When he left, without having created any great excitement, he had evened things up or a little better, he had acquired a reality for the voters that he had not previously possessed and his not very lively campaign organization in the state had gained an injection of vigor. For the president to say, as Mr. Ford did, that a setback or two would not deter him from fighting on until the convention is not an unreal statement (provided, one should add, the setbacks are not so severe as to be humiliating). For a challenger to say the same thing would not carry conviction. 4 (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) DON'T GO ON A DIET UNTIL YOU READ THIS BOOK. %KAT. Share Job, Check and Their Children PITTSBURGH (AP) - Lorene Marcu and Leslee Fay are two neighbors who share quite a bit: a job, a paycheck, their children. The two friends, each recently separated from her husband, split a secretary's job at Chatham College. One GRADUATED Navy Lt. (J.G.) Larry C. Johnson, son of Mrs. Lambert J. Greteman, has been graduated from instructor school at the Naval Training Center, San Diego. He is a 1972 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. He joined the Navy in June 1968. works while the other baby sits. The arrangement solves several problems: each has a job she needs, each saves money that would go for babysitters 'and leaves her children with someone she trusts, and each has time with her children. The concept of job-sharing has spread in recent years, particularly among women with small children who can only work part-time. "With my skills, the highest salary I could get was about $450 to $500 a month," said Ms. Fay, a 33-year-old mother of two. "A babysitter would take about half that so it wasn't worth working five days a week." But she needed the income and self-esteem of a job. And Ms. Marcu, who like her' neighbor of 10 years prefers the feminist title, was advised by a pediatrician to get a job to make 3-year-old daughter, Amanda, less dependent on her. And Chatham, a women's school, agreed to provide each of them with half of the same job. Paid on an hourly basis, each woman works three days one week and two days the next. They each earn about $150-$200 monthly depending on what hours and overtime they work. The off-duty secretary is the on-duty mother of two preschoolers and a second-grader. "It's much better than leaving them with an older woman who watches the soap operas and makes them sit on the couch and watch, too. "Lori and I take them places and do things and we BULK FERTILIZERS! We have what you need... and we can apply it. If you're looking for the finest in bulk fertilizers and the best in custom application services—you've found them. One stop at your USS Farm Service Center is all it takes. We've got quality fertilizers along with the men, equipment, and know-how to apply them quickly and efficiently. This is just one of the ways we can help you the year around with a total soil management program that will help you achieve maximum yields and profits. See your USS Farm. Service Center today. We can apply what we supply. SERVICE is always in season! TRADEMARK Farm Service Center Carroll, Iowa 51401 712/792-9579 don't mind because we are spending less time with them, "said Ms. Fay. Chatham officials also like the set-up. "We don't always know which one will be on the job," said Peggy Donaldson, one of their bosses. "They set up the schedule between themselves. But we always know one will be there." Once Ms. Fay's son, Terry, got sick; she worked while Ms. Marcu took Amanda to Terry's house, just up the street, to care for him. "If one is sick, a child is sick, or a car breaks down, the other shows up," said Ms. Donaldson, who also prefers the feminist designation. "That's not the case when one person holds a job." Both women say the new routine, which started Jan. 12, has made the time they spend with their children more meaningful. And the children get along like siblings. "Amanda has started to call Elizabeth 'Sis,'" said Ms. Marcu, 38. "I have more patience with her now and she's happier to see me?' Both say the arrangement may not last forever. For the moment, however, both women are happy that Chatham was willing to experiment with them. IlMreu.Srndtoril: Nutrition, Pueblo, Colorado 8HXW. FLOOR FASHION CENTER Armstrong REMODELING SALE The carpenters are here to remodel our big carpet department. In order to make room for them to work, we must drastically reduce our inventory. If you can stand the mess the remodeling project has us in, it will be well worth your while to shop this Remodeling Sale and cash in on the big, big savings being offered. All 6 Ft. LINOLEUM In Stock 25 ;o OFF \ All 12Ft. 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