Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 3, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1909
Page 6
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TRY FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE or FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE W. Q. CUSTEK,'Manager BYRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of San Francisco. Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joaquin Valley. Information at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS lf)iiri]L[r\ Air" A ^"" de'eg.'ition from the ('rente ,IK WIlNI/ALt* i <:ii.'ipter of the Order of K.-i-t-rn S:;.r • alt'iided the entertainment givii! to ''-ell Uoliins of Nebraska visit'd ;.i' J the gr!i;,d ollieers of the Htal."'bv the in." I", ''. I/ibatt, mi Sunday. ' Lexington < haplcr of Kl Monte on! Mr. Mrs. Kdward Hpe.-r spent ' Tuo--day e'.-ening of last week. A riinriQ | S.indiiv with rel:i.t i ve s in Casadciri. ! ' '"' distinguished gms's were Worthy! \,. i,, i i, ii 1 '"rand Matron Mrs, Ann;i Marie -lohn-j Miss I'hoelie Mrown was a Itim-heon; ., . . i .... , , ,,. i ,, ,- i, ! son or MM n rraiiciHco, Ufa rid atron , i;i,i--.| nl Mrs. Ida Uadsworlh of I a-M ' . .. ,, , . ,, . ,. > , i< • i 'A. I', I-r:i/.<'r of f).-e:in Ciirk. Past (.mini' di n:i on rridav. In. >. • • /. ... <• ., • ' Cation Mi njamin 'artwright ot 1','isn- Frank MaldoHscr is setting his fen-acre ; dena, Harry M. *'oo|ier of Sari'a ''n 1/; fr;iet on \Vost Cnerite Hi reel, to oranges, j ;md l)r. ;ind Mrs. W. K. ''handlers of | Mrs. H, .Seville of ''hicago was a guest of her COIIMII, Mrs. W. ''. Wood- VOI'th, this Week. Itev, Mjirfin find Mr. ffoggott w're 'liniier gnenti sit the home nf Mrs. (1. .1. Jfeynolds on WedrK'sd.'iy. Mrs. Men K. Thorpe attended ;i Inm-heon given Frid;iy liy MIH. L, W. horn* 1 . Mr^. rind* Miss Whitromli were assisted in . receiving liy Mies Hlo.'ino rif ls>n Angel's. Miss Hlanohe Whitcomb ami Mi* 1 * Hloaiif? presided at the ten tiitileH. Hyn.!)uli'' of ',lic wadding, whieh will t;ike [ in thin home during fit" Miirnmer months, rwisHes of bridal UT"atli WIT" used eiTer'tivcly in Hi" decorating of flic rooms. About thirty guests wen- present, those from out of town fifing MMICH. Marshall Stiin- son and |)HV'I'| Bradley of Los Aiig'h'H, Frank Harwood and Klmer Hart of San OiniiiH, (!<<>iyc Irving of <.'laremont and tlii' MiHHps Ndlic King of St. I'anl. Minn.; Alice Mdrstoii of CaHadena ui'.d King of f'laremont. WALNUT CENTER. Willi.'im H;irpcr I'M one of the Inrgest pot.'ito growers of thin section, having :in !n-re;ige of iiliont eighty net en, O. ''orhv returned from Tnl:ir*-j Mr. ;iml Mrs, Willmin W.-iferhoiihe ;in : eoniily lust wruk. He ;is very en-| the former'-i niece, M i -<- t hiisi.'.st i,- in his prfiis" of th.; country. (liie-H at the Inline nf Mr. ami Mrs. i". Mn-wsler on WedrievdJiy were ••p-nding hi" v;ic;ilinn :ii the home ol'j^'i 1 ". Moird of t )l-.|;ilioin:i iind Mrs. Hunt hi- ;inni, Mrs. rY;inl< M.-ildiMMer. I of hol;i, KJIII. Mi-. Wnlier l-i-icg nnd cliiidren and) l>. A. Kelly left Monday for VaUejo, f'arl Hlicp:iro' ol' ''omplon were enl er- | wh- r • he will lie employed in tin- navy tium.l over the week -ml I i.v Mr. :ind:y""l- I» September Mr. K-lly will Mi u .liiines \V. liealh. I 'e.nrn to l.os Angeles and enter medi ,'-!iss (iiiiiiek ol' .Japan and lieralr, j AVa'erlnmxc of I'asadena \vere guestMl 'I'wo cars of household L'ood-t ann J'lleanor Wateilion-e, of Honolulu. 1,'jiv M(ie!!"i; of I,on if M-aeh M l' Mr. and MIH. W. W, Water). im.-fe on .Sunday. .MiM. ' 1 \fi« Anydi-M Mpr-ni a l'c\v days last v.'""k Thoinasoii. Mr. and Mrs. I'llrner Morrow and i wo fhildri n, of l.'n Angeles, visited the homes of Neale Morrow and K. I'!. Harris on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. <>. (!nnf enlerl.'ii ned 'lln.'ir iincie ,-iiid aunt, Mr. and .v'I'H. !>. 'I. 'ianl,, of Onlaiio, on Saturdiiy and MI-H. Harwood Hmilh of Merlteley and .Mi's. Knepp. r of IJOH Angeles were entertained liy Mrs. Daniel Keichard on Tuesday.. Mr.s. (friger and Mrs. Sender visited lelativcH in I'omona lust week. Minn Anna Hprotte was a visitor in Los Angeles liiHt, week. .facie llpckerl, of San l''ranciseo, who has hricn v'lHiling his piirentH, Mr. and Mi-f. -/. I), lleekert:, of WCM) Cneiite Ht.vcnt, rotiirned to II'IH home! on Monday. Mr. Alliu Vincent, afcompnnled hy liis mother, lias gono to IIOM Angeles to 11.-;.";','.-• ti\-."(.i'iii i- iu' Tor i. mil. o'l,'.-. .'lOiililc •from whicli he IHIH miU'erod for Homo time. MI-H. Trnmliiil, iiff Hlimi Kdgnr; Mrs. \\'illiam Mrown, Miss Mrown and Miss Miriam Hrnvvn of hon Angeles visited Mr. ami Mrs. Robert Ktlynr OVIT Sunday. Dr. Lewis S. Thorpe has piircliani d tliirlci'ti acres of hind adjoining liis properly on Cypress avenue, from Clnr- I'llce Allison. The consiileral ion was I.en \'endos of ()iange a\'enni l.i l-o-i Angeles (he lirst. id' (he week. Mr. Vilnius and his son leave .soon for ( 'o-.ta Ifien, where they will engage in (lie rilldier ImsineMS. Mrs. I,. Keeg visited in |,os Angeles 1 lo- li l si nf I lie week. •inesli at the Imme ol' I',. Miller during , he em I v jiarl of I he week farming implements were shipped lo Tiilan- count v this week hy K. !•!. ''ool;. Mr. and Mrs, CimU left Die latter part of (he week for their new home in Al- piHiuh, Tula re county. Mrs. ''ools visited her p;!i---ills. Mr. and Mrs. ''iingdon of San a Ana, liefoii.' leaving this part *if the slate. BALDWIN PARK W. !•'. Hall visiti d in l.os Angeles tin T!ie Imnualow Iniill by (i. Mille in- priipci'ty on I'nente street is nou I'OH! master Power is aide to attend to business after a lonij illness. Mr. Heath of Los Angeles visited hi" niotlier, ,\frs. Ilealh, of Maim.- st reel Ihi.-i week. A mo; hers' meeting will lie held April 1M at tin- home of Mrs. A^nes Hix by the Maldwin Park \Voman 's Club. Mi'H. Anna <'iiri'(dl, Hiiperintendent of the Ciiion Siindny School, IH [ire.piirinK iin excellent. I'lnster program, which will be given by the Sunday school scholars. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kix inarlo n bustncHS Irip to lios Angeles Saturday. iMrs. l''ninkcni)iirg s|ient the ,we(dc eml with Her Muter jn fjo.i Angidos. William SteveiiMon, who has been -Hiif- fering with an attack of la grippe for som.' time, suffered a relapse last, week and was in a very critical condition, It is with pleasure that his ma.ny friends will learn that he- is improving. Miss Sarah Heath entertained a merry -party of friends ut her home on Maine street on Thursday evening. The affair was to celebrate her bir! 11- day. AD'S. Heath and her daughter proved most delight fill hostesses ami the gnesls I hori.inglily enjoyed the The Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your oransrea for cash. R, O. Simpson, agent. Office with California Citrus Union, tf Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. 14243 IN THE StJPKKIOK COURT OF THE STATE OK CALIFOKNIA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGKI/ES, In the matter of the estate of Almira r<yon, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of E. P. Warner for the probate of the will of Ahnira f^yon, deceased, and for the issuance of' letters testamentary thereon to E ; P. Warner, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 31st day of March, 1900, at the court room, department 2 • f the Superior Court of Lo.s Angeles County, California. Dated March ft, l'X>'». C. C. KEYES. County Clerk. I5y W. [,. Warren, Deputy. A. M. PENCE, Attorney for petitioner. A Horrible Mold-Up. "About ten years ago my brother was "held up" in nis work, health and happiness by what was belived to be hopeless Con.surnplion," writes W. K. Lipscomb, of Washington, N. C. "He took all kinds of remedies and treatment from several doctors, but found no help till he used Dr. King's New Discovery and was wholly cured by six bottles, He is a well man to-day." It's quick to relieve and the surest cure for weak or sore lungs, Hemorrhages, Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, La Grippe, Asthma and all Bronchial affections. SOc and £1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by C. F. Clapp. r>| A IVT YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A CHOICE OF FOUR FREE TRIPS IS OFFERED YOU SEATTLE DURING ALASKA- YUKON-EXPOSITION evening. AZUSA Rev. and Mrs. .losiah Sililev of Long Mi'iich \i>ile.l friends here tin- lirst ot I lie Weel'. < Iowa. Their quests were Mr. and Mrs. hi.- family will soon move from l.osi Any les. li is Mr. Miller's plan to >"-l ]ii< property to oranges and to Imild ; larger Inline liefore IIIIIIM months. YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS IN THE EAST WHO WANT TO VISIT THE PACIFIC • COAST WE CAN ARRANGE IT. This is your Opportunity California Raisin Day—April 30—Eat California Raisins. For complete information address SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB Koom I6 Kood Bid. San Francisco attended the opening of the l.agnna Iliim at ^'llma this week. ,'* IVends "M w ,,,.k of ten HIT ' nnimproNed land \\.,,,,,sd-,y evenuiu of last week. The j „ ,, s| ,,,- ,„„.„_ ,„.,„„,, | „„ ,„ , .li,,-,,,.,! .,.( ^.ilherin- uas in I • ol Mr. I la ral-I |.|, M ,_ •,•,,,. |imv |,,. | , 1 . | . W;|S Kdward .1.1 -on s l.nlhday. Those presei.l ue,,. Mr ,,„;,,,„ , |f i,.,!,].,,,,,, „.,,„ wiM ,, ni |,| „„ a i-d Mrs. ( lark. Mr. and Mr*, li'oss, Mr. and Mrs. \\'. i'. \Vood\vorlli, Mr. an.I Mi-'. Arehie X'ineen! ami Mines. Scndrr and I'nger. The reynlai n ling of I he Irwimlale 11. I), llrigg-i sold this week to S. W. Tiii-Uer his sixteen and one-half acre iirangi 1 grove on ilonila avenue. The propi rty is iniprovi'd liy an eight room lioiise. Mr. Tucker is a In-other in law of M. Miller ol' Irwindale and has eonie trom NeliresUa to make his home in this valley. Mr. Mriggs will gi\'e inline diate possession. AUscellanv i lull wus held Tuesday at the home' of Mrs. .lames \V. Heath o.f I'tenl .- street. Miss Muiy McKildieii lead a most interesting paper on llu- hi-lory, jiroilncls and cominereial ad- \aniagesiit the Hawaiian Islands. The vfioly ot' colVee culture \\'as presented I Mr. and Mrs. l)aii:i <'. King .liter j in a -.plendid manner l>\ Mis. lioberl ! '•' '"'''I the Ainphian ('Inli last Sjitnrdax: i;,:^,-!!-. The next ineHiiig uill he h,.|,| ! a flernoon. A larye niimher of I he eluh'> j l:i:)i willi Mrs. \V. \V. avenue. PUKNTL i-elleni program. An interest ing paper.) 11 The MiiMeal llnllel in,' ' was read liv Mr-.. \ithnr Mrown. Mi-^ liasiiM' r.uiu|i's delighted her andieil<e \\ilh Ilier render MIL: "t " It.'hn ed. It'-. Mm n ' ' i and ' ' Ich Lichen hi.-h. ' ' Mi-,- Unin )>•-. 1 I' Mnrinn of l.os Aiivsel-'-[ '^ '""' "' -\ -lisa 's -.\\eeie-l -.innii- and ai the horn ' Mi. and M r-. I "' v '''' '' : '' ls ln pl.-a-M- ln-r hearer. I'.oth' I-'. I I ,>-, nil Slll|.la\ . ! --lie a Ilil M I 1 liniil I I I'lliMe-'. \\ ho ^a \ e , i wo beautiful violin sulus, wen- i-nenred \iuin Navwuarl.e is -,-iMn-lv ill , , ( . s ,.,..,, ,,,,.,. s T! ,,.< „ ,,,,. ..,,., ,,,„,,,,,,, ,| Di NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR THE VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF ORANGE AVENUE AND AN ALLEY IN COVINA VILLA TRACT, COVINA ROAD DISTRICT, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby that a petition, signed by J. 1.5. Coulston arid tiftce.ii others, praying for the vacation and abandonment of Orange avenue and an alley in Covina Road District, County of Los Angeles, State of California, has been tiled with the Hoard of Supervisors of Los Angc-U.-. County, California, and that said petition will be heard liy said board, at its office in the County Courthouse, City of Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, April (>. l'«W, at 10 o'clock a. in. of said d;iy. The »tre«t and alley sought to be vacated are described as follows: Orange Avenue running from the south line of LJadillo street south to the north line of Dexter street, said Dexter street having been vacated liy order of the Board of Supervisors April 17th, 1'JOH. The ftlley running from the east line nf Haranca street east to the east line of Lots 4 and (> in Block "A" and from the easterly line of said Orange avenue to the easterly line of Lota 4 and () in illoek "H," being the westerly line, of (!rand View Avenue and from the easterly line of Crand View Av.-mie east to the easterly line-of Lots f> and 7 in llUick "C" of a re-subdivision of the Covina Villa Tract as per map recorded in Map Hook 11, page 1S2, Records of Lo.s Angeles County. j By order of the Board of Supervis-* ors of Los Angeles County, California, made March 15, 1'HW. C. (J. KEYKS, Counts- Clerk and ex-Ofi\eio Clerk of the Hoard of Supervisors. By A. M. Mel'herri'ii, Deputy Clerk. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS 5locksniithing af all Kinds DID YOU EVER? Commencing April 1st, we will carry a full line of Wagon s, Buggies and Farming Implements We will have the best line of goods on the coast, AND furthermore, at the lowest price. WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY. You can get goods that are first-class; you may also get some goods cheap; BUT you can very seldom get goods that ARE first-class at a low price. lifr^ W L ^ O /\ /\ f\ %J/OU* UU GLCISDORA. \ .-• Mli.i-in 1'arilie i-ngimer \\:ii li. , !,U|. Molol:, ,' MIHeMa^ 'lol IW.. >;,,||| ' |'''a-al ti;,-|>- \\hi.-n \\i!l lie pal ill 1m I,,. '. { '-< imad Mr. li,|.,'-on. mana-.-r ,,f lli, ILn-.n \\ ..m., n '- ' lul. u.,- held Tio-,d.i\ all. !.;, .:,;.• ( ,,.. wa« in I'uenu- i,.,i ueeL M. -..,,. A nin>i.-.-.' pio-iae, w,. -:i, ... . : .n,^ .-iii.-.n;:, menls |.. Mi|.|.U . le, I M. •'!••• N i'- ' H \ S ..... ' -'" ; 'i Ai '--- 1 '' 11 ' I ,.-,•. ,r f.., puinpin- .ind licl.'.i'- pi l I'.-i-. i. i; I I.-,!, men!, \\ e , , -. :v . -i .,!. ! "'"• Mi- ' • i ., ^e I ).- \ 1 1 i \\' i , i . . 'i.ii . a . - .1 . e\ ,,. - li on I. ..- \:.j.: '., - -.1, - i : •• : - - ' • • 1- -•'-' •"•'•' '" ''•' : " ' '••••- . ,,,. I'm. .a >i:i. la-> :-. i. ..: u i , i .-! • . M - '' •• .-•-.-'•' ^ '••' "<•••>• ' ' '' ,i - i, ui.lai -.. ia! "11 I !,. i •..•,,!:._: "I II I' ' ' • i: •• "I ' •. : ' 1 ,,.,i. \ l . . I'. ;...-,•." Aplil :''.:. :,! ll.i !, :ue •! M. •..'.''' '••••'••• ui|,-i, -i.:,.-! Mr.-. U. M. ' i-" ' ' •'" ' ' ; ' :; '' '• ' : ' Shop on Citrus Ave F, E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . .u ;.;o at.d o^tviplete ,-,u^'U "t evvrv- t hin e in tlu- hi.o. a s * anc ' ar( ' heavy, well built and well bound with steel, 3 inch steel skein wagon, wide tire That's only one of the prices. Buggies and Implements in proportion. Space does not permit us to describe them in detail. It will pay you to examine our stock before going elsewhere. Buying from us, you will get what you want and save money besides. Our motto is, -To SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS." DON'T FORGET! We are the largest manufacturers of and dealers in HARNESS and horse goods in the San Gabriel Valley. Covina Harness and \\ . I i\ ,l .-.. .•.-,.''V . i.'i'.:'!.•> Avi-iiiiL- ^ Northeast corner Citrus & Italia Sts. Phone home 1170 Saddlery Co. Directly opposite Hotel Vendome COVINA, CAL.

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