The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 1, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1977
Page 2
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g—NAKfiATTTCK NTCH'.M (CONN.), SATURDAY, ,TUI,Y 13, 39-lti DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson 'Says: Nazi Propaganda Links With U. S. Statesmen Revealed; Nazis Applauded Father Coughlin As Isolationist; Dennis Approached On European Edition Of Book (Kdltnr'N Note — This Is tlir upcond of Drew Pearson's columns on Imw UK; Xiv/.l propiiKiindit m.-ielili:e fn»ctl»iic(l !« tin- IT. S. A.) WiiHhlni'ton- -Thm croiw-i.'xnmlmttlon of ya.r.1 diplomat:! by the U, S. Army In Goi-many thi-owsi sl^ninc-ant llKht. on the Justice Dopjirtmnnf.s otfor'.M to convict vnrlniiii American citizens ch/u'Ro'.! with spreading' (;ncmy prop'tkranclu (iK"lnst tholr country imd indicted for sedition. Thl«i frlftl h.-ifi hern held in mi»i>am<c for two yours, but .some oT the oonnde.nt.iJil i.-videm.-e now j;at!iui eel in Germany nriy be conclusive. Helow follow uxccrptjj from this hitherto unpublished testimony. liikcn by Sum Hurris fi-otn the former first .secretary of the German l ; :nib;i;<siy in Washington, Dr. Heribi.-rt. von Strcmpfl. Pi-ovi- ou.-ily, the Washington Merry-Go- Rmiml had told how Gcor;-o Syl- vi-Htcr Vlc-rccls. nephew of the K:Li»er, hatl usf.el the luti: Senator Krnnut r-nndoon of Minm-.iDln, ox- Cunxreyxmiin l-I:iJiillU>n Vish, QX- Con^rfssmiin Stephen Day (if .1111| nolu lo dl^.-x.inlnrvto Naul ;u-op:i}:an- . da, Tlie.-io revclationH Iji'ouKlit vi- j^orcuis donlais. However, hcru is thf official tusiiljiiony: f'ujitain Harris: .Old Viereck ever rm-niloii (h" name of Senator Litin- dfiin to yuu? \'on Sti'iTnpel; YDS. iTn told >ue that hr '.va.-; nn old friend of lii:i and that when 'the presiderU of the ("Irrman Keil C'i'fi.-;v, came to the United Slates VIoiTnlv (Maimed to have arranged that Senator I.un- dcfii pi-iiiuiunced th'.- al'ler - dinner . . , if you've Iioon wrxlt for a Hamilton It may bo Iioro, o y'r c T fi morn boiui- tlful thr.:i over nnd an (Ini r.'i only IfomU ton cnn m ;v k o Uicm. II-II-I-H, ^iiii-i-Ji-mi I .'ill II \\K <.), Did Vi"reeU ever n lift had written some i'-ntkni that o,'' .SenaJof Funerals '/o'lpph SI-iirloUuH I'lii- I'llni-l-.'tl ol' ./firi'Ji/l S(ar|(il<a.-i, '.•I 1 ,"li' Nurlh S[u-ln>; street, wan in I l.i-i iinii-niiii: 1'nnn the Kll-<- i.iM 1'mil-nil llnnie at .H;;«) to St. I'V'M i-fr.irel; nf. !) o'ei-K.-k. where ii;;il Ma.-.-: W)i.-i t'l-li.-brilJi'd. Q. Y'v<. of fi(r d'Avn ior f. Did lie told nie on a nurr.- -i^|ori.-i (hat hi; h:nl \\Tit.- hi^h!ii;hts to lie u::i>d by undetn In hi:i :i;f:pehes. icn'i'k ntfilu to you tiiat It" h;ul \vrli te.'i nl hers SentitiiiM or eonlrlhnte spurc-lii'S fen- any or C!onj,-re:::iman. Ideas for their 'f.i wer.-: VS'illiaru Simp- ! . it-n. Willlurn A! uleitky, |' ' ( ' i ''"'' 1 ' KH I'buh'.ktis. John l..i : -.r,i| Anthony Klivli-kl. er.; v.-eii- Illi-nilirlM ul' < ii-ii'); 1 !- 1 ; l,i! hiuinia.ii elub of '.vlneii .Mr. Mf-irlokiiM at Un- MU-IM W.-IM umli-r fh>- Hi n ni' Ml.i-i Ann" 1 l.yueh. I'-uiiiii wa:i u-t SI. ./nines' i fid A, r dull'; roni'viihcr (ill the details, V'li'i-i-i'l; Irieil to >:ivi: me the Im- j-i-i'MMi'iri that he bad ;,'oo<l ri-laUon* wllli a. riunili:>r of Si.-na'or.-i and (!un;U''"i.inir'n --I.,U!ideon. H.-irnllton Senator ttiilt. (W.V.-i.) and nay (Hi i. -and miiylin but I (.!(, not ix'incinlie thu n.inii.-M, Father CoUKlillii <l Was [''aihi'i- C--iu;!ilin lioru-rl in f'.riy contmu.-ils-aUom; leeeived I'rnnl llerlln? f n-r.-all th-vt IJr-rlin r-.-.ay hav Q. What elan? A. •! 'believe tlm.t the Pope banned Father Couglilln, and Berlin asked what would be our sujj- pc.stlon to lifL ban. We rc- pllccl that the German Embassy l:i tho United States could do nothing: about that. Q. Why were the Berlin ofU- clalji interested in lli'tint,' the ban? A. Because ho was such u strong isolationist. Xiiicl %Vhlspcriiifr CumpiVlgns Q. Who financed these. whispering campaigns? A. Thny weru financed by members vif the .P.arLy. Q. The Ntu'.i Par-'.y in the United States? A. Yes. Q, What wan the nature of thcuo whispering campaigns? A. Germany would win tho war. Q. What elac: A, Contradicting atrocity propaganda nsainst Germany. Q. What else? . A. Anti-semitic propi'.pranda, Q. Did Vim-celt ever mention Wil- ium Griffin to you? A. Wns ho the editor or publisher of 'ihe New Yorlc 1'no.ulror V Q. Ye.-;. A. Griffin several times took up rid vert itjinj; in hir: daily newspaper in v.'hieh he dealt with the Flan- dors Hall Publications -to spread thorn. Grillln was much against England. I believe he had sued Churchill. He hated England, Q. Why did Vicrr.-ck place such liu'ffe advertisements with Griffin? A. Grillln helped Vicreek distribute his books. The o-ther newspapers did not do that, Viercck and Grillin were working—how do you nay it"—hand in plove. Lawrence 3>i'nnls Approached Q. Do you knmv Lawrence Den ni. 1 ;'.' (One of those inclictucl fot .sedition.) A. Ye3. Q. U'he.-i did you first meet him? A^ T met Lawrence Dennis in the <• period 10-lH-.ll and I think I met him, as far as I remember, in one of the South American legations. Q, Was he hi.s "Weekly Foreign Letter" nt that tlmo? A, If he already did so at that lime or later, J do not know. But la'er T received -the "Weekly For- elj:n lA'l.tcr" in which he wrote about domestic and international (lolKicta aa wi-l! as economic af- faii-i:. <.i. Do you recall that yon wore advised by someone that lie wa.-i in need \>C funds" A. Yes, .1 Knew lhat he was not :>in>,~ loo we[l, Q. Old you ever (,-ive him any fund.-;'.' ,A. No, not directly as I'af as I remember. Q. Have you ever heajvJ of his booi:, "The Dynamics o:' Wat- and .Revolution" ? A. Yes. I received a copy of this Dennis hook and T glanced tluwufrh it. Tt seemed like an interesting RISKING AlID RflTS THE NfVAD/1 TASTED VGNC-f IN APRIL AT MAS- 5ACR6 HAY-, A7TU; PUMPED SMEUS INTO JAP FORCE:. UNITED ST//TES LAUNCHED. I9M;COMM!S. SIONCD, 19)6; ACTIVE IN WOBID WAR I ON PATHOL AND CONVOY CROSSINGS. Off OKINAWA, THE Nt. H VADA WAS HIT BY A ^"KAMIKAZC PLANE AMO PjKINI * SMOBE BATTtSltS; WAS BACK IN ACTION IN FOUR HOURS TO WAST CNEMY. PEARL .HARBOR" CAfIL HAH. DOR ATTACK. DEC. 7, VH(- NCtfrtDA WAS OUT OF SCBVICE FOR A ntfllOD OF ABOUT TWELVE MONTHS. ATLANTIC OCEAN /.SOUTK ^ \ -'.'AMERICA AUSTRALIA UR NAVAL ANMAIS arc filled with itiaas o£ gallant, battered ilfrht- met Thu;-/v Troop 7 of Malign day evening, under Ihe of Seoul master Stanley Dibble, make final .plans fo,- UK; .summer eitmfi w.'ik'li is lo Ix-tfin Suml.iy. .luly H. HUI- to a neat-city of lend- ership. the troop will not have its own o:imp ibis mimmer an in former .season but will participate in i he provisional c;imp C.-imp Mattatuck. After plans for camp were completed the scouls busied themselves with cleaning :MI<J reorK.lnizin^ in I heir store room. Tents wore opened ami rcfoJdotl and equipment was at t(,e ing ships that refused to go down. To (his honored list historians have added the venerable battleship Nevada, target in the first atomic bomb test at Bikini. The thirty-year-old, war-woundod craft suffered heavy damage in the bJast, but still remains afloat. Ordered in 1012, iho Nevada was launched in 11)14 and commissioned in 1910. With other fleet units she served on convoy and patrol duty during the first U'orld War. Seconds alter World War II .began for the U. s! the old bnitlc- •wagon was ripped by Jnp bombs at Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, and beached by her crew. She was repaired and back in service in late 10-32, Her first taste ol revenge came in April 1943 when, for four days, she risked fogs nnd reefs in Massacre Bay to pound the Japs on Attu. She navigated, according to her commander, "by tho grace of God and Rood fortune." Transferred to the Atlantic, the warship did convoy duty from Sept. 1943 to April 1944. On D-Day, June 6, 19-14, she began blasting holes in Nazi coast defenses in Normandy. Her crew remained at battle stations for «tghty hours; more than 2,200 Xourtecn-incb. shells and 5,000 five-inch shells smashed enemy concentrations in the first lour invasion hours. Tho 32,000-ton drcadnuMRht moved to Cherbourg Peninsula 10 support land forces and Ihcn to the Mediterranean to aid in the southern invasion of Europe. Althouch she took part in every major amphibious operation on the continent, not one man nboard w;:s Jost. She came home for overhauling and then steamed to Die Pacific. A Kamikaze plane struck her March 27, JO-JS while-sho was shelling Jap insl.illatinns on Okinawn, but she returned to action oftcr four hours. The ncxi week. Jap shore fiuns scored five hits on the Nevada but her d.-imngc was repaired overnight and she went back into battle. When the war ended, .she wore service ribbons on hoi bridflo which included Ihe Purple Heart, World War i Victory Modal, Prc-Pearl Harbor, Pacific Theatre. American Theatre, nnd the Europcan-African-Middlc Kast Theatre. ScJecicd as the target cmonfi the array of ships in Bikini Lofioon, the "old fiRhlinr> lady" was damaged above the water line but refused to sink in the first atomic test. She wiJI go down in history as one o£ the lousbcst and mos: gallant U. S. warships ever to roam the seas, (/;i you I '-.::l(pd i-Sii 1 I uriee of and the political Import- r Couj;hlln, hiu radio tin- like. [ hoolc. Q. Did you know Hint l.fiOO cop- le-; of thl.-i bonk were distributed free of eharjre to I lie colleges ,'ind u:iiver;i!lie;j •throujrhout the United State:-;'.- 1 A. I did not know that. (.}. Did >-ju ever discuss a scheme !o publish I'-'uropeun editions of Dennis' book? A, Au far as I remember. Dennis was approached wi-th the plan that European editions of his bool sihoukl he issued and it v/a.s thouffh Lhat -thin was a practical way t( i;;ve him indirect financial hel| ind to publicize his personality. Q. What is the cuiirsc of youi tiJ'ormatlon? A. ISi.'Jier through Dennis cr an j'Jier source, I had heard that Betin had such a pl-i.n.. How it coulr have been that it was mentioned in an insii'itelion or comr-iunicu.- tion. Q. Who would knoAv about that? A. Dennis. Or. there were cjuite a number of Nazi agencies that occupied thcmse:ves with propaganda in the United States. Q. 'Wlm'. .were those Nani acre Pay Tribute To Late Labor Leader '.mliviv <;. n ii-i-.-i will hi- fonducl- •' I', m. fur Andt-i ••Irrrl JiuiiJin- ill' S.-i rlday ino Ihickmillcr Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C * JS.3.0 FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 Few pcjscssions can give yen the enduring pleasure of soiiiy-glcaming, exquisitely-wrought solid silver. Ycor after yenr it gives your home n touch of perfection, a quiet dignity. Time only jjnhanccs and mallows its loveliness. And' there is no finer sterling silver than ' ' ' in- coun- Ccnnnn rrnpi<. K iind, t A«:ciicie« A. Tiie German Railway Information Service, tho German-American Churn her of Commerce, Wcst- cimann Book Stove, and the V. D. A. They may sometimes have su$.'R(!sleil to IJerlin—why don't you sponsor, Dennis' book. Q. Did Viercel; discuss Dennis | with you .-it any time? A. Yea, several times. Berlin slsted that. America being try of business affairs of greu.' i.'--][:oi-ninf! C find llicii- loaders bc- IHK politically influi-ntliil, we should publish nitipiuines which wotud deal with ''.Hernalional economic problems. This order was passed i:t; UHU.-il to \'iorcc)s who sl.irt- orfrnniKu such a n as a weekly or fortnightly, liad had experience j"n oh-.s type of work because he had pulV.ishod the "Weekly Foreign Better or Himihir publications, it wis considered that iio should be the one who sjio:.i)d o:- K nnlxc or write i-.jr ;ii.u:i-i a ma^a/.inc. Q. .Did yon ever «pca.k r.i.s .iljoiil this project? A. Yi'M. on od lo cithor ^s Dennis to Syndicate," Inc.) 'IS, by The Bell "RENEGADES" TOPS FILM SHOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE C>:jlii!»lii:i Pictures' "J^cnei.'ydcs'' whicli had a .stir;-in;r openini; today ;:i. Hie Salem I'layhousc Tor a. two day run is in i., e: : t ti-.idilion of occ oi' the trrheon's masi pojiular forms, the ejjic Western, Fi.nhci enhanced by vivid Technicolor, boasting a larsc and talented cast headed by Evelyn Keyes, \ViIIar-.l Par.':e:-. Larry P.-irlts and EdR.-u- fiie!uin.i:i. ant) enjoying original story treatment, it brought Cie audience Rood, excitinp film enicr- ln iii men i. Action nnd romance arc smoolh- ly .T.IK! effectively blended in ".Renc- K'ades." it tells :be .--tory of a beau- liful froniior sirl. Hannah I3ri,ck- way (Kvciyn Keyes). who altho;;^h C'iiK.-n:cd :o a personable you;i«- doc- tnr-cn.i>-;nlc:- (\Villian5 Po.-ker), rj:];. s dr.--]ici-atel.y in love with the one honest, member of Ihe notorious r,embrow family, Hen ',L;ii-rv A ;-ame scr.xion followed orlinp:, flurinu which ilm ; : ( c<imjwl.-f' in "Steal ih" R-icon" .-in'ri "f.kin tin- .Snake" Senior JVitroI Leader Bill Heed br-in;; vhe winner of (he l:ittrr. A hi^h jump;r,;; tour, climaxed ihr Pvnini;'.s pi- o which Kct,u( Drinnld Poynton wo-j by jumpi!)-,' -!? inchos. TJir meeting: wns, closed with i.lio 1-cpctii.ion of tho Scout's I-tancrlic- ti.'jn li-d by Scoutmasl er Dibble. Centennial Lodg^e ' Installs Monday ComonniHl Lodf;o. No. will lioM tln-ir in.slallriii oniecrs at a meeti .•<.-;ji) o'oloHt. ,-n o \\'aterbury lod;*'.- \\-iil jjjo '.]:••• in-ii:illatioii. Jl wa:; itnno-.inrrd uxlny mi'ij^bors ,-M-e u:;;.^l to' 1 lai'KC atlc-ntlancc cm ; sired. inn. , aiidM of lodi-d M-.)u<!ay nip;|i't ' or Hi- is dc- An S-l.fiOS 1H-I2 iveraae American family hn.J Worlh of life insurance in a.s compared with an aver.-ico o!" 5J.20- during KU7. — —-—-— -r-rff*rf^^^^t^ EVERSHARP PENS S 5.00,,, up } PEN and PENCIL SETS? Your Local Pen Dealer TJIK CAUI3 anJ GIFT SJJOr ? ! SWEENEY'S I j 1 | ART and STATIONERY; STORE 1 Ken of tho uibor leader, in repo.M; in a i;!uss-toi);ied hi-'in/c coffin nl Carnrtfii.- Hail in .Vo.w York, arc- ofru-.ials oi' tile Ain.-il.u"inu,t.e,] Clothing \Vorltc-r ' ,- S'j-.voiir-olil pivsidc,,!, of (!, c . n[(,r<:,Mnti<,nnl iiiilon of f.ix.- C!O-fAC dii-tJ M.ddi-nly of coronarv ihi-dinbosis. nillman, I 's and (In- tries ):ard to .stay abivast !;iw. biii public so.nt.:meiv, ist his name forces him to join his mar.".udir.,7 f.-u!icr (l-M^;u- j, and his t\vo lirothors Jim J.-l.-'nnon ;tnd Fores; Tucker). Hannnh, too. Joins i.ho hand, when .-•he g-ive.s n]) everything i o marry I r.rn. The whole West riiiK"- with thu cry. "Kill tho Dcmhrows"' a.s they sweep acros.-: the plain--,.' kn-inu, looting, ki)!in;T. It's a'lyi-v-- up thrill";- ,-.11 th,. w .. y v,..-, h ..' hu ,_ lei-i-irtOlod finish that sha-.ih! satisfy everyone. VACATION IS HERE! ! . » Yes w c are takin;; J too.' \\'e are clns.Hl th % period until July :.'it.!i. v.-ii-.-ition e "OUR HEARTS WERE GROWING- UP" AT SALEM, SUN., MON. ThoKL- unfoi-ftottiibln white uored :i:|;u-io:i.s iair-htej- in ,- ol . make way ahawls In tlier:: the httn- ._ foiin;; and Gay," .seductive Spanish now filj7i .;nnf fur- ^^..y.'nTa^.S^ n «y, Our Iio:in.s We L-'P," ;I.-R! it for two days house. °T T °^ !n Gail R««<=.] and T'i are cawt UK (he sophisticates whone New imson Agency, Operating fee f.'ar ;i;;er:cy, ']?,. ?r], Molnrs, J:IP., now in.'it.-illert in its iu.-\v f[ii.-u-ler .-it ."-0-P2 Soiilh ?,I;iin >--lror!.. where .V.rfarty i;: calerinj; In il'-.o ;; U Ut U '° SalL ' n ' re Growing next Sunday would-be tumi.t.s at worldlincus" this U fc *--*^^^*^^*s^^4 FLOWERS? l''or All Occu.slon.i MELBOURNE'S! PLOWER SHOP |j Z 330 MUBmjR AVKlfVE J ? Tclopliono C223 J 'ff^ffffffrrfrrrffftfrtrrrrrjfjj^ Fjttcrus illusi.-eU'il !-ft :o right: SEiu-Nm-, EN- CJIANTM.SS. SPRING CiLORV, IT.nL'JDE, COLT.TSIin 1 . loHt six piece p'nce sctlings cost about 23.00 (I-'edoni! Tux Included) • DIVIDED PAYMENTS IF VCU PREFER, AT NO ADDITIONAL COS1 JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER STREET 'i«i;r» and sonic h inns, la an cffnr-t to nntiiriLy ind Jji;-.i .11- me ic- of. boot- Ic.i of - - boilus ' j 1; -,, H , nv . lc!c Grocnw . hop,,,,,- to emerge in the three Ch " iB l-ma« school - sllccossfl " uot:. uss and rcspcctivly. haf.pons -to them instead, !nai{c » Our He . in to i s cossor. , I0mant ' c as ils hit Donlevy ! 3 c with ^viniain JJr-mai-est Jamn^ ur.d Bill Edwards. The added attraction is j March of Time prs," one of tl ero.1 nutoniolive repair noeds of tin motoring p;'c. 7 ? rcd A, Rrn.d.=li.-iw of Oakvill'j former NaupnLuek resident, i- i)-.-n!::dt'nt of 1:1. M. Motors, Inn. while the opci-alim,' ln-ml of (.ho local nr^onoy i« \Villlani C. ?.Ti;Guire wl.-: is sonvlary and trc; '.ircr of llic concern. T-'. Jit. Motors, Tnt:., -\vas incorpor- .T.I.O'! (iinio wc.i-;<?i fiq-o u-il|i a c.i :l.-ili",alion of $r,0,OOO, and gffec- IIH.VU heon made here ii-ansforinin;,' the locrj address into a modeni aul.ornohi.'t: iirrency and gcnarul automubilc re- pnir station. Mr. EraJshMw hns the agency in Oalcvillc for thc; Ili.irt.scn" motor :ar. and hotli he nnd Mr. MeGuirt: iiave boon asHOcii'.tc;! with the auto- rnp-live'fickl for ll-.e past 2fi years. _iitr. r.IcCJuiro pointed out th.'Lt "uu;;a luck is very hJ;:!i!y regarded nnlioiialTy as o. Huds'on motor car sules area, and that each yon.:- scores, of these car.s have been sol.-.! here excluding 1.he war period. It was indicaled -that B M. Motors, Inc.',-already has 'been I iible to deliver a number of new Hudsons in Xauj-taXuc.-'., a:> the fac- io'-v'.v is i/;-o<;uc:n;T ears at t!)c rnle of GOD n dny. The motor ear ,-'.i:^ncy h.ead slat'•'' -!h;i(. it. \V:IK cu-inei.lental Hie site of . B. M. Motor:.-, Jnc., .-:i->n!d he i•;'."!• t v.-bere n. Hui'.son •i;,'i:ii'-y v.-.-is Ioc.-:l0fi in Nau;;atui-k sionn- yf.-irs njvo. Mr. Mrfiiiiro indi- tj i.h.'il cvc:ry rff.nrl. would be ii by Die new firm to offer '.op t. M.'i-vii:c not. only to lni::il ' Hudson owners but al:-:o in t)),; I line of expert automotive ivp.-iir- ii'K' t-i all !ne.-il aiito.iiohiJo OW):(?I-H. T; was i'.idionloct ihat when nil elvr.-.fres and iri:;in.l!atinn-.-; at R, M. Motor.'! Inc.., are completed by AUK- iist Jst, Nati^-.-Uuck n-.nltirinis will iiavc available a Hudson car nsronry j.'i-!ici';x! autnnuii.ive repair service, .the equal of any in this part of Uic atate. All Kinds of TrucJviiiff— A McNamara Trucking Cc. Kl West Naii™a(uek To I. Thibodeau Studio Nc;u-y Uidfr. Church St. SWEEPING COMPOUND IVith AntiM'ptir lleodoninC S 'i TVT i yT?'T>T'c: XI-M in\viii>-. i .-lAAJidV* O M^iliK.llnnk 2(1 SA\'J.VO,S NT. m.u, 5-n;n7 llartfnrd, .Inly .13 — tU P)_ "idlu^ in taxicnbs won'-t be re- iiiircd al'ler next Monday. The J'.at.e Piiblie Utilities commission I.-IH i-evoked its \var order which 'arced st.rnn;;.;i-n to share cnbs. \-j\v it's once nErain — first 'irst served. TEX-KNIT I"ni-n.l>riinf iNO HOAIU) CO^'KUS L:is(-i for years—"A'a-'ih J r ll :il Niiindnrtl hoards WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 1A2 CHUKCII STKKET come, SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE AIR-FLITE KXTJJA 1,.\KC,K Ar. «'.ACON — Disc Wheels — $11.95 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Conn. he new of the year. per-tincnt One-half million tons of wire arc manufactured into nails in t hc U i>. in .1 normal year. C.K.&1.. HIIMBI.» it,,,, Jtlrrrt. In I!i-:i,-h CI.ISANKST 1-H'OT IN THE STATK New Admiral PHONOGRAPH With Automatic Record Changer Now Available at •113'Xo, Main St. TcL C-101 .Union City TOT7£ Tho Complete Outdoor Fireplaces AT.r. TYPES OF JIADIO JlErAIR WOKK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHCBCH ST. Telephone 4080 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St., TJnlon City Tel. Xaiiff. filTT — Wnt 4-!Wli«l FELIX NABnEr,I,O, M K r. Full "ini-lt or MIH-I nml \\-o rri>.ilrrd, rc-tAprtl KEEP BABY OUT IN THE AIR! S.inilhiixi-s ............ S7.!I8 SwiiiR 1 on Ironing- Boards Step Stools CJotlios Baskets Clothes Reels For Inside and Outside NADGATUCK HARDWARE ROB'T H. CLARK Co. Tool Holders Adjustable Cutters MILL SUPPLIES^ POWER TOOLS ?2 SAVINGS ST T£l. 5-27*1

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