Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 3, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1909
Page 5
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local Events, Real coffee —Premier Blend. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Children's bats from Mrs, Jennings, A/uaa. $1,00 up. "As You Like If — Premier Blend coffee. W. \V. * Co. Sallory for girls from 81.00 up to 83.00. All prices and styles. Mrs. Jennings, Azusa. The Presbyterian Woman's Missionary Society met on Friday afternoon with Mrs. Win. Miss Kecknrd is having. a special display of Easter hats today which wHl continue all the following week. Mrs. Belle Harris of Los Angeles returned home ou Wednesday after spending a week \\itb her sous. The Epworth League held a "moccasin social" at the hotne of Mrs. M. Leebrick last evening. Miss Gertrude Stevens of Los An- fleles was the week end guest of Mrs. Marion Coltrin and her sister, Miss Spencer. Miss Hazel Holmes of Romeo, lay with Mrs. \Vm. Thorno. Holy Trinity : 'linivli (!iiild met Tluirs- j Miss Dnnieliri \ol! <\f Hollywood is ;i j lioii~e I*U<'"M of Mi-;. \Vni. Warren. ; Mas'rv PiT'-v A! \voeil is snfYrriug I 1 ! oin .'in fit far-If of 'pneumonia, "Dfdievn nif?, " nn coffee is as Rood ns Premier 13lend. \V. W. & Co. Michigan, arrived in week for a visit with Miss Hazel Booth. Covinn last her friend, Mrs. Jasper Baker and children of Glendora were the guests ou Wednesday of the former's mother, Mrs. H. Grouse. Cash Basket Grocery — This week's offering: White Rose flour, Best patent, 81.80 50 Ib sack. Telephone No. 1217. Platt Bldg., opposite Hotel Veudome. Capt. Eric Johnson, now of Los Angeles but formerly a veteran newspaper man of Nebraska, was a guest yesterday of his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rowland avenue. Anderson of Ease For Rent Comfortably furnished rooms. ' Mrs. S. Allison, Dextt street. How to tell when your bread is done—Order "Top Notch." W. W. & Co. Mrs. F. .1. ('lino and little son *prnt tin 1 week-end with her mother, Mrs. [{oceiilha!, in Los Angeles, Mrs. liidiard Warren and nid-e, of 'heyenne, Wyo., were gnesls last Tlmrs- lay of Mrs. \Vm. Wirren. Francis l.awsnn of Alhandira is spending his liolidays from Occidental College with his friend. Paxton I'iirnahan. Miss Allies guest on Tne AMIS: Warner, Wftitse! & (o. Home's Grocery "Pomona Sanitary Laundry was the luncheon it' friends in Los Mr. I-,'. ISeniK who of lias been ill the week, is Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Warner of Grand Forks, North Dakota, are spending a few days in Covina as guests of S. Douglas and G. W. Thompson. A party of ten that spent Saturday at Long Beach consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Chilton and family, Mrs. Shehan and two daughter of Topeka, and Mrs. Geo. Slieehau of Los Angeles. , .The Misses Mary and Maggie Early of Los Angeles were guests of their friend, Miss Emma Ovevholzter, on lust Saturday. Miss Mary left Monday for her home in Bridgewater* Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Dudderar are moving into the cottage lately completed by H. A. Crawford further west ou Center street. -Mr. and Mrs. Siewart will occupy the Dudderar cottage. Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. McLeoblin of Minneapolis were guests Friday of Rev. and Mrs. Harry White. Mr. MoLaohlin is one of the largest grain merchants of the northwest and a prominent man of affairs. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Suoll of Long Beaoh were visiting friends in Covina the past week. They expect to return to Coviria and will occupy the cottage just vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Larick on Third street. Miss Liliin Douglass, who has been spending the week with friends in Los Angeles and Pasadena, attended a luncheon on Tuesday of graduates of La Sallo Seminary, Boston, at during the enrly part considerably better. Mrs. McBrido of Olemlorn. formerly of Covina, was the guest on Wednesday of Mrs. Alice Leisure. Mr. and Mrs. George Smith of Hastings, Minn., spoilt Saturday with Mrs. W. II. Collins. Miss Winnifred Wilkins, who is visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. K. Evans, will return on Monday to her home in Highland. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brondu-cll left Monday evening on the business men's excursion to Imperial, returning homo last night. Among the welcomed visitors at the Argus office this week was Mr, George Fensom, formerly of this city, but now of Los Angeles. Mrs. K. ,1. Staton and. little daughter, Alice, of (.'ot>iir-d 'Alone, Wyo., were guests this week of Mrs. C. K. Smiley. Miss Pearl Bennett of Kawlins, AVyo., who is spending the winter in Los Angeles, is spending the week with Mrs. C. F,. Smiley. Mrs. TCva Tarbell and son, O/.nuin Tarbc'II, of Sontli Bend, hid., are spending the week-end with Mrs. A. J. Warner. Miss Profitable Social flntliering. The postponed March meet inn of (lie Covina Valley Fanners' Chili wns held on Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs, .1. M. Smith. »H the San Bernardino Koiid. The spacious parlors were comfort' ably filled and a very instrn.-i ivo and enjoyable afternoon spent. llmlicul- tnral Commissioner ''. I', liemis talked t length on insect pisls, which, lint. or the intrlligent warfare maintained t all seasons bv tlie rommis <ii»i. would erionsly aft'ort the successful and profit- bio culture of citrus fruits. He asked or the earnest co-operation of the grow- TS in the \\ork of the commission. Dining the social hour, following the Hisiness session, several very pleasing lumbers were rendered, in all cases re- eiving well merited and hearty encores. The first mi mho r was a piano duet by he Misses Iiiex. Smith and Gertrude her The Hotel Alexandria, for twenty-five. Covers were laid J. W. Freeman, who has been in Covina during the past month luok- itis pt'fer his orange grove interests, returns Monday to his home in Ontario, Canada. Hi.s sou, Hoy, who accompanied leave. him here, will also Mr, W. W. C. White met with a rerious accident last Friday. While looking after his horse in the stable befitumbled and fell under the hoise'a feet. The frightened animal on his face, cuttinu and bruising Sarah Moffatt .sprained ankle badly at school last Friday, doctor said she had broken a small bloodvessel ami would not be able to walk for sonic weeks. Mrs. A. G. Klder, widow of the late Col. Henry G. Elder, and Mrs. Dr. Powers, both of Denver, were, luncheon guests last Wednesday of Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mr. and Mrs. Albert. Kiesel of Ogdeu Utah, who are spending the winter at Long Beach, were guests last Mondav of their former neighbors, Mr. and Mrs 'A. J. Warner. Bishop Joseph TTohnson, of Los An gelos, the Rev. Alfred Fletcher and Mr and Mrs. A. R. Evans were luncheon guest.s last Snndny of Mr. and Mrs W. II. Collins. After luncheon a meet ing of the vestiy of Holy Tiinity Church was held. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hill, with thoi daughter, Miss Lina, of Stockton, Kan. who have been spending two months a the home of: their (laughter, Mrs. M Fisher, left for the lOast last Monday much delighted with this part of tin country. Mr. Hi'/.ekiah Trneblood returned t< his home at Indianapolis, hub, las week, after spending the winter witi his son, F. I. Trueblood, and family He will return with his family to resid in Covina, as soon as he can settle ir his affairs in the Kast. Mrs. Jennings, milliner, Azusa, an nounces that on account of the in- clemttnoy of the weather which marked her opening on Mar. 2(i and 27, her pattern hats, braids, eta., will bo loft on display for another week. Cash Basket Grocery—This week's offering: White Hose flour, Best patent, 81.80 50 Ib. sack. Telephone No. 1217. Platt, Bldg., opposite Hotel Vendome. The Christian Church prides it- .self on having an up-to-date Sunday School. Last .Sunday there were the collection The aim for next Sunday in 250 present with a { Center. 812.50 collection. Big entertainment at the Christian Church Monday evening, April 5. Head what the Charleston (H. C. ; Post says of the render for the evening: "Tho elocutionary 'entertainment given by Ur. S. M. Martin last JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches C.M.I, AX1) r.IST YOl'N I'K'OI'KKTY Officc with A. M. Ponce, Keccl Nik. CO VIX A, rAL'. followc t'luot by Mr. UK! Mrs. Andrew Mi-Allen, the |ironnnn losing by readings by (he popular little 1 Miss Minnie Sissnn. (.'offPC, suiuhvii'lips nid wafers won 1 served. Before (he meet ing ndjcinriu'd (he soc- •c-tary vvns instructed to tender the hauks of the club to the publishers of he California Cullivfitor for the c.vcol- eut illuntratioiiH of (lovina which ap- icared on the front, page of Hie. current ssne of tliis popular farm journal. 'A touching tribute was also paid to .he memory of (lie late member of tl:: •lub, Col. I'\ M. Chapman, and the I'ol- owing resolul ions were .spread upon tin minutes: Whereas, In compliance with the fixed FOR HAL 10 OK THAI>K 80 acres of lino alfalfa land on Halt Lake R. K., nine miloH from Kivorsidp. Address A. H. Collins, Coviim. liood mule ton in for snlo. Weight 2400. Cuvina'Transfer Co. "Mid Summer Night's Dream" Top Notch pastry. W. W. A- Co. Thoroughbred Cornish Indian Game. C. I,. Smith, Azusn, Cal. tf Wanted—7 shares Covina water stock. Cash. A, Warner. Trimmed hnts for girls from SH to 86; Mrs. Jennings, Azusa. Citrus nursery stock for sale. Call Home phone !H)85. Money to JORM on approved roul estate. K. B. BSdwoll, Glondora. 1127 For Salo cheap—Choico lot <ui W. the Supremi .I'Yimk M. immutable, laws Killer of the universe, Chapman, a member of this club, been called from the cares of this world to that, brighter and better world when there is no more sorrow, sighing or parting, Hesolvod, That by his passing w( lost, a valuable member and an esteemed citi/.en whose absence we deeply moil ni: Resolved, That while our loss is great, the loss to the family of a kind and oving husband and father is greater beyond comparison and to them we as individuals and as a cluli hereby extend to them our sincere and heartfelt sympathy. N. T). MUSSKY, C. E. BEMIS, J. L. MATTHEWS, Committee,. BndiJlo. Inquire tf 110 Went Col- "TnHlring Mnkos It R"'' - — Premier Blend (toffee. The best; coffee. W. W. &. Co. Water stock for sain- -A l'<uv .sluices of Columbia Lnnd and Water stock for sale. Apply Argun otHeo, Covina, "Merry Wives of should have used coffeo. •Windsor"—ail Premier 1 Blend W W. & Co. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Alfalfa hay for sale. Hurst Ranch. Phone Kiti. tf Cabbage and tomatoes Coviuu Floral Nurseries. for sale. 4-1 Up Try it for dinner—Top Notch pastry. W. W. & Co. 228 present and amounted to 312. 01. For Sale -- Alfalfa hay. First If y<iu have money in small amount, $100 and up, to invest at eight per cent per annum, see J. H. Matthews. Mrs. Ida RittenhouNO, room 'i, National Bfwk Bldg. Firs) class dross making at reasonable prices. tf What, arc you doing'for tho "gum disease" in your orange grove,? Fvoi try a grooving knife? 2!5c at Kollar- Thoniason Mfg. Co. tf For Sale -flood driving horse at i hargiiin. Also buggy and harnopH, Ask to HCO "Howard" at, Vendome stables. ,1. M. Stantou. Want—Good ornngo grove, Covim way, for Hue Pasadena, improve.-!, or vacant; with some cash. Ii. II. Wier, (i Stanton Bldg..Panadena. 4-1C * For Salo or K«ut- -Largo yards with sheds, on main street;, suitable for any wholesale business. Argus office. For Salo - A few shares (if Coliim bin Laud and Water stock. Argus office, Coviua. Cabbage plants for sale, 10 cent, por do/on or 3 do'/.on 25 cents. AH! for prices por 100 and 1000. B. Milimr, 12:i W. San Bernardim road. tf LUMBER- Let us figure your bil and sec who is lowest. ,7. M. ARM STIJONU, Mgr. Pico Heights Lumbe Co. Los Angeles. 4-10p nrvOT... 7i t faster ost Carfcs *Cir rtish to call your attention to the classy line II of high art Easter" Cards and Noi)ellics that hatie just arrived from the liast. The latest creations for Kastcr rernantbrances. Nothing old or cheap. Ideas in silk, embossed, and "surprise" post cards that are tip to the minute. Sec the "nen>"chicks and the "squeakers." Moderate prices. This Bank Wants Your Business We confess it. On the other hand, we know we are justified in thus asking your putronagv. We not only offer our depositors evt-rv facility to be found in a modern institution, loo-ctlior with courteous consideration and the best service, hut we a!s> assure you of Security for your inonev, Streiu;tli atrd Stability of management anrl methods. We will appreciate your business. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 We Carry GROCERIES and can send your order promptly HORNE'S GROCERY also Fruits, Vegetables, Candy and Vegetables in our Stock Phone 43 WSS$$$$$$$3$$$*$$$$$S$$S$$$$S«$«$S$$$$«$$^ much south of wash ou Put-rite Ho/id. Frank Morris. lip For Sale—-Bay mar", 5 years old. First class work animal. W. P, Watts, tf Cabbage plants for sale. Five cents por do/. Fresh garden vegetables. \V. H. McLeod, Citrus Avo. by Huddock, Trench (Jo. For Particulars address American National Two ten acre orange #rov(;s for, I<T1(JS FOK HKTTINCJ Thorough bred While Leghorn, Capt. Milobn Ht rii in, 81. OU per Netting. W. W., W. Double Avn. 4-15p J''OIiHALK ComiiHidioiiH l/acking HOUHO In Covimi. Formerly sale. C. If. Convorso, iJleudoni, Cal. Hank, Low Angeles. Armstrong's Cuvina NurHorios have Hny Por HnJ« Now alfalfa. .J. W. J'rocured 250.0 Valencia ..n.l nave! Larmi-r, former Poole ranch, Walnut! »«»'«« l ™»< ""''• (1 " ""'f' , , A "*; one wishing to buy name should call 125 for further Infoniinfi'.n. Lust Between post office and Hoirie'H store, nbmit 1 :'JO l-'rid.iv Fitzflerald A- Harry of I'nsadomt evening, an opori face,, g<dd (iiise ] I'""' money <>n niiic.licH and irnprov (•'.Igin v;at(ih. Finder [ilease leave ' at Aigun oflieo. i F<, r Sale -•• 15000 , jr(UJke night wan a success beyond all exr-ec- | i,ij, n . j,lHiitH. two t.. four iiie.beH , )fir tliouHarid. De.llve.ry him so badly that ho was (Mnfined t'»ti f) "- The Doctor proved hiir;w(df j a |,out Aprill 5. Phone 20C2, afte.r to the house fur several to be a apecialiHt in the line of enter-| « ,,.„,. (j. W. Wilbitc, GlL-rnJont, Itaiiiintf. His character irnpi-rsona-' (;al. 4-KJ Hear Mr. Martin in the elocution- t j, llls w , ;r ,. gimply perfect and partio- ! (ul real eHtato lit lovvfHt, ."iirr'-rit Write or telephone them at PaHiiditna dr c.all up J. W. PrentiHH, Covina fllHHH: 21,'H, Hill) UH\t to hlJVO II ri'JJfft Nontativo of I,ho firm <^all (jn y(jii. tf at the evening, ary and musical recital Christian Church Monday April .">. AdtniHsioii 25c, children lOo. The News-Tribune at Marion, Ind., says: "Asa reader and im-! ••'• •' personntui Mr. Miiilin has few equal-i. it'^ti' | t ; For ulriKiht two lioura his audir-nco linteiie;!, and upun vh*i cMncliisiou of the la^t riumbi.'r f-ci-med as anxious tu lOrtllllcitr ill lli'i "itjlect.ii:!.>! <!"• tl<: V,:.-. happy iii tln-ir iciidition. 'Iheni •.'.US a bl'-rjdifi^ •• t I) <• ;v'i«i'" -Ui'l I|.H i."-ty, wit fid'l •-•. i ••! in, | i' h iii wbilt all v,H5 I.ilfhed up ularly hininirous, and they kept his audience convulsed with laughter," ,. est in tbu Mr. HuruibU, whi ne-s Siifiii. late! V Stantoii, our jji haa H(.| ( ) one half WHITK AM) BLACK MINfjjJCAS - Most profitnblo for both (:«HS and drcsHftd poultry. I'i^KH from fine , jii'im bt-aded by jiri/o winiiing (jock. re;il $1.00 fier netting. W,'j guainotee ilite.r- more 7f> por (U:iit fertile. K. Ii. Wanted Five l« ten acre (/range «rovc, fir;,*. clitHH condilioii, cahii price «SHOOO to f'120(Ki. (Jivoas flrnl. [iaym':iit fine In,ii:-n aiid lot, lih.'Uy improved, cnhh price «f7000, In be».t purl, of I fi.lly vvudd, ono bl«ii:k of electric; Ijaliinee yearly | ayiiienlH. AddrenH W. Mct.ionis ('.<,., 800 V,. Pr'/hpuot A vi',., Holly wuoil, C'al. ) I (i Covina Livery Stables J. J. FitzGerald, Proprietor Special Rales to Travelling Men Horses Bought,,Sold and Exchanged • \ Home Phone 3 Kc;s. Phone 1024 It takes ;i £food (k-;i.l oi Machinery to run your rain:h, doiisn't it? S(u»u-tliiiit( need fixing? That's what we do • •< WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly e(|iii|)])ed for all i:la->ses at machine work. Patterns made. Kslimntes furnished. We manufacture UK: "KT" valves and /.fates. THE KELLAR-TIIOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office oppi'i-.itc S. )'. lJc|i)t Jf <inc I'honc 2 ; V» (!ovina, i tu A. K. Htiiniah. in an acti \n busi- ijirivci] fro.'n 111! Milri(jr, )i 1*2 Man li..rriiinlinu road tf 1 w>ir;l \'ii'i 1 UAN'CHKKH, VVK OKKKK VOi: AN cbango .VLIII • gr ov«' <>i country iwiiaJ [,\iti,i : v. tainu.f i:t ii c:,(j,' I''-J t. V ci 1 I '•'• i ).-, has \ ihii i calf y aerc 'u\ ','»(• mi >.>•••• tii u, iii^ e;u . ini'l We < i t-dict thui. •^ i I I 1.1; llir.v i:'lt' '111 li,cii-it.i;i!(-;l Ijl-i f MI tli ill y by | a u (i-n TO null: t.y fi.r g'.oil ihC'iirie I.i", Aiigele Moutliem ( 'iilifi.i'iiia i,r'i|icr'y of . choice iiinl I', ', our h;ii infacl ion. I ii.i s.irr-r-t. in ;i .l I. N, WILSON The Blacksmith With tlie iiKot skillful tiici hani.: , and the b;--,t e(|iii|> n -lit vv • j do your v/ork in tlie most v/orl:maiiliky and best manner in shorter ,'tim 1 : and at a reasonable c'j',1 (<i you. ; V-,'e a K<> carry a 1 ill'- of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinkinjf of pur-'.lia iin;/, a vi-lii.'it- o, any kind v/i- in , vile, you to i ail a.n<i look ov.-i our lin-anl t.ilk in • in itt.'-r ,>'/ -r, W - ou a viiai«-

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