Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 22, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1943
Page 2
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o HOPE StAfc, H&'Pt, ARKANSAS Thursday, April 25,1943. Have Terrible Bill to Pay in . •'•"* -i-m^—*—*—^-^*J* I ii mil- • •••mi mi i i- i i —'•" • i ••_!•. "• —- Analysis oi the News by Mackenzie Editorial Comment ' Written Today and *.,- Moved by Telegraph or Cable.;>;W v '. By De>VITT MacKENZ.IE Japan's barbaric atrocity in ex- tticutmg American airmen ' who ~»were prisoners of Avar gives point With a vengeance to the current f/ ^Allied reiteration that the Axis '*> showers and Nippon must surrender '?t unconditionally- ! i* (. Almost — but not quite — does ^ fthis horror make us forget that the i % *people of this country and the rest ] Market Report NEW YORK STOCKS New York, April 22 — W*>— Stocks were relatively steady today despite the market's inability to hold in full the moderate gains established in the early dealings. Profit selling was invited by the new advance on top of yesterday's sizable upturn. In the final hour the list had a good quota of minor advances along with a sprinkling of narrow declines. Utilities showed considerable activity for a time. especally the lower priced group. Volume generally tapered after midday but total dealings again topped a million shares. of the United Nations aren't bar- j bauans but are be/it on uprooting I '"this savagery from a tortured Mtforld However, as President •Roosevelt has said, all those who •{participated in this frightfulness twill be brought to justice. * Of" course we could expect better '"fCiim a nation which for years has »been pouring deliberate murder ffrom the skies upon defenseless wo- ' snen and children in China. The : Tbombing atrocities at Nanking still horrify civilized countries. Who can •Tforget the mass rapings and mur- ,_ders of European women in Hong- Or the treachery at Pearl V* t'Harbor' ^*: Truly the Japanese will have a ^'terrible bill to pay when the final j account is rendered. ** Announcement of this fresh *• crime came after concerted action J between Washington and London in 4. reaffirming that nothing but uncon- •> ditipnal surrender will be accepted L * vfrom the enemy. Presidents Roose- f velt and Avila Camocho empha- > sized it at their meeting at Mon> * terrey, Mexico/and British Foreign ^ Secretary Ed evoked cheers b 4 from the House of Commons by a :, ^ Similar statement. At the same »'» - time Secretary of State Hull and * British Dominions Secretary Attlee > % made it clear that Japan was in the • 4-same sinking ships as Hitler and his , <« saektes. SjV J, A I was studying these state- f' s , rnents there came to my desk a lit' * r t!e Associated Pres feature point,' e »» iug out that this day, twenty-five '', *' years ago. Baron Von Richthofen, '•*>'„' Germany's greatest air ace, -was '», shot down behind the British lines ? 'm France and was buried with ^ military honors. This item struck ' „ me as giving a perfect illustration V of the difference between this war . ' • "and the last. Maybe that's because > t^ I was with the British forces in ' ](l ^, the sector where and when the Ba- •$~*»ron was killed and know rather •^"well why the Allies accorded him t> m ilitary honors. «' Piesident Avila Camacho gave •« us the key to this difference when "?i he snid of the present conflict that '^ "we must above air destroy the . ,* machinery of barbarism construct! ' ed by the dictators." The first £ World War was an exhibtiion of f Prussian militaristic aggression, ,<"• and heaven knows that's bad i ' pnough. but this upheaval is Prus- 1 sian militarism with Hitlerism sup- A,^ erimposed — and that devilish doctrine is a throwback to barbarism. .. To this the Japanese wholehearted' Jy subscribes. ' The Allies respected Richthofen ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. 111., April 22 — (IP)— (U. S. Dept. Agr.) — Hogs, 9,000; fairly active; uneven; - ~ "1 lower light- bulk good and choice 180-310 lb. 14 75-80: top 14.85 paid fairly freely 160-170 Ibs. 14.25-60; 140-160 Ibs. &75-14.35; 100 - 130 Ibs. 1275-1360; sows 143565; stags mostly 14.50 down, few 14.75. Cattle, 2,500; calve, 1,000; open ing moderately active and fully steady; medium and good steers 14.00-16.45; good and choice 16.75 medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 13.0015.50; common and medium cows 11.00-13.00; top sausage bulls 13.00; good and choice vealers 15.75; medium and good 13.25-14.50; nominal range slaughter steers 12.00-17.25; slaughter heifers 11.00 - 16.25; stocker May $1.05. oats advanced 1-8—3-4 ind rye was up 1-4—1-2. Cash wheat: No. 2 yellow hard ..47 3-4; No. 2 mixed 1.47 1-4. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.0: No. 2, 107; No. 3, 1.06—1.06 1-2; No 4, 1.04; No. 5, 98—1.03; sample grade yellow 1.02-1.03; No. 2 white 1.23 1-2. Oats: sample grade mixed 66 1-2; No 1 white 69—69 1-4: No. 3, 08; No. 4. 67. barley malting: 92-1.07 norn: feed 8890 nom. NEW YORK COTTON New York. April 22 (ffV— Cotton moved higher in quiet trading today partly on expectations that a temporary c e i 1 i n K might be Shelved in favor of stabilization through sale of CCC stocks. Late afternoon values were 45 cents a bale higher to 10 cents lower, May 20.22, Jly 20.05 and Oct 19.94. Futures closed 10 to 40 cents a bale higher. May— Opened, 20.24; closed, 20.22 jly_op e ned, 20.05; closed. 20.04 Oct—opened, 19.95; closed. 19.93 Dec—opened, 19.89: closed, 19.87 Mch—opened, 19.85; closed, 19.84n Middling spot 22.05n: up 7 N - Nominal. kl w^rlr. l/^Afv I In Release of Gandhi Nazis Keep Up, Believed unlikely Attacks on Russian Lines POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, April 22 (/Hi— Poultry, live; 2 trucks; market unchanged. Butter, receipts 481.876; steady; prices as quoted by the Chicago price current are unchanged. and feederd steers 11.00-15.50. Sheep, 1,300; receipt include three doubles clipped lambs; one double spring lambs and 100 head trucked in; market not established. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, April 22 — (/P)— Trading in grains was listless and price changes minor today as little interest was shown in making new commitments in view of tomorrow's good Friday holiday. " displayed strength at serving to firm other the market. Wheat closed 1-4—1-2 higher, May $.144 1-4, July $1.43 1-2—5-8, corn was unchanged at ceilings. Oats one time, sections of Washington Woman Dies in Hope Hospital Mrs. Ruby Thornton. 28, wife of W. M. Thornton of Washington, died at a local hospital late yesterday. Funeral services will be held at 3 p. m. today at the St. Paul Church, near Washington, with the Rev. Stingley officiating. She is survived also by 2 children, Mary Sue and Aaron of Washington, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harris of near Mineral Springs, 11 brothers and 4 sisters. MacArthur to Stay on Jab Despite Age Washington, April 22 (#>).—Gener- alTDouglas MacArthur will continue his services in the field after reaching retirement age next January 26. - al ,1= , Undersecretary of War Patter- npver would shoot at a sitting son, telling this to a press confer- bird He always would dip his ence today, said the services of the wings in salute and sail away if Southwest Pecrfic commander have an ene^my pilot's machinegun | been of nhe most _ extraordinary jammed and left him helpless. High officers came from far dis- because he was a clean fighter. His crimson plane was known the length of the Allied fighting front. He was the most daring of all the enemy airmen, and the day he was shot down he chased a British plane right over i its home trenches at a height of only 300 feet. But while the Baron knew no fear, he By"EDDY GILMORT Moscow, April 22 — Iff") — The Germans kept up unceasing assaults in the Kuban valley of the Caucasus during the night, trying with a great weight of men, timk ntul planes to crack the Red Army lines from the southern shores of the Sea of Azov to the Black Sen at Novorossisk. All their efforts failed, although in some instances uroups ot Axis troops were able to reach the first lines of the Red Army's defenses, only to be cut down by murderous machine - fiun, rifle nncl mortar fire, and by Russian bayonets in hund-lo-hand fighting, the Soviet information bureau's midday communique said. In one sector, the Germans were reported to have lost upwards of 1,700 men in the last 48 hours. The German air force, meanwhile, was being engaged in some of the vast intensive air battles of the campaign as Russian fighter planes met strong attempts to dive - bomb the Red Army's ground troops into submission. The two-day score of plane destruction in this sector was reported a 93 to 42 in the Russians' favor, and the Red Army's aviation was increasing the number of its attacks on enemy ground troops. (The German high command said in a communique broadcast j from Berlin and recorded by the I Associated Press that 77 Soviet aircraft we;-e shot dow n yesterday, 20 (if them by Finnish fighters, while two Nazi planes were missing. Light Gorman naval forces wtsre siiicl to have sunk three Soviet supply vessels off the Caucnust coast. The land front was de| scribed as "generally quiet, with local fighting activity.") The feat of Soviet fighters in breaking up German attacks in the Kuban was matched by Soviet airmen who flew their "adds" — Russian abbreviation to designate long distance bombers — in a heavy attack on Tilsit Tuesday night. Pravda, the Communist party newspaper, said that several dozen pianos raided the east Prussian rail city, wooping in on it from four directions and giving it probably its heaviest blow to date. Num- C'nr.is I'i 'os and explosions were reported from the mil yard and river docks, and the last fliers to bomb the city started a blaze seen 100 miles away. New Delhi, April 22 (fl 1 )— A federal court ruled invalid today a section of the Defense of India Regulations under which some 8,000 prisoners, including leaders of tlic Congress (Nationalist! party were detained in connection with last year's distrubances. In delivering the judgment, Sir Maurice Gwyder, Chief Justice of India, said "our decisions may be the cause of inconvenience and pos- sihily nmbarrascent, even though temporary, to the executive authority." He expresed his rcgreat, but added the hope that extraordinary wartime powers would be more precisely defined in the future to [protect the King's subjects against illegal arrest. For Rent CLOSE-IN! SOUTH SIDE MOD- ern duplex. Unfurnished. Auto- mnlic hot water henler, Private entrances. See Tom Carrel. 2-lf BEDROOMS. ADJOINING BATH. Plenty of windows. Large closets. Close in. 108 West Ave. D. 20-3tp For Sole COTTON SEED, D&PL, Stoncwcll 2B, Rowdcn 41A and Cookers long staple, first year from brooder. All $2.00 per bushel. See T. S. McDavitt. 6-M ) ACRE PASTURE. PLENTY of wuler, good .fence. Sec. Jessie McEnlosh, Mack's Camp. 19-6tpd TWO ROOM UNFURNISHED npnrl'mcnl. 716 West 5th. 20-Otpd TfnKE UNFURNISHED ROOMS. 404 West Ave. O. 20-3tpd London, April 22 — (fl 1 )— Invalidation of a section of the India Defense Regulations under which Mohandas K. Ganrlhi and other All- India Congress Party loaders have been detained caused widespread speculation in Britain today, but informed quarters said the release of Gandhi and the others was "most unlikely." The India office initiated inquiries in New Delhi to determine the exact defect of the court's ruling. It was not regarded likely thnt Congress party agitators would be turned loose to resume their campaign, if it could be avoided, because of the grave view which both the British and the Indian governments took of Gandhi's campaigr at a time when Japanese invas on threatened India. Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30c Six times—5c word, minimum 75e Throe times—3i/ 2 c word, minimum 5Oc One month—18c word, mlnmlum $2.70 Rates are for continuous ittsertlons only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." 40 BUSHEL COTTON SEED. Henvy Fruiter No. 5 First year from breeder. $4.50 per hundred. Pulls Inch and betler. Bale per acre in 1942. Daily delivery to Hope. Also good used'mower to trade for walking cultivator. See Fred B. Miller, Hope, Route 1. 14-6tp 'OUR ROOM HOUSE. GOOD svcll water. Pasture and garden started. Sec J. S. 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Jacxson. 21-llpd SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reynerson. City Hall. 1-1 mch BUTTONHOLE WORK. SEE MRS. ! Hamp Huctt, 023 West Division. | 21-3tpd, COULDN'T BE MUCH FRESHER IF IT FLE_W TO YOU . . . MADE If THE WESSON Oil rtOrtE BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise value to the country." MacArthur will be 64 next Jan- Welfare Institution Urged by Pipkin Little Rock. April 22 f/P)— Welfare Commissioner John G. Pipkin recommended today that the state establish in the post-war period an institution to care for an esti- tances to attend the nm tar O.1S- iviacArinur wiu uc ut n\=.^<. uem- ,i,^v. t «..- J .. .... -•••- — -•-- ---funeral of uary, the age at which retirement mated 200 to 300 persons from the iVtm-*-*•** «-"• tf ' « ,, ,,„,.!_..,, n^Ki-ktinr* iiilin S>S1tllH nrtl For Prompt and Courteous TAXI SERVICE : PHONE 679 "-\ will Appreciate Your . Patronage. L. R. Urrey 679 Taxi Co. West Coast Lags in Bond Campaign Washington, April 22 — (/P)—Bond sales in the treasury's $13,000,000,000 second war loan amounted to $11,322,000,000 up to last night, Treasury Secretary Morgenthau reported today, adding that the west coast is lagging in the drive. Asserting the 12th Federal Reserve district with headquarter at i San Francisco is "at the bottom of ; „„.. ~ -_ -- — i program and resulted in the barrel" in the campaign, Mpr- sav i ngs despite increaed expendi- MONUMENTS s<\ & K- )Elichthofen"in"the tiny hamlet on I from the armed forces ordinarily the Somme, while a great fleet of | becomes effective. Allied planes circled overhead as a tribute. They honored this German because he represented a spirit which is lacking among the Axis and Japanese forces in this war. Today we are fighting pure barbarism. The Japs have demonstrated this anew in the crime they perpetrated on our men. Recently the inter-Allied information committee of the United Nations in London stated that 3,400,000 people had been executed or had died in prison in Nazi occupied countries by the end of 1942. We don't have to accept this staggering figure to prove the point, for the Boche themselves have announced numerous mass executions of civilians and boasted of them as reprials. That's why we are going to force unconditional surrender and smash barbarism ' ' ' The Plunger Seattle, Wash. — Walter Gise burt, 20-year-old shipyard worker, won a $15 bet. He's sorry now. He dived off a Lake Washington Ferry to swim a quartermile to his shipyard. His pals paid off — but Giseburt paid $37.45 court costs he was as- sesed at his trial on a public-nus- ance charge, plus incidental costs and loss of wage during the trial. Total: $lln. He didn't even get to finish his swim, he sighed; the Coast Guard stopped him. various counties who could not qualify for welfare grants. Such an institution would relieve the counties of almost their entire welfare burden and bring all phases ol the welfare program under the state department, Pipkin said: The recommendation was made 1 in an interview in which Pipkin said thai, the county poor farm was passing out in the state in favor of the welfare department's public as- istance program. Pipkin said he welcomed this trend because it brought welfare cases under a more humanitarian overall MEALS Full Cream—Finest Made FLOUR Full Cream Q*SALAD DRESSING Large Iceberg LETTUCE Large Bleached Celery Stalk genthau said this is "peculiar" because "the west coast is closer to the front than any other part of America and always led the way heretofore. It has always felt the war more closely." WE EMPLOY NO AGENTS BUY DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER and Save Agent's Commission. If interested write, or phone us at our expense and we will call on you and show you our designs. FOUR STATES MONUMENT CO, PHONE 462 TEXARKANA, TEXAS turc of slate funds. Large Sunkist Oranges Doz. 49c Men,Women! Old? Get New Pep,Vim Feel Years Younger IJon'l- Itlarmf L'xli:nustc(l. worn-out, run-flown fftdlnB un your u^c. Tliuunimdtt tuiiu/.utl ul ttlml u lltllu iti!pniiiK uii wUh Osucx \\ill do. CnnlutiUi Kfiu-riil li-ii'ra ciflcn linked by liuclli* lai'klni; vluiluin l<i. Iron, uulriuin iiliu-iiiluir. <ut CMrri Tunlu Tulilcu. Trlnl Blze 3.jc. Or KAVIi MO.NIiV—get riuulur Jl. rlzu (4 iliiifs an many mulcts). AHo ask Ulmnl »U('C:lul. liis, UHilM-'j-iUVlliB "]>imoniy" fl/.l!. Uiin'r, l.uoM. Kturl, frillni,' 1 r .i.v *• unnnr. unlay. For sale at all good drug stores everywhere—in Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drug Stores. Winesap—163 sire Apples Doz. 39c Nu-Way Full Qt. BLEACH P and G SOAP 6 Ba,s Lux SOAP 3 Bars Lifebuoy SOAP Bars O Quick or Regular QUAKER OATS Premium Lb. Box Crackers 17c Staley's Cube Starch 3 Pkgs. 3 Pkgs. Swan SOAP Large Bar CURED HAM Whole or Half CHECK YOUR HAY MACHINERY NOW! We Have Just Received Our Hay Machinery Parts. Please Check Your Equipment Now So You Will Know Your Needs—and See Us Immediately for Parts. Yowr McCormick-Peering Dealer Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. V. C. Johnston 218 North Walnut—Hope, Arkansas—Telephone 257 3-Da~yBattle (Continued From Page One) minor losses and millions of dol- 'lars worth of war cargo will reach its destination. I witnesed the rescue of all the passenge/s and crew of one ship that was "bumped." All escaped without injury and were transferred to other ships." The only ' complaint was by a girl who said she "lost all my lipstick and two pairs of silk stockings." Surpassing even the daybreak tussle with the submarines for u thrill — if you call it that — was seeing a torpedo whiz past this ship with only 25 yards to spare. When first spotted, it was coming directly at us, but at a reduced speed, apparently having been fired at a great distance outside the convoy lanes. The captain shouted orders for "full speed ahead" and swung the ship sharply to the left just in time to let the torpedo skim past our stern so close you could see the spray as it bounced along near the urafce. There wasn't lime to be scared then—but many good lunches went uneaten. b ~^w- (GtRfiPET ^ o - Baby Ruth i COOKIES Royal—Ass't Flavors Gelatin 2 Pkgs. 15t Guest IVORY bar Mothers COCOA Lb Box 15c 3 Tall Cans MIL-NOT 25c Arm & Hammer SLICED BACON Rindless, Sugar Cured STEAK Tender Young Beef BOLOGNA Points Reduced to 5 STEWMEA? Tender Brisket Lb. PICNIC 25 C HAMS Whole Lb. Half, Lb. 19c 31c 35 C W Z cup* prcpurcil pancake lluuc Pancakes cup L »> diluted 1 cup wuler Put pancake flour in mixing howl. Stir in gradually diluted milk. Do not beat until smooth, as overheating toughens pancakes. The lumps arc bits of shortening and will disappear in the baking. Bake on hot, slightly greased griddle until bubbles appear and edges are cooked, then turn and brown on other side. Serve with butter and syrup or honey, jelly or preserves. Makes 27 four-inch pancakes. For Waflles, follow above recipe for pancakes, adding just before baking 3 tablespoons melted butter or other shortening. Pour about }-£ cup of batter into center of hot, preheated waffle baker. Close quickly and bake about 4 minutes, or until brown. Makes six 7-inch waffles. For Thit Recipe Yuu'll Needi STUEART'S Wf Deliver Phone 447 Aunt Jemima Pancake FLOUR Irradiated piTMIlK 3 Lge. Cans 13c 30c O

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