Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 3, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1909
Page 4
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COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the I'ostoffic.e Covina, Cul., aft ftecoMdtChiRfl matter. Published every Saturday by the <>>• vina Argus Publishing f;onip;itiy, Inc. J. I,. Publisher SUBSCRIPTIONS: £1.50 One Year in advance Six Months .... Three Months Single Copies ADVKKTrSKMKNTS: | Display advertisement at reasonable j rates. Price* on application. Changes j •.iiade as per contract. ' j Liners Sc per line each insertion. ! Le^al notices SI.00 per inch tirst ! insertion, 5,0 cents each .siibserjuent insertion. COVINA. April,. 1 ,, 1WJ. Rl Monte Wins Debate. El Monte WHS given the decision last night iri a debate, on the subject : Resolved thnf f he immigration «>t the Japanese into the United Hlji fen f hnuld tie i 'cM r icterl. Lnelia RoI.ertH and Kied • 'hrunber- len of Covina wpoke in a very convincing manner for tho negative, but (fin I'il Monte oratorH carried off first nnd seeond honors. Judge Wilbur of li<i» Angeles rendered the decision, Reed Runs Well. \V;illfi'-" I!e*"l of ('ovitiji made :\ 'j.v ;\'< showing in th<- two t.r;('-k tnrets th:ii. flu. f'niverbify of Southern ('.it lifortii.-i p:: "I ;''ip.'it''d ill on their rcr-enl rior'. h'-ni trip. Of the mi i-t wish the ('aliforniii 'v;i nit v, the l,(n A iiac]' H Times of A pri i It givns the ArniiH pleasure to note tliot ono telephone cniitpuriy inHonf.h- ern California h:iH an oyo to bc-nuty as well aw utility. Many of tho BiirpliiH poleH and other paraphernalia of the CoviriH Homo Telephone) Company have been removed thin w«ek under the supervision of Manager F. Wright. It, CIMJHOH l.he HtreetH to look better mid removes what is unelena and u^ly to the general view. Howards & Wtldey Sales. I), W. MiifiDonald, local reprosent- iitive nf the Kdwards & Wildey Co., reports the Hale for K. J. ffuHtingH to .1. It. Hunt of Highland l.'ark, the 7,'..J grove, loeated on Knwlntid aveniM! and fionHistH of & ne.rea in full bearing navels and 2 J£ aorOH in five- year-old Vnleneian. The property if) improved with a good five room house and out .hij'ildirigH. (JonHideratimi 810,!)00. Crop renerved by tlic Heller. In our last IHHIIO through a trans poHltinn of the types the wile of the Wrn. IJeli grim; nt, Charter Oak read for a consideration of ?10, -100, instead of 8 1 4,000, the anlinil willing ptiee. ThlH sale WIIH also made ,b,y D. \V. MacDonald. Revival Unabated. The revival at the Christian Church eontinues ,\vil,l) dejepouliiK Interest. Tho whole community IIUH boon etir- rod by tho Hlron« appeals of the cull lux men to right.- ''('<-<-il, tli' j di'iiinaf ivr rtilry of flif "'iiitlivrn team in fin- ijnar! 1-1-mi!'- r:i<-i-. (tailed the fi"lH -o flic H'n-fi-h .'iii'l by a iiiHgniricc'it u pni't, p;iH u '-'l fhr'' ' ali forniii INCH Mii'l (inisli'-il only one foot behind (I. ./o!ni». r.,';.'; bj-oke tlic f;ij<<- in ."'J 'J .",«. |{r.i-l<e| of ''alif'oniia. wan thii-'L '' III file rrieef uilli SI » M ford Ifeed led the field into (lie back stri'ti'li, find fin- inlieil ;i ffo'nl third fo .Mil!'')' nm\ Wy- inan, the er.'iek f'ardina] fpiarl'T-rnilcrs, Dr. Martin is a man of u-.mai'kable personal Hy. He is exceedijiKly kind In heart and roHpoctn tho oonviotioiiH of thoHO who differ with him: yet, ho cloos not lioHltntc to rail in ()U(^tlon tho trudltioriH of mon whore they hinder tho progroHS of the truth. Jlo is proominontly a man ot one bonk, always rnuking bin appeal to the Diblo. Mo Is 11 very bold in rebuking sin of ovoiy kind and in warning men of its oonscenionuoH. Tho sor- mon last Huuduy evening on "The Divinity of Christ" WHH a masterly effort and will bo roinoiu bored for a life time by tho groat audience that he.-M'd it. Mr. IJoKgatt, tho wong ovangoliat, has a remarkably attractive tenor voice and his aolos and leadership of tho large chorus add much to the on- joymont of all. An entertainment of the highest, literary and artistic moiit will bo given Monday evening by I Jr. Martin and Mr. HoKgatt. Tho program for tho week is as follows: ft Monday, April !> - Klocutionary and Musical Keitital. Admission '2. r )c. Children U)c. TueHday, April (i Future J{ciing- nit ion. Wedm-Nday, April 7 The Old Paths. Thursday, April » - Idolatry in Covina. l-'rlday, April !l - The Day of Small Things. Sutimht.v, April 10 Sprinkling and I'uui'in^. .Sunday, April 11 11 a. in., Im- iimtahilily. I! p.m., "IVrsonal Habits of MIMI and WOIIIDM," 7:110 p.m., Christian Uioycling. Monday, April 1 '.'. A Lawynr'a l)i -fi'iisn of Juila.-*. CONFIHMATION HEUVICK. Tiir In anl if ill and Mii|ii4'--i \ •• .'nnlir ma ! "ii -"'i \ ii'.- nl I In' K|ii>''ii|>'i I i 'hi! i I'll w:,> .•...•.il'i.-d il l.'i-l Sunday b\ |!II'M.|' ,li.i.ii-..>i ii, lli.h Tin,il\ t'lnii'-li. the I!, ••(,,,[, l.cin^ a--- 1 -It .1 l.y I lie b'ey. A I I I.', I I'l l.-lii-i'. I In- I, ,li, I. Thr l(i-.|ni|, ^| 1 •,•1^( I'lllli'-lh I" the rla--; and In tin i-i'ii:: i • , a i" ii ;.! la i';;. . 1 1 r n , ii dr in iii'i I I i • • I... i. i .1 1 1 i,. Ii in- •, I ,i ineilinrril \' "I CHAR1BR OAK Miss Chini Tho;np«f;i) spent, tho early part of the week in Los Angeles »Jid wont to Jiivorside Thursday, whore she will spend the remainder of l.he week visiting among friends nrid relatives. Mrs. JJryrint and daughter, Mrs. O. .1. Drown of Pomona, were guests of Mrs. If. O. Mfico o/i Tuesday. Miss Kditb .Jonner visited her aunt, Mrs. Noe, in l^os Angeles, tho early part, of tho week. Mrs. McCartney returned homo on Mnncuiy from an extended viait in the north. Tin; pupils of the Charter Oak school aio enjoyinu a two weeks' vacation. Mr. .J. C. Dolcatcr presented his wife this week with a line driving horse and a now carriage. Mr. and Mrs. Burbank of Pomona and Miss Perry of Springfield, Ohio, visited Mr. Maco Thursday on a driving trip through Houthorn California. Mrs. Hirliliollx. ,of llulia street entertained n number of little people, last Tuesday, fo celebrafe the Ki.vfh birthday of her son Slanley. They played inei ry games and were refreshed with iee cream and cake, after which Mrs. Kif'hnll/. toidc Muiin to see tho balloon asccMisinii, whicli didn't COIIK; ofJ". On leaving Tor home eauli. v;as given u linslu't of candy, Kasler eggs, n cliirUea uad n rabbit. The Quests were !{<'U and llermnii Kriiig, -liilin I'oe, llnrold VV'ilsrin, i'rc.tlurh'.k Alitrtin, (Veil mid liichard /ng. His Hobby. One man with an odd hobby isn't t person who gets much mall, and what Lo IIUH or expects to have ho can kor?i> in mind very easily. Probably ho never had a letter which went astray. Yet every time he »«•« In the newspapers tho list of advertised mall sent out from tlmo to time by the general postofllco In New York he turns at once to the Initial letter under which his name comes and runs carefully through tho list. Ho never yet has found any letter that might bo supposed to be for him and, furthermore, hasn't, found any that might be for any of his relatives. He takes an odd pleasure In doing It, however, something-with that eagerness which Impels a mnu to grub through n packet of old letters In hopes that he may come upon some rare variety of stnmp. Itoally, If ever ho found his name In tho list It probably would kill his enjoyment of tho hunt forever thereafter.—New York Sun. Anticipated Cause Tor Sorrow. Inn en me In from I lie country on her fifth birthday to visit her cousin May. At night they wore put to bed early. An hour passed, when heartbreaking sobs were heard from tho children's bedroom. "What Is tho matter, children?" asked May's mother, onK't'lrig the dark ron m. "From under the bedclothes Inn sobbed out, "May won't give mo any of her peanuts." "Hut May has no peanuts," replied her aunt. "I know that," sobbed Ina, "but she KiiUl If she did have peanuts she wouldn't give me any."- Ju-lincjitor. Sufficiently Occupied. A story l» told of u rolond In <Ion- era. 1's division In flu- late cl\ II wnr Whi' siiinoiliiu'S Indulged In more apple- Jack than waH piod for him. 1'iisslu^ htm une t".viimg leaning u^aliuu a live, the K''iieral said: "(Jooil i-icniiiK. colonel, ('dine over to my lent t<>r u niument, please." "S s-cu -e me. ^-ir cii'ral. s s i-us» Hie." ivii'.i.d the ciilniie!. "It's 'bout all 1 ran il>. i • M:I\ ul.t-iv I am."-- I'liiln- dclplii.i 1..-.I :,-r. Prlco Never Changed. The Tfev. Simon Turple was nn eloquent speaker, but he necmed to have n list cif nermoiiM whl--h, when lie onee iM'.r'.iM, lie wf'Tit rScffif through to the end nnd then .started at tUe llrni ser-i i 1 o;j Hi?:* iii, ;ilid so on. A y'.'ii'K ni:in In the fnn(;re.«:it.loi) W:VM iihoiit to I'.-iive for Sonlli Afrle.'J, hur tj'.e Huiifiay hofnre he departed he In t-ie foiM-'i- nt ld< lecture fhrf minister iif-'ed mi illustration In which were ; f!j« \,'ii(;w, ".\ ir::t.i '-nit oasll.v ; ' wo • pal-row.-! f< r thri'ftpenr*!." | '!'!(• yo'.'ii-- m:in. siftar heing absent | :< v ,-.!;!(!( i ! i:'ee years, returned and j •••i':: oil the iii-st ojiportunlty attviidi-d ! • :;•,'.:• • i •', '.'•<•. Strange to say, he! •:-d i!.«• :•:.' •(• ms.natlvo by the same i ; •<••,-. i;... p';;- striking him mo-U ' ' . : •>• !•• ihe "two flpiirrovvn for . ,,t •', • <••• M- 'i'' the Ht-ryl--" tfie mln- i : '••! ! '. '•' .'lU-f-.v, came nnd Mltook i . |i" '.'..'> " -• ;;;;".!i and. weleoiuing ' ,i i : i; ' '..I?, lionie, a-d;ed him if . • i: -i-'d iiiiy el unices about the! ',' ! :• ;'!-,)•: "::i I. c-vldflitly qtilfe Ufl- • :-.:•• r-.-: --(I. ie;,;ied. "Aye, man, there's I '.-.•-; ' ;• ilir.'-e- '-hiinfrr-s. but there's yln '.'i!;.;: ! <r.'i :-:ee- the price o' sparrows ; : :•.( t!':- au!d flf!ger."—Olas- fJcw Uso For Wheelbarrows. Mrs'. /(iin .\iitiall, the archaeologist, «'.'is m.'ikfng woffie exc/ivaflorin in Mex- t"o. The Indians worn removing the (•f'rlb so mo distance from the point of e:-;c:i vdllon In the etistotnary manner— thai is, on a piece of coarse cloth tied between two poles, stretcher fashion, carried by I wo Indiana. This method seemed rather laborious to Mrs. Nuti:.II, so she ordered several iron wheel- b.irrows from the city. When they arrived she turned them over to tho foreman after explaining to him what they were for and how to use them. Kr-xt d;iy when she visited the work the Indlnns bud discarded their primitive piirihuolaH and were using the bright new- wluielbnrrowH. As (;ncli bnrrow wns filled with enrlh It was picked up by two Indians, one u«Ing the handles and the other the wheel, and carried to the place whore the enrlh was to be deposited. All efforts to get tho Indians to use the wheelbarrows properly failed, and they kept on carrying them until the work WHS finished. A TEMPERANCE UNION. Alphabet of the Playhouse. "We keep learning things all the time," said an Infrequent theater goor. "I stopped In front of a theater the other day to buy a ticket of a speculator, and 1 asked him If he Lad a good single near the front. " 'Jlere'a one In O,' he suld, 'thirteenth row, third scat from the aisle.' "is'ow, you know, I don't carry the relative positions of the letters of the alphabet In my mind all the time. I have to work for a living and have other things to think of. Hut It struck mo Mint O mu»t be farther down the line than thirteen, and so I Just counted up the letters on my finger tips, and, I made O come fifteenth, nud I said so to tho ticket man, but that didn't worry him any. " 'There's no A in this theater,' he said, 'and there's no 1 In any orchestra in town.' "And, having my finger tip figuring thus handily knocked out, I bought the ticket."—Washington I'ost. The Surprise of Gli/nitca. "I have never quite ma-.lo out," says a writer In "Near lOnst." "why the plain of Sllvnltsa hns come to be re- gnrded as the scone of one of the groat decisive battles of the world's history. It did not even decide the Servo Rulgnrl.'in war In 1S8">. That was decided by Austria Intervention. The battle of Sllvnltsa Is really only ro- murknblo for the comical fact that both sides thought they were defeated, and while Milan of Sorvlu was hurry- Ing homo In confusion Alexander of Bulgaria galloped all the way back to his capital before he leiuned that the tldo had turned. Nowadays the village looks sleepy enough, poor and dirty, like most Itulgarlan villages, but almost Kay when the sun shines upon Its red roofs." Harsh Music, The pi)lltielan eaiiKht with the was counseled by his friends ti nnd face the music. For nn instant he listened to tho clninor of di'iiunelatloii. "(ireat Hoott," he exclaimed Impatiently, "do you call that music?" . A liniment Inter lie was out of ln>ar Ing.-- Philadelphia Lod^T. How Rows Begin. "Hubby, I dreamed last iii^'ht that you didn't lnvi« mo." "lluw foolish you are!" "Foolish, am I? As if I could help what 1 dream about!'' And the fra<-as was on. l.oulsrllli> Courier-.luiir:i:il. Kept Him I "Why couldn't \vu have cnm«> lunne at a ri-is.i];al,|e hniir':" remarked on Miiu'ry wile to her spouse. "Could, ui'ilear. jes easy as not, but I hii' \-. us \\-aitiu' f'-r you t' yo \' sh.'ccp!" i-i-; !i<-d t he dcilm(iicnt. Tl. Members Limited to Fourteen Drink* of Liquor Daily. [ "Signing the pledge" is no new thing, | a* is proved by research^.-* In Italy. I Inlerosling particular:-; of what would ; flpp'-.-M' to be the e-nrliesi examples of j wrifioii plcdgeft to abstain from gambling and excessive drinking are Riven In the Turin Hindi Medieval! by Slgnor Oiro!a;no liiscaro, who hns discovered f.hro;- such documcnta hi the archives of Milan, The first of these records Is nn on tii sworn on the #ofpol« by (ffa- coirio Pa:-t(|iia!i and Ariminino J)tiea to (he effect iljat for two years they will abstain from gambling in Pavla or within throe miles thereof and will Jkew'.se refrain from Inducing others to gamble on their behalf. The penalty for any breach of this oath Is fixed at ." soldi, pa.yablo to Papio LJovntorlo. j In the second document I'erano do liotio promises I'berto do Proto to ' abstain from (rambling for a certain period, exception being made on be-' half of the game of blsmetitiro, nt which, however, he was not to lose I more than 2 dennri on any one day. I Further, r ho uuderfakes not to visit any Inn for drinking purposes before (he hour of vespers on Monday. A breach of either clause of the pledge Involves tho'payment of 5 soldi to De Proto. P.y the third document Slleto Ferrarlo expressed his willingness to pay 12 dennri to his brother Lamperio Bhould he bo persuaded to piny for money in any place of public resort or to spend more than 2 dennri on intoxicants la nny one day. Tho motive for these contrnct« is not stated, but It Is presumed that they were entered into by employees whose tiflHiers wished to koep their proclivities in chock. Tlicre Is nothing In the documents to suggest th<? nxlsVence of nny organization for the promotion of temperance. The honor of bcJng first In the field In this respect therefore still rests with Germany, where two temperance societies were founded in the sixteenth century. Of those the Order of St. Christopher was formed by Slglsmund do Oiottrichsteiii on .Ian. 18, 1517, and tho Order of Temperance by tho landgrave of Hesse on Doc. 2.", H100. The morn- i bers of tho one order wore pledged to | abstain from toast drinking, and the members of the other undertook not to drink more thnn seven glasses of j liquor nt n time, and that not oftoncr Hum twice n day.—Chicago News. The Excellent Service renders to depositors and clients by the First Bank is attained by the prompt, faithful performance of every duty. The checking- accounts of firms, corporations and individuals are cordially solicited. tit ft l^l Capital $50,000 Surplus ^40,000 A PARISIAN RUSE. The Dressmaker's Lura That Ensnared the Americans. Grace Mnncarct Gould tolls In tho September Woman's Home Companion some of tho ways the Parisian dross- making establishments soil their goods to American women. Here is one ruse that she saw worked In one of the blg- tfest establishments in Paris: There was a sudden and evident commotion among the employees. "Tho princess! Tho princess! She has arrived!" they cried. American eyes began to bulge. Out from n magnificent equipage stepped a regally gowned grand lady, attended by footmen and maid and received by the whole bowing establishment, to the neglect of all other customers. She was In n gracious mood this day and easy to bo nloasod, praising their past efforts and solect- ing several of their new creations without regard to cost. After she hnd rnado her departure ntnld like ceremonies tin-re was no need of the saleswoman bothering her head over suggestions. Every American woman present wanted n gown copied from tho one the prlncoss hnd bought, nnd she got It nftor much pleading nnd nt n price far beyond the limit she had set. And tho point of this fable Is this; Tho princess was no princess, but »n employee of the house. Every French gown has two prices-— nn American price and a French price. It Is needless to say which Is tho greater price. Along about April the cry poos up, "Tho Americans are coming!" and the 1 ) the prices go up too. Along about November, when tho Americans have loft, you might almost nay they are giving away gowns, only the Frenchman never doos give away anything. Then It Is that the Frenchwoman in general and the French actress lu particular selects her wardrobe. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Hsuse furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery $15,OOO TO LOAN in sums of $300.00 upon clear improved real estate at 7 per cent for on to 4 years privilege to pay $500.00 at any interest paying date or all any time without bonud. I buy trust deeds and mortgages. At 130 East Puente St. except Mondays and Thursdays. Phone 194. OSCAR MILLER. Rich Delta Land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser 640 acres of rich delta land near Tulare Lake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, best in the world for alfalfa' which grows to perfection here. Land is subirrigated. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces S40 to 350 per acre without irrigation. Only 3 miles from growing town and million dollar best sugar factory. Near one of the largest and most successful Jersey farms iu. the state. If you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. J. H. flatthews REAL ESTATE I The Bad Spot. i Au Irishman oue day was told to put i u[> u signboard on whk'h were the. | words, -To MotorLsts-Thls Hill la The 1'iuht K ot Foremost. S-.Df) Gets Over It. I'll'l!':;: l!i- : :. . : i'.".' iVlvii: -^! \VH4 "\\li:ii I •• ;!i.'\ llninll. pa V" :;>! i'! !,'. :,i , '..':• ,'i:i Hri,.ir,:lllj "Wi-ll. i!:i- Ii i;.-> iinniii is tho niily I-,. u'..ii '.. 'M' • • • '•; ;•••!• 'i -i i'.-" i\ pcrii'il iir;' ;; i :•'.-< lii'i- i|;iriir_' whi.-ti lin !..•;! ..-. r ••'!••> i ".! '.ii :.:.. ..•.! I.: l^ i! -,!(..1)3 ' i-l.ii-KliT- 1' I i.'ill \ I-.i rt'lIU' II' 'Mil' U I'.il i mi- liuil that liU il -ir liltlf uii'o li:isi/t s -,- I .. •; .,,, ..!,.• ,••-.!.-;'ed tl..- I.. : •• ' ..'ft J'i-i'1 I'li'-l ' 'J i.i- plir.iM 1 vjU.'iid ..-. ',.-',. , I -i-Il to be Vel'V ,U.! i'l'itV ; Away wont Mik<> with thu siguboard i and pliu'i'd It at the buttoin of a very 1 strc'p hill. A few day.s later his ein pluyi'i' went to .-ret- how the board wii 1 ? [>ut up ami, tindlns It at the bottom of the hill, sought mid found Mike. "You bloohilng fool!" he cried. "Why didn't you put that sj-jn in tho right phu-oV" "Shure and ain't it'.-" a,<i-:<-.l Mikn "I>i>n't all tUu ai'i'iik'iils happen at tho bottom':"-- Harper's \\VeUly. Crazy to Expect It. iTarduppi- - i^ay, n!d frllim". li-nd me a hundred, \\ill \ou'.' Ki,'.irs A liundrfd u hai '.' Il.ii'diipp'.' A h-.mdi-ed dullara. 1 Itiirirs- i >h, stop \"Ui- joking. Karduppe (f;inu->l'\ i- J'li.iuu; •'.• I w;i3 i:r\>-r i:i"iv si-rinus in u.y !.:'e. I'm 1 t'"^e. Ki_''-,'.s My hi m, y. u'ro not. broke: y.>u'u- 'i - ai-Ued.' ('aihulie Standard and T::...-s. Is th t - A Bargain 5 Acres Valencias between 3 and 4 vcars old Azu&a. water Price $4,500 ?2iMH) down. Balance, terms to suit. In Al condition. Near car Hue. t.-e us for ijther snaps. a Oilman ;;;>. I'.Ji'iiu: K:<-i-t! ic iK-p* Cal end See Us If jou need anything in the HARNESS line and we will ffi ve the be$t goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Cowina Harness & Sadcileiry Co. Phone Home 1J70 A. J. ROOKS General BlaclcsmitHlng All kinds of general and hea\'y Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks znd Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ? Shop West Bodillo S}, Cavina 1: \i,n L;t\H iiiiii aiiniiiiiti, iii $l! ; 'J aiid i Jul.t } ; r cent ) :-i a;;;,; -v in small p t'. invest at. ;;.! !?<-L- J. 11.

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