Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 4
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 4

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 4
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SIX u. FOUR SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Ml)., SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1945 ionize ,6 Depi< iruigne S. Arn ~—~~~ E Oleum Uncom Ever ( Like . ' Indian More t Cloth -r i Redact : Schemi Unoccu Caterpi hairs . i Flnishe 1 Slight depress '• Czar Symbol sodium i Exclam Having i Gaze nmorou iMonk Move •• (urtivel. i Mineral ' Edible roots toe i Existent i Iniquity Boxllke vessel J. holding fodder > Cravat Symbol thoron i Narrow Importa Carl's Scrap book Singe's Hulloived Duys 50 Years A«?o "Oil! ArnrliMiiy' 1 * Actors Fairmont Man's Album : Caiuil Shipments Varied Bedford's Mineral Water '".-,;/ L . py FK.\NK i-Kt CAIIl.' . _'. N'A.MES',.'() ME.MOKV •Harry. A. W. Va., pos •• 1-u rt tors fO MAS'V Willlii'niioti. Fairmont, •>:.•>.*>££ an old uuic Ci'tias. o( "TypiCd Mexican Orchci- ugraph album which contains the names oti ot The Academy of Music, Cumber- iiixi's "s\v*II" theatre, had not long opened, actors all U wiis the ambition over khe country U) ison); plaster; boiw dust, ashes and ;'manure. .•'•.-• j Names of the boats included such Icolorlul titles as the VSauta Anne", ["Highlander, 1 ' "Ambition," "Dutch i Hen.""The Onion," "Busquchanna," 'Clipper," "Renown,' 1 "Greiit East- trn," "1776," "Unexpected," ^'.'Niagara," "Chicago.'' "Wild; Kate." ''Lonaconirm." 'Hercules," "Constitution." "Eiwi-prlie." 'Rescue" and 'You Know." ',, Many, however, were named after Ind'ividunis, such as "William Devecmon," "A. Lincoln," "Dr. theiktrlcii! stur fit ty 'years'ago, :in<i aJ- . irX'iiijl! It is im-. pa-.sifolo . ib dc- rlphur same, of 111* nanies, thert art many autograph.* In itii- album whlfh will revive lU'cciont memories to the- of tho here. It was not infrequent ihat a star was born here. Included in. the iUt published is that of Louis E. . McCormui, whos* home was In Etagcrstown. . ..•;.:•• : McComas was a "lawyer und' a Republican, who had besrtm to bb r Fahrney," "Samuel Swain," "Horace Resley," "William Morehead" and "Cnl. Young." . Those were th« duys when traffic on the canal, connecting Cumberland and" Washington,' D, C., really belonged in the classification .of "Big Business." . '".}' ; . • '. .'" 'Gazette of the Slate ot.Pennsyl-j vania.") HOW "BLOODY UUN WAS NAMED; NO LONGER USKU According to Sherman Day's "Historical Collections" it:was the blood of butchered pack horses and other beasts of burden slain by Captain James Smith's Black Boys on March 1; 1750 thist gave ; the name: to Bloody Run. Buys Dr. Day:.: "A number of horses were killed and the whole of the goods were carried awn> by plunderers. The rivulet was dy«d with blood and rah Into the settlement with a stain of crime upon the surface." Continuing-.Day states: "Bloody Run, (Everett) takes Is name from a stream that flows through it. Some traditions say thai Snowbound Italy Belies Its Name The autographs KJIIH \.er ca/i of uars coming to Cumberland was often accompanied by the name of served in both House and Mrs. William D. Byron, Williams- f port, who recently served 'in th« I House from the Sixth Maryland I 'district; is his grandr-liild. Unlike the attraction in which the star np- ' pearcd, «omt fnvorila the play which was Identiritxl with i he. Mar's part', or somn expresslun :o iffrr.liOed wilh the plnj-er that It became almost ft trademark. .The names appearing in this album are; Charles As Gtarclnrr. "Karl, tliv Peddlor,"'"YiKt.-valt till I puH the ;jtrlni;"i J. K. Erhrnt-!'., "Doi.'3 Me": tain eminence in politics/- He wa.<jjj U;nFOUn SPRINGS DISCOVERY a successful speaker, and of all-i )ATES B ,VCK OVKK 110 YEARS things a resourceful politician; He .: ...... Discovery of riie medicinal.virtues of .the Bedford Springs wuter by the white man, dates back more than a century. ".In the year 1804. a mechanic of Brdford, when fishing for trout in Sfiover's Creek, nenr the Bedford Spring (Magnesia), was attracted by live beauty and singularity of ,t;he water flowing into the creek, and drank freely .thereof They .proved both purgative and sudorific. He had suffered many years from rheumatic pains and formidable ulcers of the legs. On the ensuing night he was more free from pain and slept more tranquilly than usual, and this.unexpected relief Induced him to drink dally of (he waters and to bath his: limbs her i!l!is(r!m« ^randf.-i'.hL'r, .she is n .Democrat. : I.TQl'OH. 71EKH AND OYSTERS? in INOU.'DF.U IN CANAL FHE1GHT T< Frederick Wards "Ingomat"; ;. Se'arlf,' /"Behold the Baby"; Tallula . Ev:ius, "The Bohemian Girl;" .V'Arlln "The .Sliver Frank H. Dayton, King"; Charles . T. By c. : Ea. New Yorl act Nazi lied troov 3in Holla i 3rd that I e In opi eas in nc b is to e Allipd • >nd sat.isf; The rein: 3 and 4- teratioti ing tune i "the uir .iropeati i me oi ih bbilo unit iclans, <li ciks. "Mary ol iewSi.bull- . Kilis, 'Su'nshln*. Will Come Apain"; J. B. Pnlk. P:ir'th«r.';; Me Agniti" Inti; of the "Quite fir."; Frank M. Polki In "The Silent Several lists of way bills of the historic Chesapeake n. n d Ohio Cnnidi tinting back to 1838. 1863 and 1872, are found to be of much tn- k-rcxt. • ' . . ...'•The sheeus nre reports of the collector's oft Ice at Cumberland of way bills r^ceivfd nnd i-aued. The names of the boats, their owners, the cargo and its destination to Impression Prevails That Italy I? Warm Land Of Ornugc, Olive Groves : Washington, D. C., Feb/17 —Reports from the Italian front, that fighting has been somewhat bogged down by snow, come as a surprise because of the prevailing impression that sunny Italy was a warm land of orange and olive groves, and life in the open. '. Northern Italy Is in the same latitude as Maine, und has a winter fc'uxj«,*e" iv, u^nn, i.» t-iv4Jii.iLyi.LO at*J ijiai. — — • the Indians had here murdered a cllmnle not unlike much of the con- party of whites with their cattle, tlneut to the north, says the Na- tuid the mingling of the blood.with the water had suggested the name but.. Colonel Smith's version gives the origin of the name 10 the death of pack animals and not settlers. The name Bloody Run. is no longer In use. .. U. S. Okays French I'robe Oj 'Finnans Americans' Washington. Feb; 17 (,Ti — The United States has given Us blessing to a French Government investigation of n "very famous" American couple in France who are suspected of collaboration with the Nazis. Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary ol the Treasury, disclosing this at a news conference today, declined to name the couple. .. He said the French had asked whether tile American Government would protest "if we go after" the Americans. Morgenthau said he rein tolls. . Ccxil was the main freight, carried, but .other articles lifted Include whiskry, beer, wines and other intoxicants; salt and fresh rlsh; flour. In the fountain. In a lew weeks he] p i [ed j he united States would not protest—in fact would "give our assistance." . .... ... -..' The French query was addressed to the Treasury because" the American couple may have .some assets in the United States. tlonal Geographic Society. Centra and southern Italy are warmer because of lower latitudes and more direct influence of the Mediterranean. Snow is common in northern Italy. The west coast of northern Italj is the Italian Riviera, warmer u winter than the Adriatic coast to the east. Genoa, for example, hns a January mean temperature of abou 43 degrees, Fahrenheit: the same latitude on the east coast will aver age about five degrees colder. .; It is inland that the winters ar more severe. Turin, only 75 miles northwest of Genoa, averages ten degrees colder in January: and Mi Ian, about the same distance to tbj north, hns practically the same win ter temperature as' Turin, thougl the thermometer may register degrees in summer. Allesandria is only 40 miles inland from Genoa but the thermometer there has a times dropped to nearly zero. Wilson. "Wnltz! in'tul and grain;:-.bacon, beef and ; Frederick Solomon.'other nients: furniture, barrels an> Oyi^rs. Ixindon, John E. Hcnsha'.v svn<i Wills in "Two Old the waters had on him led others suffering, from various chronic diseases to emulate his example and drink the wawrs. In the summer of 1805 many valetudinarians came in nd encamped In the val- Cronies": W. J. Scnnloa, "Psekn- boo"; Madame Rhiin; Jenny Yunan- ischek; Hurry Blakely and Hlkln Tli f >ma.s of "Fashions" with 1 the ware; pilch, tar mid oakum; pota- i for their lost Nature health." (Gordon's Use a time and temperature chart in baking as H will save opening the oven door iinci wasting fuel. American Hebrew Medal A tear tied Justice Washington, Feb. 17 (,P>— The 194 American Hebrew medal for promo tion of better understanding be tween Christian and Jew in th country was presented to Assocint toes, turnips, other vegetables and' fruit; lumber, shingles and char-! coal; oysters', .salt; pig and scrap; Iron; lime and cement; bricks and ic fake s [ai'shal M'. the.'cred : Ardenne On Satui male of "i -Gaslight onsequrnc his; 10:30 BS—7 Lie Da nny K nd Tibbci c;wica Drill iiuV,'; 10:4 6*er;" .- > (avy; B E •30 Bostoi liral Woo< tussell Sh :. . : MBI Jritaln; 8 :30 Mystc ago Thea ihBfly Vnlii Sunday t le viewing ary Consct rollar Wor able; "Big 3id it Sett. Olixr.hy 01 >IBS 5 Le- Unf. 11:30 anil S« iDtlier pr>'~. Dhas, Tha- 5:30 Glide 'rnm St. > vrccarthy; . CBS—3 ?mtrir. Mure, ffour; 8:3C.. Jnmcs .Vfel' 10:30 Eco -.'.. 1:30 Samrr; Ethel Ban-. Hall of Fa:£. Brown " Mystery; Wi Your Ar notation ''We Are One"; Benjamin McCiinJey, 'Uncle Bart," "Don'l enre.U I "do"; Cresron Clarke; James T. Power."!; Mrs. J. P. Blene, "Helen Blytho": BATiks Winter; Billy Em- • ers'iin: Thbiiias W. Kecne; Milton' nnH Dolly Nobles: Julia Marlowe; i Kni* Claxion; Sona Van Lea, "A Brave Woman"; Stuart Robson; Lillian Russell; Bljose HR.VRII, "Clara MoiTlB Company" (188S); William H. Crane; Putti Rosa; Gus Willift'mf.; Flora Zabelle and Frank | I. Frayn*. . / Others aulographln? the book In-1 elude.William Dnviv a. Clftrk. L. K. L%fcComn«, E. Bngrne Hume, Zclda Letrurh. Wnllnee, hfarw Yokes, Jcannie Winston. J, P. Biene, D. T;ik«rns;flWii, Gsorc<- W. Denham, J. Jt. Riiymond, Arthur Elliott. Lour-o Ponieroy, Wm. .L. McCray. Ix:uite Straknsch Kellogg. : Louiic Blumeiibiinr. Paul. Arthur, JC. M. Clark, Edwnrd Domay, Minnie John Hi-ne, Carl Ahrendt, f: Compton. Mrs. Pareen, F. Ce«rck, Charles T. Stey- »nson; D. R. Snzanran, Hslph Del- inore. J. W. Morrissey, Tlorent* Pr-j-bf-'s, John A. James, Carolyn Crordnn, John H. Robb, Blanche ChHpmftn. Madge I-esslng, MJnnle Milne, Marie Prrscott, R. D. Mc- I^an. Lieut. ArtriRn T. Oftlnza, Mexicnn band; Gregoric E. Clprnno Carrlllo and A ice <Grouped wgether for some rea- Bring Spring - Into Your Horn* W;'rtt The Lettly New — Slip-cover and Drapery Material Hcwr »n itepJay of *€ Curtain % op — Beautiful floral prints tmd a»d K you plan ho mo)t« ytM*r w Hipcov^ft and drafwfoc >ri'K Shop Th« CURTAIN 29 S. Cw.trt St. (It'n Pobil, Intfflor Dttorotor Peskin's O. P. A. SHOE RELEASE WITHOUT COUPON Short Lines oi Smart Shoes MORTGAGE LOANS A BANK SERVICE FOR PRESENT AND PROSPECTIVE HOME OWNERS You needn't be a depositor to obtain a Mortgage Loon here. 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The ward committee cited Murphy as one of the foremost exponents of le fight against anti-Semitism" ud mentioned that he had accepi- I chairmanship of un organization evoted to thut cause. China Con scrip Is For Big Offensive More Than 500,000 Needed to Fight With Ainer- : iutin Landing Chungking, Feb. 17 (f, — More than SOO.OOO men will be conscripted before the end'.of March "to meet the demand for'the all-out Chinese counteroflensive in conjunction with <the coming landing .of American 'forces on the China Coast," Gen Lu conscription minister, Chung-Liu, announced. This was the first announcement that a counteroffensive would be synchronized with American land- Ings. Lt .Gen. Albert C. 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