Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 3, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1909
Page 2
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EVANGELISTIC MEETINGS Series of Meetings to be Held at Presbyterian Church, For Home) time Hie pastors ntirl pen. pic of the Method iat, Baptist mid Prfisbytni inn rlinrehnn of Onvhia lmv« been plmming fur n hpeeial aerieH of evnnKfiUflHe meetings. To as<flfit, ill tliiH movement, the setvieeHuf Kvango- | lint Kobert. f.. J men of Jamestown, i N. V., mid his nt> u ,\ii:\ singer. Mr. i (!nrl I-'. IJurcli, of Mnslmi, have been ' The Ilrst. meeting will he hclrl Huti- day, April 1, m. 'i :'.!() p. m , in the i Presbyter, inn T'linich j lAatlge IHt •Jrilld.H has been engaged : in revival work f'/r eighteen yearn. He has Iravele.l from Maim: in (,'ali-j I'lrnia, ami from Nut III Dakota to '• Texas, am! COIIICM to (,'oviiia with the; \vit,h \vhiiiri lin has labored. State Board of Health Suggestions. FLKA T1MH. The flpriiiKtimn i". upnn n« fui/-l the festive: flea will Runtl he llflles.H We "'.valcti out." and clean up. It. is not literally true MiHt ''r,'i diet, no flirt, more fleas'' is. They breed in carpets, cracks in tlio floor, on CiitH, (loiffl, and rnt.H, and in (lift wante ami dirt of basements. To keep free of them destroy their chance to breed, l) animals Hhouid have no place in the . unless frp,f|iiffUtly washed with Honp and water. Hats nnd rtiiee miiflt bo destroyed. OarpefH thoroughly cleaned t.wieo H year, either by hiking up and beating or clean GO" by a .sl.rong Hiiotinn /nachine. Floors and baseboards should he •AaHhed find scrubber] with Home insecticide fitrnng enough to kill both the mature (lea and the larvae. There are petroleum products t.hf this and aro harmless. A< waste and dirt, should be removed from liHHenient, or c"llar nnd burned, Chloride of lime, can bo used freely anrl to Kood advantage i" the dark corners r)f the collar, which in difficult, to keep clean. To be free from fleaH require;) a constant watch and care, but it pays. Mosides the discomfort from them they are an ever, Hource of danger. Wo know that they (tarry plague from rat or Hrpiirrel to man, and have reason to believe that, other communicable diseases may a!f<o be carried by them. The means of ridding our bouseH of them are, t.hose of good sanitation.and these lend to tfood health. Tlie cburtih, the school, and the theater should particularly bo looked yfter. Jt is not. unuHiial that they are rat-infested, anrl lierien are CH- p(:(;ial ly dan«erons. The.y Hlmuld lie, p leaned much morn J'rcqiiontl.y than they Art;, < ini ' disinfected often In kill til'! ]iiN«fil:« UII( ' disr.'ii>:-('H that are ''(ii'laiu to bo i.lic.ffi. If I.IIOHO iiiHtittitiona were kept clean anrl free /mm iiiKectH the nciin- forfc and plea.sim: of ifUendhiK lham would bn greatly enhanced anrl a vast amount of siuknoHS prevented. r i, iii;i H .!< l'e;ii in |, Miuli flitf'i Man-h Mmi. peakrr of tli ynirieil there, were llir-r winning <JI')IOO)H Hollywood. Ho now Mr. .luiies is unlike many HH!H he dnifs not rc>K,rl lo tunny of llio mclhorls ol'ti'ii employerl by traveling evangelisl.'i, anrl ninny ol llio (iiiiiroli people who are nil her averse to f eriMitiotuil n viva'i.-itH. cri; nti'img its their prnises of lib) method of work. JIo does not, try lo senre rjr .scold pon- plo into making' a di'cisiloii for the, better life, and none who alteud the nuioliiiffi will ho placed in otnbarrasH- \i\l4 poHilioiiH iiu .(Hitter what their belief. l'jVfinu"list, .loncH has vipmniiH support in Mr. Carl I 1 ! Uuich, who iw one of tho rnosr, |Ki|iular k'usprl Hiiii{- ers in tho evaiiKelinl in work today. Carl I-!. Inuvh lie po'^i"- 1 -!-s u rich bin iduie I'oicc llll I is rh jirc'illl!) jilted ill sill^illi! ^i spi'l S il;l>. A lal'^r chuir will be nndei the dii ei'l in:i if Mr. Hun-h Tin- iii'.ssic \\ill lie a liiituii' nf llie meel inutt, iiii'iall hiv'i's nl ii:ii-,ii' slnmld not 1'ai I to ul tend 1 hr-> --i I \ 'PT -. . \ > H 11H ^ i' I \ i i' e \vill '' i i i' n 1111 u i' I e d ;it 7:l,i (I'rlncl: i -ncli i 1 \ i iii li)-.' .'iinl I'. ( ). K\ri'll'> i'l:i''iii.l and chili us i IIK bunk will In- ii-i •! M r. Iliiivh u i II i-iiit; -rev eril -M|' >-• i ai'h c\ i-u i n^. Thi-re 'A ' i I l.i - 1 : \ i' i i ni'li o iuhl ^-;i\ m hi •, i- •.,•!' j.l i M I i".. 1 1 !iM M: S'i n da V, \ j-: 11 I P!;:ii ' n t I i m ' VIM We ulund appalled at tho terrible doHl.ruction of lif(i by tlio recent eartbi|iiakes in Italy, and ^cndroualy rush our millioiiH of dollars to the aid ol' tin: Huli'c.reiH, but the mosquito probably kills more pooplu each year than wero killed in that terrible catastrophe. Vollow f'ovor jind malaria urn carried by thorn, and the death rate from tht'rio disouHOH depends solely upon their provnlmioe. Htill the uiost ot IIH Hit idly by and let the pest, breed, bir/.x and bile, Jntid tako our oh ilia mid quinine, and blame or bless a Divinn Providence, accord- iiiK to tho mental peculiarity ol' (he victim find tho wevority of Ihe chill. U is certainly ugeleeB lo have mosquitoes and wo havo only to follow well ostablishu:! niethodR t<i bo lid of thorn. Wo havo simply to stop thoir broerlin^ and now iu tho limn to act,. They breed only in water, but a llower pot or tomato can, it 1 it, contains water, in as good as a pond. Kvcrythlnp; around a place that, contains water should bo emptied and watering trnnuliH cleaned and filled with fresh water twice a week. I'aols am! swamps should bo drained, and when UIJH is impoN.siblG tho water enveied with (trial oil. In cltioH and towns it, \H particularly easy to koftp rid of them, as they do not generally tly far, except some salt water spooios, If thoy aro common In inland ohios I hoy aro u homo production and 0110 of which any nidi' rettpuotiiiK city should bo ashamt'd. If no standing water io allowed there will bo no moHqiiitnc.s, but, it, requires euro and watchfulness on llio part of tho individual and authorities. Whero (hero are opon cesspools there aro apt, lo bo IIIOB- quilncH, for tho conditions aro favor able for their hroorHntf. The OOKS- pools should hi' olosorl or covered will) coal oil. Tho water tanks where they should bo carefully K'leen- eil with lino mesh wiro ololh. CiH- lerns arc aluo ^ood tireodin^ places, and Nhiiiild bo prolcotod. hi fact, eveivihiiiK that contaiiiH wat(<r should he emptied or tii'ieeni'd, and if Ibis is dune by everybody wo will bo Iron from a pest that is at mice a source ut Klcal annoyance, diMnmil'orl, and danger. Died. Andruw l-'ranUlin (>veibolt /i>r, the II year old sou i>t M. N. t )\ ci ludi/i : r, died of pel ilcinit is at the liouu< of bis father, near ll:iUe City, lileon I'oiiiity, t'lilit'ornia. Ho \\ii-. ill luit a lew da\:i. Six buys, his M'lm.,1 M,;iU--. acttd its | all Ivniris, and a lait-ie c> -lu'iiiiise i-l Miiii Viii;^ friciiil-i lidbmcil tin- rriuaiiis In tin ir ler-liiit: I luce III tin- i'v.'ii,rl i-ry at I l l licet, iii. Mr. and .Mr>. l ivi'i h.dt /IT a'.id !aii;il> uiic li r KUIIV y»-«in ie.-.iil( til,-. <l 1 "i ma and l be r-.vmpilhy "t i lu> cuii. iiiuoil\ i-: \\itb l hi-in in tbi-ii in ill-K-. t;li S'-lK.ol \V<Tit rlov.'ll tu r ilehaf" with Hollywon-l Hdiool, Friday e\eriin«, MjiOtl Ihf rjlH-Htion, ''l{e- rKMVi-r now vested in li<- national bonne of I r'-prr-sentntivs is to HIP ! hfyt inteK'stn of our c onrii fy.'' 1'ilt. ' init fit 'inr i\ff"nt }in<', i-iinw n sitnntion u'liii'li tnr'aiiM as inie-li to tis as if we i li;rd v/fin fliiM 'l''hnl''. Tilf Hitiifltio/! in I Ilia! w- arc in HIIC for tlie clifiiti|<ion- ( Hiiij. ij'-linfe, v/hi'-d will h" (villi f/rdiv'- : wood. A l. prc-ent tin' school^ having :'(lic liif^lipst inonhfr ri/' poinfh fire: ; ll'>||-yw»rid, O'lS-f.; ''ovina, ."il-,'..,; [';e.i;i- : r|p|,ii. ."iS.1 7-.'(d; L. A. If ijr||. "iS:: '^; ;-'.;in<;, , Atia. ~>l'i7(ii; An.'i'iciai. ">')'( '/••,. : \Vhcn v.-e lusl MIC Hollywood <!"!m'e i •;,'<• thought o"' 1 rliaacf-H for t!if> rliarii- pi'in J lii;> wv ill" cntirclv, hilt we luul 't,'ainci| nie-ii |;ir^c i.-fr)rcs in oar i 1 Wo debates that, even tlirai^h We were i d"f'cat( il in flic Hdril. v/c still, with the laid of I lie points ! ."n/iel i'll 1 over t lie i .si'i-odd only to HIV- in line- for the fh.'irnpionship ;it preheat our clianff's for winning if M|ipear better th;r.n at any other time da ri at; the year. Our rlcbator*! rlosr^rve pr;iisr' Cor (lie hard, eoaHcinntioim work llir-y put into this debate, and for Hie larj/e scorn Hicy (rained, without, which we would have been unable to compete for tlic chanipionHliip. About fcvf-aty-fivf, inclndiiif; Hie hand, attend* i| tlu- dchali', taking thr- ~>:\~> t",ir from '"uvina and a Mjiecial from Los Angeles to Hollywood. V'e inarched into tlie I'HCI/IV'M camp about ,S:Kl anu af'icr ,'i few minutes of songs ;m<l yells hv both "r'hools, also two well rendered selections by I he hand, the debate com- meiicc'l. l'ii\-'inn'» first spefikcr rui tin: (il)irmati ve, f'hircnc.e Hoi|gr,H, lianr|lr<rl his hidij<-ct wc|| Hi.s delivery was good and in n-bnttal lie iliil excelleiif, work, "coiiiii^ many point* for ("ovinn. 'flic fii'Kt speaker on the iD-gativi- wa« nrimcrl I'llllily for il ni;iy d;ivc been Cninleej. llo'. . ver, he iliil not pro'.'e himself tlie ''c;i,i)|y kiii." although he spoke well ai:d hi" aiu'iini af W:IH l':iiilv good. Mary Klle>|gr>. mir Hecond speaker on tho aliirmalive, was very marly perfect. Her ihlivry was ixcellenl and her ar- g ( i,;ienl in i.'i^nv places superior to Mollvw.'itjd. 'J'l' 1 ' second speakei 1 on the Dorwey ri'ieveiiH, won the rle- I lolly wood. TTis (leliven' 'was I'oiihl be desirr'il anil his \'C- bnltal, taken as a whole, excelled ours. After some tun" spent in yelling und singing, it I ''rf:pcrn")| bv Hclci-tiuiiH fi'onj the baml, the judges aililonnceo! their iler-inion, allowing Hollywood 20,'P,;; and Covina. is:;',ii points. 1 lolly wood's treat inenl of our delegation was gen- tionianly :md eourleons and they won from II.H in ;i fair ,'.'iid srpiare imimier. \Ve have no complaint, to make as re- gjnds the ilecision. It was as f»ir as t.he one by which we won from Mania Ana, with only two judges. Plan to attend the championship debate. This will ho the biggoHt ami most important debate of tliiy year. It, will b fhelrl in 1/os Angeles, probably ut; the L. A. High School, although the date ami place have not. yet, been decided apon. ThcHc will be aanonriced later. We wilt pat, ii]i a hard fight, for the championship and we aro going in to win! The new high school, with tho championship nip reposing in it, looks good to us anrl we intend to HOCurc it for the glory of < 'ovina! negative bate for all that A full ficr-fiiint of our f-;i Mo rife dp- bate, which took place !a«t n.ighf, will tie given next week. Tho High Hc-hool's fir-.f tmrn will pl:iy Ontario thi" afternoon noon the r'oripr-r's grounds. ('omf! up find Kfr- the game- and help th»- Imys win. It •,vill be full of classy work. K.-iuf'-r vacation cormnoner-.q todav find ciTitinuos for one week, giving the stu dent* ;t sort of breathing sprier before the last lap in the Marathon of the school year. Tho High School'." fir.«t team played the (Jrammar Hcliool tcatn, nyion the frifinrr'n grounds, Thursday afternoon, March 25th. It wan a one-sided, li'it- )o«-» ,'(/fjiir ,t!l tho way through. H. 8. finally drowsily winding it up with thf '•cor" 12-2 in their favor. The next number of ''The ''ordinal" will lie i-siied within ft fe'.v weeks. AHTHCH P.IXi'.Y. i Calallna News. i I The Supervisors^ nf Los Angeles j county granted on Monday the poti- j tion of the property holders of Ava- I Ion that the thoroughfares in Avalon bo vacated by the county, thus making Avalon again a closed port. The vacated thoroughfares are turned over to the.Avalon Freeholders' Improvement Association, who will In future improve and maintain thorn. It is proposed to make of Avalon the finest all-the-year-ronud high cluas pleasure resort on the Pacific- Coast, a position that its natural beauty renders comparatively easy to accomplish. Tho Banning Company will erect immediately a 200 room bath house with roof gardens and a now pleasure wharf ^50 feet, in length. Crescent Avenue (the promenade) will ,be brilliantly lighted with electric lights. 810,000 will bo expended in concerts and dances alone, and many mnv amusements will be provided, Tbo providing arid entire management of amusements aro in the bands of the Improvement committee. News of the action of the supervisors was flashed to Avalou by wireless and for norne minutes every steam plant afloat and ashore blew their whistles and nil the inhabitants added their cheers to tlm din. Piano Company Gives Prizes. The Lucore Piano Company of Los Angeles awarded prizes for the six best answers for the puzzle, inserted in the local papers last week. Many beautiful and artistic designs were submitted, and the judges had considerable difficulty in fixing the relative merits of each. Mrs. I-Ienry van Vliet and Mr. Clias. Harris presented particularly beautiful drawings, and received /Irsf, and second prizes respectively. Other prize winners were: Earl Marshall, L. H. Harris, J. N. Bass, and C. P, Burpee. A number of high class pianos have been shipped to Coviun and are open to inspection at Hotel Vendome. H. Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZBS AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Axusii Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 324'J Postoffice Address, Covina Are You Going to Build? It' so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FolSOin, Contractor and Builder 1'hone 214 COVINA, CAL. See !.». K. DOUGHTY fur Buick dod Maxwell Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Phone 21SS H E A L D ' S 614 South Grand Avenue, Lo» Angelei, California. Tli-- rrrnto.-tt Imsincsj trauiinit ii.sliiutiun ia thu toulh. Open during tho entire year. Write for |i;irlu-ul:irs. J. VV. l.Ai'KEY. Manatrer. BEN F, THORPE CEMliNT CONTRACTOR CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE A.! -.<.•;(.•> ,-arru'il in htnck. AN EASTERN TRIP iVIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Is one of comfort and pleasure. 'Tis the Short Line from Sonthern California via Lake City, with beautiful scenic features and excellent train service. In addition to the famous LOS ANGELES LIMITED, carrying both standard and tourist sleepers through to Chicago in Three Day, the Overland Express carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO ST. LOUIS ST. PAUL and many other points via various routes East of Salt Lake City. Your patronage will be appreciated, and full particulars of rates, trains, etc., may be had from Salt Lake Route Agent at F*omo«a YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not Sec Yoscmite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHED PACIFIC Oi{ SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. I New Pomona Double Plunger | Deep Well Pump Head BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running- deep well pump because '! there are no dead centers, uo jerk or jar, and no danger of J> breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big cata- <J loguc. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing: Co. Pomona, California Covina Orange Groves "\Ve have a large clientage buying- good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SHE i;s EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin li'.dg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 12')S, Covina BQINHA/n & RITCMA Cement Contractors LKT fS FIC.rKl*: ON ANYTHING IN T1IK CKMKNT LINK | Sll)i;\VALKS AND Cl'RliS OUR SI'l-XIAI/fY i We arc L.KpcrictK'ed ri'iiifnt men and empluv i>n!v skilled help. .ijr i Home phone l')(>7

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